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In this episode Michael Hellickson, the founder and President of Club Wealth® Coaching and Consulting, talks about the beginning of his career in real estate and how he rose to become a top 1% agent before graduating high school. Michael emphasizes the importance for teams to hire correctly and how to create a culture that attracts top talent. He shares three tips for agents he used in the 2007 market crash and what he suggests for what agents can do during the pandemic – first cut expenses, second stockpile cash and third keep your foot on the gas. Last, Michael talks about Club Wealth® Coaching and Consulting and how you can use three different services they offer for free.

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Hello, and welcome to another episode of Keeping it real, the largest podcast made by real estate agents and for real estate agents. My name is DJ Paris, I am your guide, and host through the show. And in just a moment, we’re going to be speaking with club wealth founder Michael hellicksen. But before we get to Michael, we just wanted to tell everybody, guess what we just crossed over our 200th episode. And we remind everyone whether you’re new to the show, or even if you’ve been with us for years and years listening, that we have this giant library now of content. And that was the idea when I first started this podcast was to create this list of stories from top producers so that agents nationwide could learn from the people at the very top of the mountain. So guys, now we have 200 episodes. So please go back through some of this information is so timeless. It applies whether we did the interview five years ago or just today. So go back and listen. And remember to also tell a friend, think of one other real estate agent that could benefit from listening to this show. And you think it could help their business and send them a link you can find us at keeping it real pod.com Every episode we have is there. So please visit the website and check those out. And now on to our interview with Michael hellicksen.

All right, today on the show we have Michael hellicksen from club wealth.com. Let me tell you about Michael. Now Michael has been selling real estate for over 20 years listing and selling over 100 homes per month and carrying over 750 active and pending listings. At one point he began his real estate career in 1991 has been among the top 1% of all agents nationally before he even this is incredible before he even graduated high school. At the pinnacle of his sales career Michael and his team were literally number one nationwide out of over 1 million real estate agents and teams. In addition to the posting big numbers and retail and reo. Michael is considered by most to be the number one short sale expert in the world. I’m gonna say that again. He is considered to be the number one short sale expert in the world during his career. Michael Hudson has spoken to 1000s upon 1000s of agents and organizations nationwide. He’s been featured on several national television and radio programs including Glenn Beck, CNBC, Dave Ramsey Fox Business Network, among many other local and regional programs. He is also the founder and president of club wealth coaching and consulting unique in the industry. Every club wealth coach has sold more real estate than the agents or brokers they coach and that is an amazing statistic. Every single one of their coaches has sold more than the people that they coach themselves. And I want everybody to go check out club wealth.com I love club wealth. I’m a huge fan and I want all of our listeners to of course, go check it out, see what the coaches offer. But Michael, welcome to the show.

Michael Hellickson 3:49
Well, thank you. Oh my gosh, what a great introduction. Thank you so much for that, you know, when you said 1991 I just cringed like, oh my gosh, I’m old. It just dawned on me like 1991 there’s probably people watching this that weren’t even born then. You know, it’s

D.J. Paris 4:07
funny, like, I agree, I just turned 44 which is not you know, old, old. But now it’s like, okay, now I actually have to exercise five days a week like in the past, I could get away with maybe one day a week, maybe even skipping a week. Now it’s every meal I eat has to I have to watch what I eat. I have to exercise because everything counts. Now. You know, my body’s not responding the way it used to. I know right?

Michael Hellickson 4:30
Oh my gosh, when we get injured, we feel it for a lot longer. So

D.J. Paris 4:34
well. I would love to tell our listeners you know being you have such an impressive and storied background in real estate. I would really love to go all the way back to the beginning and talk more about how you got started, why you got started, how you grew your business, and then eventually how you created club wealth. And I want to talk about that. So go ahead. Well, so

Michael Hellickson 4:52
I started off you know, when I was a kid I thought about you know, I was I was pretty driven kid you don’t want to make money and want to figure out not just How to make money. But I wanted to figure out how to how to really build wealth, you know, how do I, how do I get to a point where I can have, you know, what wealth that allows me to not have to work but continue to have a great life? And, and I thought to myself, Well, where do people make and and hold their wealth and its real estate, right? Well then I thought about, well, what know, how do I get there? If I want to buy real estate, I’ll make some money, right? I’m not sure it’s money rolling in. And so what careers are going to offer you the most money and, and this is a kid you gotta remember here. Um, you know, it’s 17 years old at the time, and I’m thinking to myself, I don’t want to go to college. That doesn’t sound like fun, you know, go to school, and you know, go to all these years of school come out with hundreds, if not, you know, millions of dollars in debt. No, I mean, you’re not millions. But you know, I know, Pete, you know, professional, you know, like dentists and doctors, some of these guys have 750,000 A million dollars in debt. Yeah. And I just thought that just doesn’t make any sense to me. And then you get out of school, you know, 38 years old. And finally getting to start your career at some time idea. Exactly. So sales made sense. I thought, well, heck, okay. So a lot of people make great money in sales. So I thought, Well, why don’t I go into real estate sales, it’s a high ticket item. And it’s related to the investing that I want to do. And so I want to do that. And well, I guess it works. So when I was in high school, my junior year of high school, I got I took as many credits as I could, went to summer school between my junior and senior year so that I could get all my credits done. So all I had to do is go to school that first semester senior year, so that I could get my real estate license while I was in high school. And so right, so I turned 18, in January. And by March, I was the top listing agent, my office. And I’m only 17 as well, I was 18 by this point. So I turned 18. In January,

D.J. Paris 6:46
how did you get listings?

Michael Hellickson 6:48
I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It was by March, I had my license. So it was by graduation. I was the top age at my office. But But

D.J. Paris 6:53
even so how does an 18 year old grow a real estate practice? I mean, I was working for minimum wage in a bar at 800.

Michael Hellickson 7:01
Right? Well, here’s the thing, like, I didn’t know that I wasn’t supposed to. Right? I didn’t know that that wasn’t normal. And then you want to talk about a bunch of pissed off middle aged real estate agents, oh, my gosh, used to seeing those agents in my office. You know, they they just didn’t, they didn’t think it was funny that an 18 year old kid was not only getting more listings than them, but I was taking listings regularly at eight and 10% Commission, which wasn’t normal back then seven was pretty normal back then. And I was getting them an eight and 10% on houses, not land, just houses. And these agents were getting pissed. They’re like, Well, why should you get to charge eight or 10%? Every else charged? So while I just asked them if they’d pay me that? And they said, Yes. I mean, why not? Why shouldn’t I charge that? And so I had a structured Well, you know, I had I had a tiered program where, you know, they could go seven, eight or 10%. And I had, I had people choose different levels. And I gave them different levels of service and different levels of, of things that I would do for them after a different price. And, and it was up to them, and it worked. And then before long, I started charging a transaction fee, started charging $695 transaction fee. And I started getting that too. And, and before long, I was getting it on all my listings. And, and so my first year, I worked 100 hour weeks, and I’m telling you it was killer. I was literally sleeping at the office three nights a week, I was curled up under my desk. This was before I worked from home. And it was terrible. It’s terrible, but I was not going to fail. And my parents, bless their hearts met they met while they’re good parents. They just as hard as I was working. And even though as the top agent, my office, which sounds great. But all it meant was I was less broke than the other agents. Sure. No, I mean, this is this is an industry where million dollar producer means you know, I’m broke. So that said, you know, but we love to give ourselves awards for being broke. And so my parents were telling me, Hey, man, you need to go get a job. Like, this is ridiculous. You need to start making some money. And you should probably going to work for McDonald’s because you probably make more than what you’re doing right now. And the scary thing is that they were right. If I would have gone to work for McDonald’s, I would have made more money probably than I was making when it all shook out. But I was not going to let that happen. I was not going to fail. So I came to a crossroads in my life. I said I want to give back. So before I do this, I figured out I wanted to go serve a mission for the church. So I took two years off, went and served a mission for the church came back I hired my first coach immediately when I got back smart. Yeah, well, and it was I mean, it turns out it was smart. I don’t know if it was smarter lucky. I think for me, it was more luck. I’d like to say it was well thought out but I just I just needed help. And, and so I hired Mike ferry back then. Back in the day back, imagine Mike was a young, Spry, 300 years old. I’m just joking. I love you brother

D.J. Paris 10:07
has always been an old man his whole life. He’s been an old man.

Michael Hellickson 10:10
I don’t understand it. Like this guy is the energizer bunny on steroids. Right. And look, I got a lot of respect for Mike. Mike’s done more for this industry than then vert the most people.

D.J. Paris 10:20
I mean, he’s, he’s incredible. And he I don’t think he really gets us do quite.

Michael Hellickson 10:24
I don’t either. I don’t either, I think and it’s Mike is fantastic. So anyway, long story short, I worked with Mike. And I learned a couple things. One of the one of the things, the one thing he taught me that was probably the most impactful was that if you don’t have an assistant, you are one, right. And so it taught me I needed to hire an assistant. And I didn’t know how I was going to pay for the scout. I had a credit card. Yeah. And I had enough room on my credit card to hire her. But I didn’t have a clue how I was going to pay her long term. But I trusted my God. She said hire an assistant, I hired an assistant. Well, her name was Tara. And she came to work for me. And four years later, we got married. And that’s when I went to work for her. Amazing, right? I always tell people, any man that says he wears the pants in the family probably lies about other things, too. Anyway, that said, I also learned he also taught me the importance of overcoming call reluctance, he taught me a lot about NLP taught me, you know, some basics that I needed to know. But then I kept down, right, I got to a point in this program where I can only make so many calls, right. And frankly, I wasn’t loving making all these calls. Right? You know, I got to a point where it just Yeah, making cold calls just wasn’t doing it for me.

D.J. Paris 11:38
And that was a big thrust of of what Mike would say is he go do the hard things that other agents won’t do like calling expireds. Calling fizz Bo’s making those those cold calls that nobody wants to make. And if you can get yourself to do it, you’re gonna have success, but it is a grind for sure. Yes, that’s

Michael Hellickson 11:56
right. Well, and it’s uh, well, Mike, and then you had Floyd, you had all the sweat hogs and all these guys, right? So then I hired Brian Buffini. My next coach, totally different approach. 100 said, but I didn’t switch approaches, I augmented approaches, right. So I took what I learned from Mike, and I added what I was learning from Brian, and I automated all of this stuff, I delegated as much as I can, first of all, I automated everything I could then I delegated what I couldn’t automate. And I went through and just eliminated anything that was unnecessary. Right. So as I did that, we start getting pretty good. And I took my business up to another level. And now I hired another coach and other coach, another company, you name them, I probably had him as my coach, if you if you recognize him as a big name, coach, they’ve probably been my coach at some point. And I learned something from all of them. And I started realizing that to really run a successful business at scale, particularly, your you can’t just do one thing, you have to have all of these pieces, or at least a number of these pieces in your business. And they all make a difference. And so I figured out what that cocktail looked like for my business. And, and then part of it all along the way. Another thing that I did that I think really made a difference for me, is I decided when I was in high school, I decided after about six months, these 100 hour weeks, I said you know, this is dumb, all these people are giving me advice. And I’m looking at these guys, and I’m doing more business than them and they’re giving rise. Yeah. Are you kidding me? Like? So one of our core values at Club wealth is that if you want to climb to the top of Mount Everest, you need guide who’s been to the top of Mount Everest before,

D.J. Paris 13:34
you need a Sherpa who’s actually done it before. Yeah, and

Michael Hellickson 13:37
a lot of times, they gotta know where the masses are, they gotta know where the ladders are, and where you can cross where you can’t cross, you know, like, they got to know stuff, or you’re gonna die, right? And I don’t want my business to die. And so I said, Okay, I’m not going to learn, I’m not going to listen to anybody can take advice from anybody that has not made at least $100,000 a year doing what I want to do. Sure. And then when I got to that point, I said, Okay, well, that worked pretty well. Now, I’m not going to take advice from anybody that makes less than 250 a year doing right. And I just kept ratcheting it up. And by the time I got to a million, now it’s pretty small group back then, especially today, audit agents make a million dollars today back then wasn’t so. Right. And so it became a very small group, but it served me well. And so yeah, combining that with all the coaching that I was getting, and and one other thing and I would say it was a huge component, while to one was hiring the right people and creating a culture that they wanted to be part of. Sure. And the next thing was putting myself in a financial position. So I kept my living expenses small and I put myself in a very strong financial position so that when the market shifted, but I’ll use 2007 as an example. Sure. 1007 when the market shifted, I had seven figures in the bank, everybody else And I was doing about four or 500 transactions

D.J. Paris 15:02
a year, which is incredible. How big was your team back then?

Michael Hellickson 15:06
16 agents. Yeah. So it was good. But it wasn’t where we could be. And it wasn’t where we ended up. And what I did what happened was in 2007, same thing happened in March of this year, by the way, sure, in 2007, whatever you do, they started, they started cutting off their lead sources, because they couldn’t they were they were fearful. So they started canceling their lead sources. And I just started buying up all the best lead sources, you doubled down, oh, completely, completely. And more than doubled down way more than doubled down. But then they also started doing it with their staff, right. So you’d have all these people that had great assistants, but now they weren’t making them because they cut off their leads. Now they couldn’t afford their staffs back on their staff. And oh, by the way, because they didn’t have the leads now their agents were leaving them. And so I had my pick of all the best team members I had on my pick of all the best admin team members, and I just doubled down on all of it knowing that I’d I assumed I’d probably lose money that year. Oh, my gosh, we didn’t, we didn’t lose money, even a single month that year, we crushed it, because we just brought it all in.

D.J. Paris 16:09
You saw the opportunity where most people were struggling, and who were exiting or cutting back because of the economy and where things were with the housing market. And you if they say that within crisis opportunity is born, right? No, you

Michael Hellickson 16:23
just named it you know, shinzou You know, you shouldn’t do it. Right. There are for the shinzou. Quote, is that where there’s chaos? There’s opportunity, right? Yeah. And so what we did like in March, let’s go back to March of this year when COVID hit right. Sure. Such a great example. Everybody starts freaking out, oh, my gosh, you know, the sky is falling. And what are we going to do? Do? We went on to our clients and we said, Buy everything you can you get every lead source? You can you’ve doubled down, you know, and they’re like, but what do we do? We can’t be face to face with that, then do it over zoom. You do your listing appointments over zoom, you do buyer appointment, you do everything you can remotely, but you double down on those lead sources, you double down everything and guess what it worked. Over 80% of our clients have reported that they’ve had their best run. You know, the last number I have is a three month net window. But that three month window, they had their best three months of any three months in their career.

D.J. Paris 17:16
It’s amazing. We have Zillow is kind enough to come on every month and share insights and they said when COVID hit their numbers skyrocketed, like they could they would have never predicted or seen and they are already the number they’re already number one. And they said hold it. They can’t they go Yeah, we can’t even tell you what the numbers are. But they said it is so incredible, you wouldn’t have believed it. And because everybody was at home, you know, started looking around, looking at their firewalls going maybe this isn’t good enough anymore. And maybe I need to upside or upgrade. So

Michael Hellickson 17:45
what’s interesting, here’s the thing that’s really interesting about that though, you look at Zillow and realtor.com And guess what they did during that time. They cut prices. Realtor calm is an example that 50% discount on a lot of their Yeah, yeah, I had one of my clients today, one of our coaches actually, super smart guy, Coach Craig cat Chasteen said that he bought he decreased his spend by 30% and increased his monthly leads coming in by 25%. Wow, that’s crazy. Yeah, that’s great ROI. I mean, that’s how you make money. That’s how you run a business. Right? Right. And that’s what’s got to happen. So agents right now, it’d be wise to start sock stockpiling money. If I can give anybody advice right now, it’s, there’s three things I would tell you, one, cut expenses to stockpile cash and three, keep your foot on the gas, you do those three things, you’re gonna be dialed in. Yeah,

D.J. Paris 18:39
and also remembering that most agents will, you know, look, they are independent contractors, they are individual business owners, and most unless they’re on a team, and they are susceptible to the same depression and, and challenges that the rest of the country is facing. And when the challengers hit, and we’re still sitting around in our house, because we’re ordered to do that. We are it is very, very hard to stay focused and motivated. And I think that is where coaching really, really comes in for somebody else to say, you know, like, I hire a personal trainer. And it’s not because I don’t know how to exercise and I don’t know what to do, I hire a trainer because I am not going to exercise without a personal trainer. I am embarrassed about that. I wish that wasn’t the case. But the truth is, I need to pay somebody to tell me to get on the floor and do some push ups. And you know what, it’s the best money I spend because it gets me to do the work. Yeah,

Michael Hellickson 19:31
absolutely. Absolutely. And accountability is is a piece of coaching. You know, what’s interesting, though, is most coaching programs. That’s the limit, right? It’s That’s right. Yes. The accountability is how many calls did you make today? How many? How many appointments? Like that’s not us, right? Well we do is we look at it we say Alright, how’s your business doing? what’s working, what’s not working? Where do you want to be? What are you willing to do to get there? What aren’t you willing to do to get there? Okay, let’s build your roadmap on first of all, how to fix the problems in your business. Today, and then this is what you need to do moving forward. And we don’t just say go hire an assistant, we’d say, Okay, listen, here’s this guy. Here’s the checklist for how to hire an assistant. Here’s the ads that you run. Here’s where you run the ads. Here’s the questions, you ask him, the one on one interview and the group interview. And here’s the job description when they come on to Word. Here’s the contract you use, when you hire, your coach walks you through it, we give you videos on how to do it, your coach, leave an interview the last couple of people to make sure you’re getting the right fit for your team. The key though, is that you’ve got to have somebody who has been where you are, and figured out how to get beyond to be able to do that with you. They got to know how to answer and it’s not enough, the accountability is important. And boy, you want to talk about accountability. Every once in a while in the in our Facebook group, you’ll see we got about one, I don’t want to think at the time we’re recording this, we got about 35,000 people on our Facebook group. Not all of them are clients, of course, but a lot more. But we’ll we’ll go in there. And I’ll tell one of my coaches are one of my clients. You know, they’ll make a commitment to me, they’ll say, Well, I’m going to do this, I’ll say okay, well, how committed are you to it? Oh, I’m really committed. I’m gonna do it. For sure. Really? No matter what. Yeah, I’m gonna do it by when by Sunday, you’ll no matter what, you’ll do it by this date? Oh, yeah, absolutely. Okay. All right. Good. Okay. Well, so then, how much you want to bet that you would do that? Oh, I bet you, I’ll bet you 1000 bucks. I said, Look, I know, I know what you make. Let’s let’s let’s do 5000 bucks,

D.J. Paris 21:23
right? Let’s make it to where it actually would hurt. Yeah, so

Michael Hellickson 21:26
let’s make it five games? Oh, sure. I’ll bet you five grand. Okay, great, then here’s what I want you to do. I want you to go into our Facebook group. And I want you to post and tag me in the post, say, I will do x by such and such a date, or I will authorize club wealth to charge my card for $5,000. Or whatever the number is, I’ve had it as high as $10,000. For my for $10,000, we’ll say, if for some reason, I don’t do it, and they can spend the money however they want. And then they post that and then we hold them accountable. They go. But here’s what I tell them at that point. I said, Well, great. Now privately, don’t post this in the group of privately I want to know who your favorite political candidates are and who you really don’t like,

D.J. Paris 22:05
we’re gonna, we’re gonna donate to that guy. That’s exactly

Michael Hellickson 22:07
what we’ll do. And so we’ll say if you don’t, if you absolutely hate this particular candidate, here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna take the money, I’m gonna donate it to that candidate in your name, I’m going to give them your contact information and cell phone number. And I’m going to say, please continue to contact me in the future, because I’m super excited about your worthy cause. And I plan to contribute on an ongoing basis. Let me tell you, I’ve never had to take anybody’s money yet they always follow through. Sure, every time every time. Well, I think it’s

D.J. Paris 22:38
so important, you know, like, so I’m a recruiter, right? So people listening and they’re mostly agents. I’m a recruiter, I have a hero in this business, his name is long done. And and it just so happens, and this is completely coincidental that long is one of one of Michael’s coaches at Club wealth long is an I’m an I have 100, we have 100% company, we have 700 agents, long actually has fewer ages than us. But his agents do about 10 times the amount of production as our agents, and so long as figured out how to do what I do much better than I can do it. And so for me, if I were to hire a coach, it would be him because he’s already done what I’ve done, where he’s recruited hundreds and hundreds of agents. And at one point, he finally said, you know, it’s better to have fewer agents who do more deals. And he figured out how to do that. And so I’m friendly with long, he’s a wonderful guy. That’s who I would hire as my coach, because he’s, he’s the only guy I know just about that has done what I have done, and then has gotten way beyond me. And so you’re absolutely right about about coaches, most of them haven’t practiced before. Most of them haven’t been out in production. And your coaches have. And I also want to say to that I was recently it was a huge honor of mine to be able to present for club wealth at a recent two day event they had earlier this month, and I really want everybody to go sign up at Club wealth and take advantage of some of their programming, their coaching. They’re incredible. I have never I’ve spoken at a lot of events I have never and this is the truth. I’ve never had a more professional experience, the support team that you had on hand to handle hundreds and hundreds of attendees were incredible. And the speakers were the best I’ve ever seen in a in a two day event. It really was that amazing. So I really wanted to do number one, thank you for letting me do that. But also to to really honor you for the the community you’ve built, and the coaching staff you’ve built in the speakers. It’s really remarkable. I appreciate

Michael Hellickson 24:26
that a lot. Thank you very much, man. You did a fantastic job. We got great feedback on your session. So thank you for doing that. You know, you’re talking about long, Mike so long and Mike are their partners in in RG, and I’m blessed. I get to be their coach. They’re wonderful people. I get to work with them all the time. And both of them happen to be coaches with club wealth, very different personality types. So it’s very different. Yeah, right. But that’s important because you want to have a coach who’s got success, but the personality types also got to match right? Sure. And so we’ve got what 75 Add coaches right now. But Mike and Lauren are a great example. They when we started working together, they had 77 agents in their brokerage. Every year since that year, they have recruited at least 200 agents to their brokerage. Yeah. And they have top graded like crazy. Now I’m sharing this phrase top grading because that’s the secret to what you’re looking to accomplish to two things. One, the brokers got to embrace teams, you got to understand the value of teams, you got to embrace teams, too, you got to understand top grading, we talked, we call it addition through subtraction, right? So sometimes you get that knucklehead and your company that’s just a problem, right? Their, their, their drama, their chaos, their their, their, their, their cancer, you got to cut them out, and you got to do it quickly. And when you do, the good ones are happy that you did, you’ll lose a couple of others. But those are probably also people that aren’t a great fit for you. And that’s okay. So you got to be willing to let go of some people that aren’t the right fit. But when you do that, and I’m sure you’re doing that already in your business, I’m sharing this because I want everybody to hear this, that it’s too often Yeah, well, let’s back up, you have to be willing to let go of the top producer in your company, if they’re a cancer.

D.J. Paris 26:11
Or if you’re an agent, you have to be willing to let go of that that listing that isn’t going to budge on price and is wildly you know off their mark about what their home is worth. You have to be willing to walk away from it cuz you’re gonna lose it anyway.

Michael Hellickson 26:23
So I’ll be honest with you, I actually, you’re gonna hate me. I don’t even I hate when I keep that listing. Okay, love all day long. And I’ll tell you why. When I had 750 listings, I guarantee we had 150 of those that were never going to sell. No, okay. Okay, guess how many sign calls I got on those listings? There you go. Yeah, oh, my gosh, we made so much money on the sign calls from us. And we were very upfront and honest with those people about, hey, look, this is where we think it should be priced. We’ll do it at your price. We’ll market it just like we do everything else. We’ll put all the time, effort, energy and attention into it. And we’ll make money on it. But I want to know, if you want to make money on it, we need it to be priced right. But you choose what would you like to do? And if they say, Well, I want to price my $400,000 house at $750,000. I say fantastic sign here. We get it listed. And now I’m getting one to two signed calls per week per listing. You add that up when I had 750 listings, we were literally getting 6352 signed calls a month.

D.J. Paris 27:17
Wow. Oh, that’s. So that’s also assuming you have a structure in place. And you did where you can take those inbound calls and realize the value of those calls, most agents have it figured out, they just look and they go, Oh, I’m getting these calls these people I want, they’re not going to buy this overpriced property. And they don’t realize each one of those phone calls is an opportunity to create another client relationship. So you’re absolutely right. Well, you nailed

Michael Hellickson 27:41
that DJ is just like, with an open house, right? When someone comes to open house, I don’t

D.J. Paris 27:46
care if they buy that house or never Yeah, most of them are never going to buy that house, it might

Michael Hellickson 27:50
just buy from me, I don’t care what you buy. My job is to help you get what you want. I don’t care what that is, as long as you’re happy with it. I don’t have to like the house. It doesn’t have to be my listing. Let me just sell you what you want. And we’ll both be

D.J. Paris 28:05
happy. Yeah. Well, I know, I know, you have to run right now because you have a crazy busy day. So I want to make sure that all of it give us the quick pitch on club wealth, what is club wealth? And why should our listeners be paying attention to it?

Michael Hellickson 28:20
Club wealth is the number one coaching company in the team and brokerage space. So we and we do coach brand new agents all the way on up to the top agents in the country.

D.J. Paris 28:29
We should mention by the way, your top tier for for to qualify to be have a top tier coach Is it is it $2 million. And what’s just curious, you guys, you guys coach, the very, very top.

Michael Hellickson 28:42
So our but all the way to your tier seven. And if you enter qualify for tier seven, you have to close over 1000 transactions a year. It’s amazing. So yeah. And so on the brokerage side, you have to have over 1000 agents in your brokerage. Sure. And so, and we have I mean, well, like Mike and Lauren, you know, last year they closed I think it was 4200 transactions last year 34. Yeah. And so they’re you know, there are we have coaches that are really good. But first of all, they’re the kind of people you want your kids around. Second of all, they’re ballers and no matter where you are, if you’re if you’re a new agent doing zero to 20, or just an agent doing zero 25 transactions a year, your coach is doing 25 to 75 transactions a year if you’re doing 25 to 75 your coach is doing 75 to 100 and that’s important

D.J. Paris 29:28
because they’re not so far away from you. There’s just slightly a bit above what you’re doing. So they they were just recently there and they know that transition and it’s not so far in the past where they’re like I kind of forget what it was like back then they have just lived through it.

Michael Hellickson 29:45
That’s right like if you’re doing zero to 25 transactions you don’t want me or Mike are long coaching you are too far removed. Right? Yeah. But if you can, if we can put you with Darcy or any one of our other bunch of coaches that coached tier one, they know exactly how to get you from where You’re at to that next level, right now it’s fresh in their mind. And they’re, they just went through it personally. So yes, it makes a huge difference. We’ve got group coaching programs as well for, you know, specifically designed for people doing zero to 15 transactions a year. But at the end of the day, you know, just I would say, we don’t, we don’t hard sell people out, here’s what I would suggest we, there’s, there’s two ways you could it well, there’s three, three things you could do, if you want to engage with us learn more about us, or just get free value out of us, there’s three things you could do. Number one, you go to our website, and you can take advantage of the free blog posts, there’s lots of great lot, we give away stuff for free that most people sell for a lot of money. And it’s great information, like if you want to, if you want our 31 of our top lead sources, you can get that on our website, you get a club wealth.com forward slash leads, we’ll give you 31 of our top 109 lead sources for free, we don’t care, here it is, we’ll just give it to you. And we’ll walk you and give you a video that walks you through how to use them and all that. So next thing is you go to our Facebook group, that’s if you go to facebook.com Ford slash groups, Ford slash club wealth, or just search for the club wealth real estate agent, pops right up, pops right up. The third thing, and we’ll do this once a year. So we offer this to agents once a year, we’ll do a free coaching call with you with one of our coaches. It’s called the strategy sessions 55 minutes. So regardless of what if you’re doing 400 deals a year, we’ll put you on a call with somebody who’s doing 800 deals a year. But we’ll make sure that the person that does your strategy session is producing in a way higher level than you are. And they will literally spend an hour on the phone picking apart your business and giving you some ideas on what you can do to take the next level with no sales pitch. If you in fact, if you wanted to sign up for a coaching, you’d have to ask them to tell you about it. But you can just once a year, we just wait. So we do about 500 of these calls a month. The strategy session I know right? It’s it’s a lot. And we’re about to double it. We’re actually working on taking it to 1000. But again, you can have that for free once a year. And I wouldn’t take I wouldn’t say do it. It’s got nothing to lose Jesse’s a Gorski I think, you know, Jesse, he was the emcee. So Jesse tells people all the time he says when he did his strategy session, he got one idea, one nugget that literally that year. Do you remember what he said? No. Made him $80,000 that year? One idea that he got on that in a free session in a free session? Yeah, yeah.

D.J. Paris 32:22
So I would love to, I would love to get one idea that made me 80,000 In a free session. I mean, but that but that’s it, it’s always one idea, right? It’s that’s the beauty of coaching is that it’s one thing that if you can take away one thing from a coaching session that you can actually go implement same day or next day. Boy, that’s power. You know, there’s a million great ideas. But if you can just hear one that you can, you know, move into motion. And that’s all and then just discipline just put the blinders on and do the work every single day. And I’m a huge fan of club wealth, I love all ever all the coaches I’ve met there are incredible, they’re amazing. I don’t endorse or support anybody. This is the only thing that I endorse about two or three other things, this is one of them. And so anyone who is interested, please, please, please go to club wealth.com. You’ll see how professional their services, their offerings, their coaching is, I’m a big, big fan. No, we do not get a commission if you join up with them. That is how big of a fan we are of them. And we’re honored to have Michael on the show. And he’s got to run to another probably coaching call himself. So I’m gonna let Michael go. But I want all of us to go visit them on Facebook facebook.com forward slash groups forward slash club club wealth, or just search for them. We’ll post links to it as well. I also want everybody to follow us on Facebook. So all of our listeners, if you’re not already part of our Facebook community, go to keeping up sorry, facebook.com forward slash keeping it real pod. And every day we post an article that we find online specifically designed to help you grow your business. And of course, all of our episodes are there as well. Michael, thank you so much for being on the show. I’m a huge fan of yours. I love being part of you know, when you guys have events, I love being invited to speak. So thank you again. And really, I want all of our listeners, on behalf of our listeners want to thank Michael and want to encourage all of them to check out club wealth. So Thanks for Thanks, Mike.

Michael Hellickson 34:14
Thank you so much. Hey, and we need to talk about November and having to come speak in November. So

D.J. Paris 34:18
I would love that law right. So for everyone listening we want to thank our audience to you guys are the reason we keep our business going. We keep this podcast rolling. All we ask is you do one thing, tell a friend think of one other real estate professional that could benefit from having heard this great interview with Michael about the three things that agents need to do that can they can do right now to grow their business and send them a link to the show you can easiest way to do it, send them over to our pod our website, which is keeping it real pod.com Or just pull up any podcast app search for keeping it real will pop right up but tell a friend and that’ll help keep our podcast growing. And Michael, thank you so much. It was a real pleasure. I’m such a fan. So thank you.

Michael Hellickson 34:58
Thank you DJ

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