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Welcome to another episode of Coaching Moments With Ryan D’Aprile from D’Aprile Properties!

In this episode, Ryan discusses what our listeners should be doing right now to prepare for the spring 2021 market. Ryan suggests that despite how busy agents are currently, they should spend a minimum of an hour each day reviewing their business plan and pipeline. He also reminds agents that effort beats out talent in real estate and that consistent disciplined daily action will advance your business more than any other approach. Last, Ryan talks about goal setting and how to incorporate purpose in your life and career.

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Ryan D’Aprile can be reached at 312.590.6416 and ryan@daprileproperties.com.

Ryan D'Aprile
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Welcome to keeping a real the largest podcast made by real estate agents and for real estate agents. My name is DJ Paris. I am your guide and host through the show and today is our monthly coaching moments with Ryan de April. Now if you’re not familiar with Ryan, if this you’re new to the show, he comes on every single month to give our listeners and our viewers a coaching moment and a coaching session. So let me tell you about Ryan Ryan Day April is a progressive thought leader focused on providing for his agents and staff at depot properties. His strengths are his motivational skills, his coaching style and his dedication to training. He has 14 offices throughout Chicagoland and is also in Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan with hundreds and hundreds of top brokers as April properties as a coaching company with eight strategic coaches who work week in and week out with every agent individually focused on business planning, coaching and accountability. If you’d like to take your career to the next level, or if you’re just not getting the attention you need, check out the April properties visit the April properties.com. Welcome once again,

Ryan D’Aprile 1:50
Ryan. Thanks, TJ. Thanks for having me. Appreciate it.

D.J. Paris 1:54
For our viewers, Ryan is in a room where the lighting isn’t great. So you’re seeing a shadow Ryan. So bear with us as we get through. But we’re going to be doing a presentation here for our listeners we’re going to be describing the slides will be showing here and in a moment. But Ryan, welcome once again to the show.

Ryan D’Aprile 2:11
Thanks, TJ. Appreciate appreciate you having me. And are you able to see the slideshow? I have.

D.J. Paris 2:15
We are. We are we are so what we’re for our listeners were this is a slideshow Ryan’s going to be describing about coaching, and what do you want to talk about today?

Ryan D’Aprile 2:26
So I figured, here we are, it’s August 10. We’re halfway almost halfway through the month of August. And we have four and a half months left of the year. And it’s really important for everybody to keep focused and dialed in especially now during this, you know, these dog days of summer that we’re coming into, and understand that everything that we do for the remainder of this quarter and next quarter is really going to have the effect are an effect on our business next year. And that’s my primary concern. When I’m always coaching an agent is always having them look downfield, I want everybody to be a big picture long term thinker versus a short term thinker and most most of us are short term we we overestimate what we can achieve in a year. And we underestimate what we can achieve in a decade. And it reminds me a lot and what I put in this slideshow is a book that Angela Duckworth wrote called Grit. It’s a great read if you haven’t read it. And it goes over a lot of the principles that a lot of psychologists and studies on on best practices and Malcolm Gladwell and Andrews on 10,000 hours and 10 years of practice. And it’s always showing our agents that this is a this is the long term and loan officers Well, you know, it’s it’s a career, it’s a sprint, assuming it’s a marathon, it’s not a sprint. And here we are, it feels like it’s the middle of the year, we actually only have four and a half months of the year left. And quite honestly, what you do today is going to prepare you for the spring 2021 market. And that’s where we are. So we had to start thinking about that. So I guess, DJ, unless you have any questions, maybe I’ll just jump right into the slideshow.

D.J. Paris 4:10
Yeah, and just Yeah, I just wanted to make a point that this is the time especially with this confluence of events, with lending rates being so incredibly low that more buyers are able to purchase and with more purchasing power than ever, although, you know, inventory in most markets is very low. So you now have this perfect storm of great time to sell a very opportune time to buy and so most real estate agents that I’ve spoken with it and the ones that are firm, I’m sure at your firm as well. Everybody is so busy, but I think this is a dangerous time to forget to do the fundamentals about how to look further down the road right now. It’s easy to be busy. There’s so much opportunity, but what are you doing to protect your long term vision and so I think this is great timing and I’ll give you a quick example of As we have even seen in our podcast numbers, even though our subscriber base is growing and continues to grow, thankfully, every single month, our numbers are actually down. And we have Facebook that comes on once a month. And they get they like to see our numbers. And so I had to have this conversation, say, the numbers are actually down. But it isn’t you, I think it’s the agents are just really, really busy right now and aren’t spending the time, you know, thinking about maybe their business, maybe they’re not listening to as many podcasts. And so I think this is a great return to the fundamentals of what’s going to build a long term business.

Ryan D’Aprile 5:32
Well, it’s true, you we all are going to work in our business, but you have to set aside time to work on your business. And there’s the doing part of it. But there’s the strategic planning part of it. And you have to have, you have to have both, it is interesting mortgage REITs are an all time low. And there is very little inventory. And I might want to circle back on that. And one of our slides when I come to what’s called our snapshot in our dashboard that we create as a company when we coach agents on, we coach agents beyond just the property coach agents across the country on this dashboard. And what we do is we help agents calibrate and one thing that’s very interesting in this market, there’s so many different types of markets, right? There’s buyer market, seller markets, there’s booming, there’s recessions, there’s everything that’s going on. And currently, there’s not any there’s not much inventory. And so it’s throwing off some agents, forecasts because they have lots of buyers. But the forecast has to be accurate to the end of the calendar year. And if there is an inventory, then you have to take that in consideration, because that’s not going to equate that buyer is not going to equate into a chant close transaction, especially when we are moving into only having four months of the year left. Sure. Yeah, so it is interesting. And and it is a crazy time, we are so busy. So we’ve had a national I mean, Pan, we’ve had a pandemic, we’ve had riots, we’ve, it’s 2020 has been a crazy year, in our company two years ago made a shift where we do our agents marketing for them. Now, we didn’t force our agents to go into this program. But we have some agents that have moved into it a couple of years ago, some agents moved into a year ago, and some agents in our organization that still are on it that still like to do their own marketing, and to base level marketing. And I sent out a statistic this morning, across the company, our agents that aren’t on our marketing, our auto flow marketing, their business is up 17% over last year, which is which is amazing. Yeah, the agents that have been on our net year to date, right. So January one through August 1 of 2020, compared to January one through August 1 2019. They’re up 70%. Those are the agents that are not on auto marketing, the agents that are on our auto marketing, even even with the National pandemic, and, and REITs and everything that’s going on the political environment, the economic environment that’s going on the agents that are actually have a baseline of auto marketing, where we’re doing it for them, on average, their business is up 77%. Wow. So it goes to show you that I truly feel that real estate is a team approach, there’s so much that a real estate agent has to provide. It’s too much to do on your own. The biggest value I feel an agent provides is clarity, being a curator of information, and also providing emotional intelligence through a very emotionally turbulent transaction, whether you’re buying or selling a home. And so, but I just want to circle back I’ll move on to the presentation. But with what you said I couldn’t help by telling everybody Yes, it is a busy time. There’s in cities.

D.J. Paris 8:23
And I want to say that the fact that your company does a lot of the marketing for the agents who sign up for it is so important, especially when it’s busy right now when agents are too busy to get those mailers out to get those those email newsletters. This is the time when those things fall by the wayside. I have and I’ve seen this across the board, you get these email newsletters from other agents and other firms. Notice how infrequently you’ve been getting them recently, because people are too busy to even send them out. So this is what’s so amazing about Ryan’s company depot properties if you’re here in the Chicagoland area or in Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and your firm isn’t getting this done for you and you need to do it or have somebody help do it for you great opportunity to reach out to the to do properties and and see if they’re a good fit or if they’ll be happy to coach you even at your current firm.

Ryan D’Aprile 9:12
So I’m going to start with a quote from Angela Duckworth book, Angela. Like I know personally from angels book, our potential is one thing but what we do with it is quite another and I love this quote and a lot of coaching is working on individual agents or loan officers mindsets. And, you know, everybody’s born with a certain amount of talent, but it’s really efforts that you need and what this book read really is outlined to everybody is that effort counts twice as much just talent. And there are so many people that I meet up there that I get so excited with them and like oh my gosh, your potential is unbelievable what you could do. However, they just don’t meet me or they don’t meet their coach. I’m halfway there. And so one of the things that everybody has to take away from this is that really think about the potential that you have. But it is a craft that you should be working on. And you should be excited and motivated about your potential. But it’s not a given, you have to apply effort, you have to, you have to strive, you have to work on your craft. So, here we are, it’s August, September, October, November, then December, what this equals, okay, you guys is spring to 2021. So what we do in these next four and a half months is going to have impact or won’t have an impact, if you don’t do it. In the spring of 2021, we’re going to have another good I think 18 wants ahead of us, given the current market environment and the pent up demand. But I You really have to commit to your craft, and you have to commit to working on your business, I tell everybody should work, at least work at least one hour a day on your business. And that is having your business in front of you being visible, know what’s going on, calibrate your business, what’s your forecast, where are you trending, so on and so forth, it’s incredibly important. And these next five months are gonna be crucial to what kind of 2021 You’re going to have. So, again, reading, Angelo’s book, a couple of things have taken away talent plus effort equals skill, right? So you have a natural born talent, and then you have your effort, you put those two together and you work on your skill, you work on your craft, that’s going to equal your skill, then your skill plus your effort is going to equal your accomplishments. But notice the two common denominators in these equations, you can have talent, and you can have skill, but without effort, your results will diminish. And everybody has to really take stock and the effort that they’re putting in to their business. And what Angela talks about is deliberate practice. Real Estate, you don’t just get your real estate license, and abracadabra, you’re a top producing. And if you look at any of the top producing real estate agents in your community, and and of course, DJ, you have a lot of them as guest speakers, these individuals are committed to their craft, you know, they didn’t just get the real estate license, and poof, they were top producing real estate agents, though, on the outside, it looks like that. We don’t see their deliberate practice on a day to day day out, putting the effort into growing their brand, growing their network, growing their skill set on supply and demand and price, and so on and so forth. And what you do, I went on actually a listing presentation yesterday, I DJ with one of our agents. And it was a $6 million listing. Wow. And it’s we will be the third real estate company, we found out this morning that we are getting that listing. But my agent that I went with on this, she’s got a skill set in the craft of fine the history of a property, naming that property creating up greeting and a lawyer. So you know, anybody could slap a property on but she you know, she goes above and beyond. But then she could convey that that story to the next client that she has. So and that’s, that’s that’s talent, but it’s also her effort. That’s her skill. But that’s also her effort. It doesn’t come easy to her, she works her ass off at it. But as time goes on, she gets better and better. And this, this this, this, this real estate agent is really rising to the top in her marketplace, and really setting a name for herself. Well, I remember the first year with us where she didn’t do anything, she wasn’t getting business, right. And it took time. But she had the deliberate practice and so enough beating that dead horse I move on to our next slide. Grit, a lack of grit can come from having less coherent goal structure. So what is grit? Right, so grit is the day in and day out effort that you apply to your deliberate practice or your skill. And people that have grit experience flow. Now what I’m doing here at you know, I want to get settled land lawsuit by Angela Duckworth. I’m paraphrasing her book, okay, I read this, I learned this from her. So this is anybody can get the book, great. Everybody should get the book, grit and read it and there’s just so much you could take away from it. You could read it a couple times. One of my biggest why’s in life is to teach my children and one of my other biggest why’s in life is to teach my real estate agents, my loan officers who have children’s children because I experienced such rejection in academics in school. I was you know, we all have these, these tests that they place you in they and we have a caste systems in our education system, right. Your advanced placement or general right I mean, and there’s all these rankings in between I was at the bottom I was told I was born. Lo in my high school we had regular and under regular general. And I was told by PhDs and academics and Dean’s and grown adults that I was blow regular in most subjects for four years of my life. And that just isn’t going to change in our education system.

They renamed it but it’s not changing. And so we are cast, we put our selves, we are putting cast systems. And I was, you could say cursed or blessed, just as much as a kid in the advanced placement classes were cursed or blessed. But one thing, you know we all have is a certain degree of talent. But nobody can take away the amount of grit that we apply. And so I really relate to this book, because I applied grit to my life, I applied grit, to my practice, and when you will have grit, which grit comes from having gold structures, which I’m going to talk to in our in our next slides. When you have grit, you experience more flow, and flow and grit don’t go hand in hand, right. So when you’re when you’re working out, you’re doing deliberate practice, you’re not going to experience the flow there, you’re actually going to experience the flow a week, two weeks, a month, a quarter later, after you put the effort in. And flow is what other people call luck. You just got it. They’re top producers. That’s that’s not luck. It’s called flow, and it comes from grit, and you got to love it, you just have to love it, you got to put yourself into it, it should become habitual. Okay, it should be habitual. And it doesn’t have to be all day everyday. It could be one to two hours start small, but be consistent with it. Okay, so less coherent goal structure. So I grabbed one of our real estate agent snapshots. And I blacked out this real estate agents name, this real estate agents goal is to do $25 million in volume this year. This is an individual agent, by the way, it’s not a team, this agent has closed and pending, so far, about $13 million. So halfway to the goal has another $5 million of active clients and $800,000 in prospects, which makes sense because this agents wrapping up the year and is looking like it’s going to be coming in $70 million. And what I’m showing you hear in this in this slide is called a coherent gold structure. Okay, I want to go back to the previous slide. A lack of grip can come from having less coherent a gold structure. So those that use this technology that have gold structure that follow it that know what their warm prospects are, they’re cold, not certain they’re going to hire them or cold, they’re going to close next year. Or they’re active clients, which they can deny who’s buyer who’s a seller who’s a renter, and what activities I need to do, and how they’re tracking where they’re coming through the year. Hey, my goal is $25 million. I’m already at that 17 out million dollar mark. Right? Those people have grit, because they have a visual goal structure that motivates them to keep doing what they need to do. And like a sailboat. Right, they could tack they can move their ship to catch the wind, because they’re not doing it by the seat of the pants. Right? That makes sense? Yes. Okay, so that’s what I wanted to show our agents here. And I’m sure you guys probably have a CRM if you don’t, you should get one you need to have visual flow, which is called Kanban. Kaizen is Japanese for continuous improvement. And Kanban means visual flow. That’s kind of the principles behind this dashboard that we have here. So let’s come back. Now another coaching moment here. DJ is we are in the last half of the year. So we look at this agents business and we have cold closing next year. And then we also have cold, not certain they’ll hire me, this agent already has $9.5 million booked for next aspects for next year. Right. So everybody now in this in this moment, listening to this podcast, at some point, get home, right, get to your office, open up your CRM, open up your tracking system, and find those people that are tracking next year. Here’s what you need to have, and have a little outline for you. So we have cold leads, we have two categories of cold, cold closing next year, or cold beads, I’m not sure they’re gonna hire me. They all need marketing collateral from you people. It’s not automated MLS listings. That’s what any agents doing. That’s what any agent can do. You can log in, slap them in the MLS, and send them automated emails, you need to stand apart, you need to get to them some marketing collateral. So I put down quick six bullet points. If you have a presentation book, we have a presentation book, it’s a binder, it’s a three ring binder to put things in and out of it. Get that presentation book to them, send it USPS, FedEx ups, whatever carry your prefer, and put that out to them. If you have a bio block or resume Amercia bio book here quickly, okay. drencher Yes, anybody can create this. So here’s a bio All

right, so here’s a bio book of an agent in our company. And you can just flip through here. It has a write up and whatnot, our previous sales, what’s going on with this particular agent, you know, this is a digital, but we also have a printed out version, get this bio book, into your presentation, but separate yourself, stand above the crowd, you have to understand that your job is to keep the people that you’ve gone out and lead generated close to you. Yes. And it’s not just automated email, right? Digital is one thing, but you got to get marketing collateral, you got to get it into them, and you have to get in front of them. Real Estate reports are unbelievable, to me to go back real estate reports, get a real estate report what’s going on in the community. If you have a listing, that’s an easy thing to do. If you have a listing lead, that’s an easy Real Estate Report. But if it’s a buyer lead, and they’re gonna go between two different areas, give them real estate report of the two different areas. Yeah, also send a Case Shiller talk about what’s going on with the National pricing index, what’s happening regionally. And then locally here, and I have an example for you, DJ, about this in the next slides to come. Okay, great. Grab some brochures, if it’s a listing, stick it in your presentation book. And then of course, you should have some community reports or tours of the markets that you work in. So I could pick a marketplace in Arlington Heights and you’re an agent in Arlington Heights, Illinois, you probably should have community tours and Arlington Heights, we should also have an a Buffalo Grove mount prospects, perhaps a rolling meadows Palatine, you just think about the surrounding areas, you should have community tours at your disposal. For those particular buyers, you need to add value. Daniel Pink wrote a wonderful number of books. But his I can’t remember what book it came from. But what he says in the information age, we need to be the curators of knowledge, right? There’s so much information out there. But in my craft in my industry, I’m gonna go and focus on all the information that’s out there. I’m going to bring it together, and then I’m going to be the curator. And that’s my value. That’s my gift I’m going to give to my client that I’m serving.

D.J. Paris 22:12
So those are yes, we should pause for a second because I want to make a point that if you have these six pieces of the six assets that the six marketing pieces for this, just review them for the listeners we have presentation book, we have a byo book, we have real estate reports, then we have you know, sort of national to local reporting with the Case Shiller regional, local pricing, brochures, and then community yours if you can do all six of those, I almost can promise you, there’s very little competition. If you do even half of those, you’re going to be well above the other agents who are vying for that buyer or seller’s attention. This is these are things that most agents even unfortunately, successful agents, some of them don’t do. So doing this separates you. It also demonstrates dedication, grit, and commitment to your craft.

Ryan D’Aprile 23:05
Yeah, the reason people are top producers in any of the industries, Everybody listen up to me. This is very important. The reason people are top producers because they show up every day. Yeah, 80% of successes is a cliche, 80% of success is showing up. It’s the truth. It’s also pathetic, and how uncommitted people are in life. And it’s sad. But you can shift that you can change that. And it’s going to be another part of the slide and when I talk about but I’m telling you guys, successes for anybody. It’s easy. One of the reasons I hate politics so much is because to win in politics, no matter what side you are on, it’s vote for me, I’ll change your life. Bullshit. Only I can change your life. Only you can change your life. And it’s a life message, a lifelong mission, I’m going to have to teach everybody that you have control. It’s just a your choice and be showing up. Yeah. So which comes to the next slide, which Angelo talks, it’s another quote from a book, many people are cruising through life doing precisely zero hours of deliberate practice.

D.J. Paris 24:11
I can tell you right in real quick, my my girlfriend to come up with a non real estate example we have, we realized our relationship could use some work, like any relationship, and we sat down and we said, okay, what are the parts of our relationship that are going well? And what are the parts that could use some additional skills? And you know, we realized that conflict is an issue for us. So we sat down and said, Okay, conflicts a challenge for us. How do we work through that? And we said, we need more skills. So we purchased a course and we are now going through this course. And now every single week, we sit down and we have a certain number of hours of conflict practice, which sounds like maybe not the row, some romantic thing to do, but it is transformed our relationship and it is we’re not spending 20 hours a week doing this. We’re spending about one hour a week at most, and it has completely changed our relationship because we You know, this, this idea that well, everything should just be easy and perfect is just not the way anything in life is that’s worthwhile. So this is so and it’s such an important quote, most people are not doing the hours and myself included, right? We weren’t doing the hours and our relationship was suffering as a result. We said, Okay, what do we need to practice and now we’re doing that even in our own relationship.

Ryan D’Aprile 25:21
Well, it comes down to conscious and unconsciousness and we go through our life 97% of our life is unconscious. I just, I just drove an hour to get here. I don’t even remember driving because as unconscious as I was on the phone as making conference calls, I was doing so many different things. Because I was running my life subconsciously. Alright, many people are cruising through life doing zero practice, zero hours of deliberate practice, it need to take moments of clarity, and you got to stop, you got to set goals and say, I’m going to do one hour a day, one hour a day to this to change my life, and nobody else can change it. Just mean, it’s only you can change it. Alright, so coming back to this, I’m going to come down to a quote here, it’s the lack of grit comes from less coherent goals structure. So in other words, Oh, shoot. In other words, goals give you structure and purpose in your life in your career, listen to when it’s just setting goals give you structure and purpose in all caps, in your life in your career. I love vacationing, I love spending time with my family. But after two or three days of it, and I’m talking like leisure, vacations, right for skiing, or something that’s more active, but like, on the beach, right? Drink in the corona hanging out at there, day three or day four, right? We all dream about being on the beach, when we’re at our jobs, and we’re doing our stuff we want to get away from it. For me, on day three, day four, I start to lose that purpose in my life. And I crave you that doesn’t mean I don’t like my vacation. Doesn’t mean I don’t love my family more than anything in the world. But I have such purpose and fulfillment in my career. Because you guys listen, because I have goals. I have structured goals, and I go after them. And as I was, I was wake surfing with my kids over the weekend. And you know, you have these playlists, right? And one, my middle daughter is still listening to this Miley Cyrus song called the climb and heard it as I’m as I’m surfing, right, and I’m taking these girls out there and listen to the words, there’s always gonna be another mountain, there’s always gonna be it’s the climb. Jesus, I’m gonna tell my dad, that’s brilliant. That’s exactly what it is. It’s not the victory. It’s the journey, it’s decline. And anybody can purpose and fulfillment in their life they choose to, but I’m telling you, it takes that deliberate practice, and that grid for you experience flow. And then you realize, Wow, that goal structure and that flow is given me purpose in my life, there’s so much rewards that you get out of this, you guys. Now, lastly, you guys come over really quick. So here’s your network. I created this dashboard like this, because it’s it’s based on combine principles of visual flow. Everything comes from your network, right, your network directly or a referral through network. And then there’s other lead sources out there. But really, your network is your network, but your prospects, your actives, your sales, all that comes from deliberate daily practice and life flow from your network.

D.J. Paris 28:27
And you know what, also this this does when when having these daily practices, these these daily disciplines that this grit, is it takes a lot of the emotional response to an immediate thing that might feel like everything like Ryan, just before this had a scenario where his dog ran out into a busy street, he had to run after and grab it. That is an incredibly emotional experience. And if that was the only thing that happened to him today, that would be a pretty horrible that was a good day because you saved the dog. But it was a scenario where that’s an emotional thing that happens we we react to that those are things are just going to happen. And then if you can say, Okay, well that happened, I dealt with it, we’re good. And now I can get back to the to the discipline, which is ultimately going to help regulate that emotional intensity around these things that just come up because you know, you’re building for the future. And it’s and the good news about real estate in particular is it’s a well trodden path that we know how to do this. We know how to get to success.

Ryan D’Aprile 29:26
Right? Absolutely. We have in our next coaching session. Now. I’ll show you a Monday morning meeting, okay. I have a morning Monday morning meeting ritual that you should have with yourself every Monday and reflect on the week before and did you win your week? Or did you lose your week? You’re not gonna win every day. You’re not gonna win every week. But if you and by the way, this is coming from Brian Buffini that I heard probably a decade ago. You’re not going to win every day. But if you could win five days or three days out of the week or four day excuse me, even for I consider it’s five days a week I take two days off. I take Saturday and Sunday off. Okay, whether I’m a real estate agent or I’m a coach, I take two days a week off So I consider this five days in a week, if I can with three of those five days that when the week, if I get one, three of the four weeks out of the month, I win the month and have a good one nine to 10 months out of the year, I win the year. Again, I gotta give credit to Brian Buffini. I heard that and like that is brilliant. So I created a Monday morning meeting, which allows me to reflect that I win the week before, I’m not going to win every week before. But if I know I won the week, or if I didn’t win the week knows what actions I need to focus on for this Monday. Moving forward. Again, it comes full back to what Angela wrote here. The lack of grit comes from having less coherent goal structure. So we break it down piece by piece by piece. And this is a lifelong journey, guys. There’s no like, okay, great. I’m a top producer. Done, right now I’m coasting. And stuff just comes to me. This is a lifelong journey, you got to always be working on your craft, you always have to be working on your business. So this next one here is what I just said gritty people do more deliberate practice. And they experience more flow. Gritty people do more, expand that deliberate practice and experience more flow. And again, this comes down to talent and skill. There are people that are way more talented than me, that have a lot more skill than me, that should be a lot further along in their careers than I am. And they’re not. It’s just because I have grit. And the only reason I have grit is that committed to deliberate practice. And you guys, I started my real estate company. Nine years ago, I’ve been a real estate agent for maybe 15 years, I became a full time real estate agent in 2005. To late 2004, July 2004, I quit my job became a full time real estate agent. So I haven’t been a real estate agent for 17 years yet, and my company is nine years old, and I’ve gotten punched in the gut. I’ve got kicked down, I’ve been told that my company is never going to make it and Goddamnit I’m not even a year 10 yet. Okay, that’s correct. What’s going to happen over the next decade. And anybody can experience that. And I say that, because it’s not about me, I’m trying to relate to you whether you’re a real estate agent, you’re a loan officer, whoever you are, it’s 10,000 hours, it’s 10 years of deliberate practice, man, 10 years, it’s nothing. I mean, I know what seems like, it’s a long time, I should say it’s nothing but think of a span of career, I have God willing, Gosh, 30 more years of a career left here. And anybody anybody can do this. But what we most do is we overestimate what we can achieve in here. And we live our life like a sprint, and we get exhausted. And it takes me to my last slide here. In in the quotes, enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare. Enthusiasm is common. But endurance is rare. And endurance is acquired. Endurance isn’t a gift. It’s acquired. And it’s not easy. And rejections hard. I experienced every day. I have for the past 10 years, I will for the next 20 to 30 years. But again, it’s about that client. It’s about the journey. It’s about am I getting better every day, I don’t compare myself to the biggest real estate agents or the biggest real estate companies or the biggest mortgage companies in the marketplace. There are agents that have there’s one offs, you have me bounce around the bounce and bounce that they come in to come out. Right. I compare myself to who I was yesterday, who I was last quarter, who I was last year, and who I was the years before, and I just focus on continuous improvement. And it’s a lifelong journey. TJ.

D.J. Paris 33:37
You know, it’s funny, just a quick aside. So you mentioned the word Kaizen earlier, which is a Japanese word for constant never ending improvement. And oddly enough, in America, we have no counterpart there is no word. We can describe it, but we’d have no word for constant and never ending improvement, which I find very interesting.

Ryan D’Aprile 33:59
Yeah, well, they came in the 80s. And they decimated our automotive industry, but they didn’t decimate it. You know what they did? They made it better. They did Japanese made our automotive industry better because they came in they showed us how to do it. And Daniel met Daniel Pink. Let’s oh gosh. Don’t blink.

D.J. Paris 34:19
Oh, the Joseph. No, no, no, he

Ryan D’Aprile 34:23
starts with y starts with y. Okay, the author start with why I love this guy. Simon Sinek Yeah, as listen listening to podcasts of Simon Sinek by the way, you guys if you drive in car, please don’t listen to a radio, get a podcast and get an audio book on. Whenever I’m in the car. That’s an opportunity for me to learn. Simon Sinek did a great podcast and wasn’t his he was featured on it. And it’s an NPR podcast and it’s basically during these times right during the the national shutdown the pandemic and he’s Competition, he said, I’m not doing this man justice. But he said, you either have competition or a rival. And if it’s competition, you’re not paying attention to them, you want to beat them. When it’s a rival, you’re paying attention to them. You’re learning you’re growing. But the real competition is yourself. That’s what it comes down to. And we’re in such a glitz and glamour industry. And there’s so many agents that emotions are played on. And there’s so much thrills and, and this and that in this industry that become a total distraction. For agents. It’s about you, you guys, you are, you are the product, you are the brand. You have to work on yourself, you got to work on your skill, you got to work on your brand, you have to work on your network, you got to create relationships with your network. All of this is deliberate practice. And again, it comes down to endurance, right. And it turns unfortunately, is where enthusiasms calm. And after I coach most people, they’re excited to run through a brick wall, show me them two days later, right? It’s the deliberate practice, get up at four o’clock in the morning and go into swim practice or whatever it is that you’re set out to achieve. This happens to be the real estate or mortgage lending. I want to be a producer, I want to work for myself, I want an unlimited income potential. I don’t have more time with my family. I want to have more financial freedom cool, get to work. That’s what it comes down to get to work and work on what counts. That’s what you have to do. You got to focus what matters

D.J. Paris 36:24
and not only will your life improve with business, more free time your self esteem will improve and that in and of itself is worth it because if you can lay your head down on the pillow and most nights say to quote Brian Buffini that Ryan mentioned earlier, I won the day not every day, but I won the day most days boy you are going to feel just incredible about yourself which in turn gives you more energy to work on your business and your your relationships or your body or your spirituality or whatever. So so this is it’s a win all the way around.

Ryan D’Aprile 36:59
Yes. Um, TJ I’m going to wrap it up there and I’ll tell you why it’s next slide is here to show awesome skill set. I did get a text message from my mom and they are going to have to take her in so I’m going to have to cut out of here short will be with my mom I apologize about that.

D.J. Paris 37:15
No no fam family first as always. So I want to thank everyone for listening and Ryan comes on every single month to have these these episodes. With coaching moments. I want to encourage everyone here in the Chicagoland area along with Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana if you are not getting the coaching you need from your for whether you’re a loan officer or whether you’re a real estate agent, check out D APR properties and Midwest lending. You can go to April properties.com. And Ryan and some of his team will be able to reach out to you and tell you more about what they offer. And Ryan has incredible coaching if maybe you don’t want to join us totally another firm but you need some coaching reach out as well. Ryan, hope your mom is okay.

Ryan D’Aprile 37:59
We will shake that I just got a message a little alarming. So I do apologize. Yeah,

D.J. Paris 38:03
no, let’s we’ll wrap up and we will see everyone on the next episode. Ryan, thank you so much.

Ryan D’Aprile 38:08
Thank you, TJ

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