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Monday Market Minute • Optimistic For 2019

Welcome to the January edition of Monday Market Minute with Carrie McCormick! In this episode Carrie looks back on 2018 and provides insight on how real estate brokers (as well as buyers and sellers) should... Read More
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J. Maggio • From Trading To Real Estate

Before becoming a top 1% real estate broker, J. Maggio was a successful futures trader honing his analytical skills that he uses today in his real estate practice. This year, 100% of his business came directly... Read More
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Hayley Westhoff • Your Urban To Suburban Concierge

Hayley Westhoff is the co-founder of MacPherson Westhoff, one of @Properties top producing teams. In her own production Hayley is one of her firm’s top producers and she’s only in her sixth year! (…and @Properties has... Read More
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Michael Rosenblum • Happily Ever Always

Michael Rosenblum is a legendary Chicago broker with Berkshire Hathaway. He’s worked with 1000+ clients and closed over 475m in transactions. In addition to being one of Chicago top producers he’s also a best-selling author... Read More
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Craig Fallico • 37 Years Of Helping Clients

Craig Fallico has over seven thousand contacts in his sphere of influence. That’s what happens when you remain a top producer for 37 years without one down year. Craig discusses how his previous careers of... Read More
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Jonathan Darin • A Team Connected By Their Pasts

The Jonathan Darin Team consists of Jonathan’s first real estate client, Jonathan’s sister, and his sister’s friend from grade school. They’ve also just added on another teammate to cover the city. In this episode Jonathan... Read More
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Melanie Stone • So You Want To Buy A Condo

Melanie Stone is a top 1% producer in Chicago and her business isn’t even four years old! She’s the author of the popular So You Want To Buy A Condo seminar that she hosts every... Read More
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Monday Market Minute • Is There A Market Slowdown?

Welcome to the September edition of Monday Market Minute with Carrie McCormick! In this episode Carrie talks about whether the market is slowing down. Days on market has recently risen for EVERY major Chicago neighborhood.... Read More
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Steven Weirich • Podcasting To Production

Today we sat down with fellow podcaster and top producer Steven Weirich who shared his unique and brilliant strategy of podcasting to provide value to his community. Steven hosts Arlington-Prospect Advice Givers, a show dedicated to... Read More
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Learning With A Lender • Fannie Mae Condo Updates

Welcome to our new monthly series Learning With A Lender! Each month Guaranteed Rate Vice President Joel Schaub discusses anything and everything related to lending. Joel is in the top 1/10th of 1% in loan production at his... Read More
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