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about keeping it real podcast

D.J. Paris • Host

Over the last seven years I’ve recruited almost 700 real estate agents to come work at our real estate firm in Chicago, Kale Realty. Many of the brokers are new to the industry – some had just passed their state licensing exam that same day! And even though our firm offers full training and coaching, the question that we hear more often than any other is, “Could you connect me to a successful real estate agent that would mentor me?” A great question!

What I’ve found is that really successful real estate agents are busy. Too busy to mentor another broker, in most cases. They’re barely keeping up with their clients and answering calls and emails. I started thinking about what value I could bring to our brokers, in addition to our training and coaching. We started interviewing our successful agents and publishing those interviews internally. And, as we thought, brokers loved it. Our agents really liked hearing from veteran brokers about how they started, mistakes they’ve made, and how they continue to be successful in the industry.

And then it occurred to me – why not open it up to the entire broker community?

We have almost 700 brokers at our firm, but there’s 1.7 million total agents in the U.S.! So, I decided to start this podcast to give all agents an opportunity to tell their story and share their successes. I hope it will be helpful to you in your business. Also, if you’re new to real estate and looking for a firm to join, this gives you access to dozens of different options. Of course, we’d love it if you joined our firm (we pay the highest real estate commissions in Chicago), but I interview brokers across all firms so they can talk about what they offer!

There’s no catch, no hidden agenda and nothing to buy or sell. Just real estate professionals sharing what works for them. If you find it useful, tell another agent in your office about it. And if you think of someone who would be a good interview (yes, you can nominate yourself!), fill out the form here!

If you’d like to reach out to D.J. directly you can email him or call 312.238.9796.

Zana Hajdini • Casting Director

What does a casting director do? Pretty much everything! I book talent, host pre-interviews, coordinate with sponsors, do post-production and keep D.J. on schedule. 🤣

I hold a Master’s Degree in Economics. For a long time I have worked in my field in various institutions. I have decided to challenge myself with something new by leaving my comfort zone. I love reading and traveling and try to visit a new place every chance that I get.

Liz Lape • Producer

I coordinate all the social media activity and help create video content for our listeners!

I am a senior at DePaul University pursuing a BA in Communication and Media, with a minor in Media and Cinema Studies. I have my AA in theater from Illinois Central College. I have experience in professional and student journalism and media projects, as well as years in technical theater and stage management. Passionate about creating innovative and interesting media content alongside a team, I am interested in pursing journalism and marketing opportunities after graduating from DePaul. 

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