Welcome to the December edition of Monday Market Minute with Carrie McCormick!

In this episode Carrie talks about how the Chicago market has slowed and how both buyers and sellers are backing off at the moment. What do real estate brokers say to clients when buyers think homes are too expensive and sellers think pricing is too low? I also provide a marketing tip how working with management companies will open up twice as many rental listings than what’s on the MLS.

Carrie can be reached at carrie@atproperties.com or by phone at 312.961.4612.

Carrie McCormick D.J. Paris Monday Market Minute
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Before becoming a top 1% real estate broker, J. Maggio was a successful futures trader honing his analytical skills that he uses today in his real estate practice. This year, 100% of his business came directly from referrals. In our conversation, J. discusses how and why his listings go under contract 90 days sooner and for 5% more than the market average in Chicago. His uncanny ability to evaluate home values and marketability results in ecstatic clientele who purchase and sell homes fast. Learn how he does it!

J. Maggio can be reached at 312.450.0012 and j.maggio@compass.com.


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Hayley Westhoff is the co-founder of MacPherson Westhoff, one of @Properties top producing teams. In her own production Hayley is one of her firm’s top producers and she’s only in her sixth year! (…and @Properties has over 3,000 brokers!). In our conversation Hayley discusses how she started her business and the exact steps taken that built her practice. She also reveals how her team is structured and why she prefers a one-point-of-contact relationship with clients. Lastly she talks about her philosophy around client care – making each client feel as if they’re the most important client (because each client IS actually the most important client!).

Hayley Westhoff can be reached at hwesthoff@atproperties.com and 773.729.0594.

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Michael Rosenblum is a legendary Chicago broker with Berkshire Hathaway. He’s worked with 1000+ clients and closed over 475m in transactions. In addition to being one of Chicago top producers he’s also a best-selling author with Happily Ever Always, a work which serves as a guide for one to find their passions and truth, which will lead to more happiness and fulfillment. It will also lead to more business, increased productivity and happier clients. In our conversation Michael share how he built his business and how Happily Ever Always can help anyone looking to discover greater, well, happiness!

To order Happily Ever Always, click here!

Michael Rosenblum can be reached at 312.893.8182 and michael@happilyeveralways.com.

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Craig Fallico has over seven thousand contacts in his sphere of influence. That’s what happens when you remain a top producer for 37 years without one down year. Craig discusses how his previous careers of teaching and coaching perfectly equipped him to become successful at real estate. His warmth, empathy, and kindness are evident as Craig talks about the distinction between production goals and “helping goals.” The Fallico Team is one of the top producing teams at Dreamtown, and after listening to this episode, you’ll understand why!

Craig Fallico can be reached at teamfallico@dreamtown.com and 847.226.0834

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The Jonathan Darin Team consists of Jonathan’s first real estate client, Jonathan’s sister, and his sister’s friend from grade school. They’ve also just added on another teammate to cover the city. In this episode Jonathan talks about how he built his team to five in just seven years, how he became a top producer very quickly, and why client appreciation events are essential to expanding and retaining his sphere of influence. Learn about this team of friends and family and why it’s working!

Jonathan Darin can be reached at 708-695-6177 and jonathan@homesbyjdt.com.

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Welcome to the October episode of Learning With A Lender with Joel Schaub!

Lending rates are up! Should you be worried? Short answer = no! Joel Schaub, Vice President at Guaranteed Rate, discusses how to interpret recent rate increases and how little that actually affects monthly payments. We also tackle low-down payment loans that have recently been covered by the news and what you need to know – specifically how these products are different from 7-8 years ago. Finally, Joel discusses an opportunity for buyers to purchase real estate at a significant discount on the day of the year with the lowest offers.

You’re invited to a Halloween party Joel is throwing on 10/25 from 2-4pm. Click here to RSVP.

Joel Schaub can be reached at joel@rate.com or 773.654.2049.

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Welcome to the October edition of Monday Market Minute with Carrie McCormick!

In this episode Carrie talks about how the Chicago market has started showing pricing discounts due to home sales being down (more than any decrease in the past seven years). Where are the buyers and why have they dropped off? The good news is that there are several neighborhoods in Chicago booming right now and Carrie shares those with you. Then, I provide a marketing tip about working with renters in a down sales market and how 46% of buyers right now are first-timers (previous renters).

Carrie can be reached at carrie@atproperties.com or by phone at 312.961.4612.

Carrie McCormick D.J. Paris Monday Market Minute

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Melanie Stone is a top 1% producer in Chicago and her business isn’t even four years old! She’s the author of the popular So You Want To Buy A Condo seminar that she hosts every few weeks at various locations throughout Chicago. She also has been named one of REALTOR ® Magazine’s 30 Under 30 and has an impressive social presence (including the hashtag #MSC). She writes a blog post about each of her clients after the transaction closes, and on this podcast episode shares additional strategies that distinguishes her from the thousands of brokers in Chicago!

Melanie Stone can be reached at melanie.stone@cbexchange.com and 630.536.7723.


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After twenty years working as a consultant, Thomas Downing moved back to Chicago and started a new career in real estate. Without a sphere of influence or any leads handed to him, he produced over 12 million in his first year and earned Chicago Agent Magazine’s Rookie Of The Year award. Three years later he is a consistent top 1% producer and continues to build his business. In this interview Thomas explains why his customer-experience background helped prepare him for real estate and gives advice to brokers on what they could immediately implement to grow their practice.

Thomas Downing can be reached at 847.778.9952 and thomasdowning@atproperties.com.

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