Why Remote Workers Will Be HUGE For Real Estate Agents • Erin Spradlin

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Erin Spradlin from Erin and James Real Estate talks about her own podcast Erin and James Podcast. Erin describes her journey into real estate and how she got involved in the business. Erin explains how the medium-term space renting works and emphasizes the importance of regionalizing the advise on investments. Next, Erin discusses remote work and the opportunities it brings in the investment world. Erin gives a tip on how to use AirBnB Try Before You Buy to help you decide where to invest. Last, Erin discusses her book “American Nomads: Finding and Renting to Remote Workers”.

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Erin Spradlin can be reached at 719.491.4949 and erin@erinandjamesrealestate.com.

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