You Only Need Six People For Your Sphere Of Influence • Patrick Kilner

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Patrick Kilner the founder and CEO of Kilner & Kirk Real Estate describes why he chose real estate and how he started his career in the industry. Patrick talks about the freedom he’s been able to create for himself and his family by building his business in real estate. Next, Patrick talks about his book “Find Your Six: Stop Lead Generating & Start Building Influence“. Patrick and DJ discuss business development and the changes that need to be done in the industry for agents to be happier. Last Patrick discusses the importance and the role of the agent.

If you’d prefer to watch this interview, click here to view on YouTube!

You can buy Patrick’s book “Find Your Six: Stop Lead Generating & Start Building Influence” by clicking here.

Patrick Kilner can be reached at patrick@kilnerkirk.com and (240) 678-4157.

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