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Welcome to Breaking Down Ali’s Systems mini-series with Ali Garced.

In this mini-series Ali will be explaining how she built her systems both for buyers and for sellers. In the second episode of Seller Checklist series, Ali picks up on the pre-list part where she left off in the first part of this checklist.

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What’s up everyone again, it’s Ali Gorsedd ally, the agent. Coming back with part two of the seller checklist. Again, this checklist has helped the agents on my crew on my ESP crew earn six figures in six months, making like three times the amount that they were making. Previously at other brokerages, it’s so important to have a foundation, I’m not saying that you need to join me in order to make this happen. I’m saying you need to have a foundation and I’m giving it away to you. So if you want a copy of these checklists, here’s the checklist to get a copy of the chocolates ready. Number one, give a five star review to keeping it real on this podcast that you’re listening to. If you’re watching this on YouTube, number two is like and comment below saying anything that you’ve learned, however, the slightest bit that this may have helped you. I know this is going to help you a lot. But any comment will help. And number three is text me for the checklist will meet its will meet over zoom. It’s 520-341-2552. That’s my work, phone number text the word checklist to that number checklists, by the way, being one word, text checklist 25203412552. If you’d rather hit me on Instagram, I’m Ally FBI agent. So let’s begin last time I left off on the listing presentation. So let’s assume we got the listing what to do. So from here, we’re going to start on the pre list. Now, we’re going to make sure that we have a copy of the keys, of course to all the screen doors, the detached ad, use the garage, you know any anything and everything, the front door, the back or the side door, the window, the sheds, everything, have make sure that the sellers have an extra copy. And the garage openers, it’s they want to make sure that they I see that they keep it on their person. Because I just don’t like I don’t want to have to deal with any theft. So of course want to make sure that if they’re going to be living in the property, make sure that they hide their valuables stored in the safe or just take it out of the house or take it out of the condo. If the property is gonna be vacant, then they can leave the garage door openers or maybe you want to safeguard it for them. However you want to do that make sure you just do it the same way every time. So that way you don’t forget and think oh, I have the the garage door opener for 4712 North palisade but on this other house on North Street, I ended up keeping up the house, you’re gonna drive yourself crazy. So whatever method you want to do do the same thing every time and that is key consistency always wins. Okay. Then you want to tell them the the photo requirements and the staging tips. We tend to work with one photographer. We like them a lot. They are pricey, but they do amazing work. So they have their own photography like list. If you do not already have a go to photographer, reach out, reach out, you know, find some on Instagram, find some on Google and see if they have a list of photography, like tips for real estate sales. That way you can use their checklist. I’ll show you in my emails to my canned emails that I use my photographer’s checklist because why am I going to recreate the wheel just like with these seller checklists with my buyer checklist that I’m giving to you guys the referral checklist? I haven’t even gone to that section yet. Would Do not recreate the wheel, you should be just like adding to it and making sure that it’s as you know, as easy to follow as possible for your business. Okay. And then you want to make sure that they are the the sellers are working toward that photography, a checklist. Hey, have you mowed the lawn? Hey, have you pulled the weeds? Do you need a landscaper Dena contractor for that? Because I have you know, I know a guy. Okay, carrying on then you want to? Oh, seems like maybe my computer’s a little frozen here? Oh, no, there it is. All right, then you want to schedule the photographer. And you want to make sure that you have enough time in order to do that. Or rather that the sellers have enough time in order to do that. Sometimes as you know the house as soon as you walk into the listing presentation, it’s ready to sell. Sometimes it’s not. There was one time Oh, just a super quick rant, if I may, again. So this was the that same listing my second listing ever that I got off a postcard my very first round of postcards, and the one who lied to me about Hoa, he was a hoarder. And as I was walking upstairs to where he hadn’t been upstairs in probably over a year, a year, he hadn’t been upstairs, there was stuff everywhere I was I was going up the stairs, he’s I stepped on a gun, I stepped on a gun, which was loaded. I mean, I know how to I know how to use guns, you know, I was a federal agent for the Air Force for a decade. But just the fact that like I step again, just the point being some sellers are going to need some extra time, in order to get their house photo ready, some will need your help. Some agents already have this available to where they have, you know a cleaner to where the cleaner can help them. Again, everyone needs to sell no matter who they are, like what kind of background they have. So it’s always always good to have a cleaner or two in your back pocket. If you do not have a cleaner, I would suggest going on Airbnb and message some of the owners so as like a as a guest, I message them in the owners and say Hey, who do you use as a cleaner I’m looking for I’m looking for reliable cleaner they’ll give you they’ll help you. So because I think if someone were to message me on it on Airbnb, because I’m a I’m a landlord as well, I own about eight properties. And if someone were to message me, you bet I would share my cleaner. I want to help her. Anyway, here we go. Um, okay. So you want to make sure that the house is ready to go you this this goes into the specifics of which photography package we get. We do the same thing every time whether it is a luxury Well, luxury, of course is I think, subjective. But so whether it’s like a $700,000 house or a $200,000 house, we do the same package every time. Now of course we might add on the videography for the meet the middle package or the extra package like what I talked about last week. Or I might add on even more the 3d Home Tour The the the Zillow so that way connects to Zillow and it bumps your listing up on Zillow higher because you paid for that Zillow feature, the Matterport, whichever you want to do, we do the same thing every single time. Well, depending on the package that they choose, so you want to make sure that that’s labeled. Because always think about this, you might not want to be selling forever. This is the purpose of a checklist. I had a checklist that I was following this my first year in the business. And now this is the checklist that everyone that I refer to follows everyone in my crew, they have this foundation for them, they don’t need to think I didn’t want to think I just want to wake up and say okay, what part of the checklist Am I at Check, check, check. And it’s it’s just automatic. Not automatic as well to do it, but you get my boy. Okay, then you’re gonna have your TC send disclosures. A quick note on TC, if you don’t have a TC get one e me delete. I said that kind of weird immediately get a TC because they are oh my gosh, there were there. They are so worth it. For what even if the TC is charging like $500 for a transaction, the amount of hours that they’re going to save you for every single transaction and it’s labor upfront, and they only get paid if you get paid at the close of escrow. And if your seller cancels, they don’t get paid. I mean it’s a no brainer. So I do want to backtrack to what I said last week when I said that I have a $3,000 cancellation fee. Part of that $3,000 cancellation fee goes to the TC for her troubles, so I will give her her Porsche and not not I don’t think it’s like 100% of what she would have made had be continued with the sale. But I believe it’s like 50, maybe 40%. So I want to keep my TC happy because we’re sending her a lot of business. Okay, create showing instructions. This is super important. I really like showing time not all agents use showing time. Not all agents know it’s showing time is not all agents will even bother looking up showing time. I know that you know what I’m talking about. And if you don’t you might be, you might be the agents that refuses to use showing signs or refuses to comply. So here we go. I use showing time because it’s so it’s super easy to block out times for, you know, times where the house is ready to view and times that are blocked out. So this is super important for homes where the sellers are going to still be living in it. If the sellers are still living in it, I always have a CBS code on the Super box. I am pretty sure that everyone that has a Supra will probably have access to CBS. I don’t think that that would be Arizona specific. But I do I have noticed that not a lot of agents know what a CBS code is. So you know how there’s a super box, right? Like you need to have your phone you need to have Bluetooth on you need to punch in your code for your MLS and then pick an excellent you get the key

is that having a CBS code is an extra layer of say, protection against privacy or for privacy, to where if to where agents can’t just roll up on the property after not having viewed showing time, not realizing that the sellers are in their home that they work from home, or that they’re having Thanksgiving dinner, or that they’re just having dinner. And so it prevents people from just being able to get access to the key after they sign in. And then it’s going to ask them okay, what is the CBS code. And I have sometimes agents will have the CBS code on the MLS, I always have the CBS code after they talk to me they have to talk to me, I never want to be in a situation where an agent who doesn’t read and you know what that’s all of us sometimes just rolls into a house while the seller is there with their family, you know, just gotten out of the shower. I work with a lot of military and military love their guns, I do not want to be responsible for any sort of shooting, you know, just to be safe. And it doesn’t even have to get to that extreme. But just to be safe. I want to make sure that my sellers have their privacy. So that way, as soon as I get a call or a text saying hey, what’s the CBS code? I’m asking them? Are you outside of the property schedule a call schedule a time through showing time? That is when the property is available? Oh, well, we’re outside. Okay, well, I’m so sorry. The showing time clearly says on the MLS use showing time. Again, this is the this is the process that I use. Not everyone uses it. This is because the a lot of the listings that I have are occupied homes, if they’re not occupied, I’m not going to have a CVS code on there. I want to have as little amount of friction as possible. And I just want anybody that rolls up. Sure. Go right on in. Of course after using the super box. So also another thing that I used to get a lot which I don’t get that often anymore. Are people saying that their Supra wasn’t working? Hey, I think maybe like my super box is or my phone isn’t updated. And I’m like, Okay, well then update it. You know, I My concern was how do I know you’re even an agent? Of course. I was looking them up online. So this is the story a lot of people I got quite a few amount of phone calls, saying hey, I’m outside your listing at you know, 4712 North palisade drive, and I can’t get in my go. That’s, that’s strange. There’s a super box to the super box die, because my side shows that it’s at no charge at 80% What’s up? And they’re like, oh, yeah, I think it’s a problem on my phone. I think I just haven’t updated it. I’m like, okay, cool. Well, the property is available. Let me know when you’ve updated it, and then you can head right on in some time, and I was getting some pushback sometimes again, you can never be too safe. I think. I would rather I would rather turn away a potential buyer than allow a stranger that with with bad intent into a house into a listing of mine. So you know, all day every day I’d rather turn away a buyer than put somebody in danger. So at that point, I would I wouldn’t have to look them up you know, like hey, if you were refusing to update your your, your Supra app on your phone, one your that’s probably the only house you’re at, you know, are you doing this at every single house that you’re showing? So I’d say okay, you know, like what’s your what’s your car number or your MLS NUMBER? Your your license number? I’d look them up. So So, anyway, that’s just a side note, make sure that you just don’t allow anybody all willy nilly, you know, into the property just because they say they’re an agent. So yeah, that okay, stepping off my little soapbox here, talk with the seller and confirm all the data that you’re going to be using the open house, verify that, because you’ve already you’ve already established this at the listing presentation. Either they either they’re, you know, green with open houses to go or maybe not, or they have dates where they know they want to stay in the house, they don’t want to be bothered, so no open houses, then. And then it’s your own decision, whether you want to host the open house, or whether you want your partner to or whether you want someone else to now, I do want to say this, as soon as you have a listing it that’s like, you know, at a higher price point for your neighborhood, oh, you’re gonna get calls left and right, the week that you put it on the market, from actually, you know, what, you’re not going to get calls, you’re gonna get text messages, the amount of text that I that I get for listings that are on the higher price point for Tucson, they’re like, they come at me with all sorts of grammar will say that, and they’ll say, hey, I want to do your I want to be your open house person this Saturday. And that’s it, you know, that’s all the text will say I’m like, Okay, hi. Which listing? What’s your name? Are you an agent? Which brokerage? You know, like, it’s, it’s so easy, I think to get an open house, if you’re looking for an open house, first of all, call them second of all send a voice or video text of them, showing them that you’re a real person that you’re not a bot, introduce yourself. There was one one person that was very, very, very seem shady and was like, oh, you know what, like, I you know, I don’t even it’s just started giving me like a little bit of attitude. And I was like, You gave me no information. I don’t know which property you’re looking to do an open house for? Why should I choose you? I’m getting six of these texts every day. Not that it should be any sort of competition, but just doing the bare minimum, say a phone call, you’ll stand out. Yeah, just do what other people are not doing and you’ll get for this business, you just have to be just a slight have a slight edge, if you will, if you’ve read that book, okay. Um, let’s see. As soon as you have the open house dates, this is why okay, this here we go. As soon as you have the open house dates, and they’re verified till the TC, make sure that it’s on the MLS, either have a VA, verify that it’s on the MLS, or you just take the time to make sure that it’s showing publicly and on MLS, drop the MLS input sheets, pages one and two, this is probably just Arizona specific. So I’m just gonna say make sure that your paperwork is done. Make sure that the sellers sign on all and they don’t finish on all the pages sign wherever they need to ask your TC for that, create a single property, squeeze a squeeze page and add the link to the description box of each of the sellers checklists. So I sell or I have I give my sellers homework. Right. So sort of from that very, very first phone call in the first series of the seller checklist. I give them homework, you know, I want them to look up the H the year of the H fact that you’re the water heaters what needs to be done? Why is it not a level 10 out of 10 What would make the house a 10 out of 10 Just start thinking you know, have a copy of the keys when I come and start working on the clue report. That’s their homework. And so then after that, once I get the listing, I’m going to I’m going to create this the property page, the squeeze page through KB core, again, it’s just two steps, you could probably just YouTube that or if you are with exp you know, ask your broker.

So once I have that, that website, that is a website that I tell my sellers to share. There are some Facebook pages that I cannot post in because I’m a realtor, you know, like there are some pages where they can post in because they’re not a real estate professional, therefore they can post so I’m gonna say don’t share the Zillow listing share this website, this is the website that I want you to share. Because anybody that clicks on it, I get their information, I’m able to start the you know, Excel sheet or start tracking how many people have viewed the property and I can start that conversation, it’s a better chance of conversion to sell your house. I’ve never had any seller had any issue with that they’re happy to comply, unless they don’t do Facebook, which you know, that’s fine, then just email. So, of course at that point, we’ve got the listing so we want this the signs to be placed. Call your sign or sign company or go online and order the coming soon. If you do coming soon. I’m actually not the biggest. I’m not the biggest fan of coming soons because I’ve noticed that as soon as I do it coming soon. The intent is to draw more attention, right like ooh, like create a buzz and have it like on the mark Good and, and but what it does in reality in from my experience is it attracts the lowball offers for however long you’re doing the Coming Soon I think it’s like 14 days max for ours. I don’t even do that anymore. So I don’t even know how long it is i I’ve written coming soon it’s out. It it tries to lowball offers. And it attracts very aggressive agents, which I do this on the buyer side, too. I get it. But it attracts very aggressive agents saying, Hey, we can take this mark the property off the market if you accept our offer today. And that’s not what I want to do. Because of course, the sellers are like, Oh my gosh, we’re already getting offers great, yes, but they’re below us. And we can get more. So I don’t do coming soon as anymore. I just have it live, you can compete with everyone else. And I will know who is more serious because at that point, everyone has the same starting time. I want everyone you know the gates to open for everyone at the same time. Therefore, it’s the most apples to apples comparison I can make. If someone is presenting me an offer that says hey, I’ll order a order. I’ll offer an extra $10,000. If you accept today, we might lean more toward that if you know if everything else is even Steven, or if someone else, you know if all the offers are around the same but one person says we don’t want any seller concessions, our buyer will pay for all the closing costs. Wow, that’s great. Or my favorite, which I do with all of my buyers to get our offers accepted 99% of the time is we have non refundable, earnest money, take our money in case we decide to back out you get money, here’s 500 bucks, you know that? What does that do one as a buyer’s agent. This is a quick tidbit on the buyer side as a buyer’s agent that makes sure that your buyer is actually on board with selling with purchasing the property. And as a listing agent, you can present that to your seller saying hey, the buyer is so serious about this that they’re willing to lose $500 Just for the opportunity for you to take this off the market. This is this is brilliant. I mean it’s it’s every day that this happens in North Carolina. It’s never that this happens in Arizona. non refundable earnest money is on heard of in Arizona. That’s why you get my my offers accepted as a buyer’s agent. Because we don’t have to offer much we can offer 150 bucks. And then that way we can be under contract for two weeks. If for some reason something happens the seller the buyer is only out 100 of the bucks, but the seller walked away with something. So of course more is better. But um, anyway, back off my my rant here, add a lockbox Of course, if you don’t already have a lockbox, this is where I tell my my crew to go. Let’s see. Okay, next, write a description that’s not boring. There was recently a post that I saw that have a listing that was written I mean, like, like someone in Gen Z wrote it and it started with this house is busted. Don’t you think that is eye catching, you know, like, for better or for worse, like that property drew a lot of attention. And whether or not you agree with using words like bussing or popping or or I forget, man, it was a whole paragraph like a whole six lines of just Gen Z speak. And it was like it was nothing about the property, not any of it. And like no part of that said, this was a three bed two bath house in this type of neighborhood and says that this house is buzzing, no lie, no cap you don’t like that draws attention. So of course that might not be bring on brand for you that might not be on brand for the seller. Always ask your seller for permission before you do something like that. But that the amount of likes views just on Zillow, that that property had blew everything else, all of its neighbors out of the water. So don’t be afraid to be different, is what I’m saying. Show a sense of humor, especially like when you’re reading a listing, when I’m reading a listing agent as a buyer’s agent, and it has a sense of humor. I already want to work with that listing agent. It maybe that’s just me, you know, like if this was a normal, very boring, very dry listing description, then I’m like, okay, cool. Just another, you know, another transaction, all right. But if it shows any sort of personality, or like, Wait, this agent is going to be pretty cool. And I already feel like I connect with them. I want to work with them even more. Okay, so then you want to send your off off market property email to your buyers, again, that’s very similar to that to the email before which says I’m about to meet with the seller. Do you want more information? I can’t really tell you too much yet. But if you do want more information on this, as soon as I can tell you more, email me the word V IPE My throat is going a little dry here. Okay, then you want to create the Canva order postcard, oh, this should be in bold because I don’t do this, this is my BA. So you want to create the the postcards to be sent out, I use t pmco. There are plenty of other ways to send postcards out, this is just one that I got used to it’s pretty good price, you can have a sample sent to your house. And it’s a way for you TPM co.com, by the way. So that’s you have to create a free login. And you can create either like a radius around your listing, or you can draw the area that you want to send to you you can have I think like as few as maybe like 30 properties you can mail to or as many as you want. And you so you just upload a front and back of the postcard that you can create on Canva. I don’t create anything on Canva. I don’t even know how to log in, I don’t want to log into Canva I have my VA do it. I say hey, use these photos, use these words, make it pretty. And that’s it, then send it to me for review. Then I upload it to TPM CO and we mail it. So I said eight mailers throughout every single transaction. One is Hey, did you know that Bob down the street is selling and then those I just keep them updated throughout the throughout the entire transaction. And I tell them Be on the lookout for my next mailer when we go under contract. Be on the lookout for my next mailer. After the appraisal after the inspections are done. Be on the lookout like congratulate like what they do. The appraisals was run perfectly Be on the lookout for my next mailer after the appraisal is done. And then of course the closing the follow up, you know you want to send her just have as much traffic as you can to your property. Then I do a video on Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, I also include LinkedIn and threads, and I pay my VA $1 per post to post on six different platforms every single day. He is a virtual assistant out in the Philippines. I found him on online jobs.ph. And so I pay him $1 per platform. So $6 a day, times 30 days in the month, I pay him about $250 a month and I am on every single platform that I can think of is ever Pinterest. And I personally do YouTube. And I’m always top of mind. So anyway, that’s just a little side rant there. So I make a video on I throw it on all these websites describing the off market house. If anyone wants a private viewing before it goes live, let me know. And of course, keep in mind you have to make sure that you’re staying, you’re cooperating with the clear cooperation rules, then call all of their neighbors and go on our real estate Bible. That’s again, that’s only for my my exp crew but the scripts give away to find out what they say. Ask for a free CMA for what their home is worth. These are different social media posts to have. And let’s see KB core, this is the listing presentation. We already did this. A week before it goes live, call the signs or just do it online, have your VA switch it from from coming soon to for sale. If you did coming soon.

Then you want to call again, make sure that that clear report the insurance report if your state requires this, that your sellers are working on it if they need any help help them if they haven’t already have the sellers send a copy of all the paperwork that they signed. At this point. If you haven’t already, if you probably should have introduced your TC to the old parties of the all selling parties. And yeah, just introduce them. You want to make sure that they save your TCS information so that we know emails get lost and share phone numbers too. If your TC is okay with that input photos and listed on Facebook marketplace and then boost it. I don’t always do this I used to the quality of the leads are not incredible. So I stopped doing this. You can also do it on Craigslist Craigslist is hit or miss depending on what city you’re in. And then if the listing date is pushed back, which sometimes it happens, sometimes the sellers aren’t ready yet they haven’t cleaned they haven’t. You know whatever it is, tell the tell, make sure that you you have that reflected with your videos. So for example, over here I have tell my lender to postpone the listing of the week video. Again to make sure that we’re staying in like you’re clear cooperation. But any any content that you want to make sure that you’re posting at an appropriate time. You want to make sure that your videographer makes the video and edits it with your at your with your with The Properties address your phone number, your logo, and upload the link to your YouTube. I am bullish on YouTube, I started heavy on my YouTube channel, Ali the agent or why EXP and that is what I’ve been hitting hard. I’m very very big on on YouTube because even though I had close to 70 transactions more like 68 transactions, my first two and a half years in the business, all through social media, well 94% of my business was through social media, I would have doubled those transactions had I focus on YouTube instead. Now, I can’t you know, I can’t really kick myself too much. I did pretty well. I made more money than I ever thought I would this this fast. But I you know, I whatever I can only do I can only control what I can control. I can’t control the past. So now I’m heavy on on YouTube. If you want to talk about YouTube, let me know. I’m all about right now. Okay, tell your TC, the super box info. Especially there’s a CBS code. And so tell them which serial number of your of your super box that you have for which property, the CBS code what is etc. Let them know that the showing time as well. So that way they can up update what dates are good still, what dates are not good for viewings, and have them double check the county parcel info or the lot info because sometimes it will be wrong, you don’t want to get a fine. And if you haven’t already get the TOS sets of keys from the seller want to keep in the Super box and want to put in a contractor lockbox, just one of those that you buy from Home Depot. Again, it’s just in the rarity that an agent you know, hasn’t updated their their Supra app on their phone and they are a legitimate agent and you verified it just in case you know all that fails, then you can say okay, this is the this is the lockbox code, and then they can show the property. So, if the house is vacant, or if it will be vacant during the inspection period, then tell the TC and you can that way the TC can just schedule the vendors whenever they want. If the house is not vacant, you want an end say like the well either way, whether the sellers work from home or if they go to the office, you they need to know when the inspections are. So you want to make sure that the TC doesn’t just automatically schedule listings or, or listings that they don’t automatically don’t just schedule inspections. So you want to make sure that they are that they’re good with that time. And the sellers, the sellers homework on helping advertise. Again, I give all of my sellers homework every single step of the way. But because this is a group effort, I’m not working for you, you’re not working for me we’re working together. So submit the photos, the description onto the onto the following Facebook pages that I cannot post on or they’ll delete it. The Davis you know any sort of local Facebook groups this is only gonna apply to Tucson so local Facebook family groups, spouses groups, knitting groups, soccer groups, everything and anything that they are a part of church groups, whatever, bowling, whatever it is how the posted everywhere, because if it were to come from an agent, you are going to be probably reported booted from the group. You don’t want to do that. But the sellers have a lot of leeway. So have them work with you there. And 24 hours before going live send that email with a subject line forward to a friend. This is not something that I came up with on my own this is from Tom Ferry, the subject line is going to be thorough to a friend. Now the in the body of this email it’s going to say we’re about to list a property in the next 24 hours that I believe will sell in two weeks. The home is located in Tanka verta Arizona, and will be listed for $500,000 forward this email to a friend who you know is in the market but hasn’t found a home yet. My personal cell is 914-318-4918 Yes, it is my my actual personal cell. They can call me directly and I can give them the details before it hits the market. Sincerely Aligarh said PS if I don’t pick up leave a voicemail or text me This is huge because it already starts that advertising for you. And it’s you’re telling them there’s there’s the CTA or the call to action in the subject line. Oh, I’m supposed to forward this message. I’m supposed to forward this email to a friend.

Now this next section here I’m not going to cover because it’s very very specific to southern Arizona MLS only and it’s only to be done if you are doing the paperwork which I do not suggest you do the paperwork very different from me saying you shouldn’t know the paperwork You should know the paperwork, the contracts like the back of your hand, which by the way, which side is the back of your hand, I like never really knew that. But either way, know that know the contract that pays you money. Doing the contract does not actually pay you money, someone else can do that for cheaper and faster, with fewer errors. So I’m going to skip this. If you don’t have a TC, if you’re with exp go on exp workplace and look up. transaction coordinator Vegas, you’re going to find a lot interview them, also know that they are interviewing you, you want to make sure that you are a good fit, they do not just work for you do not treat them like they are just like they they’ll just wake up at, you know, at midnight to write an offer for you respect them. Otherwise, they will drop you they don’t need to work with you. Okay, the next section of the checklist for sellers one week before going live. So some of this is like not just completely in chronological order, but you get the point. So give the transaction coordinator, the property description, the showing instructions, we’ve already done this, the HOA information and ask the seller for the complete list of all dates and times over the next three months, where they will not be able to drive back to the house to let the dogs out the dates and times where the house will not be clean, say Thanksgiving dinner, that they do not want buyers in the house. That’s you’re going to tell the TC to mark to mark or block off on showing time. And then you’re going to send the seller emails, which I haven’t even gotten to yet but I’m going to end this video here. So stick around, I’m going to show you my canned emails that I send every single time. And the last section here is take a screenshot of the Zestimate the Zillow Zestimate before your listing goes live. And then you’re going to take another I’m giving you a little bit of a What is it foreshadow into the future? Take another screenshot of your listing after it’s sold. And of all the properties after you sell the house. And you tell them hey, this is how much your property increased after my listing on 4712. North palisade drive and Tucson sold. So this is why you do this before and you do it after that where you can start those conversations. Oh my gosh, this ally, the agent person increased my home value by $13,000. Maybe when we sell oh wait Barbara needs to sell? Maybe she needs Sally’s information. Yes, she does need Ali’s information. Okay, next section here is live on the market. Once you’re live, well obviously the first checklist item there is live. And again, I hope you’re watching this on YouTube. If this has been helpful so far, text me for the word checklist or text me the word checklist for the checklist. Text checklists 25203412552 If you’re enjoying this, give this episode a five star review. You can do it right now while listening to it it is for free guys. Did you know that that to leave a review it is free 99. And if you’re watching this on YouTube, give us a thumbs up. I super, super appreciate it comment below whether you want more of a specific topic within these checklists, or if it’s helped, I want to hear from you. Okay, carry on. So as soon as you’re live in the market, please ensure that you go on Sky slope, this is going to be exp specific. So just make sure that you’re following your rules for paperwork. And this is where it’s important to make sure that you’re also overseeing the TC. So you want to make sure especially with exp that your your transactions need to be uploaded into sky slope within 48 hours in order to become in compliance with Arizona Department of Real Estate. Don’t get in trouble. And then give the property tours, the property videos, tour etc. To the TC have them upload it to get ready to go live on the market. If you haven’t already done that, the Facebook marketplace any other Facebook, local Facebook pages, they are money guys, if you’re not on them, get on them right now. Join as many as you can. And make sure you read the rules. If for some reason you’re not finding any good groups create your own. Now that’s a whole beast and a half. Actually on my podcast, the aging Goldmine, we interviewed someone who has like 15,000 people in their Facebook marketplace, or the Facebook group. And that’s how they get all of their leads is just their Facebook group now and it’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of work to get people to respond and you have to do polls and like check in and constantly post. But if you don’t want to do that, then just write on other people’s Facebook pages but also make sure you abide by the rules or you’re getting kicked out and that will be the last listen you’ve ever posted on there. So put the just listed email send that out. We already did that that forward to a friend email remember, send out the open house email and along with the postcards to the neighbor’s door knock, invite them to the neighbor only, I do the neighbor only open house just 30 minutes before the actual open house starts sometimes an hour depending on the type of neighborhood that we’re at, if I think that they’re going to take their time, and really snooped around or really just want to talk for a long time, then I’m going to have that neighbors only for an hour. If I think that they’re that the neighborhood is little bit more hustle and bustle, they want to get in and out, they want to see, you know, what’s the condition of the property. Okay, that’s it, that’s all I want to know goodbye, then I’ll probably just do 30 minutes. The importance of that is because sometimes you never know what type of neighbors are going to come into your open house. So if you have the open house at just one time, the neighbors are gonna come in whenever they want, right, because that’s not the neighborhood only exclusive, you know, neighborhood VIP preview, that’s just for them. You don’t know the exact relationship that your sellers had with that neighbor. And you’re inviting everyone, right? Unless your neighbor unless your seller says, Hey, invite everyone, but you know, but Nancy across the street and never got along with her that I’m sure that’s happened to you guys before or at least happen to me like, hey, you know, because I’ve asked them, Is there anybody that for some reason, would not talk highly about your house? Because guess what, I’m not gonna go door knock that house. I, the last thing I want to do is invite that person to the house and have them crap talk my listing, and have them say, Oh, well, the sellers, you know, bash the sellers bash the property. That’s not what I want. And I think that’s a great reason why to have the neighbors only first to get their gossip out. And then we can shoot them along, say, thank you so much for coming. Now, I do want to follow up. But I want to make sure that the public has access to this house now. So they are able to view it with fresh eyes. And I’ll see you on the next one hearing it whatever it is. So because I think it’s even worse to have an open house and then have like that one neighbor that stays for the whole three hours, because I know that you’ve had this happen, or at least I’ve had this happen. And they’re just, they’re just oversee everything, you know, they want to know who’s coming in, because I want to make sure that I you know, I choose the neighbor, it can get very open houses, they’re a lot of fun. Are they okay? After every agent that views the home at Oh, ask them for feedback.

So ask them what the what the buyers liked what they didn’t like. And what I’m looking for here is is stuff that that can be changed, hey, the you know, the plants out front are just too much, let’s move some of them to the backyard. Let’s move some of this over there. Or it actually smelled you know, hear which you should be able to tell unless you don’t have a sense of smell like me. You know, anything that the sellers need to know, it’s also really good to get that feedback. Because at that point, you’re getting more and more feedback that usually says the same thing. What do you think of the price? And if a lot of people are like, Oh, it’s a great price, then that’s excellent. But if a lot of people if you’re consistently saying that the that the buyer’s agent thought that the buyers thought it was way out of, you know, way too high, then that’s something that you can take back to your seller and say, hey, the the market has spoken. Four out of the six people that have viewed the house all thought that the property was listed too high. And at that point, you can have a price adjustment. It’s important to get that feedback and keep it in a spreadsheet, you can keep it in this Trello checklist put at the very, very top in the description. Okay, and then every single day send a bom bom text to the seller. And well. Okay, this is I used to have every single day back when homes were flying, right like COVID. But now that homes are maybe taking weeks, some depending on what area of the country you’re in, might even be taking months to sell. Maybe every single day, it’d be a little bit too much. Either way, you want to make sure that the seller knows how often you’re going to be communicating with them. So if you if you told them you’d be sending them an update every single week, do it put on your calendar for you know, Fridays at 9am to let them know what the recap was. How many people showed the property you know this week? Brett there were 14 people that viewed the views of house eight people left you know reviews or left feedback saying that and a majority that feedback said this one person said that we had you know XYZ amount of showings and and this is a great way for you to do the research every single week right before you send this bom bom saying there were two other listings that came up on the in our zip code or in our neighborhood and or this one house sold essentially what what went under contract, what sold what’s fresh in the market, essentially what’s our new competition, you always want to let them know. So I think something that’s really bad is when the sellers are the ones that are telling the agents Hey, have you seen this property? If that is, if you ever have attacks, you are so behind on it like you’re behind. And if you cannot handle that, then that is such an easy thing to outsource to somebody else. So hire a transaction coordinator, or I’m sorry, hire a virtual assistant. Or maybe even pay your transaction coordinator a little bit more to do that for you. Everything in life is negotiable. Man, everything, okay? Add a copy of the Supra of the key to the super box. This should be up for there. But you get the point. We’ve already done that before. If it’s been if the property’s been on the market for too long. Then at that point, with all of the feedback showing that you have proof, it’s not just you coming out of the woodwork all Boolean all willy nilly saying, Hey, we let’s come down on price. You can say, hey, out of the 3560 days that we’ve been on the market, we’ve had 14 showings or we’ve had 25 showings and out of those 25 75% of the buyers thought that the property was purchased was listed too high. I think it’s time to make an adjustment because the market has spoken. I suggest that we adjust the property the price to XYZ. Take a look that information below and let me know your thoughts. This should not be a text, any single piece of roadway good information or really, really bad information, Do not text that as a phone call. And that’s coming from me. I don’t answer phone calls. I don’t do phone calls. But you need to make sure that you are on the phone with them to be able to leave that phone call on the level that you want them to be. If you were to get this as a text, and you’re the seller, how would you think immediately you’re thinking, Oh, it’s it’s game on let’s we’re fighting, you know, like, you never want to leave something as big as this or the appraisal to a text. Guys. Call call call call. And I never thought I would say that slightly feel like a boomer but for that important stuff, you need to make sure that you’re that you’re calling them. Okay, once I have the photos of the listing, add them to the AEC Marketing Center, this should have already been up there. Um, you know what, I have a feeling as I have shared these checklists, I think some of this has been rearranged. So I’m now going to be sharing these checklists as a PDF, not as a seller, not as a Trello link. This was an order. It’s not an order now. I think maybe I took I was naive thinking that everyone knew how to use Trello and stuff is being rearranged. Okay. Open the super lockbox to make sure that it’s posted on the site and the front door, the side of the house that should have been done already. mailers, I mail 30, around 30 homes. So you can which is very, very small compared to a lot of people who get a lot of listings from mailers, you know, they send 100 300 500 I send 30 I sent 10 houses to the left that house to the right 10 You know, north south east west. And I say I have a QR code that is linked to a bom bom video, I use bom bom because I can track the how many people opened it, the percentage of people that watched it. And this is what I say, Hey there, it’s Aligarh said if you’re receiving this, that means that you are a neighbor of the listing that I currently have at 4712 North palisade drive, and they wanted to take advantage of this market, they wanted to sell at what they think might be the highest. And it’s a three bed two bath house, in case you don’t already know, it’s about 1500 square feet. If that sounds similar to yours, and you’d like to see how it goes. Follow along, I’m going to be keeping you posted throughout the way. If you happen to know of anyone that would be interested in purchasing the house. Like if you know if your Uncle Joe wants to move to the neighborhood. Hahaha, you know, let’s let’s discuss it, give me a call. My phone number is 914-318-4918 I’d love to talk to you. And that’s it. That’s it and I took one minute max. Keep it short. Keep it simple. Introduce yourself, add your personality. People are not going to call somebody that seems extraordinarily boring unless maybe they will. They’re boring too. That’s a match made in heaven. Either way, add your personality, everyone’s personality is different. And there’s an agent for everyone. There’s a client for everyone. Okay, and I’m sure that you’ve know you know this by now seven times is the magic number. Well, I’ve heard between seven and 14 times is the number for people to even remember who you are let alone list with you. So make sure that that you are getting in front of people and getting in front of people doesn’t always have to cost money guys, you don’t have to do postcards. I’m I’m not the biggest fan of postcards. Again, it’s because I haven’t stuck with it long enough. Anything that you stick with long enough will work but it the more that you do open houses and you’re to put 30 signs out all in a row with all you know your your face on every single one, people are going to see that if you send mailers people are going to see that with your face on it. If you drop off just you know your business card or that Zillow Zestimate saying, Hey, I think, you know, this is what Zillow thinks your property is worth. I love to hear your thoughts because I have my own call me. And you have your little, you know, photo on there. The more times you get in front of people, the more actually that people will think that they already know you. So, yeah, that’s, that’s it, okay. If the house is on the market for the average, or like or more than average days on market, then go to your seller and say the good news is that we now know what the buyers think your home is worth. This is something that we didn’t know when we listed your property because we didn’t have that information available at the time. And now we know what the buyers think your home is worth. And talk about the price adjustment, copy and paste the URL that goes to your single property squeeze page that you created. post is a post this again, this is a duplicate this, and this is bolded. So this is something that you don’t have to do your VA can log into your Facebook, and post that listing on on everywhere that they can give the sellers a squeeze link, this is a repeat. Okay. Oh, man, I’m glad that I have a duplicate of this that’s just on my own personal off to the side here. Okay. Marketing the property, tell the title company, go on business.google.com. Again, back to your business page. It is so so important. So add, I would schedule it to add one photo of each of your listings every single week, you always want to keep your your Google business page active. So don’t dump in all 40 photos all at once, dump in one, maybe two a week, schedule it out, put it on your calendar, put it on your BAS calendar, say hey, VA, I want one photo, the kitchen and you know, or just this is the link to all of the photos. These are the photos that I actually want up there. Can you post one every Monday and one every Thursday. And until until it’s depleted. Create a single property squeeze page we’ve we’ve been over this but this goes to a specific KV core, a good a good YouTube that I found on how to do it with kB core.

And then create a video on YouTube shorts, depending on what you think about about shorts, but I love YouTube. I’m bullish on YouTube, like I’ve already said, so put your listing on YouTube, and partner with your partner with anybody if you have a good lender partner, or if you have a good title partner or attorney partner, you you can get in front of their audience who also works with buyer agents. And you can have them do a listing of the week. Or you can just do it on your own, send it to all of your buyers and send it to all the buyers in your office. If you have a crew send it to all of their buyers and say, Hey, this is the Deal of the Week. Why is it a deal with a week? Well, if you house hack this property, you could probably save you know, $200 a month, you could probably make $20 a month if you rented out these bedrooms, whatever it is just you know, put the property out there I love if you can’t tell already. I love digital social advertisement as opposed to paper. Okay, creating a video to run as a YouTube ad. This isn’t mandatory, but it is a way to put your property in front of masses. So I do have I found a couple of videos that it that where you can put your listing as a YouTube ad get in front of more people. And that also helps when it comes to your future listing presentations as well. Because because you can say hey, for my platinum package, we also run your property as a YouTube ad. These are our previous stats we’ve had, you know 14,000 People see this one video. So we got in front of 14,000 potential buyers. That’s a way to make yourself stand out because not many agents are doing YouTube ads. They might be throwing it on YouTube, but are they putting money behind it? Maybe maybe not. Okay then sellers homework to helping you advertise this is a duplicate we’ve already got over this. Okay. Next tele sellers This is again a duplicate Wait, this looks a little bit different here. Okay, the contractor This is backtracking this should be earlier but if they need assistance with anything if they want to fix you know, the you know, whatever it is you have connections if you don’t ask around and make sure that you befriend these connections because you’re going to need them a good contractor reliable contractor or plumber, insurance come person everything and then you’re going to mail out all of the Zestimates of the neighboring homes. Remember what the the list of 100 200 neighbors that your VA or you got a lot and you took a screenshot of those estimates now that your property is on the market you can you can use this as a way to Dornoch with something in your hand saying hey just wanted to show you that this is what Zillow thought your property is worth. I have my own thoughts but I’d love to hear yours you can just drop it off or you can actually snail mail it whatever you want to do have a call to action call me open house of course get their permission we’ve we’ve already covered open houses quite a bit so I’m going to skim through this portion. Decide on what dates and times work best make sure that it’s advertised create brochures ask your title company because our title company here I mean they’re great they have branded small water bottles with my photo with my name with my number on it. And then on the other side is their logo their photo their number and they pay for it they pay for little like you know personalized bags of what is called Oh cookies, yeah, they a little cookies. They could do the the brochure they can they can help with advertisement do not think that you are alone in paying for all of these advertising costs. There are lenders that you can partner with their title companies that you can partner with their insurance companies that you can partner with. And they will help you especially at this time, everyone needs to rely on each other even more, it’s no longer you know 2020 2021 Where houses are flying off the shelf. So use that partnership to grow together Introduce yourself doing a bom bom video, introduce yourself to the neighbors send out those send out those mailers and the day of the open house by or maybe the day before by some large balloons get put out your 20 At a minimum 20 signs making it very obvious for people will say that like don’t pay attention when driving on the road. Make sure nobody gets lost make sure everyone knows it’s so obvious where to go when to turn left when to turn right when it turned around when they’ve gone too far. So place your 30 signs out. Put the balloons up by Champagne, maybe you know however you feel about alcohol put out the branded information put out your branded pens, the sign in sheet whether you want to do that paper or digital I liked digital but I found that people weren’t too comfortable putting it digital or war they were putting in wrong information. So I just went back to good ol ink and paper pen and paper. Okay, five days before the open house you want to make sure that you’re telling the sellers to clean up giving them any last minute to dues if you want to do a face to face time say hey just want to make sure like if if you’re comfortable with it if you want to have a double but just verify that the house is in good shape let’s let’s do a FaceTime whenever you’re ready so that way I don’t drive across town or you know our agent here doesn’t drive across town sees the property and realizes no no this property is not ready for an open house. Okay and then I that’s when I hook up with my seller or seller with my cleaner if they need cleaning if they want to pay for cleaning then hey this is this is my my girl she’s a great cleaner and you can coordinate where I usually coordinate because she speaks only Spanish so extra credit print off all of the Coming Soon listings and the pocket listings that you know of plus any other properties that builders or developers are creating put it in a big big like three ring binder and with a title saying like off market do not show the public and don’t open that folder. It’s all it’s all about what what it looks like right like appearances are everything and we used to do this a lot as like federal agents for better or for worse, right i mean cops is all time they’ll come to a subject interview Victor, not victim, but Senator to interview, they’ll bring their B folders and it’s you know, saying Oh, pretty much giving them the psychological thought in their mind that oh my gosh, they must have a lot of evidence on me. I’m screwed. You know, like I’m caught I might as well tell the truth. But instead it’s just paperwork that we’ve had on the floor it’s just whatever we thought hey, who has a folder who has a folder good put it all together boom put on the market or put on the market put it on the on the table. But this shows your value Hey because you do have access to builders you do have access to to you know the built the developers you have access to off markets you have access to coming soon and that that’s a good way to pick up buyer clients from that.

During the open house pace a place a pad of paper and pen to sign in or electronic already covered this portion. For clients with realtors with them just ask them to sign in just for because the sellers usually want that and then ask if they’d like the tour or just come back if they have any questions. For clients without a realtor, some people go very, very aggressive. Some people are very, very standoffish or not standoffish, but like, Hey, do you do your own thing? It’s whatever way you feel comfortable with. Some people are like, Oh, you are working with an agent. They step outside. They’re like, oh, where’s your agent? Then? Are they too busy? That I think that’s very aggressive. Some people are like, okay, cool. Well, then walk around, you’ve seen a house before. If you want the tour, I’m more than happy to give it to you. Otherwise, I’ll be here. I am going to ask you a couple of questions that will when you get back if that’s okay. And they’re usually like, okay, cool. So what questions do you ask them? When they come back? Say, Hey, what did you What did you enjoy about the property? I’m looking to give as much feedback to the seller as possible? And then what did you not enjoy? Like, don’t worry, and this is always what I say there. They’d never want to offend the seller, right? They’re always like, Oh, well, I’ll only say this this little bit, but I’m not going to tell him the truth. And that’s what I say, Hey, if you can be as brutally honest, they don’t know who you are. And I’m not going to tell them who you are. Don’t worry. And they’re like, oh, okay, cool. Well, I thought that the, you know, whatever it is, I thought that XYZ could be improved. Perfect. That’s really you can take that to your seller, and maybe fix that, or work on that or just keep that in mind. For if offers come through. That’s probably gonna show in the offer, okay. Then you’re going to add all the names, numbers, emails to your Cavey core of everyone that showed up that same day, you’re going to send them a bom bom or if you don’t have bom, bom. Just send them a regular text video of you video is important. The key word is video of your face saying, Hey, Bob, it’s Emily gar said we just met a couple of hours ago at the open house here. It’s the warmth of the pool in the backyard. I just want to say thank you so much for coming by the open house. If you have any other properties that you’d like to look at, I’m more than happy to show you. I actually have available tomorrow all day. So if you’d like to view any properties, let me know and I’m here for it. So, men, you want to give the debrief to the seller, given the numbers and leave them with either a feel good or maybe not maybe it’s not a feel good maybe the sellers need to know that XYZ needs to be fixed. So it might not be feel good again, they need to hear the bad, the good, the bad, the ugly everything they are they hired you to give them advice. So do not give them just what you think they want to hear which is feel good. That is not why they hired you. Okay, next is any new clients that you have follow up any of the agents that you met follow up saying it was great to meet with them because of course, you don’t want to be a butthead to any agents that you potentially might be working with. You might be working with them on that property or in the future. So always be nice. This is something that sometimes is so hard for agents and and I don’t want to call anybody out but man some there are some age groups that are very, very not nice. So and of course if you’re looking to recruit this is a perfect opportunity to be like, Oh man, this agent was killer. If you’re looking to expand your brokerage that’s perfect. Don’t ever be rude. Okay, go on na r dot realtor slash safety. For safety tips when doing open houses. Be very aware if you would prefer to do a buddy up you know, buddy system for open houses, a lot of our agents in our crew do that and they kind of just like one off like split the leads that come in, or work them together. 5050 And then you want to ask for referrals. So do they know if anyone else has been on the market that’s looking to sell right now? Do you know of anyone moving to any state at all? I can help them if I know of someone that that’s a good agent in that city. And then of course, if they’re usually gonna say, oh, no, not at this time. That’s when you can go one step further. Oh, okay. You don’t do not know anyone that has recently had a job promotion? Or maybe like, what about having a baby? Or maybe like a couple whose kids went to college already? They’re looking to downsize? Okay, still no? Okay. Well, I would love to if you could keep me in mind. And if you don’t mind, I’d like to be following back up in like about a month if that’s okay. Or whatever it is. Just be yourself. And then this is the last segment before I’ll cut it because I didn’t realize I had been babbling for 62 minutes. Here we go. If the property has been sitting on the market, remember if the house isn’t selling the price is not compelling. So let’s talk adjusting the price. If the house has been on the market for two weeks or dipped again depends on the on the days on market, the average ask the Ask the seller in case you haven’t already, what price are you no longer seller because say they only wanted to sell if they can get for 75 but they want to list that 500 But they you know at 450 They would rather just rent you you’re gonna want to have that conversation again. Because maybe it is the case where you do just have to cancel they would rather just rent the property and then you get your $3,000 cancellation fee and you wish them the best you connect them to a couple of good property managers if you know of any. If you know of any in Tucson, please message me at the agent on social media, and then yeah, okay so then the last segment here is going to say if again this is again if the property has been sitting on the market make sure you you do your weekly update updates to the seller you know what the days on market are week after week. If this is too much for you have a fellow agent do it have a VA do it for you. And say the market has spoken typically when there are buyers that walk through the property, but I’ve placed no offers. That means that the pricing is off. And sometimes it’s off between two to 5%. And if the house is listed, and there are no viewings, or no no showings and no offers, that means that their pricing is off by more than 5%. Luckily, we’ve had viewers that walked the properties but no offers. So let me ask you, would you like to lower it to two or five by two or 5%. And of course that’s after you’ve run the numbers to a more appropriate price. That’s going to be it for today. On the next video I’m going to finish the checklist as well as show you the canned emails. I never think of what to say in email. It’s the same email one through six every single time. Do not recreate the wheel. We agents do enough of that in their business. If you have any questions hit me up on Instagram. I’m Ally the agent al i. If you want a copy of the checklist, let’s meet over Zoom Text the word checklist to 520-341-2552 If you enjoyed this video, give this video like comment below and give DJ and keeping it real a five star review on Apple and Spotify in order to get the checklist. We’ll see you on the next one.

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