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Welcome to the March episode of our Learn With A Lender series with Joel Schaub!

Interest rates have dropped again! In our episode, Joel Schaub from Guaranteed Rate discusses how to best position yourself to reach out to past and prospective clients. In addition to the obvious refinance opportunities, there are more buyers out there due to rates being so low. Joel discusses a strategy of listing properties lower than normal to start bidding wars.

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Joel can be reached at joel@rate.com and 773.654.2049.


D.J. Paris 0:00
On this episode of Keeping it real is brought to you by Joel Schaub at guaranteed rate. As a realtor it’s important to partner with only the most trusted name in mortgage lending. Joel has 1000s of satisfied clients and gives $1,500 of his commission back to your buyers on every closing. He is known for his ability to close even complex deals start to finish in only 14 days to learn what 1000s of others already know. Make a note to call Joel at 773-654-2049 or email joel@rate.com Guaranteed Rate is an equal housing lender licensed in all 50 States Consumer Access Number 2611 And now on with the show

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Keeping it real, the largest podcast made by real estate agents and for real estate agents. My name is DJ Paris. I am your host and guide through the show and this is our monthly learn with a lender episode series with Joel Schaub. So if you’re new to the podcast, let me tell you a little bit about Joel. Joel is vice president of lending at guaranteed rate. He has been doing loans at a high level since 2003. That is 17 years amazing and has got to that level because of what he does directly for agents which is that he gives back part of his commission to the buyer on every transaction. Now last year alone, Joel gave back over $291,000 in closing costs to the buyers who worked with him and that put Joe’s volume in the top 1/10 of 1%. Nationwide for loan officers out of 380,000 loan officers in the country Joel is ranked number 180 ones truly remarkable accomplishment. Year to date, he has done 35 transactions for just under 11 point 4 million closings, which in and of itself is a big deal. But currently he has 110 files that are locked and ready to close for 46 million in deals. This is just an incredible, and we’re so excited to have him on the show Joel can be reached, by the way at joel@rate.com. Again, joel@rate.com. Or you can always call him 773 or text rather 773354 to 049. Let’s say hello to the biggest Cubs fan that I know Joel Schaub Welcome once again to the podcast.

Joel Schaub 2:34
Hey, DJ, good to be back. It’s really cool to actually have the video I mean, check us out. I mean, I’ve always been told I’m good here. But look at you, man, we,

D.J. Paris 2:43
Joel and I spend an embarrassing amount of money buying hair clays and pomades. And we talk about this offline, but hey, someone’s gotta buy it, right?

Joel Schaub 2:55
It’s not all real estate numbers. I mean, you and I do talk offline about hair. It’s good for everyone out there to see us. So it’s really cool what you’re doing, man,

D.J. Paris 3:04
and we’re lucky that we still have hair right? Not everyone does. So we might as well, you know, make it look nice. But no, I’m excited to do this one on video with you. Because for the last year and a half, we’ve been doing this with you. We’ve just done audio only. So this is very exciting. Because I don’t know that everyone’s seen you. Of course you’re everywhere. So everyone does already know what you look like. But now they get to watch you on our show. You know so right now I want to talk about the biggest news going on right now in the lending world, which is revised, revised up because rates are have come crashing down and in an amazing way. So I just read that reef visor up just to let our listeners know, in case they’re I’m sure they all know, but just in case, reef eyes are up 479% from a year ago, obviously, you know, there’s been a lot of volatility in the market. There’s been some corrections there. So obviously rates have dropped and refunds have gone up. But even just from the last week refires are up over 50%, which is absolutely incredible. So what is going on? Tell us what brokers agents Realtors need to know. Well,

Joel Schaub 4:10
I’m glad that you brought me on, I wanted to actually just kind of break it down and give you guys the real scoop on what is going on with interest rates in the market. And so that you can talk intelligently to buyers and sellers and turn it into an opportunity. So this is all about giving back to the realtors and actually saying, I hear things are going on out there. I just heard a podcast with a lender. Now I know something and it’s gonna help you get some more deals. So let’s talk about it. I mean, we know that the markets are down. But what the big misconception was is that the feds cut rates and so mortgage rates dropped either that right? Yes, the Feds didn’t call all the mortgage companies and say please lower your rates by half a point. I mean, it just didn’t work that way. And they said it was a surprise cut but those in the industry We’ve known for a while that that fed cut was coming, we know that there’s another one coming. And that isn’t what necessarily drives mortgage rates. Mortgage rates move on a day to day basis based on the bond market. The bond market had a crazy 10 days. I mean, just completely eviscerated numbers that we’ve seen in the past. And so I’m a technical guy, I watch this stuff daily. I mean, I have it on behind me, I watch the numbers, and it’s nothing. So just to give a little framework for everything that we’re going to talk about. Let’s talk about where mortgages really come from, right, and then we can dig into the numbers, right, and we can dig into a couple of things if I’m a realtor that I’d be doing right now. Okay. So back to basics. Before those Feds cut rates, they were on the way down. So last year, we saw rates that were up into the one fours DJ, that’s what most people had. That was great. Remember how hard we tried to get the four and a quarter 30 year fixed rate we got it. We’re in line and went lower 399375. And then last week bank started offering rates below three and a quarter percent. Then they quickly jumped back. And what they found was with all of that demand, they didn’t have any of the support staff or the money to lend. Right? So you saw big brick and mortar banks literally put the skins on at the end of last week. Wells Fargo, for example, sent across the board their 30 year fixed rates shot to for a quarter percent. They said

Unknown Speaker 6:35
wow, basically stop

Joel Schaub 6:37
requesting refinances. Okay, literally, they wanted to stop the flow, they still were doing rates below that. But if you went to their website, that’s what they were advertising to kind of slow down, for example, our company, and a lot of them out there are doing the exact same thing. What they saw was, in a period of nine days, we took in just under $5 billion of rate locks. Wow. Right? There was a two day period where both days we locked in over $1 billion of residential mortgages. And it’s a shockwave that’s a number that most mortgage companies don’t do in an entire year $2 billion of originations to do it in two days, means that we have the staff and ready to go. So there’s some things going on. You can’t believe everything that you read as far as rates go. So I want to just give a little perspective. And then we’re going to talk about how agents can benefit. Okay, great. What are you seeing because people are coming to you, DJ, what, it’s not all about what I’m at? What are you seeing with agents and what they do?

D.J. Paris 7:38
Well, you know, it’s funny, I don’t hear as much chatter from the agents as I thought I would. And so I think this is a great call to action. You know, Joel, the last time that we was on a month ago, he had spent his weekend contacting all of his clients, because rates were lower, and reaching out to his past clients saying, hey, it might be a good time to refinance. Let’s look at the numbers. And I, you know, we implored all of the agents listening to our show to do the same thing. So, you know, this, there’s the news is now just hitting today’s news cycle is all about refinances and rates. So hopefully, realtors will be more tuned in to what’s going on. But I think a lot of them are so busy, because it’s that time of the year where things have started to pick up that maybe they’re not paying as much attention. And they should be because this is, and I think you’d agree a great opportunity to do some outreach.

Joel Schaub 8:30
This is what I want to focus on. We could talk rates all day long, but I wanted to give two strategies if I was a realtor that I’d be doing right now. So that I can go out and get more transactions, and it revolves around these rapes, right. So the first thing is on buyer side, if you looked at a buyer last year that was on the fence, and they were looking at a specific property, maybe 300 grand, call them back, that exact same property now is $230 a month less based on what rates they could get it for bank. Right, so let’s just let that sink in for a minute. $230 less than the exact same type of property. It’s huge. It’s a huge difference maker from having a rate that’s in the four and a half range to having a rate that’s under three and a half percent, three and a quarter. And so that’s going to motivate people, they just don’t understand what the rate drop mean. But if you put it in monthly payment terms if you’re a realtor, so you go out and you just run a simple mortgage calculator to pull up Google you don’t need to call them mortgage guy it’ll be hard to get one on the phone right now anyway. And just say last year on a loan size of 300,000 the payment was x. Now rates are down around 3.25%. You’ll see that it’s a really great talking point to go back to your old people or new people that are renting and say let’s go find something that is at or less than you’re paying in rent. I have some dad I can help you.

D.J. Paris 9:57
Yeah, great time to lock in. If you’re especially if If you’re a buyer and looking and haven’t quite yet found your property,

Joel Schaub 10:03
exactly, so these are points as a realtor, you sit there with all the news about virus and things that are going on. It’s just like buying airline tickets, my wife and I bought the tickets to London for the Cubs game coming up. I mean, if we die, we die.

D.J. Paris 10:18
Yeah, I was telling you offline, I’m planning with my girlfriend to go to Portugal and kind of just lucky timing, I guess, or unlucky, depending on how you look at it, but financially very lucky, because prices of flights and hotels and, you know, obviously other air tourist areas have been decimated by this. And it’s certainly very tragic in a lot of areas. But for the consumer, it’s been very positive, we now are going on a much nicer vacation for a lot less money. So yes, great time to lock in those refi rates, and talk to your lender, and also a great time to really partner with a lender as well, I think and and say, Hey, I’ve got all these past clients, Joel, you know, what can we work on something together to get the word out? I know you partner with a lot of brokers, we partner

Joel Schaub 11:03
with brokers and the reef eyes are going to be there. But what most mortgage banks are doing is different than what my focus has been. I’ve been letting the agents know that will every other mortgage guys out there just tackling refinances sure I spent last night almost midnight, helping people get pre approved, getting buyer pre approvals. So just because the brick and mortar bank is where you have your checking and savings, you really want to partner with somebody that’s actually dedicated to handling the purchase business right now. So I have two separate staffs of people that are one is handling all of the purchase business. Okay, we have underwriters that are dedicated to it, and then the refinance. Okay. So a lot of banks right now, they’re going to be so bogged down. We’re all I’ve seen it before 60 and 90 days at a brick and mortar bank to get a purchase through because those lenders are just trying to push through all the refinances work with somebody that’s actually going to be dedicated to your purchase buyers right now, this is where relationships are going to be. make or break. Okay. All these agents still have business to do and if you call your lender and they can’t get on the phone, because they’re too busy just doing refinance business find someone else.

D.J. Paris 12:14
Yeah. And I think it’s important to note too guaranteed rate, this is essentially all they do, right, versus a brick and mortar bank that is handling all sorts of other ancillary stuff, checking savings, investments, insurance, etc. And maybe the support staff isn’t there isn’t quite ready to handle the influx of, of applications and refi. So guaranteed rate, you know, you you guys have, this is what you do, and you do it quite well. I’ve refined with you, as well. And it’s always been a great experience. I’ve always only hear good things about guaranteed rate, whether you’re a new lender or refi. The fact that the bottom line is you guys have the staff in place to do this. Yeah, it’s

Joel Schaub 12:56
a mortgage driven company only. So instead of trying to sell checking accounts and savings and car loans to people, it’s mortgage focused. So our dedication right now is for purchase business to close in 21 days for all realtors, okay, we’re all the banks are going to skyrocket on contracts come through, just called you’ll, there’ll be staff available ready to go just do the purchase business for sure. And there is an opportunity to team up on the refi stuff. But the good news is rates are going to be here, okay? This is a situation that will normal out, okay. People ask me all the time, and then probably years, you think they could go any lower? Right? Could rates go lower? I have a four and a half percent, the bank is gonna give me three and a half now. I’m gonna wait. I’m gonna wait a little bit and see, you never know where it’s going to go. I think we’re really near the bottom. And so the good news is that if the rates go lower, it’s pretty easy just to ask your bank refinance loan even further.

D.J. Paris 14:00
Well, and they you know, I think also it’s important to remember like Hindsight is 2020 right and with with ever trying to time the market, whether you’re an investor, and you’re trying to buy, you know, options, or stocks or bonds, the smartest people in the world can’t figure out how to time the market correctly. And this is also a point to remind our clients also we’re not trying to time the market, what we’re trying to do is to possibly take advantage of where things are currently. And it’s a great opportunity to just explore and see if it’s a good option idea to refi or, or to purchase. Obviously rates right now are low and things obviously could change. But it’s a great opportunity just to make sure your clients know what’s going on, versus what they may or may not be hearing on television or or if they’re like most consumers, I bet they’re not paying much attention in real estate. We think everybody knows everything about real estate, especially lending and rates. Most people aren’t paying attention. They have other concerns. They have their own lives. And this is an opportunity for realtors to reach out to their clients and start to educate and what better way to reach out and provide value after a sale or even before a sale, before they’re actually ready to buy or, or after two years after they purchased, you know, hey, I just was wanting to let you know what’s going on out there. I know you’re a big fan of staying in touch with it for those reasons.

Joel Schaub 15:22
So here’s number two. Okay, if I was a realtor, right now, what I would be doing to get more business, we’ve already talked about number one, which is educating the buyers about the rate drop, and not just rates the payment, you don’t write the rate on the check, you write the payment on the check, right? There’s no checks anymore, I’m dating myself, but you send a payment. If the payments a couple $100 less, it means that I can either pay less, or I might be able to go into that next step up and be about the same payment. So that’s one, two, if I’m an agent, I’m going back to all of the listings that may be expired, or people that weren’t ready to list. And guess what with rates down the pool of buyers is huge. Yes, I’m getting request after request for pre approval people are out buying. So what does this mean? It means that a listing right now has a greater opportunity of getting more people through the door, more offers at a higher price. Okay, when the rates go down, the more buyers are out there. So if I had a listing before, then I just don’t think I can get this price. Let’s try it. Let’s get it on the market buyers right now are looking for properties. And there’s still a lack of inventory in a lot of places. So you might get lucky you put the property on the market. And with rates being so low, you get two or three buyers that are willing to pay something that they weren’t going to pay earlier in the year or even just six months ago.

D.J. Paris 16:53
Yeah, I think that’s that’s really important. So it’s sort of a win for the realtor on both sides, the buy and the sell side, right, they’re their clients looking to sell this is an opportunity to create bidding war opportunities, because there’s more because his rates are so low cash is so much cheaper. Now, they have the opportunity to have more, like Joel said, the buyer pool is increased. And then also great opportunity for the buyer as well, who maybe wasn’t able, if rates were, you know, significantly higher, now’s a great time to get them off the fence. renters. Joel mentioned that earlier, if you’re not educating your renters right now about and running an analysis, like Joel said, These calculators are everywhere online, you just run the numbers and say, Oh, by the way, for an extra $100 a month, or maybe it’s even cheaper than your rent, you can own a place pretty easily at this point. And if you’re not making if you’re not doing that, I know for me, when I transitioned, this was a long time ago from renting to buying. The only reason I knew to do that was I just thought about it one day when I wonder how that works. And I googled it and I figured it out on my own. But if somebody would have guided me through that process, I would have been indebted to them. Because I didn’t know I was sort of ignorant, I was completely ignorant on on the home buying process and how mortgages worked. And I just didn’t know I had to educate myself. Don’t, don’t let and I’m a popular guy, I have friends I people like me, and not one person ever sat me down and said, Hey, you should really be buying a property. And I eventually just kind of did it on my own. But don’t you know, don’t let that happen to lots of people are out there aren’t that familiar with it? built my

Joel Schaub 18:31
business by being the educator, right? And teaching, right? So as your mortgage guy selling your buyers? Are they using closing techniques? Or are they actually educating and helping. And so that’s the number one thing that I always encourage my agents to do is be the person who’s educating. If you are providing value, people will continue to come back. So those two points there, it doesn’t help just to call people and say rates are low. Right. But what, Rachel, but what what does it mean for me? What does it mean for the homeowner, okay, for the homeowner that wants to sell their place, I probably won’t have as much time on the market because there’s a lot of buyers out there. Or I might get a higher price. Because I can test the waters a little bit right now I can put something up 10 or 15 grand above 20 grand depending on your market or even more, and test and see we haven’t seen that in a while we used to have these agents and I was not a fan of what I just proposed. I was always a fan of listed for what it’s worth and get a lot of offers. Now there’s an opportunity to literally live something a little bit above or maybe even a lot above. Buyers are gonna go out there. They’re gonna say wow, I can afford that place for this payment. So I’d be going back after the buyers that I haven’t talked to in a while on explaining to them about payment. And I’d be going back to any of the expireds or on the fence listings and explain to them that I can be the guy or girl to list your property right now. And I think we can get x for it. Because buyers are out there, and rates are low. So now you’re providing some value. And that’s what this is all about. And I know

D.J. Paris 20:13
you just, you just said something really important. And I want to just circle back to it. And I not sure all the different episodes we’ve done if anyone’s actually made this exact point. So I want to make this really drill down on it just a little bit, because I think it’s so helpful. So George has said something very powerful that many of you might have just glossed over, which is he said, calling expireds right. So for those that are realtors in this industry expireds for sale by owners, these are listings that are sold these, these leads are sold to realtors all the time. So what happens on an expired listing, is that homeowner is going to get called by a ton of Realtors, all pitching, why they should relist with them, and why their marketing strategy is the best and why they’re the best realtor for the job in the past realtor just didn’t do X, Y and Z. And this is what they’re going to do. And okay, that’s all fine. But what Joe just said it was very interesting. What if you call those expireds and said, Hey, this is a really good time to relist. And yes, I’m going to do a great job for you. But I want to explain to you why it’s a good time to relist, that is such a different conversation than most of these expired owners are going to be those calls they’re going to be getting. This is a very unique call. And it’s it’s number one, it’s true. And it’s educating at the same time. And it’s going to endear you to them. Because you’re going to say just so you know, here’s why I’m calling Yes, I would love to get your listing. But I want to explain why it’s a good time to relist what whoever you choose, and that that’s such a big thing. So I just wanted to honor you for that because that was a big tip that you just gave people.

Joel Schaub 21:51
Most agents call and they say me, me, me, this is why I can do something right. And so you just got to flip it be the reason that people are motivated is that you’ve given them some value, or you’ve educated them on something different. And so that’s the approach, right? They’re going back and saying why? What can we do now? And why am I different? Okay.

D.J. Paris 22:12
Oh, Joe, we have a I forgot to mention, we have a question for you believe the caller calling in now. We don’t have that. But we do have a question. This is our first question that we’ve received from the Jersey Shore, believe it or not. Now, this is what the person said they were from the Jersey Shore. So and I have been to the Jersey Shore. And it’s that is a fun place. But the woman’s name. I actually don’t have it. But some someone from the Jersey Shore emailed us earlier. And I wanted to ask you specifically because she listens to the show. And she said, Do Joelle. Do you work with clients nationwide? She said she knew you were in the Chicagoland area you were geographically located here. Do you work with all states or you only focused in Illinois.

Joel Schaub 22:57
So as an employee of guaranteed rate, it gives me a lot of opportunities. So we’re licensed in all 50 states and I personally have 11 states and counting. Okay, so depending on where they are specifically at, I handle all the high level stuff, I have the conversations. So if there’s any state, we’re lending there, so it doesn’t matter. I have somebody that would be specific on my staff that would be in a specific state. So yes, if it’s out of state, we’re definitely able to take that. And most of our out of state stuff is at 250. And above. Okay, so a lot of people call on the go, I got an $88,000 house and in my own got a pretty nice house. I grew up in Michigan. So for autumn state deals, we have to have some kind of cut off. So I would have somebody else handle the ones that are smaller and just for efficiency. The short answer to that question is yes, we’re in office. So if you’re,

D.J. Paris 23:49
if you’re a realtor out there, or you might even be a buyer or a seller and investor great time investors are going crazy right now, because the rates are so low. They’re obviously buying more up more properties. But if you’re a realtor, or a consumer looking for a lender, Joel can handle all 50 states. And if he personally can’t do it, he’s gonna pass it over to someone on his team who’s equally qualified and going to take great care of you. So please, Joel, we should actually talk about that. What’s the best way that anyone listening to our show can get in touch with you in case they’re looking to have that conversation?

Joel Schaub 24:26
Well, if it’s realtors, and they’re looking to actually have a partner to help their buyers get pre approved, I am taking on new agents and that’s fine. We build a relationship together. And so we’ve done this before. And a lot of people out of state right now I’ve had real fruitful conversations because of this show. And it’s the same thing that we did last time it’s an email, and it’s literally joe@rate.com. So Jay OEL at ra te.com subject line keepin it real. And then inside it’ll say I heard you on the show, let’s get a conversation going, then I’ll schedule a phone call, I’ll learn more about what you’re doing as an agent. And we do a lot of different things to help agents grow. It’s not just them sending us deals, okay, there’s a lot of RESPA compliant co marketing, where I have 1000s of dollars a month that I’m helping agents promote, broker opens and open houses, and flyers, etc. So there’s a lot of opportunities, if you’re working with the right lender, whether it’s me or somebody else, get them to contribute, get them to help and grow your business. So that’s the part of it on any of the agent focus, because even though rates are low, my focus here isn’t just refinances. My focus is making sure that agents have a lender that will actually kick butt for them, pick up the phone, even when they’re slammed with other things and actually have a park. Okay, that said, if you want to do the refinance, you can literally say keepin it real refinance, quote, and then I’ll send a link and we can go through all the different options for refinances that is eligible. So we send an online application, eight to 10 minutes, and I’ll be able to run quotes for you guys to select from.

D.J. Paris 26:10
Yeah, and I want also everyone to understand, too, that that this is a this is not a paid advertisement for guaranteed rate, we are just huge fans of Joel of guaranteed rate, we were looking when we first started our show, we wanted to partner with a lender that could provide that benefit for our listeners, and angels, the obvious choice, we’re so honored to have him because he literally is that good. So if your current relationship with your lender isn’t very strong, if you’re looking elsewhere, we would encourage all of our listeners to and viewers now to to check out Joel, visit him, email him directly at joel@rate.com Easy to remember. And you can also text or call him directly 773-654-2049. Please also understand this is maybe the busiest Joel has ever been in, in his whole career certainly have the busiest time, but he is very, very quick to respond. But I understand it is a crazy time for you. So for people to reach out, you know, Joel, we’ll get right back to you if he’s not immediately available. But that’s he’s he’s always available. And he’s always willing to do this show. And we really honored to have him. So Joel, on behalf of the audience, again, thank you for your continued support of our show, and providing a tremendous amount of knowledge and awareness to the broker community and also consumers about what’s going on out there. And for all of our listeners, we encourage you to reach out to Joel as well for all your lending needs. Also, we could ask everybody to follow us on Facebook couple of good reasons why to do that. Number one, we post every day one article designed to help brokers grow their business, we find we scour the internet, we look for only articles that are high quality, about teaching realtors, how to grow their business, we post that in addition, of course we post all our episodes, but we also broadcast these episodes live. So right now, as you’re listening, if you’re listening through a podcast app a couple of weeks ago, we actually broadcast this live on Facebook. So you can follow us on facebook@facebook.com forward slash keeping it real pot. And please one more thing, tell a friend, just think of one other real estate professional that you know that could benefit from listening to people like Joel and all the other great guests we have and send them a link to the podcast, you’ll be helping us in just being able to do more episodes for everyone. And so Joel, once again, thank you, we will see you next month. And who knows what where things are going to be then right? It’s a crazy time.

Joel Schaub 28:43
Well, I’m glad that we came on in the whole focus here, again, is just making sure that agents got something out of this, that they actually can go out and use those two techniques to get more closed transactions in the next 30 to 60 days because the opportunity is there. Instead of being paralyzed with fear of how do I move forward? Those are two real strategies to go back and get more deals. And then before we go just if it is a refinance scenario, I always want to bring up the best way to go back to your own lender. Okay, so it’s not just coming to me, if you have a good relationship with a lender, remember, there’s always two good options when you’re looking at refinancing. It’s asking them what the lowest rate in the market is, which they would love to give you because you’re gonna pay in fees. Right, right, and say, Well, what is the rate that I could get? Have you paid all the fees for me? Okay, in this environment, rates have dropped a lot. So if you’re in the fours, the banks want you to call and say, give me that three and a quarter percent because they’re going to charge you the fees, right? Well, what would happen if the rate was three and a half and there were no fees? That’s a pretty good deal. I’m going from four and a half down to three and a half and the banks paying all the costs, so be careful. Don’t just go calling everyone looking for the lowest interest rate. You ask, what is the rate on a no cost refinance, and then just do a little bit of math. And that’s another good tip for everybody out there. Okay.

D.J. Paris 30:09
Yeah, don’t be a rate chaser. I think that’s important. I was doing this recently with just some cash I had sitting around and I, I subscribed to a website that every month says, Here are the best money market accounts and savings accounts. And I saw one that was 20 basis points higher than, you know, my current rate. And I thought, Oh, well, that’s free money, I’m going to just chase the rate, go to a new bank, and transfer the money, it should be easy. And it was so difficult to do that I ended up giving up and I went, you know what, I’m keeping it where it is. Because it was such a challenge. And I learned that lesson that you know, chasing rates, while wonderful and great. And if you can do it, awesome. But you want to go with somebody that can get things done for you. And this bank ended up not getting any of my business because they made it so difficult for me just to move cash. Guaranteed rates not going to do that. Obviously, they’re not in the in the in the savings and money market business, but they’re not going to do that with respect to your to your loans. They’re going to take care of you. And they may have the lowest rates, they may not but they are going to get the job done. And that’s the most important part. And the relationship is everything. And Joel has if you’re in the Chicago area, you already know Joey has an amazing reputation. If you’re not in the Chicago area, we encourage you to get to know him. So reach out to him again. joel@rate.com and He will take care of Yeah. So Joel, thanks again for being on the show. And we will we’ll see you next month.

Joel Schaub 31:35
Okay, looking forward to it. We’ll see you soon.

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