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Welcome to another episode of Coaching Moments With Ryan D’Aprile from D’Aprile Properties!

In this episode Ryan thinks it’s a good time to come back to the fundamentals. Ryan discusses why he thinks that agents will be more productive and successful when they show up in the office and the importance of having a proper CRM. Last, Ryan and D.J. discuss the importance of keeping in touch with your sphere of influence and deepening your relationships.

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Ryan D’Aprile can be reached at 312.590.6416 and ryan@daprileproperties.com.

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D.J. Paris 0:00
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Welcome to keeping an REO the largest podcast made by real estate agents and for real estate agents. My name is DJ Parris. I’m your guide and host through the show today is our monthly coaching moments with Ryan de April. Now if you’re not familiar with Ryan, or if you’re new to our show, Ryan comes on every month to give our listeners and our viewers a coaching moment and a coaching session. So let me tell you about Ryan Now Ryan de April is a progressive thought leader focused on providing for his agents and his staff at depot properties also Midwest lending as well as Hubbard Street title. Now his strengths are his motivational skills, his coaching style and his dedication to training. Now Gable properties has 14 offices throughout Chicagoland and he’s also in Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan and Florida with hundreds and hundreds of top producers. Now depot properties is a premier real estate brokerage devoted to promoting the brand that of their agents consists and is also consistently ranked as one of Chicago Tribune’s top workplaces and Inc 500 fastest growing companies. Now if you’d like to take your career to the next level, or if you’re just not getting the attention you need from your current firm. Please check out deeper properties visit deep real properties.com You can also see the link to that right in our notes on the podcast here. Welcome once again, Ryan.

Ryan D’Aprile 2:40
Hey, thanks. Happy New Year. Good to be back.

D.J. Paris 2:43
Happy New Year. It’s our first episode of the first coaching moment of the year so

Ryan D’Aprile 2:50
yeah. Have you been busy the new year? Yeah,

D.J. Paris 2:54
we my girlfriend got COVID and this was in December and so it completely towards the end of December just before Christmas. And it completely derailed our our holiday plans. And so we pushed everything a week. And so we just got back from Florida, where we had celebrated the December holidays. So it was actually kind of nice, because it wasn’t as crazy. But yeah, I mean seems like everybody’s getting sick these days.

Ryan D’Aprile 3:20
It is you know a lot of our offices have been empty and whatnot because of the spike that we’ve had. Yeah, so it’s crazy times

D.J. Paris 3:29
Yeah, and I know gosh with and we should also mention and just because we’re doing this live although this episode won’t be released for about a week or week and a half but it is Martin Luther King Day so we should wish everyone a happy MLK Day today and easy thing to to acknowledge and

Ryan D’Aprile 3:46
that’s right yeah, we’re actually close I’m in our office today I’m dressed casual as you could see it companies close today. But I came to get out of the house to to speak with you guys to do with you here.

D.J. Paris 3:56
We appreciate it. So what tell us about you know what your thoughts are? It’s a new year, new year you are you and your your team of coaches are always chatting with with your agents. What do you what are you really talking about in January?

Ryan D’Aprile 4:10
You know, I think it’s a good time to come back to the fundamentals. I had the privilege of meeting with two different teams this morning and working with them and helping them build their business and one of the teams had new agents shadow them one of the new agents joining their team and and you know I had a lot of fun showing this agent why this other particular agent was so wildly successful and and also tell them how incredibly mundane and boring it is that gotten to the top and his keeping them at the top. So I think it’s you know, it’s good time to just kind of cover all those bases, you know, and what it is that it is what it is we do that you know that produces income for us, right as real estate agents and and then So talk about I think, I’ve talked about this before, I think it’s a great message to get back to everybody else is, what are you doing to shake up your routine? And, you know, and and? And how aware of you are You are of your routines? Are you? Are you working from your house every day? Are you going? Are you fortunate enough to work at a real estate brokerage that has offices? Are you getting up and going to the offices and, you know, getting in a professional environment to grow your business and whatnot. So I figured, let’s kind of cover all those bases that works for you.

D.J. Paris 5:28
Yeah, it does. And, you know, I was thinking we were talking offline about working from home, and how I was sort of forced to do it when my girlfriend got sick in December. And then we just got back from Florida, and felt it was responsible to at least take a few days before getting another test just to see if it was okay to return to the office. And I was really fortunate during during COVID, in the sense that I was able to come into the office every day. So I didn’t have a lot of the work at home experience, of course, realtors, you know, even pre COVID, a lot of them work remotely, a lot of them don’t necessarily have offices to go to or they do have offices, they don’t take advantage of them. For example, we’ve got hundreds and hundreds of agents at our firm to and very few of them ever come into our offices. And, you know, I just don’t work well from home. And I’m almost wondering what percentage of people do work well, from home and I there’s a million factors to sort of determine how successful that would be for an individual but, but I just don’t work well, from home, I’m curious if you feel the same way or

Ryan D’Aprile 6:30
No, I mean, I work well. So I have a morning routine that I get up and I’m a five o’clock in the morning and I and I work on my stuff where I don’t have to do have any interaction, right on planning and spreadsheets and stuff like that. But then I’m, I’m in my office by 830 in the morning. You know, so my day starts earlier, but I’m in a professional environment by 830 in the morning, and quite honestly, all of our top producers at our company with the exception of a couple I see them in the office, you know, we have 16 offices or so I see them in the offices regularly. When I walk in, I send an email message to our entire company, I say, I use us, I see the usual suspects in our office, every time I visit, it’s it’s always the top producing real estate agents that are there. And you know, you can get work done. I mean, you can be you can travel, you can be at your kids soccer game, you can be your your kids basketball coaching, and you can multitask and you can, we’re blessed with the technology we have, and you can multitask and get a lot of things done. But you still need, you still have to put yourself out there. And I think putting yourself into that professional mindset that, you know, I’m running a multimillion dollar business as a real estate agent or a loan officer or title or whatever it may be that you are in our real estate industry that you’re doing. And you know, to, to wake up, dress up, show up and go in consistently, four or five times a week to grow your business and work on your business separates, separates you from the pack, quite honestly. And I just think there’s an energy and an aura about it. You know, I truly think that things just come to you easier if you put yourself out there in that professional environment versus you know, you know, working from home five days a week and just kind of, you know, having your license and doing what you’re doing but not really being intentional about what you’re doing. Be more accidental.

D.J. Paris 8:33
Yeah, I think that’s I think that’s right and even just having a morning routine, where as you were saying for yours Your starts with you and you so you’re spending time where it’s quiet in the house, the kids aren’t up maybe yet or hopefully he’s not giving you some a little bit of quiet where you can really reflect on your life, your responsibilities for the day, the week, the month the quarter, and get get some you time. And then that’s compartmentalised. And then it’s okay now I need to go to the office where I’m around this energy of of just getting things done. Because it is it is you’re so right. It really is life is so much about the middle, like learning how to exist in the middle and doing the sort of mundane, not necessarily the most exciting tasks, you know, every single day or every week or month or quarter. It’s usually the little things that win the game the fundamentals, right. So

Ryan D’Aprile 9:26
yeah, yes, it is. And it’s you know, also getting out of that that environment of you know, being alone. Because your mind is a funny thing. And it could play games on you. I mean it literally could people make up stories. Oh, you know, they create dialogues, they’re just not true. And you’ve got a you got to get into an environment where there’s other top producers there. You got to shake it up. You got to stay focused on what’s important. I’m going to this morning, it was it was a great i a message in this. I’ll tell everybody here. So here we are. It’s January, what? 1617 1717. So what’s your goal for the year as a as a as a salesperson, right? And so this particular agents goal is $25 million. And they did about 21 million last year average price points about $300,000 Sold 6565 66 units last year, and had, you know, a newbie shadowing him on his team? And, and I ask them to recite the statistic of what percentage of your network transacts? And do you do recall?

D.J. Paris 10:37
saying, yeah, 16 16%

Ryan D’Aprile 10:40
Yeah, yep. 16%. And so we looked at last year, and it was, it was great, because, you know, here we are two weeks from the previous year. And, and he had 66 transactions. It’s amazing. And in his network in his network, he’s got 436. Now, I’m a little bit off on these numbers here, right. So it’s 436, or 463 was six hours ago. But the point is, is this, all of his sales came from his network. And so I’m just going to grab my calculator here and take 435 times point one 669 transactions, and that’s 65 transactions. Now, here’s the thing, though, this is incredibly important. And, and I coached this team, right after I coached another team. And the other team had somebody have been on our team for about a year. And it showed this other particular person who had the 65 transactions. And in what we call our dashboards and ello, our internal CRM and coaching platform that we’ve created. This particular person who had 60 566 transactions, as of this morning, January 17, you say today is the 17th of six, somebody has contacted 96 of his 436 contacts already,

D.J. Paris 12:06
just this year alone, just this year alone, he’s

Ryan D’Aprile 12:09
on quarterly live flow. I mean, he’s, he’s not a team. He’s got a team member joining, right. He’s showing somebody what he’s doing the previous was a team. So he’s got a new beyond there. And so he said, I’ll do quarterly LIFO. Because there’s just too many transactions. We have transaction managers and marketing coordinators to help agents but still a lot of running around and doing what sweet. He focuses on quarterly, quarterly live flow. And by January, March, by April 1, everybody in his, his dashboard, love heard from him. And then I went to his marketing audit. And

D.J. Paris 12:48
can we pause for just a moment because I want I want to make sure everyone’s hearing this. So he has a, his his sphere of influence, or his contact list is about 400, deep 400 contacts or so?

Ryan D’Aprile 12:59
Yeah, he’s got 700 total, right? Plus, because he’s got a farm in there. He’s got suspects, people that are like he just met, but of his sphere of influence, if you will, he’s going to be in been lifelong. He’s going to communicate with regularly, it’s got 400. And let’s see 440.

D.J. Paris 13:16
And let’s define life flow for any of our new new listeners.

Ryan D’Aprile 13:20
Alright, so you have life flow is networking with your own network. So systematically, reaching out and researching what’s going on with that person in your network and touching base with them, and having dialogue with them about them, not about you not about what you do, just creating a bond creating, you know, a report, that’s what life flow is. Because it’s not what you know, DJ, it’s who you know, it’s who you know. Yeah. So that’s what life flow is. It’s about networking with your own network. Because your network is your net worth, your net worth taken on board. To me, that’s exactly why they No,

D.J. Paris 14:00
it’s, it’s, it’s so it’s so true. And, you know, when Ryan’s talking about, you know, we’re really talking about deepening relationships and demonstrating care and demonstrating that, that you are present and a professional and also paying attention to your clients. And we’ve all had the experience where somebody ends up using another realtor, and we’re like, I thought that person was my friend. Well, they are your friend. But were you staying in touch with them in a way that they knew that they, they could reach out to you and they need help? A lot of times to people go, Oh, maybe I just thought you were too busy. Right? That that comes up too. It’s the I haven’t heard from you. So I went with somebody else, or Well, you seem so busy all the time. I didn’t want to reach out and bother you. So those are

Ryan D’Aprile 14:47
the reality. It’s this I want you to finish my sentence on this one too. Okay. It’s out of sight out of mind. So the next thing we shipped over is to your marketing. And so that team that I was coaching before, had an individual on the team that been in the business for about a year and a half. And this particular individual has about 180 contacts in his network. So we have what we call our marketing audit. Okay, and most CRM should have this, it’s an easy way to see everybody in your, in your dashboard. Okay? And what I want to know is, is Do I have your home address? Do I have your email address, right? Am I socially connected to you? Because if I’m out of sight, out of mind, and that’s what you know, that’s the auto flow. That’s your consistent marketing is how it’s going to happen. So here’s the learning lesson for this for everybody here, listen. So the particular agent who did the 65 transaction, $21 million in business, who had 436 contacts, right, I went to the marketing audit, and he’s missing all her to me, he’s missing 13 addresses out of everything. That’s it. Now, all email addresses offered. Now the other individual in the previous team, right, in the coaching session, had had been in the business for a year and a half, just still learning, right 176 contexts, had only 50. Completed contacts, right. And here’s the difference between doing two, 3 million a year, and somebody doing consistently $21 million a year, $21 million a year. I mean, let’s let’s let’s be real to put you in the top 1% income bracket in the country. It’s it’s big dollars, it’s to be taken seriously. And, and I said to the agents listening, I said, this is what it is, this is how you make your money in this business. This is it’s paying attention to these incredible benchmarks like incredibly important, oh, god data points, do a, where’s DJ live? What’s his email address, and I connected him socially, when was the last time I communicated with him, that’s, you know, that’s in step one, right, and then coming from that comes prospects, right, then you move those over to another category. And we could talk about that later in how you follow up with it. But the true, I think, I mean, the best message to give the listeners here is you are, you are the subject that you are studying. Yeah, you are the subject that you’re studying, and you are tracking your own progress, you should be tracking your own data, you should be holding yourself more accountable than anything else in your life. And if you do that, you know, simply put an hour and a half a day, all the other stuff will come your business will come your clients will come and pay you on autopilot. You know, I tell everybody, I don’t need a coach on how to write a contract. I don’t need to coach you on how to, you know, to negotiate a deal. I mean, there’s the pointers, and there’s tips and tricks, of course, and we could always sharpen our skill set, which is important. But the most important part of it is how are you generating more and more leads, year in year out. And if you do the fundamentals, this begins to snowball, it actually becomes easier. You know, and there are, this is another point I wanted to make to our listeners here. There are some great, you know, producing 10 $12 million real estate agents have been in business for 10 years. But I will argue that they’re $30 million producing agents performing at a 10 to $15 million year, because it’s just coming to them after an overtime, which is great. And maybe that’s where you want to be. But once you get to that structured, that discipline where you treat it like a business and you’re looking at those important data points and and really focus on the fundamentals, that $12 million producer becomes a $36 million producer in a matter of years.

D.J. Paris 18:44
Yeah, I was I was actually doing the math on while you were talking about sort of the producer that you have the $25 million producer who’s already contacted like 96 of his club is a sphere of influence list. And you know, it’s it’s so funny because you look at that giant list and you go oh my gosh, I have 400 names I got so many phone calls, but it’s really not where is this person made on average? If if he did it evenly every day? He did about five to six phone calls a day. That’s why it’s seven total Yeah, totally reasonable.

Ryan D’Aprile 19:18
Yeah, seven a day. And you know what don’t even have to be phone calls. You know, guys, they can be text messages and they can be writing somebody’s Facebook wall doesn’t count but you can instant message them you know, instant message Facebook Messenger, you can use all those and you can have a dialogue. It doesn’t have to be a phone call. But if you consider there’s 20 working days in a month, right? And you take this one student I think everybody here if you’re not at the level you want to be you should be doing this monthly. He’s doing it quarterly it’s seven, seven a day. But he doesn’t miss a day.

D.J. Paris 19:54
Right? Well that’s you know, it’s that’s that’s the you know, eight glasses of water or the Push up or, you know, it’s it’s not fun to drink eight glasses of water a day unless you’re really into water or doing push ups or,

Ryan D’Aprile 20:06
or like Donald’s Diet Coke, and I’m addicted to

D.J. Paris 20:10
I drink Diet Coke as well. But but it is, you know, life is so much about just doing getting yourself to do the mundane and then reaping all the benefits, reaping all the benefits, and you know, these these large giant, you know, luxury homes that that some people get, yes, that may or may not ever happen for you, but you can build a fantastic career selling $300,000 homes 65 of them a year. And you know, by doing all of these, I mean, that’s a wonder You said that’s at the top 1% earner, that’s a top 1% producer in this industry. And it is somebody that is going to have a wonderful life,

Ryan D’Aprile 20:49
wonderful. If you plan properly, and you invest wisely. You’re you’re disciplined in your business, it’s a wonderful, and, and and, you know, this particular agents 3233 years old, and so it’s every price points, 300,000 hours, when he’s 3548, his average price points gonna go to 4,400,000. Right, so that just takes him from 21 to 27. Without even having any more transactions, the reality is, he’s gonna get more referrals and more business. So you know, he’s got a bright future ahead of him. You know, another thing I’d like to touch on with everybody is the importance of recording and having a proper CRM. Yeah. And there’s a lot out there, we have ours, you know, dashboard, corporations, and ellos are our dashboard product that we probably will be taken to market sometime in the near future. But the really, the reason it’s important is I find out one of the most dangerous things that people do in any industry, any, any business out there, where you’re in sales is they write leads on, you know, pamphlets or pieces of paper, and it’s hard to access. And understand, like, I got this very discipline notebook, and this is how I do it. And it works for some, but it doesn’t work for the majority. And the reason why I like it is because another important part when we get out of our network is what, uh, what are all those prospects that you generated in the past year? And when was the last time you followed up with them? And how consistent are you so this particular agent, not the one that I he coached, not the 65 transactions a year, but the other one has been the business for about a year and a half, you know, many prospects he had in there. No 52 lakhs. That’s a lot, right. But then we start auditing, when was last time you contacted these 50. So I’m trying to get everybody’s head that is what you need to be looking at, at a daily basis in a prospect. You know, DJ, you could be somebody in my network, you could be a friend of mine, you are a friend of mine, but you could be somebody in my network that’s not in the real estate business, right for this example, and tell me you’re going to buy a house, but you’re not going to do it at the end of the year, you’re a prospect, and you’re in there. Now I’m staying in flow with you once every two to four weeks casually and keeping you close in mind, I’m not going for the kill, right. So you made soft touches, not touch, you may transact 18 months from now. But if you’re not, in that, if you’re not pulled out of my network, and put in that special category, I run the risk of losing you, and costing myself a significant amount of money, and then repeat business referral business. So it’s, it’s something that needs to be paid attention to by everybody that’s professional in this business. I don’t think it’s given enough phone attention in our industry, I think there’s a lot of other things that get, you know, higher priority in terms of marketing, and social media marketing, and all this other stuff that’s out there, which is all important. But the number one thing, the number one part of your business is the network and the integrity of the data that’s in your CRM for your network. And then how in tune you are with that network.

D.J. Paris 24:03
And it’s, we’re at a perfect time of the year to give a reason for you to call those people it’s, Hey, I just want to up this is a prime example. So I send out holiday cards and you know, just for my friends and family we send out about and this is not a business thing. It’s just that we do for fun, then about 60 or 70. And then we always get about 10 or 15 back you know, it’s most people don’t seem to do them anymore. But but the but most people don’t ever check to see if I had moved and I actually moved. And so I did get a bunch of people that said hey, just out of curiosity, did you ever get my card and I had about five cards that I never got and I’ve been doing holiday cards long enough to know you always ask people did you move but this is a great time to check in with people and check in with your sphere of influence and and say hey, I’m just updating my database because I’m gonna be sending you some stuff throughout the year. Just want to make sure that nothing has changed for you and and it really gives you a reason to pick up the phone and call somebody or to say Send them an email, but great opportunity right now to say, Hey, I’m done putting my marketing plan together, or you don’t have to get into details in my database, make sure if I have to send something to you that it’s going to the right spot, make sure you know, and then you can ask them and start a conversation. Hey, how are things at work? Are you staying safe? You know, are you working from home? Still? What’s going on? And it just starts the conversation. And then yeah, that’s a touch. That’s a great touch.

Ryan D’Aprile 25:22
Yeah, yeah. And, and what also is social media gives you such an insight to what’s going on in people’s lives. You know, and the most important thing to them is speak feeling significant. So you know, you could go to Instagram, feed Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and, you know, take two, three minutes to research a person, you’re, even if they haven’t posted something in seven, eight months, you could use that as a foundation to start the conversation with somebody. That’s why it’s so nothing. Like, I kind of hate social media, right. But But, but I mean, the advantage, it gives me huge, right, and the freedom that it gives me. And I use it probably 90% for researching and developing relationships, and 10% marketing. In fact, I’m not even the person posting on my social media, and somebody else is posting stuff on my Facebook and my Instagram, I don’t even look at it as a marketing tool. I look at it as a extension of my relationship building.

D.J. Paris 26:27
You know, it’s funny, as I think you’re right, and I also was thinking about different service providers. And I was thinking about, like, I’m curious to get your opinion of this, but or to get your experience. So you know, you’re a successful person, you have a lot of service professionals, wanting your business, maybe it’s financial advisor, and attorney, accountant, whatever, lots of different service providers that would love to get some part of your business. And, you know, I don’t almost ever get prospected by other service providers, for I don’t, accountants don’t reach out to me attorneys, or financial advisors don’t reach out to me, maybe I’m on some sort of Do Not Call list that I’m absolutely like, I’m not allowed to be called, but I don’t think so. But I am amazed at how few industries really do a good job of, of what we’re talking about is developing relationships. I mean, the only reason I haven’t switched accountants in 12 years is no one else has ever reached out to me to say, Hey, I could probably do a better job or this is I’d like to do an audit for you. I’m amazed. And so I guess the point I was trying to make is, if you are doing these, these things where you’re staying in contact, you’re caring about your your sphere of influence, you’re paying attention, you’re staying in touch it what’s it’s like that Scott pack book title, it’s never crowded along the extra mile, like it is literally not crowded along the extra mile. No one else is really doing this. So just by doing it half half, right? Or half? Well, you’re gonna be doing more than probably any of your peers. Would you agree?

Ryan D’Aprile 28:02
Yeah, yeah, I do. And also, you know, look, look at yourself, you know, and ask yourself how you do business. So, what I mean by that? So, we said in the show, and I say over and over again, your network is your net worth, right? It’s not who you know, it’s, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And so I have made it my, my philosophy that I only do business with people I know. And I actually go out of my way, when I have a need to see if there’s somebody that’s in my network, that does it. Because I want people to use me when they have a need. So you know, I have anything from you know, anything that you’ve used i, if you look in the community, in the neighborhood, and from legal, the financial and whatnot, it’s a neighbor. So my met on a soccer field is somebody who’s come friends of mine, because they’re kids friends with my, my child. Some people say I don’t do business with friends. That’s, that’s a, that’s a small, small amount. I do business with friends, I support my friends, I support my family. And I consider my friends, my family. And I consider my network at the most, you know, one of the most important highly, you know, highly.

Usually, as a real estate agent, you’re also consumers, and my am I supporting the people out there that I’m looking to support back.

D.J. Paris 29:43
That’s a good point. I guess I hadn’t really thought of it that way. And that’s a good point. Well, if you expect people to work with you, because they know like and trust you, you should probably look for them as well when you’re needing those kinds of providers. Absolutely.

Ryan D’Aprile 29:57
You know, and look, I’m a 46 year Old man married with three kids. And so I have a life insurance policy. And I have an insurance agent, right for my life insurance that is in my network I have, I have an estate, right, and the last will and a will and all that good stuff. And that’s an estate attorney and I have a businesses and so then I have business attorneys, right. These are all individuals that are in my neighborhood, at Google, and so on and so forth. Right, I completely, you know, a number of years, gutted and remodeled their home, guess what we hired somebody that was a friend of ours in our neighborhood was a local builder. So I just feel I feel very strong. And that’s part of my ethos. That’s how I work. That’s how I want people to work with me, I have to, I have to do the same thing back my network.

D.J. Paris 30:47
Yeah. So once you do once, our listeners, you know, can break down their sphere of influence, and realize what they’re, you know, how often they want to reach out to these people. And then they have some sort of process for doing that daily. What else are you talking to, to your your agents about helping them have a great 2022?

Ryan D’Aprile 31:08
You know, it’s probably, it’s probably 60 70% mindset 30% fundamentals, right. Um, you know, I will do not just for our company, for other companies, right, I’ll do speaking engagements and seminars and coaching sessions. And I tell everybody, you know, the statistics show a week from now you’re gonna forget 97% of the stuff that I told you. And I’m going to give you some very, for our listeners, here, I’m gonna give you some very powerful activities for you to do. And if there were 10 listeners to this call, there’s 10 people in the room that you and I are speaking with, I will say the same thing, I’ll say, eight of you will walk out of here and not do anything with it. And two of you, or less will, it’s a sad truth. So what I’m doing with our agents is I’m constantly messaging this over and over, whether it’s, you know, first thing that first in the morning, email, you know, an office meeting, you know, all company call and messaging the same good old habits over and over again.

D.J. Paris 32:16
Yeah, repetition, right. So you’re, you’re repeating the message, as often as possible about fundamentals. And we all want the big win the big exciting, sexy listing, or the high net worth client, who is buying, you know, the multimillion dollar home with cash or, or, you know, just I want to be in the luxury market, or I want to, and that’s great. But it life is usually about the small wins, and what’s repetitive, right. And you might have one friend who buys the $4 million home with cash, but you probably don’t have 20 friends that’ll do that, right. But you have, the rest of us are buying smaller priced properties. It’s it’s predictable, it’s and all you have to do is make sure that they know you care about him,

Ryan D’Aprile 33:03
I never focus on the price of the transaction. And I’ve never, you know, willed myself to a certain price point. I’ve always made my focus on network, and the business will come. And whatever comes is enough. Yeah, it’s enough. And it works out. You know, it all works out the right time. So you know, it’s like a horse put on the blinders, and get focused on what’s important, and it’s truly networking with your network, business will just come from it, an overwhelming amount of business will come from it, and it will get easier and easier over time. There are people that want to focus just on luxury market, and that’s great. I’m just, you know, I’m not that type of, um, you know, I sell luxury real estate, you know, we got, you know, we sold 1215 $16 million homes in our company, and I was a part of the transactions helping the agents out, but to particular, to target that particular market. I’m not your guy, I think that’s going to come down to essentially a person who has built their brand, their mark their network, over time, a long period of time. And they have a high net worth Rolodex of clients that they worked with over time. And there’s a word that keeps saying over and over again, it’s time, time, time, time. Give yourself time people, you know, it takes time to grow your business. But it comes it comes and if any of you stay focused on the right things it it’s no loss.

D.J. Paris 34:43
And the best part is you don’t have to be in you don’t have to even enjoy doing these tasks, right because I don’t enjoy going to the gym. I don’t enjoy I just got back from the gym. So it’s on my mind. I don’t enjoy much of it. It’s hard. It’s not my thing. It hurts. It’s painful. I’m out of breath. But it works. And all I have to do is go, and I don’t have to like it. It would be great if I did like it. But the truth is I don’t, okay, I don’t. But as long as I go, I get the result. And this is the same thing, if you’re like, I don’t like to pick up the phone. Well, Ryan said, Well, you don’t have to write, you can text, you can, you know, you can do something on social, you can email. But even if you didn’t like calling, you can still make five or six calls a day. And that’s your, I don’t want to do this, but it’s doable. It’s it’s not 200 dials a day, which would be very difficult for people who don’t like making dials, but you don’t have to even like the task, you just have to do it. And if you break it down into small enough chunks, you know, you make it easy to achieve, whether whatever your you know, personal feeling is about that particular task, right?

Ryan D’Aprile 35:47
Yeah, totally. And if you have the right tools and the right technology, you know, it should give you actually that dopamine reward, right. So, you know, our, our, our dashboard, RS Anello product, you know, it gives you many visual cues, from goal setting, to calibrating your dashboard, lead sources value, the temperature, the prospects, where they are in the process, it’s really actually kind of fun once you get into it. Sure. And then going down the line of connecting with your network, that’s the same thing that’s Check, check, check, check check, that will start to release dopamine in you as well, just as much as you know, you see a texter or a like button on your social media is releasing a dopamine, you could do the exact same thing you can, you can train yourself, you really can’t if you’re aware of it, but to get satisfaction and get addicted to that process. Um, but you got to have the right tools and the right product. That’s why we custom created our own product, because we haven’t found one out there in the marketplace that does that does that?

D.J. Paris 36:52
Well, I’m excited to share that with our audience. Once that becomes available to, you know, to the public. And we can, we can go through some demos and check it out and see how what what you built because your perspective on it most. Most CRMs are built by developers. They’re not built by agents. And there’s a lot of CRMs in the field. And some of them are very good. But one that’s built by by you know, an agent, or someone who coaches agents will look probably a bit different, and function a bit differently. Because it is important to feel good about those difficult tasks, you know, and for me, like at the gym, the thing I’m addicted to is the feeling I get as I walk out the door going, I just did something really hard. For me, that was really hard. It was really healthy for me. And I feel proud of myself and I get a dopamine hit just from being. So even if that’s your dopamine hit, right, like so if you go hate picking up the phone, okay, fine, whatever, you don’t love it. But if you do it when you’re done, you are going to be so proud of yourself. And that’s, that’s worth doing.

Unknown Speaker 37:54
That’s it exactly. Well, I

D.J. Paris 37:57
think that’s a great place to sort of wrap for our first session of 2022. Guys, it’s the fundamentals. And Ryan, when we ever whenever Ryan and I talk offline, you know, sometimes we’ll say, gosh, we’re, we’re gonna we’ll go over fundamentals again. And is that boring to the audience? And I was like, Well, I hope not. Because it’s the only thing that’s worked in my life is fundamentals. I mean, once in a while I get lucky here and there in life, sometimes I get unlucky. But the fundamentals really even out the times in between the good luck. And, and it just, it just smooths out the transition and real estate’s a perfect example of, you’re going to have some good luck, you’re gonna have some bad luck, and that is just gonna what that just this is going to happen to you. And then that you can’t really control but you couldn’t, you can certainly control your day to day effort. And if you put it in it’s, it’s not that it’s not that insurmountable of a task, right? Like making seven dials a day, just checking in with your car. That should be fun. It really should be fun.

Ryan D’Aprile 38:55
And yeah, and also to keep in mind it also, hey, audit your dashboard or audit your network. Yeah, how many? How many? How many of your contacts do not have their home address? How are you going to sell their home if you don’t know where they live? Right and like it’s like fundamentals, like you got you got to take care of your own house, you got to take care of your own business. You know, if you want to be at that top level, you got to look at all those all those all that all those data points and make sure it’s cleaned up and it’s ready so that you can you can excel

D.J. Paris 39:30
Yeah, it’s fundamentals when the game so appreciate an auditing and making sure that what you’re doing is actually creating the results you want, which you should know as Ryan said, you know, should know your why like, what why am I doing this if it’s to earn income, okay, fine. If it’s to deepen relationships, okay? Or maybe it’s a lot of different things, but know your why and that’ll help you get through the more difficult daily activities that that, like I know why I go to the gym and it’s not just for the dopamine hit on the way out and that pushes me through the hard parts. And same thing with with all of us know your why. And then just put the blinders on and start, start deepening relationships, if that’s all you got from this was to deepen relationships with the people in your network, you’re going to have an amazing 2022. Even if you aren’t that skilled as a realtor, although you should be, of course you should work on your business and develop those skills. We could talk about it a different time. But even if you just did that your pipeline is going to get full in about, what, six to nine months maybe or even sooner than that. Correct? Yeah, yes. Awesome. Well, Ryan, thank you, on behalf of all of us, we want to thank Ryan, I mean, this is a guy who runs for companies, hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of, of employees, as well as top producers. And he takes time out of his busy busy schedule to come on, we really appreciate it. So if anyone out there is in the Chicagoland area or Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Florida, and is looking for a firm, where the top where the leader is, is, you know, a coach, and they have lots of lots of wonderful support, and help and all these tools to help you grow. And also just to support your brand, and let you build the business you want do properties is really a great, great place to look. So um, check out Gabriel properties.com, you can reach out to Ryan’s team or Ryan directly right through their website, and you can learn more about what they offer. They also has Midwest lending. So if you’re an ello, a loan officer and maybe looking to see what other lending institutions offer, he would love to chat with you about that, as well as Title agents. And then he has a software company, which has a pretty exciting CRM coming out we’ll be talking about shortly. So on behalf of all of the listeners and viewers, Ryan, thank you. And on behalf of Ryan and myself, we want to thank you guys, right, we wouldn’t be doing this without our listeners. We are, gosh, we’re coming up on a million something downloads. I can’t remember the exact number. Awesome. Yeah, thanks. And that’s we’re so grateful. And the reason we do not spend money on advertising either. So we very much appreciate you telling other agents, you meeting our listeners about our show, feel free to shoot them over to our website, keeping it real pod.com. You can download or actually you can download but you can also stream every episode we ever ever done there and leave it please leave us a review. This is the big thing I’m pushing for this year because it’s really good feedback for us. Let us know whatever system you might be listening to this on, whether it’s iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, you know, lots of different podcasts or places that listen to podcasts. Let us know what you think of the show. Let us know what you like. And also let us know what you don’t like so we can improve. But anyway, we’ll let Ryan get back to his busy schedule. Ryan thanks again and next coaching moments.

Ryan D’Aprile 42:40
I appreciate it.

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