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Rachel Adams Lee with the Rachel Adams Lee Group in Northern California talks about how she got into real estate. Rachel discusses how in her first year she knocked 200 doors and held 3 open houses every week but sold no homes for 4 months. Rachel describes how she built a business model around social media and discusses the biggest mistakes real estate agents make in social media. Next, Rachel discusses how to convert a follower into a client and how to do lead generation on social media. Last, Rachel talks about her programs focusing on social media and how to build presence there.

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Rachel Adams Lee can be reached at 916-226-1601 and rachel@racheladamsleegroup.com.

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Hello, and welcome to another episode of Keeping it real the largest podcast made by real estate agents and for real estate agents. My name is DJ Paris. I am your guide and host through the show. And in just a moment, we’re going to be speaking with Rachel Adams Lee. But before we get to Rachel, just a couple of reminders. Please, as always tell a friend about this podcast. Think of another realtor that maybe could use some encouragement or new strategy or new skill and turn them on to this podcast. We appreciate it. Also, leave us a review let us know what you think of the show. So whatever app you might be listening to us on let us know we read every review and always are here to make changes to better suit your needs. Alright guys, that’s it. Let’s get to the main event my conversation with Rachel Adams Lee.

Okay, today on the show, our guest is Rachel Adams Lee from the Rachel Adams lead group in Northern California. Let me tell you more about Rachel. Now Rachel Adams Lee is just a small town girl Making Moves. She has a top 1000 agent in the US. She is also a multi passionate entrepreneur and mother of three boys by the way, all under four years old at this point. This is a busy woman. Also, if that is not enough, she also runs for six and seven figure businesses with their hub husband and lives life on their terms she loves helping others tap into their true potential and build the business of their dreams. Couple of fun facts positivity is her jam. You can find her snuggled on the couch in yoga pants, hair and a messy bun with her laptop. She is five feet tall and loves all things social media obsessed with having a healthy marriage what a great thing to be obsessed about and thinks Nutella should be its own food group. I might disagree. But I think Nutella is a I think Nutella is somehow hardwired for females more so than males in my experience, but I do like it as well. I got a couple of things I want to share with you guys. As far as things to check out. If you are an agent in Northern California, you’re not, you’re going to want to do this even if you’re happy at your current firm because what Rachel does is really really cool. Her team is expanding. Check out what they offer Rachel Adams Lee group.com link to that in the show notes. And we’re going to be talking about a couple of our businesses today. One is called Hello social coaching if you want good coaching for social media, hello, social coaching.com And also, if you would like somebody to help you with your videos, get social leverage.com We’re gonna be talking about that as well. So again, hello, social coaching.com Get social leverage.com Don’t worry about remembering those. Just go into the show notes and click. Alright Rachel excited to have you.

Rachel Adams Lee 4:24
Thank you. I’m stoked to be here. Send you guys all the vibes from Northern California.

D.J. Paris 4:30
Well, that’s what Californians are good at vibes. You don’t you know, I’m in the Midwest. We don’t have that word. We don’t even know how to interpret that word here. But we but we do love California vibes. Of course everyone does. Let’s start before we get into all the cool social stuff and by the way, the stuff I’m when Rachel starts telling her story about the success she’s been having and our team has been having with social, you are absolutely going to want to hear this. It’s shot thinking I’ve been doing this for six years, and I’ve had countless people on here who have social strategies. Rachael strategy is really, really awesome. So hang tight for that. But Rachel, let’s start at the beginning. How did you get into real estate?

Rachel Adams Lee 5:12
Oh, let’s go back. Okay, so, real estate in 2012. So my grandma was a realtor. My dad was a broker for 42 years. And I always said, I would never ever go into real estate,

D.J. Paris 5:23
by the way, by everybody who has parents that are in real estate say the exact same thing. My boss, same thing. But honestly,

Rachel Adams Lee 5:30
though, I feel like the reason was because like no one talked about work life balance back then, like my dad, I had an awesome childhood, but my dad would like miss dinner sometimes because he was doing showings and stuff like that. And I just was like, I never want to have that, you know. And I found myself in 2012, working at a real estate office, and I was unlicensed, and I was in a really unhealthy marriage. At that point in my life. My ex husband was 80%, disabled, but 50% was PTSD for the Marine Corps. So I spent my days at the office, like you’re gonna get your offer accepted, you got this, and I got my spent my nights like crying myself to sleep because I was just in a really dark spot. And I knew I wanted my life to change, but I didn’t know what that looked like. And I remember seeing all these paychecks coming through the realtors. And I was like, gosh, there’s so much more money than I was making. But I was making $15 That I could count on every you know. And so it was like, okay, stability versus instability, the thing I’d never done is like bet on myself. So I decided that I would do an accelerated program, I got my license in 90 days, and I jumped into real estate when I jumped into real estate. I want to say it was with both feet, because literally, my first year, DJ, I’m knocking 200 doors a week and doing three open houses every week. So knocking 200 doors, doing three open houses, and I didn’t sell any homes for the first four months. So like, rejection you face and the amount of like, but also the grit you get and like what I always said to people, like how do you keep doing that, like that’s four months with nothing. And I was like my why, like, why I was doing this was bigger than any excuse that I would could come up with, like I had to change my life. So it didn’t sell any homes for the first four months, but I ended up selling 39 homes that first year. And then 100

D.J. Paris 7:09
I want to pause for dramatic effect. We’re gonna we’re gonna do what’s called a pregnant pause 39 homes in your first year with really not a Trump, I’m assuming not a tremendous sphere of influence, or Oh, no,

Rachel Adams Lee 7:24
I’d never even looked at a listing presentation buyer presentation. Because like I was in all different industries. Before that, I was like a small a teepee taught people how to do food and wine pairing like I did, you know, was in restaurants, like I didn’t do the real estate stuff. And so it took me some time to get traction going. But what I did during those those first four months, and really that first year, like I wrote my listing presentation 100 times for 100 days, every day for 100 days, I mastered script practice, like I wanted to overcome every objection. So when it came, I wasn’t nervous. So if I didn’t have the clients, I pretended that I did. So I was like a really a student of the game. So I sold 39 homes that first year, then 109, the next year. And then 123. So three years in, I hit Wall Street Journal’s top 1000 agents in the country. We still have that today. And I, you know, I really I wanted to, I wanted to make an impact on my community. I wanted to be in a healthy marriage, I wanted to have kids, I wanted to be a mom, like, all these things were important to me. And so I knew that like I love doing the door knocking in the open houses, the thing is, you can have one conversation with one person at a time. So the belly to belly is really important. But I also wanted like more. And so I decided I would really start to like focus on social media. Because if I did social media, I would choose when I respond to people I choose when I post like I could make a business model around social media. And I never heard of anyone doing that. And I’m a Systems girl. That’s the only way I can survive having a four year old a year and nine month old and a nine month old. So I have to have systems in my world. And so I created a business model around social media and like the first year we had 17 referrals come in, then it was like 30 than 50 but last year we had 131 referrals come through social and that’s through Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. So life looks very different. Now I’m a real estate coach I love I love teaching people how to build their businesses. I I travel all over the country speaking I travel with my family. So whenever I’m in a conference, I bring my littles and my nanny and my husband and it’s wild but it’s really fun.

D.J. Paris 9:36
If you’re wondering if you’re noticing that Rachel speaks quickly that’s because she has to because she has three little ones to attend to and for businesses to run. But guys, how great is this? This Rachel ed i don’t I’m not saying just speak slowly.

Rachel Adams Lee 9:52
You’re got a lot to do in capable of it and I’m told hanging out with me is like taking a shot of espresso. So good morning, everybody.

D.J. Paris 9:58
No, I I love it. I love it. I’m kind of the same way I have to do, I have to remind myself to slow down. But everything you’re saying is so gold golden, I want you to get as much in as possible through this episode. So let’s talk about social media. You know, what I’d like to maybe start with is what do most agents not understand about social media are what are they go wrong?

Rachel Adams Lee 10:19
That’s a great question. So I think the thing with most Realtors I’ll try to slow down a little bit because I get really excited. Oh, no, no, don’t

D.J. Paris 10:26
do not slow down. You’re perfect. I just love how fast you talk.

Rachel Adams Lee 10:30
So I think one of the biggest mistakes Realtors make is they make their social media all about them and all about real estate. And they think that like if look at his house, I just sold look at my new listing. Look at this order, god, look at me Look at me. And what you don’t realize is that people might find you because you’re in real estate, but they stick around because of who you are and how you make them feel. So you know, one of the biggest mistakes Realtors make is just talking about real estate. So when I’m talking to people with social, I say you need to make your social media like an 8020 principle 80% of what you post is actually going to be you who you are, what you’re doing, what you’re reading, what you’re eating, you know, like, why what makes you tick, why somebody would hang out with you on the weekend. And 20% is only going to be real estate 20% real estate, but you know what you could do, you could be watching or listening to this podcast right now, take all these notes. And then you’re gonna have the business model by the end of this for how to build a business through social media, then you as a realtor, go on your social media, and you make a post and say, you know, I was just hanging out with DJ Paris, and he interviewed a top 1000 agent in the country about how she got 131 referrals last year, I would love to share those notes with you, if you want a copy of my notes, leave your email below. You, as a realtor, if you can be the person who’s always adding value to others, when they need to buy or sell, or they have a referral for your location, they’re going to think of you. So what I do in my world is I think, okay, how can every single day when I woke up, I was like, How can I add value to others? How can I add value to others, my clients in my community, so like being the local expert, so it’s October, right? So I’m sharing where to look at the local Pumpkin Patch locations. Right, I’m doing a pie giveaway, if it’s December, I’m sharing, you know where to see the the local Christmas tree light locations, like you can Google this stuff for free, then go on Canva, get a free account and make it look a graphic. And the thing is, if you’re always adding value to people, then your platform becomes a place they want to hang out. And, you know, the algorithm is like this weird tricky place. But the simplest way to think of the algorithm because you hear that word thrown a lot around a lot. It is it is you’re impacting your influence you have on social media, it’s like whatever you’re looking at the goal of Facebook, Instagram, tik, Tok, snapchat all of them, the goal is to keep you on the platform as long as possible. So if you’re looking at a specific niche, they’re gonna give you more of that to keep you on it. The trick is, how are you as a realtor? The person that they want to be in front of? And that’s what my model goes through?

D.J. Paris 12:59
Yeah, it’s no, you just said so much there. And I want to I want to go back to some of the non real estate stuff like community focused stuff. So this, I feel is one of the biggest missed opportunities for realtors. Because if we think about like, if your whatever you’re into maybe you know, you’re a mom with with little ones. So you could create content specific to mothers who are working, maybe you have children, and you could do stuff about, hey, I have some resources for moms who are trying to do it all. It could be totally unrelated to real estate, or it could be hey, here’s some really cool events that are going on in our area for moms with little kids, or here’s some you know, Mom meetups or it can be here’s what’s going on for Labor Day, if you don’t have plans do that. It. i This now we’re talking about value. And we and what you said is so important is you have to think what do my you know, look, when somebody’s ready to buy or sell a home? Yes, they want some of that real estate content. But in between five to seven years of them not buying or selling a home, you probably don’t care that much about you selling a doing a listing. I mean, it’s cool, it’s good, but we want to you want to get them hooked on your content is what I’m hearing from you.

Rachel Adams Lee 14:03
Yes, absolutely. Yeah, you really want to so with social media, you’re either doing one of two things, you’re either educating people or you’re entertaining. You’re either educating or entertaining. And if you’re really doing social media high level you do to balance of both and I think people get so caught up because they’re like, I don’t even know what to post about. No one cares about the fact that like my you know, I sit in my office with my dog at my feet. Yes, they freakin do. They love it. Right? And so like when I if you’re going to build a business through social media, I want you to write down one through five, you’re literally 212345. Number one, you’re going to write down real estate because that’s the industry that we’re all in. But then two through five, you’re going to make it personal to you. What makes you tick, if you were in an elevator and someone said, Okay, tell me about yourself. What are some things you like? That’s your five things. That’s the other four. So like real for me, I do real estate and being an entrepreneur, I talk about being a wife and a mom, because that’s my number one, right? I talk about personal growth because I’m always on a journey to be like the best ever For myself, I talk about positive body image because it’s something that I struggle with and after having three kids, and the last would be in an emergency C section. Like my I, my body has changed a lot. And I had fertility and we’ve had four losses. And like I’ve really had this like journey to become a mom. And, you know, it is something I talked about, I wasn’t going to talk about it on social media, but I found myself like silently struggling, and I was like, Man, I have a super killer support system. And I’m struggling.

D.J. Paris 15:29
There, imagine what everyone else who doesn’t have that support. And by the way, what percentage of women struggle with what percentage of humans certainly women, I mean, this is 99% of women struggle with body image because of how we, as a society project, what women are supposed to look like. And obviously it’s very, we all know how tough women have it. So that’s a great, great thing to talk about. Yeah.

Rachel Adams Lee 15:50
And I just think like, you know, it can be a cool thing, too, is your four passions can change before I had kids, that was not something I talked about. But after I had kids like positive body image became one of my focal points of my life. So it’s something that I want to talk about with others. And so you come up with these different things that help you define who you are as a person. And then remember, people will find you because you’re in real estate, but they stick around because of who you are, and how you make them feel. And so you get really intentional on going through these and like if you go on my Instagram, and you’ll look at like the grid, right? Like the little pictures, you’ll literally see me go through these topics. And, you know, if if you join my real estate team today, you actually have to sign a social media addendum that says you’ll post at least three times a week, three times. Wow,

D.J. Paris 16:32
it’s part it’s part of the agreement to work with you. I love it. Oh,

Rachel Adams Lee 16:36
absolutely. Because if you’re not doing social media, as a realtor, now, you’re going to get left behind. And you know, one of the big things that we really are focusing on now is video. Yeah. You

D.J. Paris 16:47
know, it’s funny, I want to pause for a sec, because I wanted to get your take on this. I’m curious to get I have an opinion about this. But I’ll wait to hear your opinion first, although maybe I’ll be leading. leading you on this one. I’ll try not to what do you think the role of websites personal websites are going to be going forward? Are they going to be less important, more important, neutral, meaning an agent with their own website?

Rachel Adams Lee 17:11
Yeah. I think that you’re what you need to have a website because it can be linked to your MLS right for IDX. So like your search portals, and if you’re doing ads and stuff like that, but otherwise, your social media is your website on? Yes,

D.J. Paris 17:25
your web, stop working on your websites, everybody. First of all, your, your SEO, you’re not going to compete with the other people who are already locked in that those SEO results for top, you know, to one to three searches on or one to three positions on the search of Google anything under one to three no one clicks on it anyway. So don’t try to play that game. Because, again, have a nice looking website, like you said, have an IDX search built in so people can search instead of going to Zillow or Redfin, they’re going to maybe use your site, but realize that not people are gonna hang out on your website, one

Rachel Adams Lee 17:55
thing that I want you to look at, so go, you can do it right now. Sorry. And that’s a real what I was just doing this morning. Okay, so if you go to my Instagram right now, so you go to Rachel Adams Lee, what you’re gonna see is like the first line, so you want to be really intentional. So this is like a class for you guys on editing your bios, you want when somebody goes to your social media, you want it to be within one second, they know exactly what they’re looking at. So first, your profile has to be public, you cannot build a social media presence with a private profile. Because if you click on my page, and I’m Private, then you accept you add for me to be your friend or whatever follow by the time that I accept you, you forgot who I am, because you’ve done 15 things that day. So what the very first line you see is Rachel Adams Lee, top 1000. Realtor and business coach. The next thing you see is social media experts. So my credibility, right. And where I serve California realtors, you’ve got to say your realtor on your social media. And you have to say the area you serve, because if you want referrals, so think about this, I had 131 referrals come through last year, a huge portion of those are agents around the country. The rest are client and community, right. But you want to make sure that you always say the areas that you serve, because then it gives people to know where they can give you referrals, and they’re constantly meeting coming to your profile and getting value and laughing and connecting and feeling and cue you’re there buddy. And then by the way, you happen to serve that area, and then you continue moving on. And so the third line down is really where I do credibility. So you can see how many houses you sold or if you haven’t, if you don’t have the credibility behind you yet, you know, you’re with a top brokerage, like whatever you want to say there. And then my fourth line down is my personal stuff. So I my wife and I are working mama with three boys. And then the line after that is a call to action. So if you your call to action could be like click your to find out how much your home is worth. But you always want to have something for them to do. You’ll notice like if you go on my social media and let’s talk about reels for a minute let’s talk about video because it is the number one thing the algorithm favors above all else Right now, I spent a lot of time working on reels and doing video. And we have something we can talk about a little bit for you guys that will help. And what you’ll notice is if you go look at the reels, and you click on them, and you literally go over just to look at the reels, you’re gonna see what is called a hook. So what people don’t realize is when people select scrolling on social, you actually only have two seconds to frickin seconds to stop the scroll and see if what you’re posting about is something they want. So your hook that so what you do is when you create your video, you have the hook on the screen, literally for two seconds. When you use editing apps, like I use one called InShot. You can keep it on there for two seconds, and then you move forward. So like one says, How I gained 6000 followers in three months. Another one says how I got a $1.7 million buyer for mineral penthouse check out my system, how to hack the algorithm, best recording equipment for your videos to go viral. How to Lose 10 pounds with Chad GPT, right? Like, these are hooks. These are things that literally are going to stop people and they’re gonna say, oh, I want to learn about that. But if I don’t have an eye catching something on there, then they scroll past so many realtors, like one of the big mistakes they do DJ is they’ll be like, Hey, guys, my name is Rachel and today gone lost him. Who cares? My name is what am I going to talk about? That’s what you have to have. The second I

D.J. Paris 21:20
want to make two two quick points that I’d for clarifying. So when she’s talking about a hook, what we’re really thinking about is, when we’re scrolling on YouTube, let’s think about YouTube for a second, the videos that tend to perform the best have have sort of title cards. So what we’re really talking about with Rachael saying is we’re creating sort of title cards within a reel. So the first so that way, when they’re when they’re listed, as you she was saying to scroll through you literally without even having to click on the video, you can see exactly what the video is. That is huge. And I believe, Rachel, you may have to correct me on this, I believe, once you upload a reel into Instagram, I don’t believe you can edit or add a cover after the fact I may be wrong. Yes. So So I’ve made this mistake a million times where I’ve uploaded reels, they don’t have a title card, or the first few seconds that show what we’re going to do with written out. And you’re right, nobody knows what. Yeah,

Rachel Adams Lee 22:13
yeah. So you, you really need to have that done ahead of time and the title card, like he’s saying, so the cover page like that is important for when that’s important for when you are like creating a real for your page and someone’s scrolling on your content. But if they’re not on your page, and you get to the Explore page where I’m at a lot, that’s where you need to have the two for the the hook on there for the two seconds, because that’s where you’re gonna grab them. Now,

D.J. Paris 22:42
quick, quick questions. So I’ve got about, I don’t know, maybe 50 reels for this podcast, we grab little, we just started grabbing moments and doing our 62nd videos. Yeah, we did not think about title cards. So would it make sense to pull all of those down, add title cards, re upload them as as new post, just because it would probably get more visibility or moving

Rachel Adams Lee 23:05
forward? No, because that’s like deleting all your social media and starting fresh. It’s like when’s the best time to plant a tree? Right, plant the seed. Yeah. So Yeah, yesterday, can’t do it today. So you just start moving forward. So your next title card will be here. And you just again, you want to pull the hooks and I have what I can do for your listeners. Actually, I have a website that I’ll give you where if you go to I think it’s called Rachel’s freebies, yeah, go to Rachel’s freebies.com that will give them 20 Free hooks. So we’ll give them 20 They can use right now on their social media, which you guys can put that in the show notes. But if you go to Rachel’s freebies, that’ll give them 20 hooks they can use right now on their social media.

D.J. Paris 23:46
I also wanted to make one point, this is just a little aside that I noticed when I was searching for you on Instagram, and I want everybody not, don’t just go directly to Rachel’s Instagram, go to Google search, Rachel Adams Lee, Instagram, and I want you to notice the font that comes up on on Google when it shows the result it is a unique font because Rachel was very smart and realize that when you use a unique font, on Instagram, it actually pulls that into the Google snippet when people are searching on Google and it is so unique. It drew my eye immediately to it. I was like Whoa, did Google change their fonts all of a sudden? No just for Rachel because it and when you go to her Instagram page you will see her name is in a unique font. That is not by accident. That is not a mistake. That is notice how your eyes go straight to that a little little tiny thing I noticed but

Rachel Adams Lee 24:37
fancy font if you guys to free app, you can download it. It’s called fancy font. And so like whenever I’m writing emails, whenever like when I do captions on social media, I use a lot if I want you to see something, I capitalize it and I bold it because I want it to grab your attention because it grabs mine and I’m going a million miles a minute so like I have to have stuff that’s like stop. This is important. Read this. Yeah, I don’t Did you know this story you and I talked about before we went live about how so I was telling him about how I got a phone call today from someone who is going through a divorce. And she was saying she needs to find a realtor. And she said she was talking to her daughter at the gym about how she needs a realtor and her 17 year old daughter was like, I follow this girl on Instagram. Why don’t you call her? She found me because of a real you guys, the reels are the number one thing that algorithm favors and it will push you above other people in the feed. And so but the reason I brought it up as well, we’re talking, my phone rang and it was the attorney. And so I’m like, Oh, it’s so hard. I’m like, can I just pause this so I can go get that piece of business? Nope, I’m time blocked. This is the one thing I will tell you that makes you state guys, time blocking. Like my number one focus right now is doing this podcast with DJ because I committed to it, I’m time blocked for it. As soon as I’m done with him, I’m going to call back that attorney and I’m going to post a reel that I was editing right before I got on here. So like my whole life is time blocked. But you can do you can build this business you can have the kids you can do the things you want to do if you time block. When I did the door knocking the open houses, I time blocked for it, I would I would door knock two hours a day. And I could hit about 75 doors in those two hours. With social media. I’ll give you guys a system for how you can lead generate through social media for two hours. All my lead generation is in two hours because that’s like as long as my attention span can last before I’m like it’s not good. But you know, that’s that’s a success. If you can master time blocking as a realtor like you can do this. Yeah,

D.J. Paris 26:33
and it’s we’re talking about turn the phone off or put it facedown and don’t because things are going to be flying at you. As we all know, things fly at you all day long. And it’s easy. If you’re like me, you just get distracted by any shiny object. So good idea now. So let’s talk about content again. So we understand the importance of reels and what a reel is, at least an Instagram I believe is 90 seconds, Max, I can’t remember if it’s 60 or 90 short

Rachel Adams Lee 27:00
form video, it can be 90 seconds or less. But I’ll be totally transparent with you like the easiest reels that go trending and viral are like 10 seconds or less, and even seven seconds because you what you do. So a reel will play twice in a row. For someone who’s watching it. It’s called looping, it will play twice in a row for someone that’s watching it. And so what you do is the way you want to think about reals, like the strategy behind it is in this kind of content a little overwhelming, but I’ll give you something at the end, that will make it easy. So you’re going to record your video, okay, and you’re going to come up with your topic, you’re going to know what you’re going to do. So you’re going to record your video for let’s like my best ones are like seven seconds long, no joke. So seven seconds long your recall, you literally can record you typing at a computer and smiling for seven seconds, then you’re going to come up with your hook. So whatever the video is going to be about, and you’re going to put it on the top of the screen for two seconds, then you’re going to have two more things you’re going to share with them. And then you can be like see caption. What I will tell you is the real is to is to entertain them where you educate them. And you position yourself as the expert is in the caption below. Because what you’re going to notice on all of my reels like I have one that I put up earlier this week, and it talks about I think I was like at 60,000 views like as of this morning, and it talks it talks about how things that depreciate in value as soon as you buy them. And I said your car, your designer purse, Asa evils, like I made it kind of funny. And then I was like things that don’t real estate, and it is a five second video you guys, all I’m doing is walking towards the camera for five seconds. And then in the caption, I educate. And I’m like, let’s talk about why real estate is important to build wealth. And so I positioned myself as the expert in the caption, but in that I’m using 30, hashtags, six or geo hashtags. So people are like the hashtags matter, they do matter. They’re not going to make or break your content, but they do help. And if you can get more followers, why the heck not. So hashtags, I want to think of hashtags like Google. So if someone’s looking for a realtor, like a top luxury realtor, they can type in luxury realtor, and 1000s hundreds of 1000s of realtors have used that hashtag, but if it’s like Sacramento, luxury real estate Sacramento, there’s gonna be a lot fewer that are gonna pop up and my reels are good, so they’re gonna grab them. So with hashtags, like the the video, like the the system, I would say for video is like you’re gonna record it, you’re going to edit it and I use InShot. Like I said, you’re going to put your words on the screen, I do want you to put words on the screen because 80% of people are watching your videos without the sound on because they’re watching them at work when they should be working. And so you want to make sure you tell them what it’s going to be about on the screen. And then also this is like super heavy, but like the algorithm, it’s called alternative text and keywords. They’re watching the words you put on the screen, and that is going to be fed to the people out there that are looking in your genre. And then trending audio is the other piece. So the trending audio makes a massive difference on your reel and you just look for that little arrow in the bottom left screen that’s going up. And that is how you find the trending audio.

D.J. Paris 30:12
And let’s explain what trending audio is. Okay, so trending

Rachel Adams Lee 30:16
audio is the music that you hear on a reel that has a certain amount of uses that is catching into the algorithm. So it’s going to push it out in front of more people. So I only post reels with trending audio, because I want I know the system and the how to make it go, you know, have a better chance of going viral and getting in front of more people. But again, I’m targeting realtors, because I want referrals from Realtors around the country. And I’m targeting buyers and sellers in my local community, because I want them to position me as a local expert.

D.J. Paris 30:44
And do your reels. Are they ever more than let’s say 10 seconds or so? Or are they usually within that seven second

Rachel Adams Lee 30:51
are so like I when I’m educating when I’m teaching about something, I they’re a little bit longer, I have one that I was like not sure how it would do because it’s like, I think it was like 84 seconds or something. But I was teaching people about this rule that I call the five by five, which is how you wake up the algorithm when you make a post so they get more eyes on your content. So I was teaching them about it says like how to hack the algorithm and get more eyes on your content. That’s my hook. And then I’m teaching them an idea about the rule of 555. And so that is definitely a little bit of a longer one. And I want and you also you test it out, because my audience is different than your audience. So what works for me, the short reels where you entertain them and educate work for everybody. But like, my audience knows that I’m going to teach them how to build a business as well. So like, I’m going to educate if you don’t do that you you might do on where you say why it’s important to get a home inspection, like and that’s your hook. Right? Why it’s important to get a home inspection. And then or like three mistakes every buyer makes when not getting a home inspection to not getting approved for a loan, like you know what I mean? And then you educate them below. Anyone can do that.

D.J. Paris 32:03
Question about hashtags. So you said something that struck me as interesting, because I have heard, I’ve heard a lot of different opinions on on hashtags. So I have heard that Instagram prefers keeping the number of hashtags under six, you use 30. So can you speak a little bit to and I know you’ve tested at all, so is that sort of an old wives tale that only keep a few hashtags per post. So

Rachel Adams Lee 32:27
the algorithm is always changing, always changing the most you can have as 30 The least you could have as one, but you don’t get penalized for having 30. So I, I, again, I’m a Systems person, I’m not like what are the number six that I need to do? Screw that I have 30 my six are in there, pick the six you want. You know what I mean? Like I don’t you’re not getting you don’t get like, you don’t get hurt for having more hashtags. Got

D.J. Paris 32:52
it? Because it’s I know, at some point in social media, there was like what we would call a keyword stuffing. And people would just inflate but I guess the point is, Instagram doesn’t really care how many how many hashtags you have, if the content is keeping people engaged for that amount of time that they’re watching. They they don’t care. If you have crappy content, and you just have all these keywords and or hashtags, then yeah, maybe they would downvote that. But you’re absolutely right. It’s all about the quality of the content.

Rachel Adams Lee 33:20
Yeah, for sure. Okay, go ahead, I want to talk about so one thing I can we can talk about is how they can convert a follower into a client, because I think that’s important conversation. Huge. Okay, so you’re gonna have all these people following you. And what you don’t realize is right now only seven to 10% of your friends are seeing what you’re doing seven to 10% of your friend, by

D.J. Paris 33:44
the way, at best, it might it might even be like 3% Yeah, yeah,

Rachel Adams Lee 33:48
like think about all the people you have in your on your social media. But you see the same stories, the same post the same feed. And the rule is, if you’re not seeing them, they’re not seeing you. So every single month, all my social media clients, what we do is we take pen to paper, and we write down 25 names of people that we’re already friends with on social but we’re not seeing their content anymore. So you could pick your 25, it could be 25 local business owners, it could be 25 Realtors from around the country, it could be 25 past clients, it could be 25 people from your church. But each month you’re gonna pick 25 people. And then this is the way that you get in front of the people who you’re already friends with, but they’re not seeing your content. So it’s called My rule of 555. So five minutes before you make a post. you comment on five people’s post? A comment a five words or more.

D.J. Paris 34:39
Okay, hold on, let’s go on a backup. So here’s here’s what we’re talking about. I just want to make sure this is really clear, because this is absolutely an idea that not one person has ever shared. And the six years and 500 episodes, we’ve done this. So here’s what here’s what, here’s what Rachel is saying. So she’s saying one thing to know is that very few, a very small percentage of your followers on social are actually going to see your posts organically? Under 10%, for sure, so how do we get in front of that additional 90 plus percent. What she does is before she a while, when we first start out is the other thing she said was one way to sort of see who might be seeing your stuff and who might not is it’s this one to one relationship, if you are seeing their reels, their posts, odds are, they are probably seeing yours as well. But since we know most aren’t, you can take a look. And you can make an assumption that if you’re not seeing theirs, they’re not seeing yours, you’re gonna make a list of those people. And then five minutes before you actually post your Go ahead. Yeah, so

Rachel Adams Lee 35:33
five minutes before you make a post, you comment on five of those people’s posts, a comment of five words or more, and then what that does. So there are people who like you who love you who actually want to refer business to you, but you’re not top of mind for them. Right, like, and so the way you stay top of mind is being in front of them. And then once they start to engage with your stuff, you’re in there, and you’re not talking about real estate. So they’re not like, Oh, my God shut up. They’re like, wow, she’s doing this with her kids, oh, she went on this vacation, she read this book, she’s going through this with her body like, and they start to have things in common with me. And then they’re like, oh, and then when they’re in the grocery store, and five aisles down, they hear someone talking about selling a house, they’re like, oh, my gosh, Rachel, I got to run down and tell her you know what I mean. And so that works really well. The other thing you guys are going to do, and this is to help you turn a new follower into a client. So what happens a lot of times is like say that I have a post and my husband and I go to Tahoe, right, and we have our anniversary, when you do a birthday or anniversary post you get tons of people with like Happy anniversary, happy birthday. And everybody is like usually people do one blanket, thank you, like thank you for all the love and the messages. What what I want you to do is like when I tell my agents, we’re going to lead generate for two hours on social media, what you’re doing is you’re setting a two hour block. And you’re gonna go to a higher producing post that you have. Now your comments, you should respond to all your comments, because the point of social media is to have interaction. So just as a given if you people are commenting on your social comment back to them. But that missing link, this like magic piece that people don’t realize are your likes, your Likes are literally this, this list of people going, Hey, I’m watching, I’m right here, I see what you’re doing. But it’s usually a vanity metric people like I got 100 likes on that post.

D.J. Paris 37:12
It makes us feel good because we’re like people like us. But those people

Rachel Adams Lee 37:15
get no interaction. So what I do when I’m doing lead generation for social media, is I go on my computer, I don’t do it on my cell phone because I need to be able to like click on my with my mouse and stuff. So I go on my computer, I click on the likes, I scroll over the likes, I copy them and paste them into a Word doc. And then you guys I go one by one I literally go through. And what I would do is when so so say that Jessica comments on my posts, and she’s like Happy anniversary. I’m like, Thanks, girl. We had a great time. And then DJ likes my post. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go proactively to DJs page. So he likes my post. I go look at his social I see something happening in his world. What’s What’s something that just happened for you and your family recently? Like, um, I

D.J. Paris 37:55
just went to the US Open for tennis a couple weeks ago.

Rachel Adams Lee 38:00
Okay, perfect. So he likes my post for my anniversary, I would send them a private message. I’d be like, hey, DJ, thanks so much for connecting with me on my anniversary post. We had the best time in Tahoe. Oh my gosh, I saw you guys just wanted to US Open. That’s always been a bucket list for me. How was it?

D.J. Paris 38:14
So we’re now we’re talking about direct message. So now so your direct messaging why

Rachel Adams Lee 38:19
I sent him a DM. Okay. And I mentioned something super specific about DJ, I don’t say anything about the fact that he’s in Chicago, right? Yeah, I don’t say anything about Chicago, because it has nothing to do with what we’re talking about. And I’m gonna ask him about the US Open and then he’s gonna come back and you say, oh, my gosh, I saw Hayden like just started teething. That’s so crazy. Like, you’re getting sleep. And we’re gonna go back and forth, back and forth. Just talking personal life. Eventually, when I think the transition feels good and natural, maybe it’s same day, maybe it’s same week, maybe it’s a month, whenever it feels natural key word here. I say something to DJ of the effect of, hey, DJ, I really love getting to know you on a personal level, which makes me think we probably aligned in our business lives as well. I don’t have a great referral partner in Chicago. Do you have one in Northern California? You guys 131 referrals. This is how this conversation happens. Because I want to lead with the relationship. I always want to get to know the person first. And then we talk about the business. And it works. It works really, really well. And

D.J. Paris 39:19
we’re predominantly talking Instagram right now. I’m guessing right? Because or I guess,

Rachel Adams Lee 39:25
Facebook, I’m sorry. Facebook to me, I still get most of my business comes from Facebook still. I’m Facebook,

D.J. Paris 39:30
I see. Well, I’m just thinking of like, I’m thinking of a Facebook real. So let’s get really specific. So you have a Facebook page where you’re posting your reels, that’s public, anyone can access that. When somebody on Facebook likes it, do you you do have to be friends with them then to go back and message or you can well you could message with

Rachel Adams Lee 39:50
less human being friends. Yeah, you because I haven’t kept an eye on you only have 5000 followers on Facebook and I have like 20 what I have now but like I kept a long time ago. So For

D.J. Paris 40:00
me, you’re not saying friend them necessarily, you’re saying send them a direct message,

Rachel Adams Lee 40:04
you don’t have the friend or if you have the availability, but I just send them a private message. Gotcha. Yeah. And then again, this is where it is really important to have that public profile. Because if you have a private profile, and I go to say something to you, I can’t see what anything happened in your life. And the other thing too, is like, with social media, it can be this like beautiful, empowering positive place, it can also suck the life out of you. So you have to be really intentional. So like, if I’m going through, and I go to click on someone’s page, and I get that, like, oh, I would never be friends with this person in real life, right there. And then I block them. I’m out. Because I’m like, you get to choose who you have in your feed who you have in your life. Same thing on social, I want my social media to make me feel good, and inspire me and empower me. And if it makes me feel the opposite, those people don’t belong in my world anymore.

D.J. Paris 40:48
I love that. Yeah. Boundaries. It’s about boundaries. That’s really great. So okay, let’s let’s go back through those steps. So before you do your real, you are going to find people that have that you are that you are not seeing their content, they are not seeing seeing five minutes before we also stress

Rachel Adams Lee 41:06
people out, I feel like it’s just a post when I’m doing my lead generation. I’m not doing it on reels, I’m doing it on posts. So I do like a picture post that I’ve made. I could do it for reals. But when I’m doing my lead generation, its posts and you have to remember most of our audience probably are doing more posts than reels. So So do it with a post guys, like

D.J. Paris 41:26
how many how many posts versus reels would you recommend on a daily weekly basis?

Rachel Adams Lee 41:32
Great question. I think you need to be doing at least one reel a week, at least one reel a week, if not more, I think you should be posting at least three times a week. Now you could do just a picture post, you could do a carousel post, which is multiple pictures. So you can choose what that looks like. But you do want to make sure you’re doing the the reels and can I share with them that get social leverage what that is yes. Okay, so a lot of realtors come to me and they’re like, Rachel, I want to do video. But I don’t know how I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to record it. I don’t know what equipment I need. I don’t know, you know, all the things. So I really felt this question coming up a lot to me. And it was stressing a lot of people out. So I said, How can I fill that void for our industry. So I created something called the weekly real system. So we have hundreds of agents doing this around the country. And what we do is every week I find a trending real and real estate, I shoot the raw footage. Then on Monday, you get an email that comes to you and it says hey, your reel is ready to create. All you have to do is you go on this private website that we have. And it will say like for example, it will say film yourself smiling and typing on your camera for seven seconds. You send that into my team, then we’re going to edit it for you put the captions the hook, I will write the hook for you put it on the screen, I write the actual post for you. I give you your hashtags, your geo hashtags, and I find the trending audio that trending that week in real estate, and through Instagram. And so literally, it’s all done for you. It’s 97 bucks a month. So it’s super inexpensive. You get a real every single week. And what’s super cool is it is your fastest conversion that you will see for your platform. Because we have people that are doing it. And like one of our girls, she posted a reel and she got four leads from it. Another one her daughter was in preschool and her all of a sudden her reel came in to her preschool teachers algorithm and she was like, I need to sell my house, I had no idea you were in real estate. We have people whose social media is up, I get messages all the time. 415% 445% for engagement, like this is the fastest thing you can do to build your presence on social media and we can handle the entire thing for you. If you go to get social leverage, and you click on the weekly reels, it’s 97 bucks a month and it’s like a no brainer.

D.J. Paris 43:45
I love that and you guys are doing all the heavy lifting. All we’re doing is doing a quick little shot of us you guys do the editing, and then we just posted it. Do you recommend a post? Do you what about cross posting? What do we think about now maybe that’s sort of a little bit further ahead for a lot of our listeners, but Phase two would be considering dropping those into tick tock I guess YouTube shorts things like that. Do you do cross posting in different channels?

Rachel Adams Lee 44:12
Yeah, so when I make a real I posted on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube shorts and tick tock I don’t tick tock is literally just there because I post on it I don’t do anything through tick tock I don’t I’ve never got a referral through tick tock. I just do it to like get the overall why not? Yeah. And really I don’t post it my assistant posts it for me there. But Facebook and Instagram is my jam. That’s like where my main focus comes from. I have a YouTube channel my YouTube channel has like hours and hours of free coaching content. You guys are welcome to go binge it. We talked about like how I got in the luxury market. I just shared my whole open house system because we had a $1.7 million buyer walk into our open house and it has been converted and in contract seven days later. And so I get my whole open house system. I believe in our industry and just like sharing and giving and it always comes back around and So that’s why I do all these different things for free, because it’s like, why not? People did it for me?

D.J. Paris 45:06
Yeah, and it does people get hooked on content, and then you have this ability to market to them forever. And that’s the beauty of of, you’re creating really great content. Let’s talk about your coaching as well. Okay.

Rachel Adams Lee 45:19
So yeah, I have so a lot of people are like, Rachel, I feel like you’re my style. I love the ideas you’re doing. I would like more. So two things. One, I have a mastermind group, it’s 29 bucks a month. That one if you were to Rachel’s coaching crew, sorry for that tell you about that one, but it’s 29 bucks a month. And I go in there twice a month, and I coach for 45 minutes. This last week, we talked all about listing. So I went over my listing presentation with them. I’ve talked about how I broke into the luxury market, when you hire your first admin, hey, I did this Instagram posting, I got no traction. So it’s really cool because I go in my coach for 45 minutes, but there’s also q&a. So we’ve have 81 referrals already passed out in that group. It’s you have a membership library where you can watch all the coaching later. So literally for $126 a month, you could have your weekly real covered and you can be in a coaching mastermind group, game changer. The other thing is if you really want to do a deep dive on social if you’re like, you know what 2024 is the year that I’m really going to focus on social media at a high level. I have an eight week social media masterclass where I do deep dives into Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. And I teach you like what to post how to post when to post, how to beat the algorithm, I give you a content calendar, it really just kind of helps you get some insight into like, really, if you’re doing social media at a high level, and it’s a place you’re going to focus on for lead generation. It helps.

D.J. Paris 46:44
I love it, I would cache we have covered so much. Let’s recap, let’s recap some of the different offerings because you’re giving away a lot of great content to our audience. So let’s what was the freebies link as well for people to check out Rachel’s

Rachel Adams Lee 46:59
freebies.com That’s gonna give them the 20 hooks to go viral. So Rachel, awesome.

D.J. Paris 47:06
And then we also have Hello social coaching. So if you’re looking to get some social coaching, that is.com That is the website, hello, social coaching, we’ll have links to all of this in the show notes and get social leverage as well. That is, that is the video reels that are done for you that you’ve just basically, and I want to talk to you off air about what I could be doing with my content. Because I have a we have a little bit of a different aim. But essentially same sort of thing. And I want to I want to get some ideas from Rachel as well. So I’m going to be signing up and I want everybody

Rachel Adams Lee 47:38
to about real estate guys is like you can have the life you want. You can build this business of your dreams. But real estate gives you the platform to do that. So like all of these amazing people I have in my world, I met them through real estate, and I’m a multi passionate entrepreneur, like I have a you know, like, I have four different streams of income for how I do run my life. But real estate is the foundation of everything. And so all the people that I’m in contact with all my main like, genre is still real estate. And we can build, you can do whatever you want. Like it’s it really is so fun. And so now like I get to be a working mom, I get to you know, like create these coaching courses and, you know, make six and seven figures and do all these things and still make an impact on my community and you guys have the exact same opportunity in front of you. It’s just what you choose to plug into.

D.J. Paris 48:25
Alright guys, this is a great place to wrap up because there’s a lot of to do’s here a lot of calls to action. So if you’re an agent in Northern California, I would probably want to work with Rachel at her Keller Williams team. She is the Rachel Adams elite group, you can visit Rachel Adams League group.com and learn all about what they offer their agents and team members. This is the year that people are moving. So moving meaning moving around offices not as much moving with homes. But certainly moving offices, this is a great opportunity. If you’re not getting the attention you need to consider maybe joining Rachel’s team. Also we have a lot of fun if you’re not in the Northern California area, not looking to switch firms. Lots of lots of cool opportunities to work with Rachel she’s got she’s got her reels system that she’ll do for you for what was it $29 A month 97

Rachel Adams Lee 49:15
A month for the weekly real service and then 29 bucks for the mastermind group, which if you check with weekly reals, it’ll ask you do you want to join the mastermind group and you can just

D.J. Paris 49:24
Yeah, I mean that is that is both as somebody who pays to get reals done, I know how inexpensive what you’re offering is and coaching for $29 a month we know guys that is the cheapest coaching price you will ever find for pretty much any type of coach ever. So definitely check that out as well. And we will have links to I and Rachel’s freebies.com too. We were gonna give you just all of these links. Guys, all I want you to do the way that you can help think Rachel is obviously Check out all her stuff consider investing in her courses. She’s obviously the real deal. Please do it. It’s inexpensive. It’s kind of a no brainer, but The way that you can help both of us to is Tell a friend about this episode, think of one, just one other agent that needs to get their social media health improved and send them this this interview, please, please, please, you can send them to send them right over to our website, keeping it real pod.com Or the or any podcast app, they listened to search for keeping it real, hit that subscribe button, but send them a link to this particular episode, you are going to be doing a lot of good for your co workers and also helping us in that same time. On behalf of our audience. I want to thank Rachel, busy mother, busy entrepreneur, and just a heck of a nice person. And think about all the content she gave us away for free today, all of the help, she literally just is like this is exactly how I do it. So we need to thank her. So I’m on behalf of the audience thanking you for that. On behalf of Rachel and myself, we got to thank our listeners. You guys are the reason we’re here and making it all the way to the end of the episode. That’s awesome. Thank you for that. So uh, please tell a friend. We We love you. We’re gonna keep producing these episodes. Of course, let us know what you think of the show. Also, if you have an extra few moments, leave us a review. Let us know what on whatever podcast app you’re listening. Let us know what you think of the show. We read those and we we’re here to serve you. So tell us what we could do differently and better. And again, please tell a friend. Again, Rachel, thank you so much. This was awesome. And we will see everybody on the next episode. Thanks, Rachel.

Rachel Adams Lee 51:23
Thanks so much.

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