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Welcome to Breaking Down Ali’s Systems mini-series with Ali Garced.

In this mini-series Ali will be explaining how she built her systems both for buyers and for sellers. In the third episode, Ali continues where she left on her Trello checklist during episode 2 and also continues to cover the entire homebuyer checklist.

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Welcome back to part three of the buyer series checklist. Again, this is what my group does. We love our checklists, we put everything in the checklist so that way we never forget anything. We can sleep easy at night and not wake up in the middle of the night thinking oh my gosh, did I do this? No. We’re gonna reference the checklist. Anything that you do more than twice should be part of a checklist. So welcome back. Aligarh said ally, the agent on all social media. If you have been enjoying this series so far, please go ahead and give DJ and keeping it real a review five star review on whatever platform you’re listening to this on, whether it’s YouTube, or Apple or Spotify, please go ahead and do that DJ does a lot for bettering this industry. And I love that. So if you are catching this on part three, and you have not yet watched part one or part two, I advise that you go to part one. And you watch that on YouTube, as opposed to listening to it. Because as much as I’m trying to vocalize exactly what I’m doing, it’s better if you follow along on the computer and can see and create your own checklist. If you don’t want to ask me for the checklist here, you can create your own checklists, just following along because I’m sharing my screen on everything. So otherwise, if you want the copy of my checklist, I am giving these away for free, just meet with me first text 520-341-2552. Or you could just find me on social media. Again, that’s ally, the agent, I have been meeting with a couple of you and it’s so nice that just being able to share a checklist and help other agents out. I love it. I’m here for this. So text me I’ve got a lot of reach outs on here for you. So let’s get started on the Trello checklist, where I left off at the end of part two of the series was the inspection period and the appraisal period. So assuming that the appraisal comes back and you know buyer and seller agree, or it comes back right at the purchase price. Excellent. The next step is or the next section rather is the before closing checklist. So first item on this checklist is to email clients the before closing checklist aka buyer email number five. And again, when you when you meet with me you get all these emails as well. So what does buyer email number five say? Well, what a good question. I’m so glad you asked. Okay, the first thing again, on every single one of my emails is a video so few people do this. Again, people this is not only another touch that a lot of other realtors aren’t doing. It’s a one time video that you create for all of your clients. And they get to see you and hear you again and you know, it’s almost as if you’re right there with them telling them hey, these are the next steps. So what does this three minute video say I pretty much just relay everything of what’s already in the body of the email and the text. Because again, if I were to just send this portion here if you’re looking along it’s just words and it’s so lengthy and it’s so boring who wants to read this even I don’t want to read it so therefore even though I made it you know bullet bullet format you know, no paragraphs or a few paragraphs it’s boring so make it as easy for them as possible to follow along. Boom they can click on this it goes straight to my bom bom which I pay for 23 bucks a month for the unlimited. I highly suggest you do the same you can also do loom as well. So, the next steps, what does this What the What does the text of buyer email number five say? It says number one, transfer all your utilities over to your personal name on and your credit card your checking account starting at the closing date. In Arizona, the date of closing or close of Escrow belongs to the buyer, it could be different in your state, definitely check with your team lead your broker, your you know, your state leaders. Also, along with what so essentially, what does the utilities entail the water sewer trash, the electric, the gas, etc. You also want to make sure that the solar lease or the solar loan, if that applies in this case, is transferred over. So in that way, the seller doesn’t have that anymore, and the buyer can take over the the loan or the lease whatever may apply. Number two, so important, schedule a locksmith to change the locks on your property the day of closing once you record. So again, it depends on you know, it might be different in other states, so so definitely check with your broker, I have had a personal scare with this where on my second closing ever, I was representing buyers, and they purchase a house from a bigger company. And it about two days later, they had not yet scheduled the lock the locks to be changed. And around midnight, this big company goes into their house barges into their house and tries to get them to move out of the house claiming that they were squatters. It was a whole thing. They said that there are no emergencies in real estate, that was actually an emergency. That was so scary. So even if you have never had any bad issues with this, please use my example to tell your buyers the importance of changing the locks as soon as the property records as soon as you can in your state. Number three, of course, schedule internet and cable because internet, at least in my area takes a long time to schedule. So you want to make sure that they are ahead of the game, the earlier they can do that the better. Again, this is this goes out about a week before closing. So it gives them enough time. And any other subscriptions or people that they’ll need, for example, if they have a pool scheduled the pool company, schedule the past the weeds.

You know, I’m trying to think of other other things, but it’s all pretty much that we have here. And what happens as you scroll down in this email, then I say it’s been great working with you. I’ve loved helping you through this home purchasing journey. Again, I repeat that also in the video as well. And the bottom of this email, I say Can I ask you for a favor? Do you know if anyone else was looking to buy or to sell. And this can be in any state not just in, you know, enter your city and state? Because from there, you can get referrals. And I’ve gotten referrals this way. It’s been great, actually, not from this email, but from me doing this also in a text. And I’ll explain more of that in a bit. And if they do have someone you know, can you start a group chat and introduce me to them, instead of them. Passing on your phone number, what you want is for them to start a group chat with that potential buyer with that potential seller with you on it that way. It’s a warm handoff, and it’s a better conversion rate after that. And then I explain what what referrals mean, because a lot of people don’t realize I don’t really know what that means. You know, my business runs off referrals. Clients don’t know what that means, especially if they’ve never been in a business owner. So I explained that to them. So boom, I sent by your email number five to the all buyer parties and heading back to this Trello checklist now. Then I asked them to write a review. Again, this is about a week before closing check the checklist there. So sometimes buyers aren’t comfortable yet. They want to make sure that they close, that’s totally fine too. I do reiterate to them, that the review is just based off of me as a person so far in their experience, so they don’t have to wait until closing. But if they prefer to wait till closing totally fine. I’m here for it. Thank you so much. So of course Zillow is once you actually have a closings, but Google doesn’t have to be so you can ask for several reviews from the same clients throughout the process. And that’s exactly what’s next after that is to do it on all of the review platforms. Google Zillow, realtor, Facebook business page if you have that, YouTube, whatever it might be. After that, complete the final walkthrough with the buyer or if the final walkthrough waiver applies then make sure that all the parties sign and it’s sent over to the brokers for the review. If you’re at the final walkthrough, take the keys out of the super box and put them in a General Contractor lockbox because sometimes you know listing agents of course coordinate with the listing agent, they’ll want to use that super box and, you know, immediately push it on to the next listing that they have. So definitely don’t want to keep your keep the keys in there. And you definitely want to confirm with the listing agent, that it’s okay that you remove those keys. So of course, just talk to them and figure out a spot to where the keys are safe. And not yet in the buyers control before you know recording, never do that. So just over communicate with the listening agent and work something out there. Then top again teleclasses scheduled locksmith to be to be done after closing, or do the closing gift I just started on with client giant and I love it. I personally am so bad at thinking of closing gifts. Oh, it is. so rough. I it’s just a blank sheet of paper when I think of what to give a glide for closing. So I signed up for client giant, I’m liking it so far, it’s actually pretty good price. Like for example, VIP clients are like 100 bucks for the year for gifts a year. So it’s 25 bucks. And I don’t have to think about it. Yes, please. So reach out to them. In case you also are like me and are a terrible gift giver. Otherwise, if you already have clients client gifts, you know that you already know what to do, I have made the mistake of ordering them too early like before appraisal because I wanted it to be done on time. And I wanted to give it to the client right at closing, like when they’re signing or when we meet at the house and I give them the keys. But as you know, 25% of all contracts fall out of escrow. So sometimes you’re left holding the bag, and sometimes you’ll give it to them anyway, it’s kind of awkward, you know, whatever. So you want to make sure that all the contingencies are removed before you order a gift. Don’t learn from my mistakes, please. So then, again, at the bottom here, as we continue scrolling through the checklist, just confirm that the clients and the spouses or even adult kids so that you’ve received a review on whatever platforms you’re looking for, again, with Google, it could be character. So hey, Ali was a funny realtor. That’s that counts. You know, whatever it might be. It helps. So you definitely want to definitely want to increase your Google presence because Google is the number one website in the world, followed by YouTube, which is the number two, Google owns YouTube, you need to be on both. So if anything, focus on YouTube, Google reviews with your Google business page and YouTube. But I have a whole a whole bunch of other videos on on YouTube, I’m definitely increasing my presence there. So day of closing, if the sellers are in town, oops, I meant to say if the buyers are in town, if the buyer, let me fix this right here. If the buyers are in town because the buyer checklist are in coordinated with them go to the closing, go to the signing, make sure that title tells you when when the signing is sometimes there’s a lot of lost communication, there’s have to stay on title to make sure that they tell you when the closing is asked me how I know. Bring your sold key or any sort of additional, you know, something that you want in social media for the clients to post on their pages as well as you to post on yours and your website. If the buyers are out of town, then go ahead and congratulate them call them and FaceTime them. Good phone calls are what people like. So definitely anytime you have good news, call them, don’t waste it on a text. So it’s like people love hearing good news. Then if buyers, again, being that I work with mainly military, a lot of all military have access to bass. And a lot of times the title companies will waive the notary fee, because the buyers or the sellers, whatever military clients that you have, have access to the base and they can avoid paying that $200 mobile notary fee. And they instead they could just go to base and sign there. This helps a lot when your clients are coming out from out of country stay say they’re stationed in Japan or Korea right now they can go on base there, you know have have the closing documents faxed over to the legal base on there, they coordinate with legal and they can sign there and then fax it back. It saves them 200 bucks. There’s no buyers will have to go anywhere to travel. It’s it’s super, super easy. I really liked that a lot. But of course if they don’t have access, if they’re not military, then you can just disregard that. That checklist or that check. Then next title is going to be asking you for the information that’s needed to get you paid, of course, very important Dante. So this goes specifically more into exp stuff where we have sky slope and it tells you you know what buttons to click here to make sure that you get paid. Again, if you’re in a different brokerage, then ask the other, ask other agents around you how to make sure. And then right before closing, call the buyers again with the new saying, hey, so far, so good. Just wanted to say that we are on track. Do you have any questions? And then as this is a perfect opportunity to ask for more referrals. So do you know of anyone else that is that’s looking to buy right now? Or do you know anyone was looking to sell? And then usually, again, because a lot of clients don’t know how our business works? Or what referrals even mean? They’re usually like, No, I’m the only one I know, moving to Aurora, Colorado. And that’s when you can say, I actually can work in any state I can. Do you know, if anyone else is looking to move in any state, I would love to help them find an agent that’s right for their needs. And usually, at that point, you know, what’s the most what’s the most common responses? No, I don’t. And then I find that that that’s a great opportunity for you to really drill in to what to, like activate their memory is specific examples. Usually, what I find is when people are looking to buy or sell is any life changes, like maybe someone you know that my that is pregnant now looking to maybe increase in, you know, upgrade their house, or maybe some parents whose like, kids just went away for college, that might be looking to downsize into something smaller? Do you have anybody like that, or maybe somebody that got a job promotion, and then just stay solid for a little bit and see, give them the opportunity to think about it? They might, they might have somebody. And if they do, again, tell them, this is the perfect time to train your your clients? If you do or when you do. Instead of you passing on my phone number, I would love if you do me a huge favor, and instead of just passing my phone number, if you could introduce me in a group chat. That would be that would mean a lot to me. And they’re usually like, oh, yeah, too easy. Yeah, I’ll introduce you to my friend, whenever I you know, find if someone find out about somebody moving. And that usually increases the conversion rate by a lot. So then the last section here on this before closing checklist is clearly a lesson learned for me. So I added it on here, make sure that the lead base disclosure has been signed by the buyer, and that they’re given the pamphlet, this almost became a quote, this was a close call for us. So if they don’t have it, ask your TC to do it immediately. Because the fine is big, and you’ll be the one paying for it. So that’s another foolproof measure to make sure that all of your paperwork is good to go. Then we have the after closing checklist. And what’s the first thing here buyer email number six, which essentially is asking for a review again, in case they haven’t yet reviewed, reviewed you. So let’s take you over to buyer email number six.

By your email number six here subject line, can you can you leave me a review. And here I say there are 1000s of Realtors in you know x city and you chose to work with me for that I am so so thankful. Can you let me know what I could have done to make it an even better experience? And what do I have for after that, of course, eight video, it’s two minutes long. It describes everything on here that I’m asking for review. And then I’m thanking them for the opportunity that they gave me to work with them. So And here again, after we meet together and you get these checklists, you’ll be you’ll see what the video exactly says. After that scrolling down the email here, can you make a video review of how I helped you? This, I usually do also when I’m on the phone with them. And when I’m giving the keys, that’s the perfect opportunity to take to snap a quick video doesn’t have to be long, 30 seconds. And the only thing that I asked them to do my Hey, would you mind if I take a quick video of you? And they’re usually like, yeah, of course, you know, they’re excited. You just have them buy a house. And they’re like, Yeah, cool. Of course, sometimes they’re nervous, but that’s natural. Not everyone is okay in front of a camera. So the highest level of testimonials are videos. So if you can get that, you know, the more you can get that and add that to your website to your Google business page, the more you’re going to rank so definitely ask them and you can it doesn’t have to be long. The only question they really have to ask or answer is what was it like working with Ally so they can start the sentence off that way working with Ally was and then just let them say whatever they want to say. And then you know, the longer the better of course. But anyway, I’m drilling off a little bit here. So back back to buyer email number six. This is where I asked them for a video review. And I also ask them to start off the the written review with the following like IPCs to Davis Monthan Air Force base with an Aligarh I said helped me buy or sell a home in XYZ city. And working with Ali was blank. I have this because these are key words. Again, SEO is so so important when it comes to getting reviews and getting ranked and therefore getting more clients clients reaching out to you. So I being that my meat and potatoes are working with military clients, I want the keywords PCs, I want the keyword Davis Monthan Air Force Base, of course, you’re also going to want to have your name and city, those, having those keywords will rank you. So you know, for example, say you live in, you know, I don’t I don’t know any other city just plug and play this exact beginning into your buyer email number six. And I also give some examples to some examples. If you were a buyer, how long did we work together that will show other people how impatient I am? What type of loan did you have, because the more that they can share that the more other people reading those reviews will say, Oh man, I also have an FHA loan. Great, it looks like she’s done this before. And maybe I want to work with her. Then the next is if you were remote, during the home buying process, if my team helped you with like during FaceTime, or sending you videos with the properties from afar. This is what we do for 90% of our clients. majority of them have not been in Tucson even until after closing. So and then negotiations, how do the negotiations work? How much under did we get the did we get the property? How much did you already have an instant equity because of our negotiation skills that you were able to close with with and immediately grow your net worth? How many other offers were on the table, and when the sellers chose your offer. And if there weren’t any how far under was the original list price, what were able to get it under contract for and was my team helpful in providing guidance. These are just some examples of what they can or you know, of course, they don’t have to use these. But I’m using these to trigger their memory from the very, very beginning of when we met all of the good you know, all the all the good times that we shared. And then of course, I have the link to Zillow and Google. I also have an example of a previous buyer review. So this, so go through your buyer reviews, find the one that you liked the best find like the one that just stands out and put that review in your template for this email. So in that way, other buyers can start to subliminally see, oh, this is like what she expects this is going to be okay, a really beefy, you know, testimonial, a really beefy review. So I do that. And then also at the bottom here, my business runs on referrals, meaning I rely on the on your word of mouth and telling other buyers and sellers to continue making a living, this is what I do to make a living. So if you know of anywhere of anyone moving anywhere in any state, please connect me, I can connect them to a few, a few realtors that will help them every step of the way. Thank you so much, then we’ll signature block, boom, and then I send it. Now that is buyer email number six. And that is the last of the official emails within the buyer process. But we’re not done with a checklist. So after that, of course, you get the keys from seller. And if it’s an eye buyer, make sure or a pretty much if it has like a programming. If it has a if the house has a keypad, you want to make sure that you have the instructions on how to erase all of the old codes and re program it or maybe just buy a whole new one in case you don’t have that. Again, changing your changing keys. As you know it’s it’s not a cheap at all locksmiths make pretty good money. So make sure what your buyers know about how much to expect to change out all the locks. Then in bold here in all of my checklists on my Trello anything in bold is what I have my assistant do so the assistant will add the client photo, the Client Testimonial to my website to social media and to post this is also a great way on specifically on Instagram for you to invite the client as a collaborator, because that way it’s that same post and it not only shows up in front of your audience, but now you’re showing up in front of their audience. Even if their audience is 100 people it doesn’t matter how few of their followers are you get in front of a whole new audience so now they’re their friends can say oh my gosh, wow, actually close with ally who is this ally person? They’re showing up on my on my feed because I’m friends with client actually, but realtor ally seems pretty cool. Maybe I’ll follow her maybe it’ll become a relationship later on. And then add them to home bot in case you’re using home bot. Home bot also was a it’s a great way to to get an insights goop on, if your clients are looking into the valuation of their home, how reliant they are with accurate information, that’s another story, it might be really good in your area, it might not. A lot of lenders do pay for this already, because it’s a great way for them to see if the buyers want to refinance. So they’re always keeping an eye on this. So reach out to a couple of lenders and see if they already have home bought, they usually have I think, like between eight to 10 slots available for them to give to agents. So reach out. And then one day after that, I reconfirmed that the clients have reviewed me on all the platforms. And it’s a lot of platforms, right? Like you want to be everywhere. So to make this as simple as possible, I tell them, Hey, I know it’s a lot, but you only have to put effort into one review. And then you can just copy and paste into everything else. So and I want to catch that early, I do it one day after, just to make sure because otherwise, if I’m doing it, you know, two months later, when I remember, later on down the road, they’re not gonna want to do it, the honeymoon phase is over, they’re there hi from purchasing a house is gone. So catch it early. And then of course, find out find out the status of the closing gift in case you’re using client joint or anything else like that, make sure that, that that’s being worked on. And again, the next two items are ways to or reminders to review the other the cross agent, of course, if they’re good, like I’m not a fan of leaving bad reviews, but so if the cross agent was exceptional, you liked working with them, and you truly want to work with them again, write them a business review on Google help their business out, because it’s such a small world, and the amount of agents that help other agents is very small, I’m finding so anything that we can do to help each other out, it will come back to you, you know, like so leave them a review, like and this was I have an example here. I’m another agent in this same marketplace. But if but this message is to every other agent, if you ever have a chance to work with the Sydney your Consider yourself lucky. They know what they’re doing for their client, we help them close or we work together on XYZ transaction like from Aligarh said realtor blah, blah, blah. That helps them out so much. And guess what, next time they have a listing, and you’re the buyer, guess who they’re going to want to work with you. So and then the same thing here, right at the bottom after this is invite them to any sort of annual parties events, or really any event, just keep that relationship going.

I also have inside this bullet here is to let them know that it’s not a recruiting event. Again, I work with exp so therefore, oh, we have to like explain ourselves like no, we’re actually here to work. Like we’re not here to recruit. So, yeah, so I have that in the script here. In case you aren’t exp. Like I mentioned before, I think if it was in my first video with this one or my my interview with DJ, but whenever I call an agent from a different brokerage, I literally have to say, hey, it’s Aligarh said, I’m a local realtor here with exp Realty. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to recruit you. And then I leave a little bit of a pause because they’re usually like, oh, they laugh or they’re like, Oh, thank goodness, you know, I’ve already gotten 1015 calls a day. And I’m like, No, I’m actually representing a buyer and we’re interested in 123 Main Street, you know, when can I do it? So I definitely in other exp agents now they definitely have to like be on the defense like, hey, no, we’re not trying to recruit. We’re just trying to be friends. Okay, anyway, carrying on. Then after you add all the photos and the videos taken with the client at the closing or presenting the closing gift, or at their house, put it in your Google business page. Anything you can do at least once a week to ramp up your Google business page, do it, especially if they leave a video testimonial. Ooh, that is perfect. Throw it on your on your YouTube through on your business page and watch yourself rank on page one. So also, if in case you want to do this, I know this is like a whole nother thing on its own. But you can also add that address of the property to a Google page that you own site stock google.com You can create a website there and where you can have like a lot of different pinpoints of hey, these are all the homes that I’ve sold. So in case you’re ever you ever need to you know, prove yourself pretty much to a buyer or seller. You can say hey, these are all the homes that I’ve sold in the last year or ever. Zillow does this too, but sometimes I feel like they don’t capture everything. So this is a good way for you to pinpoint and show buyer’s or seller’s in your listing presentation or your buyer consultation. Then the next section that we have here is following up one month after closing, I have realized that a lot of a agents are scared to reach out to their clients. Because as you know, as I know, something always breaks, right? Especially if it’s a first time homebuyer, something is going to break within the first three months, it’s just inevitable. So therefore, a lot of agents are scared to make that call. And they’re like, oh my gosh, I know that that like, you know, maybe the AC was a little bit old or, or, you know, something, they’re scared of actually following up and saying, Hey, is everything going, okay? But the clients want that the clients need that from you. Instead, what a lot of agents do is close, you know, they post their their stuff on social media, and then they call it a day they boom, they disappear. Right? When that client might actually need them the most like, oh, my gosh, my water heater just broke or, you know, something, they need a contractor they need to, they need an introduction to somebody that you know, but you didn’t ask them. Sometimes the clients don’t feel comfortable reaching out to you, they might think you’re too busy, they might think you’re that’s not your scope of work anymore. And although legally it’s not, it’s a way to even further develop that relationship. So one month after closing or you know, even one week out, but definitely one month one after as well reach out to them, saying hey, how are things going with your home? Like, honestly, how are things going and let them tell you, they might say oh my gosh, we freaking love it. I you know, that’s it like all all butterflies and roses, or been I’d say actually the roof caved in yours you know, something like worst case scenario, you can connect them to a real estate attorney or a contractor or landscaping person because they’re weeds are now out of control. Whatever it is just be a resource for them. They want that from you. And that’s another perfect opportunity to to see if they are looking if they know of anybody yet if they ever found remembered somebody that had a job promotion, et cetera, Cetera for a referral. And then after that, about five months after closing, that’s when I mail out the six month gift, like happy six months of being in your home, I we mail them a candle, small candle, branded and a card. And then about 11 months after right before their one year home. aversary we mail them a bottle of wine. Of course, if they don’t drink we mail or something else with our logo and a card as well. A lot of times people will keep this card, especially if you got them a killer deal like hey, I’m so I’m so happy that we work together and you were able to increase your net worth by $17,000. Just by closing on this house. That is something that they that they will keep keep on their fridge for a long time. And whenever they have guests over, they’re going to say oh my gosh, wow, you made $17,000 You add that to your net worth by purchasing this house, and whose name or they’re going to read it the bottom their alley, the agent. So don’t don’t sleep on on cards. They’re, they’re amazing. And then every three months again, if you have access to that home bot, you can log in, see if they see if they’ve logged in at all they made they may they may have not. They may have not they may have not why does that sound weird? Anyway, carrying on sending holiday cards around the holidays. Always good to do again, staying in touch with them. And sending birthday cards to the buyer or if they’re also married the spouses, the kids, whichever, you know the best way that you that you increase your relationship with them. So just stay top of mind and do it genuinely. So if you’re you know driving by the area, or maybe even if you’re not say Hey, call me I was just thinking about you hope you’re having a great day. And that’s it. Again, people like positive phone calls you do you don’t want to correlate your phone calls to mean bad news, which sidenote is what a lot of property managers do. So it’s nice to flip that on its head. Then keep sending the review me email that buyer email number six for the reviews if they haven’t already done it and ask for a video review just in case they haven’t done it yet. And when they do review actually respond. Google sees if you’re responding to your Google reviews, and the way that you respond is everything. So make sure that you’re professional, make sure that you’re you know whatever your brand is if you’re funny if you’re loud, if you’re sarcastic whatever it is, respond to the review. And when they do review blast it on on all of our social media on your Instagram, your Tick Tock, your YouTube your website everywhere and every year send a CMA I would probably actually even do this month six, so month six, and then probably every year after that send a CMA again another touch point to stay in front of them because you never know. You never know when they might be looking to sell when they might If you’re looking to purchase another property, so they could, you know, refinance or you know, pull money out of that one purchase another one you want them to become forever clients. And this was something that I learned from the Tom Ferry summit that I went to a couple of months ago that I’m recording this right now and 2023. They said, to stop calling these clients past clients, eliminate the term past clients from your vocabulary, they should be forever clients, just like you should be there forever realtor. So that doesn’t mean one transaction and they never hear from you, again, continue always furthering that relationship. And you’ll find that a couple years down the road, your business really will run on only referrals, your outbound prospecting will have you know, you won’t have to do as much outbound prospecting. So that starts with CMAs. Hey, as a, what I do is I have one of my teammates here are partners here with exp since we’re not on a formal team, there are no team splits, I have one of my partners here, send out all of the CMAS to everyone in my past clients, hey, as a service of working with Ali, I am working with Ali as well. We want to give you an update whether or not you if you if you’re interested or not. You don’t have to open this but just wanted to let you know we’ve done the research for for you. This is what Zillow says is is what your property is worth. But these this is what the what your actual property is worth based off of data. And this is why if you have any questions, please feel free to reach back out. This is our phone number look forward to hearing from you. And that’s it doesn’t have to be long at all. Then the last section of this follow up checklist is to send them the shred method link. Shred method, I made a video about this as well. It’s a it’s a company where you can utilize a line of credit in order to pay down or shred your mortgage is super, super fast. I am a big proponent because I personally have used it myself. Before I even told you before I even told anyone about this about this company, I love it. And it’s a great way for especially for your investor clients, but really helps anyone out to eliminate, like take take a 30 year mortgage. And instead of paying it over those three decades, you could pay it in months or even or years or even months, I paid off all my mortgages in four months doing this, but this is not about that. So anyway, look into it in case you have investor clients or somebody that wants to get rid of their mortgage, which don’t we all at the bottom section here is red flags. investors,

investors trying to get owner occupied loans without already living in the area. That is a red flag. And again, I have this on my Trello checklist. So if somebody touches this red flag, I know I don’t want to work with them. You do not have to work with everyone, you are your own business owner, you can choose who and who you work with, and more importantly, who you don’t. So if an investor is trying to say that they want to get an owner occupied loan, which I’ve had before, and they’re like, oh, yeah, but I still want to get you know, a VA loan or FHA loan? No, that’s not for me, I’m not doing that I will not go to jail for you. So next. So I add that to the red flag, and just my own personal notes here, which maybe, I don’t know, I should or should not be sharing. But either way, you’re gonna get this when you get a copy of this. If, if a client cannot respond to yes or no questions, it might be too early in the game for them. So again, there’s a power there’s the power of asking three questions in a row like three deep why? But if they can’t answer simple yes or no questions, it’s gonna be a difficult transaction. So at that point, I wouldn’t want to work with a client. And then the next thing here is if of course, the buyer doesn’t give you the pre approval letter or refuses to meet with any lender. Then at that point, again, it might be too early in the process for them. They might not be serious buyers yet. And a lot of scams are so many scams are happening right now where I’m sure you’re getting this to buyers, or suppose it buyers texting you saying hey, are you a real estate in your real estate agent in your state? Like yes. And then they try to get you to talk to them over WhatsApp. I’m not really sure how that scam actually ends up playing out. But I don’t do that. So just be careful. There’s so much scam, so many scams going on in this industry right now, especially for real estate agents. Be careful what emails you you know, click on to the same thing that you tell your clients that you’re warning your clients about. Keep that in mind for yourself. So that is everything. I’ve covered the entire homebuyer checklist. Again, these are giving away these checklists. Just you just have to meet with me first. Calendly I’ll send you my Calendly link you can text 520-341-2552 Text the word checklist and that’ll automatically send you the link to it only text the word checklist. One word, no emojis, otherwise it doesn’t work. But if you have any questions, I’m Ally to agent. Again, if this has helped at all, please give keeping it real a five star review. We love hearing from you. And we’re here for the seller checklist. That’ll be starting potentially next week. So thank you so much for tuning in. And we’ll see you on the next one.

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