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Matt Lionetti with The Agency in Toronto Canada describes how he transitioned from music industry to a new career in real estate business. Matt talks about the start of shooting comedy videos relating to real estate and how this has helped build his business and he also emphasizes the importance of niche-ing down to attract your audience. Matt and DJ discuss quality vs. quantity when it comes to social media content. Last, Matt discusses how to build your community around whatever is authentic about.

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Hello, and welcome to another episode of Keeping it real the largest podcast made by real estate agents and for real estate agents. My name is DJ Paris, I am your guide and host through the show. And in just a moment, we’re going to be speaking with Matt lionetti about humor and the role of comedy in promoting oneself as a realtor and just having a lot of fun. By the way, Matt’s YouTube videos which are not just on YouTube, they’re all over are the very funniest best realtor videos I’ve ever seen. We have a link to them in the notes. So please go check them out. And you’ll see why we’re talking to Matt. But before we get to Matt, just a couple of quick reminders. One, please keep telling a friend about the show. If every time you listen to the show, you just told one other person about us? Well, gosh, it would be a huge growth, jumping growth numbers for us. But just tell one person we really really appreciate it helps us reach more people and help more people and also helps keep our podcast going. So thanks. And also leave us a review. If you have a moment. whatever system you might be listening to this episode on, whether it’s Apple podcasts or Stitcher or Google Play or Spotify or wherever, please let us know what you think about the show. Leave us a review. We appreciate it. But enough about me let’s get to the main event my interview with Matt lionetti.

So today on the show we have Matt Lyon Eddie from agency in Toronto, Canada. Now Matt is a real estate agent and content creator with the agency in Toronto. Matt has built his brand on funny, clever and sometimes polarizing content that whether you like it or not demands your attention, now earning millions of organic views on social media, his unconventional approach has landed him on some of the biggest stages speaking with Ryan serhant, Gary Vaynerchuk. And Tom Ferry, Matt has forged his own path and become a fan favorite among agents and clients alike. Everyone, please go to Matt’s website, which is metline eddie.com. And that is Ma TT l i o n e t t i.com. Also, there’s a link to that here in our show notes. And before I just bring on Matt, I want to let you know how we got introduced to him. So we are subscribers of this amazing service called Coffee and contracts, which is in conjunction with the broke agent, which probably all of our listeners follow the broke agent on Instagram. And Facebook, if you don’t do a coffee and contracts is a is one of their little side businesses. And they sent out something with one of Matt’s videos which I had not been familiar with Matt, prior to where it was a map sort of doing a parody or satire of a Chris Hallmark Christmas movie, which I’m sure all of our listeners know about these. And then using that as you know, a showing that a realtor would be going through and it is it is just brilliantly done. And we immediately my producer and I were like we got to book this guy. So we are so thrilled to have Matt on the show. So Matt, welcome.

Matt Lionetti 4:30
Thank you so much. What an introduction. I haven’t had an introduction like that before. That’s fantastic. We,

D.J. Paris 4:36
by the way, Matt also hosts a podcast so I almost forgot to mention that. So Matt is a co host of a really great show called over ask which is the broke agent also, you know, they have the show and Matt hosts it with with the owner of the broke agent and and you know so and by the way the link to that so everyone should subscribe to over ask that is also in our show notes, so please subscribe out there and check out their show. But Matt, tell us a little bit about why real estate or how you got into real estate.

Matt Lionetti 5:07
Yeah. So before this, I was a touring musician. And I toured right out of high school for years. Wow. And it just got so I always said, like, when it stops being fun, I should maybe take a step back, because it was such a huge passion of mine for so many years. And I was hired to, you know, go on tour with different artists and record for different artists and also taught music. And, you know, for a musician, it was I was making a living, which a lot of musicians don’t. So at least I had that. But then, at the same time, I was watching like, million dollar listing a lot. And we were I remember my wife, my, my then girlfriend, now wife was, we’re on vacation in Florida. And we were in I remember the exact moment, I knew I was gonna get into real estate, we were in a cab, and our cab drivers was bringing us through and telling us about all his investment properties. And this is like when I was big on Million Dollar Listing and Ryan serhant, in particular, and right in that cab ride, I was like, I think I want to stop playing music and try real estate and like settle down a bit. I don’t have to travel all the time and do that stuff. And like, you know, go play a show for $200, like seven hours away and maybe get paid, maybe not that type of thing. So when we got back from the vacation, I started my courses. And now I’m here. That was like five, six years ago. I’ve been an agent for five years now.

D.J. Paris 6:37
Wow. And you know, when did you start? So really, your music is your background? And but also, if you watch Matt’s videos, he is an incredibly funny writer. And was comedy always a part of your life? I know music is if you’re watching us. You can see Matt has some some albums on display. But he was a touring musician. Oh, by the way, before I asked about comedy, what instrument did you play were?

Matt Lionetti 7:03
I was a guitar. So I taught every instrument like at the music school I taught at because I played drums and bass and guitar and piano and stuff. But guitar was my main instrument. And yeah, that’s where I would I got hired for.

D.J. Paris 7:17
Yeah, so you would tour? Did you have one particular band? Or were you a guy that would go on tour when when other bands needed? Needed guitar players?

Matt Lionetti 7:26
Yeah. So at first I was had my own band, and we tried our thing. And then after that ended, it was just kind of Yeah, just go play with whoever would hire me.

D.J. Paris 7:36
That’s awesome. And then so how did how did you start making funny videos because I could, I would love to sit and talk to you about how you grew your business when you started without having a real estate really background. But I really want to know about the comedy side of it because it is so unique and refreshing. And the broke agent is like a perfect sort of obvious partner for you with with your podcast, because of course that’s what they do as well. But there aren’t many other players in that space. At least I haven’t found many. There’s a lot of agents that maybe try to do try to be funny and whether they succeed or not, as is, you know, another another question, but But you do succeed. So how did you first of all, were you always a fan of comedy?

Matt Lionetti 8:16
Yeah, always a fan. So like, my dad is an A hilarious person. And we would like we I remember so many weekends, we would just stay in together and he would show me Richard Pryor. Robin Williams. Sure. Like the man Eddie Murphy, like a big, huge, you know, stand up comics and then we would always watch movies and it was we both gravitated towards comedy movies. So, you know, I grew up watching like, you know, John Ritter and like super like, you know, that kind of like problem child and Caddyshack and back to school. So like, always, like, I just loved comedy, but I never did anything with it. Like I’ve never acted before these videos. I’ve never, never wrote like a comedy skit before this, but it was just something that I loved so much. Always, like, I was always such a fan of comedy. I was a bit of like, a class clown. And it just kind of like, when I got into real estate, I was like, I you know, I got into it because I thought I had a good personality. And I thought that’s what I could really hang my hat on. And for the first three years of real estate I ironically lost all my personality because I was trying to be something else. So I didn’t start the video so about two years ago, and that’s when everything started taking off for me before that I was doing nothing. It was terrible. So yeah, the comedy has always been a big part of my life not really, you know, it wasn’t like I saw it and then I pursued a career in stand up comedy or acting or anything but I’ve just always been such a fan and and really appreciated the art of comedy.

D.J. Paris 9:55
And and let’s talk about about the vit some of the videos that you’ve put together because as they are amazing. I’ve only seen them on YouTube I imagine they’re all over Facebook and Instagram and, and other social social media outlets. But talk a little bit about some of your, your videos and the response that you’ve received and, and how has this helped grow your business as an individual agent?

Matt Lionetti 10:20
Yeah, so the response has been mainly great, which I didn’t know what to expect at first, because when you try something new a lot of the times, and I do get this, you know, people don’t like it, they don’t want anything that’s different from what everyone else is doing. And I really kind of niched down. So I’ll swear a lot in the videos, I really don’t have any boundaries anymore. When it comes to that. Some people get offended by that. It’s never my intent to offend anyone I shy away, I grew up swearing wasn’t an issue, like it’s not offensive or anything. So I didn’t think it was gonna be a big issue. But that’s mainly people say like, oh, you’re making like, a mockery? Or you’re giving, you know, agents a bad reputation. And I was like, I don’t know if you guys are aware, but like, we don’t got the best fucking reputation to begin with. But like, yeah, it’s just I don’t know. And then, as soon as I it’s so funny, because as soon as I niched down on the marketing, yeah, my whole business got broader, and you would think the opposite. But when you niche down and really focus on a specific thing, you get those people, and the people who don’t like you, the people who do like you 10 times more, because those other people don’t. And, yeah, just really niche down. And that’s like anything, anyone will tell you that in any business now, niche down, find something to focus on. And then you’re going to attract the you know, like minded people, and you can be on your way.

D.J. Paris 11:53
So that’s, it’s a really good piece of advice is don’t try to be all things to all all clients, or all potential clients, because the people that like you, who in particular are finding your content on social, you know, they’re following you on Facebook, or LinkedIn or Twitter, Instagram, etc. Tick tock. You really don’t need hundreds of 1000s of followers to be a successful real estate agent making content, but you need to have a core group of people that like what you do. And you’re right, there is a little bit of a like, I feel like I’m in the club now that likes your work. And part of me is like, well, I, I just know that his quality of content is comedy is really strong. So and I and if someone else were to say, Oh, I don’t think that’s appropriate for a real estate agent, which nobody’s ever said that to me. But if anyone did, I’d be like, Oh, no, that’s i That’s why I like him, because I like that he’s it. Quality is always King, right? And so your quality, your quality control is really strong. The videos are amazing, the level of production is solid, the music of course, I imagine you do a lot with the music because you that’s your background, but you’re absolutely right about not needing everyone to like you and and even as I know, sometimes your your content could be considered polarizing, but it’s it’s never i To me, it’s not polarizing at all. I just think it’s funny. And I think boy, I’d love to hire a realtor like that, because it really shows your level of, of just sort of creativity. It’s it whether you find it funny or not. It’s incredibly professional. I don’t know who wouldn’t find it funny, but but I think that’s something that agents oftentimes are just afraid to do. In particular, the funny thing, right, I think agents struggle enough with like, if I’m going to put a Facebook live video out today, is it okay, if I just turn my phone around my makeup if I’m a woman, you know, if somebody wears makeup, their makeup isn’t right, or their hair isn’t right, or they just woke up and they don’t look their their best. They might feel some trepidation about even pushing that record button. So I know agents struggle to even figure out how to present themselves on social as they are much less right like a funny sketch. But the reality of it is, is everybody likes comedy, right? Like you would You’d almost think there was more of it in this industry. Because why not?

Matt Lionetti 14:27
And yet show it show industry like there’s so much to make fun of like estate, the things that happen to real estate agents are crazy.

D.J. Paris 14:39
Totally crazy. And I’m just curious on you know, as as our audience oftentimes writes in and asks us questions about, hey, you know, how much should I be promoting on social and it’s not like you’re creating sketches daily, right, like the how much time does Is it take like, for example, the the Hallmark sort of movie parody that you did, which was, I don’t know, maybe that was 90 seconds, or maybe two minutes total of content, how long? How much time did you put into producing? You know, shooting it? Like what was the overall time commitment there?

Matt Lionetti 15:17
Yeah. So I mean, I’m so I do two types of videos. I do like stuff that I record myself just from, I have a camera and do that. But I have a production team who does the kind of more in depth stuff like that Hallmark video or home mat, as I called it, that I don’t like to be on location filming for a long time. So we are so prepared before we go. And so I’ll write the script in the script, just, you know, as I’m, I give myself a deadline for I needed done by here. But then I have a Zoom meeting with my video crew for one hour. And we storyboard the entire thing that way, I know, okay, we’re gonna be there for this amount of time. We’re shooting these scenes here, here and here. So there’s no hemming and hawing when we get there. I know exactly what I’m going to say. I know exactly what room I’m going to be in, I know exactly what outfit I’m going to be in. So that video took about two hours to fill all in. Because we’re just and and my guys even know, I even tell them, we scout the place. Or I’ll take a picture of the place that we’re filming. And they’ll know before they go in where they’re going to set up the lights every day. So like, because I tell them I’m not been on set for fucking six hours, man, I’m not Leonardo DiCaprio. Right. So like. So we try and be as productive as possible. And I love doing it. But like, I don’t know, to me, it’s always been like, I want to hit it when there’s that. That like I don’t want to be overworked on a set to the point where like, I’m not producing or I’m not acting my best on screen, because I’m just not really stoked about it anymore. Because I’ve been there for seven hours. Yeah, right. Oh, so I try and like strike like, oh, yeah, this is good. Okay, let’s go. And like, I want to be there and like, hopped up, and I’ve rehearsed my lines, like, mainly in the shower. Like, I’ll just rehearse, let’s make sure I know everything and how I want them delivered. And, you know, it’s like, I’m done in one or two takes, like, it’s not like, I don’t think much about it. And that’s why I think, I think people sometimes they overthink and overthink, and they do it 20 times, and really, they should have just kept the first or second take because that fire was still in them that they wanted to do it by the 19th 20th take, you know, it’s not really there anymore. They’re not. They’re not convicting the way they want to anymore. And that like, you know, how they want to project their, whatever they’re trying to project. So yeah, I really don’t overthink it. And I think that’s the best way to do it.

D.J. Paris 17:50
And how quickly when you started making videos, did you start getting a reaction where you knew how these were landing with, with your, you know, prospective audience, like, did it take, you know, was it you know, you made one video and it just sort of took off? Or was it? You know, a slower process?

Matt Lionetti 18:08
Yeah, so the first one, I think, because in the real estate comedy space, there’s really not much going on for video. So pretty much the first one, I had a listing, I did a video, it got picked up by a couple of meme places right away, I sold that listing in like seven hours. Three offers and two of the offers came from the video. And this was, you know, after I was on two teams prior to this, I left the last team to go solo. And it was really like my last, my last chance I wasn’t having success. And I was like, I don’t know what to do. I might leave the industry. Like it just wasn’t working for me. I had these ideas since I got into the industry. Everyone told me no, you can’t do that. It’s not professional. So when I went solo, I was like, You know what, I need any to try something. So I just I just figured like I was I was him and and Hans so much about it, like, you know, should I do it? Should I not? If i How’s this gonna look on my brand, if I if I do something funny, they’re not gonna like my brand. And then it all clicked one day. And I was like, I’m being so precious about a brand that I don’t have. Nobody knows who I who I am. So like, the thing is, is I could post the video and it could potentially do amazing. Or I could post it and you know, people may not like it, but I could also not post it and just have a lot of the same, which was nothing. So I was like, you know, I’m gonna post this shit. And right away it was like the most engagement I’d ever gotten on a post. So then that was enough for me it didn’t necessarily like start bringing in a bunch of business right away, but I had nothing nothing was sticking. So at very least, I was getting some traction on social media. So I once that happened, I was like okay, I think There’s something here. And I just, I just took the journey down that road and saw what I could get away with. And as it’s progressing and getting growing, there’s like, you know, taking more risks, and I’m on that line should he say that should not say that I like to be there. I think comedy should be there. Especially in a professional setting. I think that’s very funny to say something so shocking. Because a lot of the times I try and say what people want to say, but would never say,

D.J. Paris 20:32
yeah, it makes sense. And so but even in your first video, you ended up just from that alone. This wasn’t a referral. This was just someone saw the video and then and then basically hired you.

Matt Lionetti 20:47
Yeah, so the, the, well, there’s, I did the first video, and then two offers came from that video. So I sold the house in the in the first day. And then it wasn’t till my Freddie Mercury video. So that was August 2019, that I did my first video. And then I was, you know, chugging along for a couple months. And then it wasn’t till February 2020 that I filmed the Freddie Mercury video. And that’s the one that I changed my entire career. So that’s the one that got Ryan, sir, had to reach out. Like he commented and stuff he called me said he loved the videos like shit like that. And that’s when things started to, like, people started to notice and I started getting business from it. And I almost didn’t post that video. What Why is that I just thought I was too dumb. I was just walking around, dressed like Freddie Mercury at Live Aid and someone’s fucking house. I didn’t know

D.J. Paris 21:48
you haven’t, we’ll post a link to that video. But if you haven’t seen it, Matt looks like 1985. You know, Freddie Mercury, doing Live Aid, which, which is an amazing concert in and of itself. But he is absolutely just he’s, he’s nailed that look. And it’s just a brilliant, a brilliant video. So how much? How much time? Do you spend? Like, do you have a certain amount of a goal where you try to put out a certain amount of content every month? Or is it just kind of when inspiration strikes? Or, you know, how do you decide how much time to put in?

Matt Lionetti 22:27
Yeah, so I have a bunch of like, ideas in my notepad on my phone. So I kind of know what I’m doing next. I’m not so into the like, I love Gary Vee. But he’s really into like, post five times a day, six times, I don’t, that’s not for me, that does work for some people. But for me, for what I’m doing, I’m, I’d prefer more quality over quantity. So I only want to release something that I am 100% like happy with. So so that means sometimes I might miss a week of a video if I just don’t think it’s there yet. And it’s not because like, you know, there has to be a fine line there with like, you never posting anything. And then I’m a bit of a perfectionist, but I know when to be like, Okay, this is good. But if it’s just not there, and it’s not up to my standard, then I’ll just take a week off. So I have a lot of friends who bulk record in the real estate space. And I think that’s super beneficial, they’ll do they’ll take one day out of a month, and record, you know, seven to 10 videos, and they have content for the next couple weeks or months with, which is awesome. I don’t do that. And Eric, the broker agent doesn’t do that, because we try and hit on current events as well. So we want to like stay. Because we take a lot from pop culture and stuff like that. And we want to bring that in to the real estate space. So I try and like, stick on what’s relevant, and I want to add that into my videos weekly. So but it really doesn’t take like, as long as people would think like, especially I do a lot of these car rants where I just like talk about shit. And those are some of my best performing videos. Like the one I just posted last week got like 365,000 views or some shit. In my car, it took 15 seconds. Like, that’s it and people don’t realize that like that selfie style is super relatable. It doesn’t have to be a high quality video as long as the the content is there, you could produce a $20,000 video, but if the actual idea and content isn’t right, no one’s gonna care. So yeah, like do whatever talk about anything. And like that’s what people I think fail to understand like people are more interested in you than you might think. And that 15 seconds it took me in my car that day. Actually got a lead from a tube there come in In April from Australia, and they’re using me as a realtor looking for a pretty well priced home do,

D.J. Paris 25:07
we should also mention just for anyone thinking, Well, Matt, maybe you know, it, maybe his clients because he uses comedy, maybe he doesn’t attract, you know, super high net worth clients who would expect their broker to be more professional and, you know, not as silly and trying, you know, not trying to make people laugh. But Matt works in one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world, he is in Toronto, which is the equivalent for here in the United States of like, it’s probably it’s more expensive, actually, than San Francisco in New York, or it’s certainly right up there, but it’s usually more expensive. And so this is not a place where, you know, young people are, you know, buying their first condo for $300,000, this is this is a very exclusive place to work in real estate. And Matt is in a sea of other realtors in his area, who are that more professional wearing the suit and projecting that sort of perfect looking image, certainly not incorporating humor into whatever content they might be producing. So that I think, in particular, is also really interesting, that, you know, you have this couple coming from Australia. And of course, you know, I don’t know much about your traditional sort of types of deals that you do, but you work in, in, in a in a space, that is really kind of a high net worth sort of environment. So you are incorporating, you know, sip being silly, and I don’t put there’s no pejorative with silly, silly is awesome. I’m the biggest fan of silly, but but but silly, I think is a good way to, to, to categorize some of your content, but, but that being said, it still attracts business to you. Yeah. Which which is, was that in any way shocking to you, like, you know, I, you know, you put it out there, and then all of a sudden, then it because then you have to turn on the I’m the professional, you know, part of you as well and service that client, but people absolutely want to relate to people. And they, they, I think most people want to be considered funny. And most people I think know, they’re not as funny, as somebody who can really sort of put together you know, a good video, or in your case, a 15 second sort of car thing that maybe also just gets a smile. That’s, that’s really not always easy to do. So I think people respect quality. And you were saying this earlier, where quality not so much on the production side, not that you don’t have great quality, but that’s not really the focus as much as is the content. And so people just want to be entertained by quality, right? So whether it’s a phone that’s been turned around, and someone you know you’re making, in your car going on, you’re not gonna believe what just happened to me or whatever. That’s as long as it’s good quality, 15 seconds. People do relate to that. And they appreciate effort. I’ve also sort of figured that out. And they also appreciate different type of effort. Like, instead of just saying, look at this new home, I just listed or look at this new, you know, rental I just closed or whatever, which is what every other realtor does on social. You’re you’re more trying to entertain people without sort of bragging about, you know, your actual success. And most agents just do the bragging thing, right, it’s here’s, here’s what I just did. And that really separates you from 99% of the other brokers, I’m sure in your area.

Matt Lionetti 28:40
Yeah, it’s, that’s just was never me. I was very sick of seeing the same thing over and over. And, you know, I have some nice things. And I like nice things and I just don’t understand, you know, showing your Starbucks mug, with your Rolex and your Mercedes steering wheel. Like the subtle flex it like I don’t like I just can’t comprehend like, okay, so you leased a car could lease a car. Like I don’t, that’s that doesn’t mean like, I have a couple of nice watches. That doesn’t mean that I have more money than someone without a nice watch. It means that I wanted to be an idiot and buy a nice watch and the other person didn’t. Like I don’t understand the the like the idea behind that. So it’s weird, but yeah, like, Freddie Mercury video got me a $2.5 million buyer last year. They’re both two lawyers. Two fucking lawyers.

D.J. Paris 29:36
Right. Who by the way, another profession that doesn’t play a lot in the humor space.

Matt Lionetti 29:41
Yeah, exactly. So and I drove around in my Kia my fucking keyboard deck, because I don’t give a shit about cars either. And that’s when I think your real success you can sell a buyer $2.5 million house from dressing as Freddie Mercury and driving them around in a 2012 Kia Forte. I must be fucking talented. it as well. I don’t know if it’s just me, but there’s no gate as what I was wearing Ramon shirts, like, you know, there’s no there’s nothing, no hide in there. So like, yeah, it’s never got it. I never got that. And I think people also you said you were saying they, they appreciate quality, but they also appreciate risk, they really do appreciate risk. And I do take risks with the content. And, you know, it’s, I was talking to someone way back. And he was saying, like, I was telling him my what I wanted in the industry, because from I’m very into, like law of attraction and things like that. I journal every night. And I kind of knew this, it’s weird, and it sounds fucking weird. But I kind of have seen, I know this stuff was going to happen, because this is what I said, I wanted to do the whole time, I wanted to be a big, yeah, I want to like create a presence in the industry and a one to like, maybe, maybe drive the needle a little bit in a different direction. And just kind of like, also said, I was going to speak with Ryan Serhan. And like, all this other stuff, and just kind of it’s been unfolding. And I was telling him, like, I want to be a big agent, I don’t want to just be like, a top producer who he sells a lot of homes. And that’s it. I mean, I was like, I want to be like a global agent, like sit like Ryan Serhan, or some of those other people. And he was just saying, like, you know, there’s just in Toronto, he was like, there’s like 60,000 agents here, like, and he was saying, how are you going to stand his laughing? How are you going to stand out? From all that? He said, say you go to a concert. And there’s those 60,000 people there? And you how are you going to stand out and get the business? How are you going to stand out at that show? To get business? And he was laughing? And I said well be the show? And he said, what I said, Well, I’ll be the fucking show. So who who’s everyone’s eyes on? When their other concert? On the show? Yeah, the performers. So I’ll be the show. Yeah, and I’ll stand out, and maybe I won’t, I won’t get all the business because people aren’t gonna like what I do sometimes, and that’s fine. But at least I’ll, I’ll make the noise and get the opportunity to be seen. Because people are trying to please everybody with their content. And they’re just, I can’t tell fucking agents apart anymore. I swear to God, I go to 10 agents pages, and I don’t know who any of them, I couldn’t tell you the difference between them. And that’s, you know, that’s fine if you want to, there’s tons of people who don’t utilize social media, and they still crush it with calls and door knocking, and that’s fine. But I’m saying if you want to start getting business off social media, like you got to take a bit of risk. And that’s not swearing on camera or being funny, but you got to do something a little different. Because you got to create, you got to create the opportunity for yourself to be seen. And the only way to do that is by doing something a little bit different than everyone else.

D.J. Paris 33:04
Yeah, I think it’s I think it’s through value, I think by you know, servicing your audience in whatever way that fits with your authentic self. And in your case, it’s clear that you I think we’re talking about authenticity. And I think when agents stop thinking about how do I please everyone, for example, on social, which is a great sort of example, because we, you know, agents are, of course, they’re afraid to, to say something controversial, because, yeah, they’re worried about how their audience might react, but the audience really just wants to be entertained. And that could be through high quality information. It could be through education, it could be through comedy, music. But that’s, I think, I think that’s what you’re talking about is is finding whatever is authentic to you. And being willing to talk about it, whether it’s real estate related, or maybe not even real estate related, like, you know, whatever passion you might have outside of real estate, that could be your content. And it it may or may not land with your overall you know, the majority of your audience or you’ll get feedback, and you’ll find out if it’s a good idea or not, but people do want, we are so hungry for authentic communication, you know, and we want to know who the person is. We want to know what they’re, what they’re about what they’re into. And I think that’s to me, if all of our listeners and viewers take that away as like be willing to share who you really are, if you are promoting yourself on social if you are putting out content, whether it’s written or video or you know, any type of content. If it’s just the email that the monthly email newsletter that you send out to your to your sphere of influence that you probably didn’t even write, like, no one’s reading that that’s not a bad idea to send something if better than nothing, I guess. Yeah, but like, why not talk about something that you care about in there? Or, you know, I’m sure those probably drive you nuts to just those standard. You know, real estate newsletter emails.

Matt Lionetti 35:10
Yeah, I get so many of those too. It’s like every one I do a deal with. Now I’m on their newsletter, like, yeah, they just find, yeah. Like, I don’t know why I’m on that list. But 100%. Like, bring your passions to the forefront. Like, it’s great to show accolades. But like, when you’re up against three other agents in the listing appointment, so many people hang their hat on their number of sales, and stuff like that. And to me, it’s so odd, because there’s only one person in town who has the best amount of sales, the most sales, if you don’t have the most. You know, if those people really are analytical and care about the number of sales you do, you better have the most fucking sales right, say, I’ve done 20 sales. Well, if the other person comes in has done 30 sales, you’ve now lost everything. Yeah, but yeah, the thing is, if you show that accolade I’ve done 20, you know, I’ve, I’ve sold 20 homes, and it’s me, and you in this listing appointment, then there’s someone else, okay. And these sellers, this, I use this analogy all the time, these sellers love horseback riding, okay, I sell 20 homes, you sell 30 homes, this other person sells five homes, but they fucking love horseback riding. Like, I would say, 95% of the time, the horseback rider is going to relate and get the listing. That’s just what it is.

D.J. Paris 36:36
So this is so what we’re talking about is, is putting out content that’s authentic to you. And whatever your version of horseback riding is, in your own personal life as a realtor, whether it’s something you do outside of real estate or something that you incorporate into your business. Don’t be afraid to share that because you’re absolutely right. And I used to own a horse many, many years ago, I was in a relationship with somebody was a was a horseback rider. And she she anyway, she she did a lot of competitions and things. So so that’s a perfect example. Because we would we would meet people occasionally that was like, oh, yeah, I used to be into horses. And I wasn’t really a horse person. But I would watch her connect with these other even though it was a very tiny part of her life, actually. Yes, it’s your right. People want to connect with people who have passion and interest and maybe even the same passions and interest. And comedy is a great one, because it’s a universally sort of loved experience, right? Most of us, you know, there’s a lot of endorphins that get released. There’s some obvious reasons why we like comedy and stress, relieving all of that. But I just love the fact that you’re willing to sort of be yourself and authentic and silly and it’s not an act right. Like yes, you’re you’re playing characters and you’re writing skits. But But that’s, that’s authentic to who you are. That’s what you’d like to do. And as a result, yeah, even in a Ramones t shirt and you know, a 2012 Kia, you’re closing million million plus dollar deals because people go on orbit that guy, that guy seems fun. And and then of course, you have to make sure that you do a good job, of course, which you do. But that gets that gets people to go, Oh, that guy that guy’s got my interest. Yeah. And yeah, you’re not going to attract maybe the person who goes, Oh, I don’t want somebody who’s that silly, right? Or that? You know, and that’s okay, because they probably weren’t gonna go with you anyway. Right? So the idea of just attracting people who like what you are into, and there’s so much business for everyone, really. So you can be your authentic self. I mean, maybe if you lived in a tiny little rural community that was more conservative, maybe comedy might not be the best idea. But for most of us who live in an area where, you know, it’s somewhat densely populated, like, there’s so much business out there that you could just be yourself. And you know, as long as you’re being responsible, I think and but you’re going to just generate those kinds of clients, and then you don’t have to be as concerned about your image. I bet that’s the biggest freedom that you have is you’re just not worried about looking a certain way. I mean, you look perfectly fine. You’re I hope nobody’s getting this impression that Madison sort of slob. He is not he is absolutely professional, but you don’t really need to make sure that you look a certain way, because that’s not what your audience wants.

Matt Lionetti 39:17
Yeah, no, I mean, and sometimes I like dressing up in a suit and doing all that shit. But like, yeah, I just do whatever I want to do. And it’s just it’s pretty a long time ago, I said, you know, when I’m ready to do like my last when I’m ready to retire from the business. I’m just going to spend my last year dressing and saying everything that I want to say. I just, you know, push that out for like 40 years, so I’m just doing it now instead. So yeah, it’s been Yeah, I just there’s there’s a part that I think you need to have just like not giving a fuck, right and like, I’ll go out and someone will be like, you’re wearing a leather jacket. That’s not professional. Good. I don’t give a fuck Do you know what are we doing here? Then? I don’t Yeah, I like going, when I’m in a listing appointment or doing this, like, I like being in the situation where like, I want your business and I want your listing, but I don’t need it. Right. And that’s where I think things turn for a lot of agents, because at first, I didn’t need it. And I was being so desperate to get it. And now I can go and more relaxed. And be like, listen, I, you know, I want to help you, I think I’m the best person for the job. But I don’t need this. And when I don’t need that need this listening means I’m not going to push you to sell for a price that maybe isn’t the best price for you. Like, you know, we have that luxury and like you can put that spin on it. And I feel like and I feel like every agent should feel this way. I don’t care who I’m up against, in what city? Anywhere, I’ll win the listing. I, I feel like I’ll be able to connect with someone more than other people. And I think everyone should feel that way. I’m not, you know, I think you should have that level of confidence that I can beat anyone in a listing appointment.

D.J. Paris 41:06
I think part of that confidence comes from the willingness to put yourself out there on social in the way that you do, which is like, Hey, guys, this is what’s in my head. This is what I’m putting on on the you know, on the screen, and I hope you’ll like it. But but if you don’t like it, oh, well at least you get a chuckle. But that enables you to say that you guys know who I am, right? They know who they’re who they’re getting, and that it absolutely works. We all want to work with people that we like. And you’re putting out content where people like your content. And so yeah, I’m a huge, huge fan. It’s a great place to wrap up. I would love everybody to do a couple of things. First, I want you to visit Matt’s website, which is Matt lionetti.com. link in the notes. Also, I want you to subscribe to the overcast podcast. Everyone’s a fan of the broke agent. So just subscribe it is it is their podcast Mexico’s and they do all sorts of fun content together as well that they put out on social. But yeah, check out that podcast via subscriber. And then of course, we would love for everyone out there to help us continue to grow as well. There’s two ways you can do that one by telling one other agent about our show, keeping it real. So think of one other agent that you know that could benefit from hearing from producers like Matt, who are really doing unique things that are super cool. And those are the kinds of people we interview on our show, tell them about the show, send them over to our website, which is keeping it real pod.com Every episode we’ve ever done, I think we have 300 and like 40 episodes or so now. So all of our episodes are there. Or if they’re a podcast person, just have them pull up a podcast app search for keeping it real, hit the subscribe button. And one last thing please leave us a review. Whatever podcast app or distribution system you might be listening to us through or watching us. Whether it’s YouTube, or you know, Apple podcast, Google Play Spotify, Stitcher, whatever, Pandora, let us know what you think of the show that helps us continue to improve. So Matt, on behalf of all of our audience, thank you so much for being on our show. It was this was great. I love authentic people that take risk. That is you. You’re obviously having tremendous success being yourself, which in this industry is not as common as as probably a lot of people would think so I appreciate that. I appreciate the courage that you have to do that. And obviously it’s working so even better. So thank you on behalf of our audience for taking time out of your data to be on the show. And then on behalf of Matt myself, I want to thank our audience for sticking with us throughout this entire show. Please subscribe to Matt’s podcast over over ask again. It’s in the notes and let them know what you think visit his website too. He’s got a great website that really gives you some more insight into who he is. And it is a non traditional realtor website, which I love in the best possible compliment I could give. Is that Is it a non traditional realtor website. It’s awesome. So take a look at it. It’s in the show notes. Matt, thank you so much for being on the show.

Matt Lionetti 44:05
Thanks so much for having me. I

D.J. Paris 44:06
loved it. All right, man. Well, thanks, guys. We’ll see everybody on the next episode.

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