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Amy Stockberger talks about her journey as real estate agent, and why she decided to work with her father rather than starting a business on her own. Amy discusses the importance of relationships with the clients and how she started a VIP Club. Next, Amy describes how the agents can use branding themselves through monetizing it and how she created a lifetime support model saving stress and money. Last, she emphasized that building trust between clients and realtor is most important thing.

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Amy Stockberger can be reached at 605-731-9597 and Amy@AmyStockberger.com

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Hello, and welcome to another episode of Keeping it real the largest podcast made by real estate agents and for real estate agents. My name is DJ Paris I am your guide and host through the show. In just a moment we’re going to be speaking with the top producing team in South Dakota, Amy stock burger. But before we get to Amy just a couple of quick reminders please tell a friend about our show. The best way you can help us grow is by telling another realtor about what we do here, send them over to our website keeping it real pod.com Every episode we’ve ever done can be streamed right from a browser or if they’re already into podcast, just have them search for keeping it real and hit that subscribe button. And also if you want to do us an extra favor leave us a review on whichever podcast app you might be listening to my voice right now on it helps us and it also not only does it help us reach more people but it also helps us know what you like about the show and also what we should change and improve because really guys we do this for you and we want your feedback so let us know what you think of the show unless of course you’re only gonna give us one star then you know you can skip skip the review the review all that’s not a word the review. Anyway, leave us a review tell a friend thanks again. We love you. We’re so grateful to be here five or six years in we’re gonna keep making more episodes and now on to my conversation with the great Amy stock burger

okay today on the show we have Amy stock burger with Amy stock burger real estate in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Let me tell you more about Amy. Now Amy and her husband are broker owners of Amy stock burger real estate and also run a team reg brokerage model which I’m excited to learn more about. Now. They have been the highest producing team in the state of South Dakota since 2017 and ranked 23rd in the nation by real trends. They served 559 clients for 171 million in volume back in 2021. That was with 15 agents. Last year they did for a work of 486 clients 160 6 million in volume. Now AMI created a unique and all inclusive lifetime home support system that turns their clients into referral machines resulting in over 70% of their business source from relationship referrals. Amy has also successfully monetized each pillar of her lifetime home support model, which has added a lucrative revenue stream while gaining clients and Agent loyalty like no other. To learn more, please visit Amy’s website, which is Amy stockbroker.com, which is m y sto CK BERG er.com. And by the way, we have a link to that in the show notes. Amy, welcome to the show.

Amy Stockberger 4:27
Thanks for having me, DJ. I’m glad to be here.

D.J. Paris 4:29
We got started a little late because Amy is down in Florida right now. And I was very, very jealous because I will be actually just a couple of hours from where she is starting in a couple of days. So I got very excited and we talked a lot about the winter months and how nice it is to get away for a moment or two. But Amy, I’m excited to to speak with you and you are you and your husband’s team and all of your agents you guys are just obviously you’re crushing it. So I’m always fascinated by A people who are who are doing really well and our audience loves to hear how you do that and how you started. And I’d love to go all the way back to the beginning of your career in real estate and first learn why real estate you know, how did you get involved? Why, and what was it like when you first started. Got it.

Amy Stockberger 5:18
So I got into real estate straight out of college, my dad had owned a Coldwell Banker brokerage at the time and did a really excellent thing for me, he got me a job. But at that time, I made $24,000 a year. And I’m the oldest Hi Dee, hi, I and he put me in the back office and said, Hey, sink or swim, see what you can do any any did the best thing for me taught me everything from the back end, the support team part of it and just knowing that the administrative part of running a brokerage, and then I fell in love with the industry, I got licensed, and I’ve done about every single position you can do within the real estate industry. So I started out support, I then we got licensed, and I became a buyer’s agent, which at that time was very, very, very new. There wasn’t a lot of teams at that point. And then I became a single agent went out on my own, and then quickly started my own team with my sister and a part time assistant. And then my husband joined my business back in 2009. And that’s when we really started to scale and take a hobby that paid me and made it into a lucrative career. And then we were team a team for a long time. And then we started our brokerage in 2019, and still run it as a team or as a broker. Yeah, as a team. In our brokerage we call the team rich, meaning that we still give all of that support that we really feel agents need to make them very, very successful in in their craft. And my vision is to create big juicy legacies for everybody within my ecosystem by using my lifetime Home Support Foundation.

D.J. Paris 6:52
So there’s a lot to unpack there, thank you for that information. I am, I was one thing that really struck me and again, really speaks to how well you run your brokerage and your team is that you really started this in 2019, which, again, you was not at not a champion had an easy year to do much of anything in real estate, right. So the fact that you you know, during the pandemic, were able to put these sorts of processes in place and start the foundation of this team, which again, I know you’ve been working in real estate long time before then. But this idea of doing this in the middle of the pandemic, boy, that’s what a bold and courageous move. Well,

Amy Stockberger 7:30
we started the brokerage in 2019, we started our real growth pattern really started in 2009. And we started our lifetime home support, you know, our our model of lifetime home support, we started that really in 2015, that’s when I really figured out that the way I was doing things i i loved taking care of the client, I loved the experience that the clients were getting. And I wanted to make sure that we were providing the highest level of service to keep us top of mind for them to have them review it refer us as much as possible and repeat business. And so that was the the really the game changer for us is when we put that into our business because then we’re we had a process a system a strategy to help the client before, during and after the home buying and selling process. And there’s so much to be said about how that before and after relationship part is could be even more important than that during the transaction, relationship heart.

D.J. Paris 8:26
Yeah, I’ve always thought that that was probably the maybe the thing I’ve tried to focus on in the show and talking to guests is I’m not? Well, initially, when I first started the show, I was mostly interested in how they treated their clients during a transaction. Because of course, top 1% producers are clearly you know, providing a level of service and support that maybe other agents aren’t. So my initially that was my my my main interest when I started the show. And then I realized pretty quickly early on that top producers all had very, very impressive strategies for while working with a client. But then I sort of got bored listening to it because it was a lot of the same stuff. And then I thought, well, I’m actually more interested in what happens in between sales. Because that’s, I think, where a lot of missed opportunities happen, obviously, you know, agents oftentimes just forget, because they’re busy. They’re in the middle of a million other things. And it’s like, oh, so and so bought a home three years ago. Yeah, I should probably reach out but having an actual strategy so that you’re staying in touch and providing value is amazing. But I wanted to actually go back to something you said because I always, every year I say I’m going to remember to ask guests more about this. And I never do. And I’m so glad because I would have forgotten today. But you you actually just jogged my memory. You were saying that you weren’t necessarily super happy with the way you were running things until was it around 2015 When you started really working on your process? So I’m curious is what were you doing back then that you that just to identify a problem or an issue that you were having? What were some of the issues you were having that you caught was due to want to create a solution for? Well, I

Amy Stockberger 10:02
was looking at the lifetime value of a client, you know, what is your lifetime value of your client, the value of them throughout your entire career, and it was putting the numbers to that, that, you know, when in a career, typically a lifetime value of a client, the times they’re going to transact is that, you know, in our market 100 to $175,000. And then what does that look like then for the lifetime value of the referrals that they’re giving us if if say, 10 to 15% of your your sphere is going to transact within 12 months. What’s that mean? When you you keep, you know, multiplying that success on making sure that your clients are becoming your referral partners. And so what I did in 2015, or before, what made me actually start, the lifetime home support model that I created, is I was running crazy open houses I was spending is immediate, felt like I had all this money going out on lead generation that the ROI wasn’t there. And I just knew that there had to be a better way to take care of my clients so that their experience was top notch. And then I also wanted to make sure that I again, had them there for being my referral partners. And then I wanted to monetize it, I that’s a big part of it. I’m a Systems person, like I said, Hi, di, there’s a system and strategy for every part of our business. And having that in place, I decided to put my my VIP club in. And so what my VIP club is, and I have a lot of different pillars within our business of our lifetime home support. But the one we’re going to visit with you about today was that VIP club where our clients get access to all of our pillars or a VIP club before, during, and after. So lifetime access for free. And so one of the first things I did is I put a moving truck in place, 15 foot moving truck in place. Put that there for my clients to serve them before, during and after for life. They get to use it for free. But But I monetized it right away. So I went back and did you monetize it? So I figured out what my debt service was for it. And I went and sold ad space on the back of it and made money off of my truck. So

D.J. Paris 11:58
I So did you purchase the truck? Or did you lease the truck? And then put like, how did you do that?

Amy Stockberger 12:03
Yeah, I purchased it, but you can lease. So yeah, I have created a whole system for other agents to take what took me how many years to perfect and I always say I have a PhD and failing forward, I’ve made all the mistakes. So what I’ve done is created a VIP course start your VIP course.com. And it it basically it’s a copy and paste formula to implement and monetize your VIP club. So agents can go out and take everything the ultimate all the material I have, I have a seven modules I have it broken down into the blueprint for your 32nd elevator speech about your VIP club, I have it broken down on how to monetize each pillar. So I have a moving truck, I have a party supply of a tool shed, I have a discount Market Center, I have a client events section, I have an agent recruitment section. And then I show them how to monetize each side of that with every system they need within it. Like there’s one whole module of just operations, because there’s so much that happens with all the departments within your company. And if you don’t have your systems, you’re not going to scale you need that those two are sisters, you need systems to scale. That’s just how it works. And so I have a whole module that’s just telling you here’s a checklist you need for every part of your business to implement and monetize this VIP program because at the end of the day, your clients are going to remember that experience and this experience that we’re providing which I’ll go deeper into on the next part of it here is that they’re going to remember it no matter what if you’re there and you have the systems in place to keep top of mind you know Gary Keller said it and Millionaire Real Estate that humans have two places in their brain for realtors, and it’s our jobs to knock the other one out and so that we’re staying top of mind so they’re their repeat business and referral business and so the trucks was the first thing monetize those I have two gonna have three here and 23 so monetize those guys. And then I added my party and tool shed almost almost immediately. And so what that is a a party tool equipment that they can use. So like think of banquet tables and chairs, commercial grade food warmers, cotton candy, snow cone, popcorn, machines, platters, anything you could think of for a party bouncy houses, all those things so clients can come back and use those for free for life. But a big part of this is that I put my brand on everything. So again with my truck, my clients get to use my trucks. My trucks are a marketing vehicle for me they get out 600 some, you know, impressions per mile. I bet they’re out there. So and then I monetize the back of them so people that so I make money off of my trucks and then now it’s my party party equipment. So everything that you know people for graduations, parties, people, my clients come back and use these for life. They throw parties, my name is everywhere. My brand is everywhere. So again, it’s more brand awareness right there in there. And I’m able to then you know, obviously my clients are referring us because they’re getting such value from us. And then there’s so many stages of homeownership. So we created our tool shed or tool shed has everything you can think of Um, that a client would need for every season of homeownership so from ladders, wheelbarrows, commercial grade, paint sprayers, carpet cleaners, you know, the big fans, all those things

D.J. Paris 15:10
they can. So basically you guys have all this equipment, your clients are able to contact you at any time say, hey, I need to borrow a power washer for my deck, or I need I have a children’s party coming up, I need a need to Can I use the bouncy house and then your truck is is there on at the event I’m assuming or nearby the event where people can see it. Your name is everywhere. You’ve monetized the truck. So it pays for itself. And you’re getting all this amazing marketing exposure and you become the person that you’re you create the stickiness because your clients are like, Oh, Amy’s got everything. I’m gonna just go to her. I’m one of her clients. That is brilliant.

Amy Stockberger 15:47
Absolutely. Then so because because we have we have over it’s actually this year, I betcha we’re going to be probably 2500 reservations that we’re going to have from our clients this year. But because there’s so and again, again, this is your branding yourself, you’re serving your client, which is what you want to do your brand yourself and then you’re monetizing I monetize all of them. So I’ve already said tool shed, they’re all monetized too. And you’re, I created software because of that, because your clients need a one stop shop that’s just about you. So when you think about the cycle of a buyer or seller, they’re out on your websites and your socials when they’re vetting you out. And or when they’re looking for houses. That’s what they’re doing. And that’s it. Yeah, they’re not coming back to your website, again,

D.J. Paris 16:29
to Zillow, any other time to check your price and see what their home is worth. Yeah,

Amy Stockberger 16:33
yep. So I created software, my lifetime home support software, so my clients can go out and they sell it to my students to where it has everything they need. So you’re serving, I’m providing value they’re going and looking at all of the equipment we have, they’re renting it on that on my software, so it easily can pick it up, it’s all set up by systems inside of it. So that might FTE my full time employee time on this is next to nothing because it is software, you

D.J. Paris 16:57
don’t have to actually organize that a lot. It’s all done through a system.

Amy Stockberger 17:01
And then and then that software though is set up where I have, you know, all my my Facebook blocked my Facebook feed, so that’s in front of them, everything for my client event is up there, everything for my home support team partners, which is another pillar, I’ll talk to you about my private Facebook group for them is on there. So I have listings on there, easy way for us to review or review me and my agents. So again, it’s it’s a place for them to go one stop shop that has everything they need. And I’m not selling to them, I’m serving to them, right. And again, if there’s one lead generation that everybody should focus on the most and spend the most amount of money on is their data bank, their data make, especially in a market like this, and this type of market is an opportunity market for those who, for those who are frozen in fear, they’re going to get just there, they’re going to get passed by they’re going to get passed by right now is it is it opportunity market. And this is where we’re gonna go in and pick up market share, that’s our market share is 23. You know, we’re climbing is the theme of our year that we’re going in. And that’s you need, and you need to do it through your data bank, because they are the best for know like and trust you. And the referrals from your data bank are the best referrals to work,

D.J. Paris 18:11
you’re almost guaranteed Yeah, they’re guaranteed

Amy Stockberger 18:13
and they come to you knowing your value. And one of the big things too, about this lifetime home support model, like my isa department, we have an 8% You know, contact to contract. Conversion Rate, you know, the market average is like one to two,

D.J. Paris 18:28
and then explain that to me. I’m sorry, I wasn’t not sure I totally understood that.

Amy Stockberger 18:32
My isa contract to close. Right. We have an 8% contract contract to close. Got it. Yeah. So that contract to close. Sorry, from contact to close

D.J. Paris 18:42
contact cold. Got it? Got it? Yes. Okay. Yeah. So the Minnesota

Amy Stockberger 18:45
lead comes in. So my lifetime home support model is a hook because you have to know that anybody who is going out to any website, they’re talking to five to six other brokers to so my lifetime home support model is the hook that keeps them with that said, hey, with us, you get access to all of these things for life. And I haven’t gone through all of them yet. But this is what we have. Because we’re lifetime home support. We’re here to save you time, stress and money. And we’re the experts of connecting buyers and sellers. And we do that and help you build wealth through real estate with our lifetime home support model. And so again, having this it just even if you’re doing lead generation for your web leads, you have this hook of lifetime home support that keeps them with you.

D.J. Paris 19:21
So, yes, and boy, again, you just said so much as a couple of things I want to I want to dial into because from our listener perspective, you said a couple of things that that really sort of grabbed my attention, which was well, actually, I’m gonna ask you a question. So you had said this, and you said this very quickly. So I want to sort of rewind back to this particular point, because I think this year, it’s particularly important and I think you would agree, but I’m curious, because you’d mentioned your database, your sphere of influence your you call data bank, is you know, the most powerful source of of new business And what I am curious about is and you’d set a percentage, and I just missed it. I know the percentage is 16%. That’s the number I know. But I don’t know which number I missed the 10 to 15%. Yeah. So here’s what here’s what Amy and I are talking about. So in your database, depending on what numbers you’re looking at, we’ll say 10 to 15% of the people in your database are going to transact in real estate within the next 12 months, or Amy, correct me if I have that wrong, but something to that effect, correct. So if we, if we know that, and if first of all, I think there’s a lot of agents that have never even put a database together. But if and if you haven’t, this is the time to do it, especially this year, because Amy’s exactly right, all the top producers this year, they are getting market share, they’re gaining market share on the agents that are a little bit reluctant or are pulling back, and maybe they’re a little scared, or maybe they’re depressed because of the way interest rates and inventory. But the brokers that are stepping on the gas a little bit and realizing this is the year to deepen relationships are just going to take that market share away from the agents that are pre are pulling back. But what I wanted to say is we’re basically you just basically smashed a myth or whatever or discredited a myth, which is I don’t have enough potential clients. No, you do, because 10 to 15% of the people you already know, are going to need a realtor in the next 12 months. I guess the question is, how, what percentage of those 10 to 15%? Are you actually going to earn or get, and if you just sit back and wait, it’s probably going to be a smaller percentage that if you’re more proactive, and what I’m reason I’m making such a big deal about this, I think this is such a relief to agents that are like, I don’t have enough leads, I don’t have anything new stuff coming. It’s like, okay, that might be but you already have this, this huge group of people that you could focus on, you know, developing more intimate relationships, more more connected relationships with but anyway, I just wanted to make that point.

Amy Stockberger 21:58
Oh, and that’s so true in a, the best real estate business you can build is a relationship based business real estate will always be relationship based. And now is that it’s always your should always be doing this, but it’s a game changer when you add something like this in to your business, because you can scale so quickly. And, and you’re serving. And if you’re not in this to serve anyway, it’s likely not going to work out for you, but you’re serving at such a high level that it becomes a law of reciprocity in humans are so predictable. And the Law of Reciprocity is just you get something you give something back and kind that’s just how our brains work. And so the our VIP club is such a huge part of our lifetime home support pillars. And you know, another part to that, I should say, so we have our party shed or you know, our trucks, we get those monetized or party shed or tool shed, those are all monetized. And again, our tool shed are things people don’t want to buy, rent or store we have. And that’s just the way they’re going to need the you know what they’re going to need. And in my course, since I’ve done this for so long, we thought we know and I have it all laid out in there. We know what equipment is good and what is not going to work we know what quiz equipments gonna last you summer, which one’s gonna last you two years. So I have laid that all laid out too, because that’s, that’s a trial and error thing, you know that you just wouldn’t know if you hadn’t done this process. So I’ve done that. But then another part of our home support team is our discount center. So I have a relationship with an online discount center that I’m offering up in this that they can go out and our clients get 85 to 25% off over 100,000 different national big brand names. So like Nike, Under Armour, Walmart, things like that, they get deeper discounts than what they would get on products and services they’re already going to buy that we’re offering up to our clients. So they can save another $5,300 a year just by using that and that so that’s you know, here’s another thing we’re offering you to save you time stress and money. And that has a lot of different lead generation in it that I’m using right now for corporate partnerships and, and building market share on that, which is totally different process. But it’s it’s so so so lovely because again, relationship based is a relationship based business is the easiest business to scale. And then the next one is my home support team. So again, our clients needs so many different services and products throughout all of his seasons of buying and selling right. So I put together what I feel is the best of the best of vendors within my local market who are part of my home support team. And they give our clients preferential treatment, preferential sometimes pricing and are there to make sure they’re giving them legendary care like we do so think of your obviously lender and inspector you know those things. We have all those within its age back. We have carpet cleaners, we have home cleaners, we have

D.J. Paris 24:39
the interior, probably mold remediation,

Amy Stockberger 24:43
everything so you know, I I charged these partners $3,500 a year to be a part of my program. And so my clients have access to it. So I have a huge lead gen or a huge revenue source in this but it’s it’s threefold. My home support team is threefold and that is It really is so beautiful for my clients because that’s another value add to my VIP. So they have access to all of my people that I’m keeping in front of them, because we have all the systems in to keep the home support team partners in front of my clients when they need them. They have the discounts, they have all of that. But then the second part of it is obviously the revenue generation. And that’s another big thing that brokers and team leaders really need to be thinking about this year is, what other revenue streams are you adding into your business, it’s very important to have other different revenue streams that you have laying down for to continue to keep monetizing your business and building it. And so so the second part is that we have the revenue stream coming in. And then the third part is market share. So a part of the requirement for my home support team partners to be a part is that we get to come in and present to their employees, we get to come in and tell them about our lifetime home support model all the things they get with being an AMI stockbroker real estate client for life, once we get into that one too many presentations and showing them all of our success strategies. Because we have a, we have a at least by Up program, we have an instant offer program, we have a guaranteed sales program, we will love it or leave it guarantee. So we have all these systems for every stage that once I get in front of them, and I’m telling them about, it’s far better than anything I could throw on social media. It’s far better than anything, it’s a one to many. And then we have a system where we’re staying sticky to where we’re keeping our information in front of that employee. So when they have a life change, which is where we can be a service to anybody in a life change, right? That’s what we do as realtors, that those people are who we can serve? Why would they not call me, they’re calling us because we’re the broker of choice, because we’re the ones who are offering the most amount of benefit, besides being the leaders in connecting buyers and sellers, but everything else they get for life with us.

D.J. Paris 26:41
So I just want to all of that was amazing. I wanted to point to something that I have never heard anyone else say. And I’m just going to kind of focus on it. Because I think it’s something that really any of our any of our listeners could possibly implement, although I Oh, by the way, for everyone who wants to learn this program in this system, Amy’s got an entire program for you, which is Is she calls it the copy and paste formula to monetize your own VIP club. And if you want access and Amy, it’s start your VIP club.com I believe Correct? Yes. So we’re gonna, by the way, there’s a link to that in the notes. And guys, this is really what you want. Because, look, I mean, anyone can put programs like this together, but I have never seen a broker or realtor put this kind of program together who has the level of success that Amy and her team do. And it’s it’s not like they’re only doing massive $10 million plus luxury deals, you know, she said their average price points, like, you know, 200 250,003 40 Yeah, so so. So that is a very, you know, sort of median price point for a lot of ACLs. She’s doing a lot of transactions, doing 500 Plus transactions a year with her team. And guys, she put all this together, and she wants you to learn more about this as well. So start your VIP club.com has a lot of this information, there’s, there’s, I think even a couple different membership options. There’s like a one time and then there’s monthly and all this but you know, it’s funny, whenever I see these kinds of products, it’s it’s really never backed by a brokerage or a team that’s actually doing a ton of production. So I think you have this really unique spot in this very crowded place. And we’ll show you how to, you know, create this amazing business, just like Oh, I’m actually doing it. And you know, I love that. So start your VIP club.com is where you can learn more about this. But the one thing I wanted to mention, which was a couple of things first having a private Facebook group. The only reason I’m mentioning this for your clients, by the way, which Amy has talked about is this is a brilliant thing I’ve never heard anybody mentioned this idea. Now here at our brokerage we have a private Facebook group for our brokers are in Illinois, everyone’s everyone’s called the broker. So for our Realtors, and they are, you know, they chat back and forth in there. We do trainings in there, we do a lot of celebration stuff, but I never have heard of a realtor having that for their clients. But it’s the same exact idea. It’s brilliant. Because your clients get to know each other, you’re probably posting content in there from time to time, and your clients get more direct access to you and your and the other clients so that in and of itself, I love and that’s something really just about anybody could could put together. But I love the fact that you have created this whole program that shows people step by step how to do things like yeah, you know, I think I do want to offer a van or storage or a shed with tools so that my clients can use it. The other thing you said that was really fascinating to me and as somebody who sort of works on the management side of of a brokerage. I don’t know why we’re not doing this, which is you charge your vendors, the ones that you refer to you charge them to be part of your preferred vendor list. And that is I’ve never heard anybody mentioned that that is such a smart idea. because number one, you want to make sure, of course, that they’re that they’re committed. And these vendors have do a good job, which you’ve already done. But it’s like, no, you should have to pay to get access to my clients, my clients are really the most important thing for me. And I want to know that, you know, I’m assuming that the thought is that you want these vendors to have some skin in the game, so that you know that at least you’re receiving some value along the way as well.

Amy Stockberger 30:21
Oh, gotcha. And think about it just as a from the realtors perspective, that client is trusting you for I mean, we play so many roles to these, these beautiful humans who are in a really big, big financial decision in their life. And, and they trust who you know, like and trust. And so, most importantly, people have been partners have always been so important to me, but I really, I really wanted to, to offer them to local Sioux Falls like our state, we don’t have a state income tax, like we just have, we have a lot of growth coming in. Because of that, we’re just you know, Forbes is where the best place to, you know, start a business. I think since my since 20 years now, since I’ve been in the business, you know, it’s been so long, but I really love growing local to, like, I really love giving back and growing local, you know, it’s like, Okay, I’m gonna help you grow your business, because I’m going to show you, I know how to market, I’m going to put you into my marketing, I have a whole system that I market for you to keep you in front of the people. And then they stay and they’re going to use you, it’s just a no brainer. And my home support team partners, I love them. They’re so good. And Mike, my goal this year is to have 125. So do the math on that $3,500 a year. Last year, we were right around that 100 mark. And the these these home supporting partners, they’re the ones who also do ad space on the back of my truck. They’re the ones my client events. So we do a really big client events a year and they’re the ones who I have a whole system in my course about this to that they pay for my client events, I have a whole sponsorship category, where they can pay for on that. So my monetize my client events. And again, if you’re not doing client events, you should anyway because you should be loving on them. But typically I sell anywhere between three to four additional units, every client event just from again, the law of reciprocity, and then having it is good for my home support team partners to they’re out there. And they come in, you know, the ones who are sponsoring, they’re there, and they’re meeting my clients face to face. And so it’s a great opportunity.

D.J. Paris 32:12
And the other thing that you said that I absolutely love, and I’ve sort of been beating the drum on this since I started the podcast, although I’m not a producing agent. So probably nobody listens to me, but but my guests, they do listen to so I wanted to make sure they that because you’ve said so much already, that I know a lot of our listeners heads are probably spinning going, Oh my God, there’s so many good ideas. This is a good one that I had. I’m trying to think of anyone we’ve done almost 500 episodes. My memory is garbage. So maybe somebody said this before, but I don’t think so. And here’s what Amy mentioned. And she said it very quickly. But it was really a brilliant nugget, in my opinion, which was when she has clients. She’s like, Oh, by the way, you know, she obviously knows where they work. She knows, you know, probably enough about the office they worked at or a little bit about their business. And then Amy’s like, Hey, who’s like the HR person, I want to talk to them and see if I can come in and do a presentation for the other employees, which is absolutely one of the smartest things because you’re going to have one of their employees vouching for you and saying, oh my god, you got to have Amy in here. She’ll bring in lunch, and she’ll do a little presentation. And that is absolutely brilliant. And nobody else does

Amy Stockberger 33:17
that. So I’m creating a course on this because we have you read the book, The Dream manager book? No. Okay, so the dream manager was, I think it was written in 2007. Back before the world was the world now, right where we’ve just had such a hard time with the employees and we own my husband and I own a handful of businesses. So we know how hard it is to keep keep keep attract and retain good talent. And so that’s basically the concept of that book is that it’s getting harder and harder each year to attract and retain good talent, so employees, and that a happy employee is a productive employee. So what I’ve done is I’ve created my and they a corporate partnership with all of these things with the foundation in my lifetime home support, and I’ve gone out to companies and just say here, I want to be a corporate partnership, I’m going to offer you all these things for free all this different parts of my VIP that we haven’t talked about all of it, I’m gonna offer that for you for free to put into your employee benefit program. And you can do this too, to help you become a better place to work for your employees don’t just have one more benefit of working for you. We’re going to offer up different Lunch and Learns activities because again, statistically an employee who owns is typically a more productive employee than an employee that rents is just stats is what it is that we come in and we just did we we get the opportunity to be in front of these people and not and again, I have you know, the high level you have the sea level that I’m getting in front of because we’re offering them this and I also get all the employees too. So the lead gen I’m able to give to my agents from from what we’re seeing from this is fabulous, like my goal is to have 10,000 employees signed up by the end of 23 We just signed up a really big one that I’m so excited about that it’s just going to be a huge thing for us to be able to help them the big company but also my employees or my my agents I’m gonna be able to help them grow their business even bigger than I have, because I’m gonna have more leads coming in for them through In this lifetime home support corporate partnership program.

D.J. Paris 35:03
Yeah, it’s it’s a, it’s a wonderful idea. Tell us more about the program itself for agents who might want to consider adding in some of not only these processes, but these revenue streams, right? Like, this is an amazing thing that you’ve figured out not just how to, because I’ve had a lot of agents on our show, who have amazing processes and strategies, and really, it’s just incredible, but they haven’t always monetized other parts of the business outside of the actual transaction, which of course, is monetized. So this idea of monetizing everything else, even like you were saying, you know, you know, getting a van and, and, you know, getting advertising on it. And even that in and of itself is smart, because it’s essentially becomes a free thing. But tell us more about the program to start your VIP club. Let’s I’d love to hear like what do people get? And what are the price points for it? Okay,

Amy Stockberger 35:55
so it’s basically the only course of its kind that gives agents single agents team leads brokers, a roadmap to creating a VIP club that will turn their clients into referral partners for life, and also to walk them through how to monetize each part of it. So from the moving trucks to the party shed to the tool shed to the discount center, I have discounts for all of these and discounts for the products that they can buy, as well as what products to buy, which ones are the best, then I it’s a seven course module seven module course sorry, in there and it has a section on each of the pillars for implementing monetizing checklists has a whole operations module has a whole marketing module for your own, I have a VIP clubs made for you, I have press releases made for you, I have your 32nd elevator speech made for you, I have your your first your rollout to your data bank, that initial rollout to your data bank, I have everything you’re gonna need to get sponsorship for your client events, how to throw a big a big, great client event again, I’m very system centric. So I also in this course gave away as a bonus. So my three of my my high level client event checklist from beginning to end that basically all they have to do is put one thing in it auto populates everything they need to do to run a a profitable client event that their clients are gonna love and their agents are going to attend. That’s the other part of it, to get their agents there to really love it. So that’s included in it. We also have a software, like I said that we created for our lifetime home support model. So it walks you through how the software works and what it’s going to do to save you on employee time. And it’s going to help keep you and give you more referrals because your clients have a one stop shop that that they’re going to need after the transaction again, they’re not going back to your website after the transaction, they’re just not. And so it just gives you a step by step no shiny object like I think our industry is so shiny object, don’t you like people throw money and all this stuff, and then they don’t go back and check the ROI. So this is a no shiny object. Here’s, here’s what you do, I’m going to show you how to do it, I’m going to give you all the tools you need from the contracts to sell off your sponsorship for your trucks to your client events, to your party and tool ship, as well as additional lead generation that goes into it. Because all of this has additional lead generation, I give away all of his stuff to nonprofits for free, I give it away to first responders for free, I give it away I sponsor some schools that I give it away to for free guess what I get to do I get to go in and talk to these people or I get to send in my employees to go in and talk to these people and tell them about our lifetime home support model. Because we’re doing that and it’s a good community to give back. I love that again, you should want to do that as a business owner. That it’s it’s a whole circle all around way for them to grow a airtight, no worrying about any type of market shift type of business.

D.J. Paris 38:38
So what I love is specifically going all the way back to one of my sort of initial questions was like, What are you doing in between the sales? Well, you’re basically telling us all of the things that you’re doing in between sales cycles, which how long and you’re like, what’s the average time where somebody buys or sells a home, and then on to their next, like seven years, five to seven years,

Amy Stockberger 39:00
actually three to five in our market. So when you think of the lifetime value of a first time homebuyer homebuyer, they’re a fiber, you know, they’re usually five transactions, you know, so you think about that, if that they’re five transactions for you as a first time homebuyer through the life of your career, then think of how many other referrals you’re getting per year off of them. That’s a really delicious career.

D.J. Paris 39:19
And the fact that you even have a private Facebook group really allows them possibly depending on how active they are in Facebook, to really get almost daily interactions with you, right, like, depending on how much content you guys are putting in there. But I was going to ask you like what do you do in between sales? Well, you’re doing so many different things where you’re just you’re constantly in contact and I bet you don’t even necessarily have to ask your clients Hey, are you do you need my help buying or selling something because you’re so present in their life? They’re reaching out to you I imagine you don’t even have to ask for the business.

Amy Stockberger 39:53
We know it’s it’s it’s beautiful. We really are going over 70% of our business comes from repeat each referral business and that’s, that’s a low because I also have an ISA department but my highest isa lead source is off of calls coming in. So those calls coming in are typically off of them either seen stuff that we’re posting out there about our lifetime support model or referrals in from past clients. And so, you know, that’s right, because then it’s then it’s Zillow, you know. So, my ISA is next one is Zillow. So it’s you actually

D.J. Paris 40:25
get more inbound calls than Zillow. But then you have like, purchasing leads from Zillow. Yeah,

Amy Stockberger 40:30
the company can list me calls or the commission via house calls. And then think about it though, too. So we, and this is all in my course. Again, it’s the hook, it’s a hook, they’re calling, because they’re contacting five to six different other agents. So again, my agents are trained that if they’re out, you know, the first time they’re showing you say, a client buyer doesn’t want to come in, and they’re meeting them in the driveway. They’re, they’re handing them the marketing sheet about their lifetime home support, and to say, hey, just by the way, oh, by the way, the sales this is what else do we have to do to help you build wealth wealth through real estate with our lifetime home support model with us and one year, you’re gonna save likely over $10,000? By doing something you’re going to do anyway?

D.J. Paris 41:05
Right? Amazing, what you really have, I mean, when you say you’re a systems person, you are really a systems person. So I imagine one of the main benefits is it just gives agents not just a blueprint of, of, you know, sort of how to think about building these systems, but actually tells them what to do on a daily basis.

Amy Stockberger 41:25
Yep. So at the end of every module, because that’s what it is, people will take a course and then they won’t know what to do. So at the end of every module, I call it my action step checklist, the end of every module, I have an action step checklist that tells them black and white, this is what you need to do to implement what you just learned. Here’s the checklist, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, on what you need to do, to move to the next step to continue to build that VIP club.

D.J. Paris 41:49
Yeah, it’s, it’s really amazing. And, and as far as cost, what what is the cost for the start your VIP club? 1997. Gotcha. So just shy of $2,000. And for anyone listening, that’s like, Oh, that’s a lot of money. Well, it’s really less than probably a third of one transaction. Right? So it’s, yeah, yeah, it’s it, guys. It’s a one time payment, you know, basically $2,000. And if some, if you could, you know, I think back to because I have to build the systems for our company in more of the recruiting side, and the retention side. And I can tell you, I spent a lot more than $2,000, putting all of that together over the last 12 years, and I would have killed to have somebody hand me a program like that, I would have gladly paid way more than $2,000, because it actually pays, it doesn’t just pay for itself, it actually generates incredible amount of revenue.

Amy Stockberger 42:42
Oh my gosh, the amount of revenue that you have from this, just from your repeat business is in there. And then when you think about it, yeah, it’s just a system and strategy. If you don’t have to come up with it. Mark Twain said, There’s no such thing as that original idea. Everything is just out there that just doesn’t exist. Same thing, you take this and it gives you a step by step on how to create it, implement it, and monetizing quickly. And then I also, I have a virtual assistant trained in my lifetime Home Support Program, that I sell time blocks out to my students to who want to implement faster. So my VA is have stepped into my students and help them just go with that if they don’t have either the bandwidth in house right now or they want extra help. As somebody who knows everything about this system already. They can buy time blocks in my lifetime home support, virtual assistants, too.

D.J. Paris 43:26
Yeah, that that makes so much sense. I I was I was at an event yesterday morning, here for our local association where we bring in top producers and have them speak to two to newer agents and we had about 300 people there. And it was a wonderful event and somebody grabbed me who I didn’t know he I guess he’s a fan of the podcast and said, speaking of virtual assistants, he goes I listened to an episode you did about you know why a virtual assistant makes sense. And I finally pulled the trigger did it he goes, I’ve like doubled my business because Easy,

Amy Stockberger 44:01
easy, easy. I told my agents all the time. If you’re doing it, then you’re the assistant you don’t need to be do you know my average agent, you know, like getting they’re selling, you know, close to 30 You know, and 22 homes a year and so that they shouldn’t be doing those things. You know, we have I think we have six VAs right now over in the Philippines that that we have and it just helps systemize so many things that we’re not worried

D.J. Paris 44:24
about. Yeah, we have VAs as well for our free running the back end of our brokerage not client facing vas, but you but but client facing bas are great too. And all of ours are from the Philippines as well. And boy I’ve had I’ve been using VAs in the Philippines for six years now I think and just incredible, incredible opportunities there. So globalized, we can find great talent from overseas, you know, with an internet connection and it’s just it’s just amazing.

Amy Stockberger 44:58
And right now just to speak to that I think a lot of agents again, and brokers who are just who are frozen in fear and not taking advantage of the opportunity and have let a lot of bas go. So right now there’s an influx of bas available. So again, for somebody thinking about that, that it’s right, now’s a good time to get a VA who’s trained in nearly every tech stack that’s out there.

D.J. Paris 45:20
Yeah. So what would you recommend, as a first step for somebody who does feel a little frozen right now, they don’t have a whole lot of clients, everyone’s bummed out about interest rates and inventory. And obviously, mindsets really important. So what would you recommend that somebody could do as just like a first step forward, to just start recognizing the opportunity that exists this year,

Amy Stockberger 45:47
they need to build their database, build their data bank, so if they want to email me, Amy and Amy stockbroker.com, I will send them my data bank builder, for free, send them out to for them to do just sit down and fill out just their data bank builder that’s just going to be memory jogs for them, of everybody they know who should be living within their database within their CRM, and then they need to turn around and do the next step. Put them in their CRM and let it start working for him. And then yeah,

D.J. Paris 46:13
are you a big fan of collecting as much data of data points as you can to give you a reason to reach out in other words, like how I don’t know how detailed you get with your with your clients in your CRM, but you obviously know where they work, because we talked about why that’s important. And also to you can put Google Alerts up for these companies. And if you see any major news come through another reason to pick up the phone, Hey, I just saw your company one this big deal or whatever. So I imagine a lot I mean, you’ve talked about a lot of what you do is real estate adjacent, or even not necessarily related to real estate, because you’re trying to just immerse yourself in their lives, which include work life, home, everything you I imagine you probably have a lot of data points in your CRM for each one of your your, you know, your data, or you said called Data Bank, sorry,

Amy Stockberger 46:59
yeah, we do we keep as much as we possibly can in there. I mean, that’s a big part, I think that I tell my agents is to that’s one of the benefits are working for our companies, our business plan is, is set up because I made all the mistakes. And so I’ve set it up so that they don’t have to, and they can scale easily and don’t have to do it the hard way like I did they are they’re able to do it the easy way with everything that we’ve we’ve taken care of for them. Because think about it too. Like I didn’t start as I didn’t use my CRM to the level I use it now, probably 10 years ago. I think if I did my head, I’m like, Oh, you have much more success. I would have had I use that the way I should have. But but then you think of a CRM, what are they using for those drip campaigns? Are they using the built in ones? Are they going back? Are they really putting any of their unique value propositions, my course has it all, I have a whole drip campaign for every part of it from the from the time they rent something to the drip campaign and the funnel they have from when they come in as a new lead. So you have the hook in there from a web lead to a past client to a nonprofit to your HST partners, all those in there. So you’re staying top of mind through all the ways you need to.

D.J. Paris 48:05
Yeah, it makes it makes all the sense in the world. I don’t know how big the rental the residential rental market is in Sioux Falls. I don’t know if that’s a possible source of revenue for agents. I here in Chicago, we’re in downtown. So obviously, there’s tons of rentals. And so many agents start out in rentals, and so many agents don’t. And I always encourage agents who aren’t like flush with leads, especially if they’re new, which of course nobody is, when they start, I’m like, do as many leads as you can, because almost everyone that owns used to rent, right? And I don’t know if that that might not translate to every market out there. But do you see a lot of agents doing rentals as a way to just as an entry point in your market to? Or do you encourage your agents to do that?

Amy Stockberger 48:49
If not, you don’t really have the biggest It’s not much. It’s just not even really a thing here? Yeah.

D.J. Paris 48:55
What about supporting local businesses? So you talked about having a vendor? Do you? I would love to know a little because this is another thing that anybody can go out and do go ahead and tell talk. So okay,

Amy Stockberger 49:05
so one of my standards of practice for our agents is that they have to be in a performing networking group that meets on a weekly basis. So at least group so and B and I’s are not for everybody. They’re just not they weren’t for me when I first got into the business basically, because I was dirt poor did not have the money for a BNI. And it just wasn’t the structure that my brain worked best in. So I created a leads group and I have a system for my agents to where they have to be a part of a leads group that again, that meets on a weekly basis, the benefit of leads groups, there’s exclusivity to your market, so it’s not like the chamber, I sit on the board of our chamber so I love the chamber chambers a big part of our business too, but it’s not like the Chamber you have exclusivity in that and you’re meeting with all the holidays over the one year you’re meeting likely like 40 times the investment to be in ours is about $45 a month and you have the opportunity to sit down especially as Realtors once a week and during your 32nd interview your 32nd commercial real Going around introducing, you’re giving out all your listings, you gotta get better bet that I’m telling you every seller in my list seller presentation that that’s part of my SOPs for my agents that we’re giving out our listings at everything. So again, word of mouth marketing, that’s the second place for buyers find out about a

D.J. Paris 50:13
listing, you’re giving out your listings. That’s very interesting. That makes sense.

Amy Stockberger 50:17
Well, at the second place buyers find out about a house for sale is through the realtor. So that word of mouth needs to be so big. And so that’s, you know, a big thing too, if you and I do have, I have a mini course coming out on that, and a blueprint to build a converting leads group. But that is such an easy, easy feel like you could do 10 transactions a year just from that I typically sell my personal business three to 4 million a year for my group that I started back in 2004. So So it, it’s such an easy, and again, it’s rapport build, it’s relationship building, and they’re out there, you’re building their business, so they’re out there helping you build yours. And again, the more eyeballs you have on your listings, the better.

D.J. Paris 50:52
Yeah, and you know, the vendor, the vendor list to is or the partnership list, I guess I should say is so important at this meeting, I was at yesterday, this this white, this top producer of that one of the one of the agents was they said, Well, where do you Where’s some of your best referral sources? And he said, Well, everyone talks about their existing clients, and yes, you know, good chunk of mine come from there. But he’s like, you know, what nobody talks about, because it’s maybe just a little bit slightly sort of uncomfortable. He goes, divorce attorneys, divorce attorneys are unbelievable. And the whole crowd you can see kinda like shuttered like, oh, I don’t really want it that’s dark and kind of, you know, maybe uncomfortable, but it was like, he goes, Oh, no, no, he goes, divorce attorneys are, first of all, they’re always in business. They always have lots of business, unfortunately. But, but, or fortunately, depending on the situation, but regardless, they have people who need to move, right. So this is these are huge opportunities to get in, to really think about leveraging these relationships and whether, you know, an earning, so I’d love to, I’d love to hear more about some of those partnerships that you have where you’re able to provide value like obviously on either end there.

Amy Stockberger 52:00
Yeah. So even probate to Anthony, we have attorneys in town for probate because estate planning attorneys Yeah, they have to. And that’s really one of the reasons like my instant offer program. So we have all like, like I said, systems and strategies for every part of the home buying and selling process for every season. So from that lease buyout, the very first house, and oftentimes that instant offer program we have is the last house. So that’s a really good program for you know, it’s typically it’s the older child who’s taking care of that for their their parents, typically out of state. And so having those relationships with probate attorneys in town to just hand those leads over. They’re just they’re going somewhere we know that they’re going to sell. And that’s a that’s a good good lead source for us.

D.J. Paris 52:40
Wow. Well, I and by the way, you know, so Amy’s a couple of things we want to mention here. So Amy’s program, you know, to really create a lifetime lead strategy, and have all the systems that by the way, she’s been working on for, gosh, quite a number of years now, and made all the mistakes that you don’t have to make, because they’ve already been made. And she already knows how to, to move past that. And to get her best practices. And again, she’s one of the top teams in the country. This is not, this is not a self help guru that has never actually practice. Like, like somebody like me who goes, Oh, this is what you should do. And you’re like, well, DJ, you never practice yet. Don’t listen to me. But listen, because Amy knows what she is talking about. And if you go to start your VIP club.com You can learn more about all of this. And guys, I don’t ever recommend any. Really, I mean, very rarely do I ever recommend a program for our audience because I don’t want our audience investing in something that that that they are going to come back to me and say, Why don’t like that DJ guy anymore. I just spent $2,000 and got nothing, no, you’re gonna get a lot with this program. And I need to use this program myself. For some ways I need to better strategize and process out are our business. And so this this is I’m going to be a client of this. And I’m going to, really I am because I need what here’s what I need help with. I need help better monetizing our podcast. So I’m going to I would love to chat with you offline about that. But But my point is, is Amy has figured all this stuff out. So guys, if you go to start your VIP club.com Then you can learn more about him, please, please consider investing in it. I know it’s a little bit of money. But trust me if it just gets you even just one deal, it pays for itself and it’s gonna get you a lot more than that. More importantly, it’s not even really about getting one deal and having it paid for it. It’s about setting up systems so that you don’t have to wake up every day and go What am I supposed to do? What should I do? Because that is a tremendous amount of anxiety. You know, we I know what that feels like when you don’t have processes and systems in place. It sucks when you wake up and you’re like there’s fear there’s, you just don’t know what to do. You’re sort of flying blind out there. Get a system this is this

Amy Stockberger 54:52
paralysis is overwhelmed paralysis. That’s just what happens if there isn’t a direct checklist and what you need to do. That’s what happens. Yep,

D.J. Paris 54:59
and By the way, the other thing I’ll mention for any agents that are in the Sioux Falls area, or are in, you know, a surrounding area of South Dakota and you’re like, oh, I don’t work with a team like this, my brokerage isn’t quite giving me these kinds of things. Or I would love to like work with Amy or maybe become a member of her team. While she obviously doesn’t accept every realtor that that reaches out. But Amy, she has her team is growing. They have 15 agents right now. And they are one of the top teams in the entire country. I know if I was in Sioux Falls, South Dakota as an agent, I there wouldn’t I wouldn’t even look elsewhere. I’d be like, Why just wanna go with the best. So, Amy, if there is anyone out there and by the way, guys, remember to that when the pandemic happened, a lot of people started moving to places that they weren’t moving to prior to the pandemic or Montana, Idaho, the Dakotas, right? So you might even if you’re not in that local area, maybe you have referrals of people that are now exploring, getting, you know, you know, retirement homes there or, or, you know, maybe just moving to because they can work from home. So even if you just want to refer business to Amy like she would obviously love the opportunity to speak to you but if you are an agent in her in her area in Sioux Falls in in that local area, and you want to consider possibly working or joining up with her team. Me, can you tell us a little bit about what you your team is looking for in an agent?

Amy Stockberger 56:21
Yes. And for those who who are looking to refer business, we go to my YouTube channel living in Sioux Falls, we have a big book of business for every little I have, I have a very dedicated and systemized relocation integration process. So I guarantee they’ll be taken care of, to the nth degree. But yeah, we’re looking for an agent, we’re looking for agents who are there to serve, you know, again, my vision for my company is to build big juicy legacies, through wealth through real estate with lifetime home support. And that’s what I want for my agents, we have a very support driven model. So we have the insight Tran transaction management listing coordination inside sales department for the generate a lot of leads, we pay for the majority of the tech stack to for our agents so they can be as as profitable as possible for them. And again, I’ve set it up for them to build their businesses. So they don’t have to do it the way I did it, that they’re going to be out there doing what they’re best at, which is taking care of that client. And we have pretty much everything else that we’re trying to take care of for him on the backside of it so they can continue to keep serving more and more clients.

D.J. Paris 57:15
Wow. So if they’re if there’s an agent that is interested in maybe learning more or providing value to your team, or maybe just wanting your guidance on what’s the best way they should reach out to you,

Amy Stockberger 57:27
yep, just at AMI at ami stockbroker.com Or they can go any my handles are at AMI, stockbroker realestate.com. And then for our digital marketing or digital courses, it’s just ASR you Academy.

D.J. Paris 57:39
Yeah, ASR Academy, or if you just go to start your VIP club.com That’ll take you also right there as well. It’ll redirect you. We’re gonna have links to all of this in the show notes. Don’t worry, you don’t have to write it down. It’s all in our show notes. Just look for there. And we will have it in there. But Amy, oh, my gosh, this this is I could have you on every single week, we could be talking about another process another thing agents should be doing. And you know what, that’s not a terrible idea. I do offline. We could we could possibly even drill down now. Everyone, we’re I’m peeling back the curtain for our audience, isn’t it? No, no, but but this is this is what I’m curious. So I was just talking to one of my colleagues this morning, he was going how’s the podcast going? Now I’ll just give everyone a little behind the scenes of what it’s like to run a podcast. And I would call my podcast, a successful podcast because it pays for itself. We have sponsors, we have a pretty sizable audience. And I’m not saying that any sort of brag, or what younger people say flex for that reason, which is so so silly. I’m not I’m not doing it. Because I’m the person that always thinks oh, it’s no big deal. I don’t you know, I’m not that important. But we do have a pretty sizable audience. My point is, is I am always wondering what our audience needs. Now, because podcasting is largely a one way communication, right? I’m listening, you’re you’re listening to me and Amy, I don’t often get a lot of feedback, we get a lot of lovely fan letters, like almost every day, we get some one or two letters from people. It’s so sweet. But I don’t often I don’t often know what our listeners actually want or need, because there’s not an easy way to sort of get that feedback. So what I’m going to ask everyone to do is if you think that this would be really helpful if maybe once a month, we had Amy on and she did a deep dive into one particular, you know, pillar or something, just because I think we could create really, really a lot of value for our agents, or for our listeners, I shouldn’t say and for our agents in my firm as well, but where they could learn some of this stuff, because I think this you have so many processes. I think this really deserves more than than one go around so we could really do a deep dive and learn more so I would be honored to and yeah, and I am excited as well. So guys, everyone out there, please visit start your VIP club.com Also, Amy stock burger.com is another place, I can just go to the show notes, we’ll click on the links, there’s so much great content there, a lot of it’s free, by the way to Amy’s very, very generous around giving. And, you know, let’s it also again, if you’re an agent, you want to maybe join our team, or maybe you have business for people that are moving to the area, obviously, you know, why not refer to the number one team in the area, that’s what I would do. So a visit ami stockbroker.com, as well as an AMI. So as we’re kind of wrapping up here, I definitely saw oh, by the way back back to our audience. So audience, if you like, if you think this would be really helpful for you, I didn’t give you an action step, let us know. And there’s not an easy way to give us that feedback. But if you go on our, our Facebook page, or if you just send us an email, which you can do at keeping it real pod.com We have contact information there and all of our social channels, you can let us know. But if this would be really helpful for you, and I know that it would be, but I just want to double check with our audience, make sure that I’m giving you the value you want, let us know and we’ll have Amy back on. But Amy, on behalf of our audience, I say thank you for taking time out of your busy life, your very, very busy life, to come on our show and talk about some of these processes. And I hope lots of our people really consider investing in your start your VIP club. So they can have a lifetime sort of referral business. And this isn’t the same sort of thing that you get from other sources. This is this is a really unique program that also shows you how to monetize it all. So I mean, that’s, I think just an incredible value add. So start your VIP club.com. And also on behalf of Amy and myself, we want to thank the audience for making it all the way to the end of this episode. We appreciate you we love you. You’re the reason we do this show. And please just if you want to help us grow to things, support our sponsors. So consider investing in their products and services. They’re the reason we can pay our bills. And tell a friend about the show just one other realtor that you that is struggling right now. And guess what, almost all realtors are struggling right now. So send them a link to this episode. Maybe somebody that wakes up on a Monday and doesn’t always know what to do as a realtor. What should I do today? Well, this episode that Amy provided a lot of great suggestions for people to really make 2023 a good year let’s let’s let’s make this a year where you get more market share. This is the year agents are falling away. They’re falling off. And this is a great opportunity for those who stay because you’re gonna pick up that business but you need processes.

Amy Stockberger 1:02:32
Yes, DJ, thanks for everything you do for our industry. You’re awesome.

D.J. Paris 1:02:36
Oh, thank you, Amy. Well, I appreciate that as well. And, and again, we’ll talk about having you come on more regularly because I think this would be so much fun. All right, guys. Thank you. We will see everybody on the next episode. Visit our website keeping it real pod.com Tell a friend about the show. Invest in Amy’s in Amy’s in Amy’s program. Start your VIP club.com All right, Amy, thank you so much. We’ll see everyone on the next episode.

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