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Welcome to the December edition of Coaching Moments with Ryan D’Aprile!

What does every professional athlete have in common? They ALL have coaches! And so should you! In this end-of-year episode Ryan discusses the importance of coaching, and how you can implement coaching for better accountability into your business for 2020.

Ryan D’Aprile can be reached at 312.492.7900 and execassistant@daprileproperties.com.

Ryan D'Aprile


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Welcome to keeping the real the largest podcast in the country made for real estate agents by real estate agents. My name is DJ Paris I am your guide and host for the show. Today is our monthly coaching moments episode with Brian De April. Ryan is a progressive thought leader focused on providing for his agents and staff. His strengths are his motivational skills, coaching style, and his dedication to training depot properties has 14 offices throughout Chicagoland and also in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan and hundreds of brokers. A depot properties is a coaching company with eight strategic coaches who work week in and week out with every single agent individually focused focusing on their business plan, coaching and accountability for the agents. If you’d like to take your career to the next level, or if you’re just not getting the attention you need from your firm, check out the April properties you can visit them at D APR properties.com. And welcome the owner of deal properties and the founder Ryan Ryan D APR. Welcome. Thanks, DJ.

Ryan D’Aprile 1:57
How are you?

D.J. Paris 1:58
I’m good. I’m really I love these episodes, because really you are the crux of what we are trying to do on the show. And we do it through various different ways by interviewing top 1% producers. And we’re so grateful that you who is really 100, a full time coach and a trainer to the trainer’s is willing to come on once a month. So this You’re exactly what we’re attempting to accomplish. And we get so much great feedback from your episodes. So really excited to have you on again.

Ryan D’Aprile 2:26
I appreciate It’s my honor. How you how you Braving this cold?

D.J. Paris 2:29
Good, so yeah, so for those of our listeners who are luckily not in Chicago, you’re not? Well, maybe in other parts of the country. It’s this cold too. But yeah, it’s pretty ugly this week. Lots of ice and snow, how about you

Ryan D’Aprile 2:41
nowhere, like just boom, and I’ll hit us the snow in the cold but, but that’s why we live here. And that’s actually it’s why I love it here. I love the change I love, I’ll get sick of the cold and snow Come on late February. But right now I’m kind of enjoying this and wait for the decorations that go up.

D.J. Paris 2:57
And we should also mention, you know, you it’s funny, because I have made my world very small. My the office I have is a mile from where I live. So the weather never really affects me that much. But we should mention sort of what you do, because it’s really important. And probably it’s kind of a peek behind the curtain. Ryan’s like a super busy guy. He has hundreds and hundreds of agents, over a dozen offices, several businesses, but really what he focuses most of his energy on his traveling from office to office helped make make sure that the agents are getting the training and support they need. So you’re probably you probably had a rougher week than I did with travel.

Ryan D’Aprile 3:30
Yeah, but you know, it’s not bad. Because I’m a I’m a podcast and an audio book junkie. So I get a lot done in the car. But it’s free in the brain kind of stuff. And I want to talk about I was inspired by somebody. I’ve been listening to the past couple of weeks, I’ve been sharing it with my agents and whatnot. And I think we’ll talk a little bit about some of the things I’ve learned from him. And I do want to tell everybody that it’s like everything that I coach and I preach, I learned from somewhere else. This is not like, you know, sometimes you go on your coach, and from my perspective is like, you know, oh my gosh, I feel like a phony. This is what somebody else said, but you know, you have to understand it. I’m embracing it. And all I’m doing is I’m being a conduit from what I’ve learned from all these great minds. And if I’m coming in touch with somebody who’s in the mortgage lending or the real estate brokerage business or whatnot, just kind of try to help them with the, the nuggets of knowledge you learn from these. These, you know, these gurus these brilliant thought leaders that I listen to on the podcasts are various audiobooks.

D.J. Paris 4:32
Yeah, and that’s exactly what we do here, too. We have this whole idea of what they say Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, right? So Ryan’s a giant, all the other fortunate guests we have that are generous to to give their time are also giants and we’re learning from the best. And so that’s what we do here.

Ryan D’Aprile 4:49
And I think, you know, given that, you know, we’re a week away from Thanksgiving, we’re coming into that six week holiday stretch that we go into, and the real estate business tends to hibernate a little bit or so lot activity, I think this is a great time to talk, start talking about business planning, and your next year and how to prepare for it. Um, so before we

D.J. Paris 5:10
before we get to I just wanted to pop in with a quick thought, a quick idea, because I was talking about this on another podcast yesterday, which probably our listeners wouldn’t know about. So I mentioned it here, just in case they won’t see this on the other episode I did. And I want to talk about Thanksgiving, because Ryan is a huge proponent of staying in touch with your prospects, your sphere of influence your past clients, everyone that you’re looking to get additional business from, and just, you know, have a strong working relationship and personal relationship. And we’re coming up on the holiday season. And of course, this is a time where brokers are going to be sending a lot of holiday cards, a lot of holiday greetings, and that’s all great. And all of that’s awesome. And then I realized, very few people ever do anything for Thanksgiving. And I thought that’s one way to separate yourself, this would be a great opportunity to get in touch being that it is a bit slower to get in touch. And maybe instead of if you were saying, Well, I’m only going to do either holiday greetings in December for my clients and prospects or in now, I would say maybe do it now you’ll have less competition from everyone else who are sending those same cards. Yeah, I

Ryan D’Aprile 6:17
think I mean, it’s a good idea, I do think you know how they card Thanksgiving, or Christmas, there is a clutter of them. And I tell everybody, you know, your job is simple. It’s creating relationships with the people in your network, quite honestly. And statistically, you know, 60% of them are going to transact every year. And so and each of them know, people who are going to buy ourselves a little bit of referrals you receive from your network. So one thing that I do work with a lot of our agents on when you know, again, you kind of kind of do this in it, we get in and week out bi weekly, monthly, at the biggest time sprint span. And we tend to forget and I don’t count holiday cards as as a as a touch with you, I don’t count as a touch I kind of marketing. And I think it’s something great. And I think it’s something everybody should do. You know, I walk into my house and I have, you know, come December 20. It’s like our islands got dozens and dozens of pictures, and I enjoy looking at them. But from a professional standpoint, and what we do for a living, you know, what comes first, right? The client, right? Or the fail and the client is what comes first? And how do you get a client and it’s a byproduct of these touches that we’re talking about. And you have to you have to be you have to be discipline, you have to be consistent, you have to have the right mindset to understand and be aware, right, and being aware of what you want, is going to trigger the actions you need to take. So I do think it’s a great idea, DJ. But I do also want to say is don’t slip into that, that that little trap where you think yeah, I didn’t touch you sent them a card for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I think what you’re saying does have its avail point centered Thanksgiving because there’s less clutter. But you really should contact everybody your network in the fourth quarter, like you should every single quarter, to continue to build on a relationship, you do it a couple of years in a row, you’re going to receive the compound effect, the snowball effect, where you have a deeper relationship with these people. And then you have a marketing plan that’s going that you’re not even thinking about. And then essentially you’re attracting sales and you’re not chasing sales.

D.J. Paris 8:34
Yeah, I think that the biggest mistake brokers make, or one of the big mistakes brokers make, and it’s very common, it’s the same thing we do where we go to the gym once. And then a week goes by and we’re like, I should probably go again and you just don’t have it scheduled regularly. It’s the same thing. I live in a high rise building in River North and I get about once a month, I get a postcard from a random broker. And you know, it’s part usually partner with the lender. And it’s nice, it says, here’s all the listings I have in your neighborhood. And here’s all the success I’ve had. And it’s cool. And it’s like, okay, and then I don’t hear anything more about from that person for maybe six months. And then I get another postcard. I think they sent me one six months ago, there’s not there’s no consistency. And you know, you have to you know, so if you’re going to do a thanksgiving greeting or holiday greeting, okay, well, that’s one thing, but have a communication policy where it’s like every single person I talked to gets touched 12 times a year. And he and I’m going to just draw out the calendar and ever you know, and I’m going to do it this way. And there’s lots of ways to do it. As Ryan has mentioned, you can you know, write them a post on social media, you can call them you can email them, you can text them, there’s a lot of ways to do it. But you have to be consistent, you have to realize you probably might have to touch them 30 times, you know, over time before you get any sort of traction

Ryan D’Aprile 9:48
and taken a bite sized bite sized pieces because what’s special about January 1?

D.J. Paris 9:54
Well, it’s it’s resolution time it’s the beginning of the new year.

Ryan D’Aprile 9:57
Right it’s resolution time, I think everybody And now it’s the new year, it’s resolution time. It’s also the beginning of a brand new quarter. So I try to tell everybody take the last, you know, two to three days of the last last two, three days of the quarter, and the first two to three days of the quarter and treat it like a resolution, you should have for quote unquote, New Year’s resolutions a year. Okay. And what I success in this is, you know, one of those audiobooks, I’ve been listening to Robin Sharma, I don’t know if you’ve ever listened with He’s phenomenal. He says, and I just love this success is created. Success is created through the consistent practice of simple, I love that word, simple fundamentals. I think the 80% they’re struggling, you know, the first thing that they’re struggling with, is with mindset, and they have that somewhat of a victim mentality where they think that the others are lucky, and it’s just not for them. And with a negative mindset comes negative or no action at all. So the first thing we got to work on, like we discussed in last podcast is you got to really set yourself and work on your mindset. So you can take the action, and understand that the people that have success, they created it, it was not bestowed upon them, it was created. And quite honestly, it’s simple. But you have to be consistent. And consistency plus discipline will equal freedom.

D.J. Paris 11:31
And consistency plus discipline does not include talent, it does not include raw talent, right? Every discipline and consistency will almost it will rise to the same level as talent, if not above talent. So in other words, if you say, Well, gosh, this, this real estate is not my natural inclination, it’s a lot of really successful realtors. It’s not their natural inclination, either. But they’re hard workers and they’re consistent.

Ryan D’Aprile 11:55
Right. And so you know, I, let’s, let’s break down the month, okay, and let’s work five days a week, let’s treat this like a job. Let’s treat it like a career. It’s interesting, mostly real estate agents. You know, a lot of fearless people get their real estate license, they watch how they treat their career, they work so much harder for somebody else for a paycheck. It might even be a dismal paycheck, but they’ll show up five days a week for that check every two weeks. And here they get an opportunity to work for themselves. And they don’t show up. They work one hour, one day, every two weeks, and then they get frustrated and upset or they come and they do busy work, you got to focus on what’s going to move the needle man, you got to focus on what’s going to move the needle in your business and stop subconsciously going through your day. And working on things that might release dopamine, because it’s making you feel like you’re productive, but it’s not activities are going to move the needle, there’s 20% of your actions that are going to produce 80% of your results. And then there’s 80% of your actions that are gonna produce 20% results. And most people spend 80% of time and the 80% of the actions that’s only giving 20% of the results. And they don’t focus on the activities that will move the needle. So if you could take a month, and you could break it down into working days. All right, in taking out holidays in you know, five week months out there. On average, you’d have 20 working days, a month. Okay? So you hear hammering going on right now.

D.J. Paris 13:30
It’s okay, though, it’s perfectly fine. One of

Ryan D’Aprile 13:32
our offices has been remodeled, and I’m backing over and one back offices. So um, so if we take a month and we break it down, you should have 20 working days, because it’s gonna be two days off a week. Now, can you spend an hour and a half every one of those working days working on what’s going to move the needle, then you can do whatever else you want, with the other six hours in that working day. Yeah, and

D.J. Paris 13:57
by the way, just just to pause for a moment. This is Brian Buffini taught me a very similar thought didn’t teach me personally. But I went and saw him speak this is a million years ago. And he said treating your business like a business for real estate agents is important. And he mentioned that he sort of saw it as a stool and there were three legs to the stool, and one of those was client acquisition. So that’s kind of what we’re talking about now marketing, branding, staying in touch. And he says that’s probably only an hour or an hour and a half a day, but it’s the most important hour they and the maybe the rest of the day is customer service, you know, maybe six hours of the day is doing, you know the stuff with your existing clients. But he said that hour, hour and a half, you know whether doing some sort of touch to generate business is the most important hour of the day.

Ryan D’Aprile 14:38
Yeah, you know, I’m factoring that this plant has actually been talking about three legged stool and so three or four legged stool, but it’s a little bit different. It’s upon it’s the lead the lead segment you’re gonna go after and I’ll talk a little bit later on, but that’s a great that’s a great line. And yeah, and that’s that what he says the most important part, that’s what’s going to move the needle. If you can Hidden if you do this five days a week for an hour and a half, you’re and you do it for three months in a row. Robin Sharma calls it the 9091. Stick 90 days, which is three months, that’s focused 90 minutes. And that day was an hour and a half on the one task, that’s going to move your needle. And that is the relationship building. Real treat your career as a real estate professional, or a loan officer, or insurance salesperson or a doctor, an attorney, whoever’s responsible for acquiring clients. If you don’t treat that part of your business with respect and discipline and give it the attention it needs, you’re going to have a frustrating career. If you can dedicate that time. And if you can’t get a coach, you guys, you need to have a coach, you have a coach, he could check in with me once a week and maybe get good maybe check in every other week. I have an agent. I’ve been coaching him now for going on three years. knew the business four years ago. He’s going to he doesn’t have a team as an individual agent, average price points $220,000. He’s going to finish the year at 14 and a half million dollars. We coach every two weeks, much time is spent on the phone when we coach.

D.J. Paris 16:20
I bet not that much minutes. Yeah.

Ryan D’Aprile 16:24
But he does what he’s supposed to do. And if he doesn’t, I chew him out for it. And I don’t chew him out. I’m like, Well, what did we you know, he gets it. And it’s accountability, we do have some good in depth conversation at times. And sometimes it’s not 10 minutes. But is that accountability that just separates you from the bottom 80%? Well,

D.J. Paris 16:43
every professional athlete in the world, every professional athlete in the world has a coach, now the very best at what they do.

Ryan D’Aprile 16:50
Now, if you’re an employee, somewhere, you might not be the coach. Or if you’re in a sales position, where you have a salary, and you’re required to come in five days a week, you don’t need a coach, because guess what, your managers your coach, you got one, right, but real estate’s not like that, you don’t get a check, you’re not being paid, you’re working for yourself, you got to if you if you don’t have it naturally in you to be discipline inside it, go find yourself a coach. And I’m going to tell you, the process is simple. So 20 days a week, alright, five days a week, 9091 90 minutes. All right, 90 days in a row, an hour and a half on the one thing that’s going to move the needle, the one thing that’s going to move the needle is creating a relationship with the people that’s in your dashboard, or your CRM, those are the people that are your network. And most agents stay in touch with the same five people day in and day out with their network, that’s not going to get you anywhere, you got to get beyond your comfort zone. And you got to create a relationship with the other 195 people or more and realize that’s your job. Because if you have a relationship with them, and then you have a marketing platform that’s consistently hitting them, the sales are just going to come to you. So coming into the holiday, you know, Marathon we’re about to come in to make sure you spend these days, this time catching up and getting that over with. And then let’s look at next year. And let’s treat every you know, last week of the quarter as a great business planning and almost like a rebirth your business so you could have four New Year’s, New Year’s Eve for New Year’s release resolutions, you know, quarterly resolutions, what did I do? What are my hat about? What am I regrets? Now, what am I going to do differently? This next quarter, we’re just we’re gonna be coming into that. Now the three legged stool that you’re talking about that Brian refer to? Brian, like I know him, or the four legged stool, you know, that I was thinking about is what’s your business planning strategy? Where are you going to find these clients, right. And so our job is to find somebody who wants to buy or sell a home. And there’s a lot of different places you could buy them, or presumably find them from you can buy them. You can find them though from one, the major one is your network. So that should be one of the legs of your stool. That should be we’re by the way your network. People call it sphere of influence and whatnot. That is we’re a percent of your time should be spent. That’s where you should focus all of your time because it’s going to give you all the results. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have any other strategies. You could have another stool, maybe it’s gonna be open houses this quarter. You’re gonna get into three to four open houses a month to get out and meet buyers or seller’s. Maybe another stool might be I’m going to do a purchase web lead. I’m going to buy Zillow ads are truly ads this year to meet people that could be another lake or you could say I’m going to have Oh farm, I’m going to farm my community. And when I’m sending a postcard, every single month for two years in a row, I’m going to try to create a brand name for myself in my community. And I’m going to commit to sending a postcard every single month, for a minimum of two years. By the way, if you send a postcard to a farm, and you’re only going to two to three times, just don’t do it. Yeah, don’t save your money, save your money, do it for two years and create a brand. So that was the three to four legged stool that I was going to talk about and actually done talking about it. But look at your business as a three or four legged stool. The number one should be the network, you need to create the network, you need to take care of the network, your job is to create relationships with that network, make sure there’s a marketing campaign going out to them, and then look at the other opportunities that are out there and pick out a strategy plan, and then execute it over the next 90 days. And then when you come to the last week of the quarter, which we’ll be coming to do in six weeks here. Plan again, plan for the next quarter. Sorry for the construction going on here.

D.J. Paris 21:02
No, no, it’s fine. I think you’re absolutely right. And I think the easy part that brokers tend to miss it’s it’s the it’s the wake up and do your push ups thing. It’s like every morning I say to myself, and I don’t always succeed, I say I’m just going to wake up and immediately hit the ground and do 50 Pushups. And by the way, I don’t always do that. But if you don’t, what’s

Ryan D’Aprile 21:22
it called? When you tell somebody why you did it’s called a what? An excuse, an excuse. But the thing with excuses, they’ll make you feel better, but they’re not going to get you ahead. This is another thing, and I’m sorry if I cut you off, but he just said that. And again, I gotta give credit to Robin Charmin for this. Because it was, it was just brilliant. She said, and Mike butcher this a little bit but Richard Branson, Warren Buffett. Right? Who’s another ultra successful individual that’s out there? Elon Musk. Okay. Let’s talk about the people at the top of the top right? They all have something in common? You know what that is? No, what’s that? We all have 24 hours in the day. Right? How many hours a day do you have 24. Right, and what they do different, I believe, as they prioritize their time. And so many of us, let errands and tasks that are not going to move the needle, get ahead of the efforts that we need to take, that’s only going to take an hour and a half to move your business. So whenever you’re in that, and you’re making an excuse, or you’re frustrated, you’re really not looking in the mirror, and you’re looking outside for either the solution to your problem, or the blame to your problem. Got to look in the mirror. And you said what am I doing with my day and my time? Why is this person doing this? I tried to say don’t compare, because that’s the thief of all joy. And I didn’t make it up. I use it all the time. Because I struggle with self doubt. I struggle with anxiety, I struggle with depression. I’m I’m trying to be open to that with everybody. Because it’s something that we all need to know that we’re all battling. Right? And, you know, but but when I get in the right mood, I’m in the right headspace. I say what am I going to do today? What’s the hour and a half to two hours that I can spend? That’s going to move the needle, that’s the Network tab. That’s the activities that are going to create relationship with the people in your network that are going to generate you not only new clients, but referrals and relationships that go well beyond that day. So sorry about that. I’ll cut you off.

D.J. Paris 23:46
No, no, no, you’re right. And I think it’s easy, especially once you start getting a few clients to allow the customer service part of the job, which is once you get the client and doing it’s easy to let that take up the entire day. And you you get to the end of your day and you go well, I was busy. And it’s yes, you are. But did you carve out some time to do your push ups to do your do your marketing? And if the answer is no, then the question is, did I really win the day? Well, not really. I mean, I was busy and I service to my clients. And that’s important. And I have to do that. But Did I did I do my push ups and that’s the important thing is to just carve out that time and that’s your time to build your business.

Ryan D’Aprile 24:29
That’s exactly right. And so, you know, I think DJ just to wrap up maybe this coaching session is to you to come full circle back to what we’re you know that that that saying is that success is created. It’s not bestowed on anybody. Success is simple. Success is created through the consistent practice of simple fundamentals. There’s nothing complicated about what we’re talking about doing it sending a text message hey, how are you just saw this, sending a message on Facebook or any Instagram message not running on the wall, sending them a message saying, Hey, I just saw this happen is so cool. It’s just think about your whole balls. Well, you’re not saying oh, by the way, you know, we were looking to buy or sell, you’re not making the sales call, we will talk, I think I think we should talk about how to make the kill, maybe in our next coaching. So you do have to have a killer instinct you do not you do have to know how to make a closing. And maybe you and I should talk off air about how we’ll talk. Maybe we should talk about that next session. But I just wanted to, you know, cover in this episode, while we are coming into the holiday season, don’t neglect the hour and a half that you need to spend on it’s simple process of simple tasks that will create great success for you.

D.J. Paris 25:49
Yeah, and I think too, I wanted to give credit to a interview I listened to that you can probably find online, it was with Tony Robbins interviewed coach John Wooden from UCLA before he passed away. So winningest coach and maybe still the winningest coach in NCAA history. And I believe I have this right. And I’m like, I know nothing about sports. But I think he won seven NCAA championships in a row. And so he was a fascinating person. And he had said, I was listening to this interview, not knowing much about him. And Tony said, How did you win all those championships? And he goes, Oh, was all fundamentals, he says, I try every single day, everyone had to shoot a certain number of free throws a certain number of foul shots, a certain number of, you know, just regular baseline shots, etc. And we tracked everything. And we and then at game time, we just ran our fundamentals. We never use I never as a coach once ever looked at the scoreboard. And Tony said, Well, of course he looked at the scoreboard. He goes, No, he said, I didn’t care. He said all I cared about was executing fundamentals. And the scoreboard took care of itself. And he said, and that’s just the truth. And it’s a it’s an amazing thing. So when Ryan says don’t compare to other people, don’t look at the scoreboard, focus on your fundamentals. Fundamentals always win the game, they always, always, always win the game. Unless you get lucky. I mean, maybe you can get lucky. And maybe you’re that one in a trillion person that hits the lottery, or just has million dollar sales fall into your lap, but I am not that lucky. Ryan’s not that lucky. None of our agents or his agents are that lucky, you have to just just work hard at the fundamentals, keep your head down.

Ryan D’Aprile 27:21
You do and we will compare and I compare and I want to share with people that I have anxiety and self doubt and depression everyone time to time because you know, I, I’m an eight personality, right? I’m a high driving hard driving person. And you know, and sometimes it’s just like, Oh my God, why am I not doing this one man? Do we all do it? So you got to stop you got to take care of your, your body, your health, you got your flat, you got to think about what you scrape before and all the things Yeah, and that’s time I look at my wife and I think my kids that health and like oh my God, everything is going for me. And I get my my mind back on track. And then I get back to the actions are gonna move the needle.

D.J. Paris 28:00
Couldn’t have said it better myself. And I don’t say it better myself, which is why you’re on the show. And we appreciate your on the show. And by the way, most of our audience, I don’t know what percentage will say 99% because that’s probably true. Our brokers here in our local Chicago area. And Ryan’s company depot properties is always looking for people that are looking to take their real estate career, whether they’re brand new, just got licensed, or they’ve been in the business a while and want to get to that next level. What Ryan’s company does, that’s really different from pretty much all the other companies I’m aware of his they focus so heavily on coaching and training that every firm says they do that but Ryan has actually do that they have strategic coaches, which I’ve never heard of another firm having. So if you’re interested in finding a firm like Ryan’s Ryan, what’s the best way that a broker should be reaching out?

Ryan D’Aprile 28:52
It’s easy, you can email me to call me you can text me, my email is Ryan at the APR properties.com D APR i Le, the prilled the APR, pick your pronunciation? The APR properties.com. Or you could shoot me a text or call 312-590-6416. That’s myself.

D.J. Paris 29:14
Wonderful. Well, I wish all of our listeners is probably the last episode we’ll do before Thanksgiving. So everyone will hopefully hear this before Thanksgiving. So we wish all of you on behalf of Ryan and myself a happy Thanksgiving. Also a happy holiday season and this is a great time to refocus on your business plan for next year. And your business plan should have a daily activity of getting a deepening your connections with your existing sphere of influence your network, as Ryan is fond of saying your network is your net worth to steal his phrase and then also to make sure you’re looking to acquire more new clients as well and deepen those relationships and if you can do that, I mean if all you did, if this was your entire plan, which is not a complete plan, but If all you did was meet two new people a day for the next year, and you met for 500 people, oh my god, you’d have all and you should do a lot more than that. But if you could even just meet one new person a day and deepen existing relationships everyday to boy, you’ll have so much business you won’t know what to do with it.

Ryan D’Aprile 30:16
DJ, Happy Thanksgiving man. Thanks for having me, Ben.

D.J. Paris 30:19
Thanks for having us as on the show. Thank you for all of our listeners. quick couple of points if, if everyone out there by the way, I want to deepen relationships with you. If you enjoy the show and listening to Ryan, as well as our other guests, send us your questions. Let Ryan know what you would like him to coach you on on our next episode, the way you can do that visit us on Facebook even go to facebook.com forward slash keeping it real pod. In addition to posting links to all of our episodes, every single day, our Associate Producer Liz finds an article online that is dedicated to helping agents grow their business and posts an article. It’s the only thing we post on there every single day along with all of our episodes. So you can go get your daily dose of agent secrets and actually build your business and then also tell a friend if everyone just tells one other broker about this podcast, we’ll double our listenership. And what that allows us to do is it attracts more people, sponsors to the show and enables us to do even more for you guys. So thank you so much, Ryan, for doing so much for our audience. I know on behalf of them, we thank you. And on behalf of Ryan and myself, we appreciate everyone listening. So we will see Ryan we’ll see you next month.

Ryan D’Aprile 31:32
Thanks, DJ looking forward to it.

D.J. Paris 31:33
Thank you

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