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Welcome to our BRAND-NEW monthly feature, Social Bootcamp With Gogo Bethke!

In this episode Gogo discusses how agents in Michigan have had to improvise during this period to continue their work in real estate. She points out how they even had to rely on sellers for photos and videos of property and work through all the stages of business virtually. She also discusses how important it is to reach out to your clients to just be there for them during this difficult period and try to help them with any real estate related issues.

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Welcome to another episode of Keeping it real, the largest podcast made by real estate agents and for real estate agents. My name is DJ Paris. I am your guide and host through the show. And today we have our monthly feature which called Social bootcamp with gogo bath key now if you’re new to the show, and haven’t ever listened to this monthly series that we have with gogo, let me tell you a little bit about her. Go go back he came to the United States in 2003. To build her American dream. She was broke, she had no sphere of influence, no experience barely spoke English, and when only $6 to her name, which left her with nothing else but Facebook to build her real estate business. And that’s where she started she created gogos real estate and her real estate career began. Now with the power of social media, Google has sold over 45 million in residential real estate transactions. She shares the good the bad and the ugly side of real estate and are honest snippets in her everyday life. I’ve gotten her 10s of 1000s of social media followers in the real estate community and she has earned the income sorry, not the income the nickname the social media queen. She has also earned income of course, after being asked to present at various realtor events. Go go build a social media Bootcamp for realtors called gogos bootcamp. Now today she has a team of over 130 Real estate agents all over the country and is growing every day. Now her goal is to help as many agents as possible. Make a name for themselves in real estate and if she can do it, a girl from Transylvania Romania with no US education, no sphere of influence, no money and no experience. And with an accent that you can do it as well. We’re going to ask everyone right now to pause this and go find gogo on Instagram at Gogo realistics, our gogos real estate geo gos real estate, and we’ll also be posting a link to it here. Also, we highly, highly, highly, highly remember, recommend signing up for Go Go’s Bootcamp for our listeners, we have a special website set up with a discount, please visit Gogo podcast.com. That’s geo geo podcast.com. And once again, welcome gogo to the show.

Gogo Bethke 3:09
Thank you for having me. Highlight on my mind.

D.J. Paris 3:13
What I’m sorry, saying what was that

Gogo Bethke 3:15
highlight of my month?

D.J. Paris 3:16
Oh, that’s so sweet.

Gogo Bethke 3:17
We look forward to talking to you every month.

D.J. Paris 3:21
Go go and I are we’re struggling a little bit today. And so we are we are bringing it because it’s I don’t know if it’s like what it’s like in Michigan right now. It is beautiful outside here in Illinois. It’s in the 60s. And it is to that point of the day where I’m looking outside. I haven’t got to spend a lot of time outside you probably haven’t either. And I just want to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. i What’s it like in Michigan right now?

Gogo Bethke 3:46
I seem I mean, we had the you know, in the 20s the last few days it actually snowed and all that and finally came up to it was supposed to be 57 today, so we were so excited. And I did get a chance to sit on the deck for like 20 minutes i and it’s not that warm, like it looks sunny, but it’s pretty cold. So I ended up coming back inside. But yeah, I had a 10 o’clock podcast and 11 o’clock live and then now I’m here with you again, on a podcast. So I don’t see much of the outside either. And even during this COVID I feel like I have been so busy. You. Yeah, I’m

D.J. Paris 4:19
doing just as much work as I did. I’m actually going into the office, we’re my boss and I are here just because checks come in and we have to deposit them and but I mean really I’m just as busy as ever. I would be at home if I didn’t have to, you know, pick up checks and things but it’s it’s amazing that, you know, all the realtors I’ve interviewed, the top producers like yourself are all staying pretty busy, you know whether they’re running a team or if it’s just their own private practice. I wanted to ask you because I we were talking about this just before we started. I was it’s easy to get really emotional about it. And this is about social media engagement. So I was telling gogo before we started that the, that our listenership is has grown, which we’re grateful for every month that grows a bit, and it grew from last month. And the reason I was checking it, I really don’t look at it very often, because it really sort of, it’s nice to see, but it doesn’t really matter. We’re just going to keep doing this even even if we only have one listener, we’re gonna keep putting out episodes. Thankfully, we keep getting more, but the one thing that has gone down, thankfully not the listenership, but our engagement on Facebook. So even though we’re doing the same exact type of posts, that we’ve done in the past that have got pretty decent responses, likes, comments, shares it, we’re just not seeing it. We know people are listening. But we don’t see a lot of engagement on Facebook. And I was curious if you’re seeing any of that same activity or lack of activity in your own business.

Gogo Bethke 5:51
Absolutely. Something is definitely I feel like and yeah, and this is my opinion, I’m no scientist of Facebook. But definitely something going on with Facebook, same on mine, the activity for so I put everything on Instagram, I automatically feed it over to Facebook. So it’s the same exact post, same image, same time of the day, same blah, blah, blah, it automatically goes over there. And Instagram, I might get hundreds, if not 1000s of likes and hundreds of comments. And on Instagram, or on Facebook, I’ll get 35 likes and three comments. Yeah, same exact post, same exact everything, same time of the day, everything is the same. So I think is Facebook has definitely limited us. And our followers of what they’re going to see they I understand they want us to pay because it’s a business page, they want us to throw money at it. The part of that kind of frustrates me as I was telling you, it’s not that I don’t want to throw money at it. If I want to reach people that they didn’t want to be opt in, they didn’t already choose to follow me. If I want to reach those people, I understand I have to pay for it. Because they don’t know of my existence. It’s advertising. Yeah, it’s advertising, Facebook is going to push me to make sure that that person is going to see my account in hopes that they’re going to follow me. Okay, but with the ones that already follow me, the ones that already opted in, who knows seven years ago, the fact that they don’t show them my post, unless I give money to them. That’s annoying, that is not cool. I already own that I work hard for that those people opted in to follow me. I give them a reason to I post, I’m consistent, I share knowledge. I’m the expert. So I get annoyed by having to pay. So Instagram seems to be working much better at these times. LinkedIn is working very good at this time. So I would probably concentrate more so your energy over there unless you want to throw money at it. Just kind of know I mean, have a presence on Facebook, feed everything over there like that just kind of be there have an existence until Facebook figures out what’s going on and figure out their algorithm and allows us to do more than what they’re truly allowed allowing us to do now.

D.J. Paris 8:04
Yeah, I have a thought about Facebook, which is just as I’ve gotten older, I plan all of our high school reunions, I’m the guy that plans the high school reunion, which is like the most thankless job, but I like doing it but it is a lot of work. But what’s funny is so I we do it through Facebook. I mean, we do it through other ways, too. But that seems to be the easiest way to get in touch with everyone for my class. I’m 43. So we just had our 25th anniversary last year anyway, makes me feel old. But regardless,

Gogo Bethke 8:34
I mean, I’m 20 this year, so you’re good.

D.J. Paris 8:38
You’ll Yeah, you’re not you won’t be old for another five years. And I’m teasing. I don’t feel old at all. But but it is funny. Because as as you know, and I’m again, I’m 43. So as people my age, it’s seeing I see their, their posts on Facebook, much less. I think they’re posting much less as well. I think they’re not participating on Facebook as much. And I’m also wondering, maybe that’s the reason why engagements down less activity, Facebook, you know, obviously that that,

Gogo Bethke 9:09
for me, it seems like on the personal side, there’s plenty of activity, there’s plenty of people posting, you know, memes and political things, and this and that and what they’re doing at home and what are they eating, and you know, how the homeschooling is going like their parenting thing, and they are getting a lot of activity on there. So that’s why I’m thinking is the algorithm on the business page side that is tapping our posts, they’re just not getting even the view. It’s just not even showing up in their feeds.

D.J. Paris 9:35
Yeah, well, they know that the average non, you know, a personal person, you know, a personal account is likely not going to spend money, right, a business account is 1000 times more likely to promote a post for $15. So who knows? But yeah, so I guess the point we’re making is if you’re seeing lower engagement on Facebook, you’re not alone on your business pages, doesn’t mean you should stop posting in fact, may Maybe you should even post more not necessarily, you know more unless it’s great content. But just understand that you know, ebbs and flows.

Gogo Bethke 10:07
Yeah, and then periodically share it back over to your personal page, so then your personal friends can see it. And that will generate you more traffic back to your page. And I just think like Facebook, maybe have gone a little bit wrong with making it so strict, because if at least they let us to have access to half of our people, then at least I know, okay, I know why I do this, I know I’m paying you 10 bucks, is to get that action, that correspondence on my post. But if my post is right now, at two likes, I’m gonna give you 10 bucks, I can get to

D.J. Paris 10:38

  1. Right. You’re right in I have a I have a quick tip for everyone. This has worked really well for us on our keeping it real podcast page on Facebook, whenever anyone likes a post, especially if it’s shared, right. So if it’s shared, if you’re going to buy someone else, you’re obviously going to get access to some of their followers who might engage with the content. So if you are getting likes, you should invite all of those people, Facebook makes it really easy to invite them to like your page, you know, when you create the page, you can send a mass one out to everyone in your contact list. But I love the people that like I find that about a third to a half of them will actually end up liking your page, because they’ve already liked a piece of content, you just hit that invite button takes two seconds, and it sends it to him. So if you’re not doing that on Facebook, you absolutely should. And ask you ask the people who follow you to share your content, say, Hey, if you found this valuable, please, please send it to someone else. And

Gogo Bethke 11:39
yeah, yes, no, that’s a great idea. And in order to do that, the way you find that, as you go to the Word says how many people like that, if it says, you know, 56 people, like you’re gonna click that number 56, it’s going to give you a list, it’s going to show you everybody who is not following the page, but liked that post. So then you’re going to invite them to follow the page.

D.J. Paris 11:57
Yeah, it’s a great suggestion. It’s easy to forget to do that. Because then you’ve already maybe you’ve already done four more posts. And then somebody goes back and likes something five posts ago. So you have to go back through your feed, just do it once or twice a week, go to everything you posted, look like it’s bogus. And click on the on the the number of likes link, and it’ll show you everyone it really, really quickly shows you just click a button, you can do it in two seconds and move on. And you’ll find a lot of those people end up liking your page. I wanted to also ask you about just in general, you’re in you’re in Michigan, real estate is a non essential in that state as of today. Hopefully that changes for you guys shortly. But a lot of states it’s that way a here in Illinois, we’re thankfully able to still practice working were deemed essential, but it’s different everywhere in the country. What are you doing? Or what are you seeing agents doing to just to stay busy being that you can’t go to showings? You know, you can’t go to closings? I mean, or you can but it’s real tricky. How, what do you say?

Gogo Bethke 12:58
So it has, we have to improvise a lot on both sides of the transaction. So on the buying side, we’re not allowed to show houses. So buyers are making offers pretty much sight unseen. I cannot take them to the property, but the inspector can. So that doesn’t make sense when they’re doing the action. So they get the offer accepted, sight unseen. And then when they do the home inspection is when the buyer gets to go with the inspector and actually see the home for the first time. So I’m like that, that doesn’t make much sense. But you know, it is what it is. So they can do that. We are actually having a six o’clock online virtual interviewing process. So a buyer is interviewing us to see if it would be a good fit to be the realtor. And they’re coming from out of state actually come in from Chicago. I think about it. Yeah. So that’s different. Like that’s my first First of all, I’ve never interviewed for a buyer realtor. So that’s a first, but I’ve certainly never done it on Zoom. So that is going to be different. So the things that you can do now is to fill up the pipeline. I don’t know if you knew this, but you can create a Calendly link give access to people to your character. So you can say hey, I’m doing lesson side presentations Monday, Wednesday, Friday from six to eight because bad. I’m doing buyside presentation tuesday thursday Saturdays from 11 to one because and then that way they plug themselves into your calendar. Now you can do these zoom calls with them. See ahead of times if you will be a good fit. So then finally, when the time comes around, you already have your pipeline built so that’s one way of you know, do it from home. Facebook also allows you to set up appointments in there so you can do listing appointments and biocide appointments right in your Facebook business page calendar and then just give people access to that and just make a post about it. Say hey guys, I know we are not essential which means I am not able to leave my house but that doesn’t mean that I cannot work real estate. I can do everything that I can do virtually. So we are doing listen side by side, you know presentations and pick a spot. Here’s my calendar. I can’t wait to be a realtor and just kind And then leave it up to them to pick a spot in your calendar. So then on the listing side, we had to improvise a lot. So listing presentations were chose. So we are having a conversation just like this. Most of them are my friends or they know me that I’m in the industry for a long time. So I’m not interviewing for the job. But I still have to explain them the process of what it’s going to take, and especially now with how is it different with COVID. So we are still listing even though we are not able to actually go out and see the property. So we don’t have yard signs, we don’t have like boxes, I can take measurements, none of that we have to take previous listing measurements. While we are doing for the pictures and the videos, we’re actually asking our sellers to take iPhone photos, which I’ve been preaching forever since I had a license don’t ever always hire a professional. Now I have to I don’t have any other option because I am not allowed to schedule a photographer to go out to the property. So the sellers have to take the photos, but what we do, they send it back to us. And then our VA Oh, the photographer will edit them just depending how what the quality of the pictures are. We’ll edit those also our sellers are doing virtual tours. So we asked the sellers to create one nice walkthrough of the property and just kind of look at it from the eye of the buyer. What would they want to see if they were buying this home? What questions would they want to have answered? So as they’re walking through the kitchen, for example, they can say you know, they’re all stainless steel matching appliances are less than five years old. All are saying with the property, you know, this is a pullout pantry, this is a blah, blah, blah, the kitchen sink has a grinder the trash compactor, blah, blah, kind of just like walking through as if they were buying a home virtually. And if they had the questions, make sure to answer them. So they’re doing that we’re uploading those to YouTube and and turning them into like a professional virtual tour. And then including those links with a text code with our smart phone number, where people can just text our smart phone number or code like you know, 4040 and then they are going to get the virtual tour in return. So a lot of improvisation and closing on Friday. Know that that is a whole other trying to figure it out our title companies will not allow, if the seller and the buyer have their own title company, neither title company allows the other party to close at their place unless that title company is closing them. So now we have to have totally separate closings. Because buyers and sellers close at a different time, not even at the same time. Even if they are with the same title company, they don’t want them in the same room. Now there are two times that we need. So we can just have a 12 o’clock, the 12 o’clock window. Now we have to have a 12 and the 11 or the 12 and the one for for both parties. So it’s just or if they have multiple rooms, they have to put multiple, multiple rooms so we can not be there. The closing my best to represent my client is via zoom if they allow me to do that. So yeah, we had to improvise a lot.

D.J. Paris 17:48
Yeah, I am. I wanted to ask your opinion about this, because I was thinking about this recently that we are all now hooked on video conferencing, specifically Zoom is kind of the, you know, the big one of the day, who knows if zoom will be as popular in the future, but there will be video conferencing. And I really think that even when everything returns to normal, this is going to be the norm of it, especially with people you haven’t not with your clients. Yes, you won’t need to do this as often, although you certainly can. But I really think that this will become whereas in the past, if you were meeting with a client, a listing presentation, maybe or a buyer who you’ve never met before, maybe you’d meet them at your office or at a Starbucks or someplace neutral and safe. I think now that’s all going to happen here. And go you were saying this on the last time we did an episode, which was to say now’s the time to get more comfortable being on camera. It doesn’t mean you have to perform. But to realize that this is the new normal and yes, eventually we’ll all go back to our regular lives in the regular ways we’ve done things but I think this is here to stay. I was curious to get your your thoughts on it.

Gogo Bethke 19:03
I think both I think is definitely the question is not if it’s here to stay, I think it is here and it is staying. It’s not going anywhere. In many occasions. It’s amazing. Like especially when you have out of state clients who have the ability to meet face to face like this. Prior to deciding if you want to work with one another. It’s awesome. So it’s definitely here to stay but I do think that we outstayed our welcome and zoom. left six weeks. So I feel like when we get released, but at least me and I don’t I can’t talk for everyone but I am excited to be up in people’s business in the personal space. Yeah, I’m excited to hug people. I’m excited to be in the same room. I am excited to you know, do all that just shake hand. You know, I mean, like I cannot wait to be back to that. So I’m not gonna hop on the Zoom unless I absolutely have to write I’m excited to meet someone in a coffee shop.

D.J. Paris 19:52
Yeah, I just think it’s going to be great for a lot of people have phone anxiety, right. A lot of realtors think they should pick up The phone and they don’t right this is ever since people have had telephones and there’s been sales type positions, there’s they call phone phobia or phone anxiety. And now it’s so it’s so cool because you can actually do that via video conferencing. And it is a more intimate and connected experience, even though you know, you’re still miles away and maybe hundreds of miles or 1000s of miles away, you’re able to at least see somebody. So I think that for a lot of us, this is a you were talking about this before we started recording. But what a great time it is to reach out to your clients. Obviously, right now is not the time to go, Hey, do you know of any other buyers or sellers that could benefit from my services, that’s probably not the best timing for that kind of, but it is great timing, to have face to face conversations with people who are stuck at home and are maybe lonely and starved for some human attention. And they’re not going to be able to get that hug today. But they can get you know, at least a virtual hug through through this video conferencing.

Gogo Bethke 21:01
Yes. And yes, I totally agree with you. It is not the time to be asking for business, it is the time to help one another. I think it is the time to reach out to your sphere of influence your past clients or people that you know you have in your database to see how you’re doing. Do they need help? Is there anything that you can do for them in the previous market crashes? Or the last one especially there was no equity people didn’t have equity and the biggest problem now 70 to 80% of the people have equity in their home. And most may not even understand that they could tap into that. If they were having a financial hardship right now maybe they don’t qualify for the stimulus package package. Maybe they don’t qualify for unemployment employment, and they just don’t know where the money is going to come from. If they have equity in their home, they could potentially tap into that. And they could take that money out and float themselves in the summer. Maybe just have that cushion to know that I have a Friday that. And yeah, would you benefit from that? No, because you’re not going to make a commission off of that. But here is your time to help. So you can call them see if they need their help. If they say that, yeah, you know what, that might be a great idea for us, you might be able to use that money, then you can say hey, I’ll run a quick CMA. What is the address of your property, I’ll tell you what I think it’s approximately bought today on the market, then minus what you owe on it is your equity. Now, if there’s a number that you’re happy with that like yep, you have some equity, then I can also recommend some of the lenders and I’ve worked with through the years and I would recommend for you to call them now give them that vendor list or lenders list, have them make that phone call from that moment your job is done. Done. So said the lender is going to take it over if they qualify. If they’re able to get a HELOC or or an equity line, then, you know, they can take it from there and you help them out you will at least help them how much your home is approximately aboard, they will still have to do an appraisal and all that but at least they will know. Yeah, we have equity Oh no, we don’t. And you have them. So next time when they do need a realtor who would they call Who else but you because you wanted to have them at a time of need?

D.J. Paris 23:02
Well, and just think you know, you’re so right. And think about how many other professionals you have in your life that you pay fees to on a regular basis. How often do any of those professionals reach out proactively and say, I was just thinking about you. I wanted to see number one how you’re doing. And I also had this thought just to float it by you to see if it might ring true for your current situation. Hey, by the way, just in case you didn’t know rates are at an all time low. So you know what some folks are doing who are who you know, are looking for cash opportunities is they refinance. And you know, anyway, just thought I you know, I’ll shoot you an email about it. But anyway, that’s providing tremendous value to people right now. And you know, you need to do it in a very delicate and considerate way. But by having those conversations you’re you are going to be as as gogo, you just said you’re going to be in some ways, very heroic to them. And you’re you’re not benefiting directly, but you’re

Gogo Bethke 23:59
actually working for absolutely nothing because you still have to run that CMA is still gonna take you some time you’re investing time for that initial call, you’re investing time to caring about them, you invest in time when you’re creating a CMA and emailing get back over to him. You invest in time and effort by sharing the connections that you made through your career with all those lenders that you’re going to provide their information to them. So you’re investing some time but you investing it with the hope that you will earn their business in return one day,

D.J. Paris 24:25
and you’re just demonstrating care and compassion. And I can assure you that the vast majority of the people that they pay professional service fees to at some point are not doing right, you know, is their attorney is the attorney who did their will reaching out to them. Probably not right is is the fight is the insurance agent reaching out to them? Probably not. You know, who knows the dentist reaching out? Probably not. These are opportunities for you to be one of the few people in their life that demonstrates that you care and that just pays a multitude in return. If it doesn’t pay today, but it will pay tomorrow in business and referrals, it’s a really a no brainer.

Gogo Bethke 25:07
Exactly. Exactly. And who knows, some might have to sell you and I mean, but that you just didn’t just shouldn’t start a conversation with that, in my opinion, not at the time of what’s going on right now.

D.J. Paris 25:18
Yeah, what, back to social media. Because obviously, your bootcamp is amazing because it teaches realtors, step by step A to Z, how to, you know, create a powerful social media presence so that you can attract, you know, of course, more followers and then build a more real estate business as a result. What are you telling your your bootcamp followers right now, what are some of the, you know, is there anything in particular that’s really working as far as just keeping Realtors busy on social media so that they’re able to produce content that the clients are and that their followers are interested in?

Gogo Bethke 25:56
Yeah, I think it’s sharing the knowledge is very important. So if you learn something about the real estate industry that applies to your area, definitely just create a quick video about it, you don’t have to know all of the answers, you might just say, you know, what, not just released an article about blah, blah, blah, you can read the article repeated what you just read, and then include the attachment as article so they can follow up with that, but by just sharing what’s going on, and that people can follow along the ones that do have a care about the real estate industry, because not everybody does. But if they do they have something, you provided them information, which in return is going to just automatically make you the local expert, because you’re sharing that information. So I think that’s very important. Also, in the last episode, we talked about using this time to gather reviews and feedbacks, because when we are selling, we are too busy. We don’t have the time to make sure we have the five stars everywhere. Or even that you have a Google My Business presence, you might not even have it set up. So I think this time is very important to do that. Also, this time is very important to figure out the things I usually don’t have time to do. So if social media was the one that hey, I want to figure it out. It’s not going to take two minutes, it took me I’m 10 years in, you know, I mean, that’s what everybody wants, like, what can I do today? Well, I wish I could teach you everything I learned the last 10 years in one day. But again, it’s going to take time. So if you want social media to be your breadwinner, then you’re going to have to put some time in because in life, everything is like that in order to take money out, I always call it an ATM in order to take money out, you’re gonna have to take time, you have to put time in and you have to put effort. And so same thing with social media. So I think this is a perfect time to sit down. I mean, yeah, my bootcamp, I totally recommend that but it’s not two minutes long. It’s I mean, we’re coming out with finance tupuna. Right now, finance alone is 108 videos. You know, I mean, so I can’t teach you Facebook ads in one video, I can teach you organic social media in one video, I wish I could. But if it was that simple, then everybody would be an influencer? No, I mean, so in order for me to teach you everything, how to have millions and imprints and how to get leads, and never have to buy when and how to build a brand organically without spending money, it’s going to take some time. So my bootcamp is probably at least 30 hours of video content. So if you want to figure this out, this is the perfect time because you have not been asked to do but sit on the couch and decide, okay, I’ll get four hours in today, four hours in tomorrow. And as you’re going along, the whole point is to get all those steps done. So when I’m talking about a CRM program, and automated drip campaigns and the buy side and listing side and, and holiday drip campaigns, then you make sure that yours are set up in your CRM program, you make sure that you have a CRM program, you make sure that all of your contacts are uploaded and they are tagged properly. And if they don’t have a tag, you’re like, oh, shoot, I don’t have a tag then you’re gonna go in, you’re gonna go through those and you’re gonna say, okay, this person closed on 123 Main Street or representing the seller, okay, I’m gonna hashtag seller, this person on this street. Oh, they I was on the buy side. Okay, I’m gonna tag them buyers. Because when you tag these things in your database, then you can automatically just send them an email, then you’re not sending it to everybody, who’s your aunt and uncle and cousin and a buyer and the seller and the renter if it doesn’t apply to them. So if I’m talking about how much your home is worth, I’m not going to talk to a buyer who’s searching for one right now that’s currently homeless. Right? Yeah, I mean, so by tagging them so all of this is I teach you everything literally how I how I built everything from zero to wear goggles real estate is today, but I can do that in an hour. So the bootcamp is hours and hours and hours you’ll get lifetime access. So we actually will be dead though. We broke it down we used to have an upfront cost for it only and and I understand times are hard. So we change that now they can do upfront if you can afford it, you can do an upfront cost you have lifetime access, which means everything that we come out with not only everything that’s already created as yours, but everything we come out is just automatically going to be included. Because Instagram changes algorithm every five minutes so I have to click on your video because things that were worked last year it doesn’t work this year, just like we are talking about why is Facebook so slow? I don’t know. When it’s time to kind of take it easy on it until Facebook figures it out. Um So what we did is we broke it up into monthly payments. So now it’s for small monthly payments. And your your customers actually get a 10% discount your listeners. So they get a better prices, they just go to your, to your page. But yeah, so we try to adjust it, you know, I mean, there’s times are changing, I always put a new content, I try to adjust the price, so it’s easier for everybody to afford. But this is the time if you see you are serious about social media and you want to build a brand and you want to be able what I call to fish. My goal is to teach you how to fish not to give you a fish. So it’s not about me giving you a lead. It’s about me teaching you how to go and find one how to have them reach out to you.

D.J. Paris 30:39
Yeah, now now’s the time to remember that as real estate agents, you know, you this is a business and it is your business. And now you know, yeah, you have to you have to work on the processes, now’s the time to work on process. And you know, for when you’re in the middle of the busy season, you don’t have time to study social media platforms and to, you know, create posts for Google My Business by the way, everybody should be have a Google My Business account and should be creating posts every single week. It’s simple. It’s easy, it’s quick, but the point is you might go well, I don’t normally have the time to do that you do now. And so now’s the time to invest in something like Go Go’s bootcamp. We’re doing this as a company My boss asked all of us in management, there’s nine of us to find a some sort of, you know, course that we wanted to take and we all chose different courses. And we’re all doubling down on our efforts to because now’s the time to develop those skill sets those things that when you’re in the middle of running your business, you just don’t have the time to do so now’s the time,

Gogo Bethke 31:48
I always want to figure out stocks I’ve never had the time. So I figured okay, well, perfect time market crashed, stocks are at the bottom. So I can buy now, five stocks with a price of one. And it’s a perfect time to kind of figure it out. So I decided to learn how to stack trade while the downtime I decided to read books I do. Or I started my own podcast, I added we added 108 I think videos to the bootcamp I added personally to the organic side, God knows how many, so it’s just like I am working. I’m busier than ever.

D.J. Paris 32:16
Yeah, yeah, me to work. It’s it’s funny that you know, this is and it doesn’t, you know, you’re busy and just a different way. And now it’s it’s just this is the time to invest in yourself. And it’s in, invest in your customers that invent invest in the people that put their faith into you. And that allowed you to sell them a home five years ago, reach back out, see how they’re doing, you know, even if you haven’t reached out in five years, reach out now and say, you know, I haven’t I haven’t checked in on in a while I want to check in now how are you? And just keep it to that. And you know, anyway, develop your skills. Do that, because when it gets busy again, and it will, and hopefully sooner rather than later, you’re not going to have this time anymore. It’ll just go away. And we’ll all be busy. busier than then than we, then we are maybe right now. So now’s the time. And just for our listeners, as gogo was mentioning, if you want to invest in gogos boot camp, and we could not recommend it more highly. I’ve always felt that that is never a bad investment, to have to purchase something where you can learn how to grow your business, right? That is a no brainer. I will spend money all day long on that. And now she’s got additional payment options for people that are you know, struggling financially. So that’s even amazing as well. So go to Gogo podcast.com to get that special discount again. Go go podcast.com. But go go. I think we had a great episode here. I think we talked a lot about, you know, the attitudes that realtors can take right now and some steps specifically about how to just keep going and hopefully in staying positive through challenging times.

Gogo Bethke 33:58
Absolutely. You have to adjust to the times. I mean real estate especially is such a quickly changing industry. When it comes to technology, especially of like, just think about it. I didn’t even know what that live was when I got my license nine years ago. I mean, I wouldn’t know what to do without it right now. You know, like I get paid at the closing table. I take a picture of my check and that’s how I get paid. Are you kidding me? Yeah, you know what I mean? So it’s like you have to We are constantly adjusting and it just kind of prepares us to whatever life throws at us we just adjust you just figure it out. Oh, I’m not essential. Okay, I’ll figure out how I can list a home how I can sell a home how I can market a home how I can get to the closing table without ever leaving my house.

D.J. Paris 34:38
Yeah, and and how you can develop additional skills in between all of those things. By you know, taking courses like like Go Go’s boot camp or reading books or going to seminars or you know, virtual seminars. I took a yoga class yesterday. I am not a yoga person. I did yoga yesterday. How did you like it? Well, I am I am tall as you You know, and I have never been able to touch my toes, like with my without bending. And so I still, that is like never going to happen. But so I’m super inflexible. So that was really hard. But I enjoyed it because it was physical. And, you know, it centered me

Gogo Bethke 35:17
about it grateful to mine the very first time I’m from Eastern Europe, we don’t do yoga in Eastern Europe. And the first time I went to a yoga class by accident, because I thought it was like an Arabic class or something. And I got there an hour early or something. I was like, oh, shoot, I’m in a yoga class. I didn’t want to walk out like 10 minutes and realizing it’s a yoga class. So I sat through it, oh, my gosh, I was so sore today. After I literally got in the car, I have to pick up my leg and pull it in the car because I couldn’t lift it up. I’ve never been so sore in my life. And, and I realized it’s great for the mind, especially at the very end. I always fall asleep when they were like, Okay, it’s like a three minute meditation. And they’re like, Hey, go, go, go go beyond all leaving. I just knocked myself out. I don’t know. I just I learn to love it.

D.J. Paris 36:01
Yeah, and not again, a new skill, right? This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. And I never found the time I never carved it out. Could I have carved it out? Sure I could have but I didn’t. But now I have less of an excuse. So now’s the time to develop those skills. Try the things that you know are good for you develop those morning rituals, develop those social media rituals that you’re like, I know, I should be posting more. But I’m not I know I should be connecting more with my sphere of influence on social media. But I’m not. I know I should friend everyone on LinkedIn that isn’t my sphere, but I never did. Now’s the time because when everything goes back to normal, that’s when the dividends will pay themselves. And all of a sudden you’ll have client upon client upon client that will remember that you were there for them during this time. And that you were you weren’t hiding away in a bunker even though you were away in a bunker. You were still present and active. So So yeah, I think that’s that’s our matchmaker, think

Gogo Bethke 36:57
about a New York perfect example, you’re not allowed to cold call. I know how it says we’re not essentially Michigan, there’s the list of things I’m not allowed to do is very long, pretty much the only things that it allows me to do is social media.

D.J. Paris 37:11
Yeah, it’s funny, right after I’m done, we’re done here. I’m going to be talking to a broker in New York who has a firm of about 400 agents. We’re friendly. So we’re just checking in seeing how he’s doing. But yes, there’s he he can’t cold call brokers to come work at his firm, his brokers cannot cold call a client’s all of that has gone away. And remember, yeah, and so now we’re all adjusting, we’re trying different things. We’re developing other skills, so that when this all goes back to normal, those skills will remain. And hopefully, some of those habits will stick. So we could not recommend more highly. Are you sick of paying for leads or not being able to afford to pay for leads, or just going I know, I should be doing more on social media, but I’m not sure how go goes bootcamp, it has our highest possible recommendation. We don’t recommend any courses, really, except that one and a window, one or two others. So this is really we couldn’t be more, more, you know, assertive and telling you really, this is the time to invest in yourself. So

Gogo Bethke 38:16
it’s 10 years of knowledge, you know, plugs right into that course. And the way I look at it, just let’s do a simple math. What do you think nationwide? Average commission is

D.J. Paris 38:25
on a transaction? Yeah. Five 5000? Maybe?

Gogo Bethke 38:30
So that’s, that’s a it’s $5,000 on one transaction alone. Yeah. So if I can generate you one transaction, just one, we’re not talking to 60 million I did, you’re talking that one transaction that would pay for the course five times. The course would pay for itself five times over, if it’s shitty enough to only Garin only gets you one transaction. Right? Yeah, yeah. No brainer.

D.J. Paris 38:59
It’s a total no brainer. And, and now’s the time to double down on those efforts. And, and you know, it look, none of us. None of us are feeling comfortable right now. Nobody’s comfortable. But that’s okay. Because out of discomfort, it creates energy. And this is where you can take that energy and harnessed and learn new things. So So realize that we’re all little on edge and irritated and claustrophobic but yet, okay, that’s true. Yes, we’re all feeling that way. But we also can take that energy and push it in a positive direction and, and use it to learn stuff. And then once once again, once everything’s back to normal, it’s going to happen, we will be back to normal at some point, and then you will have gone Oh, I wish I this is not vacation time, right. And I think it’s easy for all of us to feel like this is vacation. It is not this is time to invest in yourself. And so, Go Go’s boot camp is a great idea. And it’s just full of really great information too. So We encourage all the listeners to check it out. Also, please everybody follow go go on Instagram, which is Go Go’s real estate Gee oh gee Oh s real estate. We’ll also be posting that link. But go go once again, always a pleasure. Thank you on behalf of the listeners for continuing to show up month after month. We appreciate it the listeners appreciate it. On behalf of gogo and myself to the listeners we say thank you for continuing to support gogo, our show, tell a friend think of one other realtor that could benefit from hearing from this, this conversation we just had, and from all the conversations we have with the great guests that are kind enough to do our show, and send them a link to our podcast. And also please follow us on Facebook as well. We’re facebook.com forward slash keeping it real pod. If you’re on there right now, you might be watching us recording this live. If not go there and you’ll be able to see us record every one of our episodes live and we also post an article every single day that we find online designed to help you grow your business gogo thank you again. We hope you guys get out of we hope you become essential quickly in Michigan so you can go do more stuff.

Gogo Bethke 41:14
I can hardly wait to be back in Rio I you know the little things like I want to grab Starbucks on the way to somewhere and I wouldn’t wear high heels. I want I want my air my hair to blow in the wind in the car like just little things. The little things in life is what I miss. But thank you so much for having me today. Thank you so much for everyone who listened and give us a time of the day. And happy selling.

D.J. Paris 41:35
Happy selling. Thanks. We’ll see. We’ll see you guys on the next episode.

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