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What Is Your Hourly Rate & Why Does It Matter? • Social Bootcamp • Gogo Bethke

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Welcome to our quarterly feature, Social Bootcamp With Gogo Bethke!

In this episode, Gogo and DJ discuss what is attraction and how to participate in it. Gogo also goes back to the beginning of her career in real estate. Next, Gogo discusses the importance of understanding your hourly rate and how to calculate it. Gogo also shares tips on how to set up systems, control your income and the hires you should make in order to unload your burden and grow your business. Last, Gogo describes her bootcamp and what agents can benefit from it.

If you’d prefer to watch this interview, click here to view on YouTube!

Gogo Bethke can be reached at gogosrealestate@gmail.com and at her Instagram account.

Purchase Gogo’s Bootcamp by clicking here – Keeping It Real Podcast listeners get a discount!

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