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Welcome to the March episode of Learn With A Lender with Joel Schaub of Guaranteed Rate!

In this episode Joel and DJ discuss the activities Joel’s team organizes and how it helps build and grow a brand. Joel also shares tips on how to make your offer stand out in the market right now and also what should agent tell their clients about the increase in the rates. Last, Joel discusses the mortgage rates at the moment.

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Joel can be reached at joel@rate.com and 773.654.2049.

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D.J. Paris 0:00
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Welcome to another episode of thinking of real the largest podcast made by real estate agents and for real estate agents. My name is DJ Parris. I’m your guide and host through the show. And today, once again is our monthly series called Learn with a lender with Joel Schaub from guaranteed rate. Now, Joel is the vice president of lending guaranteed rate, and he’s been doing loans at a high level since 2003. And he’s got to that level because of what he does specifically for agents, which is he gives back part of his commission to the buyer on every transaction. Last year alone, Joe gave back almost $300,000 in closing costs to buyers who worked with him and that puts Joe’s volume at in the top 1/10 of 1% of lenders nationwide. So there’s actually over 400,000 loan officers in the United States. And Joel is currently ranked number number 137. And last year, he closed for his record year it was 619 transactions. And that was for just shy of $250 million to 49 million. And already this year, Joel has closed 70 transactions for $27 million. By the way, 25 and a half million of the 27 million that he’s already done this year, were purchases not refi. So he has not seen a slowdown at all. But if you are looking for a loan officer who can do loans at a high level to close for your clients, we cannot highly more recommended Joel he’s the very best we’ve ever worked with. Joel can be reached on Via email at Joel at get I’m sorry, joel@rate.com joel@rate.com. Or you can shoot him a message text message or call him at 773-654-2049. Let’s say hello to the biggest Cubs fan. We know Joel Schaub,

Joel Schaub 3:17
at Hey, DJ, thanks so much for having me on. These accolades, I hear the numbers myself. And none of that matters. It really is about coming on and giving back and really teaching agents to some of the things that I’ve done over the last almost 20 years of lending. We have fun almost every time we do this don’t wait.

D.J. Paris 3:37
Yet we do and I want to before we get started today, I want to mention a couple of things that Joelle has done that I I’m always impressed by. Because I think from a branding perspective, I think, well aside from you running a great business, and you have a great team in place. And we can certainly talk about that. But I always think from a branding perspective, you’re really somebody to admire and really look because I think from branding wise, and I know your brand is really giving, but the way that you present that brand and make sure that the people in your sphere are aware of what activities are important to you. I think you do it better than just about anyone. And I want to mention just a couple of things that that I’ve seen recently from Joel and Joel doesn’t do these for any these are things that Joel just does for for himself and his business. But he really it’s something that is very, very prominent here in Chicago and this is why part of the reason why Joel is so popular. One of the things is Joel was just on the cover of the most recent issue of Chicago agent magazine, he was actually featured they only feature really one lender and their cover per year he was featured this year which is a huge deal. So congratulations there. And also with the of course the recent tragedy, or ongoing tragedy in the Ukraine. Joel took took it upon himself to one of his one of the broker realtors that he works with who I’m actually friendly With and she and I serve on a committee together. Her father is still in, she’s from the Ukraine and her father’s still over there. And her she was able to get her mother out thankfully before the invasion, but still dealing with day to day like checking in with her father and trying to do what she can to raise money for the Ukraine people. And Joel took it upon himself to really push that same message out to his social sphere, so that everyone knew that this is what’s happening. And she’s a newer agent. So she probably doesn’t have a large sphere at this point. And I really, really was impressed by that. And it actually inspired me to take action and donate as well. So Joe, I want to thank you for bringing that sort of to everyone’s attention, even though we’re all watching the war. You know, we’re not always thinking what what can we do to to, to help

Joel Schaub 5:47
you bring up a good point, it’s, it’s community, right? And that’s community on a big world scale. And when we look at our business and talk about it in terms of real estate, how can we come back and be a community in the places in which we work. And so for years, it’s just finding ways to give back and be a force for good, I guess. And that’s what I always tasked my agents with finding things that they’re passionate about, that they can go out and speak on that. Make sure that people see that you’re doing things in your community, that make you a leader and you’ll grow your business, you truly will.

D.J. Paris 6:25
Yeah, well, you you consistently do that during the pandemic, you were doing daily, sort of, I don’t want to say giveaways, but you were doing daily donations, and, and ways to support different, you know, businesses. And, and that that was how, how you guys stayed busy during during that time. And it was, it was really an inspiration to a lot of other realtors and loan officers to see what can I do to contribute. And I know that that is really been the message that ever since you’ve been on our show, you know, every single time we talked about this givers get mentality, which is which is how you live. And this this most recent post about the Ukraine was another example of of you trying to help out and contribute. So I, I applaud you for that, especially because it was a friend of mine, and a friend of yours. And I appreciate, you know, any publicity that that that could be given to them. So they can hopefully end the war as quickly as possible.

Joel Schaub 7:19
And going further back on that DJ, we did 30 Days of Giving. And that was the campaign it was the joke and smack campaign. So during the beginning stages of the pandemic, when restaurants were truly shut down, found 30 different restaurants and bought gift certificates from those restaurants, and then found people that had lost their jobs or were down on their luck and just didn’t know where their next meal was going to come from in partnered with them to give them food. And it was a two edged sword in a positive way to help the people in your community and help the businesses that you love and that you go to when times are good to support them. When times are bad. And that wasn’t my idea. So I have to give a lot of credit DJ to my team. So I know it’s the just called Joel but it’s really just called dual team. And what I really wanted to focus on today, and what we had talked about off air was just getting an understanding if you’re an agent, what a team like mine looks like to get to $250 million of annual production. And you’ll learn a few things that might help you in your day to day business, just hearing who’s on my staff what they do, and how it’s not just a one or two person show we’ve built it up to I have seven team staff members that really help make sure that clients get a white glove experience.

D.J. Paris 8:40
And these meetings are Yeah, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cut you off. I was going to say I got so excited because a major distinction. You know, we saw in the news, a, a virtual lender is now laying off an additional 3000 people which are not what we’re talking about when you say your team and of course a totally different company. So guaranteed raise is not in the in the layoff processing thing fully. But a lot of firms are as they’re seeing the slowdown in the number of you know, loan applications and refi is coming in. We’re starting to see some of these bigger sort of faceless, non team structured companies where it’s just a huge bullpen of of people doing all sorts of transactions on on you know, just a simple salary starting to get thinner and getting layoffs and you have an actual team that’s your team. And that’s really significant and unusual in this are unique, I should say not unusual, but unique in this industry. And that really helps you close deals a lot faster.

Joel Schaub 9:41
Agents have told me specifically they had other lenders in the past and what they found was the person they spoke with was great and maybe one other person that was directly working for them was really good as well DJ. But then once it goes into processing or once it’s handed off, you lose all control of the file. In a lot of cases, you’re taking a loan in your home state. And then it’s being underwritten in Cleveland, Ohio, and they don’t know the person so they don’t have the connection. And this business is all connections and knowing the people, so the staff membership for our team, literally is set up where they’re incentivized. So if it’s at four o’clock on a Friday, and there’s a new file coming in, or even if it’s 530, let’s say for five, let’s take a 530 or six, and it’s on a Friday, and there’s a new client coming in, they’re being handled, and they’re being handled with care, versus a lot of places like this is my last call I want to get out of here. We’ve incentivized them in a way where it is family. And we set up around the clock, Saturday and Sunday service so that agents that need a new pre approval, clients that are filing tax returns and need to get a updated letter, these types of requests get handled, not just by an assistant, somebody that’s highly trained and ready to help. And that’s how we’re able to submit offers that are designed to win. Well, let’s

D.J. Paris 11:10
let’s talk about that. Because that is when I go talk to agents, of course, we have a lot here at our own company, but also, when I’m just interacting with agents in the industry. We were just at an event A few weeks ago that I was talking to all these younger agents, and they’re all stressed because their offers are of course, you know, there’s multiple offers still going on, we’re still in a low interest rate environment, and not as much inventory. And so people are wondering, What can I do to, to to get my, my offers noticed? And how do these top agents seem to seem to slide right to the top of the pile when they’re submitting offers. So I know, you have some thoughts about, you know, some best practices there.

Joel Schaub 11:51
Yeah, we’ve been able to actually cut through all of these multiple offer situations. And of course, we don’t want every one of them. But we’re really good at succeeding when there are multiple offers, even if we’re not the highest price, because just a few things that we do right up front that make our offer stand out. Okay. And that’s really what we need to do here is when when these agents and we know we’ve all heard it, we’re calling for highest and best, or the first words highest. But you don’t have to be the highest, you need to be the best. And the best could mean several different things. And what I found recently, is that the listing agents are really looking at who’s doing the financing unless it’s cash, right? Calling the loan officers and I encourage all agents to do this, reach out to the offer and make sure that the person who says that the financing is good. It is good. All right. It’s something that we used to get away from as agents saying, Oh, I think this is fine. I encourage you now absolutely make the phone call and and try to do it on a Saturday or do it after hours, you’ll know right away who the real players are, if you’re getting an answer at 730 on a Monday, or 8am on a Sunday, these are the people that you really want to start partnering with yourself. So here’s what we’ve done DJ, when an offer goes in, and we’re submitting an offer, and we know that there’s multiple offer situations, the buyer’s agent copies me the lender on the offer to the listing agent. Okay, the email goes over where we’re writing the offer. And we’re including the lender. So if you’re a listing agent, and you’re seeing that there’s somebody actually on the other end that’s ready and willing to reply, it puts you at a whole different advantage when you’re the buyer submitting an offer, because you know that the listing agent sees that this looks like an offer that’s got their act together, okay. Then I make the phone call to the listing agent. And I review the specific file and tell them the strengths. And I say, I know that you probably have multiple offers here. Don’t you wish we had five of those properties to sell. It’s a great property. And I just wanted to share just for two minutes, a little bit about this buyer to reassure your sellers, if we come to terms that they’re going to have the easiest transaction, and I go through that. And that helps set us apart. If there’s multiple offers. And no loan officer picks up us making that first phone call to the listing agent to cut through all the clutter.

D.J. Paris 14:19
What and I know you do this, so you might not always know what other loan officers do or don’t do, although I’m sure you probably have a good sense what percentage of loan officers in your experience you know, make those kinds of calls when an offer is being submitted. I assume it’s a pretty rare thing.

Joel Schaub 14:38
But it’s so I encourage the agents right now you are working with good mortgage guys, right? There’s people that you know start asking them if they’re willing to do this for you. Because it goes a long way. I have top agents in our market that are expecting my call now they go What took you so long? Right? They submitted the offer an hour ago, right Took me 40 minutes to call. And it’s, it’s kind of a joke. But the point is they know that I’m going to be calling, I know the file. And I think right now, maybe 10% of loan officers are even being asked to do it. So they probably don’t come and do this on their own. So I don’t know if it’s necessarily the lenders fault. But what it is, is if you’re an agent right now, start implementing this, whoever use for mortgages, connect with them and say, on our next deal, where we’ve lost out, do you mind making a phone call on behalf of our buyer, and just watch it does make a difference. And if you’re a listing agent, or if you do buy and sell hearing this, you know, you would like to know a lot more about the financing, and you’d like to know without you having to call and get somebody on the other end of the phone that says, what file now who, what, you know, that’s a dud, right. So reach out, be proactive, cut through the clutter, copy that your lender on the offer, it’ll go a long way.

D.J. Paris 16:02
And also to like loan officers should really be doing this. I know everyone’s busy. And it’s hard, but also great sort of way to show your your strengths to the listing agent, in case they’re going Gosh, this loan officer is really on top of things, maybe I’ll use he or her on our next transaction. So I imagine it’s, it’s something that is surprising that maybe 10% of the ellos do so yeah. And again, your primary responsibility is to help the borrower and the agent representing the borrower, and that is just really going above and beyond and makes a huge difference when they’re getting, you know, 20 other offers. And most a lot of times agents don’t even call the listing agent, or the sort of representing the buyer saying I just submitted this offer, just wanted to let you know, and most agents, I think don’t even do that. So that’s a really impressive. Here’s

Joel Schaub 16:49
the second one DJ, having the lender, really educate the borrower on what it means to go above asking price, okay, because it’s no secret right now, the good properties have multiple offers, okay, every one of them does. If there’s a good property that hits the market, you’re not the only buyer in town, the sellers hold all the cards, and one of the phrases in highest and best is highest, okay? So we don’t have to be the highest, but we don’t have to be afraid of going above list. And that starts with the loan officer, it really comes down to educating the borrower that if we were to go in 10, grand or even 20 grand above list, because we’ve lost out on other places, and we really want to win this one, if we are 20 grand above, that might mean 90 or $100 difference in payment, it’s not something that’s going to move the needle for most buyers, if they have the ability to go above. But the unknown of what that means means that a lot of buyers don’t. So having a lender really take the time to talk through what the payments look like if you were to go 10 grand above or 20 grand above, so that you as the buyer’s agent aren’t the one informing them, they should go higher and not know what the math is on it. It’s all about education.

D.J. Paris 18:09
And you’re a big fan too, on the pre approval letter to not restrict the the highest of sort of pre approval amount to whatever the offer necessarily is in this particular environment. Right. Your your your, your philosophy is, hey, in a multiple offer situation, you should be able to show some wiggle room that hey, we can we can go up if we need to. And I guess you know, of course, the listing agent, they’re going to look at that they’re going to look and say, well, this person’s only approved for X amount, then there’s a back and forth. Well, it can if we if you go above this, are they still pre approved. And your philosophy is show all your cards because it actually strengthens your hand versus weakens it. I

Joel Schaub 18:52
know I’m gonna get a lot of flack for this. Okay, but closing over $20 million of production. And you know, every single month, I’m seeing something that works. Now, I know we’re gonna get a lot of hate mail saying I don’t want to give away my hand, right? It’s poker, right? If, if my buyer can go all the way up to $800,000. And we’re only offering 725. I want you to put 725 on the letter. And I’ll tell you a lot of agents are right. For years. That was a really good strategy. Right now I want to negotiate it from a point of strength. And I want the sellers to know that of all the offers. Here’s another reason why these buyers are strong. They’re approved for well above the asking price. It doesn’t mean we’re gonna pay 800 Because the house isn’t worth 800 But they are approved at a much higher amount. So if you have multiple offers, here’s another reason that we’re strong. So just try it. If you’re a buyer’s agent, get your lender to update the letter for the highest amount. What are they approved for? Okay, submitting an offer there really shows that a buyer could go buy anything but we’re so interested in your Ross, I hope we can make a deal.

D.J. Paris 20:02
Yeah, it’s this abundance sort of mentality to where it almost creates, I think maybe a slight sense of urgency for the seller to go, oh, this, this person’s a legit player here. And and they can just like you said they could go out and buy other things because they’re approved for hire. I almost think it’s sort of counterintuitive, like you were saying, and, and maybe in other environments that we’re not in today, maybe it would make sense to keep that a little closer to to, you know, to the to the chest. But I think now it’s like, you want to show all your strength. So I think that’s a really strong thing. And that’s also a good sort of check to have a conversation with the loan officer that the agent is using, and saying, What do you think about this? And if they go, no, no, no, we never want to do that. Well, now you have another opinion from somebody who closes a lot of transactions? He says, no, it’s actually a really good idea.

Joel Schaub 20:55
Yeah, yep, you’re absolutely right on that if something isn’t working, let’s try to find ways that we can change it up and partner with people that really know what they’re doing in terms of, are they going to listen to what you say, and try to move the needle so that you don’t have to submit five offers and continue to lose? And it’s hard right now, I’ll be the first to say it. I work with a lot of agents that they come to me all the time. And their number one question is, I see you getting these deals done, what’s the secret, and there really isn’t a secret. It’s just trial and error over all these years. And so being humble goes a long way. I don’t have all the answers at all. But I’ve seen some things that work. And I love sharing those things. And if you’re listening and you get one more deal done, or you can help one more family close on a transaction, you don’t know who they know, maybe they refer you three more people. And that’s the power of positivity, educating and leading with value. Love it. So we’ve covered a couple of ways that it works. And it’s all about the team. So it’s not just me, right? So we touched on this. And so one of the things that we do is I have a great newsletter that goes out weekly that agents literally print out and they put up in their office. And it is it’s timely, it helps agents understand kind of what’s going on, so that they don’t have to be an expert on mortgages. But each week, they have something where they could talk to the borrowers while they’re driving. And it comes from my staff. So Maria is a rock star, Marie, if you’re listening, we love you. And to be added to this list, you can simply email me it’s joel@rate.com, it’s our weekly market update. So you can just send a simple email to say add me and or add me to the market update list. And weekly, then you’ll get really good timely content about interest rates, program changes, and things that you can bring to your borrowers that make you look like a rockstar,

D.J. Paris 22:57
it’s a great place to get good answers to when the clients are saying, you know, I’m reading online that rates are going up. And this is bad. And this is scary. And and you just you sort of take the actual data, and you give agents actionable sort of sound bites, but you know, written sound bites to say, Okay, here’s how to interpret this, here’s what to say, here’s what’s going on. And that’s really what agents need, because they’re oftentimes the first person to to I was just at an event. I’ll just mention this briefly, a couple of weeks ago with about 300 agents. And I was talking to them and saying, Hey, what’s going on? What are your struggles right now? Just because I was curious, because I don’t I don’t go out and produce. And like four or five of the people I talked to out of like seven said, Oh, man rates are going up and I go, Well, I they’re still pretty low. Right? They’re like 4% and, you know, where I don’t know where they’re at today. But but sometimes it was about 4% of the time and and people go guys, that’s still really great. And and they were like yeah, but our clients are freaking out because of course they’re seeing new stories. And and what I love is, is that not that that isn’t something to be concerned about. And of course you should have an answer for it as an agent, but this is where you have a good relationship with your elbow. And you say what do I need to tell my clients how do I calm them down a little bit and and that’s what I love about you is you’re all about education. So I’m just curious are and I know that you know maybe more experienced agents aren’t freaking out but for anyone out there who’s gone oh my gosh, now my purchasing power for my buyers is maybe gone down a little because rates of course, you know, we’re in historic lows, of course they’re gonna go up a little bit. What do you suggest that agents tell their their borrowers or their buyers who are borrowing, you know, to sort of calm the storm a little bit.

Joel Schaub 24:50
Numbers don’t lie. Okay. And so if we actually take the data and see what the difference is on a typical $350,000 loan DJ where rates were at before? Okay, and what that meant for a payment, and then figure out where the $350,000 loan is today with the rates and what that payment is. And then we just compared to what it was any time before the pandemic, right, what you’ll see is it the payments today are still much lower than anytime in 2017 2018 2019. And for that matter, the first decade of the 20 is, you know, what do they call that? It wasn’t the teams, maybe it’s the on off. So the did you just do the data. And that’s what this next week’s market update is going to show is just a simple comparison so that we can talk to our buyers with some confidence and not omit the past that’s recently where rates are lower, but put it into a context to state that. If you’re paying rent, and you’re spending x number of dollars, that’s 100% interest all that money is out the window. So I don’t care if the rates are 2.75, or 4.75. It’s a hell of a lot less than 100%, that we’re throwing out the window. And just teaching and showing them that if you’re moving from homeownership from renting, now’s the time.

D.J. Paris 26:17
Yeah, I remember in the early 2000s, I guess the aughts. They,

Joel Schaub 26:23
largely cheese that’s, my grandmother would say, I

D.J. Paris 26:27
remember remember interest, and maybe they still have these, but interest only loans are really popular. And they were just in like there was like, sometimes under 2%. But and you wouldn’t have to put much down, if any. And it was just a whole different world. It was pre pre 2008 2009. And, and those days are of course long over but it’s like, well, sure, you could think back Well, gosh, I wish I would have locked in it 2% Back in the early 2000s. Except those always those always expired within about three to five, seven years. So it was it was something that that was a very sort of it was an aberration, as just like in the early 80s, when it were in the late 70s When it was double digit, you know, rates were like really good. You got a 12% rate you were a superstar. So like the idea that we’re at 4% now and people are freaking out is is really perspective, it’s about perspective and saying, Hey, this is still really great. And by the way, you know, now that now that its rates have gone up slightly. Yeah, oh, it’s only an extra 50 bucks a month or $100 a month and your mortgage payment, which probably shouldn’t make or break your decision of whether to buy a property.

Joel Schaub 27:35
You’re exactly right. So that again, test me send an email joel@rei.com and simply say, add me to the list. It could be you can do it from your phone right now, Joel, that rate, add me to the list. And then you’ll get this market update on a weekly basis. And it’ll give you information that you can go back and have good conversations with your local lending partners, and see what we’re doing in our market, how you can do the exact same things in your market partner with people that really want to truly give back to you and partner with you. And in this market, where lending is very vital to completing the transaction. Getting those partners right now are the number one thing I’d be doing. If I was an agent, it’s kind of reassessing who are the people that are really being given access to my friends, family clients, who are the people that I’m going to trust, my Commission’s with, when I go under contract, if they’re not the people that are working nights and weekends, and really being there for you add somebody else to the list, we’d happy to be that person. But the number one thing that we want to talk about here, and we didn’t get to so this is gonna be a teaser for next time is the structure for the team. Right? I want to go through and make sure that everyone knows kind of the anatomy of getting to a $250 million production annually. And even if you don’t have aspirations of getting there, what I’ll explain will really truly help you figure out who’s on your staff that you should keep who was on your staff that might be time to let them go. And who you can add right now, as a lot of people do get downsized with different positions at places, there’s an opportunity to pick up more employees. So we’re gonna go through that for sure next time, but it wouldn’t be a market, or wouldn’t be a update with me without talking about rates for a minute. You’ve mentioned it. So so much of the time. Do we even talk about rates here? Almost never. I know for a mortgage guy, I think we should.

D.J. Paris 29:29
Absolutely, let’s do it.

Joel Schaub 29:31
Right. So on average right now, mortgage rates are anywhere just below 4%. So the high threes to just above 4% When we’re talking about 30 year fixed mortgages DJ with 10 to 20%. Down the average we’ve seen rates that are still in the threes even though the headlines say over 4%. So the fear and what what people are thinking is going to happen is that the Fed Haven’t even raised rates yet. Wow, the rates are all the way up to this amount. And the Fed still haven’t raised rates yet what’s going to happen when they raise rates this year. And I always want to remind people that it’s already baked in, the Fed meets seven times a year and mortgage rates are updated daily. And in this volatility, they’re moving literally, sometimes two or three times a day. There’s new rate sheets printed based on what’s going on. So I like to tell this story that when the feds do raise rates, and it’s, you know, comes across as the headline, it’s a quarter point increase today, they don’t call all the mortgage banks and say, reminder, everyone, today’s the day, increase your rate sheets by a quarter percent. It’s kind of funny, but it’s true. It’s built in. So what how can we use this information to educate our clients? And how can we not be like the other agents that are selling fear? Okay, it’s okay to educate. But what we shouldn’t say is, we should really get this home today, even if you don’t want it, because rates are going to go up a lot. And if you don’t buy this, you’re gonna miss out. Right? I hate that I don’t like it just seems icky, right? It’s not the right way to build a business, it’s not the right way to communicate with people. And it’s just not true. So if you can take some time and educate, just learn about what the Federal Reserve reserve is going to do this year, they’re raising the prime rate, and the prime rate right now is at three and a quarter. And mortgage rates are above it. So we do have a lot of room to move before mortgage rates continually go up. I think by the end of the year, we’re going to be in that mid fours. But I don’t see a situation anytime this year, where all of a sudden, because the feds have raised rates that we go from under four to five or 6%. And I’ll buy you a steak dinner if I’m wrong. But I’m right, we won’t see the 30 year fixed rate be at five or 6%, they’re going to be in that range either a little bit below for a little bit above for for most of this year, even when the Fed start to raise rates. So as an agent, take that knowledge and educate your clients and make sure that you win because somebody else might be selling them fear, you’re okay, rates will be good. Go find the right home for you. And don’t worry if it’s 4.1 or 4.3.

D.J. Paris 32:27
Yeah, it’s it’s a really good point. And, you know, this is I always say, you should know what your clients are reading and what they’re absorbing and the news and then adjust, you can educate to adjust to their expectation and, and you know, and that’s, that’s really what, what, what just people want is they want somebody that goes, Hey, don’t worry about that. Well, not that don’t worry about it, but here’s what you’re reading, here’s the reality, they want education, and they want comfort, and we’re thankfully it’s there, the sky isn’t falling. So there’s so sky is not falling, when to make sure I didn’t sort of blur my words, the sky is not falling. This is. So this is really a great opportunity to realign your clients with and maybe getting them above the signal to noise ratio is making sure that the signals coming through and they’re maybe not paying attention as much to the noise that may be just the media hype to try to get some some clicksor eyeballs on, you know, a shocking headline. So, Joel, you gave us so much great value today. And I think it’s a great place to wrap up. We want to remind everyone out there if you’re not currently partnered with a loan officer, that is helping you actually grow your business, not just helping you close the transactions, because of course, you know, blown loan officers do that that’s their job, but actually helping you strategically do marketing partner up together in events, and are actually saying what can I do to help you Mr. And Mrs. Agent grow your business, then you really need to maybe consider finding a loan officer that can do that. And we really encourage you to take a look at Joel and his team. The easiest way to reach out to Joel to see if you guys can work together is to shoot him an email. Best email you can find them at is joel@rate.com. Very easy to remember joel@rate.com You can also email him to ask to be put on his weekly newsletter that he mentioned earlier. And then you can also call him directly Joel, do you mind giving out your phone number and suit and text message as well?

Joel Schaub 34:30
773-654-2049 And if you call that mean test me literally we answer the phone. And I can’t tell you the number of fun conversations I’ve had just from people all across the United States where they call they book a 15 minute call with me and it’s it’s just so great to see what people are doing in different markets. And it doesn’t always mean that we end up doing business together. But it’s another way that I like to give back so Oh, yeah, that number is the direct line. That’s not text messaging. So for emails, Joelle that rate, and then the phone number 773-654-2049. And that’ll be for phone calls directly to me.

D.J. Paris 35:14
Perfect. Perfect. So yeah, don’t don’t text that number. That’s his office line, my apologies there. But definitely email or call that number and he and his team will get right back to you. And, and I’ve used them personally. So I can vouch for, for for Joel, he’s excellent. He’s the only loan officer I’m going to ever work with. Because he did a great job for me. And he does a great job for everyone. Which is why of course he’s so successful. So definitely reach out to him. If you’re not getting the attention you need from your your existing loan officer. He’s with guaranteed rate Joel is and they’re licensed in all 50 states so they can help you no matter where you might be practicing. So thank you so much. We’ll go wrap up the episode, Joel, appreciate your time. And once again, you come on our show every month, you gave great content, great, valuable insight into what’s going on in the lending world. But more. On top of that, you’re really saying, Here’s how to grow your business, which like you said, we rarely even talk about rate. So I’m so grateful that you do really Joel really thinks about what he wants to communicate. And he’s constantly asking me before we get on the air, what does the audience want to hear about these days? Like, where are they struggling? And then we come up with ideas. And really, that is the best possible question a guest could ever ask me, and very few guests ever do. So I really appreciate Joel coming on and saying how can I add value time and time again. So thank you on behalf of the audience for that. And on behalf of Joel and myself, we want to thank the audience for continuing to show up. Listen, watch, support our show, please reach out to Joel for any and all lending needs. And also, please tell a friend about this podcast. Just think of one other agent that could benefit from hearing from top producers and top loan officers like Joel send them a link to our website, keeping it real pod.com. And we appreciate that helps us continue to grow as well. So thank you so much to Joel and of course on behalf of Joel and myself. Thanks to everyone and we will see Joel next month. So we wish everyone a great rest of the spring season here. And we’ll we’ll talk to you next next time. Thanks Joel.

Joel Schaub 37:14
You’re welcome DJ

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