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Angelica Ventrice a High-Performance Mentor & Health Coach talks about her journey into health and wellness space and how she started her business in mindset and fitness. Angelica talks about the importance of paying attention to your physical and mental wellbeing and how to deal with the guilt around your own perception of your body shape. Angelica discusses how to fit fitness into your everyday life for it to become a lifestyle. Angelica and D.J. talk about gut health and its importance. Last, Angelica describes her Fit for Life Program.

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Hello, and welcome to another episode of Keeping it real the largest podcast made by real estate agents and for real estate agents. My name is DJ Parris. I’m your guide and host through this show. And in just a moment, we’re going to be speaking with mentor and health coach Angelica, Ben Treece to talk all about dealing with the ups and downs of the market, as well as difficult clients how do you maintain your mental health while wearing all the hats that we know Realtors wear. But before we get to Angelica, just a couple of quick reminders please remember to tell a friend about our show. Think of one other agent maybe one that’s struggling with all the stress of being a realtor and this is a perfect episode to shoot over to them, you can send them right to our website keeping it real pod.com where they can stream every episode we’ve ever done. Or they can pull up a podcast app on their mobile device and search for keeping it real hit that subscribe button we’re pretty much everywhere. So please do that that helps us continue to grow and do more episodes and give you guys better content. So tell a friend but you know what, enough about that let’s get to the main event our my conversation with Angelica Vinci’s.

Today on the show we have Angelica vantrease, who is the CEO and founder of Fit for Life. Let me tell you more about Angelica Angelica venturi is a high performance mentor and health coach to female entrepreneurs, executives and real estate agents who desire to uplevel their health and wealth. She has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine authority magazine and my fitness pal and she is obsessed with guiding driven women to shift their mindset and bank accounts while shedding those unwanted pounds along the way without ridiculous fad diets or crazy restrictions. To this date, she has helped over 700 Women transform their bodies and minds while finding a true alignment in their personal and professional lives. Please everyone listening go visit Angelica at our website which is Angelica Ben treece.com. That’s V N T R I C E so Angelica vantrease.com. We’ll have a link in the show notes and also absolutely follow her on Facebook which is at the angelica than trees. That link is also in the show notes Angelica Welcome to the show.

Angelica Ventrice 4:57
Hello everybody excited to be here.

D.J. Paris 5:00
I am really jealous of Angelica because she was like, Yeah, I’m calling you from Maui, which is I didn’t realize she lived there. And that is absolutely one of my favorite places in the world to visit. And I’ve been there several times, but not to the southern part of the island, the southwest part of the island, I guess where you are, which is supposed to be even like the best part of the island. So

Angelica Ventrice 5:21
magical place so everyone needs to be released once in their life. For sure.

D.J. Paris 5:26
It’s, it’s, I always say like you can even skip skip a wahoo. Not that there’s anything wrong with the one who like wow, who was lovely and nice.

Angelica Ventrice 5:34
But wha hoo. Don’t be on the beach. If you want to city go to New York City or LA. You don’t need it.

D.J. Paris 5:40
That’s right. Yeah, I remember the first time as a family. We started in Oahu. And I was like, oh, yeah, I was I was in I was young. I was in college, I was thrilled to be able to go to Hawaii. I was so lucky. And a wife and a wahoo was like, Okay, this is okay. Now, when we got to Maui, I was like, Oh, nice. Nice.

Angelica Ventrice 6:00
I know, the first time I got to Oahu. I was like, all right. It’s just I really felt like I was just there was a big, big city, big city, and shopping. And it’s not vacation mode for me.

D.J. Paris 6:13
Not as much fun. But that is awesome. Well, we could I could talk about Hawaii all day, because I am I just I dream about going there as and I haven’t been there in many, many years. But I’m glad that we’re able to communicate and chat. And we’re glad to have you on the show. And I was telling Angelica before we started that, well, my memory is garbage. So this might not actually be true, but I think it is true. This is the first time we’ve had a health and wellness expert on our show in about 400 episodes, and specifically one who who deals with real estate agents. So this is so exciting. I’m so excited. I am a big proponent of health, even before wealth, right? I think health is is the catalyst for everything this is this is our temple. And it’s a good idea to pay attention to what you’re shoving into your temple. While you’re while you’re having to run run your rest of your life. So I would love to start with your journey. Tell us how you got into the fitness space, the health and wellness space. What was that? Why did you do that? And how did you do it?

Angelica Ventrice 7:15
Yeah, so I’m originally from New York, you guys may hear hear come out of my accent with certain words. So um, you know, like 13 years ago, I was living in New York and I was overweight my basically my whole life like from the time I was a child, you know, all through high school, I was uncomfortable. I was heavier. I had acne yet. I had, I didn’t love myself. And it kind of lasted all the way up until my mid 20s. So I was in medical sales at the time. So this is where I find a lot of similarities to when I was in medical sales to be in real estate and I think that’s what what has led me to work with a lot of real estate agents because there I was like hustling you’re on the go You’re just like going from doctor’s office, a doctor’s office and I really was not taking care of myself I was entertaining just like how a lot of real estate agents entertain, right? Entertaining, hustling. It was just that really honestly just go go go right like

D.J. Paris 8:08
not a lot of routine right? It was like different different doctor’s office if every, every day constantly racing around grabbing food when you’re

Angelica Ventrice 8:18
grabbing food, like stopping at you know Starbucks to get the office snacks, and then just eating whatever at Starbucks or stopping at Dunkin Donuts. And it was a lot of that. And they’re just added up, added up added up on top of the weight that I had already just gained throughout, you know, my whole life. One day, it just kind of hit me I’m like, I’m done. Like, I felt so horrible. I felt lethargic, I felt uncomfortable. I was I had to keep buying bigger suits and dresses. It’s at a point. I’m just like, No, I’m done. Like you just hit you hit a breaking point. So I hired my first coach. And I worked out with him a few times a week, you know, I was in my 20s. And I really investment wise, I didn’t have the investment at the point where I was like, here’s my credit card, I just when you want to do something, you want to do it and you figure it out, that’s really high. And I was like, I’ll figure it out later, I don’t even care. So I started working with him started losing the weight. And through that journey, something just hit me. I’m like, This is what I want to do. Like I want to help other women because it wasn’t just shedding the weight, releasing the weight. When you release the weight. You release a lot of energy and stories that you had been clinging on to your whole entire life, telling myself I’m the fat girl, I’m always gonna be fat. It’s my genetics, like all those things that you’re holding on to your release and identity. And I felt so much happier so much lighter, mentally and physically and I decided to get my certifications while I was doing medical sales. And then I was like, I don’t want to live in New York. I hate the cold and I knew California really is the mecca of health and fitness like you know, it’s just everyone’s very healthy out there. It’s it’s sunny all the time. Everyone’s running around like I want to live in California. So I believe in manifestation and I just started to like, manifest it. I took a trip out there. I went I went to interview at Equinox gym, which I had never worked at a gym. They were like what experience you have. I’m like have absolutely none. But I’m really passionate about changing women’s lives. And I can prove to you that like, this is something I want to do. Left my medical sales job moved from New York to California without a job lined up like, wow, yeah. But you know, I was smart, I save. And I did get the job at the gym eventually, and worked my way up there and then decided that I wasn’t really fulfilled just doing personal training, like fitness wasn’t deep enough for me. So I got nutrition certifications, and then you can only move up so far to gym. And you could only see so many clients in a day. And I was like, I want to branch out on my own branch out on my own, and decided to move into the online space. And that’s where my program fit for life was born. And then I really got into nutrition mindset, gut health and metaphysical aspects to weight loss. And then fitness is honestly the smallest component now on my program, everyone gets customized workouts, but what I really believe is that your mindset and your gut health and and the food you intake has way more to do with your weight loss and your transformation of your happiness than just doing the workout. So yes, the workouts are important, but it’s the least important in my opinion. And here we are right now I live in Maui. So here we are.

D.J. Paris 11:09
It’s an it’s an incredible journey. And it’s impressive, that I always think it’s so fun when something grabs a hold of you. And it becomes an obsession at first and then possibly a career. And you’ve done that. And I think it’s it’s so awesome to talk to people when that whatever that thing is for them grabs a hold of them, and it just can’t really they can’t shake it loose. And then all of a sudden they’re like, yeah, yeah, exactly. And so I love that. And so, I would love so I think what I would love to first because our audience, so just to give you, an you, you work with realtors, so you know, but just just to sort of set set the stage, you know, our audience, our lovely listeners who we are so thrilled are here and paying attention. These are people who you know, wear a lot of different hats. They basically are their own business owner, they maybe they’re on a team, but essentially, it’s probably they’re doing incredible amounts of work. They’re working bizarre hours of the day, sometimes into the night, nights and weekends. It’s it’s it’s a, you know, they’re there, it’s a customer service job in a lot of respects. So they are having to mold their time around when their clients are available to go see homes and be available for you know, buying and selling things. So there’s it’s tough for them for number one for structure, because they’re at their client’s beck and call. So I would just first love to let let’s first make the case and we want we’ll deal with myths, right? Now, let’s make the case about why it’s so important for all of our listeners to be paying attention to their their physical well being and their mental well being. For sure,

Angelica Ventrice 12:47
well, your body is your main vessel. So if you’re not taking care of like you said, it’s your temple, it’s your vessel. At a certain point, no matter how well you’re doing in your business, you want to grow to the next level, we all do, let’s be real real estate agents, you’re entrepreneurs, I’m an entrepreneur, we want to keep going and going. That’s why we got into these businesses in the first place. So at a certain point, if you’re not taking care of your health, your body can only hold so much hold so much energy, both so much well hold so much. So you really need to start to implement boundaries and structure being less reactive, paying attention to your mindset, your reactivity, you know, adding in things like meditate, I mean, we can go into all the things that if you’re not taking care of at a certain point, you’re going to reach burnout, you’re going to have gut health issues, you’re going to feel extreme fatigue, inflammation in your joints bloat. And then when you’re operating on it, that that leads you to operate at a low level energetically, right? The vibrations that you’re putting out, the first thing a client sees when you take them to the house is you. And if you don’t like the way you look, and you don’t feel good, what type of energy are you putting out into the world? The clients feel that no matter what sales position you’re in, whether you’re selling real estate, whether you’re selling whatever you’re selling, clients feel your energy. So if you’re not in a good vibrational state, because you’re not taking care of your health and your body, how much more wealth can you actually make?

D.J. Paris 14:10
It’s a really strong point. And let’s I always had this question and I’m curious to hear your answer. Because a lot of us who are listening, myself included, would like to lose just sheds, you know, a few pounds of fat or, or maybe more. And so a lot of us who consider maybe we consider ourselves overweight, or not the ideal body size that we would like to be. When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we do have some of those negative thoughts of, oh, I can’t believe maybe I did this to myself or you know, some shame, some guilt. This idea that I don’t like the where I’m at and therefore there’s something wrong with me kind of feeling. Well, how do you how do you start with someone like that? Because I think that doesn’t get talked about a lot and I think a lot of us fall into that category where we look for what’s wrong, maybe maybe our body is really lovely. But in our mind, you know, we have, you know, some sort of distorted view of it where, or maybe it is actually not the right shape that we would like it to be. But we have a lot of shame and guilt around that. So how do you deal with that? What do we say to people who are sure, and that’s

Angelica Ventrice 15:20
very common, I can relate because when I was overweight, I felt that the first thing is, it’s really helpful when you work with an expert to help take you through releasing those feelings of shame and guilt. And I use different methods, whether it’s visualization, meditation, tapping, a mindset coaching call, but, you know, it’s okay to want to change things about yourself. But you still have to do it from a place of self love. So, friends, I’ll use myself like I got a no shop a few years ago, I’ll be totally honest about I did a YouTube video on it. People are very interested in this. I did it because I didn’t like my nose, not because I hated myself, right. And when I wanted to lose weight, there was a point where I didn’t I didn’t like the way I look. But you have to really say like, what do you love about yourself? Even if you want to lose weight? What are some great things that you love about yourself physical mental accomplishments in your career? And and remember those things and start to release the guilt and shame because what does that do? Honestly, if you’re trying to lose weight, that makes it harder. If you’re feeling guilty, if you’re feeling shameful, if you’re feeling super negative, those thoughts affect your physiological body in a negative way. They increase cortisol, they mess with your hormones. So if you can just actually learn to just say, okay, like, No, I don’t like the way I look right now. I know I have some weight to lose, what am I going to do about it instead of wallowing in the stories and the guilt and the shame? And I say to my clients, a lot of us live in the Doom dungeon, like, Oh, I wish this like hope this I shouldn’t have done this, or I’m so guilty. Oh, what if I fail, it’s like that doesn’t get you anywhere. Living in the Doom dungeon doesn’t get you anywhere. So it’s starting to release those feelings. And I’m not saying it’s easy, but there are different methods like journaling, meditation, visualization, working with a coach tapping, movement, grounding, there’s, there’s many things you can do.

D.J. Paris 17:00
Yeah, I think that’s really important. I’ve always heard the the best place you can be the best mindset you can have if you’re looking to change your your physical vitality, or your physical shape, is to look in the mirror and say, well, it’s not what I’d like it to be, I’d actually prefer it to be, you know, a different shape. And I’m really want to make that happen. But I can still love myself, even though I’m not the shape. I’m I would prefer to be and I can still go after the shape I want to be. Yes. So it’s this teasing apart of the identity of like, Oh, I’m I’m fat, right? It’s like, okay, yes, I have some fat I’d like to add, right? Yeah. And, and I’m a really great person to or I have all these other great qualities. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, right? It’s like, I’m fat, does it mean, I’m a bad person? Or it just means I have some extra weight that I would like to get rid of like, okay, cool. And by the way, sorry. No, I was I was just gonna say I think I think it’s admirable to to have an honest appraisal of your situation and, and go, and how great is it that I’m thinking about this and thinking about making changes like that, in and of itself is huge. Yes.

Angelica Ventrice 18:17
I know, I just said you can love yourself and still want to change certain things about yourself. I love myself, but I didn’t like my nose. Like I didn’t have a job. You know, there’s plenty people that do that. Like you, you love yourself, but you think that you’re a little bit overweight, change it, like let’s not wallow in it, let’s just move forward write about it. And take action always when?

D.J. Paris 18:36
Actually, yes, and action can even supersede belief, I think so it’s like

Angelica Ventrice 18:42
them believe action and then take the action, you’re not always gonna believe you can do it. Once you start to see the results on your weight loss journey, then your belief will increase. But if you just take action, imperfect action, do something action trumps the belief,

D.J. Paris 18:56
imperfect action. I love that. That is that is a great thing to remember for any any part of life that you’re looking to make a change. Just take some take some action doesn’t need to be perfect, just just do something. But let’s talk about okay, so that so thank you that I think that’s a great way to set the stage. And we should also talk about because I was looking at your website, and I was seeing the transformations of of caches, like dozens of women. And there was visual, there’s so many Yeah, it is it is apps. Oh, I know that the page is like it’s like an infinite scroll of people who have have really transformed their life. And you can see it visually and then you can they write about it as well. And I was just so impressive. And I know like, I didn’t take a before and after photo of myself when I started working out but but I do sort of look in the mirror and I’m like, Oh, if like I don’t even know we were talking about this before we start like I don’t even like working out but I do it. And as a result I get the benefit. I get the benefit. So that’s another thing too is I don’t know that you have to love every part of exercise, or being, you know fit or in shape or dieting, or sorry, not dieting, but having a good nutritional sort of plan. But as long as you do it, you get a ton of benefit from it. So I’m somebody who doesn’t enjoy working out because it’s hard. It’s painful, it’s it’s not fun. But anyway, we were talking about this outside, or before we started, when I leave the gym, I feel number one, I feel good, because I’ve got all these great sort of endorphins racing through my body. Number two, I’m proud of myself because I did something crazy hard. And, and that’s all I have to admit, I get all the benefit. So I have to go through a little bit of the pain, quite a bit of pain, actually. But that’s okay, like this paint likes got pain involved. But I get all the benefit. And I think this idea of jumping in diving headfirst into physical pain to get benefit is actually like part of the deal when you work out. Like that’s just how it is you have to be willing to be uncomfortable to get stronger.

Angelica Ventrice 21:01
You have to be willing to get uncomfortable in any area of your life, if you desire growth, in your business, in your health, in your relationships in all areas of life. So and you know, the things that we resist, they persist. So if you keep resisting the fact that you need to work out, or if you’re trying to grow in your business, and you’re resisting the fact that you know, you need to hire an assistant because you’re so busy, but it’s everything that you resist will persist and creep up on you to a worse level. In my opinion. You know what I mean? So, yeah, awesome person. I would love every one of my clients to love the workouts. Some of them love it more. Some of them don’t, but they do it. And then of course, you want to add in things that you do love. So if you don’t love strength training, maybe you do it a few days a week and you love yoga. So maybe you add in a yoga, so you never want to be miserable. But no, you don’t want to be miserable. Everyone likes like lifting weights, a lot of people hate like cardio and burpees. So I’m like, okay, you don’t need to do any of that. Just walk you know. So we really do work with our clients. I never want anyone to feel like they really hate it like I have clients are just like, I hate lifting. Can I do boxing and running? I’m like, okay, like I do believe in strength training, especially for the longevity of your joints and your bones and everything. But and especially if you’re you do desire to lose weight, you need to lift weights to build lean muscle mass, but if someone really hates it, there’s other ways and then the nutrition in the mind. That’s a big part. But yeah, it’s not just like, oh, I look good. It’s so I feel good. The endorphins, the energy, and you become so much stronger, mentally and physically from working out. Putting yourself in those challenges.

D.J. Paris 22:26
What’s your advice on the best time of day for real estate agents to exercise? I know, obviously.

Angelica Ventrice 22:35
Morning, we just had a one on one call with one of my new clients. She’s a real estate agent. And we she asked me this exact question literally. Also, she missed our tribe call last night because she was closing a deal. She’s like, I can’t believe I missed the call. And I’m like, this will we’re gonna talk about on our next coach ball boundaries, right? So she, she was she was saying like, I’m not really a morning person. But I know if I leave the workouts later in the day, I’m like, You will never do the workout after a full day of working and you’re running around, I know how real estate agents operate, you know, house to house calls, calls calls running around, you’re not going to work out at seven o’clock at night, let’s be real, like, let’s be real. So just wake up a half hour earlier. And then you can move half hour to 45 minutes and then eventually becomes an hour earlier. And then you fit in a longer workout. And remember to the real estate agents listening. In the beginning, if you’re, you’re just starting on your weight loss journey, right? The workouts don’t need to be long, you can start with like 1520 minutes and work your way up. Something is better than nothing. Moving your body is better than not doing anything. Five minutes of meditation in the morning is better than nothing. So just doing little things, little tiny, little tiny things lead to big results. So if you’re a real estate agent, and you’re listening and like why don’t have an hour in the morning, then just do a 15 minute workout a week customize all your workouts. So some of my clients literally just have 15 minute workouts because they are that busy. And then they leave for other days.

D.J. Paris 23:58
And you do sort of get hooked on it after a while even though you may or may not like it, you get hooked on it because you know it’s good for you and you can start to see maybe even see results or feel results. So it becomes I think, you know, I was thinking about when you know when you’re in an airplane, and when they do the announcements, which I usually zone out for. But they always say yeah, I’m like, I don’t know what’s if God God forbid, there’s an actual like fire on the plane or the planes going down. I’ll have no idea what to do. But but but we all know that they say you know, hey, if the oxygen becomes you know, the oxygen levels decrease and the thing comes down with the masks, put your own mask on first before you can.

Angelica Ventrice 24:43
Oh my gosh, such. Yes, save Yourself. Your clients will be okay. You don’t need 10 o’clock at night they could wait till the morning.

D.J. Paris 24:52
They can wait. Pay yourself first and that includes health and wellness and so forth. First thing of the day, it sounds like Angelica, you’re suggesting pay yourself first. And by what I mean is, you’re basically doing a favor for your future self by getting to the gym, or working out or doing something related to health or nutrition, you’re paying your future, you’re you’re doing a favor for your future, the older you have that’s coming. And so I yeah, I could not agree with you more. I don’t do them in the morning, but I have it structured in the middle of my day. And it happens to be a few blocks from where I live. So it sort of works.

Angelica Ventrice 25:28
If you can do it great for females, but I couldn’t do it after work after a lot of getting ready. So like if you’re you have the you know, your hair and your makeup, I you know, so when I didn’t medical sales, and I was on go just like be real estate agent, I would take my bag of stuff with me to my trainer, and then just shower and get ready, and then have my day from there. So either way, you have to be prepared. So if you if you know you’re going to work out in the morning, and it’s earlier than usual, set your stuff out the night before, you know, put your sleep, like make your smoothie the evening before make your egg cups that this is with our clients, we actually, we help them with routines, we’re not just like giving them meal plans and workouts, we’re like helping them fit it into their life, because that’s an integral part. And that’s how you stick with it and it becomes a lifestyle. If it feels too hard to fit into your life or too complicated, you’re going to start and then you’re going to stop, you’re gonna start and then you’re gonna stop over and over again, so really needs to fit into your lifestyle. It’s very important for real estate agents.

D.J. Paris 26:22
I agree. And I also think to this idea of like you were talking about planning in advance, eliminates the need to make more decisions. So like, throughout the day, our listeners are making having to react to a million different things that are coming at them. But if you don’t have to think about breakfast, lunch exercise, because it’s already booked into your schedule, and you already have your meals ready to go, then it’s like three or four less things to worry about. And you’re probably you’re gonna make better decisions.

Angelica Ventrice 26:52
Yeah, you feel better. When you feel better, you perform better if you’re eating well, your gut is in good health, right, your brain is clear, you feel better your skin, you have more energy so that you know that go go go maybe doesn’t feel as hard. And I’m not saying you don’t need to slow down all your real estate, you just need to slow down drink less coffee. I mean, we can go on, there’s a whole list I go, we can go into all that. But what the most important things that I teach, I work one on one with a lot of real estate agents and do health and wealth is really slowing down first thing in the morning, not going to their phone and looking at their emails and answering and going crazy, actually turning inward, the morning is the best time to slow down. It’s a it’s a time where you’re creative. So just take 510 minutes and do meditation. I mean literally, if you’ve never meditated, just sit there for five minutes and breathe. You know or find a guided meditation, there’s so many options, and then do your workout, do your you know, eat your breakfast, whatever, whatever you desire your morning routine to be but not waking up and increasing your cortisol the second you wake up, because that leads to weight gain, like oh, my gosh, this client, email me and then immediately you’re starting your day in a heightened stress state what a stress to it changes the biodiversity in your microbiome in your gut, it increases cortisol, which then leads to weight gain. So now you’re in such a cycle,

D.J. Paris 28:08
I stopped looking at social media, why I don’t really look much at social media at all, but I stopped specifically looking at it before bed and when I first wake up, because I noticed that I was just too emotionally reactive to what was happening. So some good things, some sad things, some angry things, some you know, it’s it’s this just intense environment. And it’s addictive, because because of the way that these tech companies have figured out how to sort of activate our dopamine hits. Yeah, constant dopamine hits and constant just emotional reactions to things. So it’s one of those things where I just kind of measured I was like, do I feel better? After I checked my social media first thing in the morning? Like, how do I feel? Am I more anxious? Am I less anxious and more stressful? It was all Oh, I’m actually worse off now. And I’m not saying that to everybody. And I’m not saying you shouldn’t be on social media. But notice how you feel when you do these activities. And notice how it sets up the rest of your day. But you’re absolutely right. Um, let’s I want to talk about gut health, because we have never talked about gut show. And I feel this is something that most people go oh, yeah, I sort of know that there’s a mind body connection. And the gut is, is has all this information that sends signals to the brain, but I don’t think a lot of us know really what that means. So what is what is gut health mean to you, and how should we define it?

Angelica Ventrice 29:28
So Leah, what you just mentioned is the vagus nerve does link the brain down to the digestive tract. So when you actually say I have a good feeling, oh, I have a good feeling. That’s a real thing. So I mean, the gut microbiome reverse the trillions of micro organisms that make up your gut. Okay. And what happens over time, when we are highly stressed, we take a lot of antibiotics, we don’t treat our body well, nutrition wise. We’re always on the go. We’re very reactive. You know, all the things. We allow the toxins to kind of seep in because the gut lining gets thinner and thinner and thinner becomes more permeable. And when that happens that leads to a slew of symptoms that are the obvious. Poor gut health symptoms like irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, everyone knows those. But then there’s the other ones that I find like a lot of real estate agents don’t even realize it. But like, I’m so tired, I’m so fatigued, my joints hurt. I have headaches. Those are all signs of poor gut health, skin irritations, eczema, depression, anxiety. A lot of people, there’s a lot of studies from a lot of people who have ADHD and high levels of anxiety, it’s related to poor gut health. So as your real estate agent and you’re very busy, you’re on the go, we don’t need to make it worse by having poor gut health, right? Because that’s stress, your constant state of stress is really changing the biodiversity of your gut microbiome. So we want to feed your gut with lots of healthy bacteria. So how do you do that you need a lot of fiber. So I always say a lot of veggies. Fruits, fruits and veggies are great and obviously lean proteins. But what happens when you eat a lot of fiber I’m always like telling my real estate agents eat more greens, eat more greens, eat more greens drink more water, less coffee, fiber, when it enters the gut gets turned into a short chain fatty acid which feeds the healthy bacteria and then there’s of course, foods you can include there’s you know, I have a list here onions, leeks, sauerkraut, veggies, leafy greens, MCT oil, coconut oil, salmon, so there’s a lot of great foods that will help the help your gut become more healthy, but you really have to pay attention to other factors like your stress levels and your thoughts. And if you’re taking antibiotics and things that you’re putting in your body unfortunate.

D.J. Paris 31:37
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Angelica Ventrice 33:15
perceive Yeah, everything that affects your performance. If your brain fog, if you have poor sleep, if your joints hurt, you don’t feel well. You’re not going to be be performing at your best in your career. That’s the bottom line. I’ve been so I’ve had these things. So I got so passionate about gut health that affected my hormones. You know, you can only take so many calls or see so many clients or do so many things when you feel like

D.J. Paris 33:36
crap. And then and then we I want to talk about okay, I want to talk about carbs because I obviously there’s this lots of people have different sort of interpretations of what carbs are. But let’s let’s talk about what carbs. Well, there’s obviously good carbs and bad carbs. Okay, well, let’s go oh, let’s start right there. healthy carbs. And

Angelica Ventrice 33:59
go ahead. Okay, we’re gonna go there are no good and bad. Food has no morals. This is a very important lesson for anyone. Food has no moral value. Unfortunately, the health and fitness industry has somehow moralized foods people think they’re bad if they have a cookie, and people think they’re good. They had a salad. Let’s take this off the table. There’s no good food, there’s a bad food, there’s no good carbs. There’s no bad carbs. Certain parts are more nutrient dense. So the carbs that are more nutrient dense. I think this is your question right are going to be things like sweet potatoes, rice, quinoa, you can do chickpeas, lentil pasta, things like that. And then the non nutrient dense carbs are going to be kind of obvious like your white breads, your doughnuts, simple carbs. Yeah, basically yes, there’s complex, the most simple carbs things that you know are just regular pasta. Even if you don’t have celiac and you’re you don’t have an allergy to gluten and gluten has still been proven to be quite an issue. laboratory to people’s guts. I’m not saying never eat it. Sometimes I want pizza, I have a slice of pizza. But on a daily basis, it’s something if you minimize, I believe you’ll feel a lot better. I’ve noticed it in myself and my clients. So yeah, but there’s no good food. There’s no bad food. You’re not bad. If you have a cupcake, you’re just fine. It’s okay.

D.J. Paris 35:16
Thank you. Thank you for making that distinction. Because that’s even something that even though I know better, I just did I just gave a food. A, I evaluated it right. And I gave it a good and bad and that’s you’re right, that is absolutely not a great idea, because good and bad leads to good and bad feelings. And then there’s shame and guilt. Toto, thank you. Thank you for checking me on that. Because that’s because it’s so ingrained in our culture. I just ate something bad for me. I just

Angelica Ventrice 35:44
got a cake at my son’s party and can’t believe it. Now. I ruined my like, it’s everyone does it my clients still do it. It’s a constant reminder. So I talk about a lot on my Instagram. I’m reminding people all the time, because repetition is how you learn food has no moral value.

D.J. Paris 35:59
Can we? You mentioned MCT oil, and I don’t want to get too specific about any particular food. But I want to say that if anyone listening is not familiar with MCT oil, and it’s not a miracle sort of oil, but it is absolutely a it is a really cool sort of product that if you’re not familiar, but basically, it helps sustain sort of satiation right like this idea of being satiated. It’s it’s a really cool. So if you’re not, if you haven’t looked at MCT oil, it is absolutely a wonderful thing to help sort of smooth out your cravings. And, and anyway, it’s

Angelica Ventrice 36:37
it also helps seal your gut lining. So if you’re someone with poor gut health, you want to include coconut products, MCT oil, which is medium chain triglyceride, into your diet, because it’s really going to help, it’s going to help your gut become more permeable, more permeable, which we need, you know, less permeable. So yeah, we want you definitely want to be adding things like I mentioned some of the foods before and MCT oil was one of them. So it’s great for gut health, but also great to help you stay more more full.

D.J. Paris 37:02
So so let’s talk about like a full, a general plan that you might put together for someone. And I obviously we’re not we can’t do that here on the show tailor made to each listener. But But how like, we’re really talking about a number of things, talking about our physical well being which includes, you know, nutrition and exercise, we’re talking about our emotional well being, which includes mindset, stress, you know, just our own emotional challenges. And, and kind of marrying those two together and understanding that they, they they aren’t separate entities, they really are one. So what are some of what’s a prescription? So you talked about waking up in the morning, doing a little meditation, not jumping on social, you know, sort of centering yourself getting calm, having your breakfast, exercising, and then what other suggestions might you have for someone to

Angelica Ventrice 38:03
use that everyone is different, but if typically, with real estate it is. And everyone’s different, depending some people will like to work out and eat breakfast after to each zone, but the best thing you can do is be prepared. So we go through meal prep with our clients, we give them a meal plan. And we say you know do you want super easy meals, do you like more complicated meals, you want to be more fancy, everyone’s different. So for instance, we might give them like a cook recipes, smoothie recipes, stuff that’s really simple for them to just make for the week. So they can be prepared you can make like chia seed pudding and have jars of that in your fridge. So this way, you can just get out the door, go on your day and not have to think about your food. I mean, you can get you know, when I was a medical sales rep I had, like a cooler with me in my car I worked out in my car real estate agents work out their car, don’t make excuses. You don’t need to stop and get food just eat in your car eat. For me, you can go sit somewhere but have your food with you. There’s really no excuse you can prep it the night before get your salad and your grilled chicken ready and you’re homeless whatever you want, but have stuff prepared. Being prepared is essential just like you’re prepared for your business. When you go to show a house you know what, you know how many bedrooms you know what type of molding you know what type of floor right you know, if there’s a pool, you know all these things about it. So you’re really prepared for your career, translate that energy to your health, you will be more successful in both areas, you will lose the weight and make more money.

D.J. Paris 39:21
I agree it’s about 12 years ago, I decided I never I it was funny like sometimes it takes like years and years to notice something that’s super obvious to everyone but yourself. So I noticed that when I didn’t prepare my meals, I have more of an office job. So when I’ve always had office jobs pretty much my whole life but when I didn’t prepare my meals the night before the morning of I would make choices, you know for lunch because I didn’t have a lunch and whenever I did, I found that most of the time I made a choice that after after consuming it I went oh I wish I would have made a different choice. I wish I would have chosen so One thing that you know, was more nutrient dense and using your language. And so then I said, Well, okay, maybe I’m just not good at making those decisions in the middle of the of a business day, when there’s all this stress coming at me. And I just wanted something that’ll like satisfy or, you know, make me hungry. Yeah, you’re just like, get like, I’m hungry. And I’m stressed. And I just want I just want something that feels good in the moment, which is usually less nutrient dense types of foods, candies, you know, things like that part. So I went, Oh, well, if I just made my lunch every day, then I wouldn’t have to think about it. And at least I’d still have all the stress, but at least I wouldn’t be making things more challenging for myself by making maybe a poor decision around what what I eat that day. So like, that was just logic for me and I, you were saying a cooler, I have a little cooler under my desk with my meals. And it doesn’t look I mean, there’s plenty of parts of my life that are not in balance. But the best, I’ll tell you the two, the two big things about preparing in advance, being intentional about what what you eat, is you’re probably going to make a better decision if you prepare in advance. And, and you don’t have to think about it the next day, you have enough things to think about. Like what

Angelica Ventrice 41:14
you feel better for the ladies who are listening, like doesn’t it feel better when you’re not feeling bloated in your clothes all day, like, you know, eat crappy food, even even like Whole Foods, right? You go to the salad bar, they’re still sitting out, you just want to junk junk, you don’t really know you know, then you pick a crappy dressing. So you just feel so much better. When you feel better, you perform better and you make more money, and you look better in your clothes come on.

D.J. Paris 41:36
It’s it’s it’s a win win. But But I think you’re so right about making sure that mindset because you can be the most disciplined person in the gym or with food. But if your mindset is such that you have trauma that hasn’t been repaired, or you have beliefs about yourself that maybe were instilled when you were a child or through you know from other people that are getting in the way of you feeling good about yourself. That’s that’s a huge part of it, too. Because that will get people to think, Oh, if I just hit that perfect weight goal, I’m going to be happy. No, right? Or if I just make that certain amount of money, that’s when I get that’s when the happiness turns on. Can we talk about that a little bit like when you get to the top of the of the mountain, this is why I’m not a big fan of goals. I’ve never been a big goal guy. I think you should have direction, I think you should know where you want to head. But the reason why I don’t love goals, and I’m curious to hear your thoughts. And it’s not that we shouldn’t like businesses have goals, there’s, we should have goals in certain areas of our life. But when it comes to our own personal well being I think the problem with goals is it, we sometimes get too attached to them, it’s like once, once I get X, you know I will feel good about myself,

Angelica Ventrice 42:50
your happiness can’t be dependent on something outside of yourself. It can’t be when I make this amount of money, then I’ll be happy when I lose this amount, then I’ll be happy, you may be happier, you may have a more sense of freedom, when you make more money, you may have more freedom and alignment and your body when you hit that certain number. But if you are not enjoying the journey, and you were only looking to the outcome, you’re gonna have a very miserable life, whether that’s a weight loss or your career, if you’re chasing, making a million all you’re focusing on in your businesses hitting that first million, you’re forgetting to be present in all the other aspects of your business in your life. Same thing on your weight loss journey. If you’re only focused on losing 40 pounds and getting to that 40 pound weight loss by this day, are you enjoying all the small wins along the way, how you feel how your clothes fit, how’s your energy, how, how have you lifted in the gym for the first time, you gotta pee on your run all the things that happen, how clear beautiful your skin looks, how your gut health has improved, you’re forgetting all those things, when you’re only focusing on the outcome. And your happiness cannot be dependent on something outside of you and you touch upon something else, you know, mindset and your weight or your body, we hold our issues in our tissues. So if you do not resolve past beliefs, past pattern past trauma, you’re holding on to stagnant energy in your body, which of course leads to weight gain, because it’s going to be an increase in cortisol. Most people who have tried and failed on various weight loss programs have failed to realize that their thought their thoughts 80,000 thoughts a day affect their physiological body. And that is one of the main things I teach that’s very different than many other health programs out there. So I teach the physical which is like we talked about the strategy, the routines, the macros, the calories, the workouts, but then the metaphysical is equally as important.

D.J. Paris 44:37
Yes, I absolutely agree. And I couldn’t. It’s funny. It’s like, you know, we think oh, if I just get in shape, then I’m happy or if I just eat right, and it’s like well okay, yes, you’re happy you probably will be happy or but you can be happy now even if you’re hundreds of pounds of lot more if you have hundreds of pounds. more weight than you would like to have, you can still find happiness. And as you were saying, and strive to have a different physical or mental well being so so I think I think that’s, I think it’s the, I always love when I when I meet people who have, you know, who will say, Oh, I really want to make this change, but there isn’t that shame attached to it of like, but where I’m at right now is really embarrassing. You know, as I was thinking about this, my, my girlfriend works with somebody who, well, actually, you know what, I won’t tell that story now that I think about it, because it’s gonna be, but But I will say that, that that shame will and guilt will absolutely just completely shut it down, it will shut down your motivation, right. So making sure that you’re having who are in a good mindset, you have a good sort of mental health, you know, program in place to make sure that as you’re happily achieving, you’re doing these, you know, very difficult things, because that’s the other thing too, is, is, you know, we’re talking about health and fitness. Just like any part of life, it’s difficult. It’s really a lot of work. It’s worth it. But it’s difficult. And so you really want to make sure that all your bases are covered, so you have the best chance of having the most vitality. And I love it. Tell us a little bit more about what what Fit for Life does for for clients, because we have a lot of listeners, they need a coach and tell us Well, look, I need a coach to coach. I mean, we all need coaches,

Angelica Ventrice 46:39
greatest athletes in the world have coaches and a team, right?

D.J. Paris 46:43
The very best at something in the world.

Angelica Ventrice 46:47
Athletes, right, Michael Jordan like I mean, if you ever watched that documentary, that was great, that Michael Jordan documentary, but he literally talks about how he wouldn’t have gotten to where he was without Phil Jackson, you know what I mean? So when people say to me, they’re gonna keep trying to lose weight on their own. And I’m like, All right, it’s the slowest way of doing anything is doing on your own. Tony Robbins says that at all this conferences the slowest way to learn is on your own. So what we do is everything is customized and tailored, we really we take a holistic approach everything is you know, by wind Yvette, individuality is very important to us, like how I eat is not going to be how you eat, not gonna be how Suzy eats. We all eat very different. We all have different caloric needs macronutrient needs, which is your protein, fats and carbs. So we do teach macros, and then we teach intuitive eating, the workouts are customized. So like I said, whether you’re at home or a gym, you need 15 minute workouts, our workouts, you’re a runner, you’re a cyclist, your swimmer, we do it all. Everything is customized, we had a head, we have a head of training, who does all the programming for that, from a nutrition standpoint, completely customized. We have a gut health protocol that we do with our clients. We have a functional medicine doctor on staff to do gut health testing for you to see if you know if you want to do a stool test, see if you have food sensitivities, hormonal testing blood work, and then we do a lot of mindset work. And that’s through the one on one coaching the messaging back and forth with the coaches and then every Wednesday I lead a mindset coaching call on various topics. So feminine energetics, personal power, attracting more wealth, positive mindset, we do little book clubs. So there’s there’s a lot we have a membership site, we have a spiritual coach for meditation and yoga. So I think that’s all yeah,

D.J. Paris 48:26
that’s all but that’s everything right? You touched on on on physical, right. So you touched on the physical, we touched on on on the emotional or the mental. We also touched on eating, you just touched on spiritual, too, because, hey, it’s not just me. Yes, everything’s everything. Yes. And so I love this because what the word holistic is just gets thrown around way too much. But in this in this case, you actually do have a true holistic program. So it’s not just hey, we’re going to lose weight. And that’s it, we’re going to be yes, we’re going to lose weight. Or if we well, that’s not everyone’s goal, some people’s goals to to gain weight, but we’re going to get healthier, physically, we’re gonna get healthier mentally, and spiritually. I mean, those are the three things right and, and all of those things will then feed your business, they’ll feed your interpersonal relationships, you’ll be a better you’ll be a better partner, to your

Angelica Ventrice 49:18
mom that are in your business. It goes to every area. And I always say the Fit for Life program is not a weight loss program. It is a transformation program, you will lose weight and transform your body as a byproduct of what we teach you. But it’s not just a weight loss program. And I have clients, so many of them making way more money getting raises getting promotions. I mean, one of my one new real estate agent client after one of our calls, she’s like, I already feel a shift and I just got this new house. I mean, literally, she messaged me this morning. So it’s working on your energetics too, and what energy you’re putting out to the universe and I teach a lot about manifestation and a lot of real estate agents have no idea about the three fields in the quantum field and they’re like mind blown when I so there’s so many Things that it’s amazing. I want

D.J. Paris 50:02
to end with something I just thought of this and I want to get your take on it. So instead of for a lot of us that wish we were a different wish, wish, when we looked at the scale number that it was lower than the number we see. How what if what if we were to say, instead, I’d like to lose weight, rather, because for me, like, it’s easy for me to say, I’d like to lose a few pounds of fat, but the reality of it is, I don’t really want to lose a few pounds of fat, I’d rather transform that fat into muscle. So for me, I think it’d be healthier. And I’m curious to get your take on this for me to say, I have I have a little bit of fat, I’d like to transform into muscle, you know, it? Would that be a better mindset, versus I have a few pounds to lose?

Angelica Ventrice 50:44
Yeah, I think it depends on the person. Because if you say I have some weight to lose, and you don’t feel triggered or shameful by it, then. So I think it’s a very individualistic thing. I tell some of my clients to not weigh themselves and just focus on their clothes. So I think whatever everyone is so different, and what what feelings get triggered within them. You know, like, for me, when I was on my weight loss journey, I never weighed myself, I never want to see I could look at myself in the mirror though. And I could see my clothes, I could feel my clothes or pull off of me. Right? So that is definitely that’s a good shift. Or you can just say like, I’m on this process of releasing weight and transforming my body. I’m not putting up so, you know, I say like, we don’t need to get obsessed over how many pounds it is, let’s just start the journey. Because you know, you’re we’re not done. We know, if you have 40 pounds to lose, you know, we don’t need to keep talking about the number, like let’s just do the damn thing and take action. Like we don’t need to harp on all levels to Oh, it was three, it’s like, let’s just keep going. And for me that that’s what helped me most. That’s what else a lot of my clients. I do have some clients that like to weigh themselves more. It’s all individualized, those depends on the individual. But that is a good yes, you can.

D.J. Paris 51:50
Yeah, I had to I had to stop weighing myself for a similar reason I just got too emotional about I got too happy if the number was low, and I got too upset if it was a higher number, and I went, why am I doing this to myself. And by the way, my body fluctuates all the time. Anyway, that is outside of my control and pounds come and go and and water gets retained water,

Angelica Ventrice 52:10
stress song, or your workout was and that’s a whole week to hold on the podcast that

D.J. Paris 52:15
well I was I was just like, one day I went, why am I basing how I feel about myself based on a number that I in some ways have some control over but in other ways I don’t have certain control over it. And I went this is not the indicator of health, like the indicator of health is how I feel. And also how I think I looked like you were saying closed. So now I just I do the same thing I just I just measure by clothes, I go okay, I can fit into these clothes. So that’s that makes me feel good. And I don’t I don’t weigh myself because it was funny I was at the I had to go to the an orthopedic orthopedic appointment the other day, and they weigh you and do your height because they need to. And it was funny because I go oh, I wonder kind of what Wait, I met and I got caught right back into the trap. And I saw the number and I did not like the number even though I because I thought it was going to be a lot lower because I’d never weighed myself. And I saw it and I got really angry and I was like their scale must be wrong or GJ you’re not as fit as you think you are. And I went this is why I don’t look at the number. So for me, and again, not everybody, of course, if you can look at it and not have a reaction. Great. But for those of us that look at those numbers, or we look at our bank account numbers, and we feel less than Yeah, you know, that does not have to be the way we measure our, you know, the way we measure our fitness,

Angelica Ventrice 53:33
when we talk about self worth doesn’t come from external things. So right, this is all your health, your number, your worth is not based off the number on the scale or the success in your business. You know, like the amount of money you’re making doesn’t equate your self worth, you’re worthy no matter what you’re worn worthy.

D.J. Paris 53:50
You were born worthy. I think that is a perfect place to wrap up. Because that is that is absolutely a great mindset piece to end on. You were born worthy. And also nobody is perfect. So everyone’s got imperfections in their life. And if one of your imperfections is your physical vitality, or your energy or your body shape, or your fitness or nutrition or your mindset, now’s the time to get somebody to help you because the reality of it is we can’t do things alone. We just we can do some things alone, but most things in life, we need help. And so this is a great opportunity to have somebody else come up with all the ideas and the way Yes, exactly. Yeah. So you’ve got enough to worry about hire a coach I it has transformed my life. Angelica and her team are incredible and they’re going to cover not just your your diet and not just your your your you know your your strength they’re going to take they’re going to take a look at everything and say hey here, let’s come up with a plan that makes you a happier, healthier human being. So the best place to go to learn more about what Angelica and the Fit for Life team can do for you is at our website. So go to Angelica vantrease.com. That’s B E N T R I C. E Angelica, like you might suspect, Angelica venturi stock calm, we’ll have a link to that also in the show notes, reach out to them learn about their wellness programs, they are the real deal. And I’m telling you, yes, get get away from the diet fads. And it’s amazing, like

Angelica Ventrice 55:27
cupcake and lose weight. Ladies don’t stress like you can have a glass of wine and lose weight. And so there’s a really, there’s balance to it,

D.J. Paris 55:34
for sure. Well, and we’re going to have a glass of wine and a cupcake anyway, at some point, right? So it’s like, might as well build it in to the, to the to the routine. Yeah, I absolutely could not be a bigger fan of what Angelica does. So please, everyone listening, reach out, she works with real estate agents, she gets you guys, she’s kind of one of you, in a sense, because her she has a she had a similar sort of previous career, you know, being being in medical sales is kind of the same thing. It’s a lot of racing around,

Angelica Ventrice 56:06
like you’re racing around either way, whether you’re racing around to houses or restaurants or doctor’s offices.

D.J. Paris 56:11
Well, Angelica Jelka, thank you for being on our show. We are so thrilled that and we would love to have you back as well. So for everyone listening, go visit Angelica website, Angelica, Ben trieste.com, look at some of their free downloads, they have all sorts of cool resources there. And then they can put a wellness program for you. And again, if you’re thinking, Well, gosh, there’s a cost for that there is a cost for you know, hiring them, but I suspect I would almost I can’t, of course can’t guarantee but I would almost bet I bet a good chunk of money that it would actually actually end up earning you more income because more energy to treat your 100,000%

Angelica Ventrice 56:49
all my clients make more money. Also, you can go to there we go. There we go. I can I will I can guarantee that literally, you could also go to my Instagram. It’s at the angelic of entries. And I’m very active on there. You can pop in, you could ask me questions. So checkout thinking,

D.J. Paris 57:07
jeez, I’m gonna sign up because I would like to be healthier, happier, and, and also make more money. So to me, it’s a no brainer. I’m going to and I’m not even joking. Like, like you just said, every one of your clients makes more money. If we just look at factual data. And we say, Wow, that’s actually true. Okay, sign me up, right. So I am I’m a fan. I mean it that, that’s awesome. That’s an amazing, amazing thing to say. So everyone reach out to Angelica, she’s just her job is to make your life a little easier, believe it or not, by by doing some of this structure, you actually end up with more freedom. sounds sort of counterintuitive, maybe. But you’ll get more freedom with more structure and share her team as you don’t want to try to figure this all out yourself. If I didn’t have a personal trainer, I would have absolutely hurt my body in possibly permanent ways. And the fact that they are going to guide you through and make sure you’re doing it in a in a healthy way is really important. Don’t do it on your own, you’re going to make mistakes, let them be your guide and minimize all of the errors along the way. So again, Angelica vantrease.com. Angelica, thank you so much. On behalf of our audience, we appreciate your time today. On behalf of your thank you and on behalf of Angelica and I We also thank the audience for paying, paying attention and being part of our show. As always, please tell a friend about our program. The best thing way that you can help us grow is by telling one other real estate agent about this podcast. So I have the

Angelica Ventrice 58:43
power of yes, one.

D.J. Paris 58:47
Absolutely. Yes. That’s, that is a great book as well. So yes, everybody. Think of one other real estate agent that maybe is thinking about needing to wanting more of fatality or somebody who’s who’s just struggling physically, send them a link to this episode. We can find us right on our website, keeping it real pod.com And leave us a review to whatever podcast app you might be listening to. Let us know what you like about the show and let us know what you’d like us to improve. We want to continually improve to make this better for you the listener so thanks, Angelica and thank you to everyone who has been watching and listening and we will see everybody on the next episode.

Angelica Ventrice 59:20
Bye guys.

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