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Welcome to our monthly feature, Close-ing Time – in partnership with TheClose.com.

Chris Linsell from TheClose.com discusses what’s going on in the real estate market right now. Chris talks about how should real estate professionals plan their resource allocation according to the market slowdown and inflation. Next, Chris shares nurturing strategies for agents in order to help them stay relevant. Chris also emphasizes the importance of shifting in a market for real estate professionals. Last, Chris and D.J. discuss TheClose.com and what they offer to their readers.

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Chris Linsell can be reached at chris@theclose.com.

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D.J. Paris 0:00
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Welcome to keeping it real, the largest podcast made by real estate agents and for real estate agents. My name is DJ Parris. I’m your guide and hosted through this show and today is our monthly series called closing time with Chris Lin sell from the close. Now this is a partnership between keeping it real and the clothes.com. And if you’re not familiar with the clothes, let me tell you more. Now the clothes.com is the kind of real estate website designed to give agents teams and brokerages actionable strategic insight from industry professionals, they cover real estate marketing, lead generation technology and team building strategies from the perspective of working agents and brokers who want to take their business to the next level. Now please visit the clothes.com to see all of their amazing content, which by the way is was free and it’s long form and it’s exceptional. And they also by the way, they have an email newsletter to which you can subscribe to on their website, the clothes.com but with us, as always is Chris Lindh Sal, he is a senior staff writer and real estate coach for the close. And Chris is the closest resident expert on real estate topics ranging from marketing, lead generation transactional best practices and everything in between. He’s a licensed agent in the state of Michigan. Chris has been part of hundreds of transactions from modest rural starter homes to massive waterside compounds. And when he isn’t writing, you’ll find Chris fly fishing or performing on the stage of his community theaters production. Chris, welcome once again to keeping it real. We’re excited to have you.

Chris Linsell 4:03
EJ, thanks for having me. Glad to be a part of the show today a lot going on a lot to talk about in the real estate world. So yeah, let’s, let’s let’s make some. Let’s make some let’s pick up some years here. I think I think we got some real estate conversation that needs to happen.

D.J. Paris 4:20
Well, I know agents and I’ve, I’ve spent a lot of time with agents even outside of my office in this this particular week, I was part of a number of different events that I’ll happen to coincide within about a seven day window. So I was around hundreds and hundreds of agents have been in a lot of conversations. And since I myself aren’t, don’t practice. I am always curious to hear how it’s going for agents and it seems to be that agents are things have slowed down. And that’s particularly interesting and I think I was talking to a top producer last night who said I can finally play some golf this summer. He’s, you know, normally too busy to even take time off. So for people who are top producers, that might be a little bit of a welcome break in activity, but for the vast majority of agents who are looking to go to grow, I and a lot of the people I talked to this week are in that category. There, there’s a little bit of frustration going on. It’s like, okay, rates of rates are up, my clients seem to be more on the fence right now. And all these deals keep falling through. That’s another thing I kept hearing. I had, I actually was last night speaking to a woman who is NAR is representative for the Philippines. And she’s just happens to be in Chicago. And she was saying in her 25 years, she had a listing in this last month, where five, five contracts all fell through single family home, nothing unusual. She said for the same property five contracts all fell through in a 30 day period. She goes as never happened in my entire 20 years, she couldn’t believe it. So it’s a really goofy time. So I’m curious to get some thoughts about what we can, you know, provide to our audience about, you know, what’s going on right now?

Chris Linsell 6:09
Yeah, this is a really goofy time. I agree, I think, you know, look like real estate is one of those industries that is so affected by sentiments and by kind of community outlook and mood, you know, what’s happening in Chicago, where you’re based, it just may not be the same thing that happens in Michigan, where I’m based in certainly, you know, major metros, like Los Angeles, or Miami or New York, and then small suburbs. And you know, and small towns across the united states in the Midwest and the South, are certainly going to have their own market conditions. But I can tell you this, we do kind of generally all get affected by the same sorts of things, including interest rates, you know, there’s a lot of conversation that happens around interest rates. And when interest rates go up, it kind of chills the sentiment in the market, I’m not surprised to see contracts start to fall through to see sellers a little bit more hesitant buyers a little bit less present, that sort of thing happens pretty quickly, when you get these kinds of, you know, major announcements are kind of dramatic indicators. But you know, what I think is really interesting is that we often kind of underestimate the effect of this sort of thing. And we only kind of think about it in its immediate, kind of the immediate ripple that comes from like an interest rate hike. You and I were talking right before we started here about how we are at, I think, an all time low, like since the year 2000. As far as mortgage application starts, and that’s, that’s a pretty major thing to think about. Because when mortgage applications are that low, it’s going to change certainly the sentiment in the market right now. But man, it’s also going to have some pretty significant effects on Realtors business moving forward for the next month, two months, five months into the future. I mean, we’re talking through the end of 2022. And a lot of people aren’t thinking about those kinds of effects right now.

D.J. Paris 8:35
Yeah, I was listening to Sirius satellite radio the other day and I heard an ad that I had, I don’t I don’t think I’ve ever heard this radio ad before. But it really was a sign of the times it was a refinance ad and I was like, Whoa, my ears perked up refinance. Okay, we’re at like the time at the time it was rates were hovering closer to 6% for a 30 year fixed. And I was like, this is interesting. And I turned up the volume because I want to hear who is this for who is refinancing. And it was, Hey, your home is probably appreciated over the last several years now is a great time to to cash out on that. And at a low rate. And I was like, Wow, is that interesting? I hadn’t heard that particular sort of push before, but that was a real sign of the times. I’ve thought so.

Chris Linsell 9:31
Yeah. I completely agree. You know, it’s one of one of those interesting scenarios that we’re facing right now. Because I and I was just not too long ago, I was in California doing some coaching and consulting for an association out there. And one of the things that I was chatting with these folks about something I’d love to chat with you about is how mortgage rates have Have some second, third and fourth order effects. And those effects tend to create these kind of new momentums in in the business. And just as an example, if mortgage starts are down right now, the immediate effect of those starts is that kind of the mood in the market gets chilled a little bit, people get a little hesitant, you know, you’re gonna see like, like this representative from the Philippines, and to see kind of more hesitancy and transactions, you know, compare that to the absolute fire of the market a year ago, where people were making on sight unseen offers on properties that they probably wouldn’t work for them in the long run, but they needed something immediately. That’s not happening right now. But think about the next order effects. If mortgage starts are down right now, that’s likely an indicator that lead volume is going to be down in maybe a month from now. I mean, think about it. If people are typically talking to their bank, going on Zillow investigated a few properties, they’ve got their pre approval. And so now they’re thinking, Well, maybe it’s about time to start reaching out to a real estate professional. Imagine a world a month from now where lead volume is down 20%. I think that that’s a realistic possibility.

D.J. Paris 11:30
It’s an interesting thought. So the idea is because mortgage apps and we know the refi world is pretty much dead. So So mortgage apps are down since the as you mentioned, the lowest rates since 2000. They’re down 19%. From this week, last year. So yes, so that’s going to ripple. And so I guess it’s some bad news, maybe that that we’re sharing, as far as a prediction for the next couple of months. If I was an agent, what might I do to Well, number one, knowing that that that may be coming, of course, is is important. I’m wondering if there’s some action steps we could take to soften the blow that might be coming?

Chris Linsell 12:15
Yeah, totally. In fact, I would go as far as saying, there are action steps you can take to turn this liability into an opportunity. So the first thing I would say is, if we, if we follow the logic that mortgage apps being down, is going to decrease lead volume in a month from now that could mean likely will mean that your transactional volume three or four months from now might be down, which means that your budget for operating your business is going to be down six months from now. So right now is the time that real estate professionals should be thinking about the way their resources are allocated, realizing that they may have to tighten their belt from a monetary perspective in the next two, one or two quarters. But thinking remember that your resources as a real estate professional aren’t just money, you also have your time, and you also have your talent or your energy, right. So I always talk to real estate professionals about how your resources get into these three buckets, you got your time you got your talent, you got your budget, they are flexible, they move, we pay for things all the time to save ourselves time, well, when the budget gets a little lighter, that just means your time investment gets a little heavier, when your budget gets a little lighter, it means you got to get smarter with your efforts in order to make up for that imbalance. And so real estate agents and brokers right now can start to be thoughtful about how they can adjust their resource allocation. And then the other thing I would say is the desire, and the need for housing is not going away, even though we may see a suppressed amount of leads and transactions. So that could mean and of course, you know nobody’s got a crystal ball. So it’s hard to say for sure. But what I could mean is that come the first of the year 2023 We may see a little bit built up pent up demand moving into these things. So now is the time to start thinking about even though these people aren’t going to be necessarily activating for transactions right away. Start thinking about these folks as longer tail leads that require a little bit more nurturing. And the agents who can get off their heels and onto their toes with active nurturing strategies, especially with the people that they’re already engaged with. These are folks who are going to be market leaders come the fourth quarter of 2022 first quarter of 20 At 23. So you can turn this into an opportunity by getting ahead of this curve faster and more efficiently than your colleagues can. Do you have

D.J. Paris 15:09
any suggestions or nurturing strategies, the specifically that you’ve seen be effective, either in your own business or in other agents that you coach?

Chris Linsell 15:20
Yeah, totally. So the first, the first thing I say is, if you haven’t investigated yet, start looking into predictive analytics tools. These are lead generation strategies that essentially use big data to help predict which of your prospects are most likely to buy and sell, you know, did they have any kind of forward looking indicators, like their consumer, their consumer behavior, their demographic data, their neighborhood, whatever it is, start using these tools to help identify your most likely clients a little bit sooner. That’s the first thing. The second thing is, and this is one that frankly, I shouldn’t give this away for free. But you know what, DJ, I’m gonna give this away to you and to your audience here. Go online Google mortgage calculator. And you’re gonna get a ton of free options here, Google actually has one that that you can use right from their search engine. And start, you start referencing this with your clients that have a specific budget, and a specific amount that they’re comfortable paying us this mortgage calculator to say, Okay, let’s, here’s the target amount, you’re comfortable pain. Here’s what that would get you in today’s market, these rates aren’t going to stay like this forever. So let’s start tracking these mortgage rates. And in the meantime, you start preparing for the purchase of the house of your dreams, save your money, get your ducks in a row. Financially, paperwork wise, this may take a year to get to a rate where your target your client is targeted, but you are creating with your clients here, a sense of not just preparedness, but anticipation, using the high mortgage rates right now as a tool, because you know that they’re not going to be high forever, these are going to move like the markets move. You can use this as an anticipation tool to get your clients amped up about the next step in their homeownership journey. And when those rates hit their like their butter zone of their other comfortable amount that they’re paying with the property that they’re comfortable purchasing. You then have a client who is not just financially paperwork and mentally prepared, they’re physically excited. In order to make this happen. These are people who are not going to hang you up to dry with 4050 showings and a bunch of indecision, they’re ready to rock and roll. And you’ll be you’ll spend a lot less time with them on the road, I would much rather spend people spend time with people prepping them in cyberspace than on the sidewalk. And so by doing so, now you ramp them up and get them ready for their purchase. Saves you a whole bunch of time in the long run and they will go in feeling a lot more prepared.

D.J. Paris 18:22
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Chris Linsell 22:59
big time, that’s a good, that’s a fantastic idea. And I love, I love that strategy. I always tell folks that when you are in a business, where events are going to affect different sectors of the business at different times, you take advantage of that, like, for instance, I know, in my local market, there are local like credit unions and smaller lenders, that rely a lot on the sort of the sort of kind of local direct market advertising that they use to partner, the partner, usually with other industry professionals in order to do that advertising. Well, right now, lenders are down 20%, as far as the number of clients and number of leads they’ve got, we are not just yet in that in that phase. So right now is a great time to go to that local preferred lender and say, Hey, listen, I was thinking about doing some marketing. This is the strategy XY and Z. Would you be interested in CO branding on this market, this marketing? Maybe you can pick up the cost on this because I’ve got a really big audience that is still you know, interested in hearing what I have to say, I know that your audience might be down a little bit, how can we work together in order to do this, be happy to put your name and contact information on this in exchange for you picking up the cost of XY and Z? Right now is a time to leverage that that inequity a little bit, because it’s gonna swing back around, eventually, they’re gonna leverage their their inequity on you. That’s just the way the business works. But there are plenty of ways that you can kind of leverage the situation, especially from a we’ve got leads, but nothing to do with them or we don’t have leads and we need them sort of the sort of imbalance that those sorts of situations exist right now and it’s a great time to take advantage of them.

D.J. Paris 24:54
I think so too. And I also think first time homebuyer seminars can still be incredibly effective. Because I think from the perspective of applications, for Lent, for lending, obviously, applications are down. But first time homebuyers are are still there, they’re still out there. And they probably are maybe a little spooked right now. And I think it’s a great opportunity to create content with a lending partner where maybe the agent could talk more about inventory and, and how they’re finding deals for their clients. And then the lender can talk about, here’s what’s going on with rates and different products. And here’s how we can solve for the challenges in the market. I think you could do one of those weekly, and hosted on social media or via zoom, and, and maybe post some clips on social media. And you’re gonna get interested people. And I think I was thinking about this too, psychologically, and this is this is I’m this is a very broad generalization not backed in any sort of science. But I know that when when times are stressful, and I think agents, a lot of agents are feeling stressed right now around the lack of activity and the slowdown. And I it’s been my experience, when people are stressed, they tend to retreat versus really push forward. Because that’s just what stress does to people, it typically shuts you down, it shuts the body down, decreases motivation, etc. There’s a small percentage of people where it actually activates them. But most of us get, we retreat, I think, when we’re stressed. And so I think we’re going to see a lot of agents, even considering exiting the market or pausing or just reducing their workload, not because they want to, but because that’s kind of they’re trying to figure out what’s going on. And I think it’s a great, I just don’t think the road is crowded right now. So I think like, as you were saying, Chris, these sort of nurturing activities, I don’t think there’s going to be as much competition for it as maybe. Well, I don’t know, I I’m unclear. But I talked to a lot of top producers this week, or this week that are like, I am not that busy right now. And I thought what a great opportunity for agents who are who are in growth mode, to really take advantage of these, the big hitters are all taking a sigh of a sigh of relief and taking some well needed rest. And I think it’s a great opportunity for for the younger agents or the newer agents rather, to really say, Okay, I’m going to ramp up my, my communication, I’m going to ramp up my, my social media, I’m going to start doing videos, I, you know, I think there’s just a lot you can do to start building your brand. And then hopefully, when the market changes, you know, you have a larger audience than you did when it started.

Chris Linsell 27:42
I think you’re absolutely right. I think you’re absolutely right on that. And just, you know, in closing, to think about this, it’s important for agents to remember that markets are cycles there is there is a probably an inappropriate expectation on the part of lots of agents who have been in the real estate game for 10 years or less, that were going through some sort of like, this is the real estate Apocalypse that’s happening right now. Guys markets dip, in fact, Jamie Dimon is, you know, when he was asked like, how do you define a recession, he said something that happens every seven years. And the same, it’s the same thing. The same philosophy needs to be applied to real estate markets go up, they go down power shifts between buyers and sellers. This is there are always going to be blips like these exigent events like COVID and the screen have crazy inflation as a result of I’m not going to, you know go on my soapbox as to why inflation is what it is. But those sorts of events certainly have outsized effects on that market. undulation. But this is these are market corrections that happen on a regular a regular basis. And this is okay. It’s okay for healthy markets to undulate between buyers and sellers, for rates to go up to rates to go down. The real test here is on the real estate professional community to recognize that as markets change, there’s always still opportunity. The true professionals are the ones who adjust to the changing opportunity. Anybody can sell when the market is ridiculously hot, and people are placing offers that they really shouldn’t. That’s easy. The hard thing about real estate success is creating a strategy that adjusts as the market adjust. That’s where you really separate the pretenders from the professionals.

D.J. Paris 29:44
Yeah, I think too. And not every market really supports this. But if you’re in a market where leasing is a viable stream of income, here in Metro Chicago, obviously leasing is very prominent. I know, luxury leasing in particular, is having a huge boom right now. And I’ll tell you just how big a boom it has my girlfriend works at one of the most elite luxury buildings here in Chicago for apartments, and they have 500 units, which is just insane. And they this is this is how crazy it is that she did in the last month 11 leases. Now she’s in house. And here’s the interesting part. When they do work with realtors, they do not list on the MLS, but they do work with realtors. And if you’re not in their top five realtor companies that that that give them the most business, even on like a $6,000 a month, two or three bedroom. The only the commission you get is only about either $500 or $1,000, where typically, typically it’s a full month’s rent. So yes, that’s a bummer for that particular building, if you’re an agent, and you’re not in that top five group. But it’s a real strong indicator that people are and I asked Mike Well, I asked my girlfriend, why don’t you guys pay one month’s rent, she looked at me like, like I was dumb. And she goes, we don’t have to right now. Because that’s how busy we are. And I thought okay, so that building may be not super broker friend or realtor friendly at the moment. But ironically, they’re building his name moment. So I just confused myself there. But anyway, yes, at the time, right now that building is is tougher to work with. But it’s a good indicator that a lot of people are renting. And these are people who are all going to be buying in a year or two as well. So even if you did only earn $500, which again is a you know, that’s, that’s tough on a $6,000 apartment per month. But that’s somebody that’s definitely buy property. And so maybe you eat it on the front end, and you just do your job. And you just say, Well, I’m kind of working for free at the moment, and then hope that you’ve built up enough goodwill, that when they turn around and buy their $2 million home, then you receive the benefit. So I think you know leasing. While it’s not maybe the sexiest and most exciting part of the business. Great way to keep keep rolling, quick, great way to keep some extra income coming in on a regular basis on a shorter term basis. And great way to just build that relationship so that when that person is ready to transition to homeownership, you’re there person,

Chris Linsell 32:27
I agree completely, lots of opportunity out there, shift. That’s the name of the game going to be successful. keep shifting.

D.J. Paris 32:34
Awesome. Well, what a great place to wrap up. Before we do. Can you just quickly mention we talked about the clothes and how great they are? And everyone listening? If you’re not a regular reader to the close, please become one. I don’t know that people use RSS readers anymore. I still do. I use Feedly. So they are on my feedly in my real estate category. But I think most people don’t do that. So just put it in your bookmarks and follow them everyday. Because the articles you guys are almost up to what is it 101 article a day now.

Chris Linsell 33:03
That’s the goal depends. Definitely a quality over quantity sort of place. So if it doesn’t meet our rigorous quality standards, it doesn’t go out. But yeah, where do we shoot for a good, solid, quality, actionable piece of content every day?

D.J. Paris 33:19
And we and I really want to just explain how high the quality is. And everyone who is listening can probably relate to this. Have you ever wanted some tips, maybe you have an open house coming up? Or you have you’re looking to invest into real estate technology or maybe a lead provider, or you just want successful strategies. And maybe that’s how you found this website by googling that sort of thing. And you come across lists, right? There’s so many articles that are written on different websites, different blogs that are you know, list, hey, how to have a successful open house, and there’s five strategies, five little tips, how often do you actually get a really solid tip in those lists? In my experience, you have to hunt and you have to probably look at about 15 articles before you find anything that isn’t show up early, you know, get some cookies, you know, for an open house, you know something that’s like, oh, like, Oh, that’s a really good thing I wouldn’t have thought of the close doesn’t have those kinds of lists every one of their articles. And this is this is really how I feel because I read them is the kind of article that as somebody who I consider myself a bit of a writer, I would want to aspire to that level of quality here on the show. And the close is is that level of quality. So really, they’re probably the best place to start for everything that you need for your business and their articles are not you know, the super obvious five things you need to do before an open house or a listing appointment. They actually go really deep and wide and are like, here’s something that you wouldn’t probably have thought to do. So please check out the clothes and then they also have so 95% of what’s on the clothes is totally free. but they also have a premium section and can you talk about the close Pro?

Chris Linsell 35:03
Yeah, close Pro is a chance for real estate professionals who want to take their business to the next level with coaching with long form courses that include original video, original article, content, templates, scripts, downloads, strategy guides, you name it. That’s, that’s the spot to do it, the close Pro offers close readers a chance to go just a little bit deeper, just a little bit further and just a little bit more actionable, which is tough to do, especially when you are already working on that stuff pretty hard on the free side of the clothes, chance to do that on an either even deeper level. And if you’re looking for the interaction with real estate, experts like myself, like other coaches, we’ve got a great coach named Sean motori, one of the former nar 30, under 30s in the REMAX Hall of Fame, he’s built multiple brokerages, this is the place to do it. The close Pro is also the spot that you get extra insight into our original courses like six simple systems to transform your real estate business. And one one thing that is happening might be more applicable right now is courses on our social media crash courses, our course specifically about how to generate low cost hidden leads. As we see inventory continued to undulate. That’s a great spot to a great spot to focus. And then my favorite one right now, Sara and Sophia, two of our course creators, their Facebook and Instagram at Crash Course, presented by a company called Social pop. This is the sort of thing you just don’t get elsewhere. It’s designed specifically for real estate professionals, by real estate professionals with your goals in mind. So you want to take your business to the next level, the closes where you should start. If you’re ready to get more actionable than anyone else in your brokerage, the clothes pros where you should go.

D.J. Paris 37:13
Awesome, Will everyone please go visit the clothes.com and check out their content, consider joining their premium select Close Pro, which is their premium section. And as always, Chris, we say thank you for your your time, your insight and your conversation. This I always feel like you and I, this is one of my favorite shows I do a month because I always know I’m gonna have a great conversation. So you helped make the show better. And we’re so grateful for you. And as is as well. We are grateful to the audience for continuing to listen and support us. In addition to visiting the close, which please everybody go do. Also, please tell a friend about the show just one other agent that you could think of even if you’ve already told 10 agents about us consider telling an 11 Let us let them know about the show. This is our way of giving back to the to the industry that’s been very kind to Chris and myself. And we just want to share the wealth and we’re big fans of what is it that a rising tide raises all all ships in a port or whatever that expression is, meaning that the more education we all have, the better agents we’re all going to be. And since we all have to work together, it’s good that everybody gets educated. So let them know about the clothes and let them know about this podcast. Keeping it real pod.com is the best place to find all of our episodes and follow us on facebook@facebook.com forward slash keeping it real pot. All right, Chris. Well, great chatting with you again. We will see you next month.

Chris Linsell 38:41
Sounds great. Thanks, DJ. Thanks

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