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Molly Humble from Custom Fit Las Vegas with Keller Williams talks about the beginning of her career in real estate and how she built her brand. Molly also talks about the utilization of video and how important video is in her business. She discusses best practices for open houses and how she leverages them to find clients. Next, Molly elaborates on the Update Before You Sell program her company uses and how it impact their business. Last, Molly shares her thoughts on how agents can prepare their buyers for this particular market.

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Molly Humble can be reached at 702.419.1338.


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Okay, today on the show we have Molly humble from custom fit real estate with Keller Williams in Las Vegas. Let me tell you a little bit about Molly Molly has called Las Vegas her home since childhood. She has personally seen and experienced the evolution of this beautiful city into what 1000s of people both locally and globally get to enjoy every day. She graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a BA in integrated marketing communications in 2012. And when she’s not working and being a top producer in Las Vegas, she enjoys exercising, trying new food spots, traveling and spending time with her family especially with her new baby girl. Congratulations, by the way, are you a little girl? How old is your little girl this

Unknown Speaker 2:41
way? Eight months now?

D.J. Paris 2:43
Is that your first? First? Yep. Congratulations. Thank you. And I want everyone to visit Molly at her website which is Molly dot simple home. search.com. Once again, Molly dot simple home search.com And also find her on Instagram at Molly sells Las Vegas. Molly, thanks so much for being on the show.

Molly Humble 3:04
Thank you appreciate it.

D.J. Paris 3:06
Yeah, we’re excited to have you week Molly and I were just talking just before we started rolling about how crazy the market is right now. And I said what a great time to be an agent. She goes well, it’s a great time if you’re a listing agent, because the buyer’s agents are all just like like clawing at each other to get those those offers. And what is it like right now in Las Vegas? What’s what’s the real estate market? Is it because rates are so low? It’s just everyone trying to buy?

Molly Humble 3:31
Yeah, really, I mean, so you have the two sides, you have the listing side, and then you have the buy side the selling sides. So on the selling side, you know, it’s insane. They’re getting every seller is getting multiple offers on a move in ready home, getting cash offers over appraisal, they’ll pay the difference, like it’s insane. With buyers, you know, we’re on that side of trying to put those offers in and you know, you’re competing with people who will pay cash, people who will pay over appraisal, and if you’re just a traditional finance, you know, even if you’re submitting a clean offer, not asking for closing costs, you’re already at the bottom of the list, which is insane. So you know, Californians are flocking here, by that hurt like it’s insane. Every one of my buyers right now is from California. And then same with people from New York. You know, we got a lot of investors still purchasing it, which is insane. But yeah, it’s really the low interest rates that are keeping these buyers and wanting them to move forward. And they’re really afraid that the markets gonna keep going up. So they just want to get in while they can you know, before it’s just completely out of their grasp.

D.J. Paris 4:33
Well, we’re here in Chicago, and we’re experiencing the same exact thing. It’s just low inventory. Sorry. Yep. Yeah, lots of buyers. And of course, I mean, I’m buying right now because of the low interest rates. I mean, you know, it’s a good time if you can if you can find something and get an offer. But But let’s start at the very beginning of your real estate career. Tell us how did you get into real estate and why?

Molly Humble 4:56
So, you know, I did get a degree Are you from university and I feel like that’s kind of just what you’re supposed to do. Had I really been introduced to real estate early on, I think I probably wouldn’t have gone to college and just got right into real estate. But I’m glad I did. I’m glad I can say I went, but really kind of read when I graduated college, I just have always loved real estate, I think I love what a lot of people love about it, it’s just, you know, I enjoy looking at homes, I enjoy design, I enjoy that. I guess really just like the visuals of real estate is like seeing learning understanding. And really design is kind of the biggest part of that aspect. And I actually design a lot of our flips and updates that we do. So it’s nice to have gotten to incorporate that in. But ultimately, I knew some people that were buying and family members who were buying and selling. And the process just seemed kind of not streamlined, and kind of difficult. And ultimately, I got into it for all those reasons plus wanting to be a problem solver. I’m a really good problem solver. And I like to, I really felt like there was a better way to navigate the real estate transaction. And it’s so different from person to person, whether you’ve done it multiple times, it’s your first time, whether you’re buying or selling, it’s literally different every time. And so what myself and our team likes to do is really to streamline the process, and be super transparent that so that we can have a really nice, smooth transaction.

D.J. Paris 6:24
Yeah, that makes sense. And you know, when you first got your license, I’m curious, because the number one question we get from these top, we’ve done Gosh, 250 or so episodes, all interviewing top producers from all over the country. And the the question is always how do I get more business? Because it’s usually, you know, maybe a newer agents listening to our show, who’s who’s wondering, how do I get started? And and of course, there’s no easy, you know, sort of magic answer to that question. But I’m curious on like, what you’ve mentioned, hey, I had, I had friends and family who were, you know, involved in real estate? So obviously, you had that, but how did you go about like building your brand? And how did you actually get started?

Molly Humble 7:03
You know, I think at this point in my career, I get so many referrals, which is amazing. But at the beginning of my career, it wasn’t like that. And, you know, if you don’t know, if someone didn’t know, five agents, and I would assume they don’t have any firms, because literally everyone knows an agent, there’s 18,000 in the in the Vegas valley, and really only 20% of us do 80% of the work in the market. So you know, it was sorry, someone just walked by

D.J. Paris 7:33
totally. Oh, totally. Okay. But just about like, what do you got started? Like, what activities are you doing?

Molly Humble 7:39
Yeah, so really what I started doing a lot of video and everyone says a video is the future, right? And I’m even I kind of slowed down once I had my daughter and I’m like really ramping up again. And that’s anywhere from just taking your phone and going and doing a tour on a home. And I’ve done it on new builds, I do it on resells, and people love that that rawness thought authenticity rather than Oh, I’m perfect every time stage ready, it’s just kind of like, Hey, I’m at this house, showing it like, let’s talk about it a little bit. And then now I’m really working on doing some professional videos too. And I actually did a really fun one where I ended up jumping in the pool at the very end. So it was just fun. It’s different. I think that video, like I said, video is the future. And I think everyone can agree. I know that people are really shy being on camera, and I was too I was like, Oh my gosh, my voice and my hair and this and that. And eventually, as long as you’re being a knowledge broker, as long as you’re bringing value, all of those things don’t matter. You know, and I think a lot of agents have proven that they’re tatted up, you know, they, they may be kind of sloppy looking. They do a lot of business, they know what they’re doing. And ultimately, that’s what matters. So, you know, get out there, don’t be shy, make those videos and just keep putting content out because the more content you put out, the more people feel comfortable with you they know your face, they know your name, you know, don’t be afraid to let that real side of you out where maybe you’re talking about your baby, you’re talking about what you’d like to do your dog. So I was just on a run and stop. I wanted to stop by this house to show you guys I thought it was beautiful. You know?

D.J. Paris 9:12
Yeah, that is it’s really such a great idea. So basically, I mean, if you don’t have any listings, and you don’t have any clients, you do have a phone and you can go to you can go schedule a showing. And you know, it’s all contact free these days. Anyway, so usually the listing agents not going to be there. And you can even ask them, Hey, I just wanted to do a video tour. And you know, you get the code and you go in and you can do that for Facebook Live. You could do it for Instagram. What a great idea. I mean, if I was a producing agent, and I didn’t have clients, I would be doing that probably almost daily because you’re absolutely right.

Molly Humble 9:46
Fake it till you make it and that’s what I had to do. I people thought Wow, she’s getting so many listings out the gate, but really I was asking other listing, you know, listing agents, Hey, can I go to that house and just film it and put it on my social media and they’re like, Yeah, that’s totally fine.

D.J. Paris 9:59
Yeah, You’re gonna help them pop up possibly sell the home. Why wouldn’t they? Right, exactly exactly what a brilliant idea. And then what about what about open houses? And I know right now things, things are a bit different with open houses. Oh, I think we might have just lost Molly. Guys Hang on one second. We’re gonna see if we can get Molly back. I think she just got kicked off line. So give us just a quick second. Sorry for the delay here. Here she is. She’s coming back. And she’s back.

Unknown Speaker 10:34
Oh, I don’t even know what happened. I didn’t No problem.

D.J. Paris 10:37
Weird. No, we’re good. So yeah, I was curious about open houses. And obviously now things have changed with open houses with the pandemic. But before then, how important were open houses and even sitting, doing open houses for other people’s listings. How important was that for you?

Molly Humble 10:53
So super, super important. Like I said, I kind of slowed down there with the birth of my daughter. And now I’m, like vamping up, but they’re huge, even now. So we’re actually able to do open houses here. And it is huge. Especially because so many buyers are just kind of coming through, they haven’t really met with anyone, and then you can end up being their agent. And it’s happening time and time again. But even pre pandemic, I I think anyone’s resistant to you know, making those phone calls. You know, just having these raw conversations. And I would say there’s two times that I was really just like, gosh, I don’t want to do this open house today. Like I don’t I have all these things to do. Like I don’t want to do it right. One of them, I get a buyer that day that had her and her husband had been flying down her from San Francisco coming to open houses every weekend for a month. So that means they’ve gone and met multiple agents and never even been converted. So I talked them and I’m like, hey, you know what I have, you know, this house in mind, when I wrap this up, let’s go ahead and take a look at it and see if it fits your needs. So nice. They ended up putting an offer and I got them like 30,000 below list price. And they close three weeks later on a $450,000 house. Nice. And in the in the open house was dead the entire time. So I was like, Oh, here we go. Of course it’s the worst, you know, yeah. And then the second open house that I was just super resistant to I got two listings out out of a 750 and a 450. And those are the only two people that came by

D.J. Paris 12:20
is that if those things happen, and for everyone listening, going, I don’t have any listings to do open houses, ask other agents in your office, if you can sit most of the time unless the seller is they have an unusual relationship with the seller. Usually that shouldn’t be a problem at all. Because the more people coming through the merrier. And of course those leads you get to keep or share or however it works at your firm. But yeah, that’s, that’s great. And Molly, you do something really, really and I don’t want to say unusual, obviously unique with respect to what you do for listings, which is what do you call the update before you sell it? I’ve only I’ve just I’ve never heard of this. So can you please tell our audience like Well, yes, it’s such a great idea.

Molly Humble 13:02
Absolutely. So the update for you this program is basically we put our own money in to update a client’s home so that we can sell it for more in the shortest amount of time. So really, what that means is that we know obviously we run the comps, we understand design, and we know what buyers are looking for. So when we go into your home, and it could be things as simple as changing the pay and carpet to you know what this whole wall needs to be ripped out. Because we need an open floor plan. That’s what buyers are looking for. So it’s been anywhere from a couple 1000 to $40,000. But the reason we do it is because the return on it. So say putting new paint getting fresh paint, do new baseboards and flooring costs you 15 grand that could easily you’ll do another 20 3040 grand on the list price. And and that’s in this market. Yes, there’s offers flying all over the place. But realistically, you want a house that no one can go, You know what, like, look at that, look at this, look at that, you know what, let’s offer a little less. At this point, you want people to be like, You know what, let’s offer more, this is not going to last on the market, you know. And so that’s what we do for our clients. Because ultimately, a lot of people don’t have the money to put out of pocket or they don’t want to take that money out. Really put exactly so we really put excuse me our money where our mouth is, it’s our money. So if I you know if you gave me $10 And I gave you 20 back, would you take that deal all day long all day. Yep. And so that’s what we do for our clients. And it’s been insane. And because Colton Simmons, my partner is a licensed contractor, we’re able to do that work and we insure it. So I know some agents in town are doing it themselves. And I know they’re not able to do it on such a high scale, but they are hiring people that are just you know, off the street because they get to give them a good deal. But the problem is, is if anything goes wrong with those repairs, now you’re liable, you know, and now it’s could be an issue for the buyer or seller and you could be in a greater mess than if, you know you just went through us and had a licensed contractor. You know I And so we love this program. It’s our bread and butter. And people are always like, well, you know, what’s the catch? And really, there is no catch. But the catch is, is we don’t take any money off of the renovations. We don’t make any money off the renovations. Really what it is for us is being able to do this program and market it will gain us 234 other clients. Sure, that’s payment enough for us to make $1,000 off of your renovations, we’ll make it getting more clients and marketing the property. Oh, I

D.J. Paris 15:31
see. I assumed you did make a profit that way. That makes perfect sense, though. And, and the fact that you insure it is really, really, of course, super smart. Because if anything does go wrong, you guys can get it fixed. And you’re not stuck with the seller now hating you because something went wrong. Yeah,

Molly Humble 15:47
exactly. Are you getting sued or being liable for those construction issues? When that wasn’t even in your realm in the first place? You know, or

D.J. Paris 15:54
are any other firms you mentioned, Hey, there, there are people that are doing this kind of ad hoc where they just hire, you know, anyone they can find to do the work? Is anyone doing it at the end sort of with the professionalism that that you guys are doing is that this is your niche? Yeah,

Molly Humble 16:07
yeah, absolutely. So this is absolutely not. I mean, this is really our niche. We’ve been doing it for quite a few years now. And it’s just, it’s taken off. And people are always wondering what the catch is. And because we don’t have a catch, I think that’s ultimately what attracts people and they want to do the safe route, you want to be insured, you want to do the safe route when it comes to this. No, but I have not heard of another team, I think there’s a couple that found out what we’re doing. And honestly, they became knockoffs of what we’re sure you know. And ultimately, they are helping their clients. But it only takes one to mess it up for you and really get you into a deep pile. So

D.J. Paris 16:43
you have to really think that through before you do it, and you have to have the head of your case or contractors or partner. So obviously there’s a really strong relationship there and it’s insured. But you’re absolutely right. It’s one of those things that that for everyone listening, it’s a wonderful idea, just build a very solid relationship with it with a general contractor. And make sure you understand, you know, what happens when something goes wrong? What what do we do? And but totally an idea what a great differentiator between you and the 18,000 other agents there in the area? Really. I mean, it’s so funny. So in in Chicago, we have like 44,000 agents, so we have even more, we’re obviously a bigger city, but it you’re absolutely right, like 80% of the agents, you know, don’t really produce and the 20% You know, are the ones that do 80% Of the of all the business. And, you know, we’re always talking to agents who have unique perspectives on what they offer. But this is one of the most unique I’ve heard. So I think that is such a such a cool thing. So for all of everyone listening, you know, definitely like think about that what you need, can you know, value add, can I bring to a listing versus, you know, right now it’s like, well, I’ll do it for less, you know, I’ll be the agent that charges less, that’s one way to do it. And or I’m the agent that charges more and here’s why or, Oh, by the way, you know, you need to make all these changes, Mr. or Mrs. seller, and here’s what it’s gonna do that yeah, or you know what, I’m just gonna do all this for you. And and, and we’re gonna sell the home for more. What a cool what a great idea. So,

Molly Humble 18:12
so you remember I mentioned streamlining, making it easier. So now instead of saying, oh, you know what, you got to do this, this, this, this and this good luck, go find those people to do all those things. Right. Now we’re just taking in our control saying we do this, this and this, this is how much it will cost we’ll pay for it and we take it out at the close of Escrow the end. And I think you know, there’s been so many people that have been hesitant and tell we just prove the results over and over again and make them more money and sell it get 10 offers in one day they’re like whereby this program and tell all their friends so it’s really great, really great program for us. Well,

D.J. Paris 18:47
now let’s talk staging because we’re talking about of course, perfecting the home, you know, with any any sort of construction or fixes. But now we want to make it look nice. So when people walk through now, you and I were just briefly talking about this before we got started but the the idea of Virtual Staging, of course versus actual staging, bringing in other furniture removing things versus letting the photographer kind of build it electronically or digitally. What What is your thought on and how important how important is it to have a home stager whether it’s actual or virtual is that an absolute necessity for you when you’re listing a home

Molly Humble 19:22
so for the absolute necessity because it does cost money whether you do you know virtual or you do it physically in person, but I think ultimately everyone knows that that staged home is going to sell for more and it’s going to sell quicker because you can see the defined spaces now you understand where furniture goes and you can see that it will fit. I think a lot of people sorry, I don’t know if that cut off because I think a lot of people think that you know or a lot of people will come into a house and be like, Oh, I don’t even know if I king bed will fit in there or when you have it stage. They know it will fit in it, you know? And so I really I Uh, pictures are what get people period. So the pictures are initially what’s gonna even make you want to see the property. So I think regardless, it should be either staged by, you know, virtually or by company. But when you’re in person that’s when you when you’re really standing there and you’re like, Okay Will this stuff fit, it’s good to have that those that put those pieces physically there, I did a Virtual Staging of one of my homes and did some renderings because the house was just a mess. It was a complete nightmare. And it needed that and I even preface underneath so people didn’t think this was actual home like, hey, this, this is just renderings. This is the possibilities, you know, whatever you want to put. But ultimately, that’s what sold the home is people could see the potential because when you walked in, it didn’t smell nice. It didn’t look nice. And it was just not great. You know? Yeah. So I think that’s so valuable. If you have the money to ultimately stage it, we just did a big flip. And you know, we really didn’t need to say to the house was perfectly gorgeous moving ready perfect price point had all the bells and whistles. But we really wanted to take that extra step to show you know, the potential of the home how you could define spaces. So you can never go wrong. If you have the budget for it, you never can go wrong.

D.J. Paris 21:11
And a large part of staging to is doing what to remove right is getting rid of CES more. Yeah. And that’s, you know, in some ways that mighty it’s not that it’s more important than what you add, but it’s as important for sure. And so are usually going more minimal, where, where there’s furniture, but not a lot of extra deck or things like that.

Molly Humble 21:33
very minimalistic, I feel like I said less is more. So really just having you know, a couple of pieces of furniture and maybe like a nice little succulent or plant or like nice little hand towel to kind of tie it all in. Really, there’s not a lot to staging, it’s not really a lot of furniture, you want to keep, you know, maybe a piece of artwork. And that’s it. You don’t want to get it so cluttered cluttered that people can’t even imagine their own lives. Because there’s so much stuff covering a wall, you know what I mean?

D.J. Paris 21:58
But you know, you just said something really important. And only it struck a chord with me because I’m literally closing in a couple days. And we had this exact conversation, which is the place I’m a condo that I’m buying is new development. So it wasn’t really easy to visualize my stuff in there. And when we went through, we had to look because I do have a king sized bed and I had to, we had to measure it out. And there were so many places that we had to cross off our list simply because they couldn’t accommodate that. But we had to do all of this legwork to even know what was possible. And so that would have saved us so much time. Even knowing like in the marks if agents would have just wrote master bedroom can accommodate a king size it because you’re in the city in Chicago, that’s not as common anymore. For some reason. We’re moving away from that. And it’s more people are doing just queensize I guess, but But anyway, so we had to really search for that. So even just knowing that is a huge thing for a lot of a lot of buyers.

Molly Humble 22:57
Yeah, and so see, so I would have never thought of that. But apparently in Chicago, that’s a theme. So if you know that as an agent, now you need to start putting that in your listing, start putting it under the pictures like we’ll accommodate, you know, because right now, a lot of people when we list homes, we just kind of go off the previous person and that person went off the previous listing. And that’s it, say the room, the room is a 414 by 12. But really, it’s a 10 by 12. And so really, I mean to take those little little extra steps to make sure that you have the proper information. And then you’re actually bringing value you’re giving more information like this will accommodate a king sized bed and two dressers or one dresser. That way it takes the legwork for away from you and ultimately streamlining the process, whether it’s your client or not, why not stream it and make it easy for everyone involved?

D.J. Paris 23:44
Yeah, I love it. And so I wanted to end really by talking about right now we are in the lowest interest rates ever for lending. And we have every one can buy a home now that you know and people can buy more homes than they could could have a year ago because interest rates. So now you have so many buyers flooding the market, not as much inventory. So what what should agents know about what buyers are going through? Or what should agents be telling their buyers right now about how to prepare for what’s going on right now?

Molly Humble 24:16
Yes, I’ve had a lot of these conversations I speak and they’re not. They’re not easy, because ultimately you and I both know that an agent, a salesperson, there’s people who will tell you what you want to hear. And then there’s people who will tell you what it is and what you need to hear. I’m the agent that will tell you what you need to hear. And so I’ve had to have some tough conversations because I have clients saying you know, I need closing costs or you know, I don’t want to pay list price or whatever. This point, it’s not an option. Unfortunately, it is a seller’s market. So the only way to have some negotiating room is to get a property that’s you know, maybe not as moving ready that’s been on the market for a couple of months and even those are kind of getting some decent offers. So it’s really just setting realistic expectations with buyers. Because this market is crazy, it’s the Wild West, and you really need to come in with your strongest the best. So if you don’t have say cash to, you know pay over appraisal or to give or just to buy the whole home, it’s then you need to get a little creative. And that’s where your agent needs to come in and maybe offer for you to pay, you know, something that a seller normally pays for, and just have that wrapped into the loan, and it could only be $1,000. But at the end of the day, the seller is looking at their bottom line. So if you beat somebody by 500, then it was worth it, you know. And so it’s just a really, really competitive market, I would really say have have your ducks in a row, as far as your financing, have your pre approval, talk to your lender, some lenders, I have a new using lender, he can close in three weeks, even in this market. And that’s like unheard of. But that’s got me a couple deals because he can close less than 30 days. So you really have to use all of these tools to your advantage, I would say you’re not going to be getting, you know your what do you call it home warranty right now, you know, you might just be having to pay that instead of the seller paying it. So it’s really just coming in with your highest and best clean offer, make sure you have the cash and make sure you’re just accruing more cash. That way you can have a little bit in the bank when all is said and done.

D.J. Paris 26:16
And are you doing anything interesting with the offer itself? We’ve known? I’ve heard, you know, some agents are being creative, even with the offer and the way that it’s being delivered. Some of them even have their clients right, like a little I really want this home, you know, letter, just curious if there’s anything or or maybe the relationships you have with the listing agent probably helps get yours, you know, seeing more than someone else’s. So I’m curious if you have any tips and tricks for that.

Molly Humble 26:45
Yeah. So let me touch base on the second part that you said it was, you know, having a relationship, it’s huge. I think, anytime, you know, realtors are like, Oh, well, I don’t really want to know more agents, I want more clients. But really knowing that agents can ultimately help you can really help have your offer seen, like you said, and kind of just that rapport that you’ve already built, could you know lift your offer a little more. I mean, realistically, though, when people are offering cash and this and that, you know, the listing agent has to present offers, and it doesn’t matter if you’re friends with them or not. But it does always help you know, if you really were neck and neck with someone, it could really help you. So on the other side, though, oh, I always keep thinking about a million things while I’m talking well.

D.J. Paris 27:30
So things are so crazy busy right now with everyone. But I was just basically saying like when you’re submitting offers, are there strategies yet? And at the end of the day, we understand cash is king, and nothing is going to supersede that. But is there any little tricks that you find like I do the same thing that helps or you like, it doesn’t really matter?

Molly Humble 27:49
Yep. So I totally do that. Usually, you know, we’ll offer over if we can, if that’s given, no closing costs will cover the home warranty. And then also sometimes I’ll cover you know, I’ll ask them, hey, is there someone that you want us to use for title that your client is just married to let’s, you know, we’ll use that person. So use their title rep, use whoever they want, that that gets seen too, because when I put in a listing that I want to use a certain title rep and offer comes through that doesn’t even have that, like did you read the listing? Or did you care at all, you know, and then also, you know, one little trick that I do, and if it works for, you know, that client and I talked to the listing agent to really find out if this would fit the seller’s needs, but sometimes we’ll let them stay in the property post possession, stay in the property for say up to, you know, a month, a few weeks free, because my clients not paying anything for at least a month, sometimes two months. So why not allow them Yeah, allow them to just stay. And that way, they’re not rushing out the day they close, maybe they need those funds to purchase another property. So you kind of give them some leeway. And that’s helped some deals as well. So that’s just a small one that really can make a big difference for a seller.

D.J. Paris 29:07
I love that. And that’s where good communication with the listing agent comes in saying, hey, just FYI, if we closed on this in a month, would your sellers need would? Do they have somewhere to go? Or would they need more time, I will talk to my buyer and see if we can work something out. Maybe we can even pay for their first, you know, pay for that month for them essentially, is what you’re saying what, obviously without having to actually pay for it? Because of course the way the loans work. So what uh, what you know, we’ve had 250 episodes, nobody has ever mentioned that suggestion. That is an awesome, awesome idea.

Molly Humble 29:37
Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, and you totally you hit it on the head that like you need, you need to differentiate yourself somewhere and that little bit where your client doesn’t have to pay no one really is paying for anything during that time. Like why not give it to the seller, let them have a little more leeway and ultimately get the sale even I’ve had clients with offers accepted that they weren’t even the best offer It was just that giving the seller a window made the big difference so

D.J. Paris 30:05
I love it well Molly, this has been awesome you’ve given so much value. i Oh, yeah no this is awesome so but for I would also everybody listening if you’re not yet you know wanting to use Molly if you are a buyer or a seller or renter investor you should be because not only is she a top real estate agent in the Las Vegas area, but she has an amazing team. She’s a top producer and her clients she works mostly by referral, which should tell you just how amazing she is. So finally, if there is anyone listening who is looking to work with a top agent like yourself, what’s the best way they should reach out to you?

Molly Humble 30:40
So my number is posted on my Facebook, my Instagram our website, so you can always call text me email me. Reach out to me on Molly sales Vegas on Instagram, or on our custom fit or Molly sells Vegas page on Facebook. I will respond in all these different avenues. So whatever you’re most comfortable with, I’m happy to hear from you.

D.J. Paris 31:02
Awesome. So please visit Molly at her website, which is Molly dot simple home search.com. Or, as she just mentioned, follow her on Instagram. And you can find her on Facebook everywhere. Just search for Mollie humble, you’ll find her on Instagram she is Molly sells Las Vegas, and she is an amazing, incredible rising star. Well she you’re not you’re already a star in the Las Vegas area. We’re excited to continue to watch your growth. And so we’re so excited that you came on the show today. So on behalf of on behalf of the audience, I want to thank Molly for for spending time with us today. She is crazy busy. And oh by the way, she has a newborn, so even busier. So thank you for taking the time out of your day that you probably didn’t even have to do this. And then also on behalf of Molly and myself, we want to thank our audience for continuing to listen and watch and support our show in the best way you can help us tell a friend I think of one other real estate professional that could benefit from hearing these amazing tips from Molly send them a link to our show. The easiest way to do that, send them right to our website, which is keeping it real pod.com They can stream every episode we’ve ever done right from the browser or if they’re a podcast person, just have them pull up a podcast app and look for keeping it real and it’ll pop right up and subscribe and also follow us on Facebook please find us@facebook.com forward slash keeping it real pod. And Molly, thank you so much. We really had a great time with you and we wish you the very best in all your continued success.

Molly Humble 32:26
Thank you. I appreciate that. Thanks so much.

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