Why Short Term Rentals Are Taking Over • Avery Carl

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Avery Carl from The Short Term Shop talks about how she got into real estate and describes how she and her husband started investing in real estate and built up their portfolio. Avery also discusses how she finds properties to invest. Next, Avery discusses the current situation in the real estate market and the difference of managing short-term and long-term rentals. Avery gives tips on what an agent should do first when starting a short-term rentals business. Last, Avery talks about her book titled “Short-Term Rental, Long-Term Wealth” which will be published in September and her coming podcast.

To buy Avery’s book “Short-Term Rental, Long-Term Wealth”, click here!

If you’d prefer to watch this interview, click here to view on YouTube!

Avery Carl can be reached at 800.898.1498.

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