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Luis Ortiz is not only a top 1% producer at RE/MAX (as well as a RE/MAX Hall of Fame member); many of his team members are also top 1% producers. While nearly all of his team’s business comes from referrals, Luis built his business educating renters on the advantages of home ownership. In this episode he goes through step-by-step how he started in real estate and why love, service and care are his “why.” Luis believes that once you have your “why” the “how” follows.

Luis Ortiz can be reached at 708.484.2300 and luisortizsells@gmail.com.


D.J. Paris 0:14
Hello, and welcome to another episode of Keeping it real. The only podcast made by Chicago real estate brokers where the top 1% of Realtors share the secrets of their success. My name is DJ Parris. I am your host, and this is our 100th episode. We are so excited and grateful that you have listened to the podcast, some of you since the very beginning. Others of you are new to the show what we do here if you happen to be new, if you didn’t catch it from the tagline I just said, we talked to the top 1% of Realtors here in Chicago and ask them how they built their business. And generously they share all of their secrets. Because as I’ve learned over 100 episodes, there are no secrets. And the people at the very top tend to be very generous with giving away everything they do, because they believe in the law of abundance, and that as enough business for everyone. So today on the show, we have Luis Ortiz, and from Remax so we’re gonna get to him in just a moment. But I just want to reflect a little bit on the last 100 episodes and say a couple of things to the audience. First of all, thank you for listening, really appreciate it. Thank you for telling a friend. Our numbers have continued to grow ever since our first episode. Hopefully that never stops. And we’re really honored because we have people reaching out to us to do advertising spots now, which we never thought would be a thing. So that’s pretty exciting. We might have some advertising opportunities here shortly, if you’re listening and want to sponsor an episode, let’s say, so be on the lookout for that. Also, if you’re not already a member of our Facebook group, please go do that just do a search for keeping it real podcast, you’ll find us and we post a daily link to a story that we found online that real estate brokers can use to grow their business. And also we post links to all of our episodes, as well as links to the guests that we have in case you want to reach them directly. So we do that there. You can also visit our website keeping it real pod.com where we have every episode, you can stream it right from the website. Obviously we are also on iTunes, Google Play any podcast directory. So just pull up a podcast app on your phone. Do a search for keeping it real podcast subscribe there. Oh, and lastly, if you visit our website, keeping it real pod.com You can subscribe to our email newsletter. All we do is send out an email every time we have an episode. So if that’s the way you’d like to be notified, please do that. Alright, that’s enough of me. You’re here to listen to Luis and we’ve got him coming up right now.

Today on the show, we have Luis Ortiz. Actually, sorry, let me start that over my apologies. Today on the show, we have Luis Ortiz from Remax partners in Berlin. With 15 years in the real estate industry, Luis Ortiz continues to flourish as one of the top agents in the Illinois market. His dedication and determination to succeed exudes in his customer service and evergrowing track record with a team of 10 by his side, his knowledge base continues to flourish while making a difference in the community. Clients are seen as family and not just transactions. Luis is also in the REMAX Hall of Fame and is ranked number 12 in the top 100 teams in all of REMAX which is huge. He’s also a top 1% producer, of course with Chicago Association of Realtors year after year. Now on just a couple of years ago, July 27 of 2017. Luis fulfilled a lifetime goal of owning his own REMAX office, which is in Berlin and making a difference in the community is his top priority. And his clients truly feel that he loves serves and cares about them. And Luis will have to you have to correct me if I’m wrong because I just looked at some stats just in the past 12 months alone and this may be low, I might be undercutting this number. So you have to correct me. Here Luis is Lisa has done 42 million in production which is 218 sales transactions. That is truly remarkable. So anyway, welcome. And we’re so excited to have you on the show. Welcome.

Luis Ortiz 4:34
Hey, thank you for having me. Appreciate it. I couldn’t have done all of it without the support of my teammates. So a big shout out to them that they deserve every everything as well. I don’t just they’re pushing them they push me so without them I’m nobody as well. So yeah,

D.J. Paris 4:57
I was I’m I’m not a producing broker. However, I feel the same way about the people that work at our firm. And all most of the people we’ve interviewed who have big groups like you do feel the same way. So we I want to make sure we acknowledge all the team members, for sure. So tell us a little bit about I know you’ve been in the business now 15 years, which is incredible. Tell us about how Why did you get in the business? How did you start?

Luis Ortiz 5:26
Well, I started off like 15 year old liberal, 15 years ago, a friend that had a an office, and a real estate office said, Hey, I see you’re selling. I used to sell vitamins, part time job, and then construction. So keep myself busy. And he said, Hey, I see that you’re, you’re not afraid to talk to people. So want to join the real estate world. And I saw that he was doing great in his, you know, everyone sees Oh, you driving a nice car. That’s the man the first thing, right? Oh, this guy has a nice car. Like what he’s doing and what can I do? That’s how I I joined became a broker about 15 years ago.

D.J. Paris 6:17
Wow. Well, you know, so a lot of the feedback we get from our listeners is, if they’re newer to the business, the one of the questions they often ask is DJ, please ask these top one percenters? What did they do when they first started when they had no clients? You know, they probably had a contact list of friends and family. But what did you do? Or what advice do you have for brokers who are just starting out really trying to get going?

Luis Ortiz 6:46
Yeah, the main thing is your sphere of influence your friends, your family, co workers, or anyone that doesn’t know that you have a broker’s license, just you have to get out there and let them know that you’re a real estate professional. And you you’re here to help him out. But concentrate on that. You just starting off, you don’t even have money. But if you do have money, then start arming start. Yeah, the biggest thing is farming and promote yourself. But if you don’t, that’s how I started with my sphere of influence. And from one client, I got two clients. And from those two, I got more so that kept growing, the quality and the service that we give them, instead of like you said, we’re not viewing our client as a transaction or a number, we view them as a client that is going to be in our family and invite them to every event. And we want to see them every time. So I would have advice to strongly your sphere of influence will be your number one.

D.J. Paris 8:03
Yeah, I couldn’t agree more, it seems that the vast majority of consumers buyers, sellers end up working if they’ve not worked with a realtor before, if they have worked with a realtor before. And they had a good experience. The stats say they go back to that person time and time again. But if they haven’t yet had a real estate broker to work with, maybe it’s their first time purchasing or maybe they inherited a house and they’re selling it for and it’s their first experience with brokers, the studies, National Association Realtors does this every year to where they do these kinds of studies. So like, where did you find your realtor? And overwhelmingly, even now we’re, you know, so so far into the digital age and the social connecting age online, is the vast majority still go with someone they already knew. And so, you know, for new brokers, just like we said, so, so perfectly like, yeah, you know, they’re going to choose somebody, likely somebody they know, might as well be you. But you know, when you’re new, they probably don’t remember your realtor, right? Unless you’re consistently reminding them in a polite and non pushy way, say, Oh, by the way, you know, I have now a realtor. So I think I think that’s really great advice, just consistently reminding people and, you know, expanding that sphere of influence whenever possible. Yeah, absolutely. So let’s talk about I want to talk about running an office because this oftentimes is another question are, we have a lot of listeners who are doing well, and they’re like, ooh, gosh, maybe I should, you know, start to build a team or in your case, build a team and run an office which are to two very big, big tasks. I mean, the production that your team has, has put on the books and the numbers they’ve put up. And again, I know you don’t look at people as transactions, but if we just look at the numbers, it is absolutely incredible. You know, somebody from your team is is closing a deal almost every day of the year. A sales transaction that is that is just remarkable. So you guys do so much volume. And again and I imagine a vast majority of it is referral based. Tell us a little bit by that seems like a lot to manage. Can you talk a little bit about how you guys organized all of that?

Luis Ortiz 10:10
Yeah, well, that’s why we have the team, because in order for us to do that volume, we have a system that once we get the lead, where we get the referral, then you talk to the referral, we advise them what to do sit down with them to get approved, and we send them to our preferred lender, and then that’s it. But from once they go into the lending side, they get pre approved, they come back, then we assign them either to myself, or to one of my team members that are licensed and their buyer specialist, they go out there, they, they go and show you homes, and get you the right home, also. And after that they go under contract, we negotiate the deal. I’m part of every single deal of it, I touch it every morning, and then we also have a meeting on on the pipeline, at least once that’s at least once a week, that’s a mandatory meeting. So once it goes on the country, it goes to the transaction coordinators, and they’re the ones that take it to the closing. So the inspections, the attorneys, the appraisals, any issues, they take care of it, were involved as well. And to the closing table. So it’s, it’s so it’s a little process, but it’s it’s a once you have a process going it’s it’s like a machine, it’s just keeps going.

D.J. Paris 11:54
Yeah, and I know you your team works a lot with buyers, are a lot of those first time homebuyers or you know, what’s it? Or are they a lot of them? That’s their second purchase? Or?

Luis Ortiz 12:05
Yeah, the I would say, I don’t have a precise number, but I have like close to 80 80% first time homebuyers The rest will be second and investors we deal a lot with investors. Sure.

D.J. Paris 12:18
And so just out of curiosity, do how do you find those first time homebuyers, obviously referrals? But are you doing you know, some brokers do web seminars or webinars sort of the rent? I know renting versus buying is a real passion for you. So can you talk a little bit about that?

Luis Ortiz 12:38
Yeah, yeah, the, we get them through, like I said, the referrals, those are big, and do seminars. With renting versus buying, we team up with our lender, and the lender gives us a we give them the client, the renting versus buying because if you’re over time, you’re spending, you just throwing money away. And what we’re doing is gonna get you to a home that has some equity. And has equity and you’re not just throwing the money, wait, you’re actually investing money into it. And later on, you could sell it and, and, and make money get your money back. Because it’s it’s really throwing out if you see the charts, you will be surprised if you’re renting for 15 $1,500. And then eight years, 10 years, 15 years, we’re talking about 88,000, even close to 150,000. If we do more years, just going to wait because we do have clients that have been renting for 15 years, some of them are 20 years, and they don’t see that they’ve been throwing away $150,000 In the past 10 to 15 years. So that’s when they realize like, wow, we just throw that money.

D.J. Paris 14:07
Yeah, I think it’s funny. I remember when I bought my boat, I bought a condo a long, long time ago. And I really didn’t understand other than I felt like I should buy a place. I didn’t really understand all of the financial benefits. And I just remember my taxes that particular year going, oh my gosh, you can deduct the interest. And I just didn’t know that I went oh, that’s a huge, huge deal. And, you know, so I think you know, you must you must be talking about that in these seminars. And I think that everyone who’s listening needs to remember that, you know, first time buyers are largely most of the time they’re not that sophisticated or knowledgeable about the buying versus renting sort of conversation. And so if you’re listening like Luis was saying that they do these events, they partner up with a lender And you know, so if you’re a broker and you’re new and you know most of your friends are renting, this is an opportunity to start educating them. And if you want to get some support from these ancillary providers, like lenders, attorneys, title companies, places like that, they often will partner. They love doing these types of seminars. And so they will help sometimes shoulder the cost, they can sometimes even find the location and even promote it to their own clients. So the education I think, couldn’t be more important. And I’m imagine that’s a huge part of your business, too.

Luis Ortiz 15:37
Yeah, no, absolutely. We love teaming up with them. They love teaming up with us. Because it’s it’s crazy when when you see numbers that are just anyone that’s listening. If you’re renting for 1200, and you’ve been renting for five years, you’re just about $72,000 out the door.

D.J. Paris 16:00
Yeah. Yeah, you’re in even if the place doesn’t appreciate and it stays exactly the same cost. You know, the are the value stays the same the day you buy it, the day you sell it, even if it never goes up a petty boy, all those tax benefits you got along the way are make it a no brainer. And oftentimes, the mortgage is about the same cost, if not less than depends how you structure it, but can be exactly the same. And so it is in again, we we I think as real estate professionals assume everyone knows and gets that. I assure you they don’t I know I didn’t understand or get that. And the and I really could have purchased yours before I did. I didn’t know I could. So assume that, you know, people just they they don’t know. And huge opportunity there.

Luis Ortiz 16:47
Yeah, absolutely.

D.J. Paris 16:50
So are you are you originally from Berlin? Are you from that area? Are you from somewhere else? Or?

Luis Ortiz 16:55
No, I’m originally from the north side of Chicago, then graduated in the north side. And my parents moved out. We moved out to Glendale heights. Sure. And then that’s why I did High School for for two years for Gene junior and senior years. And we’re there for about 10 years. Then I moved back to Chicago and and in Berwyn. I’ve been doing for number one. I’ve been doing business for 10 years. I really liked the market here since I started. And the people and the businesses around. So in Berwyn, I’ve been doing 1010 years now.

D.J. Paris 17:42
And how important it I know it’s important for you, but I’d be curious to hear your advice for our listeners, how important is it to have a geographic specialty? You know, I know you obviously don’t only do business in Berlin of course business help happens all over the place. But do you feel it’s important to say hey, you know, like, I can help you anywhere. But here’s here’s really my wheelhouse or at least knowing that internally is that been helpful for you?

Luis Ortiz 18:10
Oh, yeah, it’s it’s the area that he areas that you would dominate in you, you know it like back of your hand that a house anything that comes up on the market, you know, that that’s that property? You seen it? You drove by it you been in there or? It does make a big, big difference? Yeah, I

D.J. Paris 18:37
agree. And a lot of times brokers, especially new brokers starting out, they don’t really know and I always say just pick your favorite neighborhood for now. And study the MLS 2030 minutes a day, go to the broker open houses if they you know if they’re happening at learn the inventory. And just over like six months, if you did just 2030 minutes of looking to see every home every that’s on the market, knowing the price points, knowing apartments, if you’re doing rentals, and even commercial space, if you’re interested in that. You six months to a year you will be such an expert. I imagine nobody knows Berwyn, better than Luis and his team, because that is their primary focus. And, you know, if you’re looking for a home there, think about the brand that Luis and his team have built in Berlin. There’s nobody else I mean, he his team, is it and they are going to win every deal because of that, that hyperfocus around that specialty. So I’m so glad you shared that.

Luis Ortiz 19:36
Yeah, no, thank you for that. And it’s true. People don’t see that. Having a name out there that we deal with a lot of brokers and colleagues that they know that we do a great job. They do want to work with us and Odetta helps out with the negotiations and if there’s multiple offers as well, too.

D.J. Paris 19:57
Yeah, I would like to switch gears to talk Talk about the evolution of, of, of your of technology in your business. Because I know you, you hit the ground running and you’ve been running this really successful practice and now the successful office and successful team, and you’re literally one of the top REMAX teams in the country, which is, Luis is very humble. But this is a big deal. I mean, ReMax I think is still the largest real estate firm in the world, or if they are not their number two, but I think they’re number one. And he’s we’re still still number one. Yeah. And, and he’s one of the top people in one of the top firms in the top firm. So let’s let’s talk about that. Because I know you had a funny, or system that’s evolved. We’re used to have sticky notes all over your car. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Luis Ortiz 20:42
Oh, yeah, that’s that was my, my, my calendar, that was my reminders. That was my, my things to do with my sticky notes, write everything down a client called me this, this and that I go put it on a sticky note, put it on the dashboard. So yeah, it was funny, because when some of the clients would say, Oh, well, can you drive us? Sure come in, and they will be like, Oh, this, it looks a little funny. Because it’s, it’s like covered in sticky notes everywhere. And yeah, it was. I don’t know how I kept it up. But I’m pretty sure that if a sticky note fell off, we’d be screwed because I didn’t know about my appointment. So yeah, the calendar, the phone, the smartphone, when it came out. It was a game changer. You can see your your appointments there, because 10 years ago, yeah, I think it was 10 years ago, I still have flip flops or still have five years ago. So yeah, the sticky notes were I wouldn’t go back to them. So whoever is using them, stop it. Just do your calendar and your your Things To Do list in front of you. I have a thing to do list in front of me every day. Yeah. And, and that’s where I write down everything.

D.J. Paris 22:14
Well, if you have to, and you probably have a great CI of the world’s worst memory, you probably have a great memory, but you’re still doing 200 Plus transactions a year. So you know, there’s there’s just no way to keep it all in your head, even if you have the world’s best memory. So yeah, systems are important. But I love the fact that that you that you still had a system even though maybe it wasn’t the most elegant system back then. But you you look you had a portable printer? And did that go with you in the car as well.

Luis Ortiz 22:42
Oh, yeah, that portable printer will be in the car to meet clients and and print out the contracts, print copies for them. Print out listings, it will be a printer that portable charger. And I will meet them at Starbucks anywhere. I would do it literally anywhere in the parking lot. Sure. And that’s how I managed to do it when I was by myself. Oh, yeah. It’s funny that that you mentioned that, but I still have a little printer.

D.J. Paris 23:19
Well, look, I mean, I think the point is you came prepared. And you know, as as a broker, who’s most brokers are working remote these days or from their car, at least a good chunk of the business is done, you know, remotely. And if you’re, you know, if you work in an office, that’s great, too. But you already have everything at the office, but you know, your car is your office for a lot of a lot of brokers. And so make sure you have you know, maybe we maybe we don’t need portable printers as much anymore. But just being prepared, I think is important is having, you know, if you’re showing the buyers a house have a have a whole kit in your trunk, in case you know, they need, you know, 40s to not scuff up the floor or you know, have that stuff and you can there’s lots of resources online that say okay, here’s the 25 things you need in your trunk if you’re a realtor, and you know imagine Luis is one of those people that has all that stuff.

Luis Ortiz 24:12
And it’s that’s, that’s, that’s very important. A screwdriver, a knife, a pocket knife, all that is it was still in my car. So

D.J. Paris 24:24
I want to talk about client appreciation because you you work with a lot of first time homebuyers. So they are the first real estate professional experience they have is with you or your team. And then I know you stay in touch with them after the sale and I know that that’s a huge component. Of course making sure people don’t forget about you. How do you guys do that? What what I know you mentioned you do events, right?

Luis Ortiz 24:48
Yeah, we have events. We have events for happy hours for clients that want to get the unwind and we haven’t once a month Wow. And then yeah, we have that once a month. And we have, throughout the year we have if it’s like, Thanksgiving, we, they come in, we give them the pies and we give them a lot of stuff that we have here. Christmas also pictures with Santa pictured with money. That’s a lot. And in the biggest one that we have is the the summer event that we have in the back of the office, it’s we block out, it’s like two blocks, by when blacks enough for us. And we have performers, music, food waterslides chumpies. What’s it called? The tank, the tank. All kinds of events. Sure stuff for the kids and grownups. And, and that’s, that’s one of the biggest ones and, and that’s how they will continue to see them face to face.

D.J. Paris 26:06
Yeah, we live in such a, a digitally connected but interpersonally disconnected kind of environment these days where we know what’s going on with our friends from 20 years ago, if they’re posting on Facebook, but when’s the last time we saw them in person. And this? You know, I think the most successful brokers I’ve I’ve met with are very, very much like what Luis mentioned, although Luis goes so far above and beyond even what most of the people we interview on the show have done for you know, doing a once a month, happy hour. By the way, another opportunity if you’re a broker who maybe your budget for those types of events is small, or maybe your budget is zero. Again, you can partner with lenders and attorneys and and you can find build those relationships, and they can help subsidize some of the costs there. But just think he’s doing like 14 events a year minimum, including one that’s a giant festival in right right there at you know, near his office, along with, you know, a lot of holiday events, and then the happy hours. And you know, it’s God, boy, that is such a great idea, and also a great way to give back to the people that support your business. And obviously, that’s why you do it. Yeah. And I suspect most brokers don’t do those things, or at least, maybe they could do more of them. So if everyone’s listening, plan your next event, even if it’s just for the people that you know you’ve worked with, and you just want to say thanks, because that’s a that’s what I’ll keep on coming back, of course.

Luis Ortiz 27:45
Absolutely, yes, that’s correct. And I

D.J. Paris 27:47
also I also just wanted to hear you told us before we started the podcast, but I want to hear the story from you. You had a really unusual experience, where you had a somebody was looking for a multi unit complex, you know, to purchase, I’m guessing, and it turned out the client really wasn’t qualified. Do you mind sharing that? You know, the story I’m referencing?

Luis Ortiz 28:09
Well, there was a couple of them. Is that the one that well, we weren’t. We worked with so many.

D.J. Paris 28:19
That’s true. That’s true. You have hundreds of clients. Well, this was where the client turned out to to not have a home themselves. Where they were Oh, okay. Can you tell that story?

Luis Ortiz 28:32
Yeah, they bought I mean, wow, we’re, we’re shopping around and they gave me a pre approval letter, but that’s That was way back then. I didn’t even call them the lender and see if they were approved. Usually do right now. We absolutely don’t call the lender and CA This person approved. But they gave me a letter, but we showed him a lot of multi family homes and and at the end of the day, they weren’t qualified. They just want it to go look at houses and they lied about the pre approval and and actually did this kinda at the end became a good friend of mine and it turned out that later on, but several properties for me in and he’s a good referral source.

D.J. Paris 29:35
Wow, that’s yeah, that’s That’s it, that’s how it works. Right? It’s it always, you know, and, and they always say What’s that expression, the it’s never crowded along the extra mile or, or something to that effect where as as a broker, you know, if you go be above and beyond and really, you know, stay with your clients and meet them where they’re at in the process what you find because they don’t forget that and a lot of brokers don’t go the extra mile quite frankly, Luis of course knows that more than anyone he does go the extra mile. And that’s why his he’s been so successful. Let you know. So you have this really great REMAX office this this, this, this team that’s just crushing it. Are you in the process of looking to expand the team?

Luis Ortiz 30:24
Yeah, absolutely. We’re, we’re always looking to expand the team and the office as well. So when people think that, that if then I’m not hiring, I am hiring as as long as you fit the team criteria, because also I let the team have a say so on the on the hiring part, too, because we don’t want to have a culture. That’s a bad charter. So I give them the BOK have a green light or red light. But it’s there has to be a good reason why we’re not hiring. But yeah, we’re hiring and and if you want to be close to us, but not as part of the team, obviously the office is hiring as well. And learn from top producers, not just me. Other agents, colleagues here that are also tough. Yeah, that’s

D.J. Paris 31:21
true. I wanted to make sure we mentioned that it’s not just Luis, who’s who’s successful, his whole team is successful individually. They’re crushing it as a team, they’re crushing it. And you know, Luis is is the one who’s guiding the guiding the ship and at the at the helm. And you know, I know if I was out there producing and I wanted to really learn from from one of the best brokers I could, you know, I would certainly consider working at your firm as well. So, the name of his firm, by the way, is REMAX partners, they’re in Berlin, and we will post a link directly to both your Facebook page although you can find it if you just go on Facebook and search for REMAX partners and then Berwyn you’ll, it’ll pop up because there’s there’s a REMAX partners out in California. Obviously, that’s not Luis, but the one here locally. And then also we’ll post a link to your Instagram, but you can actually even schedule appointments right from there, you guys made it really easy to get in touch via your social media, which is really cool. So I will post a link so people can check it out. For sure. And then also at least it’s not just brokers who listen, we have buyers, sellers, renters investors, who listened to the show and the reason we know this is because after the episode it’s not uncommon for us to hear back from someone we interview going, Hey, I got a couple of clients that was they heard my podcast so if there is anyone out there who says gosh, you know, I didn’t, you know, I’m looking for a good broker. And you know, Luis or someone on his team might be a good fit. What’s the best way they should reach out?

Luis Ortiz 32:58
Reach out to the at our Facebook, people are into social media. The loser T’s team or does 708-715-2150 That’s the cell phone 708-715-2150

D.J. Paris 33:19
Yeah, that’s great. We will and we will post the links to that also in the notes so if you’re listening in your car don’t worry about writing that down just go to the notes for the podcast episode you’ll see how to get in touch you can actually just tap on it right right from your phone thank goodness and email call and also visit them on social media so we’ll post those links for you. And one one last thing before we before we end up I’d love to ask Luis if he had just one piece of advice for anyone looking to increase production sort of what you see as and we’ve gone through a lot so you know even if we just go over something we’ve already covered one piece of advice for anyone listening that’s just looking to go that extra mile who’s a broker? Any suggestions there?

Luis Ortiz 34:07
Yeah, yeah. If you want the depending on what you want, first you have to find out what you really want what is your why is why are you doing this? If you if you know those things, then you can set up your your your map, that’s that’s what I recommend first knowing your why it might be your kids it might be yourself or it just might be a challenge but know your why it might be money too because obviously you need money to buy a nice car you need money to to feed your kids and pay the mortgage right? So I would strongly just go deep in and see your why. Because a lot of people are in this biz And during this business just to just to spend some time and really don’t know, but once they find that why it’s like opening up opening up a something that you that you won’t even, I can’t even tell you how it feels, but it feels really good. And it just, it makes you fire up even more it makes you like, if you’re tired, you’re going out there and wanting another 10 miles. That’s how it feels.

D.J. Paris 35:35
Yeah, boy, you know, I’m so glad you said that. That is I asked that question a lot of the show. And I think you may be the first or and we’ve done now about 100 episodes. So I think one other person may have said the similar thing. And I think it’s really important. A lot of times people say well, here’s a tactic to get more business and Luis is is taking a step back and going, what’s the reason you do this, and I think he’s so right, because attitude is everything. Passion is everything. And the only way you’re going to be passionate or have the right attitude is knowing exactly why you got in this business and, and what you’re you’re looking for out of it. And like Billy says that’s, that’s what keeps you going when it’s late at night or early in the morning. And you don’t, you don’t want to really get up there and do it. Because, you know, we all would rather sit in bed, you know, and not not work early or late. But you’re so right. So everyone out there, you know, know your why. And then everything else pretty much follows, right?

Luis Ortiz 36:35
Yeah, it really does. Because that will give you like a vision and tunnel vision that you’ll be surprised how it comes to you naturally. And then once you’re because you could be listening to 1000s and reading 1000 books and listening to me. Because I’ve been, I could tell 100 people what to do. And if you don’t know, like your why you won’t do it. I can tell you people say oh, what’s your secret? Well, this is my secret. There’s no secret. This is what I do. This is the ABC process. Oh, I’m gonna do it. Okay, you do it. And I give them the tools. I give them everything. And right, you don’t do it?

D.J. Paris 37:19
That’s right. Yeah, they don’t know. They’re why I remember we interviewed somebody out. And then we’ll just end with this. And I can’t remember who it was at the moment. So I apologize. But this is such a great story that is so perfectly married to what to what Luis just said, where somebody whose son was coming into the business. And he the dad, the father had been a broker for years and years. And the son came in and said, Here’s how many, here’s how many deals I want to close next year. And it was a certain number. And the father said, Okay, I want you to turn around and walk out of the office. And then I want you to come back and say this is how many people I want to help in the next in the next year. And he said it’s a small it’s a small shift. It’s still ultimately the same goal. But if you come at it from a My why is not to close the transaction Luis’s and why is not closing the transaction. He’s there to help. And I think that shows in his success, and also his team’s success. And really, that does it for our 100th episode. So on behalf of Luis and myself, we thank you. First, we think Luis for spending time to be on our podcast and share everything he knows about building a successful brokerage and team and we thank all of you for listening. I had the idea to do this several years ago, and finally got off my rear ended and did something about it. And I’m really grateful that it’s resonated with so many listeners and we will keep making more episodes. Assume you keep listening. I mean, if you stop listening, I’m gonna stop. So keep listening. Thanks again and we’ll see you on the next episode.

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