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Welcome to the July edition of Coaching Moments with Ryan D’Aprile!

In this episode Ryan touches on market research you should be familiar with and how to communicate this information with your client to help educate them on housing trends. This establishes you as the knowledge source and helps to have a more productive conversation around pricing. After that, we discuss the most important year-round activity that is neglected when brokers are busy – lead generation. Ryan discusses tactics you can perform daily to keep your pipeline full of buyers and sellers!

Ryan D’Aprile can be reached at 312.492.7900 and execassistant@daprileproperties.com.

Ryan D'Aprile
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D.J. Paris 0:16
Hello, and welcome to another episode of Keeping it real the only podcast made by Chicago real estate brokers for brokers all over the country. And eventually we’ll be even talking to brokers who are not local here in Chicago. But today, we are talking to a local Chicago broker owner, which is our coaching moments monthly episode with Ryan de April. For those of you who are new to the show, and aren’t familiar with Ryan Ryan is a progressive thought leader focused on providing for his 200 All right, I’m sorry, do you have 200 or 300? brokers?

Ryan D’Aprile 0:49
We’re close to 500 At this point,

D.J. Paris 0:51
oh my gosh, see this, how behind I am 500 brokers and his staff. He has 13 offices in three states, I believe. Yeah. That’s amazing. Ryan’s strengths are his motivational skills, coaching style, his dedication to training. He’s partnered with Lindsey Miller, who’s the CEO of April properties, and they work together to build a dynamic organization based on a foundation of culture, character and community, I say those things. And in aside from all of the brokers that Ryan manages, Ryan spends a majority of his day traveling from office to office doing coaching. So he is so generously offered to do the same for our listeners. On the show. By the way, if you’re interested in looking at Ryan’s firm, whether you’re a broker, or you’re just somebody looking to buy or sell or rent, he’s got 500 brokers that work with you, or he would love for you to even consider joining his team. You can find him at his website, D APR. properties.com. But welcome, Ryan, thanks for coming on.

Ryan D’Aprile 1:47
Thank you, for me, appreciate it. How are you doing?

D.J. Paris 1:50
Great. I’m doing good. How was I was just thinking about this, we only have one offense, you manage 13 offices, that is incredible. Yeah,

Ryan D’Aprile 1:59
I have an unbelievable team. So I’m very fortunate we have about 60 full time employees that work at our company are managing brokers work as high performance coaches at our company. So I work with the managing brokers, I coach them on coaching. And then we tag team, we go back and between myself and Liz Miller and Pete Moulton, we run around and we coach the agents individually. And then we train the trainer, which is our major brokers. And like I think I’ve told you before we have our dashboard and our snapshots and we check in we think accountability is incredibly important to the success of an agent. There is such a lack of structure in our industry. And that’s a conversation for I guess another time. But I think I tell all of our agents and anybody I’m talking to is that the biggest gift you could give yourself is discipline and structure. Because discipline structure will give you all the freedom in the world, people think discipline structure is confining, it’s not at all, it could really set you up for long term success and start to have that snowball. The snowball experience. What do you call the snowball effect where after time of doing things consistently in and out the results, they get bigger and they actually get easier. But what I’m going to talk to you about today here a little bit, at some point, we’ll talk about some of the things that we’ve noticed when we give people structure and then we back off and we let them like Okay, great, you got it. It’s like training a child right and you’re running with the bike, and they’re on their training wheels, or you take the training wheels, you take them off or bend them up like I did in my case, so I couldn’t fall down and knock your teeth out. But they needed to do and once you kind of pull that that structure away from them. I’m sorry,

D.J. Paris 3:49
you’re no, no, you’re right. And I you and I are roughly the same age. And one of the things I’ve been most impressed. One of the things I’m most impressed with with you in particular, is because we’ve had offline conversations and if there’s something I ask, Well, how do you do this or that and if it’s not in your specific wheelhouse of strengths, you delegate it or you create a structure in place to account for some of those deficiencies and just your general ability to do I know for me, I have to have structure in every to do throughout my day. I’m really good. If you give me a blank sheet of paper and say create something or write something, I can do that. But if you say here’s 20 things you have to do by the end of the day, I don’t do well with it. So I’ve had to create structure so I can really relate to how difficult it is to create structure but how important and then you’re right I never have to think about those 20 things because I have a structure for it. Yeah. Which is like for me it has so much freedom in it although I think that’s maybe counterintuitive to a lot of people who can just do those 20 things without having a real serious structure I need well you

Ryan D’Aprile 4:50
know if you if you I call it surrendering, right I surrendered last time ago. You could find if you could get if you could surrender and deeper Chopra has taught me just a lot in my life through audiobooks and, and reading books that he’s written. And one of the things he’s taught me is dharma. So just answer that word, right. And it’s, it’s finding your path in life. And what you’re good at is what Louis Slotkin a wonderful marketing executive, I was fortunate enough to meet a couple of years ago, we did an we did a, an Element on finding your magic and it goes along the lines with Discover your dharma, and you got to find what you are good at. And, and really, it gives you happiness, believe it or not, gives you great energy. And then people will feel it, they’ll be attracted to whatever it is. It could be accounting, it could be drawing, it could be music, it could be, it could be, it could be bringing content. And being the curator of knowledge, I love Daniel Pink’s book, to sell as human, he talks about how we have to be the curators of knowledge, and what we talked about in our last session about all this data. And I want to revisit that too, a little bit, if we can DJ, about the data that we went over, because I went over a little matter of factly. But really, as real estate professionals, if you can learn how to be the curator that data and that knowledge, and then tie it into some storytelling and in relating to your sellers, you’re going to help them get to where they want to be. So everybody has, you know, a Dharma, they just gotta go out and discover their dharma or discover their magic, and then surrender. You know, it’s surrender, and let other people help you, because people like to help. And but you got to allow them to help you, if that makes any sense.

D.J. Paris 6:43
Well, since right, since you were talking about a data curation in our last episode, I want to recap that I’d like it with your permission to recap that and talk about how do we actually collect and aggregate that information and present it to clients in a way that’s helpful to them. And also, you know, helps, you know, further on their education, right,

Ryan D’Aprile 7:03
well, so what all the listeners have to understand is that this takes practice, okay. And nobody comes right out at this and is an expert at it. And I think one of the things we have to do is just really share our own life experiences. And think about how you are if you are the seller, and if you are going to relay this data to them, and in sync of where they want to go, and how you can help them get in there by relating to them, because we all are connected through our energy, and we all want to help each other. I mean, if you give solid advice if you could good value to your clients, okay? That is essentially the byproduct of that is making a living, and you’re worth it. And they’re happy to pay for those services. So it takes time takes practice. But it’s somewhat of storytelling. So let’s go over what I was just talking about being the curator of that knowledge. Let’s recap, if we can, what we discussed last month, is that okay, sure. We’re talking about what I call, what not what I call it is cause and effect. All right, so real estate agents out there, you have to understand cause and effect and use your cause and effect in your storytelling and your dialogue and your listing presentations. So, again, we reference to Case Shiller and again, you can write that online, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has got a great index for Case Shiller. And, you know, if you have your computer and you should have your computer, open and connect to the internet, when you’re with a seller, go over this with them and show them that, you know, we’re trending 30 points higher than 2006 and right and allied dialog will come from there, but then we could go to supply and demand this talk about supply and demand, which is cause and then the effect is price. Okay. So supply and demand is caused when supply is down and demand is up. That’s caused, the effect is price goes up. And when supply is up and demand is down, right, then the price begins to go down. That’s the effect. So cause and effect. So what we talked about regionally, which is every single family home in Chicago, in the month of April, we saw in a supply and demand element of Chicago. We saw that the number of homes sold in all Chicagoland the entire MLS was 30% less in April 19 than it was in April 17. The number of homes that are for sale is down 14 and a half percent, but the homes that are actually selling is down by 30%. So one of the things that Mr. Seller that is the question you may ask is why are less homes for sale? I think some homeowners might be waiting quote unquote, out the market. And let’s just have a conversation and dialogue about that. And let’s determine if that’s the best thing to do. So our cause is our supply and demand. So we’re seeing demand is down in the month of April, but then we see our effect in the month of April for price is not that drastic. People are asking 7.4% More in April than they were two years ago, April. But they’re selling for 1% less. So we’re seeing a little bit of a trickle. Let’s go look at me. Now. That was April. So let’s go look at Mays cause and effect. So what you saw what you saw, what I just relayed to you, was the same month’s cause and effect. Usually, what you’re gonna see with your supply and demand, the price, which is the next slide should be one to two to three months out. Sure. Does that make sense? Yes. So in April, supply was demand was down 30% supply was down 14%. But the demand is outpacing the supply to the one on a negative and a downward slope.

D.J. Paris 11:01
Sure, let’s look at

Ryan D’Aprile 11:02
Chicago. May. Chicago May. So for sale went up 2%, it was 14% Less homes were for sale in April. And then in May 12, and 12.2% less homes are for sale than there were two years ago. And 25%. Less home. So again, two to one demand is outpacing supply on a downward slope. Now let’s recall Chicago, okay, this is this is a macro, right? Not a micro that real estate’s hyper local, but you have to have conversations, to give your sellers indicator where the market is going.

D.J. Paris 11:44
Yeah, what we’re doing is establishing context, we’re working big to small to share our.

Ryan D’Aprile 11:50
So let’s look at Chicago land. Price. For me.

D.J. Paris 11:59
We should also mention while you’re doing this, what’s the website you’re referencing.

Ryan D’Aprile 12:03
So this is broker metrics. And they don’t provide this anymore to agents, but your broker owners should have it. It’s about $10,000 a license, what we do is we print these out, we give classes on you know, we go over this monthly, and then our office manager, manager, brokers print these out for our agents out to have and then we talk about these in group sessions and whatnot.

D.J. Paris 12:24
And I’m a broker metrics user as well. So if anyone’s listening, ask your managing broker if they can get access.

Ryan D’Aprile 12:29
So you know, what’s going on in price in the month of May, is that homes for sale, people are asking 10.2% More than they were two years ago. But they’re selling for 1% more. So you know, you have a lot of market, some that are getting it some that aren’t getting it. And then if you drill down to some higher end markets, homes for sale, they’re asking 10 to 15% Less, they’re understanding it, they see what’s going on. And typically when you have a shift in the market, it starts in the coastal markets moves in, then it starts in a higher end markets and it moves down. So when you go to a higher price market, you’re going to see price adjustments have already occurred. And sellers are already aware of it, and they’re getting ahead of the curve. We’re in areas where the price points aren’t so high. It’s still like rock and roll. And we’re in a booming market right now. They don’t see the storm that’s coming, what’s coming. So you could pull these different regions in. And that’s what I’m talking about bringing context and give him an idea. It’s like, it’s like a crystal ball. And you’re kind of showing them again, I could be wrong, the market completely shift. But I’m looking at supply and demand that’s causing the price. And I’m seeing the trend of us definitely coming into a correction.

D.J. Paris 13:54
Yeah, that makes perfect sense. So you’re setting the table for the ability to now talk about price and and strategies and

Ryan D’Aprile 13:59
as real estate agents, you shouldn’t love this markets. Right? This has nothing to be afraid of. So if we go back, you know, DJ five, six months ago when we first started doing this together for the first time, you know, I talked so much about the power of mindset and attitude. I saw an awesome picture of Bob Marley the other day he was just smiling. And I can’t pronounce the word that he talked some cycle that psychology based i I can’t remember the terminology but like if you smile for 30 seconds, it’s proven to improve your health and your emotional spirit. It’s like this stuff is not made up as not hocus pocus. And when we are having a shifting market. feel excited about it because there’s opportunities for you to now add value and stand apart because not everybody is listening this podcast. Are they a DJ? No cool. They weren’t. We wish they would but they’re the ones that are interested in growing. The ones that are interested in improving their craft that understand this as a profession, there’s tons of value that we add to the marketplace. Those are the ones that want to really improve their lives and performance and their value propositions. That’s how you stand out, you stand out in these changing markets, more than ever. So I love these shifting markets.

D.J. Paris 15:18
Yeah, it’s an opportunity to really establish yourself as a knowledge source, which is, by the way, why you’re getting paid. So if you don’t have the knowledge of what’s going on at a macro or, or hyperlocal, in the hyperlocal, markets, then educate yourself start to learn, it doesn’t take that much knowledge, it, you just have to have a certain number of data points, you can go in and say, let me tell you what I’m seeing. And does this make sense? And then, then that really establishes the foundation for the bigger conversation.

Ryan D’Aprile 15:50
So now let’s shift gears a little bit, it’s okay. Sure, let’s move off that being the curator of information and you guys have access to all this information. Again, anybody feel free to call me or email me and talk this through with you, and help you storyteller with this if you have any questions. But beyond that, is let’s talk about what we have to do to be successful in our business, which is continually finding more people that want to buy or sell a home. Correct, right. And it term that we use in this industry in a lot of other industries is called Lead Generation. I’m just not big fan of the word as lead generation, because it doesn’t have the impact on the subconscious mind of what actually you’re supposed to be doing, which is finding somebody who wants to buy or sell a home, insert yourself and add value and facilitate the transaction. But to get that success to have that client to get that paycheck, you have to have a client first. What happens in this time? And I’m not talking about a shifting market? I’m talking June, right may spring, we’re having a little bit of a later spring market. Are you feeling that Deja? Yes, yeah. So we’re having a little bit of a sprint later spring market than we had years past, when people become like, suiting, when real estate agents become busy. They tend to drop the ball on the gap.

D.J. Paris 17:15
Yeah, filling the filling the pipeline, it sometimes takes a backseat when you’re busy,

Ryan D’Aprile 17:20
it absolutely does. And the truth is, if you do it correctly, it should take you I honestly do not feel it should take you more than 20 to 30 minutes a day, five days a week. That’s right, 2030 minutes, five days a week, just and I’m gonna say this, because I love you, all your listeners out there, stop making excuses. Look in the mirror, looking right back at you as a key to success are keys, the failure, it’s the best gift anybody can give to someone else, it’s a lot of responsibility to be responsible for yourself. But if you’re not, then you’re going to be subject to somebody else’s word. So I’d rather be straight with you and say, Stop making excuses. It’s a simple 25 to 30 minute exercise a day that you have to do. And it’s being in flow with your network, of course, you have to have your marketing, going out has to be consistent. I’m not going to talk about that I’m talking about being in life flow. And here we are in we’re approaching the end of June, can you believe it approaching the end of June. It’s crazy. And if you were to look into your dashboard, if you were to look into your CRM, and I don’t know what CRM our listeners have out there, the most important element you should be looking for is date of last contact. Yes. And it’s a simple equation 16% of your network transactions every year, some of them tracks act twice. In fact, I’d even say a majority of them transact twice, you know, less than a minute, maybe their early 20s and are buying their first home, or they’re maybe in their 70s. And they’re selling their home and they’re gonna move into a rental. A lot of people in that in between period are transacting twice. So if you focus on that, and then you focus on the positive mindset of abundance, and realize, gosh, I do know 100 to 200 people, and if I’m in flow with them, that’s anywhere from 32 to 64 transactions every year. Yeah. Does that make sense?

D.J. Paris 19:23
It’s huge. And every you know, everyone would love especially if they’re starting out to get to 32 to 64 transactions a year. That’s a lot. That’s a huge thing. Well,

Ryan D’Aprile 19:33
they absolutely will. If they follow a path, it’ll take 24 months, they’ll have great success, and I’m talking to somebody who’s brand new. I have agents that were not licensed five years ago. These are not teams. These are individual agents that are at 15 20 million year to date, and one person is on pace to hit $45 million. Now again, there are teams out there that do 45 to $60 million. These are individually dividuals that now do not have a real estate license in 2015. And here it is 2019. But they followed the path. And it’s like parenthood, the days are long. But the years are short, your snap your fingers, listeners, and two years are gonna go by real fast. So there’s nothing like doing 20 to 25 minutes of solid good work, that’s going to give you 80% of your results five days a week, and do it for two years in a row. And you’re going to have that snowball effect. So what is that? Well, let’s look at your CRM, right, let’s look at what we call our dashboard. Let’s go to the most important source of business, which is called your people we already know, our network, your network, right? And we say this, we say this in our company over and over again, your network is your net worth, you have to understand that I have three daughters. And I don’t know if they’re all going to become real estate agents. I’m sure they’re going to do whatever they want to do. But I want to teach them through life, honey, I’m talking about my girls, honey, your your network is your net worth. It’s not what you know, it’s it’s who you know, the cliches for a reason. So let’s go here. And it’s

D.J. Paris 21:15
important. It’s important to note too, that who you know doesn’t necessarily mean people have influence, right? It’s just who do you know, it could be the dry cleaner you see once a month, and if never had a real conversation with now that isn’t the same kind of relationship you have with your closest friends. But that’s still somebody you know, and somebody you see on a regular basis?

Ryan D’Aprile 21:36
Well, let’s go back to the discipline we’re talking about, I don’t need to be disciplined to have a relationship with my closest friends. That’s how I want to be with them all the time anyways. So I need to be disciplined on that dry cleaner that you said or that person may not have exactly. And the truth is, we really don’t know who a person of influence is. We really just don’t know, we’ll find out over time, hey, this person, my networks referred me four or five people. Awesome. That’s an A, that’s a star for sure. But you can’t you can’t look at your database of 200 people and profiles this is. So why don’t we treat them all the same in the beginning? And why don’t we just focus on flow? So going back to the CRM, let’s go to the most important source of business, which is your network. And then after that, let’s go to the most important action that we can be taking, which is date of last contact? Yes. And you should be looking right now it’s June, what is it June 24, or something? Is it June 24? Okay, fine. So it’s June 24. I’m looking as a coach, did you touch everybody in your database? June, May? Or April? Right? And that’s what I’m focusing on? Because that’s the quarter. Does that make sense? Yes. And then in July, we’re starting to third quarter. And we’re gonna go back to that principle. Again, now, you should have an auto marketing campaign, running to these individuals, it should be going out three to four times, maybe five times a month, it should happen without you even thinking about it. And if that has been ran well and executed properly, you’re gonna become a brand, you will become a brand not overnight, but over a year’s time, you’ll become a brand. Then, if you are lifelong with these individuals, once a quarter, and you do it for two years in a row, you’ll become a trusted advisor.

D.J. Paris 23:27
And you’ll have to fight. Let’s define live flow real quickly for the people who missed previous.

Ryan D’Aprile 23:32
Yeah, sure. So let’s let’s live for life flow is not this, you ready? You drop your kids at school and you bump into two people in your dashboard, and you have a nice conversation with them. That’s not lifelong. That’s on accident. It’s not on purpose. Now, two days later, notating it and then following up with a text or a Facebook message or an IG message, or or even a phone call to say so good. See his school. And by the way, we talked about this. And did you know that? Right following up and making it count. So being invited to a I don’t know being invited to a graduation party of a friend and seeing 15 people in your network there and talking to them. That’s wonderful. That’s not live flow. That’s on accident, you were invited to the party. You sat down, you had meaningful conversations the Great, let’s take the time over the next week or two, to have meaningful follow up and purposeful contact with them. And again, you could send them a text and Instagram message, a Facebook message. Don’t forget LinkedIn. So many of our viewers forget LinkedIn. It’s so powerful. And I tell all of my agents and anybody that I coach, social media is not for marketing. There are two there’s a social media war out there is a war of which real estate agent can outdo the other real estate agent with the best social media picks and you know who’s looking at it real estate agents.

D.J. Paris 24:56
Yeah, that’s the only people that can really is

Ryan D’Aprile 24:59
I I mean, sure there’s an element of doing it and but please don’t make it your focus. Soviet agents are doing it and that’s fine. But it’s like the next agent keeping up and putting up and outdoing the other agent, your, your, your network doesn’t care that much about that. They care more about relationship they’re going to buying and selling home is the biggest emotional transaction of somebody’s life, you need to a be top of mind and be be trusted. You don’t have to be trusted by like, I always been the best and greatest and coolest marketer out there be a friend.

D.J. Paris 25:33
Yeah. And one way that you can do this.

Ryan D’Aprile 25:38
And I went on a tangent, which I tend to do, I use social media, not for marketing, but for r&d, I right search my network, and then I develop a relationship with them. Yeah, and

D.J. Paris 25:49
LinkedIn is such a great way to do exactly that. Because oftentimes, you just check somebody’s post history, you know, you go into your CRM, you say, I haven’t talked to John Smith, and in several, or I haven’t done my live interaction with John, I’m gonna go on LinkedIn, I’m gonna see if he is posted anything related to his his life or his business or the company he works for. And then if we see that maybe John switch jobs, even another opportunity to reach out, Hey, I was on LinkedIn, I saw you switch jobs. And by the way, you can set up alerts to get notified in real time of that. But if you’re just looking up, John, because he does June 24, and you need to have talked to John, you can do that. And then go to Google and do a search for you know, if there isn’t anything personal, maybe something’s going on with the company he works for you say, Hey, I just came across this article, I was thinking about

Ryan D’Aprile 26:36
you. Yes, yes. And, and DJ, that’s your job. Yes. That’s your job, you guys, you have to understand that that is your job. If you want to be successful in this business, that’s your job. If you have these fearful thoughts that come up, we all have them say, Oh, my God, what are they going to think about me? It’s not about you.

D.J. Paris 26:57
It’s right. But you know, it’s funny. We’re talking about this in relation to building a real estate business. But this is the absolute truth. I wish I could screenshot it, because maybe I’ll put as little pictures because I don’t know that anyone will believe that this is actually true. So I realized I do a pretty we have 600 brokers at our firm. And since my job is not out there producing like all of our listeners, I more on the recruiting side. But I have a similar strategy, I have to stay in touch with our own brokers, which is our network. And we have strategies to stay in touch with them and make phone calls. But one thing I realized is I have this really well set up for my for my business, but I don’t do it with my own friends. Sometimes months go by. And so now I have scheduled I have a CRM for my friends my friendships right, you can do this all obviously with with any with any area of life. But I have now setting that up today, actually, when’s the last time I called my friend Mike? Oh, it’s been three months. That’s too long. So I haven’t I have no structure for that too.

Ryan D’Aprile 27:53
Well, you know, in TJ, along those same lines is this is I’ve been asked and I have done this for several different industries. I spoke to a hedge fund Did you know they have about $3 billion under management and they had, they had Wells Fargo Private Client, Chief People Officer, I can’t remember the person’s title there and myself. And I sat and spoke with these. It was their sales arm, okay, it was the sales arm of the company. We went over the exact same principles we were relating so much. They had been still get pinged by individuals from the company, and asked me about advice about life flow. I’ve done this for insurance, I’ve done it for mortgage lending. It’s the same philosophy. And when I hear an individual, like, it’s not for me, then I understand and maybe this is not the right business for you. But you guys, this technique these practices are if you’re an attorney, if you’re an adapter, if your accountant, if you’re responsible for getting customers, if you’re responsible for getting everybody needs a customer, dentists need customers, sure. Everybody needs customers. So this practice, where I want you to understand and what I want to encourage you to do is, is do the Mel Robbins, stop thinking 54321 move forward with this thing, and reach out and just make a connection. And stop thinking about what you do for a living. Because I’m not asking you to call in and saying, Oh, by the way, you know, look anybody looking to buy or sell a home?

D.J. Paris 29:21
Or oh, by the way, I’m never too busy for your referrals.

Ryan D’Aprile 29:25
No, nothing, right. We don’t want to cheapen the relationship or dry. And so many wonderful things besides clients will come of this.

D.J. Paris 29:34
Well, I’ll tell you to it’s funny. I was just thinking about this and I hope to God, I’m reasonably confident the person who’s my insurance agent does not listen to this podcast, but I really like her just in the off chance she hears this because I’m going to pick on her just slightly and she’s in property and casualty and for anyone who knows insurance, that means she has 1000s of clients. I am I am one of hundreds if not 1000s of people to make up her business. So I I’m not ultimately that important to her overall practice. However, I’ve been with her over 10 years, I have literally never met her face to face, she’s done a great job for me. And every year on my birthday, I get a card. And you know, the holiday times I get a, you know, Merry Christmas card or whatever. And I’m not asking for more than that. I’m happy with her. I’m not going anywhere. But it’s been 10 years. And even though she has 1000s of clients, I have like seven or eight policies, whether it must be a de I must be a decent client. It wouldn’t be great just one at one year to get a 15 second phone call, it’s probably not going to happen, where she said, Hey, I just wanted to call and say thank you so much for being with me for 10 years. I really appreciate it talk to you soon. Even if that’s all I ever got. It would mean it would mean a lot to me. Right?

Ryan D’Aprile 30:45
Yeah, absolutely. And it’s and it comes down to it like it for her. And you and me and all of our listeners here. That’s our job. Right? And that’s, that’s our job. To stay in business. We have to be in flow with our network. Otherwise, we’re going to be out of business.

D.J. Paris 31:02
I mean, if you have nothing to touch base with with your your contact list, you can if it’s somebody you’ve done business with the students can say, hey, I three years ago, I sold your home. I just wanted to say thanks so much that that was really a great experience for me. I hope I did a good job for you. And I was just thinking about it. I mean, even if that’s the house, yeah, how are things going?

Ryan D’Aprile 31:22
Right? Right, right. So like along those lines, that’s wonderful. dgap just hey, how’s the house has been going like, Yes, I haven’t seen it forever. I would love to come by have a coffee or beer with you and just see how you been? For not gonna think it’s strange. You spent probably two months in a car with these people. That’s right. And most real estate agents do a poor job of staying in flow with their past customers. Yeah. Now, here’s the other statistic. Every person in your network knows for people who want to buy or sell or home, every person your network. So if you have 20 people, your network gets 800 potential referrals. Now, not everybody is aware. Everybody knows for people, but not everybody is aware of who’s purchasing at the right time to get you the referral. But you know, who is higher likelihood of being aware, says the person who bought in the past year to two years makes sense. All they’re talking about right.

D.J. Paris 32:18
And their friends are asking them about it and going hey, we’re thinking of doing the same thing.

Ryan D’Aprile 32:22
Right? Correct. I give kudos to I never met the guy. I didn’t even hear him speak somebody said to uh, but somebody said Mario Greco calls every even if he doesn’t work with the buyer’s agent. Right? He’s got buyer’s agents. So he doesn’t work with the buyer they ate his buyer agent does. He says I go back. And I catch from that because I call that buyer eight times in a row. And he understands the art will be more flow with your network.

D.J. Paris 32:45
Well, and I will tell you, for those who are in the Chicago market, Mario Greco is one of the biggest producers for forever. He is a big deal. And I will also tell you, he routinely reaches out to our show, saying I would love to be on your show. Now he is too busy just like Ryan to do the show. And we just haven’t had been able to schedule them in but you know, he is somebody? For God’s sakes. Oh, yeah. Believe me, he is he is a big gift for us. There is never a question of it’s his schedule. That’s trickier. But my point is, is he took he takes time every three or four months going, don’t forget about me, please try to get me in. And he’s probably maybe the most persistent person we’ve ever had wanting to be on the show. And it’s just we just haven’t scheduled wise. But that’s probably not just a coincidence, right? He is a very P stays in touch. He doesn’t want us to forget about him. Not like we would. But he’s, yeah, he’s got a system

Ryan D’Aprile 33:35
huge. But then I want to although our listeners are here to hear this is because Comparison is the thief of all joy. If you’re just getting into the business, or if you’ve been in it for decades, you’re not where you want to be. You don’t have to be there right to be financially successful. It Believe it or not, it does not take a lot to be financially successful. And there comes a point where it’s enough, right and where we want to be, you know, my wife, sells real estate. She’s been doing it ever since 2010. She consistently sells between 20 and 25 million as a real estate. She doesn’t want to anymore. It’s

D.J. Paris 34:07
a great pet is a great living.

Ryan D’Aprile 34:09
It’s a wonderful living. You know, I It’s a wonderful living. So, you know, by the way, that’s even an extreme by the end.

D.J. Paris 34:19
That’s an extreme folks, that’s more than a great living now that I think

Ryan D’Aprile 34:22
7 million is a fantastic living it and you could do it. I got a wonderful agent. I’ve been coaching. He just turned 30 This year, he’s in his fourth year with us. He’s hit $12 million, the past two years, he’s gonna hit $17 million this year. I’m so proud of them. I use them as an example. But guess what his dashboard is data less context and his notes there copious notes, he’s engaged. He’s not dialing it in. And I’ll tell you something. He spends 30 minutes a day doing it.

D.J. Paris 34:53
That’s it. And we should also mention with him because I think you’ve talked about me with him offline isn’t his average price point. Not that high, like he just Yes, average 185? Well, I mean, that’s even more impressive.

Ryan D’Aprile 35:05
Of course it is, of course, living in the suburb that I live in, you could do six $8 million in a handful of transactions, that a handful, and that’s an accomplishment, don’t get me wrong. But it’s like, you know, it’s, you can have unbelievable results, which is 12 to $15 million in volume with an average price point of 180 to $200,000. If you’re engaged, and you’re in flow, and you understand that your job is to build relationships. So that’s what I have, I don’t want to run out and take this too long. I don’t want to bore the listeners. But I hope I hope this helps. And, you know, what else can I What else can I offer? I think that’s something I want to just kind of focus on is, wait, wait, I apologize, I want to go back. Go ahead. It’s the busy season, and people are falling off, right. And EJ, we, we, we got off, we got off. And here it is, it’s June. And you need to go back, you got to look at your data last contact. And I’ll bet you, the majority of us. And I mean, the overwhelming majority of us, like 85% of us out there have failed to be in flow with our contacts in the second quarter, because that’s one of the busiest Sure. And then we’d go back to the gerbil cycle of trying to start it all over again. And it’s such a terrible habit to be in. And after 567 10 years, you kind of get programmed in need to find an accountability partner or coach to hold you accountable to doing what is important, so that your results are consistent, and predictable. And

D.J. Paris 36:43
I will tell you to when you find an accountability partner, it’s never you when I have somebody that calls me every morning at 730 and asks me the silly questions, or maybe seemingly silly to listeners, but so important to me, which is did you get to the gym yesterday? Did you eat? I have certain things I eat, I don’t eat? Did you eat correctly? Did you did you call a friend? Did you make your bed? These are things I struggle with? Did you check your finances? Right? These are little daily habits. This is what Ryan’s talking about daily habits that are easy to not do like the 20 to 30 minutes of contacting live your contact list. But these are the things that reap the biggest dividends right. And so you don’t need to call the your accountability partner say I just closed a $2 million home. That’s great, you should celebrate that. But it should be Hey, oh, and also were you able to call 10 of your people from your contact list today. In addition to that huge closing,

Ryan D’Aprile 37:38
I have accountability partner for you guys. And for those that are still kind of listening and moving on to the end of this and they’re looking for that last little nugget, go to your managing broker. Yeah. And ask your managing broker, you know, we tell our managing brokers have a monthly check in at least with everybody. Open up the dashboard, hold them accountable, give them a tasks, and you know what your coaching session, your combo says they don’t need to go more than 25 minutes, right? Here’s where we are do this. And then determine seeming two weeks for seeming 30 days. Don’t like go much longer than 30 days. So

D.J. Paris 38:10
I love it. And you know, if you work in an office where the managing brokers not as available, partner up with a broker at your firm and another firm and have a daily check in if you need it. There’s certain things I need checked in on every single day or I won’t do them. So know your limitations. As Ryan said, surrender you have certain strengths, certain things that are struggle, allow those things to be a struggle and build a system in place so that you don’t three months go by and you realize oh my gosh, I didn’t I didn’t call anybody because I was so busy. That’s a that’s a bet you that won’t feel good at the end of those three months?

Ryan D’Aprile 38:45
Nope, it sure won’t. And you’ll be able to see it. If you have. If you have charts and graphs, if you’re tracking your business, you’ll be able to see the dips. And it’s just like the supply and demand conversation we’re having with ourselves. That’s the cause and effect. While the cause is are you in flow, do you have your auto flow going? Do you have your life flow going? And the effect is your business? And then your business should be broken? No. business should be broken up. I once you’re close, depending you’re active in your prospects.

D.J. Paris 39:13
No, I’m sorry, I interrupted you before? Yeah, I was I was interviewing a woman. This is years ago. And she I was asking her Oh, have you done any training programs. And we were talking about Brian Buffini program, which is obviously a very, very popular one. And one of the things Brian Buffini says is how do you win the day and there are certain things that he suggests however, we were talking about because she had been through his program and I said oh, did you sign up for his monthly items of value thing where you send out mailers to everyone anyway, he’s got a monthly program we do that? And she’s like, you know, I just I did and I paid a lot of money for it. And I never mailed them out and she said not never but rarely would she mailed them out they’d stack up month after month. Because you know the funny thing is I whenever I mail out these and these are pre printed in Non personalized marketing materials but you know, they’re Hey, I’m, you know, I’m gonna send you something so you don’t forget about me materials. She’s every time I did it I got a client. She goes, I know that sounds crazy, but I’m like, the truth is I don’t do it. But every time I do it, I get clients, I said, Hey, look, maybe you’re just not good at mailing those out. And instead of trying to fight with yourself, if you can’t do it, what could you pay somebody to do it? Maybe Maybe it’s worth paying 100 bucks to somebody to do that for you? And she goes, yeah,

Ryan D’Aprile 40:31
yeah. Of course. In fact, I noticed this, because again, I started doing this. And when I started doing this, I started wanting to grow our company back into 2012 2000, late 11 2012, this I want to grow a real estate company. And for five years, I was talking to Blue my face and coach anyway, people would walk out a room, they could run through breakfast, they wouldn’t be running, right? So we just we you walk in, it’s done it, we do it, we just we’ve learned from that we’re going to just focus on structured accountability and coaching life flow, we’re going to we’re going to take that marketing element of it, you know, off, you could you can sprinkle it, you could add more to it with a little flair, social media, everything else, just don’t let it be a distraction. Don’t let it be a distraction from where you really. So everyone

D.J. Paris 41:19
should should, you know, at the very least, the end of this, we could all do a better job at staying in touch with our network. So create a structure, let’s make sure we touch every single person as often as possible, and you have a structure. And it’s not just that, you know, every morning, here are the 15 calls I need to make. And it should be fun. And it also is, as Ryan said, and couldn’t be repeated enough. Your net work is your net worth. And it could not be more true, at least in this business.

Ryan D’Aprile 41:51
Absolutely. Well, DJ, thanks for having me, I appreciate it. It’s

D.J. Paris 41:54
always anyone who think thank you, if anyone is out there who would love to work for a company where they provide a lot of the structure for you so that you have the freedom to go and do what you do best. Some of it, they actually do for you. You should look at the April properties go to da properties.com, we’ll put a link in the description. And obviously Ryan and his offices are doing great, they have 500 plus brokers and I we have a similar number. I know just how much it takes to get there. And it means that you know, people are very attracted. And Ryan does it with virtually no marketing. He uses the same principle with his own brokers, which is where the vast majority of new people who join him come from their relationships from previous brokers. So anyway, if you’re interested in this sort of structure, Ryan’s about as amazing as I’ve ever seen it so definitely reach out to him or his team. And otherwise, why and we will see you once again in a month. And oh, by the way, send us your questions. If you want questions for a master coach like Ryan, about what to do, where are you struggling? Where do you need more assistance? Let us know and send us your your questions via Facebook or our website or email and we will get those over to Ryan for next time. So on behalf of Ryan and myself, we appreciate you listening and we are now over 100 episodes, which is amazing to me that that this has been so popular and we’re so excited to continue it especially with partners like Ryan so Ryan thanks again.

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