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We are excited to announce a new voice to Keeping It Real! Top producer, author, coach and podcast host Krista Mashore will be coming on twice a month to give our listeners Little Sparks of marketing help and strategies to take your real estate business to the next level. Krista has sold over 2,200 homes and has been a top 1% agent for over 20 years. Welcome to the Keeping It Real Podcast family, Krista!

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D.J. Paris 0:00
Hey, everyone, it’s DJ over at the keeping it real podcast, I’m your host. But today is a very unique announcement for us. And this is not our normal episode. It’s a short episode. But I’m very so incredibly excited. I’ve been working on this podcast for since the beginning, which was almost five years, and we are now in a position to expand and grow our, our reach. And we’re going to do that by adding on a new voice to the show. So you’re used to just hearing me probably sick of hearing me. So we wanted to bring on somebody that is amazing. And really somebody who’s out there in the trenches, right. So I’m, I sit at a desk all day. And while I work in the real estate industry, I’m not out there helping buyers, sellers, investors, renters, etc. That’s what you guys do. And you really deserve some, you know, some additional perspective on what that’s like from somebody who can actually speak to that. And so that’s where, why we’re having this announcement today. So I am so incredibly excited because we have a new show on our network. And the just so you know, you don’t have to do anything. If you’re already subscribed to our feed, you’ll get these episodes, but let’s tell you what it is it is called little sparks. And it is with crystal Mae shore. And we did an episode with Krista, we were so impressed with her. We just fell in love with her instantly. And we said we need to have you on our on our network. And she already has a podcast, which is amazing. It’s called fired up. And you really should listen to it. But in case you don’t know about crystal, let me just tell you what she’s going to be doing on the show, she’s going to be speaking directly to you the audience, maybe she’ll have a guest once in a while. But the reason why she’s going to speak directly to you is this is what she does. Let me just give you a few of her credentials. She’s a top 1% Realtor nationwide, not just in her local market. She’s been that way for 20 years. So she knows what it’s like she knows what it’s like to start and to get to the top of the mountain. But she also knows what it’s like to teach you guys how to do that she is a real estate coach. She’s also Oh, she herself by the way has sold over 2000 actually over 2200 homes in her career personally. So this is somebody that knows how to do this. And she’s also a real estate coach. She teaches other agents how to do this. And she’s a digital marketing specialist. She does it all through marketing, which is the number one question that we get from our listeners is how do I do marketing better that’s what Krista is going to be on our show twice a month and we decided to name her show little sparks so it’ll be little bite sized nuggets of of really actionable insight and strategy to help you guys actually take your marketing to the next level. Krista is awesome. And we just said Do whatever you want talk into the microphone because everything she says is gold. So I just wanted to introduce her and she’s going to be coming on in just a moment and we also just wanted to say thank you please please tell other people about this addition to our show, Krista is amazing. Also subscribed to her show, which again is called fired up and we’ll have a link to that in our show notes here. Don’t worry though, that the my version of the show is staying we’re just adding on we’re not subtracting we’re adding and we’re so proud to have Krista on our network. So without further ado, let’s say hi to Krista

Krista Mashore 3:18
everyone let’s keepin it real in real estate podcast is joining with Chris Demacia and fired up and so this is my first individual podcast I’m gonna be doing and they’re going to be having me come on two times per month on the keepin it real podcast. So I I would use today to kind of tell you a little bit about myself and kind of have you get to know me a little bit

so, I have been in the real estate industry for over 21 years, I’ve sold over 2300 homes in my career. And I have been the top 1% of Realtors nationwide pretty much every year that I’ve been in the industry. Also, I specialize in digital marketing. In fact, I have done over $34 million online income that we’ve made over the past four years. I’ve left full time being a full time realtor, real estate agent about four years ago, the year that I left real estate I had sold 154 houses that year myself without a big team. It was just me, a transaction coordinator and an assistant and that you’re actually trained my brother Josh to come in and partner with me so I could teach him how to basically be me so I can exit my business and start coaching and training real estate agents and mortgage professionals across the country how to utilize digital marketing and social media and video to dominate their areas. So that’s what I do like I love marketing. I’m a wizard it I absolutely understand what real estate agents are going through, what their fears are, what their challenges are, what you know how like best marketing practices, I basically was you for you know such a long time so I understand exactly where you’re at and what you need. I I also know that many times in real estate, we are not taught, like how to actually have how to treat real estate like a business, right? We’re not taught how to become business owners or that we’re entrepreneurs, we kind of the barriers to entry, enter your real estate throughout the country is so so easy to do that it makes it difficult for real estate agents and lenders, and mortgage professionals to really think about their business like a business. So I kind of want to talk to you about some of the things I’m going to be talking about when I come on. And I, you know, I know that they’re really wanting me to talk about digital marketing. And I actually am going to talk a lot about digital marketing. But what I wanted you to understand and really, really get is that I’m also like a really big mindset person. And so you’re gonna see me intertwining mindset, and marketing and social media and video, and digital marketing, into the things I’m going to be talking about. Sometimes it might seem super strict, smore, strategy driven summers, it might be more, you know, tactics. But I’m gonna be doing a lot of mindset because I believe that mindset is more important skill set. And so anytime somebody starts doing a podcast, it’s really important to kind of understand who that person is and to learn as much about him as possible. So I figured I’d kind of tell you guys a little bit about me, so you can kind of understand where I come from. I have just created wild success online. In fact, I’ve written four best selling books on digital marketing. One book is called sell 100 homes a year by Krista Miescher. Another book is the ultimate lead gen playbook that we’ve done also three clients in 30 days, and then fire, financially independent, retire early, there’s the books that I’ve written, you can find them on Amazon, and it talks all about digital marketing and social media. But here’s the deal. I want you to understand a little bit about me personally, so that you understand that. Just sometimes I think we look at people and we see that they’re successful. And we think like, oh my gosh, that person’s, you know, successful because Chris has done a lot of energy, or because she has those pretty fake white teeth, or, you know, we make assumptions as to why people are successful. And we tell ourselves things that quite frankly, are just not true. We tell ourselves things like, Well, Chris is successful because of x, or, you know, we just say things that aren’t right. And what I want you to understand is that in most cases, that’s just really not the case. In fact, like I know, DJ, there was times that he’s gone through stuff, right, and people can DJ, they just think he’s able to keep it real podcast because of insert the reason. What I want you to understand is that we are all human, we all go through things, we all have challenges, we have marital issues, sometimes we have problems with our kids, we have problems in business with our brokers or, or people that work under us or aside from us. And there’s so many challenges right now with what’s happening in the world. And we all have them, right. And so I kind of thought I would tell you a little bit about my story. So that when as I start talking to you about things in real estate, and about marketing, that you’ll understand that I’m just like you, I’m just a human, and I’ve got a past. And because of how I’ve chosen to attack my past, and how I’ve chosen to really, you know, move forward with my past, has really, really made me who I am today. So mindset is more important in skill set. Remember that mindset is more important in skill set. And the more that you can control your mind and your thoughts is, is what you’re gonna is when you’re gonna see like your life and your business explode. And so we say things to ourselves, like I can’t do it, or it’s too hard, or I don’t have enough time or I’m too young, or I’m too old, or I’m too new, or I’m too inexperienced, or I’m too heavy, or I’m too thin, or I’m not good with technology, we tell ourselves all these things that quite frankly aren’t just true, right? We

say these things. But the brain, what happens when we say these things, and we think think these things, the brain says okay, you’re right, you’re too young. You’re right, you’re too young. You’re too You’re too inexperienced, you’re right, you’re too inexperienced, or too old, you’re right. Whether you say you’re right, or you say you are wrong, you are right. So I want you to really, really be cautious of the things that you’re saying to yourself and what you’re, you know, how are you? What are you thinking, what are those thoughts coming up, and when you have negative thoughts about your energy level about you know, not having enough time or whatever it might be, be cautious about what you are saying, and saying out loud and repeating to yourself into your mind because you are right. And the brains job is to get you more of what you think. So if you think if you notice what you’re doing well, and you celebrate your successes, and you celebrate what you’re doing, right, the brain goes, that feels good dopamine is being produced, let’s do more of it. But if you focus on the ladder, like all the things that aren’t working, what you’re doing wrong, the brain goes, Yeah, you’re right. So let’s figure out all the things that we can do and think about that are gonna help us get to the success that we want. And for some of you this might be hard, right? Maybe you have difficulty childhood or you’ve been in an abusive relationship, or maybe you’ve got PTSD or maybe you’ve got some depression going on or you’ve had physical abuse, maybe sexual abuse. I know I’m getting kind of intimate right now. But I get it I had I had some physical abuse happening when I was younger. I am so happy this I’m very, very close to my family right now my dad is one of the most precious people in the world. And I love my mom. So, so much. And this has been something I’ve had a hard time talking about until just the past couple of years. And there was some physical abuse happening in my home with my mom. And because of that, I went to bed until I was 10. I could not read in second grade, they realized I couldn’t reach they put me in a special education class for reading. I had massive, severe anxiety because of the abuse and, and a massive learning disability, right. So when I was 13, I started running away from home, I couldn’t handle it anymore. And my dad didn’t know what was happening because it was happening when he was at work. And quite frankly, was almost like really have two legs. We had this happy, sweet, amazing life. And we went to church, and we were having this great family and going on vacations. And we went, you know, we did things together. And then and then there was this, you know, other part when when there was issues with my mom, there were some physical abuse that was happening with me. And it was hard, right. And so when I turned 13, I started running away. And I ended up running away for over a year back and forth being taken back home. And then they put me in juvenile hall because finally I broke the law. And then I got sent to a group home in Cottonwood, California label Hidden Hills group home for girls. And let me tell you, there was nothing hidden about it, I got dropped off every day in this big huge green bus basically with the label of your screw up. So kids chastise us. And they were mean to us. And they kind of braided us and didn’t talk to us because we were like the weird kids, right. And so I spent a year there. And then I got sent to a foster home. And I spent the remaining years in foster home until I turned 18. Now with that being said, there’s a lot of mental mindspace that comes on up here, right. And I’ve learned the ability to be able to take those thoughts of inadequacy and of not being loved or being liked, or the anxiety ridden. And the thoughts of I’m not good enough, like who am I to sell 100 homes a year, who am I to coach people, you know, to do what I’m doing, who am I to coach these agents and lenders across the country. And I’ve had to work on who I am and my belief system, my thought process. And because of that, you know, the year I left real estate, I think we get around over a million dollars in commission, right. In fact, last year, we did around $1.4 million in gross commissions in real estate. And I only was working on my business around four or five hours a month, I’m the face of the business, my systems and processes and my attraction based marketing is what is what generates visits, my brother now acts as me. And I have been able to build that business along with my coaching business. And we do between one and $2 million a month in coaching for realtors and lenders. And the reason we’re able to do so well is because I’ve been able to master my mark my mindset and my thoughts and the things I say to myself and the things I’m doing. And I’ve I’ve learned to overcome that link limited negative voice inside that comes up that keeps you from getting and believing that you deserve anything and everything. And I believe more than anything that you deserve and believe and can achieve anything and everything that you want to in life. So that’s the kind of thing I’m gonna be talking about. When I come on this podcast twice a month, I’m gonna be teaching you about mindset tactics and strategies, digital marketing, how to use video, how to attract business,

I’m gonna teach you about things I’ve done well, and things have been wrong. And I’m just going to help you have a better life. Because I believe that, you know, if you want to have a great real estate business, or a great lending business that you first need to have a great life. And when I talk about having this, well, this awesome, financially rich, this financially abundant life, I also mean, I want your life to be abundant, right? How you feel about yourself, your relationships, your energy level, you know, I want you to be a positive force of energy. And I want you to learn to be to be excited and to really be that positive energy giver, and a people because if you do that, you’re going to make more money and you’re going to have more confidence and you’re going to show up better to the world and confident cells, enthusiasm cells and energy cells. So that’s the kind of thing that I’m going to be talking about on this podcast. My name is Kristen shore and I own the company Kristen, we share coaching. I also own homes by Krista which is a my own personal brokerage with exp I’m with exp Realty. And that’s the kind of thing we’re going to be going over in this podcast. So I’m gonna leave you with one quick trick. So I call this the stop, snap and switch trick. Okay, what this is, is our brains we have between 60 and 70,000 thoughts a day that goes to our brains. And because of everything going on many times they’re negative, right? Like, it’s like that negative voice it’s the bad wolf in our head telling us that we can’t do things and all these negative stuff. Those negative thoughts and the things we say to ourselves they turn out to be what our life is like right? Whether you say you can or you say you can’t You’re right. So I want you to say that you can only to say that you are that you do that you you’re worthy that you there’s plenty to go around, you’ve got enough energy, you’ve got enough time there is enough money there is enough inventory right? There are plenty of buyers, your stuff is getting accepted, you are attracting you deserve a full price commission. So how do you do that stop snapping switch anytime a negative thought comes into your Head, there might be like, I’m too old. I’m too old to learn technology, you’re gonna say, that wasn’t gonna stop recognize it, snap, snap the bracelet, you’re that. And I’m going to switch it over to the other hand, I’m going to say, my age is going to help give me more perspective. And it’s going to it’s given me more experience, I’m absolutely the right age to be doing real estate. I’m going to stop snapping switch, anytime a negative thought comes into my head, I’m going to recognize it, I’m going to turn that negative around that limiting belief around and I am then going to start, I’m going to switch it and restate the statement into a positive one, stop, snap and switch. That’s your assignment. Now let me ask you a question. What limiting things are you saying to yourself? What limiting beliefs are you putting out there? What things are you saying to yourself about your business, about the economy, about real estate, about marketing about you know that how many deals there are out there about lack of inventory? What are you saying to yourself, recognizing limiting beliefs recognize these limiting statements recognize these things? And let’s stop. Okay, let’s stop. I’m Kristie Ray. Sure. I’m so excited to be here with you. I keep it real. You can also follow me at fired up. Just gonna fire it up with Chris Demacia because I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to be fired up. So don’t forget everyone. It’s great to listen but if you’re not implementing nothing will change in your business and I cannot wait to see you next time. Have a great day.

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