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Welcome to another episode of Video Boot Camp for Real Estate Professionals with Kim Rittberg.

You’re putting time and effort into making the videos, you’ve done the work — how do you actually get people to watch it? How do you make it more interesting so people stop scrolling?

And Kim has a really exciting Video Boot Camp Summer Intensive – where she’ll be teaching you how to get more clients and sell more houses through video! In just 4 days you will go from stressed to totally in control. Spots are filling up so you can learn about it and apply here!

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You already make videos for social media to attract more clients. But how do you get people to actually watch your videos? We’re going to talk about that today. Stay tuned. This episode of Keeping it real is brought to you by real geeks. How many homes are you going to sell this year? Do you have the right tools? Is your website turning soft leads and interested buyers? Are you spending money on leads that aren’t converting? Well real geeks is your solution. Find out why agents across the country choose real geeks as their technology partner. Real geeks was created by an agent for agents. They pride themselves on delivering a sales and marketing solution so that you can easily generate more business. There agent websites are fast and built for lead conversion with a smooth search experience for your visitors. Real geeks also includes an easy to use agent CRM. So once a lead signs up on your website, you can track their interest and have great follow up conversations. Real geeks is loaded with a ton of marketing tools to nurture your leads and increase brand awareness visit real geeks.com forward slash keeping it real pod and find out why Realtors come to real geeks to generate more business again, visit real geeks.com forward slash keeping it real pod and now on to our show

Kim Rittberg 1:32
I love being here with keeping it real I have so many friends from across the country. I know when you follow me on Instagram you always say hi. So keep the notes coming and as you search hung up on video, please tag me at Kim Rydberg I will cheer you on. I will give you encouragement, I will give you tips. And I want to let you know I have a video bootcamp Summer Intensive coming up July 24, you will go from feeling overwhelmed and confused to totally in charge, confidently attracting your ideal clients getting homes listed, getting lots of clients interested in you. And it’s really about becoming the go to expert in your neighborhood. I give you all the tools, all the information. It’s gonna be an amazing group, and you’re gonna learn so much so fast from me, an award winning video strategist and expert. I spent 10 years in TV news. And then I was an executive at Netflix, Pop Sugar People Magazine and now I speak at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. I taught at their national convention, I spoke at the Women’s Real Estate Investment Summit, I guess teach at Syracuse University at NYU. So I know what I’m talking about anyway. But this is not about me. It’s about you and helping you grow with video and podcasts of don’t be afraid of them. Today we’re talking about, you’re putting in all this time and effort into making videos, right? You’re making content, but then how do you actually get people to watch it? Like what are some tricks that you can use. So that’s what we’re talking about today. And I want to remind you, a lot of times maybe 50 75% of the people that I see, getting on camera is the first hurdle to get over. So I have a video from keeping it real, maybe a month back about how to be confident on camera, you can also check me out on Instagram, you can check out some of my tips there and grab my free download as well. But if you’re struggling to even get on camera, that’s step number one. So make sure to get on camera, get yourself out of supermodel mode, and get into teacher mode, meaning stop thinking about how you look what you’re wearing how your voice sounds, and just start thinking about the message that you’re bringing, which is letting people know what an expert you are letting people know how much you want to help them in this amazing purchase or rental that they’re working on with you and that you’re the person that they should trust. So it’s all about creating that know like and trust when you’re talking about real estate and these huge investments. So here are some tips about what you can do to get people to watch those incredible videos. So first, I want you to start thinking about hooks, you can have a great video. But if it takes you about 10 seconds into the video for someone to realize what you’re talking about, or why they should want to watch, you lost that chance. So let’s say you have this great video about how to renovate your kitchen in under $300. I mean, I live in New York City, so that’s pretty cheap, but maybe it’s even $100 how to upgrade your kitchen in under $100. I would absolutely watch so I think that’s a really good idea for video. But if you start the video and we’re talking about short form video, okay, if you’re talking about long form video, it’s a little bit different. But if you’re talking about a short form video, a minute, and it takes you 20 seconds to even get into what you’re going to say you lost people. People are scrolling on their phones, they’re multitasking, they’re grabbing their coffee, they’re getting their soccer ball in the car, they’re putting their dog in the car, they’re getting their kids, they’re doing a lot to really have to grab them in those first few seconds with an amazing hook. Let’s say you feel like oh well my video is not that interesting. Like how do I make a good hook a hook is like the thing that grabs them, it can be the headline could be really beautiful visual. Even if your content isn’t like an amazing sunset, or a crazy bonfire, you know, something like really visual, maybe it’s just information, you have to merchandise it, you have to market it in a way. That’s interesting. So let’s say you’re commenting on the market. And maybe instead of just saying, Here’s my market take, you could give more information about your market take why you shouldn’t buy a home. Now, I would be surprised by that. Because I would be like, Why is this agent telling me not to buy a home? I want to watch. So it’s really about thinking of how do you entice someone to be curious? How do you pique their curiosity, that’s a really important part of getting people to watch your video. So we’re talking about a hook or headline. And again, with hooks and headlines, you can package them together. So you can see five tips to list your house. Five tips to win a bidding war. The biggest, like the biggest tip to staging your home successfully, so anything that feels really concrete, someone’s not like, Oh, I’m gonna have to read like a 400 page article on this topic. Like they know they’re gonna learn something really, really quickly. And then of course you deliver on it. We never have clickbait we never lie to people. So that is one way is have really clear and catchy headlines. I promise you, and I’ll challenge you, if you if you are making a video right now, or make a video now please do make a video. alter your headline the text on the very first frame, or start your video with something really, really visual. And tell me if you feel that you feel like in your numbers. Tell me if you’ve got more views, more engagement on that video, because it started with a big, bold headline of what’s to come. All right, message me on Instagram, I’m also on LinkedIn, I have Facebook, I use it less for business, but I still use it. And the next one is trying to think of catchy ideas. Now, a lot of people are gonna say, of course, I’m trying to think of catchy ideas. I’m coming up with a creative brainstorm. But I would say more often than not people really start recording and they’re not necessarily we’re not always pushing ourselves to think of like, what’s a new peg for this? What’s a new idea for this? So you can think of things that are related to pop culture? Is there a real estate show that you want to weigh in on? Is there real estate in a big TV show. So for example, I love succession. I live in New York City, so obviously successions in New York show, but I worked with one of my agents, and we did a succession based pop culture video, which basically, we showed the actual apartment and then we’re like, would you spend $50 million on this, because they talk about buying it for a ton of money. So you can relate your opinion, to a pop culture event or a moment, I just drink some water, obviously, you can hear my drinking water related to a pop culture moment. Again, you can also Like Comment on homes that you’re not listing. So if there’s a home in your area, that’s really cool. And you want to talk about it talk about it doesn’t have to be the house that you listed just and you’ll start seeing that the more you start watching other people’s videos, you’ll realize you don’t need to be the listing agent on videos to feature it and to get use of it.

So we talked about hooks, about really catchy ideas. And then another thing about really catchy idea. So think about a real estate show or a home renovation show or anything like that, that you love. Thinking about what you love about it, like actually just analyze it a little bit more. So if you think about those renovation shows you love the before and after. It’s very satisfying. And sometimes you love a sledgehammer, sometimes it’s satisfying to just see something be smashed. So start with a fresh eye on to your own work. Are you showing any homes that are brand new? Like are you working on a property, that’s a new development, see if you can get photos or videos that are before it was built, and then maybe the next shot can be the after? That’s very satisfying for people because you don’t often get to see that level of progress. You’re normally walking to a host and you’re like, Oh, here’s the house, here’s the apartment. So to be able to see that. And think about other things about renovation. Little quick fixes to renovate everyone’s always interested in renovating their home but on a budget or quickly. So if you have tips like that, or if you have homes that are that’s happening at you don’t always by the way have to be doing it. If you have ideas that you’d recommend to someone but you don’t have the footage of like it happening in a house. That’s okay. You can offer those tips. You just stand in like a beautiful home, stand with a nice background, make sure you’re always well lit, and that we can hear what you’re saying. But you can give advice, even if you’re not showing it. So those are some other tips, having relating it to pop culture. This is not real estate related but one of my students in my video bootcamp class, it was just the Super Bowl and Rihanna had to has revealed her pregnancy in that amazing red latex dress. And I had sent out an email immediately and let our video bootcamp people know earlier than that, that they should keep an eye out for pop culture moments based off of any big event. Super Bowl is a very big event. And so she posted a reaction to Rihanna announcing her pregnancy and her reaction video, it wasn’t crazy. It wasn’t over the top, it wasn’t even like scandalous or anything. Or like salacious or funny or whatever. It was really just her observation about that Rihanna must have slept really well that night because she was pregnant and like performing. And you know, that she was just basically crushing it on the stage. And she did it at the right time. And this role was happening. And that video got 13,000 views. This is someone whose videos were getting like 100 views before. So when you tie yourself into pop culture, you open yourself up to being discovered by more people, that’s called discoverability. Meaning people who don’t follow you, people who don’t know you can be shown your feed. So that’s a good thing to start thinking and trying to do is jumping on pop culture moments. So that’s one way to do it. And then the other thing is pop culture moments. Again, like I mentioned with succession, if there’s like a TV show that’s wrapping up, and it’s in some way related to your industry, that could work. So that person who’s commenting around as she is a coach, actually leadership coach. So it’s not necessarily like she’s so specifically connected to Rihanna. But if there’s any type of pop culture show, with real estate apartments, homes, that’s a really great way to like wedge yourself in if it’s the finale of something, or the premiere of something. So that’s a great way to try to get new people to learn about you. Now, house tour, I see so many home tours, I’ll be honest, I get a little upset when I only see just listed and just closed. The reason why I get upset is because real estate agents, y’all out there, you work so hard, you really distinct points of views, you do it because you love it. You all have opinions, like I’ve never met a real estate agent who’s just like, I don’t know, I just take the check. You know, you you are here because you believe in it. And you know how to talk to people, right, your salespeople, you know, I didn’t meet people, you know how to talk to them. The reason why I don’t like social feeds full of just listed and just closed Is that all it does is try to sell one house, but it doesn’t try to sell you as an agent. And I’m very, very nice about it. But I’m kind of tough about it. Because I think that, yes, you get to show your expertise in that, hey, look, I have sold some homes. So I think that’s good. It’s better than nothing. But it really doesn’t advance your goal, which is to become the go to expert in your neighborhood. And how do you become the go to expert in your neighborhood, by showcasing your expertise, your personality, letting people get to know you the opportunity to let people get to know you through video and podcast while you sit in your office is unbelievable. I’ve seen it for myself. I’ve seen it from my clients, one of my real estate agent clients, we did a YouTube series. And we focused specifically on raising him up as an expert. He got a multimillion dollar home listing from that. My other agent, he really focused on getting his Instagram looking more professional and sophisticated having more of a strategy. And he got a text message from someone, hey, haven’t seen you in five years, want to grab lunch, he got brought in on a new development listing, specifically because that person has kind of re re connected with him from Instagram. So these things are happening all the time. My other agent, she’s from South Carolina, she got a referral sent to her in Charleston, from an agent who she didn’t know who had been following her on social media. And she is somebody who’s really pushing her humorous side forward, she’s showcasing that she like has fun and, and will write funny little captions and do dancing or lip synching, which you don’t need to do. But it is about showing up and being yourself. So for some people that is walking around town and eating pizza, or drinking wine at the places in your neighborhood for other people that is being funny. For other people that is being very financially savvy, whatever is unique and authentic to you is what you should be doing. All right. That was a little bit of digression, but still learning. So it’s totally fine. When we’re talking about House tours, I want to remind you, you don’t need to just run a house store. You can also put in your own point of view about the house store. So let’s say you have a home and you have the video of it. You can also put in what you like about it, what struck you. You also can give tours of other homes, even if you’re not listing them as long as the listing agent says it’s okay you can come in and film it and put it on. And again, this is just a way for you to reach new people, for you to showcase your knowledge for you to showcase how you see the world how you see the real estate market. So again, we’re always really trying to elevate you as somebody who people go to for knowledge for expertise, or for partnerships. So it’s very important to not really just think about your Social Feed as oh, here’s a place to show houses that I’m listing or here’s a place to like, show houses that I would say, here’s a place to do anything you want related to homes, you could show up, you can give tips about buying homes, you have tips about selling homes, you can give, you can share your opinion on the strangest houses you’ve ever seen, in real life, or on TV. There’s a lot of really creative ways to go into this, especially because real estate, when you really think about it, almost everything in the world and pop culture is like related to shelter. Shelter is one of our basic needs. So I just realized that right now loud, so I’m probably gonna write that down and think about that more as a blog post. But shelter is really one of our basic needs. So everyone thinks about it has it rent buys something. So there’s a lot of different creative options to think about with that and tap into what you love. I have some of my agents love renovation. I’ve other agents love design. I’ve other agents who love the market. So whatever really makes it unique to you. That’s what you should be tapping into. You should be thinking about what are the things that I love to talk about? What are the things that I get asked a lot? What do people ask for my advice on? That’s really what you should do? You know, I sometimes get clients and they start asking me questions about like, their business strategy. And I’m like, I do have thoughts on business strategy. But like, that’s not really you really want to get into my zone of genius, you really want to know what I’m amazing at. Like, it’s showing you teaching you how to show up constantly on camera, is teaching you how to message, figure out what your message is, and make amazing video. So yes, I have intelligence other areas. But like, that’s not really what I show up as because that doesn’t really make sense for how I bring what I bring to the table. So I would encourage you to step in a little more and say, what is really unique to me, what is my perspective about that other people don’t have? What do I love talking about. So those are my tips about how to get people to watch your video one, amazing hooks and headlines, really, really, really clear hooks visually on the video, then come up with catchy ideas, those can be pop culture related ideas. They can be fun ideas, but a little outside the box, we’re not talking about just listed just close, right. And then house tour is putting in your perspective on that home, both your own listing or someone else’s listing. So you can show a home. But you can also say what you find really interesting about it, and maybe a history of the building. Also, you can bring a little more depth into that. Lastly,

I got to tell you, very hard to make people watch your videos if you’re not engaging. So social media starts with the word social. So you have to give to get on social media, meaning you need to be in there and communicating with other people. It’s a really big shift from the normal world where you would not walk over to a stranger and start talking to them about something random. In the social world, you have to start thinking about it as like a coffee shop. The people who are choosing to be on social media are choosing to be in that digital coffee shop. And so if you can interact with other people, both from your real world, and people you don’t know, but maybe or in your community, you can build actual real world relationships, which can actually convert into money through that. It’s a huge shift. Because I know people feel weird, it feels weird popping into someone’s like, feed and commenting. But if someone posted a video or a photo of something, and you have an actual opinion about it, let’s say someone mentioned the new opening of a restaurant in your in your area. You could pop on there and Bill and say, Oh, that looks great. What kind of food are they serving? Or what was your favorite dish? Something that does sound normal. If you said it at a cocktail party or in a coffee shop. We’re not spammy. We’re not selling people immediately. But we are starting to crack open those conversations. Also, don’t forget anyone you connect with in real life, connect with them online. Because engagement begets engagement. So if you’re right, if you’re commenting on someone’s post, they’re going to maybe comment on your post that gets more people to look at it. The more people comment on your post, other people will comment on your posts and see your post. This is true really for every single one. Certain platforms have different rules about it. So like LinkedIn, it shows me so if you commented on Kim Rydberg that’s me. If you commented on camera Burke’s post, your friends will see Jane Doe comments on camera Berg’s post. John Smith liked Kim’s post. So again, that is a really public endorsement of me, right? That’s pretty good, right? It gives me more credibility when you see people commenting on it. And even if it’s not as public as that on the other social platforms, it sends messages, it sends signals to the social media platform that people are interested in this. So it’s very important to remember that. All right, so now you have some tips about how to make that amazing video gets seen now, if you’re still like, you know what? I love Kim, I need to learn more from her. Well, I am hosting a video boot camp up, some are intensive. So in just four days, four short days with two hours each, you are going to go from clueless or maybe not clueless, but super confident. Video Creator, you’re going to get scripts and templates, you’re I’m going to give you a really great setup that’s going to make you look super professional. And I’m gonna help you get lots of ideas, tons of ideas to connect with your ideal audience. It is super fun. You can read all the testimonials from people who’ve taken it, they said they’ve learned so much they say I am such a great coach. I am very encouraging and supportive. And they also say that they’ve gotten referrals. They’ve gotten clients. That’s what we’re here for. Right? I see it for my clients, I see it for myself. So anyway, make sure to click, you can check out my website for the application form. It’s at Kim rydberg.com kimrittbrg.com. And it’s summertime. I know you don’t have time, neither do I. So we’re gonna learn together quickly and crush it together. It’s going to be so fun. So connect with me there kinrick berg.com, you can apply for my video bootcamp, you also can grab my free download fr EE free, there’s a free download how to make incredible videos, and also how to be more confident on camera. So lots of free goodies. And as always connect with me, drop me a hello on social media. But keeping a real audience is like probably the best audience in the world. You’re all friendly and nice and send me really cool notes. So keep it going. And if you post a video, using one of my tips, you post a catchy headline. Maybe you make a video related to pop culture. Maybe you engaged maybe you started to engage with someone shoot me a note. tag me in your video I will totally cheer you on you rock get out of that supermodel mode and get into teacher mode. Put yourself on video. You’re gonna grow your business and it’s gonna be awesome. Thanks

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