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Jordan Cohen the #1 RE/MAX Agent Worldwide shares his transition from insurance to real estate business. Jordan talks about the importance of creating a dominant listing presentation and having the confidence in yourself as the realtor. Next he discusses transparency with your client and how important it is to explain the process in detail to them. Last, Jordan shares how he believes that every agent should think of themselves as stars and they should work hard on promoting themselves.

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Jordan Cohen can be reached at 818.435.5220 and Jordan@JordanCohen.com.

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D.J. Paris 0:01
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Hello, and welcome to another episode of Keeping it real the largest podcast made by real estate agents and for real estate agents. My name is DJ Parris, welcome to the show. If you’re a new listener, welcome back. If you’re returning we love our listeners. We’re just about to have I’m just about to have a conversation with the top REMAX agent in the world. His name is Jordan Cohen he’s going to be on in just a few seconds. Before we get to Jordan. Just a quick reminder, guys, we have a new social media what we’re actually publishing on social media now more content for you almost every day. Our actual my videographer can’t quite always do every one every day but almost every day we’re posting short form video links, sorry video clips to all the different social media channels including Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. And we’re posting these little 62nd clips from our episodes kind of the best moments of Best of if you want bite size that we show them in reels on Instagram and Facebook, tick tock of course it’s all video. So it’s there there you can easily find us just whatever social platform you use, just do a search for keeping it real, hit that subscribe button and then if you can make sure that you’re checking that page because almost every day we’re posting these clips just in case it doesn’t naturally show up in your feed. So again, we have you know, depending on which social platform you use, you know we have different handles but just search for keeping it real and hit that subscribe button and get even more content from us on a more regular basis. Alright guys, enough for me. Let’s get to the main event my conversation with Jordan Cohen.

Today on the show our guest is Jordan Cohen with REMAX in Southern California. Let me tell you more about Jordan. Jordan Cohen is an this is an incredible guest for us guys. So please Please pay attention to this bio here is really amazing. Jordan Cohen is the sixth time number one REMAX agent worldwide closing over 314 million in sales annually. How big is this team you might ask it as a team of one 314 million in sales annually. A team of one Cohen specializes in luxury estates and has been recognized in many publications including unique homes dream homes international Dupont Registry, and the LA Times. Because of his clientele of celebrities and professional athletes, he has been featured on ESPN. His listings have been profiled on extra and Access Hollywood. Jordan has also represented more than 150 professional athletes, actors, entertainers and Hollywood executives and he is a author and his newest book The agents edge secret strategy make your fortune selling real estate is is available now for everyone to purchase. And guys, if I was wanting to learn from the best, which of course this podcast is all about, I would buy Jordans books awards, all go buy Jordans book The agents edge, we will have a link to that in the show notes. You can also buy Jordans book directly by going to Jordan cohen.com. That’s Jor da NCOHEN. Just like it sounds Jordan cohen.com For all things, Jordan, also follow him on Instagram. his Instagram account is Jordan Cohen, number one or just one. So Jordan Cohen one we will have a link to all of that in the show notes. Jordan, welcome to the show.

Jordan Cohen 5:41
Man dj, i was i was a hell of an introduction. Man, I appreciate it so much. Thank you,

D.J. Paris 5:46
you’re a hell of a guest are excited to have you.

Jordan Cohen 5:48
I’m very grateful and humbled that you said such kind of stuff, man. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

D.J. Paris 5:54
Thank you for for making time for our show and our audience. We appreciate it. And you know, you are known as a sort of the guy at the top of the REMAX mountain. But I our audience is always interested in hearing how people climbed the mountain first. So I would be curious to know how did you get into real estate? Was it something you always knew that you wanted to do? Or was this like a career change? So love to hear that story?

Jordan Cohen 6:20
Okay, sounds good DJ. So, no, I, it was kind of the opposite of what I wanted to do, because my parents had done it. But they, they kind of struggled, they were always kind of deal to deal when I was growing up. So it’s kind of the opposite. But I was a terrible student. I graduated from college with a 2.05 GPA, achieving my way through. And therefore when I graduated, I didn’t have any big corporations knocking down my door or anything like that. So the only thing I had going for me, I thought was a good personality. So I knew I would go into some sort of sales. But in truth, I wanted to be an insurance guy, because I wanted to be opposite of real estate. So I wanted to be insurance. But then there was a guy named Jim, that worked out at the gym that I work out at, and he carried business cards in his socks. And when he walked around, everybody scattered away from him, because he was Jim, the insurance guy. So I said, you know, I don’t want to be that guy that just went up the people who’s trying to sell insurance, not like there’s anything wrong with insurance. We all need it. But I didn’t want to be that guy. People ramp up. So basically, what I did was, I started a little business when I was in college called property promotions, where I did real estate advertising for my parents or for other realtors. So I saw I met all the realtors in the San Fernando Valley where I’m from. And most of them kind of struggled, but there was a few that did well. And there was one guy that in those days were going back 3334 years ago, there was one guy, that was the number one guy who’s making 400 grand a year, his broker told me that that’s more than NFL players made. I didn’t know anybody can make that kind of money. Huge, huge way sounds like oh shit. Real Estate isn’t such a bad thing, man. So I went into real estate right after college once I learned that somebody can actually make that kind of money. I started in entry level housing. My average sales price was under 200,000. For the first seven years of my career, it was 150 200,000. You know, I haven’t done many deals under 100,000. And then after about seven years, I got my first pro athlete, and he said, Hey, man, he just signed with the Philadelphia semi Sixers and he goes, Hey, man, let’s look in Westlake Village. You got to remember, this was before the internet DJ. So right. I didn’t really I’d never even been to Westlake Village. I didn’t even know where it was. And he goes, Hey, I think there’s some, you know, million dollar guard gated communities like, oh, man, there’s some amazing guard gated communities. I had no idea DJ I didn’t even know where Westlake was. So no one out there. I quickly learned that there were some guard gated communities. I did that first deal with him, which was I think it was around a million and a half dollars and I got that lottery money. I’ve never seen a paycheck like that. But for me, the interesting thing was, I met all the realtors that were selling these million dollar homes, TJ and I, they were all very nice. But I remember thinking man, they’re not any better than just because they’re selling million dollar homes and I’m selling $200,000 homes. I thought I could compete with them. So I did that deal. packed up my shit. I told my wife. We were just married, been married for 30 years. I said man, if these people can sell million dollar homes, I think I could do it too. So I packed up started all over.

D.J. Paris 9:32
It is interesting. I remember I talked to a guy from Texas one time on on our show years and years ago and he started out selling $300,000 homes and then he eventually got to a place where his average price point was 3 million. And I said what’s the difference in selling a $3 million home and a and a $300,000? Home? He goes psexec say it’s the exact same thing because it’s just it’s just a different clientele. And he said he goes I realized that at some point in his career now Now maybe when you get into the, to the higher echelon properties, it is a different process. But for 300,000 to 3 million, he’d said, he goes, I wish I wouldn’t have it not that there’s anything wrong with, of course, frightening service to $300,000 homes, those are wonderful. And in your case, 100 to $200,000 homes and even less. But did you find that it was actually a similar amount of effort to sell the million dollar home to the athlete versus, you know, some of the smaller properties that you were doing?

Jordan Cohen 10:28
It’s actually easier because the sellers, it’s not their first time around, so you don’t have to explain what liquidated damages and arbitration is. So it’s actually easier to transact a multimillion dollar home, the harder thing is to actually win the listing. That’s the challenge, because you’re competing against great realtors, there’s great Realtors at all price points, make no mistake, but you’re you’re dealing with people that are just more financially stable. So they’ve again, they’ve done many deals, so that’s more competitive. So it’s difficult to get those listings, it’s difficult to get those buyers, but the actual transaction, it’s probably easier than it is selling the entry level.

D.J. Paris 11:09
That’s a really strong point. So the competition of course, would be fierce. For those those listings, what are some of the, the techniques or the strategies that you would employ to separate yourself from other competitors that were also vying for those same deals?

Jordan Cohen 11:28
Well, that’s everything, DJ. And that’s, that’s the bulk of my book, to be honest with you. I don’t want to sound like a car salesman, but my book is there’s like seven chapters on that on listing presentation. So I’ll tell you how I became passionate about that. And this is the truth. So when I started, my broker at the time, told me to, you know, pick my geographic farm, which was in a city called Canoga Park door, knock, give away all the door magnets and notepads and, and then hopefully, you’ll get some listing appointments as time goes on. So I did everything he told me to do. And then I actually got my first two listing interviews, and the differences. I went into those listings and basically did what I was told to do, which was talk about comps, price and about my company. But I lost both those listings, and both those listings would have paid me about six grand each, which would have doubled my net worth, it would have gotten me out of my bedroom, my parents house and, and hit me at that moment, I’m like shit in that one hour, that hour and a half window, I gotta get better, I got to win those listings I dedicated, really my whole life at that point, to never feeling uncomfortable. Again, never feeling never, I wanted to have the most competence, I could, in a listing, interview a presentation. So I started create language with a bunch of seminars or pick a line here and there, but mainly create my own language that would enable me to win, that’s when my business took off. That’s when I enjoyed calling expired listings. That’s when I enjoyed pushing for those listing interviews. Because I felt I could beat anybody, I think the most important skill set a real estate agent can have is a dominant listing presentation, because everybody talks so much about lead generation lead generation. But at the end of the day, two or three people are losing those lead opportunities, those listening opportunities, I like to I want to have as much I want every seller to have as much confidence in me as I have in myself, that I’m the best realtors. And that all stems from a powerful listing presentation. So that’s, that’s everything. So that’s the tip I give every realtor, I say, prepare, have your listing presentation, practice it, be competent in it, and truly believe you’re the best Realtor in that interview situation. Once you have that skill set. Real Estate becomes fun, and it becomes a whole lot more profitable.

D.J. Paris 13:52
Yeah, I love that this what’s the Boy Scout Motto? Always be prepared, right? It’s this idea of you know, it is interesting, because listing presentations, you know, you’ll talk to some some agents who go I show up with a legal pad with nothing written on it. And I go in blind, right? Some people go in with literally no presentation, they go in to take notes, and they and that’s one approach. And then you have on the extreme other end of you know, a multimedia sort of, you know, presentation with slides and various devices. And you know, it’s interesting, everyone does it a bit differently. What’s your What are your take on the characteristics of a good listing presentation? Like what are some of the things that have to be there? And by the way, let’s just first address the question. The idea of going in with a with a blank legal pad and and saying to a seller, alright, let’s talk that being a listing presentation. What’s your response to people who do that?

Jordan Cohen 14:52
Well, first of all, I was trained when I first started in real estate to just talk about price and about the company so That’s, I guess that’s the reason why, you know, I’m very fortunate and humbled to say that I win or, you know, many more times than I lose, because most Realtors go in unprepared like that. So for me, it’s, it’s about saying, and how you say the same thing that we all do. How do you describe how do you get people excited about photography? How do you get people excited about just listens how to get people excited about social media, I call it like, my tools, right? My tools in my toolbox, it’s, everybody’s gonna say we put your home on Instagram, but it’s how you explain that to a seller in a powerful way, not about how many followers you have. But the benefits of that, to that seller, every seller, they don’t care so much about what you’ve done in the past, they care about what you’re going to do for them, right? So it’s, it’s knowing that, so explaining all the things you’re going to do for them in a very fluid, confident manner. That’s gonna, that’s gonna bang and then come. Okay, so I’ll give you like one of my good lines, TJ right. So I, I like to think outside of the box all the time. So I’ll tell you, because you asked me to do to give some takeaways, right, so I’ll give you a couple of days. So. So for me, one of the clauses that I always do is I say, Mr. Seller, I want you to have the same amount of confidence in me, as I have in myself that I am the best real estate agent, what I’m going to do is I’m going to talk about everything that I’m going to do for you. Because really, the job of a realtor is to maximize the exposure of the home to get as many people as possible to become aware of your own to truly maximize your exposure of your property, then get those people excited screen of them show up properly, and then get them to make the commitment to buy your home. That’s the job of a realtor. I shake my head, yes. And they get 10. I’m excited about that. Then I say now I’m going to tell you how I’m going to expose your home to not only real estate agents, but to the general public. And then at the end of the day, you have to choose the realtor that you think is the best one at exposure and of course salesmanship. Now, if you say things like that, the way that I just said it with confidence, fluid and power, it’s pretty hard to beat that. Right? Versus oh, let’s let’s talk about cops, you know, cops to the top,

D.J. Paris 17:19
you know what I you know, what I love too is is you you’re meeting the client, you’re really focusing on what the client’s experience of actually choosing a realtor is, you’re not, you’re doing something actually quite brilliant. Because you’re saying Hey, Mister, mister seller, you’re going through this process right now. So I am now on the same side of the table as you because I am repeating back the process you’re going through, as you’re evaluating, you know, different realtors. And here’s what I’m going to do for you. And I understand this is a tough thing for you to figure out who you want to end up using. Here’s what I’m gonna do for you. It’s a subtle little thing that you added in there. That was brilliant, because it puts you on the same side of the table as them you’re like, Yeah, I get it. You’re you’re you’re interviewing people, here’s what I’m going to do. And here’s what you know how to make the best decision. I love that that was subtle, but brilliant.

Jordan Cohen 18:11
Thanks. Do you also say like, listen, I appreciate the opportunity to interview for the for the job of working for you. I never say working with you. I cringe when realtors say that all the time. Oh, I’m so excited to work with you. And, and but it’s not the case. They’re hiring us to do a job to work for them to sell their home. So I say that put my ego aside. I say Mr. Seller, and I say it all the time. Thanks again for the opportunity to interview for the job to work for you. Thanks for that. But it would be an honor to work for you to be and I say that, because I still think human nature is people like to hear that they like to hear it because it’s the truth, especially people that aren’t a boss. They’d like to hear that they’re hiring somebody and they are the boss. So all even one of the lines I say, this is pretty good. Because I use this all the time. I think a lot of realtors can can take this line alone and say I say Mister Mister seller, kind of like an agent for an athlete and agents job for an athlete is to not only negotiate the contracts, but to get their clients and off the field money. Athletes love that Pizza Hut money, they want that shoe deal. They want all that. So a great a real sports agent is going to be on the phone all day promoting their clients to get them that off the field thing. It’s the same with me. I’m a real estate agent. The difference is I’m on the phone all day promoting my star, which is your house, your house is my star. So a good real estate agent is like a good sports agent or a good movie agent. We’re behind the scenes and we’re promoting our stars, which is your house so your house will be my star and I’m gonna spend all day every day that I can to promote your home to get people excited about Joe. That again, if you say that properly is a very powerful listing line. Not line but fact but it’s a powerful and relatable thing for a seller to hear

D.J. Paris 19:59
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Jordan Cohen 22:36
Yeah, that’s a that’s a good point, too. That’s strong. Yeah, I totally agree with that. In the interviewer, real estate’s very competitive DJ, there’s, there’s more Realtors than there are listings, I think the last that I heard, there’s twice as many Realtors as there are real estate agents. So it’s incredible. So the better skill set you have of being able to walk into a room and interview against two or three other realtors, someone’s going to get that listing, someone’s going to get paid. So the more powerful your presentations going to be, the better you’re going to win. For example, I never talked about price until the end, when I first started, I was trained to talk about price in the beginning by a big trainer. And he says if you can’t agree on the price, get out of there more listings, do you have more phone calls to make you are prospecting to do so if you can’t agree on the price? If you have an illogical sell or get out? Well, then what would happen is I would see that I did that. So I would go and talk about price couldn’t come to an agreement on the price and I believe, and then I’d see that property actually come on the market at a right price. And I question myself, I said right, how come I didn’t pray. And then I realized I wasn’t giving them any reason to listen to me to believe in me, they switch. So now I give my powerful listing presentation. Always before I talk about the price, I want to establish the credibility DJ I want them to go. My goal on every listing interview, is to not to have them want to hire me, but to have them need to hire me to accomplish their goals, or at least believe they need me they need a guy like me to maximize exposure and to get their home sold for their money. Once I could get that and I could see it in their eyes. I could hear it in their voice. I gotta this is mine, then they’re gonna listen to me better and respect my, my evaluation of the price of their home. They’re gonna respect my opinion, once they trust me. And the way you earn that trust is by delivering a great presentation.

D.J. Paris 24:35
And you’ve done your

Jordan Cohen 24:37
DJ, how are we doing man?

D.J. Paris 24:41
doing amazing, by the way, because I My mind is just being flooded, because there’s so many realtors that will show up to a listing presentation. And, you know, maybe maybe they don’t feel that there’s a lot of competition it maybe there isn’t competition in this particular listing presentation. So they’ll say things like well, okay, what price point do you want? Mr. Mr. And Mrs. Seller, okay, well, we want to sell it at x, okay, well, we can try it at x. And let’s see what happens. You don’t go in that way you will win with you’ve done your homework, you know the price point you want, and you’re not really worried about the price. Because what because you are the expert, you need to first defend and impress upon them, what all of the accrued all of this sort of, you know, reasons why they should trust you, the price is going to work itself out once they trust you, because your whole mission is. So that’s really, really smart as price is at the very, very end. I love that. I think that is brilliant. It’s a truth.

Jordan Cohen 25:36
In fact, if I, if I’m not even have to compete with another realtor. So if a seller says, Hey, Jordan, we’re not even interviewing anybody else, you’re the number one guy in the county. And obviously, you’re the top guy in our area, you’re a good referral, all our friends have said, You’re a great, all this kind of stuff, you don’t even have to interview, we just want to come in basically it come listening, right? I gotta tell you, DJ, I still do my presentation, it’s a 30 minute investment for me, to be able to have them respect what we do as realtors, we work our asses off, right, I want to and we invest money. Notice I didn’t say spend money, invest money, we invest time, money, passion and energy to properly expose a home and get home. So So I want them to know that because I know I’m going to have more control of the escrow, I’m gonna have more control on the inspection process, and have more control on the pricing. So I still want them to go, wow, I didn’t realize you were gonna do this, that and the other two were, you know, to benefit me and the ability to sell my home. So thank you. So I give my presentation always, even if I don’t have to give it. I know a lot of realtors are hearing this God, why would you do that? Why would you spend 30 minutes I just explained why. Because it helps you earn their respect even more.

D.J. Paris 26:54
And it’s professional. And we’re in a professional environment. And even if it’s your best friend, who’s going to be your client, treat him like a white glove. It’s like if I walk into let’s just say like the Waldorf Astoria, which I once in a blue moon, I get to go to a place like that. It’s a different experience than walking into a lower priced hotel right there. There is an experiential component to this, that you that that top places have. Jordan has that and he applies it to all of his clients. And that is absolutely brilliant. Because of course, going back to our earlier point, everybody wants to feel special and important. Actually treat them as if they are because guess what they are, they actually are important.

Jordan Cohen 27:37
You know, I love the fact that you just said the word professional, I asked myself that I get asked my assistants every day I see is this professional is this look professional, I don’t put my picture on anything, DJ, I don’t put my picture on ads, I don’t put my picture on, on my signs, I don’t put my picture on anything. Because I always say to myself, when the day comes that lawyers start doing that, or doctors start putting their picture on their cards and things like that I get some do that I want to do that I want to make I want to build my brand is professional classes, I can’t so that’s amazing. He says I tried to be as professional as I can clean lines, everything clean and versus like, you’re never gonna see a picture of me holding my dog and real estate advertising or pretending like I’m on the phone, you know, nothing that just kind of looks, you know, to me doesn’t look as professional. It’s just a classy. So that’s

D.J. Paris 28:27
it everyone knows by now how inauthentic it is what do you drive, you know, down. In your case, you know, you’re driving on pch, or whatever. And there’s a billboard with a you know, with a lawyer with his sleeve rolled up going, I’m gonna fight for you. And he’s showing you his bicep and you’re like, Yeah, okay, we get it. We understand I want to see in the suit, though, when he gets into the court. But let’s talk about you know, we were so quick to shoe old ideas for how to you know, old sales ideas or marketing ideas. And I love the fact that you have actually taken some old techniques and actually made them not new again, but made them important again, and the font that we’re talking about fundamentals. So I’d love to hear how you you’ve taken some older ideas and made them into sort of cutting edge strategies

Jordan Cohen 29:15
100% a dj i i That’s exactly what I do. And I take time tested stuff that has worked for decades and decades and decades. I just explain it better. And I like to think that I use it better and I elevated so for example that’s a great question man. Just Listed right so every realtor will do a just listed right helps build your geographical farm and all that kind of stuff. But how do you explain those on a listing presentation so I’ll tell you what I do. So first of all, I elevate it so the way I got established in my farm and I continue to stay ahead of the curve in my marketing area, even like compete against great Realtors I say ahead. I do it bigger and better. I do different shapes, different sizes, better quality. cardstock but then the way I explained it on a listing presentation, so I’ll say to Mr. Seller, so the job of realtors to maximize exposure, we need to cast a wide net. So in order to cast a wide net, I’m going to blow it up with print, I’m going to blow it up with social media and blow it up with email blasts, and all the other good stuff that I do to blow it up internationally and nationally. However, sometimes the buyer is going to come from drunk just dropping the line in the water. And the way I’m going to do that is these epic, elevated just listed brochures. Notice I don’t say postcards, because it’s not just a cheap postcard that someone’s going to throw away. I like to invest in elevating it. So hopefully, a buyer that isn’t online all day, every day searching Zillow for a home actually lives in your area, or one of my other. That’s also on my my mail list that isn’t on the computer all day every day, you know, just swiping through Zillow. But they’ve always said, you know, if the right house at that single story home with the pool in the view, which is what you have Mr. Seller comes across my desk, or in my mailbox, I’m open to making that move. So what I want to do is I want to mail these incredible brochures to past clients, sports agents, business managers, relocation companies, and all your neighbors. So they can open it up, not throw it away so quick, and say, Man, honey, we love this neighborhood, or our friends want to move in this neighborhood. Isn’t this the exact house that we would want to buy? So some but then again, they’re not on Zillow all day, every day, open up the mail, and they see something beautiful like this. And I could show it to a seller, I can hand it to him. It’s something that he can see feel, touch and appreciate. Don’t you think there’s a small chance, any chance that there’s a buyer that lives right around the corner from you that’d be interested in your single story pool with a view home? And they say, Yeah, and I say so it’s my job, the job of a realtor is to bring your home to them, not just hope that they find your home. So that’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to bring your home to people. So that’s an old trick, the old listing just listed. But if you do them, right, you elevate it and you explain them in a listing interview, you’re going to win, you’re going to sound like an expert. What I say makes sense. There’s some side benefits to it. Building your geographical farm, just representing the homes Well, representing yourself well, representing your industry and your business classy. But in reality, I sell homes every year as a direct result of those among

D.J. Paris 32:40
you said so much there. I am so impressed. I think there’s a lot of our listeners that you know it Look, guys, this isn’t a criticism of anyone listening, I’m certainly could fall prey to this as well. But let’s remember when we get a listing, it’s not enough just to drop it onto the MLS and let it syndicate out all over online and hope that someone stumbles across it. What Jordan is talking about is going oh, yeah, no, I’m going to do that. But that’s just like, maybe the maybe step one. And then I’ve got 25 other steps that I’m going to do to continue to cast a net and shoot this out to neighbors, I know which neighborhoods feed into this neighborhood. I know where the people who want to live here now where they’re currently living, I am going to send them a postcard to tell them about this

Jordan Cohen 33:29
postcard. Sorry. Sure. Brochure

Unknown Speaker 33:34
like a luxury brochure.

Jordan Cohen 33:36
It’s an invest not not a giant, you know, even though some might do that, but it’s a, it’s something that’s not so easy to throw away when you’re building your name as well as trying to sell the home. But even more than that, it’s a hell of a listing tool. If you use in franchising, and it is saying what I say you will win listings, just that way alone. That’s one of my tools.

D.J. Paris 34:01
The guy’s the book is the agents, Edge secret strategies to win listings and make your fortune selling real estate available everywhere books are sold, we’ll have a link to it in the show notes. Jordan, you are absolutely right. But this idea of when you get a listing everyone listening, you have to go out and find the buyers and you have to tell the seller how you’re going to do that. And Jordan is the king of doing that. He just basically are the king, the king of that and really think about how powerful that is. Most Realtors don’t really do that. They’ll say, Well, I will put it online and it’ll get distributed and every realtor will see it and they’ll tell their clients, what Jordan does. He goes, I know exactly where people who move who want to live in this. I know where they live now. And I’m going to make sure that they know that this place is available for sale. He did his homework. He knows his market. He is the king of his market because he knows where people want to live. And he goes out and says hey, the reason why he wins listings and he’s the number One REMAX guy in the world is he has a solution to all of the issues that may come up during the listing. He’s like, Don’t worry, I know where the people that are going to buy this place probably live right now I’m gonna go over to them and make sure they know about it like brilliant. That is a brilliant strategy for any homeowner. That’s all a homeowner wants to hear is where you got to find the buyer. And most listing agents go, well, we’ll put it up. We’ll see what happens.

Jordan Cohen 35:23
And yeah, thank you, man. These are from the bottom bar. Thank you for saying all those great stuff, man. It’s truly truly appreciate it. In fact, I’m kind of the the anti internet. So what I say is I say Mr. Seller, of course, you’re going to be on Zillow, of course, you’re going to be unreal as your.com and Trulia, those are automatic polls, you there’s no question about In fact, I, I buy the upgraded packages, because yeah, the internet is a great way to market and sell our home. But we only have 30 to 45 to an hour here for me to convince you that I am the best. And the way I’m going to do that is tell you everything I do above and beyond the internet, and above and beyond and better than the internet. But please, no, of course you’re going to be on Zillow with me as you wouldn’t be with any other realtor, I just want you to appreciate even more than I’m going to do to try to land that buyer. And then I go through my series of marketing tools. And just this is just one of them. Of course, I got many more that I talked about in the book for

D.J. Paris 36:24
sure. It’s incredible, it’s really treating this I get very excited talking to you because you take this very seriously you have a you you are prepared. This you don’t wing, this is a performance it is important. Right when you apply it. Yeah. Of course it is. And, and and it is so impressive. I love hearing and you know, it’s so funny, because this is this is how we distinguish people who are, you know, professionals from non professionals in this industry and, and people who are successful tend to be very methodical, and it is it is mostly about, you know, thinking three to four steps ahead. Like you know, this idea of of coming, you already know the price point, I’m sure that you think is best, you’re going to take that at the very, very end after you’ve already built so much rapport and so much. You’ve impressed upon them so much of your knowledge that they are now bought into you. It’s that they’re buying into your philosophy. And from there, then you can kind of steer the ship is Do I have that right?

Jordan Cohen 37:31
Yeah, totally. Totally get it. Yeah, absolutely. It’s very methodical. That was a great word that you said, and, and for sure. And again, this is just like one part of the book, right? It’s the listing presentation, I dive into how to turn open houses into listing opportunities not just to pick up buyers how to get listing interviews from I, I’m very I talk a lot about pricing, how to properly price it what language to use to try to control that aspect of or not controls, not necessarily the word but to earn the respect when it comes to pricing. I like to think I and how to protect your commission. That’s something I’m very proud of is how I present my full commission. I’m proud to say that I am a full commission agent, I earn that. And it’s what I say that how would I go about that? is in the book.

D.J. Paris 38:19
I love it. What What prompted you to want to write a book and give this out to this information out to other agents?

Jordan Cohen 38:27
To Great question, man, I, I was selling a home to an agent from CAA. So creative artisans. Yeah, it’s been big moving agent. And I sold him a home in my area that I work called North Ranch area of Westlake Village and I sold him a home there and then I listed his home in the Hollywood Hills. And he goes Hey, man, you’re so good at this. Yeah, to write a book ever thought about that. And I go, thank you. I go, I actually have I thought about writing. I’ve been doing this for 33 years, DJ, I’m at the point in my career where I actually like, you know, helping other realtors. It’s not a it’s not a corny thing. It’s just I dig it. Like I reply to every DM and email and call if I can help somebody make more money. It’s it’s a good thing. And I feel good about that. So I actually said, I’ve been thinking about it. He goes, can I connect you with one of our literary agents and like, oh, man, are you kidding me? Of course. So I did a zoom was with a literary agent named Anthony who CAA. And then he asked if you did he loved we got along beautifully. He said, Man, I love this idea of this book. It’s a business book, How to sell real estate. Remember, DJ this isn’t a motivation book. I don’t tell anybody to drink juice exercise, or a vision board. It’s not an energy book, none of that kind of stuff. This is a how to sell real estate book for real estate agents. So he said, so he said I would love to represent you. That was a win. Beyond DJ I couldn’t wait to tell my wife that I remember you telling me I have an agent because you man I’m a realtor. I’ve never been on that side. You work with agents. I’ve never been on that side of the table. So he’s absolutely, so I got excited. And then you write a treatment, but what the book would look like. So I did that. And that took me a long time because I wanted to be really good. And then the agent took that and that and he put it out to all the publishers, I had multiple offers. And I signed with HarperCollins leadership, because I just loved you know, Tim, and Cicely, who are the HarperCollins team, the leadership team, and we took it from there. Then I had a great collaborator who helped me put this in paper named Mark tab. And we wrote a phenomenal book that I’m very proud of. And the review, by the way, today is a very special day, DJ, today’s launch day. So all the people that have been pre ordering it, and there’s been 1000s of them, over the past few months, received their books today. So I’m already getting some amazing reviews. It’s a very, very proud moment. For me, it’s June 6, and, and I’m very grateful and humbled by all the great reviews. So that’s how the book came about. And I wrote it and I’m proud of it.

D.J. Paris 40:59
Well, the book is called agents edge secret strategies to win listings and make your fortune selling real estate. And it is available literally everywhere that books are sold Amazon, of course, Barnes and Noble target, online, of course, everywhere Walmart is, too so please, everyone go out and get their book. We’ll have a link to the Amazon store for the book right in our show notes. One last question, Jordan for you. Just out of curiosity. What’s the most satisfying part of being a realtor for you guys? Obviously, you’re you do this, you’ve worked on the smallest of starter homes to palatial estates. What is it that what do you enjoy the most about being a realtor?

Jordan Cohen 41:46
I DJ, you want the truth? Are you out the corny bullshit answer? That’s true. I want the truth. The best part is going to the bank after it closes, man. They put that money in the bank. That’s the best part about Listen, I’ve been doing this a long time. I just want to save as much money as I can. So someday I could slow myself down. I love moving people. I love having you know, happy buyers and happy sellers and watching people accomplish their goals. I love it. But for me personally, the best part is when the deal closes, and I get paid it I think I hope a lot of realtors that are listening to this Go man. I’m glad he said that because I think we’re all in agreement. It’s very easy for a realtor to say, Oh, I don’t care at all about that. I just want to make people happy. Well, that’s fine and dandy. But at the end of the day, we got a job to do, man and I want I want to I want to do as well as I can, man. So that’s that’s my happy moment is when it closes and I get to congratulate people and get that check. That’s the happiest moment for me. That’s the truth for I’m losing indeed. I’m losing you. You’re cutting out a little bit say that.

D.J. Paris 42:56
You guys. Yeah, I sorry. I love that. Jordan. Thank you. I know we’re having some technical difficulties. We’ll get that work done. Sorry about revenue. So sorry about that. Absolutely. Uh I can’t hear you at all. If those See, Jordan, if I can get better Hang on one sec. Sorry. Sorry about that. Oh, that’s okay.

Jordan Cohen 43:25
And then Claire now now.

D.J. Paris 43:30
It’s a little bit better now. Yeah, yeah, for sure. Okay, sorry. I don’t know what’s going on here. Yeah, that was awesome. And I love that and I appreciate that. And of course, that’s the best part is is going you know, getting paid and going to the bank. And it’s it’s something that you know, we shouldn’t pretend it’s not the like a lot of times people will say everything but that Right? They’ll say oh, it’s about helping people and of course it is that too. We don’t we don’t tend to celebrate the financial part of it. And why are we in this business if we don’t want to celebrate the financial part? Yeah,

Jordan Cohen 44:04
I mean, I really love when when people close and close in a big one today. And I’m excited about that closing the big one today at the name drop out of my name. Drop it for Bret Michaels. You know from poison man, for sure. I love I get I get to represent them on a ton of deals. I love them. Every deal. And with that guy, it’s all about good karma. Right so I’m closing the good karma deal today. And it’s very exciting for me. So man, I love to see him happy. I’d love to see the buyer of his home happy I love everybody to be happy. But I’m going to be the happiest when I go to the bank at the end of the day and make my deposit

D.J. Paris 44:39
you can go red bandana to red is known to do that’s amazing, amazing. Jordan Cohen. His new book is called The agents edge secret strategies to win listings and making your fortune selling real estate number one, agent and real The Mac’s worldwide 300 million plus per year guys, how big is this team just him literally just

Jordan Cohen 45:07
made me and I got two assistants in the handle only one cell it.

D.J. Paris 45:12
It’s almost laughable. It’s so ridiculous because he’s that he’s that it’s laughable in like, oh my god somebody actually does this. And he does he’s incredible Jordan Cohen is his name, guys if you want to learn how to increase your your GCI and of course you do that, just while you’re listening to our show, you’re gonna you’re gonna need this book, Jordan Cohen, the agents edge, a super nice guy really fun, he’s going to actually tell you how to do things, not just why the how that’s the part that we need to get back to the house the strategies, he’s got them and they’re clearly working for him. And HarperCollins is an awesome publisher. So we wish Jordan the very, very best everyone go out and pick up his book. You can find it anywhere books are sold. But also check out what Jordan is up to. By the way, guys, he is also one of the most followed realtors and social media. If you go to his Instagram, he’s got over 500,000 followers. He’s He’s incredible. So follow him on Instagram, Jordan Cohen one and that’s I only looked at Instagram. I’m sure you’re on all the other platforms too. Now.

Jordan Cohen 46:16
I got Facebook for that and a little bit. Twitter, Jordan Cohen 21. But I like I really don’t on Tik Tok yet, but I really love it. So that’s

D.J. Paris 46:25
yeah, that’s the next frontier for you, I think. But yeah, he’s on Instagram and Twitter links to those both on his website, Jordan cohen.com. And it’s a really cool website, by the way, too. So that’s another great for agents looking for inspiration for how to create a great agent website. That’s a really fantastic example. So everyone go out and pick up the book. And we will on behalf of our audience, we want to thank Jordan for coming on our show giving us these amazing tips and tricks to help win more listings and, you know, just have a better 2023 And also increase the professionalism of the industry. I love it Jordans at the forefront of that. And also on behalf of Jordan and myself. We want to thank our audience for making it all the way to the end of the show. Want to thank our sponsors as well. So we want to thank everyone involved with helping us put the show together. So thank you, everyone. Jordan, thank you. We will see everybody on the next episode. Jordan, thanks so much.

Jordan Cohen 47:25
From the bottom of my heart DJ, thank you for having me. You have an incredible show. You’re an incredible guy. And it’s truly truly my pleasure and an honor to be on your show and I’m forever grateful. Thank you

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