700 Million In Real Estate Sales • Jonathan and Caleb Spears

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In this episode brothers Jonathan and Caleb Spears from Spears Group in Florida go back to the beginning of their careers to tell us how they started. They also provide advice for the agents that may not be as busy as they’d like right now. We also discuss how the needs of buyers and sellers are changing due to covid-19 and what you can do to meet these needs. Jonathan and Caleb also give instructions on what agents should do to keep their business moving in case of another stay-at-home order. Last, we discuss how their group develops new relationships and what they do to nurture these relationships.

If you’d prefer to watch this interview, click here to view on YouTube!

Jonathan Spears can be reached at (850) 974-1761 and jonathan@scenicsir.com.

Caleb Spears can be reached at (850) 974-1765 and caleb@scenicsir.com.

Jonathan Spears
Caleb Spears
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