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Welcome to our monthly feature, Social Bootcamp With Gogo Bethke!

In this episode, Gogo guides you on how to schedule your social media posts throughout the week. Gogo also shares strategies to make it appear that you’re randomly posting, but with structure and planning. Next, she shares the exact weekly plan she uses for her social media posts and her tips for creating content over the weekend. Last, Gogo discusses the importance of developing creativity and how to reveal your “silly” side which will make your followers feel more connected to you.

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D.J. Paris 0:00
This episode of Keeping it real is brought to you by gogos bootcamp Are you a real estate agent looking for the very best media training program on the planet? Gogo Beth key is considered the top Instagram Realtor in the country. And her step by step training program will take your social media game to the next level, keeping it real listeners receive a special discount. So please visit Gogo podcast.com That’s Gee oh gee Oh podcast.com for your special discount and now on with the show.

Welcome to keeping it real, the largest podcast made by real estate agents and for real estate agents. My name is DJ Paris. I am your host and guide through the show and today we have our monthly series social bootcamp with gogo basky, now gogo Bethke, he came to the United States in 2003. To build her American dream she was broke, she had no real estate experience and no sphere of influence. She barely spoke English and only had $6 to her name, so it left her with nothing else but Facebook to help build her business, which is where she started, she created gogos real estate and began her real estate career. Now with the power of social media gogo has sold over 65 million in real estate transactions. She shares the good the bad, and the ugly of real estate and her honest snippets into her daily life earned her 10s of 1000s of social media followers and in the real estate community, she has earned the nickname The Queen of social media. After being asked to present at various conferences and events with realtors. She built her own social media bootcamp called gogos bootcamp. Now today she has a team of almost 250 agents nationwide. Her goal is to help as many agents as possible make a name for themselves in real estate utilizing social media. Now she can do it a girl from Transylvania, Romania with no formal US education, no sphere of influence, no money and no experience and an accent. Anyone can do it as well. Please follow gogo on Instagram at at gogos real estate. And please also consider investing in her bootcamp, Go Go’s bootcamp is the best platform for real estate professionals who want to further their their reach and their engagement with their social media audience, and also a great place to find clients to go go Welcome once again to the show.

Gogo Bethke 2:30
Thank you for having me. Oh, we

D.J. Paris 2:32
should mention for all of our podcast listeners, go to Gogo podcast.com for a special discount on Go Go’s boot camp. It’s an amazing just go buy it today. It’s amazing. Gogo podcast.com Go Go tell us. So tell us what’s going on? Oh,

Gogo Bethke 2:47
nothing. I just came from a closing. So gratulations all dressed up, you know, and I have a stain on my shirt as you can say, Well, okay, life happens. Thank you. And here we are. So today we’re going to talk about a schedule.

D.J. Paris 3:00
Yes. So this is one of the questions that we get a lot from our listeners and also from agents at our firm. And I’m sure with all the agents you work with as well, this is a common question is okay. Yes, I know, I should be posting I sort of know maybe what to post? I’m not sure exactly how often when, how do I structure that?

Gogo Bethke 3:18
Yeah, so it might an hour and it doesn’t really look like we have a structure because you want it to look like there is no structure, then you are Yannick Lee posting things. But we do have a structure. So most importantly, I want to make sure that when people are sharing links, so these links that I’m talking about when I shared a schedule in a minute, these are actual links from my personal Cavey core. So Cavey core is a lead generation platform that has a built in CRM program, and of course, automated email, emails and all that stuff, video, voicemail, voicemail, all that stuff. But most importantly, that you’re able to capture your own leads, because we don’t post the post it post to get that next, find the next buyer and seller. So when I’m talking about making the schedule of what you’re going to post, I want you to just automatically know that you are going to be posting from your own key record link. Now, if you don’t have key record, you can look into it, or what it is. I’m sure there are similar platforms, maybe that will allow you to capture the consumers information. But that’s what I use. Okay, so Mondays, we have our buyer’s agents do this every Monday, they post a listing any listing period, something that they find that is a really beautiful, maybe lakefront cottage, or maybe it’s a great investment property, or it’s a great luxury home that just got listed in a gated community or maybe

D.J. Paris 4:37
not not even necessarily their own listing, any listing they find that they think is cool.

Gogo Bethke 4:41
Yeah. Or they think it’s a very good deal or it’s a great starter home or you know, whatever it may be what for whatever reason, it catches their eye, they’re going to post that. Tuesdays, we post one of our listings. Now lately if your market is anything like ours, Villa said, it’s God. It’s so And we usually list our listings on Thursday. So by the time Tuesday comes around, we don’t have a listing to post if they are all sold or pending. So Tuesday is if you have an active listings, you post that if not post another one. Anything, anything that catches your eyes, Wednesdays is search for homes. So now on your site, and hopefully your company that you work with your brokerage that you work with gives you a site where people are taken and that site is yours. It’s your branding, it’s your information, you can search for homes. So you take them directly to the page, that is your search for homepage. The more clicks you give them, the more you’re going to lose them.

D.J. Paris 5:34
So I want to pause for a second because Google just said something really, really important. So if you have your own website, and it is integrated with your local MLS and it you know, people can search for property. So typically here in Illinois, at least that’s called an IDX data feed could be called other things in other places. But basically, if you have your own website, and there’s a lead capture device on there, and you’re going to pull up the listing that you want to promote whether it’s yours or someone else’s your link within your website, not the other person’s you know, not the not the Zillow link, not the Redfin link, not the other agents link the link to the property within your own website.

Gogo Bethke 6:12
Absolutely. Because you want them to call you. Yes, we’re doing this. So Wednesdays we do social homes, and I usually say something along the lines, Hey, guys, you have access to the whole state of Michigan, here’s the link where you can search for anything your little heart desires, or you need to do is plug in the information when they plug in the information in order to receive that information. Whereas they have to plug in their their email address that they want you their information. Yep, exactly. So then there you go, you collect their data. And what will we do with Cavey core, it actually goes through Facebook, so everything that we post will go through Facebook, while Cavey core is smart enough to steal their Facebook information. So it’s not going to ask them to plug in their information. And the consumer and it just looks like it just says login with Facebook. Right, you’re gonna think I’m not giving you my email address and your phone, my phone number, I’m just gonna log in with my Facebook and I’m gonna check these listings out, and you’re not gonna know anything about me. But guess what you give to Facebook. When you create, now, you gave him a name and an email address. And most people even give a phone number. So I know everything about you. That’s what you do it, because collects that data. And now I can reach back to you. So that’s Wednesdays, Thursdays is open houses. So Cavey core allows, we have these things in the background that are called widgets. So these widgets are not automatically added to the Cavey core site, you have to add them yourself. But it’s very simple. You just go to the web and IDX within your Cavey core platform and you add those widgets to your site. And by the way, I can see my web, so don’t I see a smile on your face. So then you take that and you plug into your Facebook. So you clearly what we do on our ads is we’ll we’ll do Livingston County, because that’s the area that I mostly cover. So on a search, like if I was a buyer, and I run a search for Livingston County open houses. And when I get the list that’s that’s the idea is that I’m going to copy that link and I’m going to copy. Okay, so I take that link, and I plug it to Facebook and say Hey, guys, these are open houses for the weekend. have added please make sure to disclose when you walk into an open house that you already have an agent me. And if you rather have a personal showing we are open this weekend, just let us know anytime we’ll take you to see it in private. I love that. And then we include ourselves our smart phone number.

D.J. Paris 8:21
And that’s yeah, no, I love that. That is gosh, that is so smart. So for everyone listening, if you don’t have a website with an IDX data feed integration, get one KB core, I think can do that for you as well. There’s a lot of services just Google it. Websites for realtors with IDX integration, look at Cavey core because they’re a complete solution with Facebook integration as well. But have something because really what we’re talking about is posting links to your own specific website with properties that whether they’re your listings or other people or open houses, you can still promote those within your own ecosphere, eco sphere your actual website because add that as that happens we’re going to capture their information and that’s of course going to be leads for you.

Gogo Bethke 9:02
Exactly and that takes me to find days and Fridays or sellers and how much your home is worth. So we have that also built into your own Cavey core literally with a click of a button they’ll know how much your home is worth and within two seconds from submitting the address and an email address they have the CMA sent to them and the system is smart enough to sign them up an automated drip campaigns based on what they filled out so it knows if you collect open houses you are what a buyer if you click Find out how much your home is worth you are what a seller so it’s smart enough to know to sign you up on a buyer drip campaign or their sellers campaign gives you automated market reports based on the area that you’re if it was a seller where the home was it gives you a market report every 29 days depending on what you chose. And then it also gives you a market report on the buy side. So if they’re searched in Brighton, Michigan, then they’re going to get a market report every 29 days about right to Michigan.

D.J. Paris 9:51
Got so in your posting. What are you actually posting on Friday then so is it just fine I don’t know how much your home is worth with a link to the KV core ICF got it?

Gogo Bethke 10:03
Yes, so then KV core literally runs your CMA. So when the buyer clicks or seller clicks that in this case, they’re just gonna plug in their address 123 Main Street, and the system is gonna say, what’s your email address, so I can email this to you. And the system does the CMA and sends it to them and sent them I found an automated drip campaign for sellers and sends them a market report every 29 days about the area that their homes. So literally every one they get an email from me with how much their home is worth, and how is that doing compared to the market locally.

D.J. Paris 10:29
And there are other tools too, that do this. So for those top producers, one, there’s a million of them. And, by the way, whatever you’re using, if you don’t have one, reach out to your local association, find out if within your own MLS software if there’s a link like this, so if you don’t have Cavey core, explore other options. KB core is a great solution, though. But if you’re currently using other solutions, find out if there’s a link to post there, whether it’s within your own MLS or outside with a third party solution on

Gogo Bethke 10:58
brokerages provider website, so you just need to find out maybe just reach out to the brokerage and find out Okay, does this have a live IDX feed? If it does, can I get a quick training how this works? Most of them do? I mean, you’re in 2020? So that’s that’s what I would do. I would start with probably your brokerage and see what type of website they provide to you. Because the real real camp is our MLS.

D.J. Paris 11:19
Yeah, ours, ours leaves a lot to be desired here in Chicago to

Gogo Bethke 11:23
1980s. Yeah, ours 2020.

D.J. Paris 11:28
Yeah, it’s a Yeah, ours is pretty rough as well. So yeah, look for third party solutions. Yes, you’ll invest a little bit into these solutions. But boy, it gives you this is the best part, it gives you things to post, you now have things to post about on social media, instead of trying to wrack your brains and be creative

Gogo Bethke 11:47
makes you money. Most important that you have to have tools if it makes if you can’t do it without it in 2020. Without technology, and I’m not sure if I’m able to mention this, but mine comes from my brokerage and I’m with it’s part of our monthly memberships. So you need to find out with your brokerage, what do they offer any monthly membership, I’m sure they offer some sort of a CRM program, some sort of a lead generation, some sort of a website. And that’s what you need to figure out how

D.J. Paris 12:09
to use. Great. And then what about the weekends.

Gogo Bethke 12:12
So on the weekends, I try not to work crazy hours. But we always do open houses. So on the weekends, what I would want you to do is to do a lot of live. So if you’re holding an open house on a Saturday, and other open house on a Sunday, or maybe Saturdays, you hold open houses and Sundays you go show properties, then you need to go live. So you need to show you your staff in action.

D.J. Paris 12:32
And I always recommend to show up if you can, if you’re if it’s your first showing of the day, if you’re not taking the client around to multiple properties show up five minutes before the clock, we should always be there before the client, but show up and walk through and find something cool and unique and say, Hey, guys, I’m about to do a showing. But I want to show this to you real quick and go highlight that particular cool thing at that home. And that’s a great another piece of content to do on Facebook Live. Yeah, or Instagram.

Gogo Bethke 12:56
Yeah. So I’d strongly recommend always I mean, if you have showings on the weekend or something, just as you said, Get there two minutes early, take a quick picture quick video, show the property. So these are just a set schedule that must happen every single day that is part of our team Google contract, Google’s Real Estate Team contract. And then, of course, other than that, they still do whatever actions they are taking that day like Quincy Jones got her first buyer’s agreement or buyers under contract today, she has two new listings coming up. So we did a quick video about that. So it’s just whatever’s going on, you always want to show the hustle because it’s a constant reminder to that consumer at the other end of like, oh, it’s like Go Go check against yours with another house. So the next time when they are thinking about buying and selling they nobody else would pop into your mind besides that gogo check.

D.J. Paris 13:39
Perfect. I love it’s repetition and consistency. Guys be consistent and lots of reps. And also what also goes doing that we’ve covered on previous episodes is it stories, she’s constantly doing stories throughout the day as well. And that’s where she can be a bit more creative. But she follows this really strict schedule on her posts in you know, every week and through the weekend. So, you know, if you do that with constant stories and live videos, but you’re going to be I mean within I would say how long do you think somebody really needs to implement this before they’ll start seeing results? Is it a year is it sooner?

Gogo Bethke 14:16
But it’s also as you said, it’s consistency. So you can’t do one vote. It’s like you’re doing one set up and looking in a mirror and winning with my six pack? Sure. You know, it doesn’t work like that. So you’re gonna have to do a few of those over and over and over again. And then you’re you’re gonna be like, I see why I’m doing that. Yes, that seeing the results. So same with social media. Of course, it depends because if all you do is post the last listing, closing the new open house, it’s not going to work you have to sprinkle in there some personality because people are not on the market for a whole you know, everyone 10 years seven to 10 years worse than that they could care less and less market tanks or who got voted in for President. Nobody cares about their home values. Life goes on. So you want to sprinkle in some personality some action with some Going on some fun, some jokes, some silliness, make fun of yourself, that kind of stuff. So they you give them a reason to follow you keep them entertained, that’s all you want to do is stay on top of mine to be an option when they’re ready to buy. But I think if you do this a good 90 days three, even if you’re brand spanking new, letting the world know who you are and what you do for a living, you’re going to start seeing results. I wouldn’t give it up maybe even after 30 days, but 90 days for sure.

D.J. Paris 15:25
Awesome. Well, that is a perfect place to wrap up. So we went very quickly in this episode. And I would encourage everyone, whether you’re listening or watching, go back and write out this schedule. So go all the way back. It’s only a 20 a quick 20 minute episode. But this we put so much information in here. I think it’s a great place to cap off. Go go. I want to remind everyone by the way to to please sign up for Go Go. Go Go’s boot camp, you can go to a special link just for our listeners and viewers, which is Gogo podcast.com for a special discount. This is an amazing program. How many hours of material are in this program? Oh gosh, over 200 200 hours of content, guys, nobody else has even come close and the entire real estate community of putting together this type of social media training program for real estate professionals. So please go to Gogo podcast.com, gogo, I, you are busy with your you must have almost 300 people on your team now I’m guessing it’s just growing and growing and growing. And her real estate empire is as well. So thank you so much for taking time to be on our show. We will see you next month. Thank you on behalf of the audience on behalf of gogo and myself. I want to thank the audience oh, by the way, go go real quickly. We almost went to we’re gonna go to Croatia, which is not too far from your from your homeland. Romania is like kind of in the similarity, same sort of area. But it was way too cold around this time of the year. So we decided but we were looking into it. But anyway, on behalf of everyone who wanted to think thank you for listening and watching continue to support the show. Tell a friend think of one other agent in your office that could benefit from social media, better social media training and send them a link to this article. They will thank you and we will thank you too. So go go. We will see you next time.

Gogo Bethke 17:07
Thank you so much, everyone. Have an awesome weekend.

D.J. Paris 17:09
Bye bye bye

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