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Why Agents Should Be Engaging With Their Client’s Social Media Content • Social Bootcamp • Gogo Bethke

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Welcome to our monthly feature, Social Bootcamp With Gogo Bethke!

In this episode, Gogo discusses how to engage with other people’s content and how you can use your social media to build relationships with your potential clients. Gogo also talks about how you can use gifts to work for you in multiple ways. Next, Gogo and DJ discuss how virtual assistants can help you keep your social media accounts under control. Last, Gogo gives tips on how to use voice notes to send personalized messages to your clients and your sphere of influence.

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Gogo Bethke can be reached at gogosrealestate@gmail.com and at her Instagram account.

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D.J. Paris 0:00
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Welcome to keeping it real, the largest podcast made by real estate agents and for real estate agents. My name is DJ Paris. I am your guide and host through the show. Today is our monthly series social bootcamp with gogo Beth key. Now BOGO gogo, Beth key came to the United States in 2003. To build her American dream. She was broke. She had no real estate experience and no sphere of influence and also barely spoke English. Oh, and also only $6 to her name. So that left her with nothing else but Facebook to help build her real estate business which is where she started. And she over the years she has created gogos real estate and her real estate career has flourished. Now with the power of social media. Gogo has sold over 100 million in real estate transactions. She shares the good, the bad and the ugly of real estate, and her honest snippets into her daily life has earned her 10s of 1000s of social media followers. And in the real estate community, she’s earned the nickname The Queen of social media. After being asked to present at various conferences and events with realtors. She built her own social media Bootcamp for realtors called gogos bootcamp. Today she has a team of 588 agents nationwide. Her goal is to help as many agents as possible build a name for themselves in real estate utilizing social media. Now if she can do it, a girl from Transylvania Romania with no formal education, no sphere of influence, no money, no experience and an accent than anyone else can do this as well. Please follow gogo on Instagram at gogos real estate again, that’s gogos geo gos real estate. You really should follow her to see what great real estate social media looks like. Also, consider investing in her social media bootcamp, you can find that we have a special offer for our keeping it real listeners. So just go to Gogo podcast.com Gogo podcast.com, gogo Welcome once again to the show.

Gogo Bethke 2:40
Thank you for having me again. I’m so

D.J. Paris 2:42
welcome back from your, your your trip to

Gogo Bethke 2:45
it was nice. I went home, anybody who’s listening. I’m originally from Romania. And because of COVID, and also an 18, I started a new business opportunity. And I was so busy with it, I didn’t go home, I figured I’d go home next year, and then COVID head and then he was still COVID. So the years that I haven’t seen my family and my sister and my mom and dad, so it was time to go home. And so I took five weeks off. Thank you for working with me on that. And I’m back. I’m so excited.

D.J. Paris 3:12
Yeah, and it’s it’s so great, too. I know that realtors have always been more mobile than traditional office workers, they’ve always had a bit more flexibility, although they may they certainly work more hours than traditional office workers, but they’ve always had a little bit more freedom to move around. But now, you know, I’m seeing just even my friends who had the traditional nine to five jobs now they’re vacationing for longer, it’s just nice to start to be

Gogo Bethke 3:41
allows us to do that, you know, most of the jobs now we are doing through a laptop, really no computer or cell phone or, you know, you can really do that as long as you have Wi Fi or cell service, you have an office.

D.J. Paris 3:52
And while you were gone, your business didn’t stop and your recruiting probably kept going. I know it gogo is incredible recruiter. But the beauty of what she does is very different because I’m a real estate recruiter. And we’re very proactive in the sense of we’re always calling agents in our area saying hey, come check out our firm gogo doesn’t do that. And she actually every the way that she attracts agents to her, her real estate group is the same way that you can attract agents or clients to your real estate business. And I’ve always found that to be so impressive. And the way that you do that is you’re not out there making cold calls, saying hey, come join my team. You’re saying I’ve got all this great content. And if Oh, by the way, if you want to join my team, you can but I want you to get this all this amazing content, which I think is you know, it’s just it’s the same thing you’re teaching your agents to do with their customers.

Gogo Bethke 4:46
And it’s a double sided started serving because that knowledge that I put out there for realtors, I mean it switched through the years initially the content that I put out there was for my potential client or my existing client to show the world that I am the local experts and and that kind of turned into that I did become the local expert. And now I was helping and using my knowledge to help the agents locally, nationally, internationally now, but then for you would think that the only happening the agent, but that’s also still making me the expert because now my potential future past clients, they also look at it as well if she’s the expert enough to teach other realtors, then she’s the best.

D.J. Paris 5:23
boy what a great thing. And it really, you know, it’s a good lesson for our audience to think about is how do you position yourself as a local expert, I was reading an article yesterday by Ryan Holiday who is in one of my favorite authors, he’s really into stoicism and taking personal responsibility. And he’s just a great guy. And he wrote this article called I forget the name of it, but it but it had to do with this old thought of fake it till you make it he goes, the problem with that is it’s complete bullshit. He said, You know, you’re basically just lying to people, you what you you know, if you fake it, before you make it, what you really have to do is develop skill. And so I think what you’ve done is such a great example of that is you became an expert, not just by calling yourself an expert you are, you’re actually an expert. And you’ve proven that to your audience, and your audience would see through it. If it wasn’t genuine. Anyway, you’ve earned that title versus just calling yourself that title. And so I think that’s always a good reminder for audience to think about, well, how do I become an expert on social? You know, in social media channels, it’s like, Well, you got to put out really amazing content about

Gogo Bethke 6:29
the local community, it’s okay to own up that you don’t know something. Because initially when I started, this thing’s like, I’m brand new. I don’t have any experience. I don’t have any clients to work with. I barely speak English. Like what like, I don’t know anything about real estate altogether, like what the heck excuse my French am I going to talk about own up to that on up to like, Hey, I don’t know anything about the title aside, I never know how I got a real estate license, like how they let me walk out with the license in hand, when they didn’t teach us anything about title. And I can close without title, right? In some states, it’s attorney states, but in Michigan, your title state, it’s a huge chunk of our real estate transaction, and you learn nothing about it. But you’re supposed to somehow you license, go sell a house and figure out a title work like, I don’t know. So then I started, I’m like, Okay, well, I’m gonna go and interview some local title companies. And then I owned up to it online of like, I don’t know anything about title, but I’m gonna go interview some local title companies, so I can learn about title. And then when I learned about title I’m going to share with you guys, and then when that knowledge comes out through your mouth, it makes you the expert. And then I took the people on the right of my career of like, I learned this today, what did you learn today? kind of situation, and it’s okay, I don’t want to say I do like the saying, they say that, you know, fake it until you make it. And that comes in handy. When you work in a brokerage and you don’t have listings, and they can, you can take somebody else’s listings in the brokerage and market and on your page, absolutely do that, you know, if they allow you to do that, absolutely. That’s where the fake you know, to make it kind of comes in, at your listings, but you kind of make it look like it’s your listing, sure, to use it, that’s fine. Because that’s going to allow you to grow and get you more business and get that potential client, they could have not gotten if you didn’t have access to that listing, I get that, but don’t, you know, don’t lie about things because it’s gonna come through, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s gonna come through, I rather you own up to like, Hey, I didn’t know that. That’s what I learned today. And then as you the more you learn, the more you become the expert.

D.J. Paris 8:22
And people really relate to vulnerability to the sort of idea of being honest about what you don’t yet know, or what you just learned, or, you know, something that maybe isn’t going perfectly in your life or that you want to share. People relate to that a lot. I mean, that’s what reality TV has sort of been so successful, as we’re seeing, well, it’s not always real. But but it’s some sort of version of reality. But if you can say, hey, you know, I’m, I just learned this today, and I want to share it with you guys. You know, that’s a great way. But I know today, but go go. and I were talking beforehand about what what sort of, we wanted to met sort of what our message was going to be today. And, and I was asking her about her thoughts on, you know, so I know Realtors wake up, and they think about social media, and they’re scrolling through everyone’s, the different, you know, different channels, Instagram, Facebook, you know, maybe LinkedIn, tick tock, etc. And we’re looking at all this content. And we may start to think, oh, I don’t, I don’t know that I have much to post today. I don’t really, maybe I’m not feeling creative, or I just don’t have any ideas. So we thought, okay, well, maybe in this episode of the show, we’ll talk about maybe the other side of it, which is engaging with other people’s content. So go ahead, go go. Let’s talk about it.

Gogo Bethke 9:35
But I think it’s equally important because it’s not all about you, you you it’s a two way highway. You know, I mean, so you have to build those relationships. Many people think about social medias and oh, I made a post and we’re the leads why they’re not coming in, like I posted today. Where’s the lead? Like it doesn’t work like that. Think about it like when you get a cold client so so you get someone’s information and you need to turn that cold lead, like massage them through the months and years and weeks or whatever to turn. Meet a potential client and then that potential client may be signed a contract with you, and then you get a closing table. So look at social media the same way, it’s your pool of people of potential clients. Everybody, I don’t know, a single human being who doesn’t need a roof over their head, I don’t care if they live in Alaska or Kentucky and you licensed in Michigan, it doesn’t matter because there’s this thing called a referral fee. So everybody in my mind is a potential client. So the way you want to do that is you want to have those relationships. So let’s start with the easy ones who’s a past client already. So you want to make sure because those are they you already you already earned their business. But now you want to support them for the future, to make sure that you can continue working with them, and that you will be the realtor of choice in their future as well. So number one, make sure that you follow your past clients, you also want to make sure that you follow your ideal clients, because we all have those people that we wish they would buy and sell with us. So do you have to make sure that you follow them. Now, here’s another thing, you want to be active on their pages. So not just expect them with commenting when you close or this and that, whatever you post that when you also take your time to follow them. And here’s what you want to do, you want to set an alert. So those that are your potential, ideal future clients, you want to make sure you follow them. And be you can set alerts on their profiles. So you can see when they’re posting that, oh my gosh, they just got a puppy, okay, or maybe they haven’t a baby. You know what happens when they’re having a baby, they usually need a bigger house. Or maybe they are getting engaged or getting divorced, or whatever the situation is keeping an eye on their account. And I make sure that you comment. Now here’s another thing that I like doing. We have a storefront, so literally an online storefront with a company called Modern laser. And they do all of our marketing materials. So all of our closing gifts come from modern leisure, all of our birthday celebrations, everything that we do comes from our leisure. And it’s pre branded, which means one side of the product already has Google’s real estate on it or it has the team dog organization on there at exp so whatever that we are using it for, it’s already on there. And it’s branded, what happens when it’s brand what something branded?

D.J. Paris 12:04
Well, you get to, they’re gonna get reminded of who you are and what you do every time they use the product.

Gogo Bethke 12:09
Plus, it’s a marketing cost for you, you get to write off of the gift, because it’s marketing. So when you keep your eyes on someone account, and you see that they just got engaged, you can send them something from there that has so one of hopefully my friend is not listening to this. Because I just ordered it. And I can actually show it to you guys, because you actually see this right? Yes. Awesome. So we just ordered this friend of mine just got married. And so we just sad. Can you see

D.J. Paris 12:42
it? Yes. That’s awesome. That’s a cutting board.

Gogo Bethke 12:45
Yeah, so it’s a nice big cutting board. This one I want to say it’s probably a lot of measurements are on there. It’s pretty big. 17 inches tall. Love it. Yeah, so it’s it’s it’s pretty big. And it says their last name on there, their first name and then established and you know, their wedding date. And on the back it says Google’s real estate team. That’s such a

D.J. Paris 13:05
great gift. Because that’s something I know for cutting boards, I probably use my cutting board five days a week, at least. And and most people are going to use that. And if they can be reminded that you have in this case you celebrate somebody’s wedding, that that something emotional that is attached to that, whether it’s Hey, they just bought a home through me. So I’m going to reference that or I’m going to reference an event in their life like a marriage, that’s going to just endear them to you. And it’s something they’re going to be reminded of from a branding perspective, every single time they say maybe not every time if they’re busy, but most times they’re going to notice that and be reminded of it. Guess what

Gogo Bethke 13:41
I was going to do? I’m sorry, what was that? Yes. What else they’re going to do when they get it? What else are they going to do? People usually buy you know, unbox it and then they post a video about it. Oh my gosh Coke was released they just send this to us thank you so much. And then they’re gonna share it and then people are gonna be like who is this Google’s real estate like well what is going on over here and then they follow us. And then you just grow and grow and grow and at that one little gift that you get to write off because it’s a marketing cause now is working for you in multiple different ways. A you have very happy past clients very happy future clients. And then they spread the world by taking a picture and showing you the world when they got from you for their wedding their baby shower. We even got and this was on the team Coco side where we had our babies first baby when first baby girl in the team Gaga organization and so we sent in little onesies that said teen girl go on with their little team go goes first baby girl team goes first baby boy you could be sending something like that literally of like congratulation you know first baby of the bat key family or whatever and then put a put your company logo on the back as long as your branding is on there that it’s branding its marketing cost to you. So you can think of like we just got two different mugs now for somebody else that’s getting married that says so and so’s husband and so it’s his wife so it doesn’t say their own name on the mugs. It says the spouses name and it husband and wife so why down the back, it says, Google geo city. So you can by keeping your eye on other people’s accounts, it allows you to stay a part of their life stay in front of them. It’s not huge marketing costs, we’re talking 20 bucks a piece, you know, I mean, so it’s not the end of the day, and then just go through every day, see who has what’s going on. Also, we have what’s called the Favorites list. So in our past clients, and if anybody wants it, I think it is in my Instagram profile. So if you go to Google’s real estate on Instagram, and you go to my links, you click the link. And then after you click the link, you’re gonna go to the Links button, there’s another Links button in there, there should be a thing that’s called the Favorites list. And download it from there. Here is how it works, guys. And when we get a client, we have them fill out the Favorites list with one of our buyer’s agent or listing agent, whoever gets the lead. And then they interview the client and says, Okay, how many children’s Do you have? What’s your anniversary date? What address do you live? And right now, of course, if they buy a property with us, we’re going to replace that with the new address. What are your birthdays? Do you have any allergies? Do you have a favorite restaurant? Do you have a favorite coffee shop? Do you have a favorite sports team? Because for example, or do you have a favorite band? Let’s say for example, I get an extra Bon Jovi ticket. And I’m like, I don’t know who to give it to when I go into my system, because I have the Favorites list. I know a lot of my past clients who loves banjo, and I’m going to call up and say, hey, just guess what? I have an extra Bon Jovi ticket and I see that you love banjo and would you like to go with me? And then Jessica would be like, Oh my gosh, yes,

D.J. Paris 16:27
or, or you happen to see in social media that someone posts about something that you might have access to. And then that’s another opportunity. So it’s basically the same thing you were saying. But you can also use social media as like a research and development to see what are my clients into? What are they doing, and then you can make notes and add that into your CRM be like, Wow, this, this, these people just came back from Mexico or wherever, oh, it seems like they go to Mexico every year. Now I know something and, you know, can, you know, think about ideas that might help them, you know, with Mexico trips or whatever,

Gogo Bethke 16:59
exactly. And then you could also maybe just as simple as taking their picture that they did on on, you know, their family vacation, or whatever, and blow it up and put your company logo on the back and say, Hey, I just saw this photo. And I thought, you guys look so adorable, turn it into a little camera, ship it to them.

D.J. Paris 17:14
I’m gonna give everyone a real tour, I want to get your opinion, I thought of this gift idea. I gave this to everyone in my family. And I just realized there’s, I guess you’d have to figure out a way to brand to brand it. But you know, even if you just put a sticker with your information on it, I’d maybe there’s a company that could actually officially brand it. But you just went on a trip, I’m about to go on a big trip. And the best tool that I have bought for anyone that goes on a trip is get a luggage scale. They’re like $10, a digital luggage scale. And you just didn’t like this big. They fit right in somebody’s luggage because we always worry. Am I overweight? My bag? Am I underweight? Nobody, you know, you have to step on the scale first, and you have to subtract your weight. And it’s a real headache to try to do it. I mean, to do it yourself. But this, you literally just hold it up an inch and weighs the bag in two seconds. And it’s like 10 bucks. I’m telling you, anyone who travels, if you see them coming back from a trip, send that to them. Maybe see

Gogo Bethke 18:10
granddad I’m sure you can read it and have it engraved or something. Yeah.

D.J. Paris 18:14
Yeah. So I was just thinking about that, since we’re on trips. And like right now my girlfriend’s like, where’s the luggage scale? I need the luggage scale. Because, you know, we’re freaking out about being overweight. So. So that’s a great one. So you can literally just look at social media every day. Anyone who’s just come back from a trip, say, Hey, I just saw you came back from a trip. I thought this will be helpful on your next trip. Easy $10. And you put your sticker on it, or you somehow get it branded? Easy.

Gogo Bethke 18:39
Absolutely. A couple other things, comments, you know, many people are? Do they love comments? Yes, because Instagram and any other platform, they rate your site based on how much interaction you have. So you don’t it’s not about how many followers you have. It’s about do they take the time of the day to leave your know, do they take the time on the way to watch your video in full detail, the time of the day to DM you. So you want to have interaction on your side as the most important. So when you get a comment, don’t just leave it at that respond back to them, the more back and forth you have, and that pose that you just made the battery’s going to perform number one to number two, don’t. And also take the time to go and comment on other people’s posts as well. So maybe you just take, you know, 10 minutes a day you sit down with your morning coffee, and you take the time and the effort to you know, go and comment on 1020 30 people’s posts because you know, they’re going to regret reciprocated and they feel the love from you, especially if they’re clients of yours. If you set up your notifications, then you’re going to get notified when the client posted something then you know to go and comment. So to you out it’s going to take you two seconds it’s going to notify you that so and so just posted something I need to do is go and comment. Okay.

D.J. Paris 19:45
And every single everybody on social media knows who comments on their posts. We all know who does it and we know who doesn’t comment on our posts. And most of us probably look to see how many likes we got and who liked the post as well. I mean unless you have a big one Asfa count you’re getting 1000s of likes, which probably not then looking through, but if you’re getting, you know, a dozen likes under 100 likes, you’re probably looking to see who did that. So definitely, like, like these posts as well. But commenting is huge. Because even if you don’t pay attention to who liked it, you know who comments,

Gogo Bethke 20:18
exactly, and the comment has to be at least a minimum of three words, it cannot be just cute little emojis because that Instagram and Facebook’s AI, it’s not a comment. So whatever you do, make sure that it’s, it’s thoughtful, and it’s you actually took the effort, and make sure that you actually read what they’re posted. You know, you don’t congratulate someone under dog dying, you know, those kind of things like just make sure that you actually don’t click

D.J. Paris 20:40
the like button if their dog died. Like, you know, I mean, like, for sure, it’s a sad face a crying I face if you’re gonna select that

Gogo Bethke 20:49
time of the day, the other thing is sharing their posts. So if you have a big platform that can help someone, let’s say they’re running a donation for their child children’s school or something like that, take the time and effort and share it over to your business page. So then they feel the love you help them, you know, get whatever they are working on, make sure that you donate, you take the time to you know, you spend, I am actually awful at that it does not come natural to me. It doesn’t even when I see those things, it doesn’t cross my mind. And I need to do that. I’m married to someone who’s amazing at that. Like literally, we just came back from Europe and one of our best friend’s son graduated, and we missed the graduation party. I didn’t think of it. Because in my mind, we already missed the graduation party. I didn’t think of it to still send the gift. Does that make sense about my husband? My husband did so if you’re not that thoughtful, then maybe marry one that is or, or hire one that that is? Or maybe just hire a virtual assistant who keeps an eye on your sphere of influence who reminds you of like, hey, so and so we have two birthdays this week on your Facebook. We have two anniversaries this week on your Facebook, someone’s mom just passed away this week on your Facebook, someone just got a new puppy this week on your Facebook. And then you know, Friday, maybe you assigned two hours every single Friday morning and that’s when you send your handwritten notes. You order your personalized gifts for everybody and then you good

D.J. Paris 22:06
you know that’s such such a great point you made said something I just want to spend just a quick second on gogo said, you know, we know as real estate agents, sometimes we’re working 80 plus hours a week, we’re not sleeping enough. We’re not spending enough time with our families, we’re trying to get deals closed. And we’re dealing with, you know, challenging clients sometimes or challenging Realtors on the other side of the deal, and just all the intricacies that take up our time. And we think, Oh God, now I have to go into social media and comment, you know, for 20 minutes a day, and I just don’t have time for that. Well, if you truly don’t have time for that, then go go just said something very quickly. But very important. You can hire somebody to monitor your social media, meaning monitor your your customers social media, and report back to you about major life events or anything that’s noteworthy. So if you’re like, Oh, God, now I have to figure out when people get back from vacation and where their kids are graduating, I don’t I don’t have that time. You can pay somebody and even if you just paid them for an hour a day. That’s enough. And then they report back to you. And that would be what maybe $10 If you hire somebody from from outside, you know, from from like a gig economy sort of scenario might be 1015 bucks a day. Boy, I do that in a heartbeat.

Gogo Bethke 23:19
So virtual assistants usually charge between four to six hours an hour, right? So think of it this way, even if they’ve worked for you, let’s say for five bucks an hour between the middle and they work for you four hours a day, it’s 20 bucks. You’re telling me that if you got one, let’s say they do that every day. So we’re talking 200 bucks a week. $400 a month? Okay. If you get one measly transaction out of it, what’s your average commission?

D.J. Paris 23:48
Yeah, let’s say it’s a $300,000. House two and a half percent. So $7,500 Total commission? Let’s say you’re at last 70% split. So I don’t know what’s that five grand or so something like that.

Gogo Bethke 23:58
So that’s your take home five grand, if I told you give me $400 And you can get five grand back could

D.J. Paris 24:05
I do that all day long?

Gogo Bethke 24:07
I’ll do I’m gonna ask you if I can do it 10 Times today and 10 times tomorrow. You know, I mean, so But most people look at it as an expense, they don’t look at it, that activity is going to generate results. So there is no freaking way than if you did that week after week after week after week. Then in four week period, you’re not going to get a lead that you can close.

D.J. Paris 24:29
So I’m going on a vacation for three weeks and I have a virtual assistant and she is monitoring my voicemails my emails well and she’s been on our team for years now. So she’s you know, more like a really like a true full time co worker, but anybody could hire her and they could do those kinds of tasks. So really think about it is what’s the stuff that you don’t have time for but would be great for you know, keeping in touch with your sphere of influence. Once and, you know, they can look through your social media, why not? I mean, mine, mine does that in a different way for social media, but she’s constantly in my account and reporting back to me, and she’ll be reporting back to me every single day I’m on this vacation with, you know what I need to know. So I don’t miss anything.

Gogo Bethke 25:15
Yeah, so in my case, we have multiple virtual assistants as well, I haven’t checked an email or a DM in any other platform. But Instagram is the only one that you personally get me on every other account, I have virtual assistants. But here’s the thing, I do not give them access to my account. So for example, my assistant has access, or we created one for her. It’s an actual Instagram account called Google’s assistant. So this way, you can create an account for your assistant that’s called DJs assistant. And they can keep an eye on your account, just like another user can keep an eye on your account. So he can she can say to you or he can say to you, oh, DJ, I don’t know if you miss this, but this person come into this, this and this, can you personally get back to them. Or if somebody’s trying to get a hold of you, or that then Marianna is my assistant says, Oh, hey, this is Google’s assistant. And it says Google’s assistant, you know, in her official profile as well and says, Hey, this is Google’s Assistant, I’m the gatekeeper to her calendar, I would love to give you you know, her time slots email me at this email address. And she then she takes it from there.

D.J. Paris 26:11
Yeah, and that’s a lot of virtual assistants. So that’s I have a similar setup where they don’t actually access my account, but they are admins on my accounts. And so they have access to our my pages and my groups and everything. And then they just go through it and report back to me. But yeah, you don’t have to necessarily turn over your actual login and password for a lot of people that are full. And be careful

Gogo Bethke 26:34
with that. Make sure all of your accounts have two step authentication, because you never know what’s happening. But there’s multiple ways how you can skin, skin a cat and get help. You don’t have to do all this on your own. And it’s absolutely work. You just have to like think ahead of like, why we’re doing this, what’s the report, the result we’re expecting. And even worst case scenario, if you get one lead that closes, you’re going to make your money 10 times and what you’re going to invest into that activity. So that’s that the gaps we talked about. So we talked about the wedding’s, the babies engagements, graduations. The other thing that I do then I think is just a little more special is a voice note. So instead of messaging someone back number one, my voice note situation started because I don’t have time to type up a two pager. If somebody asked me like a more detailed question. When I do have time, I’m probably in the car driving or I don’t have time, you know, I mean, so when I’m driving, then I don’t want to type it all up. So sometimes I just grabbed my phone, push that little voice Node button, and send a nice note that voice note back. And I just think it’s so much more special that you took the time of the day. So for example, let’s say that you see some past clients profile and it’s your birthday today. I’m not saying go ahead and post all Happy Birthday, blah, blah, blah, you know all that that you do miss you. I wish we can have a drink, kind of switch in whichever you post on your side. But then take the time and go send them a personalized voice note and say, Hey, Jessica, I see that your birthday today. I want to personally tell you happy birthday. Well, let’s see they got a new job. Hey, Jessica, this is go guy so that you get a new job. I just wanted to personally congratulate you. I knew that you wanted the job for so long. I’m so excited for you. Let’s have a drink. I mean, so did you took the time of the day number one, when you leave voice notes, you always call the other person by name. Why? Because they know that message would just for them write a message that I just sent out to 300 people number one, number two, people like to hear their own name. They live to feel acknowledged. So when you’re leaving a voice note, you don’t say Hey, this is gonna go I say Hey, Jessica, this is Gogo.

D.J. Paris 28:31
I love it. You know, it’s funny, you just reminded me this is sort of a silly thing to bring up. But it’s it’s a neat thing. So most of us are probably who live in the United States are probably familiar with the franchise, the restaurant franchise, Hooters. Right. And I won’t talk about what maybe we might think I’ll be talking about. But one of the things they teach the the servers, the traditionally waitresses at these restaurants is to if you ever notice if you ever eat there, and I haven’t eaten there in a million years, but but when I did, I remembered that they would write my name down on the, you know, they have like a paper tablecloth. And they’d always take a cran and write your name. And I always thought I wonder why they do that. And then I learned later. The reason why they do that is so that when they come to the table, they’re sick, they always say your name like hey, DJ, what would you like for lunch. And there is something very intimate about using somebody’s name, and it’s very connecting. And so it’s a really great thing when you’re meeting someone new. Also, if yet you’re meeting up, maybe it’s a zillo lead or referral from somebody that you haven’t met yet. And you’re meeting them for the first time, consistent, use their name a lot. So I’m just I just thought I’d throw that out there. That’s what they teach these Hooters waitresses to do. And it works. It works for people to feel comfortable.

Gogo Bethke 29:47
And also, are you the kind of person that people introduce themselves and you’re like, what it is in the name was right? Like, you know, like so many of us like, especially for me, because my name is so complicated. I concentrate on my name, and so I I mean a circle of people. I’m like, I got nothing. I have no idea what they said their name was. And there’s a trick for that, that somebody taught me. And I was like, Oh my gosh, any works. So when somebody introduces themselves and says, Hey, my name is DJ, and they shake your hand, instead of say, Hey, I’m gogo, you say, hey, DJ, and go go. As soon as you say their name out, it’s going to register in your name in your head number one, and number two, they feel acknowledged. Yeah. So I don’t say my name first ever again. So now when somebody introduces themselves, I repeat their name first smart, then I introduce myself, because that way we’re registered in your head. That’s Jessica. That’s DJ. That’s Adam. That’s Emily. And then I introduce myself, they get acknowledged, and I learned her name.

D.J. Paris 30:44
And that’s another thing you can do on social media that most people don’t do is when you’re responding to someone’s other person’s post when they’re back from vacation. Yes, of course, you can write awesome looks like you had a great trip. But you could say, Wow, Kate looked like you’ve really had a great trip. That’s just takes one extra word by putting their name and it will absolutely register more deeply than one without their name. So even when you’re replying to comments, you don’t have to do it every time. But it’s something that becomes just a slightly bit more personal.

Gogo Bethke 31:16
Absolutely. And then if you want to take it even more personal, leave him a voice note and say don’t anymore.

D.J. Paris 31:21
Yes, boy, so many great tips. I think this is we should probably stop because I know you could keep going for another hour. But you’re too busy for that. And I want to save stuff for the next time you’re on. So I want to thank everybody for you know, supporting and listening to our show. Of course we want to thank gogo she is so insanely busy. Go go real quickly. Let’s talk about your team. We almost never talked about this and because you’re you’ve never asked for this, but I want everybody to know that you are always looking for agents. Can you talk just a little bit about what your team offers with your with EXP and and I’m only mentioning this because I’m a recruiter, it took me 11 years to get to eight, almost 800 realtors and this is what I do all day long. Go go in about two years time has got to almost 600 agents. So we got to talk about this. Tell us, you know what, what is your real estate group? And why is it so popular?

Gogo Bethke 32:21
Yeah, so we call it the team go family. We literally are a family. We support each other. We call it a team. Even though it’s not a team as in real estate knows a team. I don’t take a cut. nobody owes me absolutely nothing. I’m not their team leader necessarily. We have agents broker owners with 20. Some agents I’m actually bringing now someone with 70 Some agents on their team. So we have all kinds of we are brand new agents we have husband and wives we have agents with multiple state licenses, we have many iKON agents. So we have anything from brand new with the ink hasn’t dried under license all the way to been in the industry for 40 years and has their own team and their own brokerage. So the team Gago, it’s more like a family and organization when I got licensed, they recruited me all the time, because I became not very quickly but about three, four years into my career became a top producing agent. And then I got recruited all the time. In the meantime, I got recruited on two teams, and I had a really hard time with the whole team thing because I didn’t understand I understand if you give me a lead and I pay you, right, I had a hard time of you’re gonna take a cut on my mom’s condo, right? You’re right, you’re gonna take on a cut on the things I generated on open houses, the things I generated on my own social media, I had an issue with that. So I personally joined a team because I didn’t never me personally felt the value in that. So now when I fast forward, I switched to even at real estate when I had a small little team, but I always had like a feeling in my gut. So and then I want to color and the same thing when I started my team and I had to take cuts on everything. I just like that feeling on my in my gut. So then I wanted to do something where I can help other agents where we can have this community where we can coach together and train together and do all this real estate thing together, we can support one another and refer most importantly to one another. Before we will refer to strangers, but they don’t owe me anything. I don’t take a cut of their transactions. They don’t owe me anything. They’re not building my empire. Nobody’s running under the Google’s real estate brand. Everybody’s building their own brand, but I am their business partner. So we are literally in in business relationship together like married in this real estate industry together. So we get to do this together more like a mastermind. We do trainings four times a week. Every Tuesday we do an icon series. That’s where our icon agents train the agents who want to become icon so they hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Wednesday’s is production training. I’m really good with numbers. So we just did numbers this last week. Yesterday. Thursday’s is technology so anything from Google Drive’s to how to create your electronic signature to CRM programs, automated drip campaigns, whatever we do, and IT systems, any apps anything that I use Hi, I’m Christie my right hand who’s technically left hand because she’s left handed. She trains everybody on the nitty gritty of technology when it comes to real estate every Friday, we do an agent attraction mastermind, because many of our agents are building their own organizations and their own teams. So we talk about how to grow a team, nationally and internationally. And then all of my bootcamp so the goal was boot camp agent, attraction course. And then the Google’s became Social Media course. Both of them are included for all of my business partners. So all 600 of them, get it for free. My goal is to make sure that they reach their goal. And that’s pretty much advertising gogo is it’s a business partnership without you ever paying me as much as a penny.

D.J. Paris 35:37
I love it. And if you’re not interested in switching, you know, brokerages or teams, and you still want access to all of this great training, she’s got her bootcamp and we highly encourage you guys, it’s, you know, I was just thinking about it while you were talking. I was like, how much would I pay? Realistically, like, what would it actually be worth if I got five deals out of it? Right? So if I, if that’s all that ever happened? Well, that would be probably what $25,000 in commissions somewhere around there. So like, it would be reasonable to think, well, she charges you know, 20 grand for this service, but it’s way, way less than that. So check it out, go to Gogo podcast.com. And look at her boot camp. It’s a wonderful introduction into how to become better with social media. As a realtor, she uses the exact same strategies to how she became a top producer is the same thing she’s teaching. And you know, by the way, you could always join her team too, if you wanted more in depth, you know, sort of support and all the resources that exp provides through gogo, but check out her boot camp, even if you’re perfectly happy at your firm and not going anywhere. Her boot camp is absolutely worth purchasing. And even if it just does one deal. It’s probably like a 20,000% return on the investment. So guys, again, total no brainer. Go to Gogo podcast.com Gogo, thank you once again for being on the show. We’re so honored to have you come on every month, and we know how busy you are. So congrats on the wonderful trip with your family over back to your own land. And we’re glad to have you back in the US. And we will see everybody on the next episode. Please guys, before you sign off, just think of one other real estate professional that could benefit from hearing this interview with Gogo. And guess what everybody in your office could benefit because everyone’s social media could get better. Send them a link to the show, just go to sorry, we’ll go to go go podcast.com To but also send them a link to our show, which they can find right at keeping it real pod.com So thank you so much, gogo. Thank you and we’ll see you next time.

Gogo Bethke 37:40
Thank you so much.

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