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How Real Estate Agents Can Use Affiliates For Additional Revenue Streams • Social Bootcamp • Gogo Bethke

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Welcome to our monthly feature, Social Bootcamp With Gogo Bethke!

In this episode, Gogo talks about the problem with real estate commissions – how that you’re only paid when a deal closes. Gogo describes how an agent can add additional streams of income through the services your clients already use. Gogo also talks about the importance of building affiliate links to grow your business and how you can integrate them in your website.

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Gogo Bethke can be reached at gogosrealestate@gmail.com and at her Instagram account.

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D.J. Paris 0:00
This episode of Keeping it real is brought to you by gogos bootcamp Are you a real estate agent looking for the very best media training program on the planet? Go go back he is considered the top Instagram Realtor in the country and her step by step training program will take your social media game to the next level. Keeping it real listeners receive a special discount so please visit Gogo podcast.com That’s Gee oh gee Oh podcast.com for your special discount and now on with the show

Hey, welcome to keeping it real with the largest real estate podcast made for real estate agents and also by real estate agents. My name is DJ Paris. I am your guide and host through the show and today is our monthly series called Social boot camp with gogo Beth key. Gogo Beth key came to the United States in 2003. To build her American dream. She was broke she had no real estate experience and no sphere of influence also barely spoke English with only $6 to her name, so it left her with nothing else other than Facebook to help build her business, which is where she started, she created gogos real estate and began her real estate career. Now with the power of social media gogo has sold over 75 million in real estate transactions. She shares the good the bad and the ugly of real estate and are honest snippets into our daily life earned her 10s of 1000s of social media followers and in the real estate community, she has earned the nickname The Queen of social media. After being asked to present at various conferences and events with realtors. She built her own social media Bootcamp for realtors called gogos bootcamp. Today, she has a team of over 300 agents nationwide. Her goal is to help as many agents as possible make a name for themselves in real estate utilizing social media. Now if she can do it, this girl from Transylvania, Romania with no formal US education, no sphere of influence, no money, no experience, and an accent than anyone else can do it as well. Please follow gogo on Instagram at gogos real estate. Welcome once again. Gogo,

Gogo Bethke 2:14
thank you so much for having me. And guess what? Yesterday, we had 400 agents

D.J. Paris 2:19
400 Oh my gosh, well, for somebody that’s been recruiting, this is me, I’ve been recruiting real estate agents for 11 years, and I only have 700 agents. So you are quickly going to surpass me in a much quicker time. Because you probably and you know what’s so amazing is you do it all by attraction, I go out and seek real estate agents, and you do it in a much more efficient way, which is you’re providing a tremendous amount of value to just the public, anyone who’s a realtor, and then they are obviously inspired to want to join your team.

Gogo Bethke 2:52
Yeah, and I have a little bit of advantage because yours is localized or correct. You can only Chicago area. Well, for me, we have agents that were in France, we just got our first agents in France. We are getting from one from Brazil, we have agents in almost every state in the US agents in Canada, a lot of them in Mexico. So it’s kind of just you know, I’m not limited to location, so I get to do it. Well, it’s easier job as you do.

D.J. Paris 3:15
Still. It’s very impressive what you’ve done so quickly. And it really does illustrate the givers get mentality if you if you give great value, which is what gogo has been doing for years, you know, really providing social media tips for free. It’s what she does on this show. People will eventually want to work with you and for you. So congratulations on all your success. And if anyone’s watching, if you if it looks like I live like a complete slob if you’re listening, you won’t see it as if you’re watching me I promise. This is not how I live, I just moved in to a new condo, which is actually quite beautiful, though you wouldn’t tell from from this video. But all of this stuff that isn’t currently being worked on is just housed in this room. I have four workers just on the other side of this wall installing things. So hopefully the noise isn’t too bad. But I promise the vegetables will look better next time we do this. So thanks for your patience through that. But what do we want to talk about today?

Gogo Bethke 4:08
So I was thinking we should talk about the all the different ways how we can make money in real estate because most agents would just think commission commission and don’t get me wrong, that is the biggest chunk of money that you’re going to make. But there are other ways when you do social media, right that you can generate monthly income, most of them which are passive, what we call affiliate. And I figured I would walk you through the website that we have, which is only 20 bucks a month. Everybody that wants to have a site like mine, you can have it for $20 a month and have everything that I have and they literally build it for you. You don’t have to build it, you just have to click a button. But I figured we could walk through everything that I have on the website and why I have it and how it generates us money. And then maybe it will inspire someone to sit down and figure out all of the ways how they can make money and build a site around it.

D.J. Paris 4:51
I think this is it’s such a great idea. So I am a part owner in a real estate commission advanced business where we loan while it’s not a ton Technically loaning money, but essentially, that’s what it is to agents who are waiting on deals to close. And the number one reason why we ask, you know, Hey, why are you wanting an advance on this commission is they said, Well, I have bills and, and this deal has been, you know, delayed and it’s not going to close for several months. And if they had a passive stream of income that might actually tide them over. So they wouldn’t need to use a service like our commission Advanced Business. So this is a really important thing, because real estate, especially if you’re a traditional realtor is so transactional, and you could be waiting months and months, sometimes years for a deal to close and obviously, we all know you don’t get paid until those deals closed. So I think this is great to open up our audience to a way to help keep that income flowing month to month.

Gogo Bethke 5:41
Yeah, I don’t like you know, I always joke about that. I don’t like the real estate rollercoaster I want it off of the real estate rollercoaster I make money don’t make money. I’m unemployed, I’m unemployed, unemployed, unemployed. Because my bills come in, and the first in the 15th, no matter what, you know, I mean, sound like I do, like, do I have money? I don’t have money, do I have money, I don’t have money. Like I don’t want to have money all the time. So when my bills come in, I also have money that’s coming in so we can pay it. So I just sat down and you figured out all of the different ways how I can possibly make money? Did you Would you give me access to share my screen,

D.J. Paris 6:13
I will. So for those of you that are listening, we’re going to be describing this. For those of you watching, obviously, you’ll be able to see it. But we’re going to describe it as we do this. And I just need to give gogo access here. So one sec, I forgot to do that. There we go.

Gogo Bethke 6:27
Thank you. And in the meantime, guys, the ones who are listening, all you need to do is after you’re probably driving right now, so don’t do this right now. But next time when you get home and you have a chance to go in front of the computer go to my name. So it’s Google back key is geo, geo B ethke.com. So go go back to that calm, and you will see exactly what we get to see.

D.J. Paris 6:48
Awesome. All right, you should be able to share now.

Gogo Bethke 6:51
Awesome. Let’s do that. Can you see my screen? We can? Yeah, okay, let’s do that. So this is my Google backyard calm. And one day I just sat down, I said, Okay, what are the different ways how people possibly need to get a hold of me? What are the different ways how I can make money. And some of this may not apply to you now, or you might say, Oh, I didn’t think of that, I need to add it to my arsenal of how I can make money. So let’s start with the very first one, of course, it’s Commission’s commission. So it’s buyers and sellers. So let’s say somebody’s reaching out to me that they want to, you know, talk to me about buying a home in Livingston County, I would send them to my buyers tab. And if you can see, as soon as I click that, it goes into Google basket at work forward slash buy. So each of these tabs has its own forward slash. So if I’m texting someone, and I don’t want them, I don’t want to send them to my Google basket where they can get lost because there’s so much information. Let’s say they say they are the they are a buyer, I send them directly to my buy tab. So then they don’t get confused with all the other things. And I do like podcasts and events. This way, they just go to the buy side. So on here, as you can see, you see a phone number cracked, you would think it’s my phone number. It is not, it is my Cavey core smartphone number, you should always always always use a smart phone number. So I use our KV core number if you don’t have access to kv core KV core is our lead generation system and CRM program, your CRM program, whatever you use probably has the option for an upcharge, you have a smart phone number, you want to have a smart phone number, why? A because I don’t want my cell phone number out there for the public. But be because I want to know everything about you and see because I don’t want to manually plug your information into my CRM program, I want you to automatically show up as soon as you freaking dialed

D.J. Paris 8:29
me. What’s so great, what’s so great about these systems to the CRMs, especially like Cavey core, there’s a lot of others that offer this feature where they’ll you know, have a phone number they can assign to you. And what’s great about it, as gogo was saying is when somebody does contact you what they what the system does, is it actually takes that phone number that’s coming in from that client or potential client, and it actually pings it against all sorts of different databases. And it pulls in social media accounts, if it’s connected to that phone number, it pulls in any information it can find first name, last name, sometimes address. It’s really awesome and impressive. And it’s a great way to integrate with your CRM, as Google is saying, now she knows a lot about that particular individual who just reached out.

Gogo Bethke 9:10
Exactly, so that person that dialed you from the 734, blah, blah, blah phone number, they if they use that same phone number when they created their Facebook or their LinkedIn account, the system smart enough to recognize Oh, that must be the same person. So it’s going to find their Facebook page, it’s going to find their LinkedIn page and plug it right into your CRM. So you can hit them up on LinkedIn, you can hit them up on Facebook, so you don’t have to just have the boring email be sent out. So also, they have the option here to call me to email me to search for homes, which is if you click here, it will take you directly to my Cavey core link. So again, this is my lead generation CRM program. So you must have a website where you can capture people’s information. So of course it has a live IDX. It’s going to do search for everything in the state where I’m licensed, and they can filter that by whatever their criteria is, but as soon as they do They’re gonna have to give an email address to get these reports. So I go, I’m going to know everything about them again. Okay. So that’s, that’s,

D.J. Paris 10:08
yeah, what’s also really great about that is what Go Go gets notified. That’s that somebody’s on their on her website because they’ve entered in that email address, it’s captured all of the places they’ve looked at and dump that into her CRM. So she not only knows, I mean, imagine this, somebody, somebody contacts her through this phone number that’s connected to our CRM, the system pings all these different social media platforms, as well as just public databases pulls as much information as they, as it can find about that person. Then when that person goes and visits goes, website starts looking for properties, it saves every single place they’ve looked at and puts that inside of her CRM. So she has so much information. Now she knows what the person who the person is oftentimes and what they’ve just been looking at, without ever talking to

Gogo Bethke 10:51
unlock reports, automated drip campaigns, it’s smart enough to know that if they looked at a property, they are buyers, if they wanted to how much the home is worth, they are sellers. So you literally will do the work for you. And you can automate. And you can personalize those automated drip campaigns so that mine will send a text message right away as something comes out and says, Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. You’re looking for a new home or oh my gosh, I’m so excited. You want to know how much your home is what? It’s a personalized video message that goes out from me to them. So it’s just not a boring email that 99% of the emails don’t get opened. So on that side, then we have testimonials because I want my clients to know that we are five star and I want them to and Google and Zillow and all that. But I also want them to be able to do the research like do I want to work with this person? Do I want? Do they want to take my word for it? How awesome I am? Or do they want to read some testimonials and see how awesome I am? Why should they work with me? Then we have a video I used to have an ad at the movie theater. This is our old old ad from the movie theater. So they can do that. And have a video up here. Why should someone work with you? Again, this is the buyers tab. So it was so simple. You just create a video for yours about yourself of like how you work with buyers. Why should someone choose to work with you how much you charge how the buying process works, you know, yada yada your achievements, your five star reviews, and create a quick video, upload it to YouTube and then plug the link right in here. So now this conversation comes directly from you to the Mr. And Mrs. potential buyer. So again, there’s a relationship, there’s a button right under my video that says set an appointment. So if one day ready, and they watch the video is like, Oh, she’s a cool check, I want to work with her, they can plug right themselves right into my calendar. Then we have some accolades, right under the video talks about you know, working on over 75 million production featured in real producers, five star reviews on Google and all of those, then we have some other videos. So like we have a new construction video on here where my husband who’s also a licensed agent, talks about the new construction process versus buying a privately owned home. And then we are also ne certified which is the National Association of expert advisors, we are certified listing agents and buyer’s agents. So we have a video on here that we are allowed to use because we are certified by them explaining the buyer process. So it’s just this is on the buyer side. So now when we go back, let’s say I’m talking to Mr. or Mrs. Seller, a seller will have will want to know totally different things and the buyer does the salary want to know how will you market my home? Why should I hire you versus another agent. So under selling tab, it’s very similar. When you click it, you see you’re going to see my image, you’re going to see the phone number, same features, call me now email home evaluations versus search for homes. And then we have client testimonials. So buttons are very similar. It’s just one with one difference. Instead of searching for home, it’s home evaluations, which again, if I click it, it’s going to take you directly to my Cavey core that will run your CMA automatically. Okay, we have the same video, we have the same set appointments, the difference we have on this site, right under the accolades, we have previous videos that I have created for our listings in the past, so they can see how we market our properties. So they can make the decision if they want to use us versus using somebody else. Like if I’m going into a monitoring or sorry, a mall tie hiring realtor hiring situation where they flat out tells you hey, the interview multiple agents, I can just send them to my page and say, Hey, look at some of the previous marketing’s I go above and beyond with marketing for my clients, no cost to you. So all of my videos, videography, editing, everything that we use, I always ate that cost as the agent, I don’t charge them back to my clients versus another agent that I’m going against. He’s got he or she is going to just put it in the MLS. I will win that because I go above and beyond for my clients. And this is proof. They can also meet the team, they can get over to our Facebook page or Instagram or LinkedIn. And if they have a question, just something generic, they can also answer that. So this is the sellers tab. Now let’s say I’m at an event and I’m talking I’m surrounded by all kinds of agents that say to no event or let’s say I’m sitting at a bar in a restaurant and someone claps their church down next to me and we start talking real estate and exp comes up, then I would want to send them to the EXP partner with me tab. So let’s say in your case, DJ you are your top two agents all the time. Let’s say you’re a bar, you say hey, why don’t you join our brokerage you would have a tab. So my tab just explains there’s seven videos on here first, it explains who I am in a big picture. I have a 10,000 foot view, a very quick paragraph, then they can watch seven different videos of why they should join my brokerage or this brokerage with me, in your case, your team and brokerage, why should they do so you could have seven different videos, one from you personally, explaining why they should do that. So this is my video with six other videos above, then they can plop right into my calendar, they can have a three way call with me. So if they are a team member of mine already, who decided to join the company with me and be our business partners, if they want me to come to one of their agent attraction phone calls, they would schedule a three way call with me. So if you have a team member that helps you grow the team and says, Hey, DJ, would you please talk to this agent? For me, I feel like if you talk to them, they would probably join. This is where they go, they go to a three way calendar. And I also do an event called Why not exp so if they want to register for that once every week, they can do that. If they want to learn about the company, that’s our international because they’re in 14 countries, they can do that. So whichever brokerage you’re with or whatever they can do if they have a way to growing that brokerage, this should be that page, this is the page of like, hey, why don’t you talk to me about the opportunity here and join in business with me. And on there, I think what’s very, very important is to have your own video, the six videos on here, besides the two year anniversary are not mine, these five are created by other agents of our brokerage talking about another another thing that our brokerage offers. So you can do that. But you must have your own video of why they should, you know, join your brokerage. So in here, you would have your own. So at the very bottom, again, all of the different reasons of why they should join with us all of the trainings and things they get, and then how they can sign up. So we make it very simple step one, step two, okay, then they have all of the other benefits. But then we also introduce what we call team Gogo. So all of our agents nationwide, not all because we have been thankfully growing so much that personally I bought over 150. And these are the personal ones that I personally sponsored. So as we are growing, we are adding them on here. Now the page that I was talking about. So if they like what they see here, it’s very simple, they just click on a page like mine, it’s in the bottom of every single page of mine. So you can just go to any of the buyer tab, listing tab, partner with me tab anytime that you want to and go to the bottom where it says, I want a page like this, you can have your page exactly like mine, or nothing like mine. It’s fully customizable. And it’s 20 bucks.

D.J. Paris 17:20
It’s an incredible deal. 20 bucks a month isn’t nothing when you

Gogo Bethke 17:23
ask someone, I paid for the full year upfront. So it saves you two months. If you do that, I want to say it’s like $199 If you pay for the whole year upfront, but to me, it was a no brainer. Because now what was important to me is one link. So I want to be able to send absolutely anyone if they want to invite me to your podcast, if they invited me to talk at their events, if they’re an A person who wants to get licensed in real estate, if they want to know what books I read, if they want to buy or sell or rent or join my team. It’s one website, it’s go go back. And within that what was important for me is to categorize the different things that I do and the different ways how I can get paid. Another thing that was important to me, I must have videos, I can’t just have a boring website, have a click here and there’s a link, I have to have video so people can personally get to know me, why should someone use me as the realtor, this is why on the listing side, and this is why on the buy side, so and this website and another thing, I didn’t want to pay $15,000 To have a website and then have someone on retainer for 700 bucks a month to make the updates, this is the most affordable way that I have found. And they do the updates within 24 hours. So in my events tab if you see if I have an event that already expired, which is it’s COVID season right now, so we don’t have events on here about pre COVID season, you would have multiple things on here of all of the events that I attend, and then I speak at, I would if they will be listed right here with the registration button so they can go on register. So if I’m getting a message from someone that like hey, go go, what is the next next event you’re going to speak at, I just send them to my events tab. So I go to Google basket at work for which that’s events. So I know all of my tabs and I’ll just send them there, they can see where I’m going they can register themselves to the event or if they want to book me for an event that’s where I will be sending them so

D.J. Paris 19:09
because so many agents have become successful doing like first time homebuyer, you know, events, or or now maybe they’re virtual, but you know, this is a place where you can, they can go and see your schedule and all of that.

Gogo Bethke 19:22
Exactly, instead of sending them to Eventbrite for this event and that event and Facebook events and every event is here, everyone I’m speaking out so you can register and come and see me speak in person or you want to invite me to one there is a button to invite me to one. So that’s the Event tab and the reason for that, then we have my Bootcamp and this is how you and me started talking. This is I have we have two different boot camps. So this is the goggles boot camp for Social Media course. And for the agent attraction course. Since you and me started talking. We have a whole other course now that’s called agent attraction, podcast. So if they want to invite me to a podcast or they want to listen to the podcast, this is where they go. And we were in construction of building these so Let me see if they are listed but you guys should. Yep. keepin it real right there. Yeah, that’s us. Yep. Yep. Yeah, try that. I don’t have the other ones listed here because I go on hundreds of them. But I’m not reoccurring. You’re the only one that I’m reoccurring monthly.

D.J. Paris 20:14
We’re very, we’re very honored to have you.

Gogo Bethke 20:16
Thank you for having me. So you guys are listed the ones and I don’t I usually just tell them just go on iTunes, put in Google and you should find everything that I ever spoke. Thankfully, my name is so weird that it’s easy to find a way how you can get paid. How many times have you had a conversation with a friend or somebody you’re like, oh, my gosh, I’m thinking about getting my real estate license. Where should I go? All the time? All the time? You Don’t you wish that you could get paid for it? While Yeah. So you go to you can go to mine where it says Get your real estate license, click that button, it will take you to the company that I use. They are an online company. And last I checked, they were in 38 states, but they were working on all the states. So hopefully by now they’re in all 50 states. They are an online real estate course. So anybody can join, get their courses, go and take their state exam, what happens is you get your own affiliate link. So with that affiliate link, they track who did you send, and then they send you literally every time somebody signs up and pays for a course let’s say $350 You get 20% So you get a $70 check. So they just send me 40 bucks here $70 There like literally all the time. So that’s the get license app now, here’s another tab that’s called links. Now there’s a bunch of random stuff than I do, and a bunch of random ways how I get paid. So instead of having a million links here, we created one tab that’s called link so let’s say let’s say DJ you say hey go go what are the books that you like reading like I remember you talking about this book, blah blah blah, I send them to my Amazon store okay. So when you are an influencer you have certain amount of followers you can apply with Amazon to see if they would allow you to be on what they call an influencer and an affiliate. So when I did I can create an Amazon store which is if you click here you will see Amazon forward slash shop Google’s real estate so if somebody says hey go go what is the ring light that you use? Hey Go Go what iPad Do you have? Hey Go Go what clothes you wear. Hey go go What hair products do you use? Hey Go go You know jewelry do you use what are the brands like my crystals? Like I like crystals I always always always wear an Opalite so you know what are the beauty products like your lotions what are the books what are the the home decor stuff like what are the beach and pool stuff like absolutely anything that now that I live on the beach like this thing I can’t live without it hangs in my neck in case I you know I get it wet? Coffee, you name it? Absolutely everything. So instead of me having to say Oh, I read this and this and this and this year, I can just send you directly to my Amazon store and write to you. You can just open your book by the way this Outwitting the Devil is probably one of the best book I have ever read. Really? Oh, wow. Wonderful. Gosh, do you think and grow rich?

D.J. Paris 22:52
I love Napoleon Hill.

Gogo Bethke 22:54
So do you know the story of this book?

D.J. Paris 22:56
I don’t know I’ve not I know thinking grow rich, but I don’t know Outwitting the Devil.

Gogo Bethke 22:59
He wrote Think and Grow Rich. And the third is he wrote us when employees when he wrote this when they told him that it’s so controversial that they will not publish it. And then when he passed away, he left it to his wife, his wife would not publish it. Then when she passed away, they left it to the Napoleon Hill publishing company dated and publish it until 2018. It was written in the 40s. So they published it 78 years after it was written. It is amazing. It is so good that I have to read it out loud to myself so my brain can comprehend it because it’s so out there. He literally interviews the devil. And I love the devil response. So he says, Well verbalize the right. And the double response. It is true, but it’s not right. Like, it is mind blower that book is absolutely amazing. But if anyone’s talking to wants to know what I what are the books that I read, these are the books that I read. You can come on here and live literally purchases. This is one of my absolute favorite books.

D.J. Paris 24:05
Oh, sure. Augmentee know, greatest salesman in the world. Sure. Yeah.

Gogo Bethke 24:09
So just these are just some you know, not some all of the books that I’ve read. So instead of me having to go on Amazon and find the book and find the link and copy and paste and send it to you, I’ll just send you to my I’d say hey, go to my bio. In the links, you’ll find my Amazon store, go to the books section, and then you find all the books I’ve ever had.

D.J. Paris 24:27
And you know, that gives me an idea too. We get I get a lot of emails and social media messages from listeners and viewers of our show that are like, hey, I want to start a podcast. What equipment do you use? What software do you use? And I could be putting those all in links and working out affiliate relationships with all of those services

Gogo Bethke 24:45
do? Absolutely yes. So I’m here if you get if you end up doing Amazon, Amazon will pay you anywhere from two to 10% of the traffic you generate. So if you think about it, I might be getting someone coming on. That is looking For a book, but they ended up buying dog food and vitamins, I get credit for junk food and vitamins they bought. So I get anywhere from two to 10% of whatever they spent. So they ended up spending 90 bucks, I got $9 Because I generated traffic to Amazon. So it’s there’s just literally a million ways how you can get paid. On here under my links tab, there’s just one of them. So we have bootcamp, we have agent attraction course, because the course itself has a different length. We have free social media class, if anybody wants the basics of social media, they can just go on here real quick and watch it free Facebook ad movie, free funnels, Facebook ads training goggle leads tracker. So one of my favorite lead trackers, even though I have CRM programs out of the wazoo I used to I always use Lyon desk and I have Cavey core, I still love a good old fashioned lead tracker Excel sheet with the leads that we are working the hot leads, we are working right now I wanted an Excel sheet. Because we have 1000s and 1000s in our database, I don’t like looking at the big picture, because then I get lost, I want to see the working right now and get them from where we are to where we going. This lead tracker even has in the right track corner, what I love, it has the amount. So it’s three tabs, if you think about is the leads that you generate. So let’s say you have 17 actively down there in the value of $7.9 million. Okay, then you have the middle tab, which is in action, which meaning we are under contract, we have not closed yet. So now I see that out of the 17, we have six that are inaction in the value of $2.3 million. Okay. And then in the last step are the closed so that it will show me then during the year I generated these many leads, and I was able to close this money. So they’re not only what’s coming in what we are working on, but also what we were able to turn into your client and get to the closing table. So then I know that okay, if we generate $20 million worth of leads, then we can close 50% Because that’s our average rate. So that way you know exactly what you need to generate to reach your goal in the end of the year. So I love I love my reach tracker, because I love seeing that number on the tab. I have referrals for you. So we built this database, just because you know how hard it is you meet these agents, and they’re like, oh my gosh, I love you. I cannot wait to work with you. I can’t wait for the opportunity when I have a referral for you. And then two years later, you’re like, who was that? His name, I met that guy in San Francisco. And he was a top producer. What’s his name because I have a freaking lead for him. But I can’t remember his name. Or the other way around. You remember his name, but you can’t remember what area he covers. And you want to send him a referral. But you were like, Was he from San Francisco, San Diego San he was from California somewhere I don’t remember. So the lead tracker here I have a referral for you literally agents plug in some of them. Some of the basic questions we ask, you know, name, phone number, how long you’ve been in the industry, what area you cover. And then this way, if I need somebody, let’s say you message me DJ and say, hey, I want to buy a condo in Chicago who do you know, I’m just gonna go to my referral is right here. And I’m going to put in Chicago and I’m going to get all of the agents who opted into to receive leads from me in Chicago. And then I go first come first serve. For it’s

D.J. Paris 28:11
a huge thing. You know, it’s something that that I think agents oftentimes don’t think about is building that network in other areas where you can send clients or other agents can send you clients. It’s a really great, I mean, think about, you know, wherever you live, if you’re somewhere where people leave in the winter to go somewhere warmer, you should make some good relationships in those areas where people are going, I know where I grew up, a lot of my parents friends end up going down to Naples, Florida, which is a big place where people from my hometown go and retire too. So it would be a really good idea. If I was an agent, where I grew up to have those relationships with agents down there and make good really good product, it probably would even be better for me to fly down there and meet a few of these agents and really, really get them but that’s a great way to generate extra income is make relationships with other agents,

Gogo Bethke 29:00
referrals 25% All you have to do is make a phone call. Yeah. Easiest money. I wonder dollars, what do you make 717 50 I’ll make a phone call for 1750 Any day to me. So referrals are huge for us, um, get your real estate license so that this is another way same tab but just a different way. March marketing magnets, that was my one of our events today. So that’s going to come off today. When for agents now this one if you guys are agents out there listening, this will get you 200 hours every time you close a transaction, how many times a client of yours as he go go? Do you want to get a home security? What do you recommend? And then you recommend ADT or you recommend Vivint we recommend whatever you use, do you get paid for that recommendation? No. Does Vivint make money does ADT make money? Yes. So with this link, my vision for agents link when you sign up, you become an affiliate with Vivint and you make $200 Every time your clients decide to get a home security system. You’ll get your own app your own interface. All you need to do is plug in your clients information. There We’ll get a call from the event went well welcome to all of their offerings, everything they offer, if your client decides that they’re they want home security and they want to install it, as soon as it’s installed in their home, you will send you $200, right through your app. And through that app, you can just, you know, send it right to your bank account. Another way of making money at the event is if you decide that you want to get women in your home, that’s the home security system we have in our home. So I recommend that CRM grow. This one is for agent attraction only. And you might want to look into this DJ, this CRM program I love because it’s kind of like Big Brother, it allows you to see who’s watching the videos. So when you send out a video, I know your level of interest based on how many minutes you watched. So it’s a nine minute video. And if I know that you didn’t you only watch two minutes. I’m wasting my time. But if you watch that full, and the later on tonight, I get another notification that you’re watching it again, what do you think are the chances that I should probably follow up with you because you ready to pull the

D.J. Paris 31:00
trigger? Yeah, 100%.

Gogo Bethke 31:03
So this one will allow you to upload your own videos, and be Big Brother and see who’s watching again, when and how long and how many times. So then you know who you need to talk to him. I like if you haven’t noticed, I like to track everything. Lyon desk is another CRM program that I use, if you decide that you want to use them. If you don’t have a CRM program, that is the code that you need to enter to get your discount. Same with QuickBooks, if you don’t use QuickBooks for your accounting, that’s what I use, you’ll get a thing $5 discount or something like that, if you use my coupon, same Dropbox. All of these are actual systems and companies that I personally use for my business. If you decide to use any of these services, every time you click my link, you’ll actually get a discount. So if you went directly to QuickBooks, you’re going to pay full price. But if you use my link, you’re going to get a discount. And same with Dropbox. And same with KCM. Current Keeping Current Matters and Vistaprint and Vistaprint. Alone, if you print a lot of flyers or business cards, this will give you a discount that if he went directly with Vistaprint, you wouldn’t get. So it’s kind of a no brainer to use an affiliate link when you can. Market Wellings is an amazing like postcards, flyers, everything that you can think of that is personalized door hangers, we can just clip your business card right into it. And they are adorable and colorful, and very, very well made. And they deliver it right to your door. So we use them all the time and was aware is a jewelry. So I wear a bracelet that literally just looks like it has a charm on it. But the charm is actually a safety device. So all you need to do is push the button twice, and it will dial five numbers including 911 for you, and we’ll send them your exact GPS location, it’s a silent alarm. So if you’re in a situation, they wouldn’t even know you call the cups. But you did. And I love this bracelet. And this company, again will give me for every traffic I generate to them. So now if somebody is listening and says oh my gosh, I must buy this for my daughter, I must buy it for myself. When you go and you use my discount, you’ll get 10% Off and on top of it, they will pay me for the traffic that I generated. So you get a discount, and I’ll make money. And same with theirs. This is why it’s called affiliate link because you will get paid for the people and the connections that you know and the traffic that you generate to your site. Moroccan oils, these are the see the wrinkles, fans and 40. So that’s the oils that I use. They’re very, very clean product and I’ve been using it for over a year now I got one set and it’s still lasting me today. So I totally love it recommend it for everybody that wants to put oil on their faces. Bamboo sheets. Oh my gosh. Have you ever slept on a bamboo sheet?

D.J. Paris 33:32

Gogo Bethke 33:33
Oh my Lord, let me tell you will change your life. By love going to bed. I mean, I always love going to bed. But now I love love going to bed. So this one, bamboo is like a temperature control. So ever pick up your body’s temperature so you can be hard under the shades. But if you put your feet you know like two inches that way where you were the sheet was not touching you. It’s called. Love that. Oh my gosh, I love it. I love the bamboo sheets. So this one I’ll be honest with you, they’re not cheap, but they’re worth every penny if you ask me. But you get a big discount, I want to say 40% off. If you go to their website, you pay full price if you use my link, you get 40% off so it’s a no brainer. The steel designs we’re actually going to promote them today. So let me show you this one. Oh gosh, it’s heavy. So if you want to have a metal design,

D.J. Paris 34:28
go go go go is holding up a giant steel. Sort of I’m not even sure what does that but it’s got your name on it. It’s got your image on it. It’s been it’s cut out of steel.

Gogo Bethke 34:40
Yeah, that’s our team logo. So this Your logo is back in Michigan but right now we’re going on Airbnb in Florida so it’s not installed but when we go back to Michigan is going to be installed in my office. So it’s a steel company that can literally design whatever you want. So I also want to order another one for our bar in the basement so it can say the bath key bar and it They just do an amazing job. It’s heavy, it’s sturdy. And you also get a discount if you want anything like that. So if you want a big nice metal design for something, this is a company I use Robinhood investing, I started investing my fun money. So I stopped drinking Starbucks. And because now I drink Matcha. And I make it at home, I don’t drink coffee anymore. And I figured, you know, what, five bucks a day, $25 a week or 100 bucks a month will add up. And I want to turn it into sacks. So now I spend my fun money in stocks. And I use Robin Hood for that. So Robin Hood is an app that you can trade stocks. But when people use your app, when they downloaded, we each get a free stock. So if somebody decides, hey, I want to start trading stocks with five bucks a day, don’t spend your life savings on it. This is my fun money. I use Robin Hood for that. So if you decide you want to do the same, you come here you download the Robin Hood app, you’ll get a free stack and get a free stack. So we both grow our stack account. And if you want a page like mine, like the web page, like mine, again, is built right in here as well. So these are just some of the ways how I make money with affiliate links, and all of the possible ways that you know, we figure that the businesses that you already use, and you support when you pitching their services imagine, like you become their sales rep. You definitely be marketing for them, should they infer that they will pay you for your connections. And if you help them grow and generate business and grow the revenue, they will share the revenue with you.

D.J. Paris 36:31
And you really should put together a packet for first time homebuyers sellers. Because you know, for example, I just bought I’m not a first time homebuyer but I just bought a condo. And you know, what do all peoples who are auto all people who buy a new place the minds new construction, so let’s just talk new construction. So new construction person has to do a number of things. Usually they have to outfit their entire closets, they have to buy blinds, window treatments, right. So there are nationwide companies that you can affiliate with. And they will give you these links. And then whenever you have a client that’s moving into a new construction home, say, Hey, I’ve got you know, this great company that will come out and do your closets for you. Here’s the link to to schedule an appointment. And then of course, if they use them, same thing with you know, internet, phone, you know, television, all of these things can be affiliate relationships. So if you just think about what are the services that your clients need, in particular transactions, put those packets together, have it on a website, like Go Go does segment it out, and then just send them a link to the website, say, Hey, I’ve got everything you need? How about a handyman or TaskRabbit? You know, these these companies that we know people use when they move and moving companies, all of these things are all affiliate opportunities.

Gogo Bethke 37:46
Yeah, I even flew free last year or your because did you know your credit card that you use has referred a friend button when you did not know that? Yeah, so I use a max, I have the Delta SkyMiles. And it has a bottom refer a friend. So you can take that link posted on your face, we can say hey, guys, this is how I fly for free and get upgraded to first class all the time. I love my Delta SkyMiles card. Here’s if you decide to use that if you use my link, you get 75,000 Miles free, and I get 7500 Miles free or whatever their offer is for that month. So when they use it, they get free miles, I get free miles. And then you earn the points with those free miles. So it’s just like a double whammy. I literally flew for free all year. And I get upgraded to first class all the time.

D.J. Paris 38:32
It’s awesome. Well, what a great place to wrap up. I think what we’re talking about here’s think as think like, you know, it’s basically like that Robert Kiyosaki method of passive income think you’re already you’re trading hours for dollars already, as a real estate agent, there’s only so many hours in the day, there’s only so many clients you can work with. And you know, that’s just how it’s going to be there’s a ceiling. And what you want to do is create opportunities to earn income when you’re not trading hours for dollars, which is of course, building these relationships. And if you work locally, and some you may be working in a more rural area where it’s it’s more local, you know, shops that are more mom and pop that don’t have these affiliate relationships already set up, call them and say, Hey, I’m a real estate agent. I work with clients all the time that use your service, I want to refer business to you. Can we work out an arrangement where every time I bring someone to you they get a discount, and maybe I get a certain percentage of the revenue. That’s, you know, assuming you’re you’re staying compliant, of course, check with your state rules about what you can accept and what you can’t. But assuming you do that you should absolutely do that you’re basically giving away or you’re leaving money on the table by not building those relationships. Absolutely. Awesome. Well, I think that’s a great place to wrap up. We want to thank everyone for continuing to listen and support our show. We want everyone to go check out Go Go’s bootcamp go. Oh, can you tell us really quickly about the Bootcamp for our new listeners?

Gogo Bethke 39:56
Yeah, so I had been doing social media for this is my Evans here. And now I’m called the Social Media queen of real estates, I have learned a couple things through the years with the process of oh, let me what happens if I push this button, let’s see what happens if I push that button. So today, the course is over 200 videos, absolutely everything I know about social media, how I built my brand to be where it’s at today, anything from my marketing agreements to weekly lives, you get access to our Facebook, private group, all of the videos for lifetime. And as things are changing, because Facebook and Instagram change their ways all the time. Or if I come up with newer ideas of marketing, we always just add stuff to the course. We also meet once a month where you have direct access to me in a group coaching, coaching call setting where literally we talk about absolutely anything social media and real estate related how you can, you know, get that next lead that next commission and how you can build your brand. So that’s Go Go’s boot camp, you can find that Go Go’s boot camp.com. Actually, you have your own discount code,

D.J. Paris 40:52
I’ll tell you. So we’re talking, what we’re talking about today is actually something we’ve set up so you get a special discount if you go to our affiliate link. And by the way, that also helps put a few dollars in our pocket if you decide to purchase the gogo program and it helps keep our show going and helps us with our programs. So go to Gogo podcast.com Gio, Gio podcast.com. And you get not only a special discount, but you help support our show. So please do that. But it is by far the best program we have ever found. And not just because we get an affiliate discount, it’s apt our affiliate, you know, payment, it is absolutely the way we feel we promote almost nothing on this show. This is basically the only program we promote, because it is the very best in the industry, which is why we’re partnered with gogo, and why we are so honored to have her on every month. So go to Gogo podcast.com. And check out her bootcamp, it is outstanding. If you’re somebody who’s an agent who’s feeling like I should be doing more on social media, I’m not exactly sure what to do. This is the place if whether you’re brand new to social media, or you’re brand new realtor, or you’ve been in the business 20 years, and you’ve been on social media for 20 years, and you’re still not getting the results you want. This is the program for you. I mean, it really is outstanding.

Gogo Bethke 42:05
Thank you, thank you. So that’s the social media side of it. And then we have a new course that’s called the agent attraction course. Because we can agent attraction. Now that one is for if you’re growing your team, so I switched my business to EXP and a lot of my days now is growing my team. So when you talk about the 400 agents, that’s what we call team Gogo. Now out of those I personally attracted 150 to the company, and pretty much every that puts me in touch 00 1% in the whole nation. And everything I know and how I did it. And how I do it continuously is in that course as well. So if somebody is growing, let’s say they own their own privately owned brokerage, and they want to use social media to grow that brokerage team. This is the course for them. So it’s called Google’s boot camp agent attraction. And you can find it on Google’s with kim.com forward slash AAA, I’m going to put it in the comments wonderful.com forward slash.

D.J. Paris 42:56
So go go boot camp.com forward slash a which stands for agent attraction. We all know how powerful teams are these days, it seems like everyone’s on a team or everyone’s thinking about building a team. But I will tell you, as somebody who recruits agents, and gogo will tell you this dude, you need to have a strategy to attract those agents. It’s just the way the way it is. And just like you need to have an a strategy to attract clients, you need to have a strategy to attract agents. So check out her link there, which is again, Go Go’s bootcamp.com forward slash AAA, we’ll put that in the show notes as well.

Gogo Bethke 43:32
So thank you so much.

D.J. Paris 43:33
Thank you. And we want to thank everyone for continuing to listen and support our show, definitely check out go go podcast.com, where you can participate in her social media bootcamp. And also please tell a friend, that’s the only thing we ever ask if our listeners and viewers find one other real estate professional that could benefit from listening to this great conversation we just had with go go and send them a link to our website, which is keeping it real pod.com. So keeping it real pod.com every single episode we’ve ever done is there. People can stream it right from inside the browser. They don’t need to download a podcast app, although of course, we’re there and every podcast app as well. But again, just tell a friend send them over to keeping it real pod.com. And in fact, if you wanted to listen to all the gogo episodes in a row, instead of having to scroll through and find the ones we do because we do so many episodes, we’ve done I think 260 or 70 episodes. On that website. If you scroll to the bottom, you can actually we have them categorized out so you can just listen to them in order and get all your gogo, you know listening needs done in one setting. So go go thanks so much. We’ll see on the next episode.

Gogo Bethke 44:38
Thank you so much for having me. Thanks. Bye

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