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In this episode, Albert Garibaldi, a top producer in California, shares how he built his career over 23 years. Albert focuses on how he overcame learning disabilities to achieve the highest levels of success as a real estate agent. Albert also walks us through his priorities in life and how they fuel his discipline in business. Albert, a best-selling author, also discusses newest book is “Passion Punch for Success” and his PUNCH formula for unstoppable growth and momentum!

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Albert Garibaldi can be reached at 408.309.7206 and agaribaldi@theagencyre.com


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Right today on the show, we have Albert garibaldi, who is a top Realtor in Silicon Valley for the agency and I’m really super excited about about this particular episode. By the way, I believe if I’ve done my math right and I probably haven’t but I believe this is our 200th episode. So we’re super excited to have Albert here to share this with us. But let me tell you more about Albert. So he is a speaker. He is an author and also of course a top producing real estate agent advisor where he is going to be sharing his passion and exceptional recipe that he talks about in his newest book which is called Passion punch to success. Now in this book, he shares how he went from zero to millions in home sales while staying committed to fitness, his family and happiness. Now he is also a riveting public speaker which you’ll you’re about to find out he is known for his motivation and inspiration. And in this new book passion punch to success he walks through exactly what it takes to be a success to have a successful lifestyle that includes success in fitness, home and business in passion punch to success, the keys lie and patience being unstoppable. Having no excuses living with courage and choosing happen happiness, it’s all in the punch. And he also practices this lifestyle and shares how you can too. You can also read his work in his previous books which are called sell your house fast for the right price and homebuying master we should mention these are best selling books. You please follow him out and find them on his website, which is Albert garibaldi.com. That’s garibaldi.com Alberto, before I proceed before we welcome you I want to talk a little bit I’m gonna brag a little bit more about Albert. I want to just give some of his his his accolades because this is a really an amazing, amazing man. He was, first of all, he was one of the founders of intero, which is one of the top real luxury real estate offices in all of California. He’s also part of their top 1% Chairman’s Circle, out of 3000 Realtors, he made the top 1% Five times he was also their founding agent, and it was honored with Rookie of the Year in his first year in business. He’s been doing this 23 years, by the way, and author of the books we mentioned, and he’s been ranked in real trends, America’s best real estate agents for the state of California and in his local area. He’s also been a trainer for the Tom Ferry organization and all So a trainer for intero pro Vizio program for over 16 years. He is a true legend and superstar. We couldn’t be more excited to have Albert on the show. So Albert, welcome. We’re beyond excited to have you.

Albert Garibaldi 5:12
Awesome, man, thank you so much. This is a true honor to be on your show and keep doing what you’re doing. Keep bringing the value to us real estate agents to the community. This is so awesome. So thank you for having me on your show.

D.J. Paris 5:25
Well, thank you. I would love our listeners love to hear someone’s origin story. So I want to go all the way back to will time travel back 23 years, tell us how you got into real estate, why you got into real estate and how you started building your business.

Albert Garibaldi 5:40
You know, thank you so much. Well, after oh, by the way, thank you for talking about me. That is so awesome. You’re right on all that. And you know, it’s crazy. I filled the real estate exam four times?

D.J. Paris 5:54
Well, I’ll tell you, my girlfriend is taking the IQ test on Monday. And she is worried. And I say don’t worry, lots of amazing top producers failed it. So I would tell her there’s no pressure.

Albert Garibaldi 6:04
You’re on the road to success. I mean. So yeah, so I got into real estate about 23 years ago, and I was in the high tech. And, and I was working a lot of hours. You know, they gave me a lot of stock. They’re like, Hey, here’s the stock for you, man. I’m like, oh my god, I’m making millions well 1999 2000 A dot bomb hit. Right. Right. After all that ended I think I owed it this. I owed my company money for the stock. So anyways, I was working a lot of hours. I had a I have three kids and my firstborn was one years old and I just didn’t see him too much. I was working a lot of hours. And it was just hard on my you know on the family. So I made a shift i i mean an amazing guy in this industry. Is name is Jean noble foreign. I don’t know if you know the name incredible guy. Yeah, incredible guy. He’s one of the CEOs right now running for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices services, and I met with him one morning, in about the year 2000 met him at 530 in the morning, this guy just really amped me up, fired me up and he got me motivated to get into real estate. So went from retail. So I graduated from high school struggle academically I got these learning disabilities. I was really scared and nervous. Where am I going to go? I don’t have a college education. academics were just tough for me. My outlet was sports. I was a pretty decent athlete, athlete. I played football and I played baseball. That’s kind of where I got my UI. Right. Yeah, so I was a little bit nervous. And so um, after I got out of high school, I went into retail sales. I sold electronics. And, you know, TVs VCRs Sure, Walkmans, you know, similar to like a best buy one of those out there. But anyway, sure. I did that for five, six years, and did very well. I was the number one real guy selling out of all their stores. The crazy thing is, I knew nothing. I didn’t know too much about electronics. And I had all the electronic geeks that knew everything about electronics, but they couldn’t sell a TV and VCR. Me I didn’t know nothing. But I would know how to get them out the door. That crazy. Audio geeks like scratching their head, like, I don’t understand this guy knows nothing about electronics. But he could sell a $3,000 stereo system. And I’m trying to do that and I can’t do it. So anyway, I did that I learned a lot the psychology of working with with the public. So I did retail sales. And then from here, let me back up before retail sales. I got on the phones and I saw benefit tickets for like four years and I crushed it there. I was making everybody laugh. I would call people out to sell benefit tickets for like the firefighters and peace officers. Right? You’re the number one salesperson there. And the simple reason why is because when I call people, I make people laugh like these officers. I’ll say Hi, this is Eric albergue airboat with the Peace Officers Association. How are you building fine, no need to put your hands up. It’s a friendly call. Oh, I didn’t do anything. I never get in trouble. I really have a speeding ticket. Oh god, I got him because I instantly got him the lightning bolt reform. And I was selling them tickets. I went from ticket sales to electronic sales. Which was the good guys. I don’t know if you heard of them. Sure. Of course. Yeah. So the good guys are trying to clean them from there. I wanted to kind of the high tech work the corporate world, worked a lot of hours, had a little bit of a salary and had a lot of stock. And at the end of the day, I had to get my stock back and I think I owe them money. And then from there I met this. From there I met this amazing guy tunable farI. He inspired me to get a real estate and I looked at him I looked at him like isn’t there a test? He says yes, I go. God, how am I going to do that? How am I I’m going to pass this thing. So I’m taking the test failed. And I’m taking the test, I failed in taking a test, I failed it. But I said, Okay, this is ridiculous. So back in the day, when we were taking tests here in California, they would give you in about four or five days, you’ll get your report, which is what you need to work on. I brought that to a tutor, tutor, and I said, Listen, I need a pass this thing. So I hired a tutor. And I ended up passing in my, my fourth try and and I was super fired up. And then I got into the business. And I tell you what, I was a nutcase. I didn’t care about anything about paperwork. Because all that paperwork was means nothing to me. If I can’t get people to like me, and trust me, to help them buy or sell real estate

D.J. Paris 10:46
paperwork is the easy part. Getting somebody to trust you in their home purchase or sale is is the challenge.

Albert Garibaldi 10:53
Today’s challenge is the psychology of getting people to like you quickly, because once you get them to like you, they’re going to start to what, trust you. Right. So National Association, realtors National Association of REALTORS did a survey and the number of thing they that consumers or homeowners look for in a real estate agent is trust. Sure. So how do you burn? How do you build trust? And how do you build a quickly? That’s the magic?

D.J. Paris 11:19
Yeah, so let’s talk about that. So what what were some of the ways that you know, here you are, you felt like, you know, I don’t know much about real estate, I find I did pass the exam, I work for a good company. But at the end of the day, I now need to find buyers and sellers who not only like me, but they trust me with one of their biggest purchases, maybe the biggest financial decision they’ll ever make with their home. So can you talk a little bit about how you did that? Yes, step

Albert Garibaldi 11:43
back here for a minute. Sure. So you I don’t know if people understand the communication breakdown. When people communicate. I don’t know if you know what it is. Let me break it down for you. Send is your body language of 54% is your tonality? And then really 7% Is your words. Okay, right. It’s really not what you say. It’s the energy that you bring when you meet with people. Okay, so let’s that’s extremely important is the communication breakout. So knowing that the tonality your body language is a critical component to get people like you and trust you. So let’s start with this. To get that mindset, right, and make you feel good. You it starts with you inside. Yes. Right. You need to get that heart rate up. You need to exercise, you push a lot of weight. You don’t need to go out and do marathons, you know, what you need to do is elevate your heart, elevate it, because it does so many different things. It makes you feel good. It cleans your head, right? Mindset, it’s super, super important to have a schedule where you put in your workouts, okay, it’s incredible. It’s incredible thing to do. Okay,

D.J. Paris 13:02
and we let’s, let’s we should talk about this because you live this life, and I think this is so impressive. You wake up every day and you’re at the gym, by what 5am Or about that time I’m 30

Albert Garibaldi 13:13
am. I’m 51 I’ll be 52 And I got a 22 year old son named Dominic, I got a 15 year old boy Nicolino and I got a 13 year old daughter Daniela and have a beautiful wife, Daniela, who had been married to for 26 years this year. Wow. So amazing. So here’s the thing, you got to prioritize your life. Let me explain what I’m trying to say here. Sure, what is most important? So let me explain what’s important to me. Great, to me is healthy, being healthy? Yeah. Because if you cannot be healthy if you’re not healthy and feeling good, guess what? I can’t serve you. Right? I can’t serve your audience. I can’t serve my wife. Right? Yep. So number one thing is health and fitness. Okay. Second thing. It’s your relationships. Yes. Nobody solid relationships. Okay, have a great relationship with your wife, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your clients. That’s number two. That’s my priority. And number three is my business. A lot of people have it the other way around. This is This is business. And then then they then their relationships start to suffer. And then they’re they’re getting out of shape. And they feel like shit. Scold. Right? Of course. Yeah, of course. Right. So you’re right, you see what I’m saying? But it’s the other way around. But you know what, you have to have a burning desire to want it. I want to be healthy and fit. And so it’s the passion that drives you. Now, let me tell you something real quick. Am I passionate about working out? Well? Yeah, I like it. It hurts. I put on a I put on a vest 20 pound vest, and I feel good. Is that fun? Oh, but let me let me take, let me take it. So you understand how I do this four days a week. And then I had a personal trainer twice a week. It’s not fun. But I’m consistent. And I do it every day. Because it’s the small passions that I’m passionate about. That gets me out of bed to go do my Hill sprints with a 20 pound vest. So let me give you an example. When I’m telling what it’s what I’m passionate about. That pops me out of bed, kind of give an example, please. I have a 13 year old daughter, Daniela. I’m 51. Okay. She’ll be married when? If she gets married 15 years? Sure. What are the odds of me staying alive? I don’t take care of myself.

D.J. Paris 15:48
Much smaller. Yeah, correct.

Albert Garibaldi 15:51
So what drives me is I want to, I’m passionate and excited to walk my daughter down the aisle. Yeah. And I need to earn that in earning it. Is that taking care of yourself? This is one example of the many passions that drive me. So so many people that I’ve talked to in my career, and I’ve talked to so many real estate agents. I said, Listen, it’s the passion that will drive you. Listen, I have challenges. I have learning disabilities. But I become unstoppable. Because when you’re passionate about something, you’re unstoppable. It’s Yes.

D.J. Paris 16:29
It’s called knowing it trumps everything. Yet, knowing your why. Right? You know your why you know what gets you out of bed in the morning. And that helps fuel that passion along with the hard physical exercise to give you the energy. Yeah.

Albert Garibaldi 16:44
So watch this. So a lot of people come in our industry, they’re not really passionate. I want to make fast money I want to work. The good news is real estate’s hard, because if it wasn’t, I want to have this opportunity in front of you right now. Right, right. So I get it. A lot of people are not passionate, passionate about real estate. I’m passionate about serving you. I’m passionate about inspiring real estate agents. I’m passionate about helping people buy and sell real estate. Okay, that’s awesome. But if you’re not super passionate about it, but let me tell you something. Real estate is an amazing vehicle to make extraordinary income. Okay, excellent. So you agents need to step back and say, okay, Albert is telling me I need a prospect on the phone, start calling people I need to go door knock, right? I need to do this crazy thing. Boy, that’s hard. I don’t want to do that. I’m gonna do that every day. You need to step back and start writing down your passions. Yeah, it’s the passions that will drive you in. It’s the real estate business that will fulfill your passions. Like for me, my wife and I, we like to travel. Well, guess what? All right. Travel on, you know, food stamps, right? We got to go out and serve people. And give extraordinary when I say extraordinary and I mean extraordinary service to people in a byproduct of reward you’re going to get is this thing called Money? Follow me. Ordinary service. And you see, I’m saying we can talk more about what does that mean, Albert? Okay, it’s easy to cut your commission and do nothing. Right. It’s hard to give extraordinary service. You follow me?

D.J. Paris 18:39
I do. And I’ll I’ll tell you, it’s funny. So just to show you share a little bit about about myself. So my background is in marketing. I’m not a real estate guy. And yet, here we are. I started my my friend’s business here started in real. He started this company. 13 years ago, I came on board 10 years ago. I’m a marketing guy. I am all about passion. And so we tried to figure out how do we compete and recruit agents here in the local area. And we figured out a little niche that we thought other firms didn’t have and at the time, other firms didn’t have it. And yet, and today, there are other firms that have copied our model. And so when I tell our I have people that cold call for me, and I have all sorts of we have all sorts of employees here and we always say the only thing that makes us different from every other firm is our passion. Other firms can copy our commission structure, our training, our support, we’re not special in that respect. Where we are special is the fact that we we care more and we demonstrate how grateful we are that agents choose to be their passion is everything.

Albert Garibaldi 19:38
Passion is unstoppable. When I go on a presentation, you know what I do? Oh my god, I make them feel so bad to say no. You only think about that for a minute. Like oh my god, Honey. Are you gonna say no to this guy? Because I’m not you have the guts to say no to him. Go ahead. That’s how I drove beat the competition by sharing my passion, wearing it on my sleeve and jump off the roof. Say and I’m super passionate about this business. The more passionate you are, the more you wear it on your sleeves. The people respect you. And it’s harder to say no. And you become irresistible. Yeah, when I’m on a presentation, here’s what I say. Thank you so much for allowing me to be here today. I know you have so much other opportunities, other agents to select from course, I am so grateful. But I’m here. But I will guarantee you this. Nobody will have more passion than I’d have for this business. And I’m so passionate about it. I wrote a book. Can I tell you a little bit about it. And I go right into my whole passion. Right? I’m unstoppable. So when I was speaking, in training, I always brought up this whole thing, passion, passion, this passion, that passion that and my wife says to me, and people were coming up to me, so Oh, man, I don’t know if I’m passionate like you am. I mean, am I gonna fail? Holy crap. You’re like, what do you drink? God, you’re a nutcase. I’m looking at, I’m on my timeout. Like, listen, you’re just, you know, if you’re not that passionate, that’s okay, keep exploring it, I found my passion through the exploring, and I fell into real estate that I’m super passionate about. So you’re not a failure. Just gotta keep exploring, but you should step back and talk about what you’re really passionate about. Okay, so I wrote a book passion punch to success. I’m super proud of it. So proud of it, right? It’s incredible. credible, it’s 146 pages. You can read it in one sitting, and it packs a punch. So I, after what these people come up, they say, man, you’re so passionate. Am I a failure? So I’m like, oh my god, I’m really driving this passionate thing too hard. So I says, You know what, I’m gonna write a book, I might write a book, honey, I don’t know where to put apostrophe or a period. So, so anyway, so am I, okay, we’re gonna do this, then I go, we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do this. So I sat down. I remember this very clear. I was sitting down on my couch about two and a half years ago, write a book, passion was the title, this name. So I said, Okay, I’m gonna stop for a minute. I’m going to say, Okay, I’m so passionate about health and fitness. I’m so passionate about my relationship. I’m so passionate about my business. What are the powerful words I get from all this? So I wrote down on these powerful words. 65 of them looked at those words, I go home, man, this is awesome. I struck the 65 words and click on a 10 on my what? This is awesome. Because when you’re passionate, these 10 words happen in your life. Okay? And I challenge myself, I said, Okay, Albert, let’s dig a little deeper, came up with the five most powerful words, and it became an acronym to the punch. Pu NCH. So when people say to me, Hey, Albert, how do you? How do you stay focused on your relationship? How do you stay focused on your health and body and fitness? So consistently? How do you how do you do well in your real estate business and make it look easy? So you know what, because I pack a very passion. Plus, I have a very powerful punch. Let me tell you about it. When you’re passionate. I’m sorry. When you’re when you’re when you’re super passionate. One thing is critical in life. You need to have patience. Yes, period. If you’re not passionate about it, you’re not gonna have the patience required to succeed in real estate. When you’re working with a new buyer. Do you need patience?

D.J. Paris 23:33
tremendous patience.

Albert Garibaldi 23:36
Holy moly, they’re looking at all that paperwork going? Oh, why sign is am I gonna go to jail? Albert, what

do you write missions in? Building relationships? Is this business relationship business? Yes, absolutely. You can’t build a relationship overnight. It takes time. It takes patience.

D.J. Paris 24:01
Just like you can’t build your physical body overnight. You are running up hills many days a week with a 20 pound vest, which is not fun, nor is it easy, but over time, it transforms your body. So

Albert Garibaldi 24:14
yes, so I prospected on the phone. People were hanging up on me cussing me out. Right? Why didn’t give up? Why? Because I had patients. I was passionate. I knew it was a matter of time. I’m going to just meet nice people. Yeah. Patients. Number one. If you’re passionate. Patience, is there. Number two, you’re passionate. You’re unstoppable. Correct? People can’t say no to me when I go to presentation. It’s not because I wear my hair and my hair 50 feet in the air. They say yes, because they’re attracted to the passion and the love for what I do.

D.J. Paris 24:56
And you know why that is? I think it’s because everyone Deep down, wants to be passionate. They want to have a passionate life. And they see other people who have that and live it and they go, I want to be just like them. What they don’t realize is that is an earned thing. You have to earn that and you have to earn it by taking care of every part of your life. Yes,

Albert Garibaldi 25:17
perfect. Well said. Guess what? When you’re passionate, we have this amazing letter, which is in no frickin excuses. Yeah, I don’t give an excuse. Why am I getting out of bed? Go bust my ass. I’m not giving excuses not to spend time on my wife to go do a pedicure when I have a $2 million listing appointment to go and do some do my frickin pedicure? Yeah, well excuse. There’s no excuse not to prospect every day. There’s no excuse. period, when you love something so much. There’s no excuses. This cool.

D.J. Paris 25:54
It is cool. And I want to I want to pause for them because I want to put a huge feather in your cap because I interviewed and this is completely coincidental. And I interviewed one of your former students who are also team member Jordan Mott for who was what

Albert Garibaldi 26:08
are remembering what was on rookie getting in the business. The only

D.J. Paris 26:13
reason I even realized you guys were connected was when I found you on Facebook. I saw we had a mutual friend. I went oh, do you know Jordan Eagleton? Do I know him? Of course I know. So I want to just real quickly tell our listeners, they should go back and listen to this episode. Because here’s what Jordan does. Every single day. He did this for two or three years straight. He is one of the National Association of REALTORS 30, under 30. He’s do a closing like 60 or something 60 or 70 homes all himself no team. And he’s doing that at inteiro. And I asked him I said how are you doing that? You know, you’re a young guy, you’re nobody should be trusted you to help them buy or sell homes. You’re young guy, you’re inexperienced. And he goes, You know what I did? I outworked every other person in my in my area. And I said, Well, what does that mean? He goes every morning like you wake up and do physical fitness. He also is a big physical fitness guys, you know, he said every morning, I would go and hand deliver on people’s doorsteps, a little postcards explaining who I am. I didn’t nail it. I hand delivered it in a suit. And I go, and he goes, that’s pretty much it. That’s what I did. And I go, and I go, does anyone else do that? He goes, nobody. And here he is. And he’s just crushing it. And

Albert Garibaldi 27:20
it’s success is all about being consistent, right? And that’s absolutely, it’s all about your mentors, who you’re hanging out with, right? Because you can’t get to the top by yourself. I mean, around you. And so I got very, very lucky and very grateful that I met four or five amazing guys in our industry. You know, one of them already talked about, which is me, his name is Gina Safari, right? He was the founder of Intel. He was the visionary guy and he gave me an opportunity to go out and get uncomfortable and grow and cheat and train and I wouldn’t have that opportunity for wasn’t for for him and many other people that I surround myself with. Right. So yes, that’s a great point. It’s all about being consistent. It’s all about here’s the thing. I haven’t even got to my see yet in my book, my passion points to success with the see yet but, man, it’s all about changing your state. Yeah. Right. Because we all get in a funk. Now do you think I walk around my house like this all day long? Gonna go hey, I might take your garbage cans out. And I’m like, right. Take the garbage out. I’m like you think? Oh my god. Right. Well, one thing I have learned is the psychology of communication. And what’s this? Honey? No, right now. I’ll do it later. That’s what she’s gonna say. No exchange. Do it now. What’s this? Honey? You’re absolutely right. That garbage stinks. I cannot believe it’s been there that long. I’ll get to it in a few minutes. See what I just did? Perfect. You’re gonna get mad?

D.J. Paris 29:01
No, because you acknowledged what she what she was feeling you didn’t disagree with it. And you said I value you I value your opinion. And I will help you with this.

Albert Garibaldi 29:11
Right? So it’s about changing your state. We all get in a funk. I mean, I’m not feeling good all the time. I got shifted. Look at Look how crazy I am. You want to know some? What might that be in? Real Estate he tell you

D.J. Paris 29:30
he’s holding up a Christmas Santa copy. Because I’m getting looking forward to the holidays. Yeah. I love it. Look at so

Albert Garibaldi 29:41
it’s about changing the state. The beautiful thing of changing the stage. You could do it quickly. Yeah, it’s right because it’s your physiology. And your mind. It’s what do you put it in your head? Right? Because what you put in your head will spit out the reality and you’re going to whatever comes in is going to come out You’re right. So what are you putting in there?

D.J. Paris 30:02
Yeah, we should be we we should be really careful, especially right now with so much negative or there’s always negativity in the news. But right now there’s so much, oh, it’s an election year, there’s a lot to be at get agitated about and depressed about. And we have COVID. And there’s, there’s a lot to feel bad about. And we really have to be careful to not not I mean, we should pay attention. But we should be really careful about what we’re what we’re feeding ourselves with all day, we could sit and watch news networks all day long and feel terrible about ourselves, or, or we could, we could know what’s going on in the world and still feed ourselves with good, good energy.

Albert Garibaldi 30:38
It’s so important. It’s so important. So going back to that when I was sitting on counsel five words, and oh, by the way, when I when I skipped those five words, and I was looking at him, I’m like, Oh, my God. Punch I ran. I ran into my wife in the bed, I did it. I said, I have the title of the book. And I suppose what is I said it’s passion, punch to success. So why do you say that? I believe it’s an acronym is where we live our life. Patients probably say, did you really think of that? I said, Honey, come on. Yes. What do you have been drilling myself the last two weeks he told me to go write a book and this is what I’m doing. And that’s what you say. So anyway, so super fired up when it hit me. I’m like, holy crap. So see is courage. Yeah, it takes courage to get on the phone. Hey, this is alligator Bali. When do you plan to sell your home? Oh, really? You? door knock? You hand the fire lights to door knock all the time, sir. Step away from the door. You know who this is? Did you read that sign? It says no. Soliciting. Right. But that requires courage. Yeah. Cuz courage does what? It makes you uncomfortable. Right? Breaking news. When you’re uncomfortable. Guess what happens? Yeah, bro. Yeah. If you if you would have knocked on my shoulder in high school. Senior year, however, I’d be like, yeah. You’re gonna speak in front of 1000 people. What? You’re talking the wrong dude, man. You’re on drugs. I got to speak in front of lots of people. Because again, because the passion is giving me courage to get in front of people. So it’s allowing me to grow. I would. It’s the what you’re seeing is my passion coming through. And it makes me Cree current courage to get myself uncomfortable. So specially in the real estate industry, you’re going to need a lot of big you’re gonna need a big dose of courage. Absolutely. And a lot of his businesses get you uncomfortable. You’re doing a presentation that’s uncomfortable. You’re going door knocking that’s uncomfortable. You’re making a cold call. That’s uncomfortable. Yeah.

D.J. Paris 33:06
And what you learn to while you’re doing those uncomfortable actions, is all of a sudden you get through it and you go, well, it didn’t kill me, and wasn’t so bad. And all of a sudden, over time, your mindset starts to change. And I will tell you, I work out with a personal trainer as well, which I should have been doing for years and years. And I just started doing it because I realized when I have a personal trainer, I actually go workout. So for me, it gets me to the gym, and she crushes me and every time I walk in, I’m like, No, this is gonna be this is gonna be awful. And and it is, but it’s worth doing because at the end of it, I’m number one, I’m stronger. But number two, I’m proud of myself and I go, Oh, I could I did that. And that was really, really hard. And it makes it just a little bit easier the next time I go in, but I mean, but if I wasn’t uncomfortable if I just did something basic. I wouldn’t be getting stronger, and I wouldn’t be filled with the energy I have now So you’re absolutely right.

Albert Garibaldi 34:00
The advice I give to real estate agents is yourself frickin uncomfortable. Yeah, that’s when you’re gonna grow man. Okay, so that’s see that cool. This is what passion has done for me. Gives me a lot of patience. Makes me unstoppable. No excuses. Courage in the h you ready for the H Yes. Happiness. Yeah. By the Lamborghini nice cars nice house. That’s great. But when I talk about happiness, I’m talking about true. Happiness.

D.J. Paris 34:36
Fulfillment. Yeah.

Albert Garibaldi 34:39
Are you happy the way you feel? Are you happy with the relationships you’re in? Are you you know, are you happy with your business and what you’re doing it’s about truly truly truly truly truly being happy. Okay, so me I’m so that’s passion points to success. It’s so funny. It’s so Funny. So I was talking to my publisher and editor and I said, you know, I want to create like a little plan of action. Just okay, well, what does that gonna look like? I can kind of fit that in the book as well. What kind of plan are you talking about? I said something simple. Okay. I was thinking more like a 14 day, regiment, 14 day plan. Day one of my plan, you know what it is? You’re gonna love this. Day one in my book, The first thing you need to do is eliminate assholes.

Unknown Speaker 35:30
I love it. Absolutely. Right.

Albert Garibaldi 35:33
Yes. We’ll bring it down. They don’t want to see you succeed their opinion. Yes. They lose. They ruin your what? Your state? Yes. Luckily, when I have an asshole, I don’t change my state. Your day to is replacing the hassles? Yeah. Because what you’ll find is get rid of him, get rid of her, get rid of him, get rid of her. And I’ll say like, we’re not going to go. Right? Yeah, meet new friends build better good relationships, how to surround yourself with people that have the same mindset. So they can elevate you. Right? I would not have this success. If it wasn’t again, for the people I surround myself with constantly pushing me inspiring me. Right. So I have a 14 regimen regimen in my book. And that goes on for 14 days. And I wrote that is incredible.

D.J. Paris 36:37
Yeah, I’m a big fan. I want to remind everyone that this book is available on Amazon. So just go to Amazon, we’re gonna post a link to it on the notes here. So if you’re listening to this audio episode, look at the notes. If you’re watching it on YouTube, it’ll be in the it’ll be in the description. But you just go to to Amazon if you’re if you’re not able to access that and just do a search for passion punch success, it’ll come right up purchase this book. This is this is the best selling book and real estate agents are the main focus of this book. And this will help you get into the right mindset so that you can achieve what you want in your real estate career.

Albert Garibaldi 37:11
Can I can I share something that kind of fun? No, it’s kind of cool. So we’re all humans. We all have different personalities, right? Like, there’s the amiable there’s the analytical, there’s, there’s just these different personalities. So you know what I like to first of all, I like I don’t like to say, I’m a real estate. I’m a great salesperson. I don’t like I just don’t like that. Yeah, I’m a real estate adviser. Okay, yes. Okay. Okay, so here’s all my 10 I am a award winning, we think I’m going to say, I’m a real estate, real estate agent. I really want to say something else, but I’m not gonna say it quite yet. Okay, but I’m gonna say it in a nice way like this. I’m an award winning connector. I love it. Okay, this business is all about connecting with people, because there’s different personality types. When I show up to an amiable person, that’s a people pleaser, right? So when I’m meeting with them, their their main objective is, how am I going to please these people that are going to buy it look at my room is a pain in your bite, you got to become them. You got to understand who you’re talking with? Or you got the driver? He wants control make him feel or her feel like? Yes. And I even tell my drivers, you know what, I’m so impressed with you. Have you ever considered getting your real estate license? See that? makes it feel good, right? Sure. Of course. No, here’s what I’m gonna tell you. And forgive me for saying this, but to connect with people. Okay. It takes a form of effort catches up and be you. That’s great. What you got to be a little bit more of a ward winning actor. Yeah. Okay. And I’m passionate about this. Let me explain. In my mind, I am the best real estate agent that ever walked this planet. Nobody is better than me. Nobody will treat people as good as I’m going to treat them with extraordinary service. They’re lucky they found me. But the reality of it is you cannot connect with anybody with everybody. Unless you are focused on who you’re dealing with. Yeah, kind of become them. If that makes sense. If you’re analytical, I’m not coming over here like this with him. Right?

D.J. Paris 39:44
Lots of data, lots of

Albert Garibaldi 39:47
data. If he’s looking at a data like this, you’re looking at the data like this. If he’s scratching his head, you’re sitting there scratching your head to that looks kind of challenging. Yeah, that is kind of challenging. Oh my god. Yeah, that is kind of weird. You got to mirror match people make them feel comfortable. That makes sense.

D.J. Paris 40:05
Yeah, meet them where they are not who you are versus who they are, meet the person where they are and find who they are. And for anyone listening who’s thinking, well, maybe that’s not super authentic, it’s actually the most authentic thing you can do. Because what you’re doing is you’re saying, I am so connected to you that I am going to meet you where you are, I am going to meet your needs, like you were saying, your wife, your wife wants the garbage taken out. So you’re you have to think, am I willing to meet that need and you go, you know what she’s worth it. It’s worth it might take me a couple more minutes, but I’m gonna do that for her. Because I know my why. And my why is I want this person to feel connect connected and comfortable with me.

Albert Garibaldi 40:45
Yes. And you know what? It’s about getting into like me, so I can connect with them. So I can build reports. So that can trust me, because I cannot afford them to go work with another realtor. Sure. Because I’m gonna earn them and get them the most money. Through my passion, this is no way. So I need to do what it takes to be engaged. Yet focus for you to have the right mindset have the right be in the right state. Okay, and approach them. And so in a lot of it, if somebody asked me, Hey, Albert, what would you do different? When you today than you did when you first started, you know what it was? Thinking back and all that. It’s the whole belief system. Yeah. The day for me became magical. When I said, I am the best. I am so badass in this frickin business. And I became unstoppable. See, I can’t, you know, I shouldn’t say this, but I’m not very good. Academically, I struggled in English. I was intimidated by all these people. Right? Am I going to be a good real estate agent? Can I even do this job, we’re going to suck. It’s the self belief. You have to believe in yourself and believe that you can make it in this business and not only make it become a great role model, inspire people, motivate them. So people know my passion. And you know, what’s crazy about this? Man, am I so passionate about this real estate industry? In serving clients? I’m passionate, quite frankly, to inspire people. Yeah, I’m passionate about it’s crazy. You know, I don’t get paid for doing this. Right. And my main goal is to truly, truly help people. And I’m passionate about being a good role model. You know, give people hope that it can be possible. You know, you can’t have you can’t have a great business, you can’t have a successful relationship, you can be healthy and fit it all. Okay, but stepping back then, and I am today. The difference really, for me today is my belief is through the roof. When I show up to the appointment in my mind. Like I went to one yesterday. They’re lucky they found me. We’re so lucky. And what’s this? I’m going to give them a discount at 6%. Right? Look at me for 6%. That’s a discount.

D.J. Paris 43:34
I mean, if you think about a two, they’re getting you one of the top real estate agents in the country for 6%. That is actually a discount that is objectively a discount. That’s not just you saying, Well, I’m giving that is legitimately a discount, I would pay a premium for the top person in any industry that I that I would hire someone from. Absolutely.

Albert Garibaldi 43:55
If you don’t believe you’re worth it, the clients won’t either. Of course, yes, you have to believe you’re worth 6% Because your body language tone emoji they can read it. So you have to believe that you’re worth it. And so the way I say it is, hey, you’re getting me at a discount. 6% See, when most real estate agents I shouldn’t say most, but a lot of them have a very weak mindset and they’re walking up to the listing. And they’re going Oh, my God, this house is gorgeous. I’m gonna might be able to list this home. I tell you right now I’m gonna go down to 4% I am going to in their mind, they already cut your commission before they ring the doorbell. Right? Right. I’m walking up saying, man, let’s just see if this house fits my marketing plan looks good. Look at the film, right. It’s the confidence but at the same time, you can’t be cocky, you don’t fumble, right. You want to build rapport with people. The best thing you could do in a when you’re working with buyers or working with sellers is ask a lot Questions. Absolutely. questions you ask, the more rapport you’re building, the more trust you’re going to earn. If you’re sitting there throwing up everywhere, you’re not connecting with them. That’s right. What are you looking for in a real estate agent you choose? Before we get started? They’ll tell you what they’re looking for.

D.J. Paris 45:20
The number one question I so when we when I do recruiting, because that’s all I do is recruit real estate agents. I say, look, you’re, you’re already at a great firm. I love the firm you’re at. And that’s not disingenuous. I like pretty much all the real estate firms, I say. But if you were to think about switching firms, what would actually what’s most important to you? Is there anything you’re not currently getting where you want more of it? Because if I don’t know that, I’m just like you said, spitting up information. While here’s why we’re so great here. And they might go I don’t care about any of that. You know, I?

Albert Garibaldi 45:49
Yeah. Well, so it’s all about great questions and shut up. Yeah. Don’t give a long winded explanation. On handling objection. Because the more you defend that objection, with so many more words, the weaker you become Albert, to commission, would you go down? 6%? No, I don’t do that. You want to earn the most money? Right? Let’s do the right thing and sign the people were shut up. Or say, hey, Albert, what do you do to market the home? You know what, that is such a great question. Are you Oh, so far? Are you comfortable with everything else? Oh, yeah. So once we can go over the marketing. Okay, and talk about the powerful plan that I have to get your home sold? Are you prepared to sign the paperwork? Sometime and down? Well, yeah. Let’s see what you have to say. I want to narrow down what there’s an objection, I want to know that’s a perfect time to I tie them down on what exactly whatever that objection is. I’m going to make sure if we handle it, we move forward. There’s only okay, even the commission, right. And then when you get the Commission on the phone, hey, Albert, I know you’re going to come tomorrow. Tomorrow at five o’clock, but I think because I’ll ask him one phone. So do you have any questions before I arrive? Because a lot of times they say, Well, yeah. What’s your points? You’re not going to sit there all my points. About my points. My points are 6%.

D.J. Paris 47:16

Albert Garibaldi 47:18
Time to say whatever your commission is, right? Right. What you do is you acknowledge repeats, for example, say yes. What’s my commission? That is my favorite part of my presentation. Everybody asked that? I’m assuming you’re asking that question. Because you want to make sure that I get your home sold fast and for the most money in your pocket, correct. Besides commission, what are the concerns? Yeah, you see what I just did? Yes, I did not ask the question. I was on his side, I get it gonna get the most money a Day Level shifted to something else. Because it’s not the right time to answer that question. Because they haven’t even seen you. There’s no value yet. Does that make sense? Absolutely. Yeah. So yeah, so but yeah, so man, it’s just so excited about a lot of this is all about mindset.

D.J. Paris 48:04
It is mindsets everything mindset, knowing your why is going to get you out of bed at five in the morning to go hit the hill with a 20 pound vest, knowing that you want to walk your daughter down the aisle, knowing that you want to provide for your family and go on nice vacations and provide for them and build the business that you want by helping people. And also earning a nice living along the way, knowing all those why’s is what drives that energy to do the uncomfortable.

Albert Garibaldi 48:30
This book is passionate about giving back to the real estate community. And it all stems about being passionate about the real estate business. Or if you’re not that passionate, that’s okay. Go get passionate about these little things, and then use the real estate industry as a great tool to live out some of your passions that you’re passionate about. Because you know, real estate is an incredible business. And it’s incredibly hard. But that’s what’s beautiful about it. Right? Easy. You don’t want it to be easy. You know, I’m saying just don’t. You know, it’s just yeah, it has to be hard. You just gotta wait. Yeah, I

D.J. Paris 49:02
don’t want to go. I’m sorry. No, go ahead.

Albert Garibaldi 49:04
You have to have a schedule. It’s got to be a basic schedule. What does that look like? What is your goals? If you want to sell 10 homes a year or five homes a year? How are you going to do it? What does your schedule look like? How many calls you going to make? I might be going to door knock. So let me just tell you my business model since I got in this business, it’s been on the phones, right. Fires for sale by owners just this Jessel. Okay, I sold Oreos from 2007 to 2013. Okay, how did I get that? Arios that Arielle count, it wasn’t sitting in bed or listening to the bad news. Getting in the wrong state of mind. Right. You know, I was working on my mindset. I was cold calling people that I knew that had potential connections to get me into becoming an REO agent. I did I became an REO agent for the one of the largest banks. And so hundreds of properties from 2007 2013 That was driven by the phone. Okay, so phones are free. And the cool thing about phones, nobody’s doing it. So when nobody else is doing and you call them and say, Hey, for calling your past clients or your sphere of influence, just call them up and be genuine say, Hey, I’m thinking about you. Yes. What was going on with this? Corona? Right? No. Okay, do you need toilet paper? Do you? What do you need? Do you need something? I’m here to help, right? And then ask them for business. So most of my business, my first started in real estate was expireds. And for sale by owners, and I screwed up, I failed people, you know, hung up on me, but that was beautiful. I was learning and learning and became more and more effective. And a lot of it was the energy and tonality that I was putting through the phone, it stuck, stuck with a script, and stuck with good questionings a good questions and then building some rapport and then going out there. So I built my business on this company called land voice, okay. And I give you a link, which is land boys.com, forward slash Albert’s. Okay. I’m a big fan of this company I’ve been using for over 20 years, when I first started, they were just for sale by owners and I made a killing doing for sale by owners, then they got into two expires, then they got into just listen just sold. But what I like about them is they have this thing called expired Pro, that they’ll actually give you the cell phones, so you can call them on their cell phone. Okay, so I gave you that link. It’s my landing page. And I called the company because I’m really good in with them. Because I’ve been using them for so many years, that they’re given all your users $30 for the first month to try it and you get everything. Yeah, so

D.J. Paris 51:31
So everyone, and this goes back to being uncomfortable. If you say, Well, I don’t want to make cold calls, guess what, nobody wants to make cold calls. But by making just like nobody wants to do 50 pushups in the morning. I don’t want to do it either. But it’s a good idea. So what I’m going to suggest is everyone listening, go to land voice.com forward slash Albert, put in the coupon code, take ta ke 117 Take 117 and you’re gonna get $30 for your first month, or you’re gonna pay $30 which is normally like three times that price. So check it out, get uncomfortable. This is nobody is calling fizz bows or expireds anymore, we’re not doing it. And you get to make your mark there. I know agents that have like Albert who have made their whole career on those. And, and nobody wants to do it. Because guess what picking up the phone is hard. It is hard. But it gets

Albert Garibaldi 52:20
easier. Not easy. And you know, it takes time but but it’s free. You know, pick up the phone is free call from your cell phone. But then you could do some door knocking there is no open houses for now. I used to build my business, a lot of open houses, and understand that people coming in and how to connect with them and picking them up with clients. But right now the open houses are kind of, obviously for the reason but so right now, let me just share with you real quick. So selling real estate for 20 to 23 years, did very well, right? Place real high and real trends. And you know, for production, all that fun stuff. I did it, it was awesome. But right now, I’m really focused on commercial. So I’m kind of I’m still doing the single family homes, but I’m really working on the commercial assets. And I have a team that I work with. We have some private equity partners in Silicon Valley that we have amazing relationships with that that can actually buy assets in the commercial side from 15 million to over 1 billion. And we’ve actually produced an LOI just that’s our what we can do is over 1 billion, can you believe this? Incredible. And guess what? That all came from? The phones. So right now I’m kind of reinventing myself on going to the commercial. Like I’m brand new agent.

D.J. Paris 53:41
You’re getting uncomfortable again. Yes, yes.

Albert Garibaldi 53:45
So we have these great equity partners that are looking for off market commercial assets, really in Silicon Valley or in northern silicon, silicon valley. But they’re also looking outside, even areas of where you’re at. So if any of your any of your viewers are have any commercial contacts, and they’re looking at, you know, some commercial opportunities, they should call me. We’re looking for a minimum 15 million all the way up to Bengali up to $2 billion. That’s how amazing this is. So I surround myself Guess what? With amazing guys in that space that came said hey, Albert, it’s time but yeah, it’s time on my time for what? I’m doing fine. I sell real estate. I got a cute book. Why don’t 51 years old? What do you want from me now? You have a lot of contacts. You need to get on the phone, and I’m going to coach you on how to sell commercial, commercial. A little nuts. And here I am a year and a half into it. I can’t disclose too much because we’re on a lot of NDAs sure most of the world but whoa, wow. That’s all I gotta say. So So that’s kind of where I’m going, I’m going into the commercial space, you know, and but I still want to give back to the real estate community and help them inspire them, you know, and share my story and inspire them to have a passion punch, because you’d become unstoppable. You really do. So it’s about living life with passion. So Mike might hear this. So my goal is to inspire people to live life with passion. Why? Because we only have one shot at this life. Right? Right. Look at this, watch this. I asked my publisher I go, can I please, please, please, please put this in. So God Now watch, you already put the household thing and now what do you want? I said, Listen, I go. I just, I just want to make sure this is like the first sentence of my book. Can we do this? She’s like, Okay, what is it our I go, you don’t have to spell it. You can maybe put like dot dot dot. But people know. So the beginning my book, this is this is the first page of that cool. You have one shot at this life? Don’t fuck it up. Yep.

D.J. Paris 56:14
Yeah, this is not this is not practice. This is real.

Albert Garibaldi 56:18
This is not practice, you have a gift. And I think that’s where it starts. For me. It’s a gift. It’s a gift that I’ve been landed on. And I’ve had this opportunity to live on this planet, right? And I’m gonna make the best of it. And there’s nothing like nothing better than donating money and helping different causes or helping helping people become successful. Here’s the thing. Not only that, I build my business for calling expireds for sale by owners justice. And just so Do you know who I really built building my business right now, right now doing this for 20 years. I’m building a tribe, advocate supporters in my little tribe of followers. And to get people to follow you, you know what you need to do? You need to help other people succeed. Yeah. Because when you help other people succeed, natural, you have abundant amount of success. Don’t be selfless, with information, share, inspire people, and help them a lot of people that I help has nothing to do with real estate. Right now. I’m helping so many people for the Cares Act itself. There’s unemployment that people are not aware of, right? There’s the pillow, there’s the disaster loan, I had to study all this to make sure all my people in my tribe that were business owners, were understanding, hey, get the emergency grant loan, you got to get the PPP. So giving value, the more value you give, the more valuable you become, the more money you’ll be rewarded with. Does that make sense? Right

D.J. Paris 57:45

Albert Garibaldi 57:47
So again, I don’t advertise my business, not saying that’s wrong thing. I know so many real estate agents that farm and Dornoch spend a lot of money on on advertising. It’s great. They’re building their brand. And it’s great. I just choose not to do that. Because I’ve had some success over the phone to get an REO account from a cold call that ended up being hundreds of homes. It’s kind of hard to say Albert, don’t use the phones. Right. So

D.J. Paris 58:13
yeah, I think I think that is a perfect place to wrap up. If you’ve provided so much value to our listeners. And our viewers. I want to remind everyone about Albert’s book passionate punch to success, it can be found on Amazon, there’ll be a link to it in the description, please go pick it up. It will help you get in the right mindset for how to think about every single day of your business. And it includes a 14 day plan included in the book as well and also get uncomfortable. Go to Lan voice.com forward slash Albert put in the coupon code, take 117 and get yourself some some calls to make. And what you’ll find is most agents aren’t doing it. It doesn’t mean it’s easy it isn’t but it is worth it. Because all it takes is that one phone call. We’re all like Albert was saying all of a sudden the person goes hey, by the way, I’ve got a lot of other properties can you help me with that too, and you will build an amazing business. And also you’ll you’ll just introduce a new skill set if you can learn how to pick up the phone when you don’t want to and make those calls you will be unstoppable

Albert Garibaldi 59:14
if there’s anything thank you for bringing that up. Thank you for sharing that that was so awesome to close with that. If anything if you don’t want to call expires for sale by owners want to take your time. You know what you could do which is freakin awesome. If you pick up your phone, right? And you have your past clients in there, send them a corded voicemail. Yeah, that’s great. texted to him. Hey, buddy. It’s Albert. Just thinking about you, man. How’s everything going? You okay? If you need anything, let me know. Interest rates are all time low. Right? If you know anybody let me know. I was just thinking about you, you know, and then send it. Yes. I’ve been on recordings. Great. I’m telling you. I mean, if you want to just focus on something, focus on your past clients in your sphere of influence. Forget expireds for sale by owners. Just focus on that either call them leave them a mess. Send them recorded through texts. Okay. And then one thing I wanna leave you with is this, since I’m going into the commercial space, commercial is a whole different arena, okay? And we pay connection fees. And we can do that legally through escrow. We just 1099 the real estate. So live, I’ve noticed that I’ve been doing this for a year and a half. And since I know so many realtors, so many real estate agents have connections to commercial properties, they still know how to bring them down, or they don’t know what to do. So do you buy your agents and your your viewers calling me or sending me an email, say, Hey, Robert, there’s this $25 million mobile home park or this and that, I can connect you directly to the seller or the agent that is direct to the seller, it’s off market, by you just connecting us there’s a fee to be made. And it’s a lot. It’s a lot of money. So

D.J. Paris 1:00:49
what’s the best way if any of our listeners or viewers out there do have a connection they want to share with you or maybe see if you can assist with what’s the best way they should reach out?

Albert Garibaldi 1:00:57
God is so awesome. So they can text me, or they call me on my cell phone? Which is 408-309-7206? Again, 408-309-7206. I’m very good at phones. I’m very good about texts, just send me you can send me an email. But can you put the email there on? Absolutely, absolutely not. Here’s I want to tell you. When I talked about extraordinary service, one of the qualities of giving extraordinary service, the number one thing is communication. Never leave people in the dark. They did a survey National Association did a survey. And they said How long will you wait? Before you get a response from your real estate agent? Do you know what that wait time is? They’re willing to wait one hour, right? After an hour. They’re gonna go dad, Chuck. Thank you. So I knocked that off. So if I’m in a presentation listing presentation, guys, I apologize. can use one second. Hey, I’m sorry, Mr. Cole. I’m in a presentation. I’ll get right back with you. Can you give me 45 minutes? Oh, it’s all about communication, communication and communication. And it’s in lightning speed. So one of the things that I do that gives you extraordinary service is called a client before they call me update updates, updates. Communication is key in this business. Okay, so that’s one little token and there’s so many real estate agents. there for some reason, they never answer their phone. They don’t get back in time. I get it. We’re all busy. Listen, I did Oreos, okay. And and hundreds of them and on average, okay, just put things in perspective, from 2007 to 2013. In Silicon Valley, selling Oreos. When I put an Oreo on the market, a minimum 10 offers. I look in my career, that’s incredible that over 5000 offers in eight years. Wow. Okay. And let me tell you something that built a reputation for me. I was got to be well known because there’s so many volumes of properties coming out from the banks. But you know what, I give extraordinary service not only to the buyer or the seller, guess who else I give extraordinary service to the real estate agent. Yeah, the other agent. Yeah, that’s why so many people went out and bought the book when I released it two years ago, a year and a half ago. Okay, so it’s all about extraordinary service and then follow through and follow up. If you say you’re going to mill a pencil even though it’s a pencil you said you’re going to send it but he said a week later. That’s wrong. If you saying in a Senate pencil, you’ve got to send that pencil and you’ve got to send lightning speed. So when you say you’re going to do something you do it, you do it fast follow up and follow through incredible credible to do those kind of things.

D.J. Paris 1:03:41
Well, Albert, thank you so much for being on the show you have provided the highest level of passion we’ve probably seen in our 200 episodes. We’re so so grateful to have you on the show and I want to remind everyone to please visit Albert you go to his website, which is Albert garibaldi.com. Follow him on Instagram all the social media is there and also buy his book passion punch to success available on Amazon. On behalf of the listeners Albert we and viewers we say thank you. We appreciate so much for the value provided today and really given us not only just a pep talk but actionable strategies to help take our business to the next level and on behalf of the listener on behalf of Albert and myself do the listeners and the viewers. We also say thank you and we ask all of our viewers listeners to do just one thing before you go please tell a friend think of one other agent out there that could benefit from having heard this episode with Albert and send them a link. Easiest way to do that is to go right to our website keeping it real pod.com all of our episodes are there including this one. And also follow us on Facebook dot com forward slash keeping it real pod. Albert thank you so so much. This was a great time. I appreciate all your energy, your passion and all the information. It’s just been absolutely wonderful. So on behalf behalf of everyone we say thank you and we will see all of our listeners and they will hear us and view us on our next episode. Thanks, Albert. Thank you. Thank you again

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