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Can you believe we just hit our 1 millionth download? To celebrate this event we’re announcing a new show on our network (drumroll, please!). Thanks to everyone for helping us grow! We love our listeners!


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Hello, everyone, and welcome to keeping it real. The largest podcast made for real estate agents buy real estate agents. My name is DJ Parris, I’m your guide and host. Today is a quick and special episode, we do not have any guests, or any major topics of discussion around how to build your real estate business, or how to learn from top agents who have already built their business. So what are we doing today? Well, we just wanted to spend a few minutes and give you an update on some things that are going on here at the show that I think are very exciting. But I know if I were a listener, which I’m sort of not because I’m the host, but our listeners I suspect would like to know about. So this will be a very quick episode, I appreciate you sticking with us through it, because I think it’s some exciting and cool stuff. But I sorry, at first that you downloaded this episode thinking you were going to hear from a top producer, and this one you’re not, you’re just going to hear from me. I am definitely not a top producer. I’m not a producer at all. But I am wanted first on behalf of everyone here at our show to say thank you. We do this a lot. We say a lot of things. But we really, really mean it. And the whole reason we do this show is because we have listeners, right? And we started the show, we actually had to go back and look it up. Because people asked me how how old is the show. And I’m like, I don’t know, five years, something like that? Well, it turns out, it’s four years and nine months old as of today, which we’re nearing the latter part of February of 2022. So it’s almost five years old. And we I never thought that I would continue with it for as long as I have, because I just didn’t think anyone would be that interested, quite frankly, I’m so grateful that the audience has continued to grow. And in fact, in the last six months, we also just looked up some of these statistics, our audience size has grown by almost two times. And we’re just and we don’t spend money on advertising. So this is strictly because of you guys. So I have to say thank you, because you’re the exact reason why we have got to almost 350 episodes in that amount of time. So thank you for continuing to tell other agents about the show. And that’s the only thing that we really ever asked of our audience is to tell other agents about us. We also want to say thank you, of course to all of our advertisers and sponsors, who support our show and help keep the lights on. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to keep doing this. And we have added additional members to our team based on some of the revenue that we receive from our sponsors. So please, everyone listening support our sponsors, they support us, you support us. They’re great sponsors. We handpick them, we’re so so honored to have sponsors on the show, because it allows us to do more shows. So thank you to all of the sponsors. So thanks. Also to our staff, I really have to single out zonna, who is our producer and our casting director, she’s behind the scenes, you probably don’t know her, unless you’ve been a guest on our show, or that you’ve maybe reached out to our show, she answers all viewer mail or email or different social media communication, she coordinates all of the interviews, she does the pre interviews, once the episode is over, she then post produces the episode, she creates a video version and audio version. And just really honestly does about 90% of all of the work that is needed to put out the show. And she gets very little fanfare credit. So on behalf of all the listeners, we want to thank Donna, she’s amazing. And she’s really helped keep me on track and taken our podcast to the next level. But the real reason that I there’s actually two reasons that I’m doing this episode and it’s, well, we’re always want to say thank you. But these are a couple of very special things that we wanted to talk about. The first is and this is more of a self serving thing of patting ourselves on our backs. But we thought it would be kind of cool to let the audience in, we recently crossed over a million downloads. And for a show that does very little marketing, very basically no marketing. This is why I’m so grateful to our audience to everyone listening because you’re the reason that we got to a million downloads. I could have I could create an episode every day. But if nobody listened, we would never be aware we are now so we are so excited to cross over million downloads. And just to give you another statistic that we thought was really cool. So, again,

we’ve actually crossed over a million downloads before in the past. We’re not exactly sure when because the statistics of podcasts are really goofy. It’s really hard to track but we know for sure that we have eight official over a million downloads. We think we’re actually a lot higher than that. But either way it’s a major accomplishment for For us, and, and it doesn’t really mean anything, we’re going to keep doing the show, even if we never got to a million downloads. But it is kind of a cool little number that we’re very proud of. So thank you, again for continuing to get us to that number. And hopefully, we’ll be at 2 million and who knows how long that’ll take, but we’ll keep making episodes. Also, we had the other statistic I thought was pretty interesting was that we’ve had over 115,000 people download a at least one episode, whether they listened, you know, on a mobile device, or via our website, or, you know, maybe they saw it on YouTube or wherever, over over 115,000. And I’m assuming most of those people are realtors. So if we assume that most of them are realtors, you know that that’s, you know, I don’t know, maybe 7% of all realtors have checked out our show. I don’t know if that’s exactly true, but it’s probably true enough. And we’re really grateful to think that so many agents have found value in our show. And again, thanks to you guys for telling other realtors about us. We don’t hardly do any marketing. So the only way that people find out is by you know, typically than they find us online. We’ve been blessed to be featured on I think over 30 best real estate podcast lists online. And so people find us that way. So thank you to anyone who ever wrote kind word about us online.

So anyway, that was those were pretty exciting. But the other piece of exciting news that I wanted to get to is we have a new show that we are launching and the first episode should be available either this week or next. I have to ask his honor, because I don’t pay too much attention to when the shows actually air. But we are really excited. We recently had on a guest chris Christie Mae shore, who herself has a podcast, which I really encourage everyone to check out. She does it three times a week. It’s called fired up. And it is excellent. And because Christa Mesa is excellent. She’s a top producer. She herself is just a powerhouse of marketing, and branding, and teaching agents how to grow their business. A lot of it’s through virtual means or social media ways of doing things. She’s unbelievable. And if you haven’t listened to her episode, which was like, I don’t know, five or six episodes back, definitely go check it out. It’s awesome. And we got such incredible feedback from it, that we and because our audience has has really grown, and we have great sponsors, we’re like we want to expand the show. So we offered an opportunity to Krista to partner together and create her own show where we’re going to give her carte blanche to do anything she wants, she’s going to talk to you guys and her whole Oh, I should tell you what the name of the show is. So it’s going to be called since Chris, this podcast is called fired up, we thought we should come up with something that’s kind of adjacent to that. So we’re calling it little sparks. So little sparks with Chris Demacia is going to debut on our show and by on our network. But it’s also going to go through our our own feed. So if you are a subscriber to keeping it real, you don’t have to do anything. You’ll continue to get all of my episodes, and then crystal will be doing regular episodes. And it’ll just come you know, just as my episodes show up in your in your feed, they’re going to be shorter, bite sized and chock full of just great actionable content. If you know Krista, if you listen to the episode, that is what she is all about. And she is awesome. And she has way more energy than I do. So she is just a powerhouse of talent. And she’s just killing it. And so she is such a nice, lovely person we are could not be more thrilled to invite her to be a half her own. This is actually the first time we’re giving somebody their own show. And so be excited for that. I hope everyone’s excited. I know we are. So the first episode, like I said will go live either this week, it’s already been recorded, because Chris does that kind of person. And it’s already ready to go. But they were waiting on me to do this announcement. So here I am. So the first show that we’ll be launching is called little sparks with Chris Demacia. It’ll be coming out shortly. And you’ll have to let us know what you think I already know you’re gonna love it because I wouldn’t bring anyone on this pot network who wasn’t unbelievable. And she is awesome. I’m a marketing guy. And I just think she’s got a lot to say. And it’s all good stuff. So anyway, very excited. And we’ll be sending out more information on that. And I’ll tease you a little bit we have actually two more shows that are almost ready to launch as well. So I won’t tell you much about them. But they’re going to be very different from Christmas show. As we realized how much more traffic we were getting to the podcast, we wanted to introduce additional points of view. Right. So I have my own point of view, but it’s kind of limited, right? I I just I mean I don’t have the experience of somebody like Krista and so we have a couple of other people that we’ve been eyeing for years now. And we now have the ability to expand the show and so we have a couple of other shows that These are not going to be DJ. And so and so these are going to be their own shows, and they’re gonna be very different from what I do, they’re going to be real estate related or real estate. Well, they’re always gonna be real estate related, but the topics are going to be different, but we think it’s exactly what you guys want to hear. So we are really excited, I can’t reveal the names of the other two yet, just because we’re still getting it all figured out. But they are basically ready to go as well. So be on the lookout for me to make a few additional announcements. And we are so proud to be partnering with some of these industry titans. To come up with new shows for our network, it’s turning into a network, which is so funny to us. Because it was just this idea that I had, you know, five years ago, I was like somebody needs to do a podcast where they interview top producers, and I guess it was me who did it. So anyway, I just wanted to say thanks again. And if you do want to continue listening and supporting our show, please continue to tell a friend, I’ve already said that a million times today. So thank you in advance. Also, really, this really, really helps us. And it’s actually even easier than thinking of a friend to tell about our show is just leave us a review, go on whatever podcast app you might be listening to. And let us know what you think of the show, we check that stuff, we read the comments, we hope that you really like it and want to give us five stars, but we understand that not everyone, people have constructive criticism and say, Hey, do less of this or more of that, that is so important to us. So um, feel free to, you know, read us a review, it also helps to with podcast directories. So the more reviews just like with Amazon or other sites that sell things, you know, the different podcast directories, they don’t know what shows are good or not. They just look at how many people are listening and who’s writing reviews and what the engagement is. So the more engagement you can show for our show, the more people they’re going to share it with. So again, it’s a three second thing, but we really would appreciate it if you would go into whatever app you’re listening to the show and right now and leave us a review. And also please contact our show directly. Again, we get you’d be shocked we at this point, we don’t really go out and ask for guests, because we’re fortunate enough to, to receive a lot of inquiries. But a ton of the people that we feature on the show are because listeners write in and they say you have to talk to this woman, she’s killing it, or this guy or whoever. This person is really doing things differently. So please let us know if there’s anyone in your local market or just somebody that you’re really, really excited to hear their story. And maybe you don’t feel like you could ask them yourself, I will ask them. So let us know if there’s anyone we should be reaching out to. And also check out our website, you know, very few people ever visit our website, which is keeping it real pod.com. And that’s a place where you can contact zonna through our contact form and let us know maybe you’re a sponsor and you want to be part of our show, or maybe you just have a guest suggestion. Or maybe you just want to listen to episodes, you can do it all right there.

Alright guys, well, you’ve listened to me long enough. I appreciate you guys so much. And when I say guys, of course, I mean, every single person that listens to this show. We are so honored to serve you. And we hope we can continue to serve you well on into the future. So check out Christopher shores, little sparks, which is coming out this week or next, and be on the lookout for these other shows. And again, just Thanks from all of us. This is really fun, and we hope that it’s fun for you as well. All right, we’ll see everybody on the next episode.

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