Learning With A Lender • What Do Increased Market Rates Really Mean?

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Welcome to the October episode of Learning With A Lender with Joel Schaub!

Lending rates are up! Should you be worried? Short answer = no! Joel Schaub, Vice President at Guaranteed Rate, discusses how to interpret recent rate increases and how little that actually affects monthly payments. We also tackle low-down payment loans that have recently been covered by the news and what you need to know – specifically how these products are different from 7-8 years ago. Finally, Joel discusses an opportunity for buyers to purchase real estate at a significant discount on the day of the year with the lowest offers.

You’re invited to a Halloween party Joel is throwing on 10/25 from 2-4pm. Click here to RSVP.

Joel Schaub can be reached at joel@rate.com or 773.654.2049.

Joel Schaub

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