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The Jonathan Darin Team consists of Jonathan’s first real estate client, Jonathan’s sister, and his sister’s friend from grade school. They’ve also just added on another teammate to cover the city. In this episode Jonathan talks about how he built his team to five in just seven years, how he became a top producer very quickly, and why client appreciation events are essential to expanding and retaining his sphere of influence. Learn about this team of friends and family and why it’s working!

Jonathan Darin can be reached at 708-695-6177 and jonathan@homesbyjdt.com.

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Jonathan Darren is the founder of the Jonathan Darren team with Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group. He’s been in the real estate industry for seven years and has been full time in sales for five of those years. In 2014. He started a team with one other agent, and now it consists of five full service agents. The team dynamic allows him and his team to serve a large geographical span including will cook and DuPage counties in 2017. Jonathan was honored with the Coldwell Banker 30 under 30 Award, which recognizes young agents not only for their sales achievements, but their community involvement as well. Also in 2017, his team was named to Coldwell bankers President circle, which is a very big deal. This is for teams with more than four members. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, friends, traveling and giving back to the community. And before I introduce him, I’d like everyone to check out his website. I was just telling him offline. This is one of the best real estate realtor websites I’ve seen, which is homes by J D. t.com. So well Come, Jonathan Darren,

Jonathan Darin 5:01
hey, DJ, thanks for having me.

D.J. Paris 5:03
Thank you so much. We’re really excited to have you on the show. And you were always on our list to interview and we now finally are getting to do that. So, thanks. So my first question, my standard question. And I think a really interesting one for you, in particular, or at least our listeners to hear from you is how you got into real estate. So tell us that story.

Jonathan Darin 5:24
Yeah. So I’m actually a third generation realtor. My grandfather actually owns Coldwell Banker, the Real Estate Group, my mom’s in the industry, as well. But I always said that I would never get into the family business would never become a realtor was never going to do it. Well, I went to Eastern Illinois University study, business management knew I wanted to be involved in business of some sort. But again, never was going to be in the family business, never going to be a realtor. So I did a little stint in retail for a little bit like a management program. And that was not for me.

D.J. Paris 6:02
So I ended up failing retail is hard.

Jonathan Darin 6:05
The hours are not that good. Not saying that realtor hours are all that great. Well, that’s true. But when you’re stuck in a retail store, it’s you know, that that was not for me. So I ended up going to my grandfather, and my uncle at the time was the president of our company, and said, you know, is there anything I can do just kind of hold me over again, I don’t want to be in the family business. You know, is there anything I can do to help out until I can figure out what I truly want to do. And, you know, they were like, Oh, you could do this, you could do that, you know, whatever. And we kind of sat down and took a little bit deeper dive into it. And at that time, they didn’t really have anybody managing their internet leads department, which is what we developed. So they were getting all these internet leads back in like 2011. And they really weren’t being serviced, you know, they would go to the agent, and there was no follow up, nothing like that, to see how it was really short done. So we decided to start an internet leads department and from there, I am now in the family business. And that was in 2011. I did that for about two years. And we started we made that department profitable for the company. But I kind of learned the business from the inside out, you know, I saw how important follow up was, I saw how important it was to just kind of take that transaction from the start all the way to the finish. And I was like, Man, I think the real money is actually in sales. So like I said, I never thought I was going to do it. But while I was doing that, they allowed me to help some friends, some close friends and family. Because I was licensed at that time. Sure. I just I fell in love with it DJ I mean this this I have like a passion for real estate. And I guess people always say, well, it must have been in your blood. You know, you said you weren’t going to do it and and now you do it so. So you kind of fast forward that a little bit. And then in 2013 is kind of when I went full time, I trained somebody to take over that internet leads department and I was full time sales took the leap. And I really have never looked back from that point.

D.J. Paris 8:08
Well, let’s let’s talk about your team because you have a pretty interesting team. It’s not made up of random brokers who you meshed with personality wise, this is like a very specific and deliberate melding of people that have kind of a cool, coincidental, you know, sort of story to you and your, your sister. So tell us about the team.

Jonathan Darin 8:32
Yeah, so I started the team in 2014. With my team member John Bennett, sec. He actually was one of my first clients, I think he might have been like my second or third deal and him and I met just plan you know, Thursday night softball, kind of random, right? But he always had, he’d always talked to me about real estate and then him and one of our other buddies were actually looking for a place together kind of like an investment place. And we ended up selling him a house. So he came on the team. It was him and I for about two years together. Before I brought on my team member Patrick Mayer, and funny how that works is Patrick Mayer has been friends with my sister, Stephanie for since like first grade. Wow. So it’s just weird how this all came together. So right after that, is I brought on my sister then to my team. So Stephanie Darren, not my wife, my sister. A lot of people think that but brought her on she was going to be like my assistant and handle a lot of our paperwork and different things like that. Because she had another job at the time. Well, she started to kind of dabble in how I did and started helping friends and you know, some of her sphere and it’s taken off for her as well now so she’s a full service, you know agent as well. not just doing paperwork and things like that. So I have my sister, my sister’s best friend from first grade, I have a guy I played softball with and was one of my first clients. And then our most recent team member is Matt Lind. And he is actually based out of Chicago. So he’s gonna do a good job covering that market for us. And he happens to be one of my best friends, brothers. So crazy. It’s kind of crazy and unique of how that all came together. And it’s not that I wouldn’t hire anybody I didn’t know, it’s just, you know, it’s kind of worked out for us really, really well. There’s a lot of trust in this, like the way that we built the team. So I like to say that I’m lucky when it comes to that, because I know a lot of people struggle to find good team members.

D.J. Paris 10:48
Yeah, I think for sure, and the fact that it’s worked out so well, and it’s with people that you know, and trust and like is, before they even came on board is pretty unique, and certainly very cool. And I like the company I work at. It’s owned by one of my closest friends. And so it’s pretty cool to be able to build something with friends. And so I’m sure you feel the same way. So yeah, we all have

Jonathan Darin 11:13
like the same same goal in mind to you know, it’s not just about you know, because some teams are like, hey, it’s all about, like, you know, whoever’s name is on it. And, you know, I’ve made it very clear to them that, you know, just because it’s the Jonathan Darren team, it’s that’s not everything, you know, it’s, we’re all going to get our own in this. So it’s good.

D.J. Paris 11:33
Awesome. If we can, can we go back just briefly to internet leads, because I think you’re the first person I’ve talked to, who has talked about experience with internet leads, obviously, working with a Coldwell Banker, internet leads sort of division, I’m sure gave you a lot of insight on how internet leads work. Can you tell us just a few best practices for anyone out there who may be purchasing leads through Zillow or Trulia? Or realtor.com? Or, you know, or just generating their own internet leads? Any just quick advice? Obviously, aside from your call them within 10 seconds, we know that what is there anything else that you found was that was really helpful?

Jonathan Darin 12:13
I think the biggest thing is so yeah, I mean, calling within the first five minutes, right, or, you know, while they’re still on their handheld device was obviously a big one. I think the biggest thing, though, is still follow up. But it’s not just about that call you make within five minutes, because I got to see this over a two year span. And you’d be surprised the number of people that came in right when I started, that didn’t close until I was almost handing it off to the person that took over the division. Wow. You know, so I think it’s just, you have to be patient with it. You know, a lot of people are like, Oh, well, they weren’t good, because they don’t want to buy right now you got to remember that your, if you are paying for a zillo or paying for leads somewhere that those people aren’t necessarily looking to go right now, yes, there are a few that are and you’re gonna want to continue to follow up with them to but it’s just, it’s more that nurture process, you know, you need to put them into a CRM, if you have a CRM, you need to kind of continue to follow up with them not be overwhelming with the follow up. But just kind of be in front of them still just the same way you would do with hopefully your sphere. So

D.J. Paris 13:23
yeah, I have a color or a story that I used to work for an IT firm for many years that generated internet leads for people looking to buy health insurance people that you know, had to buy their own coverage. And we were generating at the time is pretty big company, or growing company with 15,000 leads a day. And we’re selling out to 1000s of health insurance agents all over the country. And so we had all this data over many years of and we were able to track some of the activity that the health insurance agents provided to us about how often they called and you know, and sort of how quickly these transactions happen. What we found, I mean, this is such a silly example. But it really points to what you mentioned was that in the leads we generated, it took on average for somebody to buy a major medical health insurance plan 11 days to make a decision. So if I was Blue Cross or Aetna, Humana or whatever, it took them about 11 days to go, okay, that’s the plan. But we found that with the internet leads, we were selling that most of the health insurance agents because some would call and say, Oh, the leads don’t work. And then others would call and say these are the greatest things ever. So we knew that the leads worked because some people had a lot of success for them. What we found was, on average, that person didn’t make that decision till day 11. But the vast majority of the people that bought the leads stopped calling after like day three, day three or day four, they just were like, okay, the person’s not interested. And they didn’t nurture the lead. And I mean, that’s a much shorter sales cycle, of course than purchasing or selling a home. But it’s the same principle of you know, you don’t know when this person is going to make a decision. So and it really doesn’t matter. Just apply to internet leads, of course, it applies to every one of your sphere of influence or people you meet. So today is are you guys predominantly working through sphere of influence? Or how do you generate clients? I’ve obviously a lot of referrals, I’m sure.

Jonathan Darin 15:15
Yeah. So I mean, that is the that is our main bread and butter is, is, um, a big sphere? Yeah. I’m a big, you know, taking care of your past clients. That is, I mean, we sit down every year at the end of the year and say, Okay, where are we? Where are we getting the majority of our business? You know, where do we want to spend marketing dollars and things like that? And to be honest with you, it’s yeah, you know, you still have to spend marketing dollars, you could you could pay for leads here and there. But it’s all based on taking care of your past clients and your sphere of influence for us. I mean, I know that not everybody can say that. But we happen to have a big sphere, we’re all pretty locally based within a couple areas. You know, obviously that coverage goes way out, but at least you know, kind of for that sphere from family, friends past clients, that kind of stays pretty close. So that is that’s our main business. I mean, to be honest with you, we don’t we don’t spend a ton of money on, you know, Zillow, or those sites. We’re focusing on I’d rather spend money on, you know, client appreciation events and things like that to where they’re out in front of and we can see them again. That’s, that goes a long ways. I feel. Yeah, I

D.J. Paris 16:34
think I think you’re right. And I know you’re right. Because of course, it’s working for you and everyone else I’ve ever talked to who has the same the same exact thought. What, what do you So you mentioned client appreciation events? Are there other things you do? Or even if it’s only client appreciation events, which is an awesome thing? What are you doing after the sale, the sale to stay in touch? Are there certain processes you guys employ to make sure that, you know, you stay in front of your clients, back your clients minds, maybe?

Jonathan Darin 17:05
Yeah, I’ll give you a little rundown of like our process of what we do. So we are going to have, they’re instantly going to go into a CRM for us, and they’re gonna get a 30 day and a 90 day from us, which we can put a purchase personal touch on, we’ll get an alert to send them, you know, just to check in hay 30 days after the sale, because or if they’re a buyer, they’re probably still trying to unpack, you know, depending on their situation. And then, you know, 90 days out, we’re going to be you know, Hey, did you finally get settled? And, in some of them, no, some of them. Yeah, we’ve been settled in since you know, the first day, we had the U haul with us at the closing. So we do that for sure. But we also take time to, you know, depending on the client, send a quick test text message here, there’s follow up with a phone call, follow up with an email, you know, we have a marketing program that we use, that helps us stay in front. But if we continue to do our client events to that’s just another touch. You know, we invite all of our clients, you know, to our client appreciation events and things like that we’ve done, you know, dog adoption, dog adoption events, we’ve done toy drives around Christmas time. We just did actually our first big kind of blow out client appreciation was all of our past clients. We did a White Sox game, we did a tailgate and did like bleacher seats for everybody. So we took up like two full sections of the outfield. It was it was really cool to get everybody together. But it kind of felt like a wedding. To be honest with the DJ, I had to go around to like everybody, and I was like, exhausted. Enjoy the game. Like barely had a hot dog.

D.J. Paris 18:49
Well, yeah, the host never eats, even if it’s a hosting party at your own house, you’d already because Yeah,

Jonathan Darin 18:56
exactly. But it was a blast. It was an absolute blast. And people are still talking about it. You know, and that was in I believe it was, I can’t remember the exact date I think was the end of July. So I mean, that’s pretty good. Now we’re gonna be rolling up on, you know, five, six months later, and people talk about it or clients that were that we had that maybe weren’t closed with us yet or saying, Hey, you’re going to be doing that again next year.

D.J. Paris 19:20
That’s awesome. Yeah, I’m a huge fan of those. I think brokers oftentimes forget how, how helpful those are in just keeping the relationship going strong, and also just a nice thing to do for people who have made you some money. So yeah,

Jonathan Darin 19:36
it doesn’t have to be as big as that either. Like that. We started small, you know, just doing small things. Don’t be afraid that if there’s only a few people, because hey, guess what, at least you had a few people, you know, so we were lucky the White Sox thing turned out pretty good.

D.J. Paris 19:50
That’s awesome. Let’s talk about an award that you won. That’s, I think a very, very big deal. Considering Coldwell Banker is certainly one of the largest if not, I don’t maybe they’re the large In the United States, but certainly one of them, you won the 2017 30, under 30. So tell us a little bit about

Jonathan Darin 20:08
oh my god amazing experience. Probably actually one of the top moments in my career to be honest with you, DJ, you know, it’s something that you have to apply for, you have to, and you can’t just like write a couple sentences and say, Hey, I qualify, like it goes into like your numbers, your community involvement, you kind of have to give an outlook of I actually submitted a video for mine of kind of like what we’re doing kind of hitting some of those main points of kind of the future, right. So you know, under 30, you know, any realtors out there that are under the age of 30 are kind of the future of the brand of the realtor brand, just in general. So Coble banker started this, this 30, under 30 award, it allowed us all to get together in Vegas, as well, at the National coal banker convention that they do. It’s called Gen blue. So we were there, I got to meet 29 Awesome. You know, other realtors throughout the world, actually, there was a few from Canada, there was one from Turkey, and then just all spread out throughout the United States. It was, it was a really, really cool experience. And now I take away from that, you know, kind of friends for life when it when it came to that. I mean, we all won the award the same year, I have, you know, built in referral, I guess worldwide, I guess if you if anyone’s moved to Turkey, you know, or Canada, I, you know, I have connections in those areas now as well, which is, which is really cool. Really cool.

D.J. Paris 21:42
Ya know, it’s a really big deal. And so with respect to your team, do you have a role to continue to expand the team? Are you happy with the size of the number of your five brokers now? Are you looking to grow? Beyond those five or sort of what what are your thoughts with the with the team?

Jonathan Darin 22:01
That’s a great question. So I think that’s kind of ever changing kind of depending on how you know how we are doing. Right now I’m very comfortable what we have, we just added Matt, like I said to the, to kind of cover a little bit of the city for us. So I’m really happy with that. And that actually kind of that that actually kind of came out of left field, but it ends up it’s going to be a perfect scenario for us. So it’s more of like, grow as needed base is rather than like I have a goal to grow this to 20 agents by 2020. Like, I don’t I mean, at that point, I might as well manage an office or something. But I think one thing that’s really unique about us DJ is all of my agents are full service. So what I mean by that is everybody on my team, so all five of us are full service, meaning we can do any part of the transaction, I don’t just have just buyer’s agents or showing agents or admin, when you join my team, it’s your full fledge, you’re gonna do the whole process, you’re gonna learn from start to finish on a listing presentation on listings, I just feel like that kind of cuts out all the gaps. You know, I know that other people will say they like doing teams the other way. But this is what’s works for us is that there’s no gaps in the transaction. So that Mr. And Mrs. Buyer, you know, when they go to list their house in a couple of years, the same team member can still do it, or vice versa. Now, if I’m just a list very,

D.J. Paris 23:35
I mean, to interject, fine. It’s a very interesting thought, because there are teams I’ve interviewed who, like you said, would say no, no, you really want a listing specialist. And then you want a negotiation person and you and they carve out these unique roles, which in theory is kind of a cool idea. But you’re right, because if someone’s sphere, if your sister’s sphere is maybe different from yours, let’s say and their best friend wants her to list the home, but she’s the really works with only buyers, then you’re right, like then it could create some issues.

Jonathan Darin 24:09
Exactly. And that’s we tried to I want to do eliminate that aspect of it. Now we’ll still go on listing appointments as teams, you know, the two of us are, you know, some of us some, some people when they have us out, they’re like, hey, like, I want your whole team shirt place. Hey, we can, I’m not sure we’ll be able to get all five of us there. But if Hey, can I get you know, two or three of us there? And that’s, you know, usually more than enough and fine, but, you know, it’s just it kind of, like you said, cuts out that gap. Whereas if, if I was the only listing agent, well what happens what they really, you know, have a connection with me and they want me to help them with the FBI. Well, I can do that too. And same goes with any of the team members.

D.J. Paris 24:49
That’s yeah, I think that’s really smart. And again, if you’re working by sphere of influence, you know, you’re it’s not the easiest thing for one of your team members who may be wouldn’t be The listing broker to go, Hey, my best friend wants to list but I don’t really do that for the team. Can you do that for me? You’re right. It’s it also, it’s good that you can just jump in and help out at any part of the transaction. Any member can can if someone needs help, because everyone knows everything. So I think that’s, it’s smart.

Jonathan Darin 25:18
It works out perfect that way, because and we all have, you know, we keep notes and have, you know, iPads and stuff like that, where we’re able to send notes to one another. So if it’s like, Oh, my goodness, I you know, I’m double booked today, I need you to take out you know, Suzie Q, that team member can step right. And everyone’s aware of it. All of our clients are aware of it right away that hey, it may not be Jonathan Darren every time you might get, you know, Patrick Mayer or John bend a sec that meets you that day, but know that they’re going to be up to date on the situation. Awesome.

D.J. Paris 25:49
Well, now I have some questions. Since you’re, you know, I’ve been in seven years, but we’ll still call you new ish, even though you’re not or youngest, for sure. But what advice do you have, we have a lot of brokers that listen, who are well, they’re not necessarily new to the business, although we do have a lot of new newer brokers, but people who are just looking to increase production, I always love to ask this question for, you know, brokers that are doing well, in particular brokers who are on the, you know, on the early stages of their career, like like yourself, what would you advice would you give to brokers, either brand new, or just looking to do better?

Jonathan Darin 26:25
Um, yeah, so I mean, that’s, that’s a good question. And we, I’m gonna kind of hit on it, I’m a little bit old school, when it comes to this, it’s just, I really think you need to get a hold of and stay in contact with your past clients and your sphere. And I think nowadays, it’s so easy to be able to refer crossed country, with a lot of millennials and younger people in the business, that may have friends that are, hey, I’m going to Colorado or I’m going to Texas or I’m going there, it’s so easy to refer nowadays, that I think you need to hit that niche as well. You know, if you can get one or two, you know, referral checks a month, or even one or two a year, that can go a long way. And you can throw that towards marketing or giving back to again, your your sphere, I just have a hard time having newer agents going out and buying a bunch of leads when we talked about that might take that might take 18 months. And

D.J. Paris 27:27
you know, if a lead is shared with other brokers, if it’s not only being sold, just to that broker, which some lead services sell to, and some of them are exclusive, some aren’t. But like you’re going up against somebody who might be have 20 years experience, that’s not an easy thing to overcome. If you’re brand new to the business, it’s tough.

Jonathan Darin 27:47
Exactly. And people are views and all that is, is very important nowadays. So you know, if you’re newer in the business, and you only have a couple reviews to your name, and it’s your mom and your, you know, your aunt, you know, that’s, you got to be able to get get past that, though. improve yourself, and what better way to do it then help people that you know, or that people, you know, know. So that’s what we try to do is we try to go, here’s another thing, I think this is just a tip for everybody out there is or something that we do, and I kind of instill in my team is we treat everybody as like they’re our only client. We treat them like I don’t know, not royalty, but we treat them as like, hey, we want them to enjoy this so much that they can’t stop talking about as to, you know, when somebody says hey, I’m going to be looking to sell sooner I’m going to be looking to buy, we want them to easily say call the Jonathan Darren team, they were all over it, you know, they made it as stress free as possible, which we know this is a very stressful time for people. But they made it as stress free as possible. Like that’s what we want. We want that.

D.J. Paris 28:54
Yeah, that’s makes makes a ton of sense. It’s interesting. Zillow just came out with their 2018. They call it the consumer housing Trends report. And I think they do it every year. They this is just a few weeks ago. So it’s like the big huge study. And this was an interesting number that shout out at me, that speaks a lot to when you were talking a few moments ago about sphere of influence how critical it is 46% This is nationwide, of course, not Chicago. But 46% of all homebuyers are first timers. And so which is probably no surprise to anyone, but it’s a good reminder that like about half of everyone buying a house has never worked with a realtor before. But the vast majority of those those consumers unless they may be moved to a new area of the country where they don’t know anybody. The vast majority are gonna go Who do we know who’s a realtor? And then or they’re gonna ask their friends who did you use? Did they do a good job? And I mean, that’s literally almost one out of every two. So this fear, staying into apps and taking great care of your clients so that they refer you to other people is critical, but like just remembering that the vast majority And probably most of those people were renters before then. So that’s another opportunity working with renters in, you know, in the immediate term, and then conditioning them into maybe becoming a buyer down the road. Well, they’re going to become a buyer likely anyway, they might as well use you. Yeah,

Jonathan Darin 30:17
exactly. Exactly. And I think too, it’s big to take and just a mental note here would be as like, we, we try to take the sales person out of it. Yes, we’re providing a service like a full fledged service, right? I’m not gonna force anybody to buy a house because I need a paycheck. I’m not I’m not a salesperson. So they’re going to pick the place that they want, but we’re going to help them through that process and service them the best that we possibly can. And I think if you can, you know, service your sphere, they’re gonna help. Yeah,

D.J. Paris 30:51
I mean, we all really dislike salespeople, just in general. But we love service people. We love being service we hate being sold. And I think all of the, essentially everyone I’ve ever interviewed, who, again, all people I interview are like yourself are in the very top of production. They all see it that way. And it’s not something they say, although I mean, it’s not something they just say, of course, they do say it, but it’s actually the exact way they project themselves. And it’s like, well, of course they of course they are because that’s why they’re so successful. And they’re patient and all of the other things you need to be to be a successful real estate broker. But yeah, it’s clear, it’s clear that you and your team are doing that. So congratulations. Net to wrap up if there are buyers, sellers, renters anywhere in the Chicagoland area, they are not limited just to the suburbs. Although they work there they work the city, the generic team works everywhere. What is the best way that a buyer seller or renter investor can get in touch with you guys.

Jonathan Darin 31:57
The best way would be to probably visit our website, which I believe you gave out earlier, it’s homes by and that’s B YJD t like Jonathan Darren team.com. Or you can call our team line one of our team members will have that at all times. It’s 7083081. Also,

D.J. Paris 32:20
by the way, I mentioned this earlier, but if and when people who are listening maybe who are also brokers, you should check out the homes by JDT website simply to get an idea of what I think a really clean, effective real estate website, it looks like. Not all of them are built equally. And this one was built with a lot of intention. And it’s really clean and simple. It’s really exactly what I like in a website. So it’s very cool. And also they should follow you on Facebook. So it’s easy to find. If you just go into Facebook and type in Jonathan Darren, it’ll pop right up there, ns dar i n. Or you can just go directly with facebook.com forward slash J Darren team. And it’ll pop right there. And they you have a lot of fans on Facebook. So congratulations on building successful Facebook page as well. And, and you get to do videos and things. Cool. Well, thank you, Jonathan so much. I really appreciate you and on behalf of your team coming on to the show and spending some time with us and giving back to the community. I know that’s important to you. So we really couldn’t appreciate it more. So on behalf of the Jonathan Darren team and Jonathan, Darren and myself, thanks for listening, and we will see you on the next episode. Thanks, John.

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