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Krista Mashore with Krista Mashore Coaching talks about the beginning of her career in real estate. She emphasizes the importance of following your competitors and investing in yourself in order to stand out. Next, Krista talks extensively about videos and how she uses videos to explain statistics to her clients. Krista also describes how agents can use video to build and grow their business. Last, Krista discusses how to build relationships using videos.

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Hello, and welcome to another episode of Keeping it real, the largest podcast made by real estate agents. And for real estate agents. My name is DJ Paris. I am your guide and host through the show and in just a moment, we’re going to be speaking with top producer, author and coach Krista mature. But before we get to Krista, just a couple of quick announcements. Number one, please tell a friend about our show. The best way you can help us continue to grow is by telling other agents about what we do here. So easiest way to do that. Tell them about our podcast and have them go to our website, keeping it real pod.com where they can sample and listen to every episode we’ve ever done right from their browser, or if they’re a podcast listener have searched for keeping it real and hit that subscribe button. And also, please leave us a review. Whether you’re listening on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Anywhere, feel free to leave us a review. Let us know what you like about the show and what you feel that we could improve that really helps us. And as always, thank you for continuing to listen and support us. We appreciate it. We’re so excited to continue to provide these to you in 2022. We have more episodes that were ever we’ve ever done before that we’re doing this year and we have some big announcements that are coming so please stay tuned. But enough about that. Let’s get on to our interview with Christina shore.

Today on the show we have Christina shore from Christina short coaching. Let me tell you about Kristin now Chris has been in the top 1% of Realtors nationwide for 20 years selling over 2300 homes. She is also in the top 1% of coaches nationwide. Now Christina is the author of four best selling books and focusing on digital marketing and was named Yahoo. finance’s number one digital marketer to watch in 2021 and she has been featured in Forbes Inman News, The Wall Street Journal NBC Fox and many more Krystal recently went from zero to $30 million in just under four years. Now Krista has a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction. She’s always been a teacher at heart and loves serving people and has turned her attention to sharing the secrets of her successes by coaching agents and professionals across the country through through her coaching teaching, speaking and training Krista is revolutionizing the way agents and professionals market themselves online. She offers an innovative step by step approach on how agents and entrepreneurs can gain a massive digital footprint. She is also the host of the podcast fired up where she discusses digital marketing strategies to help you dominate your industry. Her podcast is available anywhere podcasts are serving and it is called Fire fired up with Krista mature we will have a link to that in the podcast notes. Also, please visit her website we have a special link just for keeping it real podcast listeners which is Christa mature I’m going to spell that for you. That’s K R I S TA mature is M A S H O R E So Christina shore.com forward slash bootcamp podcast so Krista short.com forward slash boot camp podcast. Krista Welcome to the show.

Krista Mashore 4:02
Oh my God I need to lower that. That is the way too long of an intro I was like

D.J. Paris 4:07
hey, you know what you’ve done a lot and we are so excited. I was just joking with crystal earlier I said this is a going to be a light lifting day for me as the host because Krista host is hosting her own show and also coaches agents. So this is a perfect, perfect fit for us in this is. I don’t know when this will be released. But this is we are recording. Krista and I are both recording our very first podcast of 2020. Do we are very excited about that. So Krista, again, thank you for being our first guest for the New Year, which we greatly appreciate. But tell us a little bit I always like to start at the very beginning because I always think our audience loves to hear someone’s origin story. So you tell us about how you got into real estate when what that was like and then eventually the shift to coaching which is so perfect for what we do here. So tell us about

Krista Mashore 4:58
it. DJ, thank you so much. We’re having me and congratulations on your podcasts being like in the top 20 of podcasts, Apple, which is freaking awesome shows. I mean, that’s hard to do less, I think.

D.J. Paris 5:10
Yeah, thank you for saying our silly little show gets gets get some listeners we appreciate it by the way, just as a quick plug for myself since I never do this, please leave us a review in iTunes or whatever pod and do it for, for Krista to again her podcast is fired up you go subscribe to it right now. And make sure to leave us both the review it really really helps us reach more people and also tells us what you like and what you don’t like about the show. And that helps us improve. So anyway, Krista, I was stealing your thunder. So back to you.

Krista Mashore 5:37
No, no, you’re great. Okay, so I got into real estate, I used to be a teacher. And I taught third grade for six years, and my daughter got really sick. And so I’m like really, really sick, they told me she was probably going to die. Of course she didn’t she’s she’s 20 Now, but she got sick, and she got spinal meningitis and had kidney failure and strokes and all these things. And so I left teaching to be to be a stay at home mom, because they told me that she probably was gonna have a lot of developmental problems. And so I thought, well, I need to be home. So I left teaching to be a stay at home mom and then I thought I’ll just play real estate at the same time. And, um, but what happened was my I found out really quickly that my husband at the time was having an affair, so I had to like jump into real estate. So I sold 69 houses my first year, in real estate,

D.J. Paris 6:22
well, let’s I’m just gonna let that sink in for everyone listening. Crystal just will repeat it just in case it slid right by you. Krista sold 69 homes in her first year and and I will just quantify that by saying we have about 800 agents in our company. Now one person has ever done that at our company in their first year. That is and everyone listening is in shock and awe. So we will get back to that. But I just wanted to pause because that is an incredible achievement that probably less than 1/10 of 1% of new agents do in their first year. So congratulations. Just in that alone.

Krista Mashore 6:55
I thank you when you know when your back is behind a wall, anything is possible. I was talking about anything’s possible. Like when you have to do like we had just bought a new house. And all of a sudden my videos were drained. And we had a new home. I love my job. And I was like, Oh crap, I gotta make this work. So I just jumped all in and you know, not look amazing. Two years later, here I am.

D.J. Paris 7:12
It’s amazing. Yeah. So I’m sorry, before I move forward, just because I’m so interested in this. And again, I know this is 20 years ago, and people will say, well, things are different. And maybe things were a little different. But how did you actually start that? You know, how did you find those clients? And I apologize for breaking your momentum here. But I’m now I’m so interested in how you did this.

Krista Mashore 7:34
It’s so funny on party doesn’t remember. I know that sounds crazy. I’m like, How did I do it? I I will say one thing that I that I did do early on in real estate. And that was I was studying what my competitors were doing. And I tried to always do things completely differently or better. So like, for example, back when people were you were doing, you know, one page black and white flyers back, you know, I would do four page color brochures and take like the CD and put the CD on the sign with like 50 pictures on the sign. Smart Things like that. I remember I marketed myself I was on the buses. I marketed myself I invested in myself, right? I marketed myself on TV commercials back in the day at the movie theater, I did ads, so I just tried to like what other people weren’t willing to do I did it just you know, completely and that’s how I approach real estate. Now I approach everything I try to make sure that anything that I do, I’m doing things differently and more innovative and standing out. And it’s so important because like agents are I mean not to be rude but there are commodity they’re a dime a dozen everybody knows. Like, I mean, it’s you know, what’s the craziest thing is it takes 135 hours for real estate agent to get their pre licensing in California, but it takes 1600 hours feature cosmetology license and 600 hours get your esthetician license but a realtor and most important thing 135 hours that’s crazy, you know that is crazy. So um I just you know I like to be different and so if I can give any advice to a new agent or anyone listening in that is is to an you should know your competition you should be looking at their websites looking at the ads they run seeing what they’re doing, looking at their marketing and seeing where the gaps are, how can you improve upon what they’re doing? How can you how can you make what they’re doing even better? How can you really really truly have your unique selling proposition your value add what makes you different? And if you can’t answer that question, you are a commodity you are replaceable and the only thing you have to differentiate yourself as priced right which means you’re going to constantly be lowering your price leaving your commission and I want to encourage you not to do that but increase your value right increase your level of perceived value.

D.J. Paris 9:40
Yeah, I was gonna I was gonna just break in with with I could not agree more with you and I understand there are instances where people feel that they should discount their fee to you know, when a particular deal and fine if you want to do that. I guess that’s okay. But if you’re able to, you should know why you charge what you charge and you should be able to defend that. And it should be pretty good. Because if it’s done correctly, fees really shouldn’t play into it most of the time. If you’re able to have that conversation and be able to say, I want to, you know, and if it was me, if I was a practicing agent, it might almost it maybe I wouldn’t do this as much with buyers. But on the seller side, I would sit down and say, I want to talk about fees before it even ever comes up. Or, you know, at some point during the conversation, I would say, now, it’s the point where I talk about what I charge, why I charge it and how it benefits you. And and if you don’t, if you aren’t doing that, I know if I was a seller, I’d be thinking the whole time, what is this going to cost me? What is somebody else down the street do it for and so that’s just my little my little two cents there. But I could not agree with you more that you should not discount your fees simply because Redfin charges, you know, 1% to a seller or buyer or, you know, how are some of these discount places work, you don’t have to do that if you have incredible value that you’re providing.

Krista Mashore 11:00
So true. And unfortunately, most agents are never taught how to how to provide value, right? They’re told to do open houses into door knock and cold call and put it in the MLS and do brokers tour. And so what we do is we go in there and tell people why broke worker stores don’t work and why open houses are ineffective and completely like what everyone else is saying. We’re saying the exact opposite and why you shouldn’t do it. I’ll give you an example. today. I just got done recording a video. So before the year ended, I did 2022 market forecasts, right, we did like six video series like talk going over the market in 2021, explaining what our forecast is going to be. Yesterday, I spent literally eight hours. I know it sounds like a lot. But I spent eight hours because I wanted this video to be really good where I I analyzed the numbers of like the 2021 listings and I compared so the question was, does hiring a discount or flat fee broker make a difference? Does proper marketing and make a difference? And then I showed like all the numbers and let me tell you, it’s gonna be about an eight minute video, which I know seems like a lot. But I can show that okay, in one city, in this price range, right from homes that are all single family homes in Brentwood, in 2021, that had lot sizes under an acre. And I explained why I didn’t include an acre because that’s like, you know, changes the numbers of add that we were able to sell our home our homes an average of anywhere from 14 to 22%. Higher on like every like our $166,000 or more. It wasn’t we just didn’t sell one home. Like we sold 29 homes in that city. 20 of them were in those parameters. And then we compare the same parameters to everybody else and what their stats were. And then we showed who it was. And then we compare a discount brokers. Here’s a broker, right? They say their one percenter or flat fee. And by using the one percenter you are losing $122,000. So yes, it makes a difference of who you hire. So now when I talked to me, before I go on a listing appointment, we always we said I this whole process that I do, which we get every listing, but we send a 17 minute pre listing marketing video. Now we’re going to add that video to it as well and say, Hey, if you want to see why, you know what this what I just showed you what it makes a difference in your money. Watch this next video. And so it’s like doing the selling for me, I get there, all I have to do is they’re like, We don’t care Christina about commission like we want you where do we sign I’ve already won before I arrived. Does it make sense?

D.J. Paris 13:20
It, it makes perfect sense. And I want to I want to break that down a little bit. Because you just said a lot and a lot of all really really awesome things that many of the guests that we’ve had on the show have not talked about. So I’m going to just go back a moment. And Chris, we Chris and I were talking about objections, right? We’re talking about the idea that you know, what you charge might come up as a sticking point. Well, one of the really brilliant ways, Krista even. So I said, Well, you should sit down and talk to people and explain it. And yes, you should definitely have that ready, Krista goes one step further and says, I don’t even want that to get to that point. I want to go over that ahead of time. And I want to use data and actual research, not just charisma, and hey, I’m a cool, nice guy. And you’re going to want to give me more because you like me. Of course that would be great too. But this idea of we’re going to take a look at all of the discount brokers in the area. And we’re going to see what their average price point was in my particular community. And by the way, this is such a brilliant strategy because she said at the very beginning Christmas said something really important, know your competition. And it’s not just in advertising and in the digital marketing, it’s also in presentation. And this is a great way because if you do charge, you know maybe he charged 7% to your listeners or whatever fee you want to charge or maybe it’s more or less but you can pre you can already pre clear those hurdles that might be coming up by sending them information of some say hey, watch this video. Now whether they watch or not, of course you don’t really know but but eventually you

Krista Mashore 14:51
do we track it and let me tell you, everybody watches the video and you know why? Because it’s their most valued asset and I say Hey, promise You’re gonna watch the video because it’s really important is your most valued assets. So I have your commitment, you’re gonna watch a video yes, Christian, watch the video. I’m not kidding you, did you? If I go on 100 listing appointments, and I have 98 of them watch the video like they all watched it, I can track it to see that they haven’t they watch it and, and so the thing is, is that and this whole video is I mean, imagine a 17 minute long video where you’re like, Okay, this is why you don’t do open houses because Korea, the National Association of Realtors, less than 3% of homes sold with an open house. However 67% of buyers will walk through a home that they see online according to Nar. So look at these numbers, see these 10 homes I just sold this one had 600 hours of watch time this one had 13,000 You know, comments, this one had, you know, 186,000 people that reach and I show them over and over again, all these stats about why they want to utilize s to market their homes. And I explained the whole marketing process and what makes us different. And you know, they’re being told to do this, but why that’s wrong. I’m being so prolific and people are like, I didn’t want to do an open house anyways, because they suck I’m like, and it’s dangerous. And they’re like, Thank you for being honest. And like we all know that broker store doesn’t work for the, for the seller, it works for the broker, because you’re you’re calling your friend saying please show up to the house like, can you show up? Remember, we all know that they know it too. But they especially if they meet with an agent that’s really, really honest about it. But they can, again, through data and facts show show not tell why why it’s important. Commission does not come up people like that’s all you charge. I’m like, yeah, here you go, it doesn’t even come on.

D.J. Paris 16:31
And this idea of the open house, I don’t want to spend too much time on it. But I do just want to make a quick point, because Kristen just said something really important about open houses, you can explain in maybe your explainer video, which we’re talking about creating some explainer videos before you get to the listing presentation, or a buyer presentation, I guess. But you could also talk about what an open house really does. And what it really does is it makes the seller think the agents doing something. And the other thing does is it was a great possible great lead source for that agent to sell other homes, to the people that walk in because nobody buys a very few people ever buy a home through through an open house. So just explaining that alone, most of the competition is not going to explain that they’re gonna say we’re going to do open houses, it’s going to be great. And you’re gonna say, you know, we can do that for you. But here’s why it’s not that important for you that we do an open house. And I guess if somebody says we really want you to do one, you can probably figure out a way to do it. But you this is not going to help you sell the home. And here’s why. I mean, think about it. You’re dispelling myths, you’re you’re you’re overcoming objections before they even come up. Brilliant. Absolutely. You’re

Krista Mashore 17:39
telling the truth, like you’re telling the truth. Yeah. And I’d love to show you like, just if we have time, like two and a half minutes of the 17 minute long video, because I know, it’ll blow your mind number one, but you’ll be like, holy crap, I totally get it. And now imagine, so if we have time, I can share my screen, and I’ll show it to you. But it just gives people an example. So the more that you can position yourself is different, right? And my coach always used to tell me, Kristin be as prolific as possible, right? If everyone else is saying do open houses, you say don’t do open houses, everyone else is saying, like you’re you have got to like, and that’s the truth. And people they know it. They’re smart, they understand that the reason why most agents aren’t doing these things they have not been taught and they’re not investing in it. So it’s just fun, like, you know, so what we do is we use video to get our community to get to know us to like us and trust us. But the key is we properly distribute the video. So if you’re creating video content, and here’s the thing about video content, is that when you create video content, number one, as long as people are seeing it, but you need to properly do it. And we teach people how to do that. But then what’s happening is your community is getting to know you, you’re positioning yourself as the expert, you’re you’re showing that you’re the authority, you’re breaking down their barriers, they’re developing a relationship with you, it’s actually called a parasocial relationship, which means that people like TV character, you know, you like cheer for them, you cry for them, you yell for them. It’s the same thing that happens with with video with with people. And so now when I walk into the door, they already feel like they know me, right? And so the more the more that I could break down their barriers and let them see that I am the expert. I’m winning before I arrive, I have my conversions just increase. So so so high, right? Yeah, um, and it’s like it’s, you know, research shows that you work with someone that you know, like and trust. So I’ve already I’ve already you know, we help with that. So we take the videos, we figure out what’s happening in the market, like what problems are happening, and how we can become the solution. So remember, in order for you to be considered a solution, you must be solving a problem. So what problems are people having, then we create content around that we target people through social media on Facebook, and then we can retarget people and retarget people which means so like DJ, if I write a video on selling and like five secrets when selling your house, or you know three reasons why homes don’t sell or the five biggest mistakes sellers make when selling if I can not if we can see people are watching this video then we target more information. About selling right? So now we’re bringing them down a funnel. And then at the end, it’s like, Hey, would you like a market analysis of your home? So that one strategy, people raising their hand and saying yes, so like a market analysis, we closed way more than this, but 48 transactions resulting in seven or $40,000 of commissions just from doing that. And but here’s the key, because we know that they’re thinking about selling. So now that I know that they’ve watched these videos about selling, they’re raising their hand asking for a market analysis. So here’s what we do, which is crazy. Now, I have in hand deliver the the market analysis as well as email it, we do if we knock on the door? If they don’t answer we do a little bomb on video and say, hey, check your check your porch I just dropped off at market analysis Mart. Yeah. And oh, by the way, we also did a customized video review of a market analysis for you. So check your email. So we actually go and do we do a video analysis on Zoom like this share our screen, I drop off a book that I wrote called savvy seller, along with my marketing plan. And then I direct them to the 17 Minute marketing video. They see all of that just because they requested and people are like you you do all that stuff. Well, yeah, I got 48 transactions from it that resulted in 740 plus $1,000. Because I know they’re interested in selling, okay. Now at this point, if they’re interviewing other people, no one else sent a marketing video, no one else did a marketing plan. Nobody else wrote a book. Nobody else sent them to their seller funnel with 15 videos on it. And all those things also are getting now. I’m digitally sent to them. And then I’m now also retargeting them testimonial videos from past clients and showing them marketing like how I market my properties and targeting them that. And I’m also now sending them more videos about my community, more videos about education about real estate. So now it’s like, there’s this Omni presence that I remember because I am and I’m doing what no one else is doing. So this is the kind of thing that if agents can do, this is how you take an agent that’s that’s never sold the house before it was brand new in the industry or brand new to an area. And within 12 months, they will be beating top producers and I see it happen every single day.

D.J. Paris 22:04
Yeah, it’s it is it is incredible. And gosh, you just said so much. It was I want to talk about the retargeting, because for those of us that might have heard that and aren’t familiar with that term. What Krista is referring to is when someone visits a particular web page or website, there’s a pixel on there. And if you’re doing ads on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, the different Facebook owned or meta now own properties. You can Facebook can pay attention to when people visit your website. And then when they go back to either Facebook, Instagram or even some of the other properties where Facebook advertises they now Chris’s Facebook will now serve up to those same people testimonial video. So if they already hit a certain part of the funnel, then Christa knows that they’re going to be sent very specific, sort of next step funnel videos that will help them get to that close. So her digital marketing is doing a good majority of the work that she’s still showing up knocking on the door handle livering stuff, which by the way, even if you just did that with no digital marketing, that would be above and beyond what everyone else does. I mean, maybe there’s one or two other realtors that might do that. But pretty much even that in and of itself is completely amazing. And above and beyond. But she’s also I mean, you have your whole entire system completely streamlined. And I’m not saying it’s easy, and it certainly isn’t easy, but it is streamlined and it’s efficient. And it works.

Krista Mashore 23:29
Totally works. Yeah, it positions you as being different, right. And so someone says, oh my gosh, you’re the only agent that did all these things. And I can say, hey, my job is to get a five star review from you. And you can only imagine if I did all this before you even hired me what its gonna look like when you actually hire me and are paying me. Let’s get started. I mean, it’s just like, and, you know, when they tell you I’m interviewing multiple people, as soon as you do all these things, they canceled the interviews of their people, they it’s like, they’re just like, they don’t ask you about commission. They’re just like, what’s this gonna? That’s it, you’re gonna do all that I’m like, yeah, all this stuff. And when you can show the reasoning behind why you’re doing it right. And based upon stat, you know, data and analysis and really kind of show how unique you are. And that’s what agents need to do now. Like I saw Zillow is coming after our jobs, right? Zillow wants us they want there’s so many different from ibuyer and all these different things happening we have to be different. What used to work is not going to work anymore. And I’m not know if you’ve done any research about 2022. But if you thought 2021 was hard look in the mirror, you’re gonna have the exact same thing coming ahead of you. The research shows that inventory is not going to be going up, it’s going to be still be the hardest possible to get loans. Rates are still going to be incredibly low, not as low as they were but still very, very low. And you have got to be different and unique. If people are not thinking about you prior to making the move prior to making the decision, you’re too late you they they need to be thinking about you seeing you top of mind months before they’re ready to make a decision so that when it’s time to make a decision, they’ve already made the decision and it’s you

D.J. Paris 24:59
you There’s here’s a really low tech example of this. And this one is for a lot of our listeners, they’re gonna say, well, it’s going to be very costly. And so I’m just going to use this as an example of ways that you can find your own way through this. But there we have 46,000 agents in the Chicagoland area here. There is one agent, one agent who has all of the in the grocery stores, those dividers where they sell advertising on the dividers. He has every single grocery store. There’s a big chain here called Mariano’s, as every single Mariano’s, where so now you think, Okay, well, so what? And normally, I would say, okay, yeah, I’m sort of with you a lot of these print ads, stuff doesn’t really work. Except if you’re going to the grocery store every week, and somebody in your family is there touching it, they’re seeing it. And he’s the only guy doing that. And he’s also in every shopping cart as well. And as silly as it is. And as low tech as it is. It absolutely works for him. And there’s a he’s not a smart, he’s not a dumb guy. And he’s actually a really good digital marketer too. But even if you’re doing a lower tech solution, think about think outside the box, that is actually a really smart thing, because people are going there and seeing it every single week most likely. So you can but I love the idea of the fully automated system as well. So tell us a little bit because you actually teach agents how to do this.

Krista Mashore 26:18
Yes. Yes. So okay, so we teach agents how to create video content, which I know most people want to rather eat dog crap and think about having to record a video like that it scares people or and they say things like, well, Krista, you do it a video because you’re cute. And because you have a good personality. And I’m like, Hey, listen, doesn’t matter what you look like how young you are, how old you are, how new you are in the business, how big your city is, how small your city is, it’ll work if you will work. It’s just a matter of training yourself. And anything can be taught anything can be coached, anything can be trained, right to learn to kind of just do things differently, and getting over that fear. That’s what you look like. That’s what you sound like, that’s you and you can’t put a bag over your head when you’re going to meet a seller or buyer. Right. So getting this content in front of people, we teach them how to do that. And then we teach them how to actually get it seen, because people will create video content, but if nobody’s seeing it, and like for example, you know, this DJ, on social media platforms, the only people that are seeing your content are your friends, your family, your grandma, your dog pepper, and only

D.J. Paris 27:13
maybe like less than 10% of those people are even seeing Yes, totally exactly where percent or something crazy and eat together

Krista Mashore 27:21
to get a video to go viral. It’s it’s zero to 2% of videos go viral is like because there’s like a billion hours of video every month every day, I’m sorry, like uploaded onto YouTube and everywhere else. So if we teach them how to take this content, so it’s getting seen by their whole entire community, and their friends and family, but by everyone, and they see it, they’re seen over and over and over again, there’s a lot of research about people being seen the frequency of it, and that helps conversions. And that helps what they call pre suasion, right, sure, helps convert and all this kind of stuff. So now, you’re developing a relationship with your community, you’re positioning yourself as an expert, you’re being seen, you’re not being forgotten. And then now if you learn to do that with yourself, imagine you can also do that with your properties. And you can show how that type of marketing then can help the seller. So it all kind of goes because I’m focusing on sellers, right? We don’t want buyers are impossible to show like 87 homes. 57 offers, nobody wants to do that. So focusing on sellers. And so now the sudden you start, you start to control the market. So we teach them how to how to number one, get visibility, how to get massive exposure. So they start attracting business and not chasing it kind of like I gave you the example of people raising their hand and saying, Hey, I’d like a market analysis. Most people start with that, would you like to go to my seller seminar? Would you like to go to bar it was like you go to my thing, download this download that. That’s not the case. You want to start with developing a relationship, identifying who you’re going after what they want. And then once you’ve given them that, then send them to give you their information. And yes, go to my seminar, you know, but don’t start there. Most agents start there, we teach them not to start there, but to in there, and then continuing to show Top of Mind. So when you do this, it’s just it just things just become so much easier. And it’s kind of like, like if I saw you DJ, or you called me and said, Chris, you want to have lunch? I’d be like, Heck yeah. I love your podcast. I’m like keepin it real? Yeah, let’s do it. Because I feel like I know you because I listened to you. Right? And you you experience. I don’t know where you’re from? I’m sure we do. Yeah, yes. Well add video to it. And it’s the exact same thing. People start talking to you in the grocery store, like your best friends and they think they know you and they’re having conversations and and then it’s just it’s like, all the hard stuff goes away. So we teach people how to do that. And then we teach them how to, you know, create, like massive marketing materials to convert, for example, how to, you know, be a co author with manna book and how to write this beautiful marketing plan, how to do this 17 minute listing presentation video and how to every month create content that will help them convert and position themselves as the expert. And it’s just this like, kind of a business in a box that we give them. But it’s teaching them to do things completely contradictory to what they were taught to do. We don’t they can do open houses. Cold Calling all that stuff. And in fact, when they do, they’re, they’re even more successful at it because they’re there like people know them. But it’s not like you get into real estate you want to have more time and freedom just to realize you have none right like, you know, you’re working every weekend nights like sucks. So we teach them how to get their life back and enjoy what they’re doing again and how to just come dominate in a totally non traditional ways.

D.J. Paris 30:20
And and just something that occurred to me that I forgot to mention, guess what happens when someone gets put into Chris’s sales funnel, watch his videos is interested in but all of a sudden isn’t in her service area. Maybe it’s in another state or another part of LA or, or wherever, where you’re just like, I just don’t I don’t know that area. I don’t go there. I’m not licensed in that state. Krista then finds an agent in that state and says, How would you like a referral, Mr. And Mrs. Broker? And of course, everyone says, yes, she earns a referral commission. And she is now earning money without having to do much of anything except attract people through her content.

Krista Mashore 30:56
Yes, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. So on the podcast Do you want if you don’t me share my screen, I can show you

D.J. Paris 31:02
if you’re let’s not do it here only because, but I can leave. You can. Yeah, I can add it in because 99% of our audience doesn’t watch us they listen. But but I’m going to I’m going to put a link to it in the show notes. And so for everyone listening, if you’re listening through an audio app for podcasts, look in the show notes, you’ll see a link to it. But also while while you’re there, please please subscribe to Christmas podcast, which is called fired up. So just look at any podcast app you don’t look for fired up with Krista KR, I sta you’ll and hit the subscribe button. But Krista talk and also please visit her website. So go to Krista mature.com, forward slash that was boot camp podcast. So once again, Christina shore.com, forward slash bootcamp podcast. But anyway, Chris, let’s I am I would like to ask you about content because you, you have a you have a very professional and elegant look to you. Not everyone has that same look. And so for people that are watching you going, oh my gosh, I don’t look like her. Can I still become successful? Because you talked about it doesn’t matter what you look like? Let’s talk about that. How important is it? That, that we’re that we use professional videographers when we’re shooting our content? How important is it that we have with our hair and our makeup done? Is that important? Or are there things that are more important?

Krista Mashore 32:26
Okay, so that research shows that the quality of the content is more important than the quality of the video graphics and all that kind of thing, right? I, when I’m creating a video that I’m specifically putting in front of a seller, before I go on a listing presentation, I make sure that I have eye makeup on and and the video is conveying professionalism, okay, but there’s plenty of times like people will use that as as an excuse. And I understand, you know, people will say I’ve had a lot of accents, and they’re afraid that people aren’t gonna like their accent, which is so bizarre to me, because I love listening to accents, right. And I’ve heard that so many times for my students, but we we’ve we’ve taught people that are, you know, very grossly overweight, let’s say or that are in their 70s To do this, and it’s a matter of you attract the right people. And we teach them, you know, sometimes you’re gonna, you’re gonna, you’re creating content and you’re dressed up like this, right? Sometimes you’re creating content, when you’re looking like a hot mess, and you’re in your kitchen, you’re just using your cell phone, all you need is a cell phone, you don’t need any fancy equipment, you just need a cell phone, you just need to start and peep, you’re going to start developing a relationship with your community. And as you start to get, you can learn to get better. But the idea is just to start, every single person has a cell phone, we all do. And every of those cell phones are in many cases better than a lot of the cameras out there. So just don’t worry about the graphics and the effects. Just just start and see what happens, right? And maybe

D.J. Paris 33:50
and maybe first start thinking about problems that you can solve. And and that could be as simple as think about all your client experiences, what questions come up? Where do people get really stressed? Where do they freak out. And when you’re someone’s buying possibly the largest asset of their financial life, or selling their largest asset or one of their largest assets, they’re going to be freaked out there going to be emotional. So even if you just talked about the emotional part of how challenging it is to buy or sell something, that alone everybody can relate to who’s ever bought or sold something. So so there’s there’s lots of content, but you said something really important the beginning was, know what your client’s problems are. And that doesn’t have to be all the content because it could be Hey, guys, here’s what I’m doing today. Here’s kind of a cool little insight into my life. But let’s talk about that. So how much of the content that you post on social media is here’s what’s going on in my life versus here is content to help solve a problem that the audience might be having.

Krista Mashore 34:49
I tried to mix it up big time right. So like we’ll we’ll do Hey, this is a great tip that I learned, you know, one of the things we teach is to be a reporter. So people are always worried about what they should say or talk about on on You know, write on social media. And when I say is be a reporter like, for example, today I had, I had a free accelerator, right taught people just to get comfortable with video. And I showed them this, this, this little trick called Stop, snap and switch. And what that is, is it’s like, basically we have a negative thought, whether it’s I’m too heavy, I’m too old, I’m too young, I’m tired. You notice that negative thought you snap the bracelet and then move it over to the other hand, and you rephrase that negative statement into a positive one, right, stop, snap and switch. So I said, Hey, talk and go teach that today teach people about the stop snapping switch trick. Tell them why it’s important. My thoughts become things and you know, your thoughts streams in your actions, turn drive and go teach that if you listen to a good podcast, you read a good book, you find a good tip or trick you eat it a great restaurant, you have, you know, the best Happy Hour drink and of your life, like be like, Oh my god, I’m at you know, you know, Zephyr right now we just have the best martinis and they are on sale like 50% off every day from five to six. So come down here and make sure you say hi, if you run into me, and just start creating content like that, and then you’re also going to be talking about oh, my gosh, the real estate market is so crazy. Right now, there’s only 34 active homes on the market right now in Brentwood, which is historically low. I’ve never seen it in 20 years. What does this mean? That means that it’s going to look just like 2021. Right? There’s it you mix it up, you mix it up. And you just what I would say is that first, just to get comfortable using video, one strategy that I teach my students and we’ve been able to track that on average will pick up two new listings a month, two new buyers or sellers a month is taking your cell phone, going through your contact list or going on social media, seeing something that someone who does have so for example, okay, DJ, it’s like, I’m on social media today. I see DJ, I see this awesome podcast that you did. And so it’s like, hey, DJ, it’s Kristin. I just wanted to let you know I saw that you did it keeping it real podcast. Oh, it was so awesome. Just thinking about you wanted to say hi, hope you’re having a great day. Send write don’t ask for business. Don’t ask for referrals. Don’t tell him how great you are. Do 10 of those a day video text messages it’s gonna do. Oh my god, the massive results like massive I one of my students. She said, Krista, I made more money this month, over $30,000 This month, and I made all of last year and every single one of them came from video text messages. So it’s like just a great way people love it. They feel happy. You’re not asking for business, even if it’s like, hey, DJ, I’m so sorry. I haven’t given context in the past five years.

D.J. Paris 37:21
Yeah, you can just apologize. I am I’m gonna do a better job in 2022. And I just wanted to say I was thinking about you. I hope you’re safe. Hope you’re happy. Please let me know if anything’s changed for you. But I just wanted to say I hope you have a great year. Yes. Easy.

Krista Mashore 37:36
Yes. And then what happens? Oh my gosh, I was just thinking of selling oh my gosh, I just talked to someone yesterday, and they forgot about you. This helps remind you keeps you top of mind. It’s a great way to learn to get comfortable on video. And then I love it. You said Right. Right DJ, identify what are the major and if you’ve never sold a house before, talk to your broker interview the top producer in there ask them like what is this? What is like some of the biggest mistakes that you think buyers make are the biggest concerns buyers have or what’s the, you know, what’s the best thing you’ve ever done? As you know, as a seller to you know, what’s your best advice to a seller and interview them and then go do a video on it. Right? Like yeah, I’m what happens is is that perception is reality. So when people see you over and over again, remember they’re continuing to develop that relationship with you. It’s perception is oh my gosh, DJ is doing a lot of business. It’s so funny. I have an agent Her name was Sula Favi she got voted best agent in her city okay, this is the crazy thing she didn’t like you know people they say vote for me vote for me. She did not ever sold the house yet. She got voted best agent in her swear that she had never sold the house yet but she was creating all this content and she was like I saw I did a podcast about her and she actually reached out to me on Facebook and she’s like I was cracking up I heard your you know your reference to me winning Rochester best agent of the year. She was I just had my first six figure quarter. Right? Yes, amazing. Amazing.

D.J. Paris 39:00
I love all of that. And And here’s another just quick idea just to tag on to all the other great ideas you mentioned. If you’re wondering if you don’t have that knowledge or the content that you that right now that you want to put out there. One of the things you could do it Krista sort of said this I’m just gonna expound a bit is right now who who is suffering especially during COVID Right? We have retail right retail suffering and you live in a community and we know real estate’s hyperlocal and you’re personally your your reputation is probably hyperlocal to go around to some of those businesses that you really like and you want to help succeed and just do a little Facebook Live or Instagram Live or even just record the video ahead of time. And I mean, ask the owner and say I just want to come in and help maybe promote your business a little bit. And then you could go in and say tell me about such and such clothing shop or restaurant or whatever. And that could be a two minute video where you’re just like, oh my god, I love it. I love to eat at your place or buy my clothes there. And even if that’s all you did, peep what’s the message people are gonna see Wow, Crystal really cares about her commute. Did he look at her trying to help this business? She’s not asking for business for her real estate. But but it is the perception is oh my gosh, she’s really going above and beyond. And guess what? You’re giving free advertising to the retailer, they are going to be thrilled. And back to your question about how often do you do we at our podcast, and we’ve had over I think over 150,000 agents have listened to one of our episodes. Which which is not meant to brag, because who cares? But this is the important part I think I’ve received. I know what’s happened at least once, I’m gonna say it’s probably happened twice. And probably it’s only happened once. But just because my memory is awful, I will say twice, maybe two times of I have gotten video videos from people said, I just want to let you know, I’m a big fan, we get emails, and we get messages and stuff. But videos maybe twice and the like, and only remember one, but that person who I can remember, we booked her immediately. Even though she wasn’t a top producer. I was like that’s the kind of person I want on the show. Not just because I want people to praise me, but I just thought that shows initiative, that person is going to be a superstar. And I said I want to talk to that person on the way up. So Krista is absolutely right, it made me feel good to know that somebody would took time out of their day to do that for me. And you can do that for anybody you know, whether it’s somebody who you know, sells, you know, in your in your community that you want to support or just your friends who checking in and see how they’re doing right now, because everyone’s struggling. Everyone’s getting sick right now, this is a great time. And it’s the new year to say how is your holiday season? How’s everyone doing? I’m thinking about you how you know? And that’s all you have to do?

Krista Mashore 41:34
Yes, and what you’re saying we do that all the time we interview, we just we literally I have, we just go and help people, right when COVID first hit, we did like, every single week I interviewed, I would look up like 10 Different I do a zoom like this. And I would interview 10 different local businesses and they’d come in and talk about how people can still work with them during COVID. And it, it helps people so much, and then they want to refer you and then the community sees that you’re doing you’re doing that right and just about you’re getting out there. And being in front of people helping people talking about the local community talking about what’s happening, people assume that you’re doing business and it just attracts. It’s such an attraction based marketing piece. And it works. So well.

D.J. Paris 42:19
Well, let’s talk about your, you know, the bootcamp that you do offer. So everyone who’s listening, please go to Crystal ashore.com forward slash boot camp podcast link for that also in the notes, but tell us what the boot camp is.

Krista Mashore 42:34
Yeah, so it’s a three day virtual live event. And we have it every single month. It’s coming up this month, on the 17th I believe, but it’s again, it’s every single month, so this month, to 17th 18th and 19th. And it’s literally eight hours each day online, where I could teach people about video content how to how to create videos that people watch what to say how to say it, when to say we teach them about marketing, how to have a unique value proposition how to position themselves differently teach them about marketing, we like marketer first, top producer second, right? You want to be top producer, you got to be a marketer. First we teach them how to utilize different types of marketing strategies to position themselves as the go to authority in real estate. So they’re not chasing business. We don’t teach things like open houses and cold calling and door knocking. It’s completely contradictory to what they’ve been taught originally, we teach them a very new innovative approach to really becoming that go to community market leader in their area.

D.J. Paris 43:30
I love it and you can sign up for it by visiting Christo mature.com forward slash bootcamp podcast, everything Krista does is right on that website.

Krista Mashore 43:41
I think we’re giving him a discount because it’s because of you DJ. So it’s like half price. I’m pretty darn sure right now.

D.J. Paris 43:47
You know it is I just saw that and it is half price. It is 40 Sup guys, three days of content for $47, I would pay probably 10 I would have paid 10 times that now that I think I paid more than 10 times now for three days worth of content. That is the cheapest three days of content you can get. And this is from somebody who has sold 2300 homes. She’s a top producer for over 20 years. She knows her stuff. She’s not a coach who has never practice which unfortunately, there’s a lot of coaches in this industry that fall into that category. But that’s not her and she’s in a ultra competitive area. By the way the Brentwood market if you are not familiar with Los Angeles is one of the most exclusive places to live and own property.

Krista Mashore 44:27
I’m in the other written by San Francisco but still, I am sorry. No completely massively competitive everywhere. It’s competitive, right? Well, here’s the thing which is crazy DJ this year we sold I think 56 million in real estate. We it’s like we did around 1.41 point 5 million in gross commissions earned and I only work on the real estate business five hours a month I create the video content I properly distributed. Now my brother goes in his me and they see they see our videos, they see our content they they they’re hiring our process. So we’re doing that, you know without even I’m coming gi coach 97% of the time so it’s so doable for you I know some of these things we will hear and they go That sounds impossible. Krista can only do it because you know she’s hyper no any and we have taught your normal Joe Blow total opposite personality of me how to do this because you will attract the right type of people and you will detract the people that are not not you know, interested in work with because I don’t like your personality, which makes it better because then you end up working with people that you like and love. And you enjoy your life again. So and I love what you said to it is so true. Like we’ve done this right Do you Do you own a broker? Do you have like 100 agents working for you? You’ve seen it all. You know, it’s like who do you go to to learn something, somebody who’s done it. And right now, digital marketing is essential in your business and I we’ve mastered it, but we’ve we’ve mastered on marketing. So can

D.J. Paris 45:48
everyone listening first, go to Christina shore.com forward slash bootcamp podcast to get that half off on her three day podcasts or bootcamp, which is just $47 and also subscribe to her a podcast which is called fired up, you can find that anywhere podcasts are served. You can also subscribe to it right from our website, Krista misure.com. So please, everyone could do that. And I would love to have Krista back on the show. I’m sure everyone listening would love that as well. So let us know in the comments. The best way you can help us is tell us what you like about the show and also where we can improve. And the best way to do that is

Krista Mashore 46:23
given the five star review on on Apple for his wonderful time. This is my favorite podcast that I’ve done in forever. The best house we have the best personality and it was so collaborative. And thank you so much DJ for having me. I’m honored to be here.

D.J. Paris 46:38
We’re super grateful. So everyone, leave us both reviews. And if you want to leave five star reviews, we’d be super honored. But let us know what you like and dislike about the show. But the best way to help us continue to grow and also help Krista tell a friend think of one other agent that can benefit from hearing this great conversation with Krista send them a link to our show. Easiest way to do that if the person isn’t a podcast listener, go to keeping it real pod.com and they can stream every episode we’ve ever done there. And also Christina shore.com. You can stream every episode right from her website as well. So listen to her show. Listen to my show, as well, as you already are telephoned. And thanks for helping us continue to Krista on behalf of the audience. We want to say thank you, you were an unbelievably great guest. We’d love to have you back. And everyone please go subscribe to her podcast and check out her bootcamp because it is awesome. And it’s only $47 I know I’m going to check it out. And on behalf of Kristen myself, we want to thank our listeners and our viewers for continuing to support our show and of course her show as well. So thank you, Krista. It was a pleasure and we will see everyone next time

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