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Greg Pekarsky • Rise of the Boutique Brokerage

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Today we sat down with top 1% producer and Vesta Preferred brokerage owner Greg Pekarsky. Greg and his firm have carved out an important niche in the boutique brokerage market, and he explains what his brokers do differently than at other companies. Greg is absolutely passionate about his niche and believes that boutique is the present and future of the real estate industry. Greg also provides the #1 reason that real estate agents fail and a LOT of practical advice to get a broker’s individual production up!

Greg Pekarsky can be reached at (773) 645-4455 and gpekarsky@vestapreferred.com.

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D.J. Paris 0:15
Welcome to another episode of Keeping it real. The only podcast made by Chicago real estate brokers for Chicago real estate brokers. My name is DJ Parris, I am your host. And we will keep things rolling. Today we have a really fun interview with Greg Piekarski investor preferred, and was really particularly interesting we talked to Greg is where he believes the market is going in the rise of the boutique market. And we had a really fun conversation. So we’re gonna get to that in just a moment, but wanted to remind everyone to please continue to tell a friend there are 42,000 realtors in the Chicagoland area. And we have 1000s of them that listen to the show. And that is through the word of mouth of you, the listener, and we would love to have 1000s more. So please continue to tell every broker you know who’s interested in growing their business, and also interested in learning what these top 1% producers are doing to grow their business. Of course, that’s our intention. Please tell them about the podcast. And if you are not currently following us on Facebook, please do that look to search for keeping it real pod that’s you know facebook.com forward slash keeping it real pod. You can also find us on our website where you can download every single episode we’ve ever done. You can stream it actually directly from the website, which is keeping it real pod.com. And then lastly, remember to send in your questions. So every month, we have all sorts of interviews with top producers. We’ve got Kerry McCormick who wants to answer your questions. We have Eric workman who is an investor. We have Joel from Guaranteed Rate he’s going to answer your lending questions, send us your questions to ask those experts. And now on to our interview with Greg Piekarski.

Right today on the show, we have Gregory Piekarski, who is one of the owners of Vesta preferred and I’ve really excited to talk to Greg but let’s let’s tell you a little bit about Gregory. He started Vesta preferred with his business partner Brad Robins in 2009. And they’ve built their business to become the number one independent Chicago based team for buyer representation Vestas unique business model of excelling and luxury leasing coupled with first time homebuyer representation. It’s created a competitive advantage yet to be matched by any other real estate company in Chicago. Both Gregory and Brad are Detroit natives, but have found their new home in beautiful Chicago. So welcome, Gregory, we appreciate you being on the show.

Greg Pekarsky 2:52
Thanks, DJ appreciate being here. Yeah, I’ve

D.J. Paris 2:54
actually been a huge admirer of what you guys have done for many, many years. And also all of the brokers that I’ve ever met, that are best brokers are well trained, nice people and do seem to do a really good job. So, you know, that’s just a little personal compliment to obviously, yeah, whatever you guys are doing over there, you’re doing a great job. But tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into real estate?

Greg Pekarsky 3:20
Yeah, you know, it’s actually a funny story. You know, I never thought about getting into real estate before I just randomly found myself in it. I went to Michigan State for veterinary medicine. And I finished a full pre vet degree before I realized I love animals not so much being a veterinarian. So the last semester, I just changed to finance and then honestly, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I was kind of, you know, just be able to well, hopefully something falls in my lap and then an opportunity actually did fall into my lap to come try real estate in Chicago and being from Detroit, it’s not that far. And I was like yeah, why not? And then you know, lo and behold, I fell in love with it. And you know, what,

D.J. Paris 4:02
what year was that that you started?

Greg Pekarsky 4:04
January 2008. So right you know, right at the the best time to be in real estate I’ve been telling you that

D.J. Paris 4:12
and and so, you know, you founded a company in 2009 So you’re just what a year in and you decided to start your own thing.

Greg Pekarsky 4:21
Yeah, about 18 months plus, like 18 to 24 month mark you know, we I’ve always had that entrepreneurial mindset and you know, the company I was at was was was was fine and all but I just I saw a big opportunity to do it better. And you know, also being a naive 24 year old thinking I could take on the world I was like Sure why not? Let’s try it.

D.J. Paris 4:44
That’s awesome. And when when you first started prior to starting your firm for that 1824 months were you doing mostly leasing were you doing working with buyers sellers, what was what was working for you at that time?

Greg Pekarsky 4:55
Yeah, so you know that the unique nature about my businesses I found under a tremendous amount of success through luxury, leasing. Sure. And that’s actually what what I’m very well known for in the city, is I brought up a professional touched to an unprofessional side of the business and also a side of the business that, especially as a black guy that a lot of people don’t really give a lot of respect to. But I found, you know, the success through representation of luxury leasing in the downtown area of Chicago, you know, building up my network through there. And if you could think about it, everybody, when they were saying get out of real estate, that’s because nobody was buying, right. But my business was booming, because everybody was renting. So while everybody was trying to figure out how to survive through sales, I was thriving through rentals. And then once once this, once it turned over, I mean, I had a whole network of people that were ready to buy.

D.J. Paris 5:49
It’s such a brilliant strategy. And so I imagine and you were working mostly with non MLS rentals, right? The big property management companies, I’m assuming we’re, and by the way, there’s a lot of firms that do not build those relationships with those property management firms, the ones that have apartment buildings, high rises, you know, all the way down to, you know, single family homes for rent, the big property management companies off almost never list their properties on the MLS. So occasionally, you’ll see it, but it’s really rare. So I imagine you probably built those relationships, got those hot sheets, that availability on a regular basis, and probably there wasn’t as much competition, because brokers largely were either unaware about the luxury apartment business or just ignored it for whatever reason. Is that accurate at all?

Greg Pekarsky 6:38
Yeah. So I mean, it’s a strenuous process to create these relationships. I mean, there’s 100 Plus buildings downtown, with individual personality, individual people to work with individual property managers, and it’s only those relationships only come through, you know, hard work due diligence, and handshaking and, you know, just kind of getting to know everybody. So, like, you’re absolutely right. You know, we we, of course, we represent the entire gamut of rental. So, you know, when people want to see any kind of MLS properties, it’s all fair and good. However, for the most part, these management companies and these manage buildings are a better deal. Sure. So when you don’t have to pay security deposits, when you can get them with the moving fees, and you get months off rent? It’s like, yeah, why wouldn’t you? Why wouldn’t you rent there? But you’re absolutely right, you know, these these big companies. I mean, they’ve tried to get into the rental game, and everybody thinks, well, I’ll just put, you know, my flag down that we do rentals now. It’ll be fine. However, it’s, it’s, you know, a whole thing of relationships, understanding what the inventory is wrong with understanding how to work with renters, because it’s a very different game sales,

D.J. Paris 7:43
right? Yeah. When renters really can find everything on on Craigslist, or at least they can find a lot. It’s the value proposition is can be a bit trickier. Once that’s been well explained, it’s a no brainer. But just getting the mindset of the average up renter to use a broker is not always an easy thing. And so anyone that’s able to do it successfully, I think that’s such an awesome thing. Yeah. And just just back to your idea of building the inventory, like most brokers would have no idea how to find I mean, they could go on Craigslist, and like, just like start looking, I guess, but they’re not going to know, hey, what are those 100 buildings downtown? How do I get access to the inventory? It’s a it’s a big, arduous task, and I commend you for doing it. And then like you said, well, setting yourself up for future buyers. It’s brilliant. I’m sorry, go ahead.

Greg Pekarsky 8:32
Well, I’ll give you what I’ll give, I’ll give you a little secret, as long as you won’t share it with anybody. I built an incredible website that features almost all of those buildings and updates twice a daily, and as all the inventory. So and we don’t hide anything, all the addresses are there. And I tell the brokers that I’d love to be Greg, how do I find out what I such as, here’s my website, I’m open, I’m happy, please. Like, you know, everything is about making sure clients get the best information, and getting getting that black guy away from this industry and getting people the information that they need. So when I go on my website, you see the address, just call that building and see if they work with brokers. I mean, I’m not going to do it for you, but my website is open to everybody. So that’s a little it’s a little secret as long as you don’t share with anybody.

D.J. Paris 9:18
it well. Yeah, we I turned off the microphone. So what’s funny is, is that for years and years, and I don’t know how prevalent this still is, but they’re people would post brokers would post Craigslist ads for you know, those types of buildings, and they would not list the address. And it’s like, you know, just post the, there’s no secrets

Greg Pekarsky 9:40
I learned a long, long time ago, is that if a client’s gonna screw you over, they’re gonna screw you over no matter what you do agree? If you can give them the right proper information and they know what they’re going to be looking at. And you can show them that you first offer a free service right so explaining to them properly for that point, I will set up all of these buildings for you I will pick you up in my nicely clean car, as I make my clients have, I mean my agents have, and we’re going to drive you around, and I’m going to even maybe give you a cup of coffee, and you’re going to have an amazing relationship with me. But they’re like, Yeah, amazing. I don’t know these buildings, I don’t want to set this up. Just take me there. So just be honest, open and truthful. A lot of these agencies still don’t give you the addresses on what are they going to be going as well as what you’re going to be seeing. So a lot of people still like, you know, this has been a waste of my time, I try to get that away from that. We want to make sure that our clients are super happy with us from start to finish.

D.J. Paris 10:30
Awesome. And I love the passion. And I think that you’re just absolutely dead on for building, you know, long term great relationships. So congrats. My hat’s off to you. So let’s, I hear you have some very strong opinions. And and I think I was saying to you before we started recording, like I think you’re dead on about where the industry is going. Can you tell us to talk a little bit about that and sort of where you think things are headed.

Greg Pekarsky 10:54
I have a unique and unique perspective on the real estate market simply because of owning a boutique firm now for almost 10 years. You know, and I’ve seen kind of where, where things are starting to head because of the rise of, you know, a lot of discount brokers, a lot of discount brokerages that have popped up that being like, Hey, listen, you don’t you don’t need to worry about anything else that we do. Here’s some money to use, so you can work with us. Right, and people have taken the bait, and they’ve been like, okay, cool. Yeah. So, you know, and it’s a and it’s unfortunately, a lot of people do have this mindset of like, what is a realtors worth? Now, you know, having 2 million realtors? Yeah, maybe there shouldn’t be that many people doing this thing, because I mean, about 10% of us do 90% of the business. So I gotta say that for the most part people’s experiences, yeah, I can imagine isn’t the best. So that’s giving a void to let people think that okay, there’s no, there’s no value, I think where the industry is going, it’s going two routes one discount route, where people are like, you know, what, just give me my money. And and, and you know, I don’t really care so much about representation, I just want to see a fat check come to me, sometime at the end of our transaction, or the boutique route, the people that have built up a business like we have with super high end customer service, and complete intricate knowledge of the market, a base where we know how we’re going to get you more money for your listing for the proper marketing with real, real, real focused effort. And that’s going to be the side of the market that is going to be going on the on the luxury route, right? When people understand value, and they know that, hey, there might be something to you know, getting a check, a number that you could just see, or there could be something to me making more money off of the sale or getting negotiated off more money off of proper representation by somebody that knows the market much better than anybody else. Right? So work with a you can work with door openers, or you can work with professionals. And that’s up to you.

D.J. Paris 12:42
Yeah, it’s very, very interesting. I think you’re right. And I’ve always I’ve noticed this from all the top one percenters, like yourself that we’ve interviewed that for this podcast is that they, you know, they number one don’t understand how everyone isn’t successful, because they think boy, there just really isn’t that much competition, like when it comes to, uh, brokers that really, really do a wonderful job. And there’s obviously lots of them, but you’re right, it’s a very small percentage, that have the vast majority of the business. And it’s because they treat it like a real business. Obviously, they do such an amazing job that all of that though, that brokers clients tell all of their friends, and, and those likely those relationships, you know, those those clients aren’t looking for the discount model. They’re not even they’re probably not even asking about it. They’re just going oh, I know that so and so is an amazing broker. So I’m just going to use them

Greg Pekarsky 13:36
here. So I’ll tell you one thing, I know why there’s the people aren’t successful. It’s because they don’t work hard. That’s it. Everybody has to agree. What’s What’s your magic? What’s your magic wand? How do you make people you know, how do you how do you do all these deals, or whatever. I’m like, I don’t know, I wake up at 6am. Every single day, I make 50 phone calls. I go out and I hospital and and I bust my ass. Like, I mean, like, what do you want? And it’s like, oh, okay, but like, what else can I do that, you know, I don’t need, I’m gonna get out of my office. I don’t need to talk to you right now.

D.J. Paris 14:04
I’ll tell you this is really funny. And I’m not picking on this listener because he was nice enough to call me last night and say, Hey, I’ve been listening to the podcast, and I won’t try to give any details away. But he’s in a six month. He’s a part time broker. So he’s working full time and another job and he’s finding it hard to sort of do both, which of course, that would be typical for anyone. And he goes, the problem is he goes, I’m having problems. Now. He’s in a six month so I’d love to get your take on this. He said I’m having a hard time doing listing presentations, and I paused for a second and I went, you’re doing listing presentations and I in your six month I said how are you getting? Are you buying leads? I don’t understand. He goes no, no, no, I’m calling fizz bows for sale by owners. And I was like, Whoa, and he goes as soon as they hear my pitch. They you know, they’re not that interested in me. And I’m like, Well, yeah, you’re six months in the business. You don’t know enough to make those. First of all those calls are really hard anyway, no matter how much time you’ve gotten the business. But these are people that don’t know you. And they’re getting called by 10 other brokers anyway. Plus they’re getting called by flat fee MLS companies. Like that’s a hard phone call. I’m like, why are you doing that, like, go out and meet people, make relationships, learn the business, stop making these Fizbo calls. But I was just shocked. I was like, Who told you to do that on your first six months now? It’s I love the discipline, like it’s great. You’re doing something? And I’m like, boy, that is a tough road when you’re brand new.

Greg Pekarsky 15:28
Well, you know, there’s two things that right, when you say part time, I don’t let anybody in my company that works part time, because it’s just it’s I tell my agents, when you come to my company, I only set you up to succeed, I set you up to fail, by allowing you to work part time, I know that we’re setting you up to fail, because that’s not what our processes. Secondly, like, you know, I would ask that guy, are you making 100 phone calls a day? Because right now what it looks like for Fizbo is you need to make 100 phone calls to potentially land, maybe three interviews, which could potentially land one listing, right? Like thirdly, like you’re doing this part time, this is your six month in, what are you telling them? Have you pitch? Have you worked on your pitch? Do you understand what you’re about to understand valuations? What is your like, what’s the professional marketing behind what you got going on? And that’s what this what I come back to where it’s like these monster brokerages that have 1000s upon 1000s upon 1000s of agents, they don’t have time to sit this guy down and be like, listen, like, this is what you got to do to be successful in this trajectory. You know, and it’s more of like, okay, well, we just need an X amount of agents, you know, potentially within X amount of money. That’s all they care about. Right? So shacks was allowed for these discount brokerages to come into play versus, you know, what we’re talking about was like the high value like when you talk to them in the beginning, you meet investor agent, you know, that investor agent because of our pressure professional they are, what they how they talk, how they, how they present themselves, and that’s literally across the board for all of my agents, because, you know, you get 111 first impression, you know what I mean? Right?

D.J. Paris 16:58
100 100% agree with you. That’s absolutely right. And so let’s, let’s talk more about, you know, will tell us more about sort of your vision, you sort of said the split between the will say the more of like the Redfin model not to pick on Redfin, they’re obviously doing a lot of things really, really well. And they’re going to attract that consumer who isn’t that interested in as full service of inexperience is working directly, you know, with with a, you know, a broker who’s like a non Redfin agent. But taco, can you talk a little bit more about that, and sort of how you how you encourage your brokers to go out and find those, those clients that are, you know, wanting to work with a full service agent?

Greg Pekarsky 17:42
Yeah. So, you know, it goes back to, to everything that we’re about when you come into my company. You are basically we have a lot of people that that come in, and they say, Greg, I want to be successful in real estate, I’m like, okay, cool. Let’s start from the very, very, very start, just from the very beginning. So the way that my I teach my agents is they start on leasing, right? The reason is, because you have to start the relationship as early as possible before anybody even understands what they’re looking for what they do, you know, what, what what, you know, real estate investing is anything like that everybody needs a place to live. And the first place that people are going to be looking for generally is renting. Yes. So if, and the way we say it is like, if you help 8200 people rent the first year, every single year, 25% of those people are going to turn into buyers. So if you can get yourself an 80 to 100%, Kitty of people that that you now know when their leases are up, what they’re paying in rent, where they’re living, and you staying in touch with them on a regular basis, though, from the customer relationship management tool that we give you, then those people are going to buy through you. So you don’t even have to explain value. Because for us, if you’re trying to explain your value, walk out that door, right? Because at the end of the day, you need to build a relationship with your client, so that they trust you and they talk to you. And then they come up to you and say, Hey, Greg, I’m thinking about buying what do you think? Not like, Hey, Greg, I’m thinking about buying what are you going to give me?

D.J. Paris 19:07
Yeah, 100%. I mean, I remember, this goes back many, many years. But when I bought my first condo, it, I was 30. But I was renting all the way to there. And I and I embarrassingly did not really understand what buying meant, how it was financed, like, I just didn’t know what I’m a smart enough person, but I just wasn’t aware. And nobody had ever come up to me and said, Hey, you should you should probably buy a place. One day I just started you know, Googling like how it works, how it led me and I truthfully didn’t know and I thought boy, what a missed opportunity all somebody ever had to say to me who had helped me find apartments in the past other you know, leasing agents or brokers had helped me in the past. Nobody had ever said, Hey, what are you thinking about in a year? You know, once you move in, we should sit and talk about how buying a home works. You can do that or you can do that in a year. I had no Education. And as a result, I probably could have purchased a home years before I did. And I but I didn’t know. And I’m not a complete moron. And I bet you so many people just aren’t aware. And so what you’re advocating is so important because yeah, you build the relationship on on the leasing, and then you just stay in touch and like, Hey, we should talk about buying. Huge,

Greg Pekarsky 20:21
no, so we advocate to our agents, because a lot of people are like, well, I don’t want to do rentals, it’s like, you know, I said, like, Okay, listen, first of all, okay, then go try to sell, go, go try to find a buyer that’s going to trust you that, you know, after your first three months into this business, so they’re gonna, right, yeah, 1000s of dollars with you. Good luck with that. But you know, but besides that, it’s like, we tell our agents, we don’t want you to be a forever rental agent, that’s not a goal here, we don’t want you to be doing rentals for the road for the rest of your life. Our goal is to is to show you how to create a career in real estate, right? Something that no other agency will do, because other people just kind of throw you in and be like, good luck, Thinkorswim. And what we do is we tell these agents, okay, you’re going to be going out with the the them on on showing these beautiful rentals that are going to sell themselves, we show them how to basically close the appointment before they even go out. Because I tell them, You’re not selling these apartments during the appointment, what you’re doing is you’re building a relationship. And you’re Hey, by the way, I can also help you buy, do you know about that? And then they say, oh, no, I didn’t know you could help me by and then you start that conversation early. And then we have a whole 12 month touch program that says, basically, at this time, you’re going to tell them about buying again, and you’re going to remind them again, this is the time that you’re gonna set up a coffee to sit down with them to help them buy. It’s a proven methodology process, that we tell our agents, if you give me one year to 18 months, I can guarantee you, you’re gonna have a six figure income, just give me 18 months, right? That’s, I tell

D.J. Paris 21:50
ya and do the work, right. And so it’s like, and I love that. And it’s so it’s so great, because we talk to just top producers like yourself, and they every single top producers like it works, this is what you need to do. And oftentimes, it’s very similar instruction, you know, because top producers do the work. And they’re always just shocked when people don’t. And so I love that you guys have that plan to convert somebody from renter to buyer, because they’re going to be converted anyway. Right? So I love that you guys have that touch program, I’ll bet you you’re probably about the only firm that really has that dedicated sort of structure in place. I know we are. And by the way, we you mentioned we mentioned your website. So we forgot I forgot to mention the actual domain, the URL, so it’s faster prefer.com. And again, Greg is like look, all of our management relationship rentals, and not just rentals or sales on there, too, because that’s connected the MLS, but he also has all of his own private, you know, rental database is there and is there, you know, which I think is incredibly generous. And, you know, let’s, let’s, what advice would you have it? I mean, obviously, you’ve already given a lot of great advice, but what advice would you have for we talked about new brokers, people who are getting in and being able to mold them from the beginning, and sort of starting them off on the path to leasing but what about brokers who are, let’s say, their two or three years, and they haven’t yet found that success? Would you encourage them to go back and start looking at leasing.

Greg Pekarsky 23:21
So, you know, people that have been able to make it two to three years in real estate that says something, right, because for the most part six, six months, and 50% turnover, another six months, another 50% turnover. So they’re the lucky few that, you know, are essentially still in the business, and you have to be doing at least something right? That that, you know, you’ve you’ve been able to stay now, be it that, you know, if you’ve been doing a few few sales over the next few years, or whatever I mean, the last few years, then, you know, that means that you can you can tell people that they can help you by so but the whole idea with real estate is network, you have to get a monster network and you got to do it fast. And you have to get in a way where people will people get to know your name and start talking to them. And at the end of the day, every there’s always somebody looking to buy a house every single day. You just got to find that. So the way that I did it, you know is is yes, we did a lot of rentals, we do a lot of advertising. So there’s that’s one way to do it. So you could spend a lot of money on these websites. And you know, you can pay for 1000s of dollars to you know, get get what $3 For every $1 spend, you’re gonna be pulling your hair out for making a ton of phone calls. That’s one way to do it. Another way is just go out network, go and meet as many people as possible every single person that you see needs a house or a place to live. So you don’t know anybody’s situation. So you know, just make sure that you’re meeting everybody. And are you you know, then I have to ask, you know, most people like Do you have a dedicated way to stay in touch with everybody that you have spoken to? Because if you’re not making 30 phone calls every single day and reaching out, you know you’re you’re going to stay A complete, you’re not going anywhere with your business, I can tell you that you gotta find that next person, you got to put it every single day you got to find a next person that’s looking to buy, look into rent, going to be going to be referring your business, that’s the whole game

D.J. Paris 25:11
100% agree with you. And there’s I’ve always said that the two best assumptions, I think as a as an agent you can make as the people closest to you that know you your sphere of influence, those are the ones most likely to use you. The second assumption is, and by the way, keep expanding that meet more people every single day, tell them what you do, give them your elevator pitch. But then the second part, I think, is the second assumption is even more important, which is assume those people are going to forget your realtor unless you’re constantly making sure they know you’re a realtor. So this idea of this, you said, Hey, what’s your stay in touch? process and I bet 97% of brokers really don’t have one that they say, Hey, I touch every single one of my spirit, my you know, 100 people in my database every single month, I here’s what I do, I bet you most people don’t don’t have that. And even if it’s just hey, every day I make 30 phone calls, or I send I write one personal note every single day, or whatever it is, most people don’t have that. Which

Greg Pekarsky 26:08
the thing is, is like, what and I talked to a lot of top producers, I’ve interviewed a lot of top producers and throughout my throughout my career and the thing that I keep getting, and I understand and now that I have, you don’t need a monster network, right, make this thing work, right, you need 50 to 60 people that are fans, that means people that are giving you at least two to three referrals a year. And you know, it takes a long time to build that fan database. And that’s why you’re making those phone calls. But if you get 50 to 60 people that constantly remember to tell everyone that they know to use you as the realtor, you will get a referral a week, I can guarantee you that. So you know that’s the whole game. Real estate is a contact sport. And I love that term. I love saying that it’s a contact sport, yes, have to make contacts to be successful. And the people that are sitting on the sideline, and they think that people are going to come to them, I’ll tell you why they’re not there. Because I’m going to steal your car, I swear to God, if I pick up the phone, and you get if you ever get mad for somebody that you know buying a house, you should only be getting mad at yourself because that means you do not reach out to them

D.J. Paris 27:12
agree 100% agree and you know, or their brother in law’s a realtor too, or whatever. But but that’s but that’s rare. But you’re right. You know, it’s funny, every broker has learns that at some point, they’re close, close friend decides to use somebody else that’s not even as close to them as you are. And you’re like, I screwed that up. I didn’t stay in touch. And that’s and I’ll never let that happen again. Yeah, that’s Yeah.

Greg Pekarsky 27:36
And just real quick side note, I’m not talking about call them and say hey, how are ya? Right? Hey, listen, did you know about this program about buying, like, Hey, by the way, you’re spending this much on rent Did you know this is what you can afford, you gotta have value behind what you’re talking about. You have to be flipped that knowledgeable about what you’re talking about. So stay top, on top of current trends, understand where the new developments are coming, you have to be a valuable resource, because somebody that picks up the phone from you. And you just say, hey, you know, just you know, did you see the latest movie? Like they’re not gonna remember that you can help them buy a house, right? You’ve got to have those value touch points when you call them.

D.J. Paris 28:12
Yeah, 100% I think a lot of times realtors, you know, now in this day and age, just go, I’m just gonna post like a listing on Facebook. And I’m like, nobody cares. Like, you’re not really giving people actual vote. I mean, it’s fine. It’s Hey, look at me, I did something cool. But it’s like, or you could contact them if they’re a renter and give them information that might encourage them to to buy a property or hey, they just you just helped them find an apartment. Did you ask them if they went and got rental insurance? Well, maybe that’s another good reason to call them every week so perfectly. There’s Yeah, a million good reasons to provide value. And most people don’t. So obviously, what you guys are doing does, and obviously, you’ve had a tremendous amount of success. So I think I think we covered it and really I can’t I can’t appreciate the passion more and you know, you and I feel exactly the same way about this. So I’m so so glad to hear it from from from someone else. But we should talk about hey, if anyone’s out there who’s interested because we have 1000s of people that listen, most of them brokers, if they’re interested in learning more about Vesta, you know, what’s the best way they should get in touch?

Greg Pekarsky 29:17
Yeah, you know, honestly, I’m pretty easy to reach. You know, if you want to, like on Instagram, I’m GREGPEK AR sky Greg Piekarski I mean, I have an open profile just just hit me up on there. You know, do want me to like what like Do you want me to send you my email and you can blast it out?

D.J. Paris 29:36
Yeah, well, like you hadn’t yet provide your email now.

Greg Pekarsky 29:39
Okay, it just kind of long it’s that that’s the only thing so it’s it’s my first initial last name. So G for Greg Pek a RSKY. So G Piekarski. And then it’s at best to prefer.com That’s V like Victor, E. SS and Sam ta Vesta and then prefer DAC and we

D.J. Paris 29:57
will put this in the notes as well so people can point and click Like from there to get to the Vesta preferred website and also directly to Greg’s email. And then if you want to provide a phone number to in case someone wants to reach out,

Greg Pekarsky 30:08
yeah, if you want to guys 773 to 099760 That’s my direct sales. Well, you know, I’m always super happy to talk to people even if you have questions you want to you know, you know, running any questions by me, I’m always happy for that. Well, this

D.J. Paris 30:20
was such a great talk and I’m so grateful to have you on the show and we obviously I wish you continued success but you obviously don’t need that. So I would just say keep keep doing it. And you know, and I know your partner was wasn’t able to be on the on the call today, but we appreciate you stepping up and you know, being on the show, so everyone knows

Greg Pekarsky 30:40
it’s okay, I gave you my I gave you our partner photo for the actual

D.J. Paris 30:48
problem. I’ll leave him in the photo.

Greg Pekarsky 30:51
Make sure make sure to keep him in there. He’s better looking at me.

D.J. Paris 30:54
Okay, great. Thanks so much. And, you know, again, we appreciate all your time.

Greg Pekarsky 31:00
All right. Thank you so much, DJ. It was just such a pleasure to be on

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