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Welcome to the November episode of Learn With A Lender with Joel Schaub of Guaranteed Rate!

In this episode Joel discusses how to guide buyer agents in helping their clients. Joel also talks about how to convince first-time home buyers to buy in this market. Next, Joel Joel explains the 2-1 buydown. D.J. emphasizes the importance of partnering up with a lender to offer first-time home buyers webinars/seminars to help them in their journey. Last, Joel describes how to talk to sellers about rate buydown.

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D.J. Paris 0:00
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Welcome to another episode of keepin it real the largest podcast made by real estate agents and for real estate agents. My name is DJ Parris, I’m your guide and host through the show. And today once again, is our monthly series learn with a lender with Joel Schaub from guaranteed rate. Now, Joel is the vice president of lending at guaranteed rate. He’s been doing loans at a high level since 2003. And he’s got to that level because of what he does specifically for agents, which is that he gives back part of his commission to the buyer on every transaction making you the agent look like a hero. Last year alone, Joel gave back almost $300,000 of his commission to buyers who worked with him and that puts Joe’s volume in the top 1/10 of 1% of all loan officers nationwide. Out of in fact, out of 400,000 loan officers Joel is ranked number 137. Again, out of 400,000 loan officers chosen in the top 200 agents in the entire country. Last year, he closed 619 different transactions, his highest ever this year already, even in a year, we know is a bit challenging. He’s already close to 286 transactions in all the way through the end of this quarter for 116 million. But more importantly than the numbers is Joel’s dedication to education. The way that he built his business is so simpatico to what we tried to do on this podcast, which is trying to educate people so that you can thrive in markets like now. So if you’re looking for a loan officer, or if you’re looking for a different loan officer to partner with, we cannot more highly recommend Joel he’s the very best I’ve ever worked with. And and anyone I’ve ever sent to him says the exact same thing. But Joe can be reached by the way you can reach out to him by emailing him joel@radio.com J oel@rate.com. Or you can shoot him a text message or call him at 773-654-2049 Let’s say hello to the biggest Cubs fan. I know Joel welcome. And once again,

Joel Schaub 3:35
DJ, thanks so much for having me on. And those numbers they, when I hear them from you. kind of always blows my mind. But coming on each and every single month. We really like to give back and we really like to share something if I’m an agent listening that can help us get one more transaction, maybe help a new buyer right now in this market, help a seller maybe calm them and talk them off a ledge because properties aren’t selling as fast are they?

D.J. Paris 4:06
Right? Yeah, it’s it seems to be that inventory. Still low properties aren’t selling as fast because of course, interest rates have gone up. And I think it’s important that we talk about this because I know there’s a lot of stress out there in the industry. Right now realtors are stressed loan officers are stressed. And we want to do what we can to alleviate some of the stress and just keep everyone going.

Joel Schaub 4:33
I was having a conversation with an agent that and I fully disagreed with and I think this is a great one to see how many of our listeners agree with this person, right? A little controversial, right? And they had a buyer DJ and they said well, I’m gonna wait until prices come down. And the agent fully agreed that there’s a crash coming. They’ve totally agreed that there was a major price drop happening with mortgage rates going up They were fully on board that we would see an across the board drop in prices. And I said, I have to stop you right there. I’m in the exact opposite camp. And I really believe there’s only two ways for prices and all of the markets to go down drastically, and one would be a lot more inventory. Right. Right. And I said, Well, let’s walk that line for a minute. How do we get a bunch of additional inventory? are sellers going to start selling in droves? When they already have rates that are locked in in the twos and threes? No. So that will be going out there? Are we going to have a lot of new home start, right with the supply chain issues and the cost of goods going up? Are we going to have so many additional back homes where the supply ends up being so high to drive values down? No, probably either of those are going to be there. Right? And then lastly, do we think there’s going to be a big wave of foreclosures? All these people that had their income double and triple checked by a mortgage guy like me, that had good downpayment? Are they somehow going to walk away from home that they put 510 or 20%? Down? Unlikely. So without the big supply, I don’t see values across the board going down. And I explained this, then, you know, we agreed to disagree. But I think in certain markets and in certain individual sellers, we will see price reduction, and we will see buyers getting deals and that’s what I’m really excited for for buyers that are entering this market that maybe haven’t bought before.

D.J. Paris 6:39
Yeah, and I think too, it’s really important that our listeners who are realtors who are in the industry, take a step outside of the industry from time to time and realize that especially for first time homebuyers, you know rates aren’t really as relevant to a first time homebuyer not meaning that they’re not important. Of course, they’re important, but they’re not at the top of usually the list of importance of how to make a decision about buying a property. Right. So we think about the psychology of figuring out, you know, making the transition from renting to buying. I know when I first when I was ready to purchase a property, my very first property I don’t know, Joel, if you can relate to this. He had the same experience. I was ready because I knew I had to save a bunch of money for a downpayment, whatever the rates were, they just were like, it wasn’t like, well, I didn’t, you know, and I think most people sort of work that way. They’re like they save up for years, or however long it takes them for, you know, a downpayment, that’s, you know, 20% or less, or whatever they can afford. And then it’s just Okay, we’re ready, let’s let’s figure it out. And whatever the rates are, you know, that month that, you know, that day is kind of where you’re at, because you’re ready when you’re ready, emotionally. And I just think, you know, it also 7% rates, which is what we’re seeing is, you know, a common common number these days. Is not the end of the world too, right? It doesn’t, it’s not double digits, we’re not, you know, oh my gosh, nobody can afford it. But I just think it’s important for people to think about like the first time homebuyer I know, I didn’t think about it at all. When I was buying my first home, I just went, Okay, I just talked to a lender. And that’s what the rate was, what the rate was.

Joel Schaub 8:24
If I’m an agent, I need to control the narrative. Because if you watch the TV and all you hear our rates are higher. That’s what got a lot of people into the market before when they were rates were low. When rates were so low, people that had no interest in ever buying said well, I better do it because rates are so low. They went in and they bought places 2030 $50,000 over DJ right. They were overspending on the properties. And now that there’s an opportunity for buyers to get a good deal they don’t want to buy change the narrative, right? You’ve heard me say this for years, I like buying my shirts on sale. Yeah, like buying shoes on sale. This is the opportunity for buyers to buy real estate on sale. If you’re an agent, and you can teach the buyers, there is an opportunity. And the fact that we don’t see a major reduction in prices on the horizon that scares people. Right? Why would I buy now? What happens if the value goes down? 20% I just don’t see that happening in major markets across the board.

D.J. Paris 9:27
Yeah, I was reading an article today by on life hacker which the I’ll try to post a link to it but it basically says what a 7% mortgage rate really means for your monthly payment. Now this isn’t an industry you know, publication. This is just a for anyone. Life hack. It’s a great website. By the way life hacker it’s great blog, I really encourage people to check it out. There’s lots of real great tips about how to just live your life more efficiently and effectively. But anyway, they were kind of going through the different you know, rate increases and you know, here’s what monthly payments look like. 3% and 7% 8%, etc. And the article itself is great, but the thing I was most interested in was the very first comment. And I want to just read it is by a woman named Meredith Dietz, just some sort of, you know, you know, person outside of the industry. And she wrote this comment, and I thought it was so perfect, because it’s exactly how I feel she goes, and I’m quoting her quote, I hope to encourage and again, this is not the author of this is just somebody who read the article and is responding to it. So I don’t know if Meredith Dietz is even a real person. But anyway, I’m going to quote her, I hope to encourage you young first time homebuyers, when we bought our first house in the 90s, the rate on our mortgage was eight and a quarter percent. But we were able just a few years later to refinance at about 5%. So even if you end up needing to borrow now at a higher rate, there’s a pretty good likelihood you could refinance at a lower rate down the road. Now, that is exactly what Joel has been saying forever, right. And this is a good thing to to hear from people outside of the industry, you’re not being fed this just from your loan officer, who of course, you know, wants to keep keep the deals coming in. That’s actually true. And it’s exactly what happened to me. When I when I bought my first place in 2005. I don’t remember what the rate was, for something, five, something, whatever it was, a couple years later, I refinanced and I got a lower rate. And then guess what happened two years later, I refinanced again, it was not as big of a deal, because you marry the rate, sorry, you date the rate, you marry the home. And I just thought that was such a perfect comment.

Joel Schaub 11:39
I like to take it one step further. Right. Now I like to marry the home and divorce the hell out of the rate. Okay. All right. All right. These are the highest rates and at the short term problem, which is inflation, right, we know the Fed can get it under control, we just don’t know when DJ, so we can divorce that rate, and it’s going to happen. Okay, I don’t have a crystal ball. But I do. Okay, right. So think of that. I don’t have it. But we know in the industry that the Fed isn’t planning on keeping rates this high. And when they actually say that they’re going to stop with the Fed cycle of increases the Treasury yield, they’re going to drop 100 to 200 basis points. And we literally should see these rates go from the seven, we’re not gonna get back down to the twos and threes, that was during the major problems that we had, because of COVID. But we really truly expect that the rates and the fours and fives, and that isn’t 10 years from now, that’s not seven years from now, literally sometime in the next two to three years will be rate that are considerably lower. And if you can get in now and buy a property, especially if you’re a renter, and you’re in one of these major market areas where you’re paying a lot of money in rent, which does not go down, buy a place now and be able to see the future where you can actually get a lower monthly payment because those rates will come down.

D.J. Paris 13:01
Yeah, to hold totally a 100%. Agree, I think this is something that we need to be very careful as real estate professionals to limit the amount of exposure we have to some of this media information about rates equal fear rates going up equals bad, we have to remember, the economy was in such despair and turmoil that the Fed had to lower rates to keep the economy going. We were at one of we were almost at Great Depression level with respect to you know, unemployment, and lots of lots of issues. Obviously, we all we all live through that. So that was an anomaly. That was a blip. That was we were seeing rates, you know, you know, historic lows, that is not the benchmark that is not what we should be measuring against, we should be measuring against, what is the average, you know, what what has been happening is real estate professionals. We need to look at these cycles and understand and have a story to tell right now. Homes are on sale. Right? As Joel said, I like to buy things on sale. The hardest part about being a financial adviser if anyone knows if anyone is a financial advisor listening or has a financial advisor, the hardest thing a financial advisor has to do is convince people to invest when stocks are undervalued, right? Like, that’s a tough thing. Because you’re like, Oh, this one thing that’s like, it’s undervalued. And it’s it doesn’t seem like a good investment. But it actually is that like Now’s not the time to buy the thing that’s, you know, up 100% in value, right? So it’s the same, same option. Same thing with you just have to overcome the psychology of and explain to people that it’s actually a really good time to get in. And then we are going to, as Joel said, divorced the rate in the future. And we’re going to we’re going to we’re going to bring it back down to a more manageable number. I want to pause for a moment to talk about our episodes sponsor are one of my favorite companies out there. Follow up boss. Now after interviewing hundreds of top Realtors in the country for this podcast, do you know which CRM is used by more than any other by our guests. Of course it is a follow up boss. And let’s face it following up is the key to taking your business to the next level follow up boss will help you drive more leads in less time and with less effort, do not take my word for it. Robert slack, who runs the number one team in the US uses follow up boss and he has built a one and a half billion dollar business in just six years. Follow up boss integrates with over 250 systems, so you can keep your current tools and lead sources. Also, the best part they have seven day a week support. So you’ll get the help that you need when you need it and get this follow up boss is so sure that you’re going to love their CRM that for a limited time, they’re offering keeping it real listeners a 30 day free trial, which is twice as much time as they give everyone else. And oh yeah, no credit card required. So you can try it risk free. But only if you use this special link visit follow up boss.com forward slash real, that’s follow up boss.com forward slash real for your free 30 day trial. Follow up like a boss with follow up boss. And now back to our episode.

Joel Schaub 16:15
In the meantime, there’s a lot of buyers that would like to get lower rates and they feel like they’ve missed out. So we’ve continued to see this reoccurrence of this mortgage option where we can temporarily buy down the rate DJ. Okay, how does that work? And it comes in a couple of different forms. But you’d have to be under a rock to not have heard about this to one buy down, right? Yeah, every realtor and mortgage person recently is talking about how can I get the rate lower during these next couple of years where we anticipate the rate staying high. And a two one buy down isn’t a new idea. It means that for the first year of the mortgage, the rate is 2% lower than the current market. In your number two, the rate is 1% lower than the current market. And then in years three through 30. It was whatever the rate that was locked in at safe and secure. And it’s not an alternative that somebody you can’t qualify with that rate. It’s a way to get the sellers to lower the total cost for a buyer. So let’s walk through this to one guy down. And I want to show the strategy on both sides. Because if you’re listening, and you’re taking notes, this is a really great way to get more buyers. And it’s also a great way to get your seller to sell without making another price cut. Okay. So a two one buy down. Right now, even though the market everybody is saying rates that are in the seven. It’s not that hard with a 20% downpayment. I had a client that locked in this morning at 6.75. We just shopped it around and got a good rate. But from there, we took a seller credit. And we drove the rate down to 4.75. And you’re number one, wow. 5.75 and year number two, and then going forward, they’ll have that 6.75 rate locked in for life. And we just asked the seller to give a 3% closing cost credit.

D.J. Paris 18:12
Interesting. Interesting. So how does that so how would an agent explore these two one buyer downs?

Joel Schaub 18:21
On the buyer side, it’s very easy whenever we’re submitting an offer, or if we ask for a seller credit up to 3%, it will more than cover the buyer down for the client. So whatever bank they’re working with, every mortgage banker should know how to do this by now. Okay, I was doing it back in 2008. I was on a big development here in the city of Chicago. And the developer was looking for ways to sell more properties, right compete with the buildings that were right next door. And that’s what they did. They said we will buy down your rate for the first two years. And so the seller gives the credit. So let’s go through a scenario so that we can put some pen to paper and understand exactly how to do it and what it saves. And why not just ask for a price reduction. Right. So if we were buying a home at $400,000, and the client got a 3% reduction in the price, their payments about $88 left per month. That’s nice. But if we drove the rate down for the first two years, in year number one, that client payment is $488. Lower in the first year. $250, lower in year number two, and then again, three through 30. It’s still at a low fixed rate. But by that time the hope that we can refinance that loan, right? Yeah. So let’s take a look at this. If I’m a buyer, do I want to save $88 For the next 30 years? Or do I want to front load all of that interest and drive the rate down? Do I want a lower rate? Of course I want a lower rate I’m Yeah, so if I just get that 3% credit from the seller, all I’m getting in terms of a price reduction, I’m saving $88 If it’s just coming off the price. But if I get that inform of a seller credit, the mortgage broker can do a two one buy down. And it’s just a temporary rate reduction for the first two years. And that literally saved them hundreds of dollars. Because we’re front loading the savings and the time that we needed the most DJ. That was That is

D.J. Paris 20:30
a really smart strategy. So to one by Downs is what we’re talking about with with the seller credit. And, wow, that you’re blowing my mind right now with that I actually, I have all these ideas of thoughts about how to how to start marketing that to our agents. But for our listeners, if they wanted to learn more of these creative strategies, and they want to partner with a lender who brings ideas like this to the table, which by the way, for everyone listening, this is what you should be pushing your partners to do. Right, right now, you should be pushing them to say how do I talk to buyers? How do I talk to sellers, Joel just gave you a great option for people that are struggling right now with the high interest rates, you know, talking about, you know, actually has given many different options over the course of the episodes he’s done with us. But this is a great opportunity to reevaluate your relationships you have with specifically with loan officers, there’s a lot of loan officers out there, there aren’t a lot of loan officers who are going to consistently bring ideas like this to the table. But Joel, I also know that you are partnering with a lot of realtors right now and helping them build their business even through these stressful times. So if anyone out there is thinking about reevaluating, seeing what other loan officers offer, what’s the best way that they should reach out to you?

Joel Schaub 21:55
Well, the last time I announced this, I was actually overwhelmed by the number of emails that I got wanting to be added to the marketing list. So I have a weekly newsletter that breaks this down into plain English, and helps agents actually have some digestible talking point. So that you don’t need to know everything dammit, you just need to know enough where you can educate buyers and educate your sellers without getting into all of the deep jargon, right? Yeah, so the last time I did it, I think I had about 200 replies that was absolutely my inbox was full. And so yeah, you can email me and get added to the weekly newsletter. It’s Joel Jo e LL, AP rate.com. And that’s my Guaranteed Rate email address where I will reply, and I’ll add you to the weekly newsletters so that you can get the tip than the trick. And especially if you’re a newer agent, you need some good talking point. And you need to work with somebody in your local market to it’s not just me find a mortgage professional that wants to give to you, wants to meet with you wants to really spend money on you. Okay, there are a lot of RESPA compliant way that a mortgage professional can help a realtor. And that’s how all my relationships are built and finding ways to give back. Okay, if you do have a buyer that you need help with, you can also email me and that same email and say, Send me your lender in production template. And I’ll be happy to work with the buyer, get them pre approved, and then give back part of my commission which is $1,500 to the buyer. It makes you look good. And then we can work together on some transactions for sure.

D.J. Paris 23:39
You know, I think that’s a great idea. I hope everyone reaches out to you and joins your mailing list on your weekly mailing list because they’re going to get these ideas like the one you shared today with the two one buydown. I also just want to throw a last minute idea on there and this is something that Joel and his team can help with. And you know, other loan officers can as well if you if you’re not able to work with Joel, but this is a great time right now to start doing. You know, first time homebuyer webinars, seminars. This is these are guys, these are the people that don’t care about rates. If there’s anyone out there that doesn’t, it’s not that they don’t care about rates. They don’t care as much about rates as the person who’s buying their second, third, fourth home. Right? These are people that I’ve saved, they’re so excited. They need guidance. You can partner with someone like Joel to help you put these together. I know so many people we’ve interviewed on this show have built entire careers as Realtors for just hosting. You know I want to buy my first condo or I want to buy a five first property. You can start doing that on social media and other places and partnering up with a loan officer like Joel is a great idea. Joel you do a ton of these.

Joel Schaub 24:52
And we’re doing them via zoom. We’re doing them in person. It’s a really great way especially when you say they don’t care about rate I’d rephrase it in This way is that yeah, yeah, but they’re not dependent on it. If I’m paying your rent, I’m paying 100% of that rent in the form of interest. Right? Right, all of it is out the window, where the rate of mortgages is 7%, that’s a heck of a lot lower than 100% going out the window. So we can educate and teach. And we want to buy something when rates are higher, simply because we have the ability to refinance it down the road. And there’s a lot less competition to go buy a home right now and over the next 12 to 24 months, then we had the competition, win rate threat two or 3%, you couldn’t even get your foot in the door. So now there’s an opportunity to slow down, teach, and help. And the more people you can teach, and the more people you can help, the bigger your name gets, and the more you spread. And the way that you do this would be seminars, and teaching and education. There’s a lot of ways that we can partner together on those scenarios.

D.J. Paris 26:01
No question and Joe, you’ve been doing this since 2003. Teach help. And wait, right? Teach help, wait, meaning just can’t teach help, repeat, teach, help repeat.

Joel Schaub 26:12
And I need that on a t shirt. I love that word.

D.J. Paris 26:17
You know, it’s I was just I was talking. I was I was telling Joel this offline. I was out with a mutual friend of Joel and I’s the recently and and we were talking about Joel. Joel wasn’t there it was my friend and talking behind her say, right, yeah, behind your back. And so we were saying, you know, it’s so rare to find somebody who’s in a sales capacity, who has a sales job, who actually you don’t think of as a sales person, somebody who is legitimately all about training, education, and being just a good human being giving, giving. And we were talking about that. And we’re like, isn’t it funny that Joel is technically in sales, because you that’s just not what you think of you think of the guy who is constantly giving his time on this podcast, constantly giving to various organizations, various charities, various different things, organizations that that he believes in. And I just think that is that is really been the secret to yours. I mean, obviously, you’re incredibly skilled. And I don’t want to take anything away from your your business acumen as well. But just being a good human being. And giving has really been the secret to your success. I don’t want to speak for you. But that’s about what Mike and I came up with.

Joel Schaub 27:38
I’m terrible at sales. I’m better just being friends with people. Literally. I like making people laugh. I like educating. I like doing that. I remember I couldn’t even I got fired literally from Circuit City. I couldn’t tell. I just the people were like, should I buy this? Like, I wouldn’t buy that? No. And so it didn’t come naturally to me. But what does come naturally is the way that most agents that are highly successful, have grown their business, which is just by the more people you can touch, the more people that you can surround yourself and give back to it that whole givers gain mentality that if I’m listening to this podcast right now, I’m thinking of the five or 10 people that I want to give back to the people that maybe this year, lost out on a home they couldn’t buy when rates were low, because every time they put in an offer, somebody was coming in with cash. Or maybe every time they put in an offer, somebody had a bigger downpayment. And so now these really great couples, these families and individuals that had a low downpayment, that couldn’t compete, they can compete now, let’s go out and help those people. And the more people you help right now and putting your plan together for 2023 is going to really dictate how the next year goes. And it’s all about staying positive, controlling the narrative. And knowing that when rates are this high, there’s an opportunity for buyers. Okay, so one thing though, we got sidetracked, we talked about the two one buy down. And before we go, I got to talk about how that’s helped sellers. Oh, I’m

D.J. Paris 29:12
sorry, you’re right, to talk about sellers.

Joel Schaub 29:15
While you were telling me the story about talking behind my back and I had wanted to hear this DJ, but on the buyer side, it makes sense. Okay, so we have a rate by down for the time in which we think rates are going to be high. Okay, so how does this helps sellers. It really helps them because if a buyer comes in, and they only want a 3% credit, we’d be happy to sell the home at 97% of list today. I can already hear the agents on this nodding their head. Wouldn’t you be happy to get a full price offer? Well, 3% credit back. Oh, yeah. It’s not that the buyers needed it. So it’s a lot different than in the past when we’re submitting an offer and feeling like oh, this The buyer need the credit that close, maybe they’re not qualified. That’s not the story anymore. They’re working with true mortgage professionals that are talking to them about the to one buy down rate program, when they submit an offer, it’s just another added benefit that if you as the seller don’t take, they’re gonna go to the next listing, right. So instead of doing a price reduction, let’s work on seeing if we can put it right into the agent remarks, seller to pay for rate by down for buyer, right. And you’re seeing it in the MLS Wow, a lot lately. And so now, that idea, a lot of agents don’t know they might be hearing this for the first time. And if you see that, aren’t you going to be interested in to buyers? Yeah, what is the rate by down? Okay, so the average rate by down does cost two to 3% of the loan amount. And that’s the reason why we usually do this blanket 3%. Seller credit, okay, talk to your loan officer about the specific details, because I could go into full two hours here about how it helps the seller, and how it helps the buyer. But the average cost is based on the loan amount. So there isn’t a specific formula that I can do here that says, if it’s a $400,000 house, a cost EQ, it’s all about how much the client is putting down and what the loan amount is. But on average, it’s between two to 3% of the loan amount. And so the same thing that I’ve done, and we’ve done literally dozens of these in the last quarter, is get a seller credit for 3% trust the mortgage professional and ask questions so that you’re making sure that you’re taking care of

D.J. Paris 31:33
wow, I am completely blown away by that, that as a marketing guy, that is a brilliant strategy to promote listings. I have not seen that or or heard that. And I am so glad that you’re like what we didn’t talk about, well, how it benefits the seller. This is a this is a great strategy, guys. Obviously, benefits buyers, and it benefits sellers as well. Wow, amazing. I love that. So this is something you can put in the agent remarks. You can you can mention it, and it’ll help the homes hopefully, get a few more eyeballs and, and feet walking through the properties. I love that Joel great as always perfect way to end the show. I know now how I’m going to introduce the show, I’m going to say if you don’t about to one bite down, you got to you got to stay till the end. So when I go back and produce this episode, it’s gonna really we’re gonna make that pop, because that is really, really important. But for everyone out there who isn’t already working with Joel, Joel, we encourage you to get on his mailing list, email him joel@rate.com. Joel, also, if anyone ever wants to partner with you or work with you, what’s the best way they should reach out?

Joel Schaub 32:40
Yeah, it’s actually crazy the number of people that I’ve talked to in the last year from here and so people say I can’t believe you’re answering the phone. And I do. Don’t give out my direct line like I always do, which is 773-744-1968. You can ask for Joel because I answer and it’ll be me on the other end. And we can talk strategy there. If you do get my voicemail. Just leave me a message and I’ll call back and go through some of the things that you’re dealing with right now. And it’s all about trying to find ways that I can help use my knowledge to help you grow. Maybe get one more deal. Get one more buyer. Help one more seller.

D.J. Paris 33:19
Awesome. Well, he’s reached out to Joel He’s He’s great. He and the entire Guaranteed Rate team is incredible. All right, guys, we will see you on the next episode. Thank you to Joel on behalf of all of our audience, please tell a friend about the podcast. We’re we just crossed over 2 million downloads. We’re very proud of that. And but we need your help. So tell another realtor in your office. Everyone’s stressed right now everyone’s struggling. This is the episode they need to hear about. Send them a link to the episode keeping it real pod.com Or anywhere podcasts are served. Just tell your neighbor tell somebody who you know who needs help. Thanks, guys. And we will see everybody on the next episode. Thanks Joel.

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