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In this episode, Kim Hayden talks about how the coaching industry is dominated by men, and her mission to help women get into the spotlight. Her purpose is to give a larger stage presence to women who’ve been coaching (and also been coached) for a long time but are not in the spotlight. Kim also talks about the 6 Figure Summit and what will it offer to participants. Last, Kim talks about the influence of social media in an agent’s business and how to apply leverage to increase production.

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Hello, and welcome to another episode of Keeping it real the largest podcast made by real estate agents. And for real estate agents. My name is DJ Paris. I am your guide and host through the show in just a moment, we’re gonna be speaking with Kim Hayden, who is an author, a top real estate producer, and host of the upcoming conference women in real estate six figure Summit. It’s a three day event highlighting eight highly successful women in real estate top producers who share exactly how they grow their business, everything from how to do a listing presentation social media, working with buyers, and how to grow a team, or how to partner with other agents to help create residual income. It’s a complete program from start to finish. And it’s incredibly inexpensive, just $87 for the entire three days, which is crazy cheap, and it for the value you’re getting, it’s a no brainer. So you can sign up immediately at real resilient tour.com. And as you know, if you’re a listener of our show, we don’t promote hardly anything on our show that we don’t 100% believing we love Kim and her mission, go to real resilient tour.com. And if you want a free copy of the book that called resilient real estate women when you sign up for the the event starting on the 31st put in my name in the speaker affiliate code box, which is just the letters D and J and you’ll get a free copy of the book. So once again, go to real resilient tour.com use the code DJ in the speaker affiliate code to get a copy of the book. And without further ado, let’s just get right to it on to our interview with Kim Hayden.

All right, today on the show we have Kim Hayden who is a top real estate producer and author and a conference host and organizer. Now from Kansas to Canada Kim has worked to be a good neighbor and leader in every endeavor through servant leadership, Kim has repeatedly excelled in several industries, a 21 year award winning real estate veteran to over 1500 minutes of television production, now bringing the lifetime of experiences and work together in the form of real resilient tour. Kim is on a quest to bring the message of resiliency and leadership in unprecedented times. Self proclaimed collaboration, Queen Kim admits to being an avid watcher alongside her grandparents of Johnny Carson, and aspires to be the host of incredible talent. Kim is also the author of a brand new book titled resilient real estate women, which highlights eight successful women in real estate who share their best practices and strategies on how to grow a profitable real estate business. The book is available on Amazon and we’ll have a direct link in the podcast show notes. Again, the title is resilient real estate women and she is also running a women and real estate three day virtual conference called the six figure Summit. This is being held from March 31 through April 2. So today as we’re recording this, it is the 25th of March. So it is coming in just a few days. So you can register today for this conference at real resilient tour.com. And we’ll also have that link in the show notes. Again, real resilient to er.com. It’s inexpensive for what you’re getting. It’s really actually crazy cheap for what you’re getting and amazing value if you use the code DJ in the speaker affiliate code box. So when you’re registering, type in just my first name, DJ, and you’ll receive a free copy of her resilient real estate women’s book. Now, Kim, welcome to the show.

Kim Hayden 4:36
Thank you. Oh, DJ, you do that so well.

D.J. Paris 4:41
You got my first not my first time doing it.

Kim Hayden 4:44
I just need you to come and walk around with me when everybody says Kim, what do you do? DJ?

D.J. Paris 4:52
I well, I wish that that I could do that. That would be a great way to make a living. But you know it’s it’s funny I am really excited. So we just found out about this tour right at the last minute. And so we actually ended up moving things around so that we could promote this because what Kim’s doing specifically with this conference is exactly what we do on our show we we interview top real estate agents from all over the country and basically say, Hey, how did you do it? How do you become successful? And I was going back through our our all of the episodes we’ve done just to get a sense of I was curious because yours is going to focus on on SAT highly successful women. I thought, I wonder what percentage of our guests have been women and it was like 70%, and we’ve done 270 episodes, I think so we love featuring successful women in real estate, you’re doing the same thing. Can you tell us a little bit about about the conference?

Kim Hayden 5:47
Absolutely. First, I want to say thank you. I love the fact that you’re 70% showcasing of featuring successful women in real estate conference and the book kind of came to me when I’m sitting back, I’m ready. I’ve done real estate for 22 years, I’ve achieved all the awards and I’m one of these people once I’ve done it, I kind of want to start moving forward I guess I you know, I think my my spirit animals probably a squirrel running around next thing. Next thing you know, during this course, I’ve I’ve become an accredited stager, I’ve done I’ve done the TV shows, I’ve hosted and produced TV shows for others. But one of the things that really kept kind of irking me was a, we have real estate and sea turtles, sea turtles only have a 1% survival once they’re hatched, as a real estate agent has a 13% survival. Right? So So when we’re looking at this, you know, there’s some really unfair or very critical numbers out there for people who are coming into this industry, which is such an amazing industry. It has, there is no other industry that would have given me the opportunity to make the amount of money and meet the amount of people I have met. So with women, I started digging on the to do a collaborative space, like, you know, I started going through and I research top real estate coaches, and less than 30% of the list were women. And then I start REITs Oh, yeah, take a look. It’s crazy. So I started really digging into this and then when I started looking at the equalizing factors, those who have moved into coaching that are in the six and seven figure realm, or versus men who have moved to another personal DJ, you’re adorable. We all know man been married a long time. And I have two grown men as such, you know, sons. So I just start going okay, so let’s look at this. The real numbers 80 to 90% of all residential real estate transactions are driven by women. Yeah, 63% of our licensed residential real estate women in North America according to Nar are in North America are women according to Nar and yet what I’m doing research trying to bring all these flashlights shot around to bring us all together so we can make this huge spotlight so you can compete with the with the audience awareness that you see these these greats like Tony Robbins and Grant Cardone Tom Ferry these these guys are putting in 10s of 1000s a day into marketing and advertising. How do I help these women get that level? Right? That’s such a strong point of it.

D.J. Paris 8:34
It’s such a strong point as as a man I probably don’t think enough about, you know, women’s issues because it’s just not not you know, super in my face that often. But as you started mentioning, the most common real estate coaching systems, you know, you have Brian Buffini Mike ferry, Tom Ferry, I don’t know who does ninja selling. That’s another big one. But it’s mostly a male driven industry. You’re so right. And you’re right there, there really isn’t a lot of of women doing this kind of leadership. And it’s so needed because you’re right, the well more than 50% of all real estate agents are women. 63%, as you mentioned, and yet maybe from the leadership perspective, that number isn’t quite the same.

Kim Hayden 9:14
Absolutely. And I think that there are unique so there’s gender bias out there. And I’m not here to fly a flag, oh, poor women or anything like that, because trust me true. I there. It does flip the other way. I watched the challenges my husband and my sons go through because they have to watch them. They have to be a little more politically correct than they’ve ever been on pasture. But the gender bias is if a woman is assertive, she can become bitchy, sure, whereas a man is successful or intelligently right? So we do have these differences. So it’s really finding the way to create and bring all these different personalities because not You’re not going to go As an attendee to an event, and and automatically connect with if there’s only one speaker, I have had my I have a coach. So like every great coach, we all have coaches, I have three coaches in my life, I invest heavily in them, and they invest heavily in me to help me be able to take and help grow all these women. Some of these women are beyond me. They have like one of the gals, Marianne Gillespie. Brilliant, she has been in the coaching space for 16 years. And believe it or not, she is she’s up there, way above some of these people that we see on the top 30 list. She has coached some of like she’s got she’s got teams that are doing over $500 million a year in production. Wow, you don’t pay a coach. If you’re performing that kind of level, you’re paying a coach that’s going to help you go to the 700 million and the 800 million. And yet, you know, you see these great people. Have you ever heard of Marianne before? I haven’t seen yours and amazing coach. So how do we Why don’t we get her a larger stage presents, and it was interesting. Women can be our own worst enemies we Patti sometimes, so we’re afraid because if there’s only a 30% of the spotlight, then that means I better hog, whatever I can. Sure her fear that that little piece a spotlight will go to somebody else. And I’m going back, like 70% 70%, so we all have room on it.

D.J. Paris 11:42
I love that that makes perfect sense. And it’s just nice to have more women centric events. It is it is such a funny industry that you’re right. It’s top heavy and men in leadership positions. But it’s actually the boots on the ground. The people out there doing it, the vast majority of them are women. And so this kind of conference is I think so needed and important because I talked to so many top producers on the show who Off mic, when we’re not recording will say you would not believe their top producers for years and years, sometimes dozens of years. And they would go you will not believe how some men speak to me still in this industry. And these are nice women. These are successful women. And I hear that consistently. Because at first when I first heard it, one of my guests said it Off mic and I said oh, that has to just be a one off. That can’t be a common experience. Oh, no, it is very common. I’m sure you can, you can, you know, tell me that that’s accurate as well. But but it is shocking. What women do have to put up with in this industry yet they sort of dominate the industry, which is just an incredible sort of, you know, juxtaposition. And so I love that your conference is highlighting successful Women Helping Women get closer together supporting each other and helping them grow and, and really grow into those leadership positions.

Kim Hayden 12:58
Absolutely. We have women in the book who are at their peak of their careers, they still have 456 years, they still have young children at home, they’re still going to be in their their community. For example, Christina Squires, Christina squires has built in six years, this incredible business in St. Louis, and she is she right now, for her to take her eye off the ball of building her business, she could lose millions of dollars. So instead of having her take her eye off the ball, I’m like you keep your focus you keep in that lane. I’m going to I’ve got top coaches that come in and do masterminds assist with the writing help get you ready, let me lay the groundwork and work collaboratively with you. So when your youngest graduates high school and you’re ready to transition into your coaching and your leadership or or owning your own brokerage, you’re having that trouble, you can say I have a program that’s already sold over half a million dollars, I have a program that has 50 people that will attest that my program has helped them. Because what I do through the resilient series is I say let me help you develop your content, develop everything with your insight, your expertise and your voice. And what we’re going to do is I’m going to work I’m going to be your representative. So it’s a little bit of a PR company, a coaching company, but and I help them lay that groundwork. So when they’re ready to step back from production, because we all know as licensed real estate agents, it takes what like 17 days for somebody to forget your name, right. So, so production if you step back even a day or two, you can lose ground and if your production level is at a million dollars, you better have a plan in place to be able to match that and if you want to transition so the beauty of move Going into the leadership position, the coaching position, the expert position is now you’re able to kind of navigate outside of your own backyard because as real estate agents, we’re geographically kind of strapped within our own area. Right? So I, I spent my 20 years boots on the ground in the snow banks of Calgary, I have to tell you, if I come back in another life as a real estate agent, I’m doing it somewhere really nice weather.

D.J. Paris 15:27
Well, don’t come to Chicago because we are not known for that. But somewhere further south, for sure.

Kim Hayden 15:32
I’m taking New Orleans. There you go. What a gorgeous city. But so that’s that’s what we do. Because we are in a point where the sheet session is real. And real estate is a real opportunity for revenue. And you can take a woman and you can get them through school in a short amount of time, you can take all their expertise, you can help mold their message, get them boots on the ground already doing what they’re doing, like they’re going to the school, they’re, they’re out in the community, and we can help them generate revenue. My sister in Boise, Idaho, absolutely love that girl. She’s just, she is totally crazy. This one is just crazy. And she spent the last 10 years as a number one indirect sales. But she never went into real estate because she was in a relationship that would not support that. Sure. But now that she’s single, and the provider for these young children, she’s like, Okay, I need to take what was generating 5k a month, which is a lot of money for selling, you know, camisoles and scarves. Sure. And I need to transfer that skill set into something that will build a future for my children, send them to college pay for their orthodontics. And so she’s just starting and she’s literally everything you can imagine. But you know, Hand That Rocks the Cradle baby Hand That Rocks the Cradle,

D.J. Paris 17:00
I love it up, tell us a little bit about what people attendees of the summit could expect to learn.

Kim Hayden 17:06
Okay, super excited. Um, we are going to literally so if you’re a brand new agent, we can literally in three days take you from understanding your brand, your sphere, how to tap them, how to script them, and how to get them engaged, and moving your career forward to winning the listing in any market, we have a gal speaking and she’s I can’t announce her officially immediately. But she’s a she’s a she was on HGTV. She’s like, she’s the top in her market. And she actually secures 95% of all listing presentations, her record is phenomenal. She’s going to teach us so our speakers, our main speakers are 20 to 30 minutes based on who they are their experience their awards, then they go into actionable steps that you walk away with, oh my god, I gotta do that. Got to do that. I’m gonna put that in there. And then they will give us actually the end of it is actually structured into a real life scenario of how those steps come together. So really walk and talk and model these for these women to be able to take away, then we will take you literally from that all the way to the third day. How to build a team with Karen Cooper, I don’t know if you know who Karen Cooper is she runs empowering women in real estate. She’s had this space for seven years. She has a team of 35 women with the lowest, the lowest production level is 8 million a year. Wow. That’s amazing. So she’s phenomenal. And she’s going to teach us how to to build what’s the difference between a rainmaker team to a hybrid team who and affiliate team structure on everything in between and where you should really be looking at your profitability skill. So, I mean, this is and this is like, you know, go pee before on the night of the 30th. Because when you sit in that you won’t want to leave. Because then we have little segments, short segments, 30 minute exercises, from people like Kristin Fenwick, who’s not in real estate, but she teaches the art of Pitch Perfect. And she’s going to do a 30 minute exercise. So a lot of women there’s a little bit of shame or embarrassment, we still have mental issues around the imposter syndrome. We still have issues around money, all these things. So we’ll be standing at the grocery store. And I’m telling you I have made millions of dollars have gone to the grocery store. I used to make it a practice to go to the grocery store every day because I come up with my jug of milk listing. Right? You’d love to, if you don’t have a practice kit, you don’t have a practice. So he says oh, what do you do? You better have it right there. Yeah, one minute, three minute, five minute. Steve Jobs. It for Steve. Steve Jobs it is in his book they talk about how have you got on the elevator with him? Either a get off real fast if you’re not in the right headspace, but you have a 5050 shot chance of still having your job by the time you get to your floor. Because if you looked at you and he goes, what do you do? And you don’t have that right there. You’re out the door, you’re of no use, right? So there’s all these little opportunities that we see every day. And if you aren’t prepared. So that’s what Kristen is going to do. She’s literally going to walk us through how to identify, create, add and unpack make that so airtight. It’s exciting. Without selling. Right, so you get them?

D.J. Paris 20:48
Yeah, I think that’s really important. We were just talking about this on another episode. And we were saying how often agents think they have to sell to get listings or to find buyers. And the reality of it is, most people don’t like to be sold, they like to be understood. They like to feel that you have empathy and compassion for their situation. And but you do have to have a practiced response to when somebody says, Hey, why should I choose you? Or what is it that you do? You need to have that locked and loaded to be able to come out and it’s and you can do that in an authentic way. But a lot of times, especially newer agents to go, I don’t really know what to say, I feel like I’m brand new, and I probably don’t know what I’m doing and like you were saying the imposter syndrome. And we and with Kim’s summit she can actually enter speakers will teach you about how to communicate that effectively what works and what doesn’t.

Kim Hayden 21:43
Absolutely, absolutely. I love the fact that you got 70% of your the year on IR interviews have been women. I love that I just, you know, I as a I’m the eldest of four girls, raised by a single mom, in my grandparents basement in Wichita, Kansas. So I was raised very poor. And I was a high school dropout, and a hairdresser. So I was a waitress in Vegas. So I got a whole like I said, when we go when I come visit, yeah. And we go out for a nice Tiki drink. Yeah, wait to hear the story. But for somebody like myself, and I’ll be very transparent. I’m 51 been married 26 years, I have three children. I am very, very blessed to be where I’m at. But learning from coaches, I think everybody should have somebody that is just that step ahead of them. Or that just sets space above them. When it comes to the economic so you can learn so you can always grow. Because if you’re if everything stagnant around you, if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re probably not learning much. And I always like like Marianne Gillespie, this woman is sharp. And she is what she said. She is an Iron Man, a sponsored Ironman athlete. She knows how to spear fish, she can climb mountains. This woman is incredible. And she doesn’t I’ll be very frank, she does intimidate me a little bit. And I really understand her language. Because her languages time is currency. Yeah. So she is very effective. And and she abbreviates everything it’s brought to the point don’t like this is an I like to talk. I don’t know if you’ve gathered that yet, DJ.

D.J. Paris 23:36
Well, I mean, look, we’re on a podcast, that’s a good thing. And but I think you’re so right that time is currency is a really important part of this business. Because real estate, by and large is transactional it is I get paid when a deal closes, I have to put in a certain amount of hours to close that deal. So our most valuable resource, but also construction is going to be time and any tips and tricks you can get from a coach who’s been there before you and has already mastered that side of it. Oh my gosh, you can save yourself years of trial and error, and also just become more efficient immediately. Because you are you know, ultimately trading to some degree hours for dollars. And wouldn’t it be nice to to go from list to close, you know, 20 to 30% Faster than you’re currently doing it or maybe 50% faster. And if you talk to top producers, if you have a coach, then that’s going to help you get there and you’re just going to be more profitable faster.

Kim Hayden 24:35
Absolutely. And I’ve learned a lot from the people that I’ve worked with, they’ll tell me like, I only recently really kind of became aware of a couple different coaches that I’m now working with because it’s like one of the people I’m working with to learn I call it guerrilla warfare. Right now. We’re all like on a hunt for these listings, right? And it’s like, don’t sit around and wait for him to come to you. I’m gonna give you the night. ti 99 cliff notes on how to get those, and you’re gonna go do it. So, but yeah, so. So getting those getting inspiration from others, critical, critical, so but that’s I’m just super, super stoked to be finally in this position and and this is like I said this is almost 22 years of experience and at the culmination of all the different things I’ve done bringing the book knowing that where that mountain of authority is. And if real estate agents aren’t if you’re an expert in your area, the one thing that you can do simply to leverage your spot that doesn’t cost you a lot of money. That’s very old school is a find out who’s doing your community association, what can you do to provide, I’m going to give everybody my insight tip from last year that I’ve taught all my agents. So find out if there’s food trucks, food trucks are COVID friendly, and to do a food truck, drive in your community to talk to your food truck initiatives and see if they would be open to doing a 10% donation back to the community association. community associations usually starved for their $30 memberships or $50 memberships. And because they can’t host a lot of events due to the restrictions and a lot of areas around COVID. They’re really financially cash strapped. So the food truck affiliations, you know, if you can host it as a Wednesday. So the beauty of this it cost agents very little money. Aside from a bold sign, you put that bold sign up, now you have a billboard for your brand. We all got to love that. That’s why we want signs on the lawn. We host the trucks, we stand out there and we make sure people are doing their social distancing. We did that. Doug and I last year, were able to generate nearly $6,000 for our local community association that has fed for my like that my family has put orthodontics on my children’s and we were the only one that was out there hustling. But we also got like, we think we made probably about 40 $50,000. By the way, when I talked money on commissions, Calvary has the lowest commission structure in all of North America. No, yes. So a half a million dollar house here is a $19,000 commission. Whereas if I was in Toronto, a half a million dollar houses, the $1,000 commission. So when I taught commission, just double it up if I’m live if I was actually working in your neighborhood. So, you know, we don’t know why Calgary is like that. It’s the craziest thing. Yeah, but so yeah, so we ended up having, I think we ended up doing five listings off of just organizing that. And those are all opportunities to engage.

D.J. Paris 27:47
So just to recap the steps there, because what you said was so is such a great tip, coordinate with with a food truck, you know, read them essentially, for a day. You know, a promoted on social media and of course, your sphere of influence, letting everybody know, hey, we’re doing this, we’re going to be giving back to our community, there’s a percentage we’ll be donating and then stand there as people come introduce yourself have conversations about real estate.

Kim Hayden 28:12
Absolutely. They’re buying their own food, it gives you an opportunity to get an ad if you do it right. The Community Association will actually put your name and brand on their website, say and indicate in our hosting a parade of food trucks on Wednesday for the next four Wednesday’s come out in support. 10% goes back to the community. So know that all these people got oh my god, best community builders. And then we’re there to say, you know, we love this community, you know, anybody is looking to buy or sell, I would be absolutely honored to be, you know, your choice of representation.

D.J. Paris 28:49
And you know, what’s so great about that too, and by the way, what that that phrase you just use is I would be absolutely honored to speak to anyone you know, who’s looking to maybe buy or sell or, you know, rent or invest is such a powerful phrase and what I was thinking about the food truck idea why that may be the magic behind it, from my perspective, is that so much so many of us wish that we donated more, whether it’s time money, what we were the read more involved in, in different organizations that give back but we’re busy, right? We have families, we have careers we have, you know, social things we have to attend. And oftentimes, the the volunteering, the giving back gets pushed sorted to the bottom of the list because we have so many other obligations. And this is a way for your sphere of influence to feel like they’re contributing because they are they’re also supporting their local community. And it’s easy, and it doesn’t require you know, 10 hours a week of their time. It requires a few minutes to come by and grab some food and have a conversation with you as well. And so it’s really a very smart strategy because it makes people feel like they contribute, which of course they are, and it gives them the framework where they can just instantly go do it and also feel good about the interaction.

Kim Hayden 30:01
And it is actually a threefold opportunity. It’s a business. So you’re the business to community. So the client, right, those are the people you’re talking to. It’s business, the business because food trucks are owned by local business owners. And then it’s a business to corporate, because corporate typically is associated with city influence through the community associations. So your community Yeah, so you’re it’s a three for for very little money. And it’s a lot of fun. I mean, who doesn’t like a chili dog and talk to people? I mean, our food for gosh sakes, right?

D.J. Paris 30:35
It’s always amazing. Because I, right outside the building actually just moved from a building, there was always a few food trucks there during the day, because it was it’s in this area of Chicago that there isn’t a lot of restaurants in the immediate City area, I live just a few blocks away, there’s tons. But in the immediate area, it’s mostly residential, and there’d be a few food trucks there. I know. And I lived there for three years, I never saw anyone doing anything like what you’re mentioning. Now, I saw plenty of open house signs, plenty of Realtors, you know, doing open houses, which of course they should do. But I never saw that specific idea. And that area I live in, or that I lived in, was quite affluent. And there was these are people that real estate agents want to talk to, because there are a lot of very expensive buildings in that area. And the I never saw anybody do that. And that is such a smart idea. So what a great tip. And so you’re basically doing a three day event with highlighting not only your own experience, but all of these other successful women from all over the from all over North America, to really say, Hey, guys, here’s how I do it. Here’s what I do every day.

Kim Hayden 31:41
Absolutely. And we’re all different. That’s the beauty of it. We’ve got Kristin Mae shore, who is a coach out in California. She does about 200 transactions a year in California herself, and has a full coaching practice and has done television. We have I mean, the women in this group, and then we have one of my favorite I have this little gal She’s adorable. She her her if you find her on Instagram, it’s unlock, unlock, unlock Chucktown I believe is what it is. She’s in Charleston. And she’s she got her license when she was 26. She failed the exam time and time and time again, she just kept going back. And in five years flat, she’s gone from zero to 53 transactions, she closed 53 transactions last year, oh man, she did it all through cultivating buyers and getting them as advocates, as her raving fans and transitioning. So now what’s happening is, is all those buyers are now selling, and she just doesn’t drop the ball. And this is a young gal that and she says Are you sure you know? I don’t know. And I say okay, first of all, you’ve already proven already proven that you can do all I want you to do is share a your age, I want you to show the 30 year olds that they are just as much empower that they that we hear too often that millennials will never have opportunity we hear too often that they’ll never own their own place. We hear a lot of disparaging things and and I believe that women like at drover up at the r e r up How do you say that? I’m from Kansas, I’m looking at speaking. So that was so bad. You can edit that out?

D.J. Paris 33:25
Oh, no, we like to keep the

Kim Hayden 33:26
mistakes. We love the mistakes. But you know if I’m gonna get I’m gonna get a call Kimberly. Joe. I love it is critical because she’s the future.

D.J. Paris 33:37
Well, you’re so right. I mean the the data from NAR National Association of REALTORS is showing that the average first time homebuyers in their early 30s. They’re they’re young. And so who do millennials want to buy from other millennials, they want people that they can relate to, and they love seeing success. I loved it when I was younger. And I needed to work with a realtor. And I was like, Well, who should I work with? Well, my friend who was a successful realtor, he’s my age a few years younger. And I love the fact that he had his own business. I said, Wow, this guy’s just killing it. He’s a nice guy. He cares. He knows his his his market and I was much more comfortable working with him. I mean, obviously I was friends with them. So that helped to but I would have been more comfortable working with somebody younger, who had who had you know, had some success versus somebody who I felt didn’t really understand my needs. Maybe because there was an age discrepancy and yeah,

Kim Hayden 34:30
absolutely. Real Estate dad, right. That’s what my husband, that’s what everybody calls him. The major movement in the market is going to be those years between 27 and 47. Those are the ages that are having children. They’re transitioning, they’re moving around. And it would I know Tom Ferry calls us fading stars, right. He calls the older agents fading stars and the reality is, is they’re not fading stars, they’re losing their demographic, their people, their clients, they’re I have I have 1000s of people In my database, right 100 real estate transactions, I have a I have a large sphere. But they’re they they downsize and they’re not moving again for 20 or 30 years. sure their kids have friends, right? So you can either fight it or pivot. So it’s kind of like the pandemic, we’ve got our pas our panic our pivot and our performance, right? So you’ve got your choice of which P you’re going to be in, are you just going to sit here? And do the same old, same old, same old? Or are you going to look at and say, Okay, I’m not really technologically inclined, the CRMs are a little bit beyond. So what is what is what is it that I can get back? Yes, I’m still going to nurture my client database, it’s still going to generate 25 3040 transactions here. Is it going to be at the 8090 100? That it once was? Probably not. However, could I currently take all of my expertise that you that that is earn hard earned, and share that with the next generation, the generation that is going to help my clients next generation? So that Yeah, and I don’t I don’t agree with Tom ferries fading star i like i like Maryanne Gillespie, she calls this legacy agents.

D.J. Paris 36:23
Well, it’s I mean, the reality of it is, is experience matters, it really does. And at the end of the day, top agents are top agents because they take such great care of their clients, they transcend age. And, and they just are, you know, stalwarts in the community that everybody knows and appreciates, and loves. And maybe their clients are getting older, but they’re, you know, their clients, kids now are using them and, and I moved to Chicago. So I didn’t know anyone. So I ended up using my friend who was awesome. But if, if I had known somebody that had been 20 years in the industry, would I have chosen them over? Maybe even my friend maybe I might have, simply because I would think well, that person’s got 20 years experience. And so, you know, this is an opportunity. And this is really what what teams are all about mean, teams are such the rage right now, we’re talking about, you know, teams partnering up with other agents who complement your style, or maybe they do something that you don’t, or maybe they’re looking to sunset their business and retire and stop doing transactions. And maybe they want to go more into a consulting role where they help other agents grow. And that is becoming so popular right now. And it is such and that’s what your your summit helps teach teach agents is how do you create that legacy? And how do you maybe how do you connect with somebody who’s nearing that retirement age? Who wants to introduce you to their audience, and vice versa? And then how do you set up your business so that someday you’re able to do the same?

Kim Hayden 37:49
Absolutely. I believe this summit and I believe what we’re building through the resilient real estate women is a information and collaboration highway that will help everybody from new agents right out of school, so you’re not part of that. 87% But you’re part of that 13% That not only survive, but thrive within the industry. I believe people who are rebooting I have an agent on my team here in Calgary, I do an affiliation team. So it’s not necessarily revenue but more support. So because the city has gotten so large we can actually offload and sip and be with our family more can you go show this person they’re going to be an hour south of the city can you you know, so we work we work that way. But this is a person that had four years in the industry had never kept beyond seven transactions but has two degrees and was a delicate for the Miss Universe contest for Canada. Back in 2013. We’re talking and huge family like this is this is a person that’s beautiful inside and out, well accomplished and double degreed and she was only doing seven transactions. Yeah, she is she’s actually on her way. She just she just signed up to new listings last night and had one of our affiliate agents in our sphere show a property way down south so I love it that was all last night so super excited for

D.J. Paris 39:15
her. I also love you I know you’re going to be talking about social media as well and that really is one of the number one questions we have we get on our show and we have actually Facebook comes on once a month a Facebook corporate to talk about social media and sort of how to best utilize it for real estate agents. But I know your your Summit is going to be addressing this as well which is really important because so many agents right now are thinking okay, aside from posting just listed just sold post which really is is not ever my you know suggestion for how to create great content, although it certainly it’s fine to do. But there’s more that you can do and it doesn’t mean you have to give up your privacy. It doesn’t mean you have to share your entire life with your audience, but showing how do I create a brand on Social media, how do I do that in a way that I’m comfortable with? And how do I maintain that? And is it going to take up a ton of my time, but we know that people do pay attention, of course, to social media posts, obviously. And it becomes something that so many agents go, I should do more of that, but I’m not exactly sure what to do. And I love that you guys are gonna be talking about that.

Kim Hayden 40:20
Yeah, Christina squires has actually leveraged her entire career through social media. Now, she has an ace in her pocket called Jeremy, her husband, isn’t it? He actually does funnels for other people. Like this is like a really sharp team that Christina has built. She was voted number one social media account last year in St. Louis. And so she actually I asked her point blank, I said, Can you share this with us? Can you teach us this, so she is actually building out a program that you can purchase? To follow up to her talk, she’s gonna give you some great strategies and tips. And her I’m where I’m very, very fortunate to have Christina within. She’s also one of our published authors. And it’s just really cool. Like I said, it’s all around collaboration. But yeah, social media, I need to do more social media.

D.J. Paris 41:16
Oh, us, us too. I mean, I do an embarrassingly poor job for the podcast, even though we’re I think we have a relatively impressive audience base. And we’re so grateful for everyone that that participates and listens on our show. But, but I don’t do enough in social media. So I am always wanting to do more as well. And I know, every realtor that listening most probably almost every realtor listening right now is feeling the same way. And so you know, this is a great opportunity to learn from someone who’s doing that and has had made some had a lot of success. And it doesn’t mean you have to give up every part of your you know, just have no boundaries in your life and show everybody everything.

Kim Hayden 41:54
And you need to understand what your parameters are. Interesting, quite interesting question came up on one of the women real estate platforms that I follow the other day new agent? And she said that she has, I don’t know, you know, I’ve set up a business page. And I keep getting all these requests on my personal page. And I’ve had a couple people get a little not not kind responses when I said, No, you please like my professional page. And I said, well, so my response was, as soon as you become a real estate agent, you are your business, your sales person, you’re working at selling cars on a dealership, you own the bloody dealership, just because you may not have inventory today, doesn’t mean you do not own the brand and the business you you’re your business. So if somebody is coming to your personal page, and you don’t want that, where you’re getting, you want people to be directed into your business page, you need to make that personal page more private. So it is for your friends and family. And you need to make sure that your name is on the front of your business page. I think I love all these, you know, cute little quips, you know, houses, you know, spouses selling houses, and all these other things. But who is the spouse your name, they did a survey, direct sellers Association did a survey back and this is like this is like I’ve been around a long time to check. This is like 2010 They did this great survey and they surveyed like 2000 people that have been through direct sales and purchase something 80% of the people that they surveyed could not remember what they purchased, but can remember who they purchase from. So if you don’t have your name on your business page, and you’re expecting people who want to connect with you personally, that’s why they reached out to your private your personal Facebook. And then you tell them no I don’t want you on my personal Facebook go over to my business when you just gave them a ticket number and told them they’re not going to be your friend. Right so you need to move your if you are that worried you need to move your personal Facebook to a private setting. So it’s for you and your family and put your energy into your professional. Put your name first and add some fun personal people buy because a you there are 1000s of real estate agents that offer that rate. I’ll just call Zillow and let them do it. Yeah. So they buy it because of you. They want to invest in you because you have invested in them. You have shared with them. People don’t want to give you their money. Just because you have a real estate license does not mean you are worth $10,000 $20,000 That person views you as an investment.

D.J. Paris 44:49
Yeah, you’re absolutely right. And I think so much I just went through the whole home buying process myself and even though I’ve been through it before, I forgot how much anxiety and fear You’re creeping in, I’m in the industry, and I was really kind of terrified the whole time through. And I went, boy, if I’m scared, and I’m number one, I’ve been through this before. Number two, it’s kind of my business. I’m not a Producing Realtor, but we have 700 of them here at our company. So we certainly are surrounded all day by realtors, and even I was terrified the whole process I went mad, you know, if if agents just learn how to help alleviate fear, anxiety in their clients, and I know that your your Summit is going to help the agents understand better about what clients are looking for, what are they looking for? When they look at social media posts from realtors? What are they looking for in a listing presentation? What are they looking for taking buyers out, you know, what is going to be best practices. And that’s really what you’ve you’ve sort of accumulated here is people from all areas from list of clothes, or from, you know, from working with a buyer all the way to the end. This, this is what this seminar is. And these are successful women that have done it. And I couldn’t be more supportive of this. I want to remind everybody who’s listening to go sign up. It’s an incredibly inexpensive Xamarin. Like what you’re getting this is a no brainer. It’s under $100. I think for three days, is that correct? Yeah. dollars, $87. Guys, that is nothing for three, I’ve paid well, I don’t even I’m embarrassed to say no paid for three days. You too, I’m sure. But this is an incredible value, just go to real resilient tour.com. And also, we encourage you to buy the book. But if you go and sign up for the, the the conference, and you put my name DJ, into the affiliate, the speaker affiliate code box, you’ll get a copy of the book for free, but also go buy the book. It’s also amazing. It’s called resilient real estate women that highlights eight successful women in real estate and exactly what they do, some of those women are also going to be speaking at the event starting on March 31. So everyone go to real resilient tour.com Sign up, it’s worth it, you will get more than your values worth and you’ll learn how to just be a more successful agent. And, you know, I don’t know of any real estate conferences that are three days long, that are only $87 that have this much value. I mean, this is incredible. So go do it. And we encourage everyone to sign up. And we don’t benefit. This is not something where where we benefit directly as as a podcast for this. We’re just big fans. And we you know if you’re a longtime listener of our show, that we basically promote nothing on the show, because we get hit up every single day, by other by other organizations that want us to promote their services and products. And we always almost always say no, this is one we sought out and wanted to highlight and feature because we just think it is so in line with our mission, which is getting access to top producers who are so kind and generous to share exactly what they do every day. I mean, it is amazing. These people at the top, you’d think they’re too busy to do this. And they are and yet they still show up. They show up for our show. They show up for your Summit. You’ve you’ve highlighted them in books. I mean, this is an amazing thing.

Kim Hayden 48:04
Thank you, I want to give a quick shout out it out there if you’re not following Dr. Lee Davenport, she is down out of Atlanta. And this woman is really up. She is actually hired by boards to teach you how to talk and understand other people. She’s She’s brilliant, top performing real estate agent. And she was the first person, the very first person that said, You know what, Kim, I see where you’re going with this resilience series. And I’m in and she has, she has I have I have to give a huge shout out because she instilled a competence in me that this is a path that we need to go down and we need to share. So awesome. PJ, I, you’re lovely. You’re great teeth. I don’t know if you’re listening, you got to take a look. He’s Adorno is

D.J. Paris 49:00
Do you know the funny, the funniest part of it is simply just genetics because I was fortunate enough to not need braces. And so everyone who’s had braces like hates the fact that I’ve ever had to bury, I just got you know, just got lucky in the teeth and the teeth department are not

Kim Hayden 49:15
Scottish then Aria. What? No, no, it’s the Scott me. I’m a McFadden, and I got this. I’ve had braces twice in my life, and they’re still crooked.

D.J. Paris 49:25
Well, I think your teeth look nice. Well, anyway, everyone who is listening or watching, please go check out the summit. You can find it again at real resilient tour.com. And if you don’t know how to spell resilient, just go to the show notes in our podcast in your podcast app. And you just click on the link and it’ll take you right there but I’ll spell it for anyway. It’s real. And then resilient r e s i l i e n t tour.com Real resilient tour.com Or just go to the show notes. Click on the link sign up. You have a couple days left. It doesn’t start until the 31st. So there’s time And this is something she does it just once a year, this is the second one. And there she is going to be doing an Atkins gonna be doing this every single year and it’s huge. And so it’s going to get bigger and bigger and probably going to get more expensive too. So Oh, get in there now, while it’s so inexpensive and you get so much great value and tell everybody in your office about it as well. We’re big fans of Kim and what she’s what she’s doing here with our conference and also go buy your book. If you can’t make it to the seminar, go buy the book. Just go on Amazon. We’ll also have this in the show notes and do a search for resilient real estate women. It’ll pop right up and support Kim. It’s really inexpensive book and you will learn from eight top producing women all over North America and exactly how they grew their business. So Kim, yeah, Kim, thank you so much for being on our show. We are so honored to have you, we wish you the very best with this conference. I’m sure you don’t need any of well wishes, because it’s already gonna be incredibly successful. But we hope some of our audience comes over and gives it a shot because we know it’s going to be awesome. So I want to thank him on behalf of our audience for taking time. And we did this so quickly. I can’t even tell you, Kim, when we normally booked people out months in advance at least one month, we literally booked this I think yesterday or the day before because we had an opening and we said okay, there’s this great event, can we get this thing done in time to actually help them try to promote the conference. And thankfully, we were able to do it. So the stars lined up. We’re so excited. So thank you, Kim for being available and helping our show with great content. And then of course, hopefully we can help get you some some more virtual seats filled. Although you won’t need our help for sure I. But we also on behalf of Kim and myself, we want to thank everyone who continues to listen and support our show the best way you can continue to help us grow as telephoned, think of one other real estate professional that could benefit from hearing from top producers like him and send them a link to our show. The easiest way to do that, go right to our website, which is keeping it real pod.com Again, keeping it real pod.com every single episode we’ve ever made, you can stream directly from the website or if you’re if the person you’re referring to is a podcast person, just have him pull up an app and do a search for keeping it real inside their podcast app and hit the subscribe button and we would be thankful and we are thankful for that. And also just continue to listen to our show. If you like our content, obviously tell other people but also tell us what you like and what you’d like to see more of. And if you have any suggestions for top producers send it to us. We about half of our speakers now are suggestions from from our listeners. So continue to support us, Kim, thank you so much. Best of luck with the conference. And you can you’re welcome to come on anytime to promote any of these conferences. We’re big fans. So thank you.

Kim Hayden 52:44
Thank you

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