tony mattar & haley levine

Why We Opened Our Own Real Estate Firm • Haley Levine & Tony Mattar

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Haley Levine and Tony Mattar met years ago while working for a top 1% real estate team. They instantly bonded and in 2019 decided it was time to open their own brokerage, HomeCo Chicago. In this episode Haley and Tony discuss why they started a firm, what it takes to be a top 1% broker and why client events have been a critical component of their success. They also talk about what most brokers miss about social media and how to attract younger clients. Their passion and excitement shines through and you’ll understand why they’re the hottest new brokerage in Chicago.

Tony Mattar can be reached at tony@homecochicago.com and 248.568.6732.

Haley Levine can be reached at haley@homecochicago.com and 847.644.6848.

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