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The Best Closing Gifts To Give Your Real Estate Clients • Social Bootcamp • Gogo Bethke

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Welcome to our monthly feature, Social Bootcamp With Gogo Bethke!

In this episode, Gogo and DJ discuss closing gifts and how you should aim for usable products that are also marketing for you. Next, Gogo discusses the importance of having your brand in your client’s home and how to stay in front of your client. Gogo also talks about her vendor list and how to build your own list. Last, Gogo talks about Gogo’s Bootcamp and the benefits you will get by purchasing it.

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D.J. Paris 0:00
This episode of Keeping it real is brought to you by gogos bootcamp Are you a real estate agent looking for the very best media training program on the planet? Gogo Beth key is considered the top Instagram Realtor in the country. And her step by step training program will take your social media game to the next level, keeping it real listeners receive a special discount. So please visit Gogo podcast.com That’s Gee oh gee Oh podcast.com for your special discount and now on with the show.

Welcome to keeping it real, the largest podcast made by real estate agents and for real estate agents. My name is DJ Harris. I am your guide and host through the show, and today is our monthly series called Social bootcamp with gogo Beth key. Let me tell you about gogo, now gogo came to the United States in 2003. To build her American dream. She was broke, she had no real estate experience no sphere of influence barely spoke English and only $6 to her name. So that left her with nothing else other than you guessed it social media to help build her business, which is what she did and where she started and she created gogos real estate began her real estate career. Now with the power of social media gogo has sold over I think it’s about 100 million probably more in real estate. She shares the good, the bad and the ugly of real estate. In her honest snippets in her daily life have earned her 10s of 1000s of followers on social media. And in the real estate community. She has earned the title queen of social media now app she presents at various conferences and speaks with realtors. And so over time, she decided to build her own social media Bootcamp for realtors called gogos bootcamp. Today, she has a team of almost 700 agents nationwide. I’m gonna pause for a second and just say how impressive this is. I recruit Realtors all day long. That’s my job. And we only have 800 and I’ve been doing this 10 years gogo has been recruiting Realtors for like a year or two. And now she has almost 700 bats, and she does it all through attraction, which we’re going to talk about as well. But her goal is to help as many agents as possible make a name for themselves in real estate utilizing social media. And by the way, that’s how she recruits people for her team to they find her now if she can do it. This girl from Transylvania, Romania with no formal education, no sphere of influence, no money, no experience and an accent than anyone that can do it as well. Please, please, please follow gogo on social media on Instagram at gogos. That’s Gee, oh, gee, Oh, s real estate. So at gogos real estate. And also, please consider investing in her social media bootcamp. It’s unbelievable. It’s the very best product we found for social media mastery for realtors. And we have special pricing for keeping it real listeners, all you have to do is go to a browser and type in Gogo podcast.com. Go go podcast.com and buy it. It’s the best investment you’ll make for your 2022 marketing initiatives, which is also something we’re going to be speaking about today. So that was a very long intro, gogo, welcome once again, to the show. Hopefully, you didn’t fall asleep.

Gogo Bethke 3:17
Well, I’m here. I’m here. Thank you for having me.

D.J. Paris 3:19
I did so much talking. There I go, Oh, my gosh, my guest might she might go. When is he going to stop talking? So thank you, for being Chicago has been with us since the very beginning, by the way, just about the very beginning. And we have now done about 300 episodes. She is an amazing partner and always brings it every month. But I know we wanted to talk about something I don’t think we’ve talked about before, which is closing gifts.

Gogo Bethke 3:44
Yeah. And I figure since we are heading into q4, right where we are, I guess technically in q4. This is the time when you plan your next year. I know this is also the time when you want to go out with a bank right in 2021. And make sure you causing the You’re right. But at the same time, you also have to use this time to plan your next year so you can be prepared. I used to be one of those agents right myself that running or like chicken had cut off an hour before closing right running to my final walkthrough. And then from the vine between the final walkthrough, and the closing table somewhere in the middle, I would hit a grocery store for a bottle of wine, right? What do what I like trying to think for a bouquet of flowers and what am I going to get them as a closing gift right? And I don’t recommend for you to do that learn from my mistakes. It took me quite a few years to figure out that I’m not doing it right. So what we do today, actually the pre order of our closing Yep. So if you know let’s say this, you closed 30 transactions, right? And so assume you’re going to close 40 or whatever your goal is for next year. This is the time when you want to figure out okay, what is that nice universal gift that you can get for everyone, but be that it’s also marketing, right? Like you want to make sure that people are actually going to use it. Then every time they use it. It’s parks who sold my house right? Or who got me this house right? So what do you do? If you have A company that we partnered with quite quite a long time ago now, and the order all of our branded material from them and think of it this way, as long as your company logo is on there, it’s considered marketing, for your business. And if it’s marketing, it’s 100%. Right off, I know, CPA, this is my disclosure, go talk to your CPA, whatever state that you’re located in, right. But that’s what we do. So here’s one of the marketing items that we do, every single closing gift has a cutting board so they can use it for their short coterie wardrobe. Whatever, that’s I love it, I can’t pronounce the fancy word may have them in all different sizes. This is the smallest one, they have four different front designs, but the back is the most important in my opinion, because that’s where you get to personalize it. So this one shows logos real estate team, it shows my brokerage and it also shows team gogo, because those are the things that people know me for. And then it says with smaller rise there it was, it was a pleasure working with you, right, so it is branded. Now imagine they had a party, right? They have their cheese and grapes and whatever out and now they’re gonna have to do the dishes. When they’re doing it. They’re gonna flick it over. Go Go, Coco goddess this right? So your goal is to have your brand in your clients home. Did you know that within two years, helping someone buy yourself a home 80% Of the people forget who the realtor was?

D.J. Paris 6:20
That, you know, it’s shocking, but not surprising, I guess in a way. It’s like it shouldn’t be. But it makes sense. Because realtors, you know, it’s a transactional business. And we oftentimes move on to our next client, and we forget about the person we just helped. You know, maybe we don’t forget about them the day after their closing, but maybe two years after their closing. We’re like, Oh, God, well, when did that person close? So yeah. So how do you how do you help. So by the way, I want to back up just a moment because gogo said something really, really important with respect to closing gifts. She was, and this is really funny, because I, it’s so and so I So couldn’t agree with you more, because I could I do most of the cooking in my relationship, although my girlfriend loves to cook, but I’m kind of a control freak. So I end up doing most of the cooking. But that means I am spending a lot of time on a cutting board every single time I cook I use a cutting board, because you know, I can’t cut right down onto my you know, nice new countertops. So, right everyone does, right, we all use cutting boards, we all use knives, right? You can get knives that are branded that have you know, something cute on it, you get cutting boards, and what go goes is great, because she didn’t put and for those of you listening what you didn’t see, if you’re not watching the end, you’re just listening. The back of hers had her brand on it the back of the cutting board. And that was probably by design because maybe we want something and on the front of it. She had like a cute little saying like Home Sweet Home, things like that. On the back of it, it had the design, you might think well, if it’s on the back, no one’s gonna see it. But absolutely, they’re gonna see it, when as she said, they turn around and wash it. So you don’t have to necessarily put your name front and center so that they’re cutting on it because you know, let’s face it, maybe we don’t really want to see our Realtors name on our cutting board staring at us while we’re cutting. But they still will see it if it’s on the backside. Is that why you did it that way? I was just curious why you did. I mean,

Gogo Bethke 8:07
same thing. You know, like, even on my social media stuff, I don’t shove down people’s throat what I do for a living, right? Like I don’t fit on my personal face to be like, Hey guys, who wants to sell houses, he wants to buy a house with me like I’ve never done that if you followed me and I’ve been in social media for over 11 years now, you’ve probably never seen me as someone for business. So I don’t do that. But in the same time it is my job to make sure that you know what I do for a living right? So it’s very subtle. You don’t feel like I’m selling you anything but in the end of the day you will remember who I am and what I do for a living because when you flip it over towards the other side, it’s gonna connect Oh yeah, that’s right. Google got us this right yeah, where

D.J. Paris 8:43
did I get this? Yeah, that is

Gogo Bethke 8:45

D.J. Paris 8:46
anything that is used daily. If you can get somebody something that they use regularly in their home and it somehow just jogs their memory that you provide. Everyone’s got a favorite knife that they cut with everyone’s got a favorite. You know things in their kitchen they have favorite things other parts of their home, if you can get them something that’s important to them. So if you know your clients into cooking, perfect, get them something cooking. Okay?

Gogo Bethke 9:14
Very quick to that. So we ordered these and we have a big box of them and I’m good for the year right? So every time a closing happened we already have the three branded bags. And for that all you need to do guys is go on like a Walmart or whatever website order one color bag so ours is usually red. Order a nice red bag or black or whatever your you will call a branded color s then go on like Vistaprint order your logos, right like just just a simple sticker. And then you buy the bags you stick the logos on there you put the cutting board under you good to go. And then you can take it from there and personalize it. So if you would like to put in a I don’t know peanut butter cake or if you would like to put a bottle of wine or champagne or something else in there, but at least you have a gift that’s always going to stay there. They’re not going to consume this right they can consume my cutting board, they can consume the bottle of wine and then it’s gone, right? But the cardboard is going to say on the counter. This one is actually you guys can see us and I’m going to describe it for you very quick. This one is actually like a decor piece. Like I have it in my kitchen right next to the stove. And in front of it, I have the salt and pepper in the case of the butter, right. So it’s going to stay up there as a decor piece. But you can also use it as a shortcut to boycott your vegetables, whatever. So it’s a used item, but it’s always under on my kitchen counter. And I can see right it right next to my stove. So we have these for every single biocidal listing side. But here’s a good one that I love. We used to do this and every single by side, but then we got carried away a little bit. So if you have some more time than we have on Google’s real estate team, then the other amazing closing gifts and our clients love it, where they literally call us back when it’s faded. They want to order another one is doormats, personalized formats. So for buyers, we got doormats every time and they would say you know through the transaction, you get to know your buyer. And let’s say you figure out that they love you or them right. Or they love golf or they love they have a bulldog, you know, so let’s say they had a bulldog right, we set a stamp, we say the bat keys, the name of the house and I say so it says in big letters in the middle, the bass case then I have a bulldog on the top right, what cute little bulldog face. Then I have some puppy paws in here. And it says established 2021 Though the bottom again. So it’s not my brand, right? I don’t want everybody to see it on top. But on the bottom it has the Google’s real estate team logo, the phone number and all that. Now after they want people come to their door, they gonna put it out right because they’re like, this is our first house together like people have this in 2022 there’s so excited 2022 2021 Right. There’s so excited they have the doormat people going to start using it right? People come and go they wipe their feet, it’s going to start fading and they’re like, oh my gosh, you’d love our doorman. Can we have another one? Well, guess what just met what guests what just happened? They called you right? Because they know that they got it from you. That’s your job. Your job is for them to remember you and remember how to get a hold of you. Because if they can get a hold of you for a doormat, can they get a hold of you to sell that house when they’re having a baby inside big enough anymore.

D.J. Paris 12:08
And also you can tell them to Hey, by the way, if this ever fades and restarts looking crappy, let me know and I’ll replace it.

Gogo Bethke 12:15
Exactly. So you will stay in front of them all the time. Now Christy my right hand used to make these because she has a cricket and she used to make it if you have a cricket and you’re good with this kind of DFI kind of stuff, you can make your own closing gifts, right, it’s not gonna cost you anything, go buy something, put in a cricket printed, roll it up, put a big red bow on it and go to the closing table. But because Christie is now running multiple businesses, because she’s, she’s grown with me, she doesn’t have the time anymore. And we didn’t find a local company who can do that. But I’m sure if you put some time and effort into it, you can find a local company or buy your own cricket, and just design your own closing gaps and the the doormats are just a huge hit every time.

D.J. Paris 12:52
Quick question you had said earlier that 80% of people forget who their realtor is within a couple of years. And by the way that happened to my parents, they had an investment property, really a vacation home on the East Coast, took them years to sell it because it was just bad timing in the market. Eventually it sold and they were they had gone through like four or five Realtors over like five years to try to sell this place. Eventually it sold. And I said to my dad, hey, who is that person you used out there? And he goes, I’d have to look it up. I don’t remember. Isn’t that amazing? And, and this? And my parents liked this person. They liked this person. It wasn’t they didn’t go Oh, that guy I don’t know. You know, they were like, No, we really love that guy sold the home, no idea what his name was.

Gogo Bethke 13:33
And then you don’t even have to ask your people. So this is where social media comes in. Right? You’re going to stay in front of them for the rest of their life as long as they follow you. So when it comes to the social media portion of it, let’s say it’s a buyer, right? Let’s say they don’t know of your existence, somehow they found a way to you and are you working together during the showings and stuff? You’re going to want to take a picture together or whatever. And then you’re going to post that picture, right? I’m showing calm. So Jessica and Jane’s right over here, right? And then when I’m about to post it, I asked Jessica Hey, is this okay? If I just posted you let me tell you, and then just because they Oh yeah, we would love to and then you turn Jessica, guess what’s going to happen? Jessica’s going to get notified that you tagged them, and then Jessica is going to follow your page. And she’s also going to share it now all of Jessica friends see it. But since she followed your page, is she going to be able to see everything you do between now and the next time? They need a realtor?

D.J. Paris 14:20
No, I mean, will she get she she can for sure.

Gogo Bethke 14:24
She will see you from now until forever until she unfollowed you. Hopefully she doesn’t, right. So your job is to stay in front of them. If you can stay in front of them and constantly remind them of your existence. When they are ready next time to buy yourself which people in average move every seven years in the US. They’re gonna call you.

D.J. Paris 14:43
Everything you can do to and Facebook sometimes does this, although I don’t think they do it perfectly. And this is why we’re saying no earlier because I was thinking about this other thing, which is something that you can do and it’s fun. So this just happened to me. Just to pull back the curtain a little bit I was married previously and Um, I, my ex wife was is a veterinarian. And so she was the one who now is the reason why I have the dog that I have. And we still have, we’re still very amicable, but we don’t really communicate much. But Facebook reminded me 13 years ago that when my ex wife brought the dog home, and so I sent it to my ex wife saying, Hey, do you remember when this happened? I thought it was kind of a cute memory. And she goes, Oh, my gosh, that’s amazing. So it got me to think what you were saying about taking pictures, when you’re showing somebody, maybe they’re buying in the process of buying or selling, take some pictures, and then you you don’t have to wait for Facebook to do it. Facebook doesn’t always do it, it doesn’t seem but sometimes it’ll say, hey, remember, a year ago, you were doing this memory with so and so you can also just say, Hey, I was going through my photos. And I found this picture of us member when we were out doing the you know, we went and saw that property, we didn’t like it at all. Or remember the first time we saw the property, they ended up buying either a picture of that, like take pictures of it posted on social media and say, Hey, I was just going through, I found this picture from 2019 that I was showing, you know, we ended up buying the home. I mean, that’s content for social media, and you can send it to the client and

Gogo Bethke 16:06
out again, right, so you’re gonna reach out with that screenshot. It’s like, oh, my gosh, it was three years ago. How’s the home treating you? Yes. Do you have a need for a painter? Here’s our preferred vendors list. If you need absolutely anything, if there’s any way that I can help you, please don’t hesitate to reach out, I hope, the whole mystery of treating you well, right. It’s just another reason to keep reaching back out and keep giving right so I just gave you an our preferred vendors list and under preferred vendors list. I have painters and dog walkers and lenders and maybe want to refinance right now. Right? I have my preferred lender Xander, pick one. Maybe you have a real estate question, call me. Just stay in front of them.

D.J. Paris 16:41
Yeah, it’s it’s, you know, I think we all spend so much time on social media thinking about how do I create the perfect post, when really what we want to do is just elicit emotion is

Gogo Bethke 16:52
not something out there. Just put something out there

D.J. Paris 16:55
that’s authentic. Especially it you know, if you have like document things, when you go out with somebody, take a few pictures and say, Hey, there’s going to be a time where we’re going to be at a closing table, and you’re going to forget about all these homes that we saw. So I might snap a few pictures along the way. And to you know, just to sort of down the road, maybe remind you of the experience, or maybe you create a little video of of that process, right? You know, there’s tools to do that. But if there’s a good reason to do that, and then you know, sending people that stuff over the years after the transaction is is just going to drum up all those great memories. I would love to have seen, you know, a couple pictures of when I bought my first condo like I would love to have seen my reaction as I walked in, because I knew we all know that buyers oftentimes when they walk in and they just know within 10 seconds are like this is it, or they at least think that it might be it. And wouldn’t it have been cool to have somebody capture a little snapshot Now obviously, not everyone wants their picture taken like that. But if you have pictures like that,

Gogo Bethke 18:02
one of our closing gifts, one of our best closing gifts, I thought that was most personalized, right? And was these clients and Christie actually helped me out and she was showing the house to them because I was out of out of town. And they are in the front of the house. The two of them are facing the house was there back to Christie, right? She’s behind them. And so she just snapped a quick little photo. This is the first time they fell in love with the home, they end up buying and it’s their first home together, right? So the two of them are just standing together his arms around her they’re just staring at the house from the outside Christy shadow quick photo. And that was our closing gift. We blew that up. Awesome, nice frame. And they were like, Oh my gosh, that’s the first time we saw this home. And that’s awesome to home. And it was just so personal. So if you have that moment, grab it. And that can be your closing gift.

D.J. Paris 18:49
Oh my gosh, what a what a good, amazing gift. And they are going to look at that and feel good every time. It’s when it’s hanging on their

Gogo Bethke 18:56
wall. And don’t show it right on to the closing table. So don’t

D.J. Paris 19:00
even don’t even let them know. Yeah, don’t even let him

Gogo Bethke 19:04
snap a photo every time you’re showing them a house right? You don’t know which one they’re gonna fall in love that. You don’t know which one is going to be the one that you actually win right now even if they fall in love of mine, I think that actually gonna get it right. How crazy the market is. But if you just get into the habit of like snapping those moments of your clients, and then when you’re closing if that’s the one you have the closing gift for them and it’s personalized.

D.J. Paris 19:25
I love that and just you know, to the cool thing about memories is memories can be revisited. And you can you know, make sure that you’re odd your clients can revisit those memories by you sending them these pictures once your Hey, remember a year ago when you saw this, you know, yes, it’s a closing gift. Yes, it’s also memory, take photos, document things. And then you don’t have to worry about providing as much knowledge value where you’re, you know, talking about facts and figures on social media, which you can totally do as well. That’s all great stuff. But what people probably want more than that is they want to be reminded of the great experiences they’ve had with you. And then they’re just never gonna go anywhere else. You’re gonna work with another.

Gogo Bethke 20:09
People remember the feeling that you made them feel? Yeah.

D.J. Paris 20:14
Yeah, so everything, everything you should do should be to invoke feeling and and then oh, let’s talk about your vendor list, by the way, because I think this is important, this is a really good action step for every agent should have their own vendor list. So talk about yours and how you created it.

Gogo Bethke 20:32
So I can’t take credit for this one. This is actually my husband’s doing. He’s a licensed Realtor now too. And it was his idea in the first place. But here’s the big question and answering this question, honestly, do you expect this is to the listeners, right? I know your answer, DJ, but let’s ask the listeners. Do you expect your friends and family to use you as the realtor?

D.J. Paris 20:55
gonna pause for one second, as you’re going to answer yes. Before we I have to do a quick sponsor break. So bear with me. So the question and by the way, I’m gonna throw a statistic on top of this before, before we come back, which is 16% of the people you know, friends and family 16% of the people you know are going to need a realtor in the next 12 months. But before we get to that, I want to talk about our amazing sponsor which is follow up boss we love love, love follow up boss. After interviewing hundreds of top Realtors in the country, do you know which CRM is used more often by the guests on this podcast? Follow up boss let’s face it. Following up is the key to taking your business to the next level follow up boss will help you drive more leads in less time with less effort. But don’t take my word for it. Robert slack who runs the number one team in the United States use his follow up boss and he built a one and a half billion dollar real estate business within six years. Follow up boss integrates with 250 different systems so you can keep your current tools and lead sources. They also have seven day a week support. So you’ll get the help you need and get this follow up boss is so sure you’re going to love their CRM that for a limited time, they’re offering keeping it real listeners a 30 day free trial that’s twice as much time as they give everybody else. And oh yeah, no credit card required. But only if you use a special link, visit follow up boss.com forward slash real that’s follow up boss.com forward slash real for your free 30 day trial. Follow up like a boss with follow up boss. Okay, back to our show. Go go. Yes. Let’s talk about Yes, I do expect? And I expect our listeners are going Yes, I expect my friends and family to use me as a realtor. Sure.

Gogo Bethke 22:37
Right. So now answer me this question. So since you expecting them to know what you do for a living and use you for those services, right? Do you use them?

D.J. Paris 22:47
Good question. Reciprocity,

Gogo Bethke 22:50
right? Do you know what your friends and family your Facebook friends? If they have a side business? Do you know what they do for a living? Do you know how you can support them and feed their family? Because you’re expecting them to feed your family? Do you feed others? And that’s when it occurred to me then hold on a minute, if I’m expecting all these people to know that I’m a realtor, and most importantly, use me as their realtor. Right, then I should certainly use Joe Schmo as my friend when I need somebody to lay hardwood floors, I should use Joe small as my friend when I need somebody to paint my house, I should use Joe Schmo when I need to refinish my deck and a plumber, and this and that. And absolutely anything that I can I need not only personally but all of the listings, right? Like, if you need a plumber, who do you use you just use it call a local company? Or do you actually go into the effort of figuring out if you have a friend who’s a plumber? Yeah. Go ahead.

D.J. Paris 23:40
No, please.

Gogo Bethke 23:41
That’s how the preferred vendors list started with the idea of Hold on a minute, who do I know? And what do they do for a living? And is there a way for me to support them? Do I need their services through the process of listing or selling the home or even my own personal needs? So the preferred vendors list, it’s a Google document that we created it kind of like an old Excel sheet, right? It has the name, email address, phone number, the address of the property, what they do, how we can get a hold of them, and if they’re a discount that they’re giving to the Google Real Estate Team clients. So we have lenders, we have title companies, anything stagers moving companies, plumbers, electricians, dog, walkers, churches, you name it, whatever you could possibly need that you can put on there. And also think of it this way, there’s a thing in real estate called steering, right? So you don’t want to sorry, I’m keep having this thing pop up on my screen. You don’t want to get caught steering. So if you’re referring a plumber, you’re going to refer three if you’re in a pinch, you know, for three, same with lenders, title companies, you name it. So you should have multiple options on there. And of course, I only refer the ones that I personally worked with and I trust and I know they’re going to show up right and do a good job. Because what’s going to happen when you refer someone, can they ruin your reputation? 100% Yeah, so you want to be very, very selective of who you allow to be on your preferred vendors list. Ideally, are the people that you already worked with and you trust them and they did work for you right and they did a good job, and then they’re going to be able to come command that preferred vendors list and that is the document that goes out as the very first email to everybody that’s thinking about working with us. So it could be buyer seller renter, name it as the very first email as we are introducing ourselves and our team and who’s working on by side with and we’re listing side of what it looks like to do a transaction with us. That email goes out as the first email and we explain the preferred vendors list is attached to the process, you’re going to need different companies and different services they can possibly get to the closing table without their services, right? Like title companies, lenders, all of those things. Whoever you need through the process will freeze for you to do your own judgment, right, interview them, choose the one that fits your needs best. But here’s the list of the ones that we have worked with in the past. And we love and they did a great job, and we recommend, but you can use whoever you want. And then now you’re referring Joe Schmo as a painter, right? So Jojo is your friend. And suddenly, just this month alone, four leads came from you, and now he’s painting for people’s homes, getting him ready for the market, right? Or maybe they just moved in, they need to have the home painted. Now Joe is like, oh my gosh, Coco sent me four clients this week, right? And then Joe is going to go to a party. And they’re in the kitchen over the kitchen island. And somebody talks about oh, my gosh, you have to sell our house, we just got a new job in Ohio, and we have to move. And then Joe is gonna say I have the perfect realtor for you. Because now Joe owes me right? Doesn’t really owe me No, he doesn’t. But he feels like he does, because I felt his family four times this month read, right now he’s gonna want to make sure to feed mine. So you always give before you take, right? So you give give give to people, eventually, they’re going to give give back to you. So that’s how the preferred vendors are starting in the first place. It was my husband’s idea. He created the whole document. We use it day in and day out every single client gets it. And not only that, but it gives you content too. So let’s say you don’t have it built out yet, right? You only have one lender out there, then this Tuesday, you’re going to make a post and you’re going to say Hey guys, I’m building out my preferred vendors list. I only have one lender at the moment, I’m looking for two awesome lenders in our area. Maybe you’re looking for somebody who does new construction, because your previous lender doesn’t maybe looking for someone in give you a loan for vacant land. Because your previous lender doesn’t. Maybe you’re looking for someone who can do role development, because your previous lender does. And maybe you’re looking for someone who can do doctors loan because your previous lender does and right. So now you’re building out not only your own portfolio, so now you can just get anybody pre approved. But you’re also now building out all of these referring partners, because when you send three leads this week alone to the lender over there now they’re going to be like, I better send lead to go go.

D.J. Paris 27:32
Yeah, yeah. And it’s great too, because you can and it’s a good idea to reach out to these services. Like let’s say you’re looking for a plumber, and you want to find, you know, call three or four plumbers and say, Hey, I’m a realtor, I deal with a lot of plumbing issues. My clients are always in the room. Right? Pretty much every home has some sort of plumbing issue is obviously you know, I would love to start referring business to you. You know, and then are you accepting new clients? And of course, the question, the answer is always gonna be Yes, yes. Yes. say great, I’d love to add you to my preferred vendor list. I’d also like to maybe come and meet with you and do like a fun little we could do like a little interview about here’s some things that home first time homebuyers don’t know when they’re checking when they’re buying a property, about plumbing, here’s some things to look out for. It’ll help your business, it’ll help my business, we’ll both push it out on social media. I know gogo, you were just going to say all those things. So I just, I decided to say them for you. Oh, yeah,

Gogo Bethke 28:29
that is amazing. That creates content, right? So if you’re not busy cleaning houses today, well then create yourself something to do that is going to market your business, visit that plumber, right? and interview them and say, Hey, what is a new homebuyer need to know about buying the home. So in our our area, when someone does a water testing, arsenic is not a part of the water test. So that is my job to let them know that, hey, that you have a 5050 chance that there’s arsenic in your water. And it’s they’re not even testing for it in the regular water test. So if that’s important to you, and then maybe this plumber now can explain it to the people how to get a reverse osmosis system installed, and what is that thing cost? And can you do it yourself? Or maybe they can just call him and he installs it for them? Right? So now you can simply give him content, you helping them out with something they don’t know anything about? It makes you an expert, right? Because now you know something they don’t know. It automatically makes you an expert gives you content. That becomes your next client.

D.J. Paris 29:20
Yeah, it’s funny. I’m in the process right now. I’m a as a guy, I have big giant speakers that sit on the floor there. They’re like almost five feet tall. They’re massive. They’re just massive speakers. I’ve got four of them. Two in the front, two in the back. My girlfriend wants to kill me, because she does not want big giant. What’s that? Yeah, well, I tried to keep the I tried to keep the volume down. But I just love big speakers because I’m a guy. Well, not everybody loves big speakers. So my girlfriend said, Well, what if we could at least remove two of the rear speakers and maybe we’ll come up with little smaller ones and have them hanging from the wall or something and, and so anyway, so now I’m in This process is trying to figure this out. And what I did, and I said, Oh, maybe I’ll get in wall speakers where speakers are built into the wall at the ceiling or on the wall for my rear surround speakers, which will, will are, aesthetically probably a lot more appeasing to my, to my girlfriend. So my point is, is I don’t know anything about this. So I am now searching all over online trying to figure out what the cost of this How does it work? And is this something that people do think about when they’re moving? Of course, they think about, especially if they have a guy like me who’s into music or sound, they’re going to want to figure out how, what am I going to do with my speakers? And they’re going to want to know, how easy is it to install something into a wall? Well, that’s a video call up a speaker guy and say, Hey, I’m a realtor. And some of my clients want to know about speaker stuff. So can we talk about that I can interview you. So that’s another just quick idea. And I’m now in the process. And by the way, guys, how did I How did I actually do my research? We have a Facebook group for our building just for our the owners, and I said, Has anyone done in in home speaker stuff? Or in in wall? Speaker? If so, can you send me a referral, I’m doing the same thing that your clients are going to do. But you want them to contact you. You don’t want them to contact random people on Facebook?

Gogo Bethke 31:13
Exactly. You got it. So preferred vendors list. It’s amazing. Because you are going to have to reach out to your to these people, right? So you’re going to reach out to high school friend and be like, Oh my gosh, Jimmy, I see that you live in our area. I haven’t seen you in 14 years, just calling to see what do you do for a living trying to see if I can support your family, right. And in return Jimmy’s gonna say what do you do for a living? Right, next thing you know, Jimmy knows I’m a realtor. But at the same time, maybe Jimmy installed speakers, and now I’m gonna add him to my preferred vendors list.

D.J. Paris 31:40
I love it. And let’s, let’s finish up talking about gogos bootcamp. Because this is, this is really such an important investment that I think every one of our listeners should make, I cannot more highly recommend this product. In fact, it’s about the only product we do recommend on the entire show, outside of our wonderful sponsors. This is an incredible way to grow your business and improve your branding around social media and give you an actual structure and strategy to get not only more followers, but more engagement. And to just have people remember that this is what you do. You’re a realtor, and but you need a structure and you need to learn the skills. Tell us about Go Go’s boot camp.

Gogo Bethke 32:26
So Google’s boot camp started with the idea of you know, I was kind of forcing to figure out social media, right, I had no sphere, I had no money to market myself. I had a weird name, I had an accent. So I was forced to figure out social media so I can make it in real estate. And through the years, it went from like that chick is weird, because she’s taking selfies all the time. And fast forward a few years becoming a Top Producing agent locally and nationwide became like, why do you do that Google? How do you do that? Tell me more about Facebook business page. How do I integrate something with Zapier? What how do I hire a virtual assistant? When do I hire an assistant, you know, all of those things, and then everything in my case, it ties back to social media, we turned into a course where we have hundreds and hundreds of hours, where I literally explain anything that you possibly need everything that I do today, through the years, I explained step by step, and then all of the links, how you can get access to that track, or how you can watch a video about that. Furthermore, it’s in the core. So think of it this way, anything that I have learned in the 11 years of my career, it’s in that course when it comes to social media, and not just social media, right? Like social media, if you’re good at lead generation, eventually going to have to build a team. So then we talk about team building, right? Like how would you do that? When do you hire first assistant? What is the transaction coordinator? You know where to find them? What is a VA? How do you hire VA? What’s your job description? How much do you pay? Where do you find them? All of those things that I have today is inside of the bootcamp. And it’s called What was bootcamp Social Media course, we also have another one that’s agent attraction course. So we have two different courses, depending what is important to you. If you if you want to build a brand and lead generate with that brand, that would be the Social Media course, if you want to have everything that I have, from team building, to from the basics all the way to team building, making multiple, seven digits passively. It’s in a social media course. If you want to know how to build a team and Agent attract, not recruit because I don’t recruit I haven’t called anyone they call me. Then we have an agent attraction course, which is different from social media. So those are the two things they are both video based. You can watch it on your own time, and pretty much implement everything as you learn and get to have everything that I have since like your social media house, right? I help you build it from foundation.

D.J. Paris 34:35
Yeah, it’s just an all in one encompassing platform for really branding and marketing yourself through social media and also other ancillary parts of the businesses, like gogo was saying is like, hey, when is the time to get an assistant? When is it time to to build a team and how do I do that? What are some best practices and you get access to her entire community of realtors who are already part of this Since sharing best practices with each other, so go to Gogo podcast.com, check it out, purchase it, I promise you, it’ll be an incredible investment that will pay itself over pretty quickly. By multiples. I mean, it’s just it by 100 times, you know, within a half

Gogo Bethke 35:18
a transaction, a half a transaction will pay for a course.

D.J. Paris 35:23
Yeah, that’s a that’s a pretty good return on investment. I would love to give somebody something and have them return, you know, that kind of that kind of income. So, guys, it’d be even if it only ever did one transaction, it would more than pay for itself. But it will, it will certainly give you way more than that. So go to go go podcast.com. Go go. I think this is a great place to wrap up and Go Go’s all over the place are you are you going to be speaking anywhere wreath in the before the end of the year that our audience should know about?

Gogo Bethke 35:59
I literally just came back from Arizona, I spoke four times in three days, I think my head is spinning and I’m still recovering from last week, but I don’t know if I have now. I haven’t checked my events calendar to be honest with you. Now that I have Marianna as my right hand, she just plugs the stuff in there for me and I was supposed to speak in Vegas, and I didn’t find out in time, and I double booked myself. So now I can’t go to Vegas, which was the first week of November. But other than that, I guess just go to my name, go go back ke.com. And on my events tab, you can see all of my upcoming events. And also the preferred vendors list it’s on my links. So if you just go to mining that com Go go back to that calm. When you go to links, you can get the exact copy of the preferred vendors list and download it for yourself and just kind of start building your

D.J. Paris 36:45
own. I love it for everyone. Also check out her her boot camp Go Go’s boot camp, which is Gogo podcast.com for special pricing for keeping it real listeners. Gogo thank you once again for being on our show. We love having you on every month you provide so much incredible value. And by the way, if you want to join gogos team or learn more about what she offers agents, what’s the best way that agents should reach out to you.

Gogo Bethke 37:11
So Instagram is the only platform that you get me personally, every other platform, I have virtual assistants so you can go to Instagram and Google’s real estate or just go to my name.com. So Google back to.com There is a button that’s called partner with me. And you can watch videos, see who I am how we work, I do not take a cut. So we pretty much just become business partners, and I’ll help you with anything that I can possibly help you with.

D.J. Paris 37:33
Love it. Well on behalf of gogo and myself. We want to thank our audience for continuing to listen and support our show. Thanks to our sponsor, follow up boss thanks to go go our great guest as always. And as usual, please tell a friend think of one other real estate professional that could benefit from hearing this great conversation with gogo with all sorts of actionable strategies and send them a link to our podcast, send them over to keeping it real pod.com, which is where all of our episodes live, and they can stream it right there from their browser. Sorry, no, go ahead.

Gogo Bethke 38:06
I forgot to mention these cutting boards. If you want them. There’s also a link. So if you go just go to my name, google wlky.com and go to links, you’re going to find a team Google Store. Even though that’s branded to my name, you can change out my brand to your team’s brand, right or your brokerages or your personal brand. And you can order these if you like at a 10% discount.

D.J. Paris 38:25
Awesome. So go to go go Beth key that.com That’s GOGOBETHK e.com Go Go Beth key.com. We’ll put that in the show notes as well. Get those cutting boards for your clients. They will use them several times a week and think about you go go we will see you on the next episode. Thank you.

Gogo Bethke 38:44
Thank you so much for having me.

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