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Welcome to another episode of Video Boot Camp for Real Estate Professionals with Kim Rittberg.

Wondering what to buy to make amazing videos to grow your real estate business? Award-winning Real Estate Video Coach Kim Rittberg is here with tips on what to buy and what not to buy!

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I am super excited to be here with you. I am going to teach you today the three tools you need to become the go to real estate expert in your area. With video. I’m really excited I love teaching real estate agents how to grow their business. My name is Kim Rydberg I help real estate agents become thought leaders and become the go to agent in their area using video and podcasts. How do I know how to do this such a good question. I spent 15 years in big media Netflix Us Weekly inside edition. I actually launched the video unit for Us Weekly. And now I teach real estate agents from coast to coast I spoke at the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices convention spoke at the Women’s Real Estate Investment Summit. And I teach a lot of agents. I do one on one and group coaching. And I hear from them a lot of times, their first question is what equipment should I buy? And I’m like, nothing. I don’t think you actually need nothing. But the truth is you need very little. So let’s get into it. What are the three tools you need to grow your real estate business? I am not talking about the people who are filming real estate tours, who are videographers whose business is to is to film real estate tours. I feel very strongly and not just I feel strongly my professional opinion and knowledge is that as a real estate agent, you need to become the expert in your field. And just listed and just sold will not get you there. So I’m not necessarily talking about how to film a better home tour. Because I don’t think that our home tour is going to grow your business. I am talking about how to film so that you stand out you as a person, because that is the differentiator I see with my agents, the ones that I’m working with, that are showing up consistently, are getting referrals. They’re getting leads, they’re getting cold listings directly from social media, it used to be like, Oh, well, maybe that’ll happen down the line. I recently had someone in my video bootcamp, her second video posted, she got two people for discovery calls. So it happens all the time. Another agent of mine kept showing up and he got a co listing for a multi million dollar new development. And it’s because they’re showing up consistently. It’s not the home tours that they got. It is them showing up. Because when you’re putting yourself out there, your job is to establish yourself as the go to person, the most knowledgeable person, their local expert, their best friend. And so that’s what I’m teaching you today about what tools we need. So I’m jumping right into it. The very first thing you need is a tripod with a ring light. These are so inexpensive, so easy going to Amazon, if you email me, I will tell you which ones to buy in Ringly. And a tripod is so important because you need to have a steady video. If you’re holding your hand holding hands Holding, holding my hand a video when you’re talking for a long time, it’s gonna get wobbly. I do a lot of handheld videos, I think those are fine. But in general, as you’re going to film a lot more content, it’s super efficient to set up a tripod. Your your phone won’t move a lot. The ring light that is so amazing why it lights you you’re going to look like on a list movie star. The thing about a ring light is it creates an even glow on your face. If you’ll notice you’re ever on a zoom call. You’ll look at yourself and you’re like, Oh, I look at them in a cave. That’s because you’re not getting good lighting and it’s hard to get good lighting. A lot of buildings that lighting is overhead so it’s casting a shadow. Oftentimes I see people sitting with a window behind them. That’s a big no no. The point is you want to bring light that’s gonna give you even lighting. So this tripod and ring light you can get a desktop one or you can get one if you Have the room in your actual room, the floor one, I personally use a floor tripod with a ring light, and it has a little connector, I can also make it become a desktop. So that way sometimes if I’m actually filming, like sitting on my desk on my computer, I can just use the ring light. If I want to look great for a Zoom meeting, like I do zoom meetings with clients or someone’s considering me for a speaking engagement, I want to look really good. So I’ll use that red light. So that’s my first thing, a ring light, and a tripod. So I know a lot of agents are out in the field, you know, you’re you’re out and you’re busy. One of my agents actually from my course, or my group coaching course, my video boot camp, she likes using a battery operated ring light. So you don’t always have to worry about finding a place to plug in, and you can set it up no matter where you are. I think that’s an awesome idea. In terms of handheld, if you want to, you can use a selfie stick, so you’re not so so so close. People ask me about all this other crazy equipment, but I’ll be totally honest with you. Unless you’re really into technology. It’s just gonna sit in your house collecting dust. I can’t tell you how many things I bought that I never used. You know why I don’t love filming. I don’t love editing. I like writing I like coming up with the ideas. I like directing. So I keep it simple. And I teach you to keep it simple, because your main job is to sell houses, or rent houses or apartments, whatever. And it’s not to be a cinematographer. It’s not to be an editor. So I want to arm you with the skills that I have, that regular people can use and take advantage of. Alright, so we went over tripods and relights. People ask me about steady filming, there are some tools you can buy about filming. To make it steadier, you hold your hands on the side, it helps you be steadier, there’s a thing called a gimbal. If you don’t want to tap don’t buy that stuff. I’ve tried to use these I use one once I found my own house for when I sold my own house, don’t hate, don’t hate me Don’t hate me. It kept spinning around and frustrated me after the first time I loved it the second time I hated it. So if you don’t love technology, don’t buy that stuff. It does help obviously make smoother shots. But if you don’t want the technology, don’t use it. One thing to get a steadier shot as you’re filming, is use a steady stance. So lean up against a wall, stand in a firm stance like your legs apart and kind of keep your body even, that’s a really great way to ensure you’re shooting in a steady way. And if you’re having a move, like if you’re panning across a venue, I’m not going to talk about how story you know how I feel about how stories are not going to make you rich. Let’s say you’re filming in a restaurant, a local restaurant in your area, you’re going to hold your camera and shoot really slowly move it very, very slowly. Alright, the next one I’m talking about is editing equipment. I am not going to tell you to get editing equipment that Hollywood editors use. Unless you love technology, don’t get it. So editing go with the simplest editing tools. If you really do not like editing and do not love technology, edit it inside the apps. So Instagram has tools in the app, these are made to be very, very user friendly. If you do not love editing and you do not love technology, I would say that is the simplest way to do it. If you’re okay with editing or Okay, the technology, there’s very simple apps called in shot I use that a lot of people use cap cut. And again, you put a video in it, and you edit it very simply. I’ll be honest with you, I have taken at least three different editing courses. And I’ve asked my editor friends to sit down and teach me I compensated them many different times because I was a TV producer. And I did need to learn to edit because I worked with editors. And now I edit myself because I’ve taken so many classes in the past, but I still don’t love editing. So if you don’t love editing and you really hate the technology aspect of it, outsource, hire someone hire a videographer, hire an editor, have a social media manager do it for you, Teacher Assistant, or come to my video bootcamp and I will teach you how to do it. All of these things you have to do in the way that works for your business. For example, I am okay with filming I’m fine with filming on my iPhone. I’m, I’m alright editor. I don’t love it. When I have a lot of editing to do I outsource it is not my greatest skill. It is not my biggest moneymaker. Right? If I’m spending three hours editing something to bad use of my time, it’s a bad use of your time too. So think about that, in terms of time is money. If it’s taking a really long time to edit one video, consider outsourcing it. Tools, other tools. So we’re talking about editing, there’s lots of apps that can make your videos a little more fun. So you see those big words appearing on the screen as people talk. People use the captions app for that that’s a super simple app to use. There are other ones people use descript these are very simple and user friendly apps they’re made for everyone they’re not made for experts are not made for movie or TV producers. Another one that I do like using depending on the level that you’re Using it out, there’s just like all these different user friendly videos, different apps that can help with editing. Alright, the last tool I’m gonna give you, I’m gonna make you have, I’ve been very strict about this confidence,

confidence and the right mindset. That is truly the most important thing. So, a lot of times people come to me and they’re like, really asking about the equipment. And I’m like, before we get to the equipment, are you showing up on camera? Do you feel good about being on camera? Do you watch yourself back? Are you working on videos, and then every few months, you’re like trying to level up your videos with more education? Or you’re sort of analyzing what’s working, what’s not working? You really have to start with the right mindset. Getting on camera is always the first thing. So I love my agents. i The keeping it real people are a little blast. They always like connect with me on social media, and we’re friends then. So connect with me on Instagram, at Kim Rydberg or LinkedIn, wherever you’re at Facebook, send me you on camera, show up, you could show up on Instagram Stories, you can just show up and just tell someone what you’re about to do today. I’m gonna say, Hey, I’m Kim. Today I’m walking around Brooklyn, New York to show everybody this cool new art gallery. Right? Do you love art? And you can put a poll yes or no? Do you love art? Yes or no? So it’s very, very, very important to start putting yourself on camera. And the reason why that is, is because people hire people, right? And it’s not just one home you’re selling, you’re always selling yourself when you’re on camera. And every time you pop up in that video, it’s a time to rekindle old relationships and build new ones. And I think that we all feel that it’s like, Am I really going to make a new relationship with a stranger on social media? And the answer is, absolutely. My agents across the country are having that happen. Sometimes it’s an old relationship, someone you knew from two years ago, seven years ago, 15 years ago, popping back up, because they’re seeing you show up. Other times it’s brand new relationships, new refers, that’s what I’m seeing from my clients. Both ends, some people are having new refers directly popping into their social media, Hey, I saw what you’re posting, I really liked that I have a buyer in my state looking for a home in yours. Let’s connect. I’ve had that happen to my agents recently. So it is happening and it happens all the time. So you do though have to be on camera. These are my gauges that are on camera. Not all of them will be on camera. One of them I had to pull teeth, she came to one of my big speaking engagements where I taught like hundreds of agents, and she didn’t even show up she had never been showing up. She was feeling really weird about it and really insecure. And she came and she did a video bootcamp. We push through that let’s show up on camera. And then we went into what are we making now that we’re on camera? What are we making. And she got two calls within the first week. So it happens all the time, you have to have that right mindset of it is important for me to be on camera. If I’m feeling that negative voices, I’m turning those down, and I’m getting on camera. So to wrap it up. You’re not a filmmaker, that’s no problem, you can still grow your business with video, not just you can still grow your business with video, you don’t even need those skills. I will say you don’t need any of those skills. You just need to learn how to use the basic skills and how to understand the strategy of it. And I can help you do that. Of course I do one on one plans. I do. group coaching video bootcamp, I do those where we all learn together, how to show up with confidence and how to make really good strategy, strategic videos that grow your business. I love doing that. It’s been really, really fun. So again, you can find me on Instagram at Kim Richburg r i t t b e RG and I have a free download make sure to connect with me I have a free download on how to make awesome videos and how to be confident on camera. And to wrap it up the three tools are you need that tripod and ring light and get one for your floor or one for your desktop. That is to get great even lighting and to have a steady steady video. The second tool you need it is an editing app. You can use a very simple one like cap cut or in shot or you can you can edit inside the social media app. They are made for regular people. So play around with them. I have tutorials you can message me and I’ll send you to my tutorials. I have lots of amazing how to videos on how to use that if you follow me on social you will see them and then lastly, the tool you need confidence, confidence. You need to have the right mindset to be on camera. Alright, thanks so much. It was great. Make sure to drop me a line on social and tag me when you show up on camera.

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