Should You Speak In Your Real Estate Videos Or Stay Silent? • Video Boot Camp for Real Estate Professionals • Kim Rittberg

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Do you really need to speak on video for social media? Can it really help you sell more homes? Award-winning marketer and realtor video coach Kim Rittberg teaches you about leveraging video and social media marketing to sell more homes and break down how to do it. Take part in her challenge for this week!

Kim has her ‘VIP Thought Leader Media Day’ where she’ll create your messaging to highlight you as the ‘go-to agent’ and film you on a special filming day in New York City. You’ll walk away with months worth of video and social media content and all of your materials for a media kit.

Grab her free 10 tips to video that sells more homes + bonus ‘Get Confident On Camera’: Newsletter — Kim Rittberg.

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