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Mike Cuevas isn’t afraid to tell you that your marketing sucks. For years Mike has written the most successful blog on real estate marketing and branding for brokers – Real Estate Marketing Dude. Aside from being a top producer himself, Mike has devoted years to studying branding and bringing those strategies directly to the real estate broker community. Recently Mike launched Attracktor, an all-in-one marketing and branding system to help you get more clients. In our conversation Mike gives the specific mindset a broker needs to manifest more clients and deals. He also dives into social marketing strategies that produce results.

Read Mike Cuevas’s blog Real Estate Marketing Dude and learn about Attracktor, his branding service for brokers.


D.J. Paris 0:15
Hello, and welcome to another episode of Keeping it real. The only podcast made by Chicago real estate brokers for Chicago real estate brokers. My name is DJ Paris, I am your host through the show. And today I’m really excited because we just sat down with Mike Cuevas, also known as the real estate marketing dude, and owner of a tractor, a marketing program for brokers to help you get more referrals. And Mike is the real deal. So this was a really exciting show for us and a good guest to have on the show, because he has spent years and years aside from being a top producer, learning all the tricks of the trade of how to increase the number of deals you do through referrals. So we’re really excited to have Mike here in just a few moments, and also excited to be over the hump of 50 episodes. So congrats to us. But really, it’s congratulations to you the listeners. So please continue to tell every broker you know about this show. Again, our intention here, if this is your first time listening, is to bring top producers, usually we only interview the top 1% of all brokers in Chicago, and there are 42,000 realtors, so we’re only looking at really the top 420 or so, and asking them to be on the show to tell other brokers, how they built their business, what they do differently so that you can learn from their success. And again, we’re grateful that it seems to be resonating with people. And we’re gonna keep making episodes. And we also, every episode, I say, Hey, if you know anyone that should be on the show, tell us well, I’m going to tell you not to do that right at this exact moment only because it is not that we don’t want your recommendations. Of course we do. But we’re backlogged by 20 people’s we’ve had 20 people reach out to us saying, I want to be on the show. And so we’re in the process of booking them. So for the next few months, we’re probably set but definitely still send us your recommendations. Just don’t be offended. If it takes us a couple of months to get to that person we will and we’re excited that people are so wanting to hear from other people. So thanks again for continuing to support our show. Find us on Facebook, just do a search for keeping it real pod are keeping a real podcast you’ll see us there we post every one of our episodes directly there. And also on our website which you can stream every single episode keeping it real pod.com You can even sign up to get an email every time we publish a new episode. Of course, we’re always on iTunes, Google Play Stitcher, anywhere podcasts are served. So let’s just get to it. Mike Cuevas coming up after the break.

Okay, today on the show, we have Mike Cuevas, who is also known as the real estate marketing dude, he has a podcast, he’s written books. He has this product called attractor, which we’re going to talk about which is a real estate marketing platform for brokers. He’s also been a top producer. He was in the Chicagoland area for a very long time. We’re gonna listen to that story. And now he is out west. But he has gone all in on the real estate marketing and training business. And he’s awesome. If you’ve ever checked out real estate marketing do.com If you haven’t, you need to because it’s just got amazing content. His podcast is great. His videos are great. He’s been a top producer. And anyway, we’re just gonna turn it over to him because we’re excited to have him. So welcome to the show.

Mike Cuevas 3:43
What’s up keeping it real? How you guys doing?

D.J. Paris 3:47
Well, we’re glad to have you. I’ve been a fan of Mike’s content for a long time. And we’re we’re similar in a way where, you know, Mike has a podcast where he does a lot of this actually, can you tell us a little bit about your podcast?

Mike Cuevas 3:59
Yeah, it’s a podcast is just called a real estate marketing dude. We do a lot of just various interviews, sort of like pop up interviews, nothing’s really scripted or anything and we just talked about more like outside the box, call it marketing ideas but more on the attraction and we try to stay far away from the door knocking and cold calling and all of that type of content because there is not a shortage of gurus they’ll be happy to talk about that kind of stuff. So we’re doing a little bit attraction based marketing is what we really really really like.

D.J. Paris 4:31
Yeah, and let’s go through your history. Tell us about how you got started in real estate and your journey from from sort of that first inkling I know you you’ve stopped you took a class to finish up your college degree down it was it ISU or Southern Illinois Salukis SIU Baby, tell us tell us tell us how you got into real estate.

Mike Cuevas 4:51
So I got into real estate was the last college elective was about 330 in the morning and we were completely blacked out drunk and I needed three hours to graduate In this one of my buddies I remember, seen him in years, but his name was Teddy fabulous. We used to call him. He’s like, Yo, dude, you got to, you know, take the real estate class man and take the real estate class and little I know, ended up being my, my entire career and that 330 In the morning decision. So that’s how it works. How many people actually use their degrees? Right? Yeah, not me. A lot of people don’t. And fortunately, it’s, uh, well, we won’t get into the college debate on this show. But yeah, just know, so many people don’t use their degrees. And it’s sad. But yeah, it just fell into my lap. Just some it’s only thing I’ve ever done since college, and I just sort of figured it out. Trial and error, hustle, hustle, hustle.

D.J. Paris 5:42
And yeah, and you’ve been a broker, obviously, you’ve been a brokerage owner. You’ve managed people. You’ve done all facets of the business, from rentals to sales to investments to short sales, kind of run the gamut.

Mike Cuevas 5:57
Yeah, we have it’s what’s really interesting is, we have I’ve had a team of 29 agents. At one point, I’ve had a team of four agents. At one point, I had my own brokerage at one point I have as an independent agent, one point, I had a small just one partner at one point, sort of done, it all seen all different types of micro market cycles. Remember, in 2006, and seven, that was the pre construction game. So I remember I positioned myself as the new construction guy, and we were selling out developments, you know, in a weekend floor plans back in those days. But then I was a short sale guy. And then before that, I was shy town, Mike and all that. And the point is, is that there’s always a market in, in the real estate, business, there’s always a niche to be in. But every time I had spurts in my career, it was because I was in a niche, not a general real estate agent. I think that’s more relevant for anybody today, because all of us just say, oh, man, real estate, great, who fucking cares? You know, unless you really dial in your niche and whom you are, I don’t think you really resonate with everyone because everybody has a frickin real estate license. But at least in San Diego they do is 37,000. Realtors here, but probably only about 8000 That actually practice?

D.J. Paris 7:07
Yeah, we’ve got we’ve got 42,000 here in Chicago, and I bet you probably about the same amount actually produce as yours. So maybe 8000 or so.

Mike Cuevas 7:17
No, that’s that makes sense that the one numbers have never changed in the in the whole business folks is that 10% is, you know, 10% of agents still do 90% of the business that has been consistent regardless of the technology and trends and anything. And just because some people take their job seriously, I think, I don’t think this is a part time career. I mean, you could, but I don’t think you really do much good for the clients, you represent part time. There’s a lot of things happening and you really do got to know what you’re doing. It’s a lot different than just opening and closing the door, especially in today’s market.

D.J. Paris 7:48
So how did you transition from producing yourself to teaching and training?

Mike Cuevas 7:55
Well, good question. I always have I don’t ever stop learning like I’m reading reading, reading reading and the teaching and training parts are just came naturally because of the you know, there’s since my career I’ll say 2002 I was 22 years old when I got licensed. I’ve seen about three to maybe four different markets. The first one was in 2006 2005 2003 That was the boom days those are the good old days where you literally would trip over a sale I mean if you cannot make over 100 grand in those years you’re fucking retarded it was really really there people were buying new construction I mean if you looked on the news everyone’s like real estate real estate real estate and appreciates it was like no one reminds me of it was like the cryptocurrency the latest fad of that real estate. But then once the crash happened so during that time I had to learn about all of that stuff so I was always the one sort of taking the ownership I’m learning the systems and I believe in leveraging your time in our business versus through what you know and through knowledge than just trying to be in run be involved in running the day to day aspects. I was always focused on the bigger picture in order to do that meant I had to show others how to do my job for me so I didn’t have to do it. I like watching the Chicago Bears on Sundays. I don’t like sitting open houses. So I was always about leverage short sale days or no we’re no no other difference. I remember short sales is like 2007 I rented an office and a Keller Williams and River North right next to an attorney that had a bunch of short sales and he’s like, I’m like what the fuck is a short sale? And before I know this dude referred me seven files and I’m like I’m still like what the fuck is a short sale I got two point I got 2.1 million and pending sales and I don’t even know if the hell they are right. Little did I know the attorney was fucking retarded. He had no idea what he was doing and I’m like fuck this. I started traveling the country with all the Guru’s and I started just go into event after event after event. And that’s the difference is like I will spend 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of dollars on coaching and Masterminds on edge occasion on products and services. There’s not a frickin Booker’s product or service I haven’t bought if you guys want one recently for 50 percents, I have them all. But the point is, is that you have to put yourself outside there in that comfort zone. And the only reason we knew shit we took on short sales because no one else wanted to take the time to learn about the freakin problem. I would say about early on in those days 60 70% of our files came from other realtors, you know, we’re making money hand over fist because other agents were too lazy to learn how to do the exact same thing. So we took advantage of it. Then short sales turned into a brokerage I had to learn how to do brokers and then the one year leader, you have to lead your troops, you know, you have to lead your team. So it sort of just came through that evolution. recently. It’s been you know, the last five years I’ve been really involved in personal branding as I see this business come last last people don’t give a shit what brokerage you work for they care about you write 100. So I think the entire the whole personal branding wave is huge. I think lead generation as a whole is going to slowly be dying. Because people get it now they know when they opt in on an online forum that they’re getting call by 40 Fucking people, right? You know, I mean,

D.J. Paris 11:12
well, I always I always tell people that you know, and not that this is any revolutionary thought or a great insight. But like Zillow is a marketing company and they are really what there’s a lead gen company. That’s how they make their money. And it makes sense. And they’re going to sell that lead to three or four people and you know, now you’re competing with three or four people.

Mike Cuevas 11:32
Yeah, now those in the in the game too. We I was funny because I just saw speaking to Zillow, friggin elephant in the room. I just saw a post I wrote on Facebook, someone just tagged me in it. It was it was about a year and a half ago about what Zillow was actually going to be doing, right. And we’re like they’re going to take on the post that says specifically, they’re going to weed out the low pain monthly users. They’re going to start they’re going to they’re going to go in and focus on 5000 plus a month type users and then they’re going to leverage those users and send them back business called a brokerage call. You’re not but what’s the difference? It’s the same concept they’re going to feed and that’s why they’re buying houses. No, they’re just buying the houses to give those leads to the listing agents. Those deals are going to work and it’s sorry, you can’t you can’t fault them for it. But it’s a problem that you know, we gave we created on our own fault. And with that agents have to be more creative because there’s so many other solutions out there. So you have to be creative. You have to do more than just put a listing on the MLS and pop aside in the yard if your listing agent because honestly, I would just do that with Redfin, if that’s all your marketing plan is

D.J. Paris 12:42
absolutely no question. And Redfin does a lot of things really well. You know, there what brokers get very worried about Redfin, and they shouldn’t be worried is because Redfin is cheaper than they are, and is probably as good of a customer experiences I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t mean the broker can’t duplicate that experience. But boy, they’ve got a lot of things done, right. You’re right.

Mike Cuevas 13:05
If you don’t mind, let’s chat on. This is a really hot topic right now. Yeah, let’s share with what’s coming what’s going on here in California, because it’s on the West Coast. And it hasn’t hit the Midwest yet. But I’ll show you guys what’s going to be coming and I would give it the next six to 18 months, there’ll be in your market two. Out here. There’s a company they started in LA, since I moved out here and call it into July, August. They weren’t in the San Diego market yet. Now they are in the San Diego market. So they’ve made it an hour and a half south. From the LA market. It’s a company called Purple bricks. Purple bricks is a full service, flat fee brokers 3700 bucks. Wow. And they are they have more money than all of us combined. And what they’re doing is they’re plugging the airwaves on radio and television like you cannot I drove here this morning, I heard two purple brick commercials and the meaning and what they’re saying is they’re like, real misery. When you hire an agent, they don’t earn their commission. Basically, they’re throwing Realtors under the bus on how big of a waste of money it is to pay 567 percent commission right now, the reason why that’s a big deal is because when you start swaying public opinion like that, it’s very hard to come back. Right. You know, and they because they have the, you know, the pockets to flood the airwaves with all of these shows. There’s I mean, it’s a question being asked on these listing presentations. I’m working with some of the top agents in these offices. And they’re being asked Hey, will you do a flat fee or brokerages buyer’s agents are you know, meet people open house Hey, my agents going to give me a 1% rebate are you gonna do that? And now we’re losing our mojo and our leverage. So it’s extremely big. It’s a it’s a big issue. And I guarantee you guys will see purple bricks and about within a two year timeframe. They’ll be in that marketplace. And you’re gonna have to come up with a way to fight back and it’s not so much fight competition is good, right? makes us get better. Yeah, I don’t I think I think competence greats the concept of America if you don’t like it go to fucking Venezuela. But the whole concept is, is that competition forces us to do better things. And I’m telling you guys right now, the real estate industry is under massive attack. And if you don’t think people are out there trying to squeeze your Commission’s they are and they will and it’s going to happen. The question is, is how do you adapt to that? And I want to leave it with this. So do you have? Do you get your hair cut at a special place? I do. Do you always go to that special place? Yep. So do you have long hair? No, but I have a lot of hair. You got a lot of hair, okay, so you have a place you go to that probably does your hair. It’s not certain way. You’re like, Dude, that’s not my point. On my let’s do on my own and the other and I barely have any hair, like I have the worst haircut ever. And there’s not much I can do with it, my hair is thinning out. And sometimes I decide to go to a higher end place versus go to Sport Clips. And honestly, I’ll get the same haircut. Right, the higher end place shaves up my neck, and they have a different level of service that’s like I get a little massage, right? And it’s no different, like people will pay more for something that they fear they feel is earned or justified. Yes. Right. And there’s only lack of these less expensive, expensive options only infiltrate the marketplace when lack of value is present. And that’s just like an extreme lack of value in the real estate industry. So it’s superduper important, I don’t think that real estate agents are gonna go away, I do think that they’re gonna get squeezed. And I think that we’re gonna have to do more to earn our commissions because of the lesson.

D.J. Paris 16:41
And I think the good news with with the squeezing in a lot of the squeezing is too that a lot of the information is more readily available to the public. They don’t need the broker. You know, I always tell brokers are and again, I I know that not everyone would agree with this. But you know, your clients don’t need you to help them find a home to buy. Like they can do that on their own. You know, they have access to Zillow, Redfin all over the, you know, the MLS is distributed everywhere, so they can find it, they can find a home and buy it. So if they’re going to choose you, you better have a real good reason. Now a buyer obviously isn’t paying you directly, although you could argue they’re sort of paying you. But certainly in for a seller, you better be able to explain Hey, Redfin will do it for 1%. Why are you charging? You know, 3%? Or two and a half percent? Why are you worth a percent and a half more? And if you don’t have a good answer to that, then you’re done?

Mike Cuevas 17:29
Yeah. And the answer, if you’re caught, if you’re caught like a deer in the headlights, you need to work on your value prop. Absolutely. Like right now, if you don’t know how to answer that question, like, I can answer that question in two seconds. And it’d be like, do you really care? Do you care more about what I make? Or what I sell your house? For? First? Answer. Sure. And secondly, I would just say like, you know, this is what you get when you get the bass if you don’t think let’s say the house is worth, let’s say the difference in spread is 1.5%. And commission and let’s say $500,000. House. So what does that $6.70 500 bucks? Yep. So the question isn’t $7,500 The question is, Mr. Seller, do you really think my involvement in the transaction won’t net you? $7,500 more, right. And that’s what the that’s how you battle that. It’s really simple. But if you don’t have that, I tell these, I tell you justice all the time. It’s like, we sell confidence. Yes, you know, we sell we sell that people, you know, are coming to us to make so that they can make a better decision for their family. And when the confidence lacks, and that instant, will I believe the seller makes up their mind right there. Justin, how that objection can be answered?

D.J. Paris 18:39
Well, I know. I know, when I bought my first home, the condo here in Chicago, the the the the most valuable thing my realtor said to me was why we walked in and I saw it was like kind of mid construction. It wasn’t quite ready. And I had to sort of use my imagination to make it all look right. And then I went, I think this is the place he goes, You have to put it this was like on a Saturday he was you have to put it off for it on Monday or it’ll be gone. And I wouldn’t have known that. And I was like, Really, I can’t think about longer. He’s like, you cannot think about that longer. Somebody else will take that. And he was a good friend of mine. He wasn’t saying it to close the sale. He was he was giving me unbelievably good advice. And yeah, sure enough, there were two other offers. I got the place but there were two other offers right after right. So you know, I always think, you know, people come to you for advice, they come to you to solve problems. They don’t necessarily come for you to be able to give them access to the MLS although that that you do that too.

Mike Cuevas 19:31
But yeah, exactly. Exactly. People, you got to do more than the average in the status quo and, and trust me folks, your broker isn’t there isn’t going to help you figure this out. That’s 96% of consumers chose the agent over the brand they’re affiliated with, which means only 4% said hey, I’m gonna work with this agent because they work at ABC Realty, I can guarantee you that that 4% is in the superduper luxury market that point one to 5% of us actually working

D.J. Paris 19:58
right yeah, you know, is We have 600 brokers at our firm and as cool as it would be for me to say, oh my gosh, our firm name is so nobody cares. They just care about the individual.

Mike Cuevas 20:08
But who cares? That’s the individual. And that that has changed though. Since I got licensed I remember. Gosh, what was the first office? I was with big office? It was like 2000 to 2003. Floor time was still kicking. Wow. You know, I remember and I used to work at Acadia get stray who’s no longer in Chicago now. They’re WorkSource. Yeah, that was a one over on Clark Street and Linkin Park. Oh, sure. And I remember, they used to not let us even put our cell phone number. It’s actually the reason why I left that company is that they didn’t let us put our cell phone numbers on our signs. And I was just like, dude, like, last year, 10% of buyers found their agent from their sign from a sign. That’s why I wanted my frickin cell phone number on the sign. I didn’t want why I’m calling the office. Yeah, of course. I don’t want some nitwit just got licensed, answering questions about my property. But that was because I used to generate floor calls for this. But yeah, that’s totally changed. And I remember even at that time, people I had you had to be with a bigger brokerage. Back then it was it was a difference. It really was made a difference. People would be like, Oh, so you work at Kindig and stray or you look at that. And I was always like, dude, these people don’t do anything for me. What rights off am I doing here? Other than the camaraderie and the culture, that was really what I want a stick that stuck around for sure.

D.J. Paris 21:28
Let’s talk about a tractor because this is this is Mike’s flagship service. It’s awesome. Tell us about it.

Mike Cuevas 21:35
So we had a tractor we started working out about four years ago, driving through my car was a cold, freaking freezing cold day, snowing out and I call my partner up and I’m like, Dude, I had this idea. So the idea ended up turning into like an all in one type of solution. We’re going to be we’re just about ready to finally start releasing this. But there’s two versions of what attractor is. Our primary market are brokerages independent brokerages. And what it is, it’s a full all in one. So we have a marketing company built within our built inside of our software offerings. So we literally put a marketing dude in each office, talking about video editing services, WordPress websites, a full done for you solution of virtually every aspect with marketing support, but it’s also a transaction management platform. So we believe in two things, right? attractor does one thing really well from the marketing side. And that is what we call database marketing. Yes, it keeps your brand at the forefront so that you aren’t forgotten about

D.J. Paris 22:41
it. I want to pause my for a second because this is really, really important. One of Mike’s big sort of tenants that he over and over and over again tries to relate to brokers is that your database will forget about you if you do not keep your name in front of them do not assume like Mike has said, Hey, how many times have you gone on Facebook and seen that one of your friends bought a home? And they didn’t call you and it’s not because they don’t like you? And it’s not even because they didn’t want to work with you. It’s that they forgot you are a broker.

Mike Cuevas 23:08
Yeah, don’t take it personally. And it’s not it’s not their job to remember what you do for a living. It’s right. It’s your job that consistently consistently stay in front of them. But the challenge has always been how do that without shoving boring real estate content down their throats? Right? People don’t want any more of your frickin Oh, turn back the clock emails. I wrote an edge shut away.

D.J. Paris 23:28
I wrote an article once that said nobody wants to read your newsletter. Yeah.

Mike Cuevas 23:33
So like when we’re attract, it really just allows you to create, you know, media around your brand. And it’s no different than how BestBuy markets their business. What we do is we set up a direct mail campaign that’s automated through a tractor. It’ll basically farm your relationships, and the content on our campaigns are all pre done for you. And it’s really simple. It’s just there. It’s toilet humor. None of it is really real estate related. None of it’s supposed to close anybody. It’s just remaining relevant. We have a video email component in there. It’s very similar to like a bom bom sure if you will. Yep. And same thing we farm relationships. But with entertaining type content, like Valentine’s Day, videos, yeah, fun pipe stuff, just stuff that actually build your brand isn’t necessarily real estate related. And then the third component of it. That’s really exciting is the video we have video editing services and all of that and, you know, keeping consistency with your database and social media through storytelling, not advertising. There’s a major difference in how you can tell your story on a daily basis. Yeah, I

D.J. Paris 24:38
agree. I always say brokers make a huge mistake when all they ever do is post on Facebook a hey, here’s my new listing. Check it out. Like okay, fine. I guess that’s maybe that’s better than nothing, maybe. But like, again, no, nobody really cares. How about putting some content that people actually care about or that are interested in

Mike Cuevas 24:57
it? Let’s paint a picture out for someone. I’ll give you guys a good That just happened a few weeks ago here. So same thing we got this agent here. His name’s Billy. Billy does Billy is a traditional like Tom Ferry guy right where he’s your cold call cold call prospect prospects prospect. And yeah, those things still work. If you throw enough shit at something of course it’s going to work unless you’re just again retarded. Now what Billy did I’m like Billy, quit advertising and start storytelling. Yeah. So what he started doing and what he did is I’m a big fan of long form posts on Facebook. Yeah. Long Form posts is like when you just write it like a story, like a couple paragraphs. And if you guys don’t believe me, how many of those have you read in the last week? And I know all of you are like, Yeah, I did read that. So exactly. Sure you’re find yourself reading them, which is why you should be creating them because people will follow that story. Long story short, it’s not just listed. It’s more of like, this homeowner is trying to go back to Mexico and they have to, they have to sell this house before they do it. Right. So for whatever the reason is, it’s never just sold. Its I just helped this 85 year old homeowner sell their house for $4,700.66 higher than what their Zestimate set, right? Here’s how. Yep, and all we’re doing is just mimicking HGTV. Guys, this isn’t rocket science. If HGTV has a giant channel and network that already proved the concept. Why the hell are we trying to recreate it? Follow it, mimic it just put in your own way. So now on his personal page, so he generated for referrals just from doing a storytelling post versus the straight up you know, classified ad come get it is listed. And it just because people read the story and the related to it, it’s really that simple.

D.J. Paris 26:43
Yeah. And all of a sudden, it makes that broker a human being to who? Yeah. Awesome, awesome advice. What, what else are brokers not doing? You have any other suggestions for social media or just marketing in general?

Mike Cuevas 26:58
I think there’s two things happening right now. And Inman News wrote an article about this. I talked about it a lot on my podcast, my blog and whatnot. And this is in 2015, Inman News came out with an article this is before it actually happened. They’re like, there’s three threats to the real estate industry. One is a poor consumer experience. Two was two was entry by non industry companies. Right? And then three was not our I think, the less expensive as for me, it was just two of them. Here’s the point. It’s exactly right. Zillow came out with a study last year, and I think it was like 20% of a sudden, like 18 to 20% of people who use an agent wish they would have just done it on their own right now, that’s a major industry related problem. And lack of value is what people are bitching about. So the sad part is that you don’t see Nard doing anything about any of this. They’re just sort of sitting on the sidelines collecting their dues, because they’re stuck in a predicament, I think, you know, how do you weed the industry out? Because the truth is, is that we’re killing ourselves, because of the low barrier of entry and all the other things around it. Now, what I’m getting at is the consumer experience is freaking everything. And the consumer experience is what we are selling. It’s all we have left. It’s no different than you getting that haircut. Right? We’re just talking about you go there for that experience. Yep. You’re not going there. Because you’re trying to save money. And it’s that experience that people are after, which is why it is such a key key key key component. And Experience is everything from the level of service that you provide to how you make people feel.

D.J. Paris 28:38
No question and I’ll tell you about about the haircut. The reason why I spend a premium and a sizable premium if that where I could go to you know, a cheaper place is my my stylist is amazing. And she’s been amazing. From day one, she exceeds expectation. She’s great. And I also don’t want to have to look for another person, she exceeds my expectation. So there is no reason I pay a bit of a premium to do it. I tipper on top of that, it I am happy to do that, because I never have to think about that again. And you’re so right that if your buyers and sellers have that same experience, they will never go anywhere else.

Mike Cuevas 29:15
Yep. You’re and they won’t. It’s exactly why building the brand is so important when you build a brand that people are connected to, emotionally personally. Every other alternative option is less important in their minds, right? Like you’re in your right people don’t want it you don’t want to go out and search for new hairdressers. How long is that going to really take you I don’t want to go search for a new realtor. I want to just know that my realtor has their back and they’re earning their fees but when I’m getting all these less expensive options I’m starting to second guess that the more and the more powerful I’m connected to that Realtors brand unless I second

D.J. Paris 29:50
guessed that I believe I believe that’s almost always the case. I think you’re absolutely right and and so part of what Mike teaches is is how to do this right and so his tractors,

Mike Cuevas 30:01
tractor. So the front end of it is on the marketing side, it’s a full CRM, we have a bunch of marketing services in there, it’s really simple. It’s just keep your name in front of your database, so you’re not forgotten. The other half of it is transaction management, enhancing the consumer experience. So it’s everything from full transparency where there’s a client facing login and our portal to a brokerage, managing all of their agents and transactions inside of it. So it’s a it’s the first all in one transaction management and CRM combined. But we’re taking it to a different level with it is that when we bring on a new brokerage, we’re not looking at them as a client, we’re looking at them as an affiliate partner. Sure. So we know that those brokerages are all being squeezed by their agents. And we know that the brokerage model of today is your customer service department for realtors, the realtors are your clients and not the actual buyers and sellers.

D.J. Paris 30:52
We say that at our firm all the time. I’m on the support team. And I say our we’re all licensed, but we don’t work with the public. We work our our brokers, our clients, no question.

Mike Cuevas 31:01
So when we when we affiliate with basically, yeah, it’s a CRM is a transaction management. But when we affiliate with an office, we put our whole marketing company inside of there so that all of the value added services that we can get or give. The brokers now do that, as you know, the brokerages are able to share that with their agents. Now, the way we look at it is their agents are gonna go buy this stuff somewhere, right? Right, they’re gonna go buy websites, somewhere, they’re gonna go buy Facebook ads, services, that where they’re gonna go buy video editing service somewhere. So we’re like, let’s just keep it in house and let’s affiliate with you. So when I say affiliate, I mean that we are an income stream for brokerages not an expense, right? And we affiliate with on basic level of services that we offer. And the brokerage has two options, you can pass your agents the discount, or you can, you know, take it as an income stream so that you have the income to either hire your own marketing dude in office or something along those lines, if that makes sense. Yeah, makes perfect sense. We’re just rejuvenating. We don’t want to just be a software company, we want to be a little bit more than that. We want to actually provide the same level of support that a national franchise would to any of their users and our franchisees,

D.J. Paris 32:10
and I would think you should be able to exceed what most of the franchisees franchises provide their franchisees because as you’ve seen out marketplace, it’s not all that impressive in a lot of ways.

Mike Cuevas 32:21
Yeah, this is the first time it’s 57 or 56% of agents are now with independent brokerages. Sure, that’s nationwide. And yeah, you’re right, because everything is so local now that the franchise doesn’t really hold much bearing. I don’t believe much anymore, because what are they really offering support? Other than taking fees here and there?

D.J. Paris 32:43
Yeah, and perhaps good training, but if you’ve already been trained, then you know, what do you what do you need that you know, some of those What Why are you paying 30 to 50%? Well, probably not 50% anymore, but some people are, but certainly even 30 to 40 percents a lot. All right. Well, you guys, everyone who’s listening needs to start following Mike and learn about attractor which is attractor with a K so attract and then the K to Rs ATT RS

Mike Cuevas 33:09
at t r a c k t o r.com. There’s a free course on my website that sort of gives you guys a if you want, there’s a go to real estate marketing do.com. And under the training button, you can sign up for a free course that really shows you what personal branding is, how attraction versus chasing. And the truth is, you should probably be doing both. But there’s a whole thing that outline how it works and all that other stuff if you guys are interested.

D.J. Paris 33:38
Well and Mike not only is the owner and founder of both real estate marketing dude and attractor but he is using the same techniques and strategies on real estate marketing dude. So when you go there and also follow me on Facebook as well. But real estate marketing dude, that watch his videos, watch how he read his content, you will see exactly he is practicing what he preaches. And he’s had a tremendous amount of success in the broker community here in Chicago. Everyone knows Mike because of this website because of his passion. His videos are amazing. And you know, obviously he’s he’s he knows what he’s talking about. But so get get hooked on this stuff because it really is that and his podcasts. Listen to that, too. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All right, Mike. Well, if anyone we’ve already let’s give the website one more time, there’s real estate marketing do.com where you can watch my videos, you can read articles, you can listen to his podcast, which is also available in iTunes and everywhere else which is real estate marketing dude. And then attractor with a K is where you can learn about his all in one marketing solution and CRM. And we’re very excited to have you on the show. So thanks so much.

Mike Cuevas 34:44
Thank you for having me. It was very great to speak with you today. So alright, but up I like it.

D.J. Paris 34:49
Alright, thanks, Mike. Thanks, guys.

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