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Welcome to another episode of Video Boot Camp for Real Estate professionals with Kim Rittberg.

Hiding from the camera means hiding from clients! To grow your business in today’s market you need to show up on camera! According to the National Association of Realtors, an overwhelming majority of buyers and sellers want an agent who is using video. Kim Rittberg is an award-winning Digital Video Expert who teaches real estate agents how to grow their leads, revenue and credibility with video. Kim will help you go from Camera Shy to Camera Shine and crush those self-limiting beliefs holding you back.

To grow your business in today’s market you need to show up on camera.
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I’m so happy to be back on keeping it real. I always have so much fun and please keep following me on social everyone has reached out to me I love engaging with and I love hearing from you. I’m Kim Rydberg I help real estate agents grow their leads income and credibility with video and podcasts. And I got here from being a TV news producer for about a decade, I launched the digital video unit for Us Weekly meaning I turn an office into a live TV studio, which is basically what every single business owner has to do today. And I worked in video marketing at Netflix and Pop Sugar. And so now I take all of that experience to empower and teach real estate agents, how they can leverage video and podcasts to grow their own business. It’s really, really fun for me, I do one on one and group coaching. And one thing I really want to focus on today is about being camera shy, and how you can go from camera shy to camera shine. I recently spoke at the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices National Sales convention in Las Vegas. Yes, I flew to Vegas, I was like the only person not participating in sin city in the world. I really was there just to speak and meet people. And anyway, it was really, really fun. There were 1000s of agents there I met so many incredible people looking to grow and invest in themselves. And one of I taught two sessions and one of the sessions, I want to drop some of the lessons that people really responded to here. And it’s about how to cut through your camera shyness how to go from camera shy to camera shine. And I want to start by saying, obviously, I’m a believer in video. But not just because I come from video and TV. But rather, there are all of these studies and all of these statistics that show that if you’re using video, you’re getting better conversion rates. And like over 85% of buyers and sellers want an agent who’s using video 90% of companies are seeing video convert to sales. So it’s just a better sales tool. And when you think about a filtered headshot with three sentences on social media, versus a video of a real estate agent, talking about their neighborhood, why they love it so much walking their dog letting you get to know them, when you think about those two agents, if you were a buyer who you want to work with. So I love teaching agents how to really grow with video. But one of the things you got to get that band aid off, you got to rip off that band aid. I personally was camera shy when I started my business when I left corporate. But I realized very quickly that you can’t be shy because hiding from the camera means hiding from clients. So today, I’m going to give you a couple of tips on how to get over that fear and some tactical ways to get you on camera. So number one, I want to say by the way, when you start showing up on camera, you will have some early wins. But the truth is it’s not like you make one video and suddenly a bunch of leads come in. But when you start using video in a consistent and effective and strategic way like you have a plan, you know your messaging you know who your ideal client is and you understand broadly the things you’re talking about. And then you’re showing up consistently whether that’s twice a month or seven times a month. It really will unlock a lot of leads. I’m seeing this with my one on one real estate clients I’m seeing with my group coke group coaching clients, the people who are showing up consistently are having dormant leads meaning people who I hadn’t seen in years come back, see their content reengage with it. And they’re connecting to new people because if someone is considering you then they go to your social page. You’re in their consideration set they’re checking you out on so Marshall, they’re getting to know you better there. So the more you can show up is, the more you can be competitive. And the reason why it’s so important to put yourself on camera is because you are your unique special sauce. Basically, if I have one video idea, and I give it to 100 Real Estate Agents, I’m gonna get 100 different videos back because you each bring your own unique, special something. So don’t forget that, you know, sometimes I think people feel like, oh, every idea has been out there, but you are what makes it unique? Your perspective? Your why, why you’re an agent, why you love that neighborhood, why you’re why you love helping people. So I want to I wanted to start with that. So I’m going to start with being on camera. Basically, hiding from the camera means hiding from clients. I was very camera shy when I started my business. I really had all those negative voices in my head that you all have. I feel self conscious of my voice, how do I look, I feel awkward acts of normal feeling everybody feels it. I’ve mean, I’ve trained on camera coached CEOs, members of Congress, celebrities, every single person feels that way. So you’re in great company. And then I basically, once you get your mindset, you have to really think about getting out of what I call supermodel mode. So get out of supermodel mode, stop thinking about how you look and who’s looking at you, and get into teacher mode. Start thinking about who you’re teaching, how you’re educating them. Basically, if you’re showing up on camera, it’s to speak to your ideal client. It’s to tell them what you’re about. It’s to tell them who you are, it’s to bring your experience and personality to the forefront. So step one, quiet those negative voices. And the best way to quiet those voices is to remember why you’re putting yourself on camera. Sure, you can keep just doing home tours, you can keep posting photos of homes, but the truth is you’re going to be more effective as a salesperson, if you’re putting videos out there. And additionally, think about this. How many meetings can you have in person each week, with one video, you can reach hundreds or 1000s of people while you’re out doing your business, while you’re having lunch with your spouse while you’re walking your dog. So just remember, the power of social media is that is working in the background. You know, those of you who are doing social life, you look, you’re like, oh, even if you’re not posting a lot, you’re still having hundreds or 1000s of people see your content. So the time you put in gets exponentially grown. Anyway, so I’m gonna return back to the concept of camera shy to camera shine. I felt that same way I was self conscious the limiting beliefs I had. I’m self conscious, who wants to hear from me? Am I really an expert? I mean, I do think of an expert. I was one of the beliefs I had less. But I know a lot of people feel like who am I? Why does anyone want to hear my perspective, but you have to remember, you’re only talking to your ideal client. So you’re going to ignore any of those negative voices you’re hearing in your head. When you’re feeling self conscious. you’re envisioning, Nancy from high school who was mean to you in the cafeteria. Or you’re envisioning John, the colleague who stabbed you in the back. Those people are not following on social if they are, and you feel like they’re writing mean things. It’s in their own head, it’s their negative, it’s their negativity. But truly attention is so hard to get. It’s so hard to get attention. So probably they’re not paying attention to you. They’re probably thinking about what they’re cooking for dinner. Right. So don’t give them any power. Don’t give them any any weight, really talk to your ideal client, identify who you’re talking to, and make every video for that person. And then the more you do that, you’ll start realizing that they’re responding, they’re there, they’re there for you. So we’re gonna stop hiding from the clients. Once personally, once I stopped hiding from the camera, and started putting myself on camera, and I’m seeing this for all of my clients. I had one video, bring me three new clients. I did one video, I immediately got three new clients. I’ve tripled my speaking engagements. I’ve quadrupled my inbound leads meaning on LinkedIn, on Instagram, I get notifications, I get emails for discovery calls every single week, because I’m out there on podcasts, because I’m out there speaking because I’m out there putting myself on social so but it took me a while to get there. So it’s not like it just happened overnight. And so I want you to get there. I’m seeing the habits. My agent or my agents, David, he had somebody pop into his phone. Hey, loving what you’re putting out there. You want to grab lunch somebody hadn’t seen in years, the CEO of his company had messaged him saying He’s liking his content. So it’s both for your clients, but it’s also for peers. It’s for referrals, you know, you’re building up that big referral network. So now we’re getting out of basically to go from camera shy to camera shine. We’re getting out of supermodel mode. We’re getting into teacher mode. That’s the biggest biggest thing. That’s the number one mindset thing. I cannot stress it enough. I’m not a huge person who like reads books about mindset and self help, but I’m very much in touch with who I am and fighting through the things that hold me back. back, I had a lot of fear to start my own business, I had a lot of fear to put myself out there. I’m now speaking on national stages. I’m now contributing to Fast Company Magazine. I’ve been written up in Business Insider, those things are all happening because I started showing up. So I’m such an advocate of bringing yourself out there, putting yourself out there, telling yourself, you deserve it, and you’re worth it, because it’s worth it to push through. So you have to get through that mindset. And then after you’re getting through that mindset, you’re repairing your body. So you have to remember that when you’re talking, the camera is stealing our energy. So the best way to counteract that is to practice being authentic on camera. And I realized this a little ironic, but people were like, just be yourself. Don’t try to be yourself.

Try to be yourself on video. It’s a different version of you. It’s one where you have to practice breathing, and get yourself psyched up before you go on camera. But remember that we all are a little frozen, a little robotic on camera at first, that’s okay. Video number one will be worse than video five will be worse than video 10. But like, once you’re 10 videos and 20 videos in 30 videos, and you’re gonna be like, Oh, okay, I’m showing up more as myself. But yeah, it takes practice. It takes practice, just like every other thing. So preparing your mindset is you’re getting out of supermodel mode, you’re getting into teacher mode, and you’re preparing your body you are actually preparing and practicing. And the best way to practice is by putting yourself on camera. So I’m going to give you a challenge this week, I’m going to check in on you. I know a lot of you are following me on social net, which is amazing. I love it, you are going to put yourself on camera. And basically putting yourself on camera can be any of these things. The best way to do it is just just start talking to your camera in a very like casual way. You just like what is your day look like. So for example, I would put my camera up, I’ll hold it out as far as I can hold it up a little higher than eyeline. So we’re not getting that up the nose of the chin angle. And I’m just gonna bring bring my social followers into my day. Hey, everyone, I’m back from Vegas. I’m super jetlag, I’m going to drink lots of coffee, my kids are on spring break. So I’m gonna spend some time with them. And then I have a lot of follow up emails from all the great people I met I met, and a couple of a few calls. And then I’m going to take my kids to paint art at a new craft studio in Brooklyn. And then I might also here’s a tip, we put that video out on Instagram Stories. Basically, Instagram Stories disappears after 24 hours. So if you hate the video, don’t worry, it’s gone. But Instagram Stories is a great way to really connect with people and bring them in in a more sincere way. It’s less filtered. It’s not necessarily like a home tour. And it’s not necessarily even commentary on the market. It’s just you being bringing people into your day, obviously, you want to tie it a little bit to your job. So you know, as I mentioned, in that video, I just shot I mentioned, I just went to a speaking engagement. I mentioned I’m a parent, because that is a part of my life and other parents really connect with that. So in those videos, you can mention things about your life, if you have a pet, if you play basketball, if you love football, if you know you have kids, something that lets people connect with you on a personal level. And then my other tip is, in Instagram Stories, there are these things called stickers. It’s that little smiley face square. If you put out a poll, like if I wrote, I’m having my coffee, I’m super jet lagged. I love coffee, I can’t live it on my coffee, a poll you could put in there is coffee or tea. And people will vote coffee or tea. This is just a way to engage with people just to say actually who’s watching my stories. And you’ll you’ll be surprised. Sometimes people will respond to the poll. I’m like, Oh, I didn’t realize that person is following me or engaging with my content that’s interesting. Maybe you want to reach out to that person, you should engage with their content. So we’re bringing that social aspect back into social media. But again, the best way to do that is by putting our face in there because you want to give people a chance to get to know you. So there’s that was my first tip on how to get yourself on camera, I want to see you putting yourself on an Instagram story. And if you’re not on Instagram, Facebook also has like a similar feature where it’s just you putting it up just for today. and tag me in it. First of all tag me It’s Kim RITTBRG Kim Rydberg tag me, I will share it I will engage I will cheer you on. I love seeing people get on camera because as I mentioned before, showing up has completely skyrocketed my business. It’s skyrocketing the business of my agents. I’m seeing it all over. So I really want that for you too. So tip number one, you’re gonna show up on Instagram Stories. You’re going to use that engagement sticker to encourage people to interact with you putting the social back in social media. Another thing to do is practice talking to your camera. So even if you’re not going to run the video on social media, which I think you should but basically Every time you’re introducing yourself, every time you’re thinking of something that you want to talk about, practice, sing it to your camera, your mouth, and your body is a muscle just like anything else. So you actually have to say the words. Basically, if I asked you who you are and what you do, and I hear likes and arms, it means you didn’t practice it enough. As I mentioned, before, I do a lot of on camera coaching. We all say arms and legs, when we’re, when we’re reaching for words, we’re trying to figure out what we’re going to say, if someone asks you a little bit about yourself, you should have that pitch, ready to go. Like basically, I worked in TV, I would get to pick people who got to be on camera, I would select our guests. If I can’t be confident that you can, like have a really strong sound bite, you can’t get on TV. So likewise, similarly, you’re going to present better would you really understand your message and message messages like a phrase but message means Hi, I’m Kim Rydberg I help real estate agents grow with income leads and credibility with video and podcasts. I came from 15 years in media and marketing. And now I love helping business owners grow because I’m a business owner, too. It’s important to me to help people, business owners, let their content work harder for them. Do more with less. So I love empowering people to make great content that stands out without the burnout. So a little bit of that, to be honest, I was kind of making it up on the spot. But you hear there’s not a lot of ohms and likes, because I’ve been practicing my pitch, practicing what I’m saying a lot. So when you’re going on camera, your voice should be comfortable saying those things. So those are a few of my tips today about getting on camera one, you’re going to put yourself on video, you’re gonna bring people into your life on Instagram stories to you’re going to start talking to your camera and recording it, you’re going to record it. Because that red light, like I said, when you record, everyone feels uncomfortable. The red light steals your soul a little bit to record it. And then the third step, once you’re really doing this a lot, I recommend watching it back without being super judgmental, you know, do you is your area lit enough? Are you standing in a dark room? Do you know what you’re saying? You know, do you need to practice saying what you want to say more? It is really important to watch it back. But I recommend that for people who are really doing it for a while because I know everybody hates watching their footage back. But it is a really important aspect of improving. So that’s a couple of tips of ways to improve and practice your speaking. My last tip on practicing being on camera is the same as practicing public speaking. Anytime you’re in a room with other people consider that an opportunity to be on camera to be presentational to speak in a presentational way. So let’s say you have a caravan or you have an agent meeting a broker meeting and you’re talking in front of 10 people, or 20 people don’t mumble casually like you would to colleagues, which is something I always did, I didn’t like really think to take those opportunities when I was in a more corporate setting. Take any opportunity where you’re feeling a little nervous, a little sweaty baby, maybe your heart’s beating a little faster, take that opportunity to be an opportunity where you’re saying this is practice for me to get my message straight, to really speak confidently to speak presentation only. And by presentational I mean just like a little more energy a little more confidence that you might then you might at lunch with a friend. So any time you’re about to speak in front of a group, start using these tips before you go on. So basically, before you go on camera, you’re going to practice your breathing, you’re gonna breathe in for a count of four or five, and you’re going to breathe out for a count of four or five. That’s a great way to regulate your body. And you’re going to practice what you’re saying. You’ve already been practicing what you’re saying in the privacy of your own home recording it, then practicing it out loud to people. These things seem small, but I’ll tell you, those small moments in life adds up, they add up more comfortable you can get on camera, the more you’re attracting those ideal clients and letting them get to know you. Again, we’re talking about bringing your expertise and your unique perspective and letting people see that. So all right, those are three great tips to be on camera. So now I’m challenging you be on camera, put yourself on camera, no matter your social platform find me I’m at Kim Rydberg tagged me in it and say, you know, you know, just whatever you’re gonna say just message me and say I heard you and keeping it real and I will cheer you on. And I wanted to let people know that you can give a free download. From my website. It’s Kim rydberg.com I have tips to make high quality video content that grows your revenue. And when you get that you’re also gonna get a bonus download. We’ve had to go from camera shy to camera shine tips like these. So make sure to check out my website Kim rydberg.com and I also have a video bootcamp that you can apply for it is launching very, very soon, applications are open. I only run this boot camp a few times a year. So if you seem like a person who really needs to get your, you know, gear get on camera start growing your business with video. This is It is perfect for you. Okay to keeping it real Audience is the best so message me Tell me what you want me to hear from me next. I love teaching you all and you’re so fun to connect with. So hope you have a great day and don’t forget to go from camera shy to camera shy and get yourself on camera.

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