How To Go From Camera Shy To Camera Shine To Get Clients • Video Boot Camp for Real Estate Professionals • Kim Rittberg

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Welcome to another episode of Video Boot Camp for Real Estate professionals with Kim Rittberg.

Hiding from the camera means hiding from clients! To grow your business in today’s market you need to show up on camera! According to the National Association of Realtors, an overwhelming majority of buyers and sellers want an agent who is using video. Kim Rittberg is an award-winning Digital Video Expert who teaches real estate agents how to grow their leads, revenue and credibility with video. Kim will help you go from Camera Shy to Camera Shine and crush those self-limiting beliefs holding you back.

To grow your business in today’s market you need to show up on camera.
Grab Kim’s Free Download: Improve Your Video Quality to Increase Your Revenue! Grab 10 FREE tips from a former media executive so that you can take your videos from mediocre to magnetic.

Plus when you download these free tips, you’ll also receive an additional PDF on how to go from camera shy to camera shine.
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Kim Rittberg’s ‘Grow Your Business with Video’ Boot Camp wait list is open! The live coaching course will begin mid-April, apply today to save a spot!

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