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New video feature! In addition to continuing to produce the long-form audio interviews with top 1% producers, we’re also going to serve you up some bite-sized video goodness!

Keeping It Real Podcast producer Liz Lape is here to guide you on an actionable strategy to help your business. It’s short, helpful, and also on video!

In today’s Liz Lesson she discusses how to market and retain Gen Z real estate clients through authenticity.

Liz Lape Keeping It Real Podcast


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Hey guys, I’m Liz leg and this is your weekly list lesson. Attracting Gen Z buyers can be confusing. They’re new to the buying game and have different values from the generation before them. Take it from a fellow Gen Z or this generation values authenticity and personal connection with content, and they lose interest fast, especially online. This may come as a surprise but polished online advertising won’t cut it. Gen Z buyers tend to ignore online advertisements I reject the idea of being sold. Instead, create the personal bond Gen Z craves by sharing short videos stating your values as if you are having a conversation. This will increase trust and personal connection between you and the buyer. Another strategy is to try providing Gen Z buyers with online platforms like having your own Facebook business page, where clients can voice their opinions provided an opportunity to feel more engaged in the process. Thanks for watching those lessons and I’ll see you next time.

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