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Jordan Pyle from Pyle Residential at Keller Williams is not only a top producer in Chicago, but also is involved in leadership positions with his local association and brokerage. This spirit of getting involved and giving back has not only served his community, but indirectly helped accelerate his real estate business. In our conversation Jordan talks about how he’s utilizing his time during the stay-at-home order to continue to deepen relationships with his contacts and how agents can continue to move forward despite current restrictions.

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Jordan Pyle can be reached at 312-805-7074 and jordan@pyleresidential.com


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Okay today on the show we have Jordan Pytel from Keller Williams. Jordan is the founder of pile residential with Keller Williams in Chicago Linkin Park. Over the last six years, Jordan has built a robust real estate, business and network through hard work, authenticity and trust. Jordan believes that success in anything is 90% dependent on your mindset, and 10% on the actions you take on a day to day basis. Jordan is the current chair for the Chicago Association of Realtors Young Professionals Network. He’s also the founder and president of the Keller Williams young professionals Chicago chapter, he is a 2019 top producer, and in the last few days was just recently named in the National Association of Realtors. 30 under 30 is a very, very big deal. Jordan is passionate about leading by example and empowering and supporting others in achieving a limitless life. Please follow Jordan on Instagram. You can find him at Jordan dot pile. That’s p y le and, and also you can find him on his website pile. residential.com Jordan, thanks for being on the show.

Jordan Pyle 3:49
Thank you so much, DJ, I’m glad to be here. Hope everyone is taking care of themselves out there.

D.J. Paris 3:54
Yeah, I was telling Jordan, before we started I’m like, I’m not feeling 100%. So I may disappear for a few weeks from things but no, I think I’m okay. But yeah, I agree. We I am I’m in our office in Chicago, we’re supposed to really be home, but I’m considered an essential person. So I get to come to work on there’s usually 10 of us here and it is regulated to just me and the owner and we stay. We stay far away from each other. We have to yell to each other to say hello, but yeah, I get to do the podcast. So that’s but I think as soon as we’re done, I’m gonna going to get home. There’s police now patrolling the streets, and so I get a little nervous even driving home. I feel like I’m doing something wrong. But anyway, we’re here. We’re here to talk about you, not me. And Jordan is just a wonderful guy. He’s really somebody that I admire a lot and I’m so excited that you’re on the show. He just he’s part of a lot of you know, he does he just does a lot with the industry. He stays active involved and gives back but you’re Let’s start at the very beginning, because I’d really love our listeners to know, you know, you’ve been in business for six years now. But how did you get into real estate? Why did you get into real estate?

Jordan Pyle 5:08
Yeah, well, first off, grateful to be here. I’ve been watching this shot I told you that before in the past this podcast, and this is one of the best things you can do is just be a sponge to the industry. You know, listen to other agents figure out what they’re doing collaborate. So to actually be on the show today is super cool. But yeah, to kind of rewind the tapes to your question is, you know, I got it. Yeah, this, this would be your seventh. So got it right out of college, one of those crazy people that got, you know, moved here without a job 24 Or would be about mid 2013. Going into 2014 got my license, you know, had a network here, five to seven people, you know, yeah, no knowledge of the city, you know, no, no knowledge of how to sell real estate. And, you know, slowly but surely over time, I kind of had put pieces together, I was just naturally attracted to it from my real estate agent that found me my first rental at the time, I was in the job market. And I kind of asked him, I was like, this is cool, what you do like you help you just drag people around, you help them look at spots, and then you get paid if they decide to live somewhere. He’s like, Yeah, man, like, jump in, like, go get your license, you know, I got a spot for you. And, you know, it was given a lot of the wrong advice up front, I’ll tell you that, you know, a lot of false hope. And

D.J. Paris 6:20
awesome, super easy.

Jordan Pyle 6:22
So I definitely was pitched that and I knew nothing better at age 20 to age 23. And, yeah, long story short is got in it, stumbled my way through. I’m not that instant success story by any means. And just now scratching the surface, but it took me some time to find the right environment to find the right way to do things accountability. And now today, like I said, we’re year seven, dealing with something that we haven’t seen before with the whole Coronavirus, but now there’s a lot of good I think that’s also going to come out of this so we can kind of dive into that. You know, today.

D.J. Paris 6:54
Yeah, thank you. And that’s interesting. So I’m always so impressed with realtors. See, I can’t see brokers because in Illinois, we call them brokers and, and nowhere else they call them, they just call them agents or realtors, we’re just gonna say realtors to not confuse I get lots of email from the audience going, Why do you say the word broker and like, oh, it’s an Illinois thing. But But anyway, what you became a realtor very early in your early 20s. And you said, you know, I knew five to seven people, I’m guessing those people were probably around the same age as you and probably not buying homes, most of my friends at age we’re not. So how did you if we can rewind, just to talk about because we have a lot of people that who listen, who are newly licensed or are younger, or who just don’t have that sphere of influence? And they’re like, What do I do? Um, can you talk about what you did to survive? Because this is a very difficult thing to do, especially as early as you did it?

Jordan Pyle 7:48
Yeah. Well, I think, you know, like a lot of brokers or agents that get into the business, you know, it’s kind of a progression from rentals, to, you know, maybe buyers, and then maybe from buyers to sellers, and some combination of that. And I wasn’t, I was no different than that. Except for I just had nothing, right. So a lot of people are like, when I was asking around, what do I do like call to your database? And I’m like, why don’t have one of those. Right, so few things came from that, you know, it made me look, other places put myself in uncomfortable situations network, tell every single person that I knew, or that I came in contact with, that I was in the real estate business, and that I was willing to work hard to earn their business and their trust and their confidence, you know, I was definitely the honest one where, you know, there was a little bit of fake it till you make it there. But at the same time, I was like, I understand all my experience, but I’m gonna work harder than the next guy to make sure that, you know, whatever it is that you’re looking to do, I can support you in that. So I think that’s something that helped me kind of get the ball rolling. And then the other part of that is like, I didn’t have a database, and everyone was talking about it. So I just put all my focus into meeting new people, putting them into a database and then finding a way to stay in systematic touch with them. Yeah, it’s nothing different than you hear from anyone else.

D.J. Paris 8:59
Well, but it’s it’s really important to hear it because they say repetition is the mother of skill. And it is you know, I was I Brian Buffini who every probably better who listens knows he has a, you know, very successful training and coaching system and program, and probably the the biggest in the entire industry. And he always says how you win the day, and he has about five ways that you win the day. One of which is did you meet two to five people today? And it’s such a simple and basic thing to go, oh, yeah, yeah, I’m supposed to do that. But to actually do it is remarkably difficult. But if you can actually meet just two people five days a week, that’s 10 a week, 40 a month, 480 a year. Within a couple of years, you will have so many people in your database, and some of those people will will use you but it is your I’m so glad you mentioned meeting people because we’ve interviewed other people on the show and that seems to be a very consistent thing is even as you continue to build your business And even as you get to where you’re working, mostly referral, it’s still meet, meet, meet people, but add them to the database stay in touch. So,

Jordan Pyle 10:07
right, and I think I think back then it was, for me, it was just more about as many people as possible, you know, you get to your point where you have to start becoming a lot more intentional about where you spend your time who you spend your time with. But then it was just a matter of getting out there, you know, showing people that I was going to show up every single day, I think that’s a big thing is like just having staying power. And whether you’re busy doing deals or not like every single day I showed up, every single day, I made progress every single day, I asked questions, and really just studied, you know, I’m a very, pretty analytical and kind of strategic and how I move around. So I would get on a subject, something that came up during that day that I didn’t know or something that put me in an uncomfortable position and that whole night and go back and figure out how to how to respond to that better the next time, you know, so I really dive in and or reach out to some mentors and say, Hey, this came up in conversation today, like, how would you go about responding to this? So little by little every single day, it just was the compound effect, which is sitting on my shelf right above me here, that compound effect by Darren Hardy, great book, yeah, it’s gradually then suddenly, you know, it took six years to see now to the point of a database that generates 10 million hours plus in business every year. So he’s playing the long game is important. And I kind of have that mindset going in.

D.J. Paris 11:22
Yeah, and I imagine even today, you know, the daily disciplines and behaviors that that you, you know, ideally would do, to be able to then get you to where you want to be I, I, I’ve interviewed people, even from your Keller Williams office, we’ve had a bunch of them on the show. And a lot of them will talk about just keeping your head focused on those daily disciplines and, and understanding that that’s really fundamentals win the game. Right. So I appreciate you talking about that. I do want to also I know giving back is really important. You’re really involved in the local association, also involved in your company as well. And you talk about why you got involved and what that’s meant for you, and maybe just for our listeners who, who aren’t maybe yet involved, and maybe why they should consider it as well.

Jordan Pyle 12:09
Yeah, man, it’s definitely something I’m super passionate about. Everybody that knows me knows, I’m, you know, young professionals is kind of my world. It’s my jam. Right? So what you’re referencing is, is, I stepped up to join the leadership, or, you know, the advisory board for the Chicago Association of Realtors, young professional network? What would it be, I guess, two years ago now, you know, I have some mentors, as I mentioned in my life, and you know, a good woman by the name of Tommy Troy was someone that has really pushed me he’s put me you know, again, outside of my comfort zone. But at the same time, it’s been kind of that guiding hand in my leadership journey to say, hey, just go do it, you’re gonna figure it out, you’re gonna be you’re gonna get better because of it. And so he was kind of the initial spark that was like, you might as well try it, get to know these people. Because originally, I was like, why would I want to go network and sit on a board with all these other real estate agents? And

D.J. Paris 12:57
after that’s not going to help me build my business? Oh, yeah, exactly. So

Jordan Pyle 13:01
at the time, I definitely had a scarcity mindset. And then he helped me and a lot of other people, and specifically, Keller Williams helped me create an abundance mindset. And so once I got in it, I kind of realized that I like stepping up and having a voice having a platform to affect change, you know, you know, for the good. So once I got in, I spent one year as a board member, and then I was asked to basically step up as the vice chair, my second second year on the board, which was last year, and then now I’ve naturally transitioned into the chair. And you know, I’m blessed to be able to leave 14 Other Chicago real estate individuals, and we’re all about education, collaboration and camaraderie. So just bring up right industry as a whole. You know, I love the quote that iron sharpens iron, and a high tide raises all ships. So really, for me to kind of be on the front lines, especially in a space where we’re entering this disruptive time, take Coronavirus out of it. We were in this very disruptive time of the real estate industry. And I want to be the guy that’s on the frontlines fighting that’s that’s leading by example. And that’s also creating that ripple effect, again, to bring up the industry as a whole. So that’s kind of passionate about it.

D.J. Paris 14:09
Yeah, I’m glad that you glad. Thank you for that. And I’m glad to hear your thoughts. Because I think it’s one of those things that we often especially people who are busy, they have families, they have other responsibilities or trying to build their business. And now there’s this other opportunity to give back and it doesn’t really fit into the business plan of No, I need to like find more clients. And the irony is exactly what Tommy who by the way, for those of you not from Chicago, Tommy was the president of the association, Chicago Association realtors, just recently, he’s somebody who is a good part of his life is all about giving back and Jordan is very similar. But the irony is by doing that it actually expands your life you actually end up getting so much more than you give, whether it’s financial or whether it’s just in Your own pride or or confidence, or just feeling better as a human being. I feel the same way. I’m involved in several charities, and I’m on some boards as well. And I, I was just interviewed by a college student who wanted to ask me about business and whatever she has, what’s one thing you wish you would have learned? Much younger, and I said, the only thing was, is, I wish I would have started volunteering, like, 20 years ago, because my life would be even richer. Now. Forget about financial success, I would just be a happier person. And and George Jordans about Yeah, good.

Jordan Pyle 15:34
It’s just, you know, it’s just that that’s fulfilling. And that’s ultimately why I jumped into this. Yeah, I like to refer to it as leadership, you know, involvement and giving back all that kind of group together, whether that be young professionals, or I get back to Alzheimer’s Association, and things like that. But it’s the stuff that I realized I was working in the business and I was creating a successful business helping clients get from where they wanted to be to where they wanted to go, or where they were to where they wanted to go. And, but I realized I was missing the side of it, that was like, I’m actually making like a deep impact on my community serve. And I looked at, you know, obviously, the conventional ways of doing it within your niche of your neighborhood, or your Medicare you live in. But the one thing I realized and harness was I didn’t have what I wish I would have had when I first started in the industry, which is that guidance, which is that what I like to call a growth environment, or a community of other people that are like minded, that are also in this abundance mindset, trying to help each other get better. So if I can shorten that learning curve for people, you know, we talked about all the time that real estate’s an industry that 95% of people that get in the business, within a year, they’re out of business, whatever the the craziest. So for me to have learned the hard way to kind of failed and pick myself back up and done that over and over, I learned a lot quicker. And I want to save other people that time that money that energy, to ultimately make them successful, more, you know, faster.

D.J. Paris 16:57
Yes, I couldn’t agree more. And for everyone who’s listening, because we have listeners from all over the country, Jordan is the chair of what’s called the Young Professional Network here in the city of Chicago. And of course, we have listeners from all over. So if, as everyone listening is probably a member of their local association, give them a call and see if we if they have a young professional network chapter, if not, you know, consider creating one, but they probably have one. And it’s, it’s a wonderful organization, and you don’t have to be necessarily young to be involved. But it’s just a place to to learn from other realtors and support each other. And also to affect change at a larger level as well to affect policy change.

Jordan Pyle 17:36
And add to that, if you don’t mind is Go ahead. And it’s even though me volunteering in these positions, doesn’t directly pay me like we were talking about that a little bit before there were things that you knew in your life that pay you some of them that don’t. But a lot of it’s the passion. But it’s it’s goes back to the infinite game or Simon cynics new book, which is all about the long game right now two to three years into my leadership journey. And my you know, sitting on these boards and stepping in these leadership positions. Now a third of my business, literally 33% or more might even be closer to 40 is Agent agent referrals. And yes, that sounds because I’ve Yeah, yeah, that’s amazing, not only through the local association, and how that’s all interweave within all the other local associate associations around the country. But Keller Williams, also I mentioned, I’m the founder and president of the Keller Williams young professional Chicago chapter. So I know people, multiple people in almost every city around the country because of these involvements. So now, when anyone knows anyone either moving to or from Chicago, that they have to sell their home to leave Chicago, or they need to buy one moving to Chicago, typically, I’m the guy that think of because I’m the most present in these different organizations that I’m a part of.

D.J. Paris 18:50
Isn’t isn’t that interesting? And I’m sure you never thought that that was going to happen. And that’s not the reason why you got involved. But Isn’t that an amazing? Just wonderful thing to have come out of it?

Jordan Pyle 19:02
Not in the way that it has? I knew it would come? I didn’t think it was gonna be 33 or 40% of my business.

D.J. Paris 19:07
Wow, that is that is remarkable. Wow, well, let’s let’s talk a little bit about mindset. Because I know right now is I think it’s a good topic for good part of the country, the majority of realtors are staying home, either by by choice or by force. And maybe they’re not totally sure you know, how to stay active, how to stay busy, what to do, what to talk to clients about and I know you don’t have all the answers, but I want to talk I’d love you to talk to our listeners about what you’re doing. How are you staying productive? Is it business as usual? Have things changed? And what are you doing this just stay active and positive?

Jordan Pyle 19:47
Yeah, I think it’s again, going back to you know, my intro is everything is mindset. You know, it all starts with mindset. So, you know, I like to scale it back first and say that you know, the way that you show Up in the world is directly impacted by the things that you do to give to yourself or to show love to yourself before you ever show up to the world. And what I mean by that is like, it’s the analogy and I’ve referenced this in the past, but it’s the, you know, it’s the put your mask on an airplane first before you can put anyone else’s mask on. Because if you can’t take care of yourself, and you can’t show up healthy to 100% and ready to serve everyone else in your world, then you’re not going to have the impact that you’re looking to have. So for me this whole Coronavirus, it starts there. So it’s about how am I making sure that I’m I’m doing things, you know, from working out to meditation to kind of this holistic health and wellness routine that I’ve implemented through my morning routine, to make sure that when I do come in contact with potential clients or prospects, that I’m giving them an unbiased opinion, essentially, that I’m giving them an opinion based on facts and the things that you can control based on a bunch of fluff or a bunch of fear, right? Sure. So for me, it’s really making sure that I’m grounded and formulating these opinions, and then talking through that specific situation with that client, because there’s not a one, there’s not one solution right now, in today’s world that works for everybody. Like I can’t tell you, if you reach out to me, it’s a good time to buy or sell, like I need to know what other factors are going on in your world, and then be able to hopefully provide a prescription to that. So for me, you know, it all starts with working on your, on your mindset. I was thinking about this earlier today, it’s like I’ve been preparing for a time like this, like all those extra nights staying up late, you know, making a few more calls or getting an extra mile and on the treadmill or, you know, going that extra 1% Every single day has now gotten to a point where things start crashing around you, you’re very centered because you understand who you are and your core, right. So I think by harnessing who you are your core and then allowing that to extrapolate out into your interactions, your relationships and things like that is the best thing that all of us can do right now to stay sane, stay healthy and continue staying focused and disciplined, when it does come down to work.

D.J. Paris 22:09
Yeah, that’s, you know, it’s funny, you’re talking about taking care of yourself. And a lot of times we don’t think of things like, Well, we know that we should exercise and exercise, you know, with with some weights, and we should do some cardio, because we know it’s a good idea for our overall health. But what is oftentimes sort of not talked about as much is you will be able, and Jordan was just talking about this, but I want to I want to dive into it a little bit more. Because if you exercise your body, you’re gonna get rid of a lot of extra stress and tension that’s just there, especially right now, everyone’s a little freaked out, we’re all freaked out. This is normal, we’re all scared, every you know, a lot of people are worried about their jobs, and you know, just obviously getting sick and a lot of things. So everyone’s got additional stress and fear right now that’s totally normal. And exercise is probably more important than ever to help get rid of some of that. So that as a real real estate agent, you can show up better for your clients. So you actually said that, and I was really important to hear I think I want just to say it again, is when you exercise, you’re not only giving you’re giving yourself you know the fuel and you’re going to increase your energy and you’re gonna probably you know, have a healthier life as a result a longer life, but you’re also going to be able to show up better for your clients, you know, a lot of that fear and stress might get dissipated through some exercise and, and that’s just a great reason alone because as Jordan says he wants to show up for his clients in the best possible condition. And that means he has to take care of himself first. And so I’m really glad you brought that up.

Jordan Pyle 23:40
Yeah, I’m I’m an analogy guy. And I think this paints a picture for people and you know, I’ve talked about it again in the past but like the demonstrating being like the flag and the flagpole. So right now everyone has the flag you know there’s when there’s when and the flag is flapping all over the place right? But what happens in a storm you know, the flagpole stays completely straight up and down in the wind or the flag class like crazy. So the meditation the working out the journaling, the gratitude, your morning routine, your your your night routine, at the end of the day to make sure you’re kind of you know, booking in your day, like all of that creates a stronger flagpole so that people don’t see you as the flag they know they can go to you for you know, advice and to consult with and to know that you’re going to be a strong and grounded opinion. So I think all these things allow you to again show up as that flagpole versus that flag. And then therefore, you can, you know, really make a positive impact for those other people.

D.J. Paris 24:41
I agree that I guess that’s where that expression becoming unflappable comes from right. It’s that same same metaphor. And, and and yeah, and you have to practice and now what a great opportunity to start to develop those habits of taking care of yourself, and also taking care of your clients too. But what a great opportunity. And if anyone out there has not familiar with the book, Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, which I actually a big, big fan of it actually walks you through a six step process, including meditation, exercise, journaling, reading, visualization, affirmations, etc. And it just it’s a simple thing. You can modify it to your own. You know, your own preference, but it’s a great way just to center yourself and get get ready for the day and also to do at the end of the day, how did I do today? And to forgive yourself when you make mistakes, like, Okay, I didn’t have a great day, I didn’t get to the gym, or I didn’t. I used to supposed to call back those two clients, and I didn’t but I’m going to do better tomorrow and and just you know, setting yourself up and you’re right. It’s don’t let don’t let the wind just happen to you, right? Like the wind is going to happen. That’s that’s going to happen. And it’s like, are you going to be the flag or the flagpole? So I appreciate that metallurgy. The

Jordan Pyle 25:53
morning routine, I would say is it’s something I’m incredibly passionate about. It’s been one thing I’ve implemented probably four to five years ago. And, and yes, I missed a ensure modified, but always being able to have that to go back to and when I execute that, I wake up at 5am. You know, I do my exercise. I do the Savers, right.

D.J. Paris 26:14
Yeah. So you’re so he’s referencing Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod? Yeah,

Jordan Pyle 26:17
yeah. So you do the silence. You do the Affirmations, Visualization, exercise, reading and then journaling? Yeah, you’re you feel like Superman, you know, whole day, you’re so fired up, because you’ve already taken the time to get back to yourself. Right. So if anyone listening to this, they they’re struggling to get a morning routine together. Like I love talking people through it, because I see the change it makes on their life. And then that then creates that ripple effect for them to help somebody else out. So if there’s one thing I would recommend for both business success and just life like being happy and joyful, it’s the morning routine, and the Miracle Morning is a great start.

D.J. Paris 26:57
Yeah, it is. And it’s always, you know, it’s again, life is gonna happen, right? Bad things are coming, good things are coming, everything’s coming. And the question is, is what can I do to get myself in the right state to be able to handle the good and the bad as it happens, and mindset is, is the key to that and spending some time early in the morning is, is a good idea. Because it’s typically when we’re not being bothered by maybe other family members are our spouses or significant others, and emails and everything else, the world hasn’t started knocking at our door quite yet. If you get up early enough, and you can, you can spend that time and give it to yourself and and it pays dividends, you’ll just show up better, you’re just going to have a better life. It’s really that simple. So they I’m glad we’re talking about that. All right. I also want to talk because we’re really talking about some some fundamentals related to discipline. And I know discipline, obviously is important for you. But you are also training for an Iron Man, which is so far beyond my comprehension. But I am so impressed with people who do that can can you talk a little bit about the discipline it takes to do that and how it relates, if at all to what you’re doing in your business.

Jordan Pyle 28:11
It 100% relates. And that’s ultimately why I decided to do Ironman in general. So yes, um, so I’m doing the Madison, Wisconsin as of now Iron Man and September 13 This later this year, and it’s the full one 40.6 So it’s, you know, it’s 2.4 mile swim, followed by 112 mile bike ride and then finishing with a marathon. So 26.2 miles, so adds up to 140.6 miles and yeah, so the beginning of the year, I was looking at my goals looking at, you know, everything I wanted to accomplish, and I don’t know if you’ve ever read but there’s a awesome book out there and anybody in kW knows it’s called The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Pat has been Yes, great. business books in general not real estate related at all and and so I was thinking, Okay, if I could really sum up every single thing in my life to one thing that I need to focus on moving into 2020 Not knowing that all this crazy stuff was gonna happen this year, but it came back and as I peel back the onion, it became the honor man, because I knew that something of this type of scope, you know, something that large that I knew I was gonna have to put that much time discipline and energy into it was going to force discipline into every other area of my life. Yeah,

D.J. Paris 29:25
yeah. Yeah, cuz that’s some people that’s for them. It’s a full time job preparing for the Iron Man.

Jordan Pyle 29:31
Yeah, I mean, it’s no joke. It’s, you know, some some days is two hours, you know, working out some days, it’s four. And some days going in the future it might be five or six right as you get closer and closer to it. So that makes me wake up with the intention, wake up with purpose. Get all the things that make me feel good done in the morning. Like the morning routine that we were talking about. And then now I know when I’m at work, like, Hey, I have this amount of time, and it pushes me to help time block and batch things because I know that later that night, I asked I Gotta go back to the gym and get two hours in, right? So there’s no longer there’s a quote out there that talks about like all work will fill, or all work will expand to fill the time allowed, right? If you give yourself nine hours to do something, you’re gonna, you’re gonna take nine hours to do it every half an hour, and then the next hour, you’re doing something else, you’re going to finish it and then not in an hour. So that was kind of the mindset I had going into it. And then yeah, the actual training itself, it’s super cool, because it’s something that I get better at every single day. I have breakthroughs every single day. And I’m constantly going past limits and ceilings that that I’ve previously thought were like, the limit. Right, right. And I think all that applies to business and especially like putting yourself in, you know, getting comfortable in uncomfortable situations. And knowing that there’s always more in the tank. I think that allows me to then it translates in every single area of my life, not just business, but also the time I spent with my loved ones, making sure I’m president doing things. Yeah. And it’s just at the end of the day. It’s it keeps me healthy, too, which is awesome. Yeah, that’s

D.J. Paris 31:03
is it? Is it been obviously, some of your trainings, I’m sure been modified. And maybe you’re not able to train it at where you’d like to right now? I’m guessing.

Jordan Pyle 31:13
Yeah, so I’ve been I’ve been modifying I can’t swim right now. But there’s band exercises and shoulders exercises. You know, I can I can. Someone told me I shouldn’t be doing this. But I’ve been going on runs outside, keeping my distance, but sure, whatever. And then biking, I have an indoor bike. But that that example, in itself is exactly why it applies to life too, because no one knew that this curveball are gonna get thrown at us. So it’s about learning how to pivot, pivot the training, do things differently to supplement, you know, what you would have done to achieve the same result?

D.J. Paris 31:47
Yeah, and so I’d also like to talk about, you know, what Realtors could be doing right now being that most of us are at home? You know, we’re sitting around, what are you? What are you doing to keep your business running? Can you talk a little bit about that?

Jordan Pyle 32:05
Yeah, yeah, I’m not gonna say this is what you should do. I’m just gonna say this is what I what I enjoy. And this is based on some feedback from other people and things like that. So I wrote a few things down, because I figured this was probably going to come up. And I think it’s super important right now. So the first thing is, dial in your morning routine, I’m not gonna spend time with x, we just talked about it. But start building routines, this is a perfect time for, for, you know, we’ve been, for the longest time been building bad habits and good habits. But we’ve been building all these habits. So it’s easy now to kind of like, if you think about yourself, it’s almost like a juice cleanse for your life. Right? So this is challenging not only life, but society to take back all the things that are important to us and get rid of the weight. Right. So now that you have a clean slate, start focusing on what are the things you can what positive habits, what beneficial habits can you implement, and then just start stacking those versus, you know, letting all the audibles creep back in? Right? I think that’s the first thing operate on a schedule as if you were going to be going into the office every day. Yeah. The next thing that I’m doing is I am going and for the time being, I’m, I’m taking my annual goal, and I’m putting it on the shelf. You know, and not to say that things might not turn around in two weeks. And all his business as usual, that could happen. But I’m also, I think, I think this is a serious issue, I think it will pass. But I do think that this is something that’s going to change the way we operate from now into the future. So, so taking that goal, putting it on the counter on the table, and then redefining the next 90 Day goals. So I think See, now a month is too far. So go to 90 days, figure out what those goals are, and then break those into monthly goals. From there breaking into weekly goals. And then from there breaking into daily goals. And then it all ultimately, once you get that clarity around those 90 Day goals, now you can think about your daily scoreboard. So then I would say every single day, if anything, if nothing gets done, make sure you build a daily scoreboard. And those things have to get done. If nothing else gets done those things get done the day is a success. So for me it’s things that are both personal and business so for me to wake up at 5am write my goals meditate, check my bank accounts, my budget because I think that’s I do that I do that as well. Yeah, especially with this time and then the last thing that strictly you know is good for my business is set an appointment. So it’s literally just set one appointment a day, do these other four things, and everything will move in the right direction. And then outside of that the last step I would suggest is redefine a rebuild out on your Google Calendar. Like you can you can start a new calendar call on your perfect week and look at the seven days and say, What do I want my life to look at or look like? So making sure you’re putting in all your recurring events. You know, if you have workouts, put them in there, if you have phone calls, put them in there, if you’re a parent and you have kids with certain obligations, put it all in there, make sure the big things and the important things get in there first, and then fill in the rest of the time with lead generation activities, and things that are going to help grow your business. So that’s kind of what I’m doing right now.

D.J. Paris 35:20
That Thank you, I think that’s very helpful. For our listeners, this is a great opportunity to build your scoreboard like Jordan has, and, and putting every area of your life in there, you know, talk about, you know, put some spiritual goals, put some social goals, but some emotional goals, physical goals and business goals. And, and, you know, I’ve never been a big fan of ultimately a goal, like, my end goal is to achieve X, I’ve always been more for me, what’s always been better is what direction am I heading? And what are the daily disciplines to get there? And that’s all I ever focus on is, is what do I need to do today? So you start at the end, and you work backwards? Like Jordan says, you say, Okay, what do I need to do today to win the day, and whatever that means to you, and, and, you know, even if it’s just, hey, I want to think about my relationship, my primary relationship, or the relationship I have with my kids, or my co workers, or, or my clients or lead generation, and just figure out a couple simple behaviors, because like Jordans in, you know, in the process of training for an Ironman, and I’m sure to just think about the sheer enormity of that is overwhelming to think and maybe not for him anymore. But for the rest of us going Oh, my God, he’s doing 100 plus miles, you know, in three different sports Simon almost justly? Yeah, yeah, but but you don’t have to think about that. Because all you have to think about is today, I have to do, you know, three things around training. And I just have to, and those aren’t easy either. But it’s a lot easier to think about that than to try to imagine accomplishing this massive physical feat that you’re going to do, because you did all the daily activities. What I do

Jordan Pyle 36:54
in my workouts is I do like, Okay, the next 20 minutes, it’s focused on the next 20 minutes, exactly. Next 20 minutes, the next 20. And you can easily do that in business, setting a timer just recurring nonstop, essentially, on your phone every 20 minutes, when the bell goes off, work focused for 20 minutes, take a five minute break, walk around, get a drink of water, meditate, do whatever you need to do make a phone call text people, and then jump back into that 20 minute time block. I forget what it’s called.

D.J. Paris 37:21
There’s how Amador the Pomodoro Technique? Yeah, so yeah,

Jordan Pyle 37:25
doing things like that I think are gonna help. And then I don’t want to forget to say like, actual tactical things do through data or to do with your business, like, you got to call people right now. You gotta, you gotta check in on people, you know, and I think it’s not a conversation about real estate, of course, let them ask you, if it comes up in conversation, what your perspective is and give a educated response. And so you got to know what’s going on around you. But it’s about figuring out how to do it, if there’s any way you can help. And just reach out letting them know that you’re there in any way, shape, or form, right. And then the way that I’m structuring that in my business to figure out who I’m calling every day. And of course, there’s people in my database. And you know, I know a lot of agents listen to this. But any clients like everyone equals or matters the same, but you got to have a system for how you’re reaching out people. So what I’m doing is I’m basically, we’ve started pivoting over to a new CRM, like right around the same time of all this going down. So I’m taking all of my people from my old CRM and putting them in my new one. And then I’m going through 10 records a day. So 10 contacts a day, filling in as much information I can about these people. So their birthdays, their email addresses, home addresses, whatever I have on them, social media profiles, and then filling out that card out and then giving them a call, or shooting them a text checking in on them. So just breaking it down again, to 10 people a day, you know, within 70 days, I’m going to be through my whole database of 700 people, and then everything will be cleaned, you know, it’s a good chance to reset your database, get rid of some of the fluff, and then focus on the people that are really important to you. And they’re

D.J. Paris 39:00
great advice. And I hope everyone is listening there. Again, Jordan is is very skilled at breaking things down to you know, its smallest doable, actionable components, right. So he’s even breaking down his time into, you know, into smaller chunks. Because even for some of us, you know, working on something for an hour might be a bit overwhelming. So yeah, break it down into 20 minutes, and then congratulate yourself, when you made it the 20 minutes, that’s not easy to do. And then just keep, you know, take a few minutes and then get back to it. And, and all of a sudden, by the end of the day, you’ll have so much accomplished I read a statistic that said the average I don’t know if this is true, but it’s it seems to be pretty close to true and probably the average. You know, office worker really only does about an hour and a half to two hours of work a day. But they’re there for eight hours because, you know, they like you were saying they expand. Yeah, but you have eight hours to get two hours of work done. But as real estate agents, we don’t really have that we, you know, it’s all up to us and so You really have to be disciplined and structured. And if you can’t be, and not everyone’s good at that is get a partner, get a coach, find somebody that can help hold you accountable. I’m a big fan of coaching. And you know, you can even find a buddy, if you can’t afford hiring a coach, Find a buddy find somebody that is struggling like you and he can help each other

Jordan Pyle 40:18
DJ, I’m glad you mentioned that man. Because that’s like, that’s the last leg of all this is everyone knows what to do. Every single person out there knows what to do. And it’s a matter of stepping in there and, you know, allowing yourself again to get uncomfortable, it’s, it’s not a lot of people are willing to make the sacrifice of like, the short term for the long term benefits. So I think now more than ever, when you can’t necessarily be having realistic conversations, you can don’t get me wrong, but it’s limited in its scope. Because there’s bigger problems in the world. Now’s the time where these small things like he’s things from the heart that you’re doing, you’re gonna build a bigger business down the road, he’s gonna build trust, authenticity, you know, all those different things and to show empathy and compassion to people right now is that’s gonna go so far, you know. So it’s such a long way. So I think every day just waking up with your head down hard up, Gary Keller had mentioned that head down on focusing, because it’s so easy to get distracted right now of all the Zoom webinars and different things going on online and head down on what you know, is important, and then heart up to be able to help anyone that needs it, right. So that’s kind of how I’m going about my day is today.

D.J. Paris 41:29
Wonderful. I think that’s a great place to wrap up, head down heart up. Really, I think that’s what it’s what life is all about. So it’s, it’s like that old Zen saying they say Before enlightenment, chop wood carry water after enlightenment, chop wood carry water. So always got to keep your head down, but keep the heart up as well, it’ll guide you into the right spot. And right now everyone is scared. So what a great opportunity for you to let them know you care about them. And guess what people want to work with people they care that who they know care about them. So most of the people, the service providers I use have not reached out I get I get the you know, generic emails that they send out everyone else, but I don’t like getting text messages or phone calls from lots of different providers that I pay money for, you can be the exception to that. And you can let people know and, and you have time, so now’s a great time to do it. Also, I want to Jordan, for everyone listening, not all of everyone who listens is necessarily a real estate professional. But we sometimes have you know, clients who are interested in working with someone like yourself, if we have any buyer’s or seller’s renters investors who are looking to work with you what’s what’s or if we have agents who want to refer business to you, since obviously, that’s a big, big for you what’s the best way they should be reaching out,

Jordan Pyle 42:47
I appreciate that DJ, probably the easiest way for anyone that’s looking to buy or sell or if you’re trying to get in touch, just send me an email, Jordan at pile residential.com. Or you can go to my website power residential.com. Yeah, and he’s locally and then I can pretty much connect you with anybody across the country to buy or sell if you have those needs as well.

D.J. Paris 43:09
Awesome. And also remember to follow Jordan on Instagram, you can find him at Georgia, Jordan dot pile and p y le So Jordan dot pile on Instagram and also his website, which he just mentioned, power residential has links to all of his social media accounts. So you can find them on all the different platforms there. Jordan, thank you so much. I know you’re incredibly busy, not only with your business, training for the Ironman, and then also all the other involvement that you have in leadership position. So I really appreciate your time. You know, and we’re so excited to have had you on the show. And congratulations again, on the 30 under 30. That’s a huge nod to you. And, you know, again, just keep up all the great work. And for all of our listeners, we have just a quick quick a couple of things we’d like to mention. Number one, please tell a friend, think about another real estate professional that you know that would benefit from listening to this interview that we just had with Jordan and just one other person. If everyone does that, we’ll double our listenership. And we would appreciate that as well. And then last to remember to follow us on Facebook. Our Facebook page is facebook.com forward slash keeping it real pod we post an article every single day that we find online that’s written specifically to help real estate agents grow their practice. And also we do post our episodes there as well so you can find out what we’re doing. So follow us facebook.com forward slash keeping it real pod. Alright, on behalf of Jordan and myself to the listeners, we say thank you for continuing to listen. And on behalf of the listeners and myself, Jordan, thank you for your time and we’ll see. We’ll see everyone on the next episode. Jordan, thanks.

Jordan Pyle 44:45
Thanks so much DJ grateful for you man.

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