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Top 1% producer Greg Cirone completed over 115 sales in the past twelve months. What’s his secret? Aside from becoming extremely knowledgeable about the market, he treats every client as if it was his very first. As this isn’t just a slogan. Greg has 150 5-star reviews from his clients on Zillow! Nearly 100% of Greg’s business comes from referrals, and throughout this interview you’ll learn why!

Greg Cirone can be reached  708.415.6755 and greghomerealtor@yahoo.com.

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D.J. Paris 0:14
Hello and welcome to another episode of Keeping it real the only podcast made by Chicago real estate agents for Chicago real estate agents. My name is DJ, I am your host through the show. If this is your first time listening to an episode, we thank you for finding the show. And what we do here is interview top producers in the Chicagoland area and ask them how they became successful. And up in just a minute is our interview with Greg Cerrone. And if you are not a first time listener, if you’ve listened to many episodes in the past, we greatly appreciate you continuing to listen. And one way that you can support us is to tell a friend, there are 42,000 realtors in the Chicagoland area. And we’ve got 5000 of them, listen to our show, and we’re grateful for that. But we would love it if all 42,000 got a chance to hear it. So please pass this podcast along to anyone else, if you’re a broker in your office or any other realtors that you know, also, you can send us questions. We do regular features where we ask top producers your questions. So you can send those to via our website contact form, which our website is keeping it real pod.com Also follow us on Facebook. We are at keeping it real pod just search for that. And lastly, if there’s any brokers out there that you feel we should be interviewing for a future episode, let us know. All right, thanks so much and onto our interview with Greg Cerrone.

All right, today on the show we have Greg Cerrone. I have some some notes on Greg. And by the way, he is very impressive too. I’m so glad we have them on the show because Greg got his license and became a realtor at the age of 21. He is now 15 years in the business and specializes really in the Dunning area where he is not just where his office is, but also is the number one agent for that area. And he’s a number he’s a top one percenter court in Chicago Association, realtors for like the last Gosh, five to seven years, maybe longer. He’s also a an award winner. As I mentioned the number one producer in Dunning, and also has been featured in the Chicago’s who’s who. And he is a five star Professional Award winner for the last four years in a row. And he is a really fantastic person. And we’re really excited to have him on the show. So welcome, Greg.

Greg Cirone 2:41
Thank you. Thanks for having me.

D.J. Paris 2:45
Well, thank you, I would love to hear your story about how you got into real estate at the age of 21. So if you don’t mind, yeah, tell us about that.

Greg Cirone 2:53
Absolutely, absolutely. So pretty much I was. I was born, I was born here. I was raised in Italy. And then I came back after I was you know, I did all my studies there, you know, high school, college and then came back to try it out. And I started working in banking. And so in banking, I got it was pretty successful. But I always had this interest about real estate. And My great grandpa actually wasn’t in real estate, but he passed away really young. So maybe maybe I got it from him who knows. But so then I went to get my license just to you know, do it on the side, doing in the side, some extra money. And, and this is how it started. You know, I saw I didn’t I didn’t go in all the way in the in the first I’ve been I’ve been in it 15 years. But the first four or five years I was I did a part time I did on the side, you know weekends after work. Just you know just working hard network and building that pipeline because for me it’s key it’s key having a good pipeline good relationships and just building up. I then eventually when you know when my part time job made more money than my full time job then that’s when i i went all in.

D.J. Paris 4:04
Yeah, I want to just back up. And that’s yeah, I definitely want to continue from there. But I want to back up for a moment. And so you were born in Chicago, and then you move to Italy and that’s where you were raised essentially. Yes.

Greg Cirone 4:14
All right. Yes. Yes. Correct. My were first generation and my my mom never liked to hear that much. And she convinced my dad to go back. And I was

D.J. Paris 4:22
Where are you guys from in Italy?

Greg Cirone 4:24
We’re from Sicily.

D.J. Paris 4:27
I have I’ve yet I’ve only been to Rome, Florence and Venice. So unfortunately not yet Sicily.

Greg Cirone 4:35
You should go they don’t sell Sicily that much when you go book, a travel ticket but it’s pretty it’s pretty nice. It’s relaxed good food. So can’t beat it.

D.J. Paris 4:45
Well, yeah, I mean, no, I know lots of people that have been and they and they say that that’s when I go back next time do like Amalfi Coast and then also do Sicily and yeah. Awesome. Well, so. So tell us so when you started you were doing it part time. I’m at 21. And that point that that seems like a tough thing to do. How did you even part time? How did you find clients back when you were that young?

Greg Cirone 5:09
You know, it was tough. You know, the first thing when I did I just hit it off, like, you know, people that I knew, you know? So I’m like, what, who do I know? Like, you know, friends and family, and, you know, people in the community, so I do any talent show, I’m like, you know, let me take advantage of, of the talent thing. So I just show up to go like to like these, you know, you know, kind of like cafe’s, they call them, you know, we’re Italian guys are just hanging out. And, you know, I just told them that I was a realtor, and just what I did, you know, this past, kind of like, back then it was cards, you know, now you just give shorts and Weibo and give you an E signature. But so this really hard work, you know, it’s just step by step and doing the right thing and, and just building up, you know, but it was, it was a little tough, but, but also, it’s just keeping people lucky no, then keeping people in your pipeline, you know, never forget her about them. So, eventually, when, when he got your first client, then you just do you just, you know, then you took it off for you know, from there, then, you know, created like, you know, a mailer list or, or you, you know, you you sold your first house on you, I hosted open houses, so I kind of started from scratch, it was a lot a lot self learning. And also to manage a lot to, I’ll tell you the truth, because in banking, they they spend millions of dollars on marketing and how to do customer retention and relationships. And I just, like kind of like, I knew that it was work, you know, and bank and then or apply it a lot, but I knew those things could work. And so I played a lot that a lot of that in my business. And and believe it or not, that works. And until today, I still do.

D.J. Paris 6:44
Yeah, that’s, that’s really interesting. And because I know a lot of times with newer brokers in particular, and we have a lot of new brokers that listen to our show, and I know that oftentimes they say, Okay, well, I, you know, in your case, you went to some of these cafes, you know, chatted up a bunch of the patrons, and then got, you know, gave them your cards, maybe got some of their information, and then how did you actually stay in touch? Because obviously, you know, maybe not right away, they’re having you by help them buy or sell homes? And so, like, what would you actually do to stay in touch,

Greg Cirone 7:15
you know, stay in touch different ways, like so I’m a big, I’m a big fan of doing like mailers, so I still do traditional mailers or people that you know, people that I knew or they knew me back then you know, now I have like a you know, a whole CRM, CRM, you know, a whole list that I send mailers, but back then, so people that I knew I put them in my, you know, my Excel form, and I start sending them a piece of mail or you know, just to remind them I was in real estate, it could have been my face and a baseball schedule, my face and hockey schedule, the yearly calendar that I did, like, if I know that person, like let’s say soccer, then I did like a soccer schedule that you can find here. You know, if I knew that person liked I don’t know you know, any other sports that’s not in United States, I did something particular for them and I sent it to them at their house so just it was constantly just being under reminding you know, it more a lot of like, you know, back then now is the last social media you could touch people with social media is a little easier with like a message or email. Back then it was more like on you know, I say like, you know, in the field, you literally was in the field, you’re sending mailers, you’re shaking hands, you’re showing up at people business just to chat, you know, just those kinds of stuff. Yeah,

D.J. Paris 8:30
and I’m a big fan of doing that stuff. Even now. I think that it’s been Yeah, because most Realtors don’t do it. I think it really gives an edge to the people that do.

Greg Cirone 8:41
i It’s funny you said so because I’m a big believer that I think I think pretty much what it comes down to, I mean could invent the tools no, we could have new tools. But at the end of the day, it’s really the basic principles. You know, just common courtesy, being polite, caring about people doing what’s right. It’s things that we’ve been doing probably the past 2000 years, you know. So it just kind of the basic principles and and like you said like you know, now you go you know you do those things and it goes a long way and people people like even like I see a lot of modern, like you know, millennial, I guess they call them but but they like the internet and like to chat and like the emails and like you know Facebook but when it comes to serious things they do like the face to face they like to see you in the eye they like to make sure that they could trust you in order to put on a face to name on the face to that to that message you know and know someone is there to to help them out and get you know, at the end of the day Buying a house is one of the most important things in life and might be don’t want to you know, one of the biggest purchase in their life. So there’s a lot of motions and it’s a big is big.

D.J. Paris 9:49
It is and I think you’re so right that this face to face. Idea does not go it has not gone away yet and it probably isn’t going away. And I’ll tell you a story it Even at our own firm, this is about five or six years ago, the we had, we were just I was working and an attorney walks in, and we maybe had 10 brokers at the time, it was very small office, not much going on. And an attorney just cold walked in, you know, a real estate attorney cold walked into our office, we didn’t know who she was, and just introduced herself and said, Hey, I’m so and so. And, you know, I just thought I’d come in and say, Hello, I’ve heard good things. And if you ever, you know, want to do an event, you know, I’d be happy to put on an event for your for your brokers. And I had gotten a lot of cold calls from attorneys and lenders, but not nobody had ever just walked in before. And, you know, now we have it. And so we started a relationship. And she’s been doing events with us ever since. And I still get a lot of mail, not that many, but I still get some phone calls from attorneys going, Hey, I’d love to get in front of your brokers. And now we have 600 brokers. And I’m telling you still nobody has ever just walked in like that. And that takes an attorney. And I know, there’s a lot of real estate attorneys. And you know, you talked about walking in to businesses and just saying hello and talking to you know, chatting up people who are hanging out at those places. It is it is you it is not a crowded place, there aren’t a lot of you won’t have a lot of competition in there. Right. Right. So I think that I think that’s very, I think that’s very helpful and very important.

Greg Cirone 11:28
Absolutely, absolutely are, you know, oh, even doing something like you know, is not you know, I did so many like I call them like favorites, you know, a client need a notary stamp client needed some information or taxes. Sure. It just stuffed it was nothing to do, I was not going to make a mission was not going to sell them my house. But I kept in front of them. I was helping them out. And then eventually I have many stories I could share people that I met 10 years ago. And then after 10 years, they gave me a million dollar deal. or refer me to somebody that you know, was doing a big 1031 Exchange, or, you know, so many scenarios where 10 years ago with somebody would have told me my buddy will say, Well, you wasted all your time. It’s your weekend, Sunday, what are you doing? And I’m like, no, no, I gotta help them out. Like for free? And like, yeah, absolutely. You know, so that that’s my philosophy.

D.J. Paris 12:14
It’s a good philosophy. It’s obviously served served you well. And, you know, let I want to also talk about, you know, your offices in the Dunning neighborhood, you specialize in the dining neighborhood. Obviously, you not all of your deals go to that particular neighborhood, but a lot of them do. How important has it been for your business? To have a specialty geographic specialty has that has that made a huge difference for you?

Greg Cirone 12:37
It does, it does. So absolutely. So especially on listings, I’ll tell you truth, it may have been true at all, you know, kind of like I met a lot, you know, back in the day when I started, you know, I had buyers all over the place. So I sure I was gone Quinn to Tinley Park all the way to Chicago a little bit everywhere. And I still do by referral, I still go take care of the buyers. But I figured out eventually on the seller side, they want people that know the community that they could trust that they see really often. So so that’s when I started like, you know, kind of a natural grind, I want to say geographic farming, but it kind of happened naturally because I was doing a lot of deals around the area. And and people just seen my site like, you know, a new me. They just knew me from the past. And they’re like, Hey, Greg, I see you everywhere. Like, oh, wow, that’s interesting, because they saw my site, it’s all my just sold posts, you know, postcards, I said, they saw my, my flyer, they saw my office, they passed by in Harlem, or they just saw me driving around, you know, because they know my car, and they have like, you know, personalized plates on purpose. So they knew exactly who I was. So that kind of that kind of helped a lot. And and especially and after you prove yourself, you know, I mean, then people tend to give you more business, especially starting on the seller side on certain areas, like dining.

D.J. Paris 13:56
Well, yeah, I mean, I think I think that’s so true. And what’s what’s great about it, too, is if you think like so let’s say someone moves to dining who’s who’s not from the area, they moved to this neighborhood, and they maybe they don’t know, any realtors, they’re new to Chicago. They’re just, you know, they don’t have a referral. And they and, you know, if I if it was me, I think well, maybe I should just see who sells the most stuff here. Right. And that would be that would be a very logical thing to do. And I think, you know, that’s probably gets you a lot of business in and of itself to

Greg Cirone 14:30
absolutely, absolutely Actually you’re right I do get calls where they’ll just call me because they they they did research you know, because a lot of people do research now and and they just found me and they’re like, Oh, you sold the most and, and my thing what I do, I really stopped I don’t try to sell myself over the phone. I’m like let’s shirt. Again. I go back to the basics. Let’s meet let’s meet for coffee and I told him I like to prove myself like you’re my first deal ever forget about what you read. Forget about my 100 Whatever deals I close. I’m like just like my first deal ever and we meet and we meet for coffee. I don’t like my wife, I’m a big person, big person. I’m a people person, my wife, maybe a little less. She’s like, why you spent so much time on like, you could do, you could have, you know, eight hour days instead of 13 hours a day. But I like to spend that time with people and get a coffee and talk about their family and know about their kids. And it just, it goes, it goes far, it goes far and really produce a lot of business in the long run.

D.J. Paris 15:24
Well, and it’s not just a lot of business. I mean, we should say this, because Greg is very humble. But he first of all, Zillow, Greg has 146, five star reviews, which is, which may be not a small, it’s very so so that’s not Greg telling you. He’s great. That’s all of his clients. And in the last, and I’m only looking on Zillow, which may not be totally accurate with this number, but it’s probably higher. But Greg has done over 100 sales in the last 12 months. So this this is a very active person. Yeah, right. Right. A little higher. So congratulations. And what percentage of your clients are referrals?

Greg Cirone 16:02
You know, I want to say a least 75% 70.

D.J. Paris 16:06
Isn’t that amazing?

Greg Cirone 16:08
Thank you. Thank you. 75%. The least? Yeah, just by doing the right thing. Go ahead.

D.J. Paris 16:14
Yeah, no, that’s doing the right thing is pretty much is pretty much it. Right. I mean, and I think I, you know, you had mentioned also, when we were talking to you before, before the podcast about outworking your competitors. I mean, first of all, 13 hour day is definitely out of your competitors, or at least a lot of them, but talk a little bit about, you know, what you think you do differently? Or maybe, you know, that gives you an edge, you know, that enables you to be the top the top broker, and,

Greg Cirone 16:44
you know, I don’t want to, you know, like, I tried to keep home, I’m humbled and I do keep Yes, you and, and like that, that’s one of my main skills. But if I never, you know, even if I close a lot, I never tried to get that to my head, you know, so I every every, but the main thing you really got, you know, besides all work in your competitor, especially if you’re young, and you’re just starting Absolutely you, you got to put in hours, you got to put in hours because you’re if you want to get more business, that’s, that’s what you got to do. You got to work smart, but work hard to. But the main thing is, I think, I think is that relationship skills, you know, having a good relationship key in creating relationship versus being like, you know, I always tell people, like, I’m like, This is not like buying a car, like a car, you’ll see the person one time I’m like, if you buy today, or you sell today is fine, but I really I’m not, that’s not my goal, my goal is here to meet you. And, and, and Heaven, and you know, me and her and I hope I’ll stay in your phone and be your guy to go there to go guy for next, you know, 10 years, 20 years, or maybe 30 Until I’m, you know, I’m in the business. And go ahead. I’m sorry.

D.J. Paris 17:54
No, no, you’re that’s so right. What if you don’t mind telling us? So what somebody does complete a transaction with you. So they move into their new home, you know, or that you help them sell a home? And, you know, how do you how do you stay in touch with that client over time?

Greg Cirone 18:11
Yeah, no, absolutely. So I definitely, again, that’s one of my relationship things that I care a lot and you got to stay in touch, where were you sending them the right when they move in? Actually, I’ll try like, you know, go go see them, I’ll make a surprise, sees how they’re doing, I’ll bring a little gift, or at least Oh, get a gift from me, you know, by the mail. I think that’s really important to say thank you, you know, I don’t really know sometimes they don’t even expected but it’s really nice. It’s on your way. And then also keep in touch with them sending them an email here and there for holidays. And they definitely everybody receives at least five to six pieces of mail from me per year, at least minimum, for sure. So or even on Facebook, a lot of them are my you know, Facebook friends. So it’s kind of easier now. So what I’ll do, let’s say somebody had a baby and I let’s say I didn’t meet them. Like I’m, you know, last time I saw them was seven years ago, we kept in touch, but I didn’t see them for seven years. I’ll still like, you know, I’m like, Okay, let’s let’s, you know, talk to my staff. I’m like, Hey, we got to send a gift to this person. You know, they just had a baby, send No, send them Santa baby gifts, a new baby newborn, and they’ll send it and, and it goes all it’s incredible. They’ll call me. They’re so thankful. Like, they’re like, oh, Greg, I can’t believe you even thought about this. And yeah, little things, you know, even like a little note, you know, sometimes I’ll send like, you know, like, just randomly, you know, I’ll send like, Yo, the past two year clients. I’m like, let me just send him a $5 Starbucks card. You know, just to just to say thank you for all, you know, thank you for being there supporting me and enjoy coffee, you know, little things. And it goes a long way.

D.J. Paris 19:50
100% I mean, you’re you’re absolutely so right. It’s It’s funny, I you know, I talked about writing a note I was thinking about this the other day I Probably get three or four, maybe that’s even high, maybe it’s more like two or three, aside from my family who sent me a handwritten note, once in a while, I get maybe two to four handwritten notes a year from you know, it’s almost never Yeah. And I always think, you know, it’s a little bit of a pain to write them out. I get it, it’s a little bit of work, but oh my gosh, you know, if, if it’s such a lost art, and people who still do it, reap a lot of benefits from it, but I think you’re so right, like, Hey, I saw this person had a baby on Facebook, probably be a good idea to, to well, because you also you want to do that. But it’s also something that is incredibly thoughtful and does not go unnoticed by, you know, those those clients, it’s not like, they sent you a message saying, Hey, I just had a baby, you know, these, just figure it out on your own and, and set. It’s incredibly, you know, generous. And, again, most other brokers, I’m not sure they even think to pay attention to see if their clients were going through life transitions. So I think that’s really smart.

Greg Cirone 21:04
Yeah, no, it’s just becoming the really, most of my clients, a lot of them become my friends. So sometimes I get in trouble. And there are days parties. You know, I don’t know, if my wife likes all the, you know, these new invitation shows that we have, she’s like, ah, you know, we’re too busy. But, but no, I enjoy it. I really, I really enjoyed this, I guess that’s, you know, that’s my personality, I really like to just, you know, talk with me, I’m not a I’m not a desk guy. And that was a problem with banking. Like, it was nice, but I felt like I was in a cage. You know, I never, you know, I was too much in an office, I like to be out and about and meet people and just, you know, interact. So

D.J. Paris 21:41
well. Yeah. And, you know, that’s, that’s obviously very obvious, just chatting with you. And I just, I’m stuck on something you had said earlier. And I think it’s, it may encapsulate why you’re so successful. If we had to break it down to one sentence, I just realized, when you said this, it was so simple. It’s very profound, though. And he said, I treat every deal as if it’s my first. And, and I know that was kind of a throwaway line for you. Because it because that’s not like a slogan of yours. Like, that’s how you actually believe and think it’s not this tagline that you throw on, you actually act that way. And as a result of that, I mean, that’s what every consumer wants, they want their broker to, like, treat it as if you’re their only client, and you’re the most important thing in their life. And so I just wanted to go back to that for a second. Because I thought that was really a very profound thing you said in a very simple way. So you know, that’s, I always tell it because we have so many brokers in our office, I always say, if you can have your clients feel that you’re that you’re their only client in a positive way, like you are just giving them all of everything. Boy, they will tell everyone they know about you.

Greg Cirone 22:46
It’s true. It’s true. It’s so true.

D.J. Paris 22:49
Yeah, are the managing broker or the sorry, the owner of our company, I used to have a philosophy back when he was producing, he was a top top producer as well. And his philosophy was, because I never wanted a client to have to call me first like with a question. So and I thought, What a great philosophy.

Greg Cirone 23:09
It’s so true. You know, one thing I do too Anatol, any, like you know, new guys starting and they want advice. If you have somebody comes up to your mind, and you know that fight, you’re dealing with a file, and he’s in your mind, call him right away. Because he means that guy’s thinking about you. There’s a special energy out there. Yes, we’re, it’s some that something’s telling you. That guy’s thinking about you. You got to call him contact him. And I’m positive. He’s gonna tell you Oh, my God, I wasn’t about to call you. I was about to tell you. So like your, like your manager, your or your, you know, your manager used to tell you, it really it felt true. I really am a true believer that well, yeah.

D.J. Paris 23:42
And and you know, buying, buying and selling homes can be very confusing to the average person too. And there’s just so many steps and so many unknowns. And I think oftentimes realtors, sort of because they’re so close to it. They forget that not everyone gets every understands every Yeah, so we say like in the terminology. Absolutely. So well, gosh. Oh, tell us about. So I wanted to go to a couple of the stories that you had. You had mentioned before we started what tell me about the big dog incident. We were locked in the bathroom?

Greg Cirone 24:12
I don’t know. It’s still a scary story a little bit. I tell us no, no, I was pretty good. So I had a showing I was a client of mine. We’re showing a couple of three properties. So we get to this property. I knew there was a dog that the agent told me Be aware of a dog. But it’s it’s going to be it’s not going to be be aware of the dog is going to be in the cage. Do not worry. It’s a big dog. Don’t be scared is going to be in the cage. I’m like, Okay, no problem. Like okay, cool. You know, I’ve done this before. So we opened the door we get in. We’re about to walk in the kitchen. And this dog I hear the dog I told my client, don’t you she’s like, it’s they’re proud. It’s their dogs here. I’m like, Don’t worry, no big deal. It’s in the cage. Don’t worry about it. All Associates is huge. I didn’t know what the kind of dog it was. It was huge. It was literally it was bigger than me. And it’s calm. It’s like barking Start running. Luckily, we just got so lucky. On the right side, there was a bathroom. So I turned my client like I literally throw like line in there, I go in there, I locked myself inside, and the dog is going crazy, like barking and try and knock the door down. And not that I’m afraid of dogs. But I think that that wasn’t that friendly. And long story short, we were we were in the bathroom for an hour because I had to, you know, call the agent the owner wasn’t around and went to work. And pretty much we were for an hour we were in the bathroom chit chatting. And you know, I guess we went over comps and properties.

D.J. Paris 25:36
Well, it’s good bonding time, I guess. Boy, that’s funny. What a funny story. Tell, tell me also about you. I know you had a story. And I’m sure this has happened because it happens to all brokers. But we had to get a deal fall apart, but you kept the relationship going. And you found another another home. I know you had mentioned there was a story there.

Greg Cirone 25:56
Yeah, there was a it was a really nice house was hard for my client to find it was one of those, you know, one of those clients wanted either two blocks that he wanted. And that’s it. And we finally found that everything was going good. The kids used to own the house. And, and they were going to sell it but I guess they had they got cold feet it the seller, I rose representing the buyer and they literally canceled the day of closing, they did not show up at the closing Oh, ethical schedule ready moving trucks. Everything was it was a nightmare. It was for him, he was so straight. He was so like, he didn’t want to look for houses anymore. He was upset. It was like the worst thing ever, you know, and it was a first time homebuyer and it, it was tough. So it was really tough. But again, you know, I was able to, you know, just keep them calm, and, you know, just, you know, just go to, you know, meet up with him. And if you don’t give him some time and, and we went out there, I told him sometimes I’m a big believer if it’s not meant to be it’s not meant to be and like maybe, you know, it was a sash or who knows. And, and believe it or not, then after, you know, took a little bit after a few months, we found something else and he’s happy now. And you can even you know, he’s happier than the other house that he last saw. So it worked out really well. So sometimes you just gotta have like, you know, there’s a lot of challenges, a lot of challenges, you know, and you got to have a strong mindset and it just never, you know, you gotta be stronger than your client, you know, you just got to be, you know, even if it beats you up, you gotta be like, okay, it’s okay. Let me you know, get upset for two minutes, I get up so two minutes in my car, then it’s like, okay, you know what, I gotta, you know, I gotta be there stronger for my client and, and help them out and, and don’t panic. And, and, you know, it just got to be strong mindset.

D.J. Paris 27:41
Well, it’s clearly worked out very, very well for you. Greg has had an incredible amount of success in his 15 years and has seen I see no sign of it slowing so we, you know, by the way, if there are any buyers, sellers, renters, investors, anyone out there who’s interested in working with Greg, I want to make sure we give Greg’s website, which is by the way, it’s Greg the realtor.com. And Greg, by the way, Greg is also the managing broker of his office which is called interdomain Realty, it’s in the dunny neighborhood. Greg works all over though he’s not just limited to the Dunning area. So it’s important to to mention but Greg, what’s the best way if anyone’s out there wants to work with you that they can reach out,

Greg Cirone 28:20
you know, just give me a call or text me. I’ll give you my cell phone is 708-415-6755.

D.J. Paris 28:29
Awesome. So shoot him a text or a call. Do you want to give your email as well?

Greg Cirone 28:33
Yeah. It’s Greg home realtor. One word Greg home realtor@yahoo.com.

D.J. Paris 28:41
Awesome. Well, Greg, we are so glad to have you on the show. I think you said a lot of really wise things. So hopefully our listeners will appreciate it as much as I did. So thank you so much, and we appreciate appreciate you being on Thank you.

Greg Cirone 28:55
Thank you. Thanks for having me, DJ

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