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Kristen Boyd from Delisha Boyd LLC in New Orleans, a recipient of N.A.R.’s 30 under 30 for 2020, has been in real estate since 2011. She talks about the making the transition from her mother’s assistant to personal producer. During our conversation, Krissy compares our current pandemic with Hurricane Katrina and points out how real estate investments can help provide income during challenging times. She also discusses the importance of taking care of the people around you and how agents can reach out to their clients right now to deepen connection.

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Kristen Boyd can be reached at (504)-324-0930 and Kristen.Boyd@delishaboyd.com


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Today on the show we have Chrissy Boyd from delecia Boyd LLC in New Orleans. Really excited to have Christy let me tell you a little bit about her. Kristen Boyd started real estate with with her mom and she was her mom’s assistant at Felicia Boyd in 2011. And then in 2014 she and her mom started their own brokerage which now consists of 52 Realtors Now, Chris he studied at Loyola University here in Chicago, I’m guessing right? No New Orleans. Okay, we have a we have a Loyola here. So I was she studied at New Orleans Loyola University in business management and accounting. Now she is also a member of Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity and is a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority. Now Christy strives to make delecia Boyd LLC a happy and easy experience for buyers, sellers and agents. And she’s been working close with many investors giving them quick results and just like three or four weeks ago, and 2020 Christie was named a January right arm sorry in January, she was named a rising star for real producer magazine. I actually write for real producer magazine here in Chicago. So I love that that that organization, so congrats on that and also and this is the big, big, big one. She was named out of all of the realtors under 30 in the United States National Association of REALTORS 30 under 30, which is a huge, huge, huge deal. So congratulations, Christy to that. And also you can find Kristin online at delecia delecia boyd.com. And also please follow her on Facebook. Just look up Felicia Boyd and also on Instagram which is Chrissy your realtor. We’ll be posting those is that right Chris Christie? You’re a realtor. Correct? Mm hmm. Good. I forgot to write it down correctly. So I’m glad I remembered. Welcome to the show. Christy. Thanks so much.

Kristen Boyd 4:37
Thank you for having me. I’m excited.

D.J. Paris 4:40
We’re excited as well. You’re in New Orleans and New Orleans was was hit pretty hard. Unfortunately right now. How’s every How are you doing? How is that? How’s your mom doing everyone? Okay,

Kristen Boyd 4:53
everyone’s fine. I’m blessed to think no one in my immediate family hasn’t had the disease one of our agents did, but she is now healthy. And well, so I’m grateful for that. But you know, it’s, I only really like to watch the news anymore.

D.J. Paris 5:15
Yeah, it’s, it’s a real bummer. And it’s just and things just change. And it’s so much opinion. And we don’t have all the facts yet. So, yeah, it’s kind of like you want to know what’s going on. But you also don’t want it to bring you down. It’s, it’s, it’s a constant struggle for sure. What what I want to know is, since you’ve been in real estate, obviously, you come from a real estate family. I would love to know how you got into the business. I know you started working with your mom some time ago. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Kristen Boyd 5:45
Well, I like I like to start real young. I love to say that my great grandmother who raised my mother, my mom, my grandmother died at a young age, she’s always been in real estate. I just know that I’m an adult, I realize in the 90s, a woman owning multiple houses, and a black woman on top of that, sure, is rare. So she had a triplex and a double and a single family. And I just knew I was going to do something in real estate first. And my mom got into it full time in 2003. And I just always knew I wanted to do something in it. Initially, I was like, on my own my own title company. So it could be like a true one cups, smart shop kind of thing. And then I got my daughter after undergrad. So my mom’s like Jamie, Jamie, and I’ve never looked back since, you know, 2011 2012, where I lead to full time working with my mom, and we started our own company was kind of a little push to start our own company in 2014. And I just never dreamed of it being where it is today.

D.J. Paris 7:05
You guys are killing it, you’re doing so well, you’ve grown so much as a company. You know, since then it’s really, I’m somebody just to give some context to my job is to recruit agents to work at our firm here in Chicago. So and I do that full time, I don’t produce real estate, I don’t, you know, go out and work with clients. All I do is talk to realtors all day and I say Come work at our firm. And I know how hard that is. And I know how how difficult it would also be to then also do my own production. And so the fact that you, you know, you guys have successfully done all of that, at the same time is absolutely incredible. So we want to honor you for that and and say you’re doing obviously doing a lot of things, a lot of things right. So, Tom, I want to know a little bit about you know, you’re you’re a younger realtor, although you’ve you’ve had a tremendous amount of experience already and a number of years in the business. So a lot of our listeners who are younger as well, we have tons of because you know a lot of younger people listen to podcasts. I am just curious, you know, for people who right now, as you and I are stuck it at well, I’m actually in the office, but the doors are barricaded, we’re not letting anyone in. We just have to process checks. So I’m actually able to leave the house to come here all day. I’m very lucky to be able to do that. But what are you doing to stay busy right now? You were telling me yesterday you did four showings, which is insane and amazing. In one day. Can you talk a little bit about just even doing showings right now?

Kristen Boyd 8:34
Yeah, so my I’m gonna tell you might have one story, which was Saturday, because it rained Saturday, I did nine showings, oh, it started 11 to almost seven o’clock at night. And typically, it would not take me that long to do showings. But I’d take extra precaution by wiping down you know, the lights, the doors and everything. And then I’ll allow my client I’ll look through, and then I’ll have my client look through and then we’ll discuss it, you know, a way outside. So typically, when it takes about 10 or 15 minutes to do a complete shot I’m walking through in and out is taking my 30 minutes. Sure. So it’s longer but I I have people who are trying to take advantage of the interest rates and the time, the free time to actually look now because a lot of people are like, Oh, I gotta work. Maybe we could do them. You could do it now. And now everyone is not everyone but a lot of people are interested with the free time so to look at things. So it’s taking a little longer, but I’m still happy to have them.

D.J. Paris 9:44
Yeah, that’s that’s incredible. And now are most of the showings when you’re working with buyers? Obviously they’re vacant at the time of the showing but are they vacant in general or are you Are they just telling the sellers get lost for a few hours or

Kristen Boyd 9:57
so yesterday? At I was

she had photos, a vacant house. And I still was doing my wipe down. But people were walking out. What are you doing? Oh, I’m sorry, by the way, I don’t think I would have I wasn’t prepared. Like, I wouldn’t know, I had my mask and my gloves I took I took one of the people in 30, under 30. I sounded like an astronaut when I go. But I mean, that took me way back. And I was just like, what go on? And go ahead now. That took me, they took me out. I wasn’t prepared for someone to be walking out when I unlock the door. So I tried to minimize showing houses with people in it. Yeah, um, because I’ve heard a lot of stories of like, Oh, my son had and he’s a, he didn’t really show any symptoms. But my husband, Ben got in and had so many of the symptoms they talk about. I’m like, Oh, okay. I don’t know you. I wasn’t expecting you. But I felt I wish the agent would have prepared me for people walking out.

D.J. Paris 11:12
Yeah, well, it is called a cooperative commission. It’s like, be nice to be a little bit more cooperative. Let me know what I’m getting into. But that’s, uh, you know, that’s again, you know, just what’s going on right now. It’s, I have a funny story for you. It’s a little off topic, but it’s similar to what, what you experienced. So we happened to be here in Chicago, our office is right across the street from I think the only antibody test center in all of Chicago. So all the news trucks have been there, the last couple of days, people drive up and they have everyone’s in, like hazmat suits. And, and you can get a test done. And I haven’t done it yet. My boss is actually going to do it. And so yesterday, it was about 430, I was getting ready to just, you know, to leave, and we lock all the doors. So you know, we don’t want our agents coming in. Of course, we don’t want anyone just walking in off the street. So I took my dog out, and I forgot to lock the door as I came back in. So about 430 A guy just walks right in to our front door. And he’s wearing a mask, which is obviously responsible and he’s wearing gloves. And he is I think English was not his first language. So he talking through the mask and probably through a thick foreign accent. I was having a hard time understanding what he wanted. I thought well, maybe he’s one of our Realtors, because we have like 700 and he was in a mask. I couldn’t tell, you know, does he work with us? Or is he just somebody you know, I couldn’t tell what he wanted. And he wasn’t able to articulate it or I wasn’t able to understand them. And I said I’m sorry sir. What are you looking for? How can I help you the whole time I’m like, if this guy is looking for the testing center, it’s right across the street. And finally he was he was saying oh I need a test I need a test I went oh so I pointed across the street I said well it’s over there and I just went I hope to god she’s over God he’s not sick. Because he just walked in I was like two feet from him there was no way for me to not get close to him to let them out. But anyway it’s a crazy world right now so

Kristen Boyd 13:06
it’s funny because next door to my office is nurse practitioner and when people are going in and out for the life of me it’s like I have biggest day that we’re a real estate company on the door and they’re just like Are you are you the doctor walk writer no and I lock the door like banking on open the door and I’m opening the door I’m not looking for I’m telling you I’m not no one should be having a meeting in the office. I am not what you’re looking for we we read the door is on the door but I’m like always just like oh please just don’t come to me like the door down like oh yeah, I was on the door biggest day real estate brokerage?

D.J. Paris 13:53
Yeah, we know you’re right and normally we would love somebody to walk right in and go hey, I’m looking to buy or sell something but obviously you know now now is probably especially if they’re looking to to get the antibody test or going to see the nurse next door to your office. Probably not somebody necessarily that you want to get too close to. But But back to back to real estate. So you know as somebody who is a young rising star, you know obviously the real producer magazine has acknowledged you as well as national association realtors, which is like the craziest most amazing thing can you tell us a little bit to our listeners who again or maybe are younger or not necessarily even younger but just who are looking to get to that next level you know and I know right now is kind of goofy times but but generally speaking what have you found that really works to help grow your business what have you and your mom you know, found to help you guys

Kristen Boyd 14:47
my mom always made sure I invested not not so much just even you know the client tell clients and Sean’s and stuff like that. She’s like You need to invest. So in two years, I need to see you doing something. You know, I’m, I think we were talking about Katrina. And that’s what I’ve been trying to educate different people in, really who’s an adult, like, believe it or not, it’s not even so much to my younger generation not to get into it. It’s my older generation, because they’re like, almost a set in their ways. But it’s like, this worked for me for 50 years, honey, I’m not trying to go into something I really don’t know about with my money and stuff like that. But for example, what was going on right now during Katrina? You know, I’m, I’m blessed to say, I have investments to help me not feel like what’s next? Yeah, is there gonna be you know, if I don’t have a closing, or if I had all lower income clients, I will be all out right now. I have an investment. I have like, okay, all my bills are still taken care of. And I think it’s important during this time, because now I’m older, and but I’ve watched it during Katrina, after Katrina, when the stock market crashed. A lot of people were not doing any type of real estate investment. I think I’ve learned from those situations, you know how to speak about today on investing. So even if you’re in real estate, great, but if you are in it for two years, and you are even somewhat successful, you need to start getting your own investments yourself and building yourself, that will make real estate even better for you. I think, me getting my own investments, and now able to release certain messages because I’ve learned from it, people are way more eager to talk to me, different ages, believe it or not, most of my clientele is 45 to 65. Rather than people my age range. But I think this year is my first year getting people like couples is my favorite. Because they’re like, Oh, before we get more, we’re gonna do things right. And we’re gonna get up one else. So if I get one, let’s get to,


I say let’s take advantage of getting to properties. So I’ve gotten three couples who are under 30, buying two investments, that’s crazy. Like, even their family members are like, I didn’t even think that could be something possible. Like, I wasn’t even thinking about something like that. But now you’re on two properties. One might be a bubble that now takes care of both mortgages. Right. Um, so and that’s just how I started off with getting people involved in it, you know, older people, let’s do a little flip. You want to buy this house, but it might need some work, let’s do a flip. So I had an older couple who’s closer to my mom’s age, we’ve done two flips, they bought a dream house, but was able to redo everything they wanted to do to the house, the way they wanted to form our flips, and still have money left over to buy another investment. So that’s now four properties in less than a year that they were able to move on. So that’s just everyone in my circle wants to get involved in knowing at least getting the knowledge for it. And that’s just what the Leisha taught me, at a young age what to do.

D.J. Paris 18:26
Yeah, and also, like, think about what a hero, you must be to that couple to say, Hey, I’m going to show you you know, another path to be able to, you know, even get your dream home more to the way you like it, we’re just going to go a little bit of a different way, we’re going to invest in some properties and do do some flips. And, and also too, as a realtor, like having that experience yourself with your own properties allows you to bring that information to your clients. And there’s so many realtors that number one don’t know about investments, or haven’t done them themselves. And you know, their client comes to them and says I’m looking to do some real estate investing. And they’re probably not as skilled because they haven’t number one, done it themselves or studied it. So now’s the time. We all have extra while we’re busy, of course. But we’re we probably all have a little bit more time to start learning about these skills that maybe when we’re super busy, and it’s back to normal, we won’t have the time to do.

Kristen Boyd 19:25
Yeah, and then I tell people with so many different programs. So if it’s the income you’re worried about, there’s so many programs for it to get you started. If you you know I’m got a double in the meantime to take care of your expenses, especially if they’re both sides are already rented or you even stayed on one side to pay the mortgage and now you have whatever income you’re generating, you can now save that or pay yourself to now move on to something else. I just think this time If even if you just had one house, it’s just, it would have been easier to handle things. Rather than being just a tin. You know, the world had no choice but to say don’t can’t kick people out during this time. We don’t always have the benefit during Katrina, you know, we didn’t have that kind of benefit, Dorian succession, and 2008 people didn’t have it. So it’s you got to think smarter now, moving forward in different ages, I like to talk to people who are just starting out. But the thing is, it’s easier for me to pick up my phone and show you pictures of mine, or let’s go, go walk in, and mine and that just eats people better than me saying, I think this would be a good idea. My mama told me about it, like

D.J. Paris 21:00
I had a friend who was a very, very well, it’s like a friend of a friend that wasn’t really a close friend, but he was one of these like, mega wealthy people. And this is like 20 years ago, this story, but it’s really applicable, sort of what you mentioned. And he had all these financial advisors calling him because they want you know, to invest his his assets. And he was like, millions and millions and millions of dollars and any. So all these financial advisors from like Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley, and all those, you know, firms are reaching out saying, I want to be your financial adviser. And he said, Great, do me a favor, send me your own investments, I want to see your, your your portfolio, wanna see how much you have in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, manage money, etc. And they were like, Oh, well, we can’t, I can’t show you my own personal stuff. And he’s like, Okay, goodbye, because he wanted somebody that actually was able to say, I’m doing the same thing that I’m going to recommend for you, right. And I went, Wow, that’s kind of a brilliant strategy. And if you can find a financial advisor that’s willing to say, here’s, here’s all my investments, here’s what I do, here’s where I’m putting my money. You know, and you’re doing the same thing, basically saying to your clients, this is what I do, and you can do the same thing. I think that is such a powerful, powerful approach. So I applaud you for that. That’s amazing. And real quickly, for anyone who’s listening who’s thinking, I don’t know much about investments, the best resource online that I found, and there’s lots of resources, so this is just one, but definitely subscribe to bigger pockets go to bigger pockets.com It’s the largest investment investor forum, in the country, they have podcasts and books, and they’re excellent. And you will get a great education, you know, as a real estate professional, about, you know, how to start thinking and talking about this and, and learn about House hacking and learn about flips. And, and you know, your because what’s going to happen, and, of course, Chris, you can can confirm this is eventually someone’s going to come to you and say I’m thinking about investing in real estate. And if you don’t have that experience, or knowledge, you’re going to have to pass it off to someone else, you’re gonna probably lose that client, I think.

Kristen Boyd 23:04
And I have new client, newer clients who actually work with three realtors that we just put in an offer. And this morning, what I was telling them is you’ve got to stop looking at things as like, Oh, this is my, my forever house, this is my, this is what we’re doing. You have to look at everything as an investment, or we’ve invested investment things before. But this is your own house. Now. You got to still look at it as an investment they want to this one particular house, and I like to look at everything, because I’m like, things can happen. You might say in two years, I don’t want it you just told me you will be in it for 10 years, right? And I said this, I said the person who’s selling the house on day for two years. I’m pretty sure they were saying the same thing you’re saying now, right? But the problem is, now there’s no equity, there’s no equity in the house. Well, now there’s but they’re stuck. They can’t go more lower. They can’t, they can’t move or anything. So we’re gonna look at everything. Just in case you caught me two years and say, Chris, I’m trying to sell my house. So you guys don’t look at it as an investment. Anything could happen. Yeah, might have, you know, get pregnant and have twins or something in the three bedroom, two bath house, it’s not going to work anymore. You know? So you got to still look at your actual house as an investment. And I think that’s where a lot of people not just regular people, but even Realtors lose track when they’re talking to a client. So and I make it make sense for them. So they’re not like No, but it’s in my house I’m living in now. It’s still an investment. It’s an investment and my mom was so much when we were you know, we’re younger doing different things to houses and stuff like that, but I’m like if you’re under 60 You’re probably gonna move again.

D.J. Paris 24:55
How many how many people do you think right now I know I’m I’m in this situation where I’m obviously I’m in my office right now, if you’re watching this, you’ll see this is not my home. But a Christy’s at home. And normally I’m at home and I’m starting to feel my little, you know, condo, I’m starting to feel like maybe this is a little small, it feels a little claustrophobic. And as soon and especially with rates being so insanely low right now, even just as a primary residence, I’m like, I think I need to it’s time to upgrade. Because if I don’t want to be stuck in these in this small place, in case, you know, something like this happens, but I’m just now I’m feeling that, that pinch of like, I want to expand, I want to get to a bigger spot. I wonder how many people are going through that right now? I’ll bet you, you know, a lot of your clients are feeling that way. And they’re just waiting to make that next purchase

Kristen Boyd 25:47
that people have made an offer on we’re like, we’re in a shack, I’m gonna get out, we need to pay it off. Once you get to the back and forth like and what I was telling someone else who was under 30, under 30, we could really use the fact that no American on our one American who is a full time home fair kind of thing. So I think we can utilize the space much more now for either buying or selling or selling and then Biden, you know, to benefit. And we just go How you doing? How’s the house? The

house isn’t for you? Or

is it too big? Maybe it’s, you know, my dad to be upstairs, but I’m like, You got 10,000 square feet, I don’t know what you doing, or something like that, you know, whatever it is use to your benefit. I mean, I had one client who, who said it was just three of us. And it was 7000 square feet. It was like, no one can do it. She upstairs Lord knows what she’s doing. We don’t need the upstairs part at all. And then they went into still a nice size like 30 3800 square feet, little under 4000 square feet. But and this is fitting for them. You can hear if you know she broke something or something like that, or, you know, it was just more fitting for them. So I told him I was like we got it sir. I’m like so are you cramped?

D.J. Paris 27:19
What? Exactly what a great opportunity to reach out to your, your contact list your sphere of influence your clients, and just check in how are you doing? You know, and they know you’re a realtor. So you know, you don’t necessarily even have to say, Oh, by the way, but you could just say how’s everything going? Are you are you feeling cooped up, or, you know, and like me, I just I know, I feel like I’m like I need to I if I wasn’t in this business, I would be thinking, you know, like, I gotta reach out to a realtor to I want to start looking at upside, you know, upsizing to more space. And so I bet a lot of people are either thinking about upsizing downsizing and you know what a great opportunity to reach out as a realtor and go hey, how’s everything going?

Kristen Boyd 28:04
Yeah, I think I also a little bit and he’s or one of my secrets that I’m about to give to people is yearly marketing to the people who already know you. That’s what helped me be a go pass from just being the Lisa’s daughter being Oh, Chrissy does real estate as well as her mind rather than just your delicious darling. Oh, who the real estate like what what pushing me from not being just just back because I say I’m some people I’m like, I’m just delicious daughter. Sure. You still in the house? No, I’m just showing you for the least like see like when you spend time people to ask for some people just need to know that’s what I usually do different things for my my parents, I guess so. I mean, my house guests, my past clients, like from Mother’s Day, I will leave a little song for the moms. I will leave something for the fathers. It’s my biggest clients that like getting emotional where I’m like, that I dropped a check for something you saw the most I was so shocked. Like I wasn’t expecting it. And I think that will go a long way to even times like this couldn’t tell let me tell Christy you know, it could have been just that that draws them to wanting to you know, somebody was selling their real estate, I was thinking of you. And it’s just more so I’m not just making them feel like a transaction. So I do something every year. I’m different things throughout the year to let them know, Hey, I was just thinking about you. Or you know, I don’t want to call only for real estate, you know, I’m saying so, if I do call for real estate, that’s not all the reason why she’s calling as well. So I think that’s something else. I feel like other people couldn’t learn from that I was taught from that works well for me, and I’m consistent with it. It’s been doing that for like five years. So I’m in Last year, my neighbor can knock on the door I had left little snacks popcorn and candy and say, here’s some quarantine snakes, you know, that goes away. I’m not the same, but my business name on it my business information on it. And I wasn’t really talking about real estate, but I brought suit to my neighbors and say, You made me think about this. Yeah, I’m ready. I think I am ready to sell the house is just a little too small or, you know, I don’t really need this much house. So it works by doing little things without making it seem like that’s all you’re talking about. Breaking record like Oh, Shannon calls for Allstate.

D.J. Paris 30:41
I got an email this morning as basically a spam email and I I deleted it. And then I thought about it afterwards. And I want I wanted to bring it up just now with you. Because I was thinking about this, I was like I don’t have this is embarrassing. It’s like we’re like two months into this. And I don’t have a mask. Now, I should have one. I don’t leave that much. I mean, I don’t really go anywhere. So but I still go to the grocery store once a week I should have them. I’m like one of the minority people now like one in the minority who doesn’t wear a mask. Like when I first started going to the grocery store, only about maybe 15 20% of people had masks. My girlfriend and I went this last Sunday. And we were like, most almost everybody had the mask. And then we felt like oh, maybe we’re bad people because we don’t have masks. But anyway, the point was, is I don’t really have one. Now, the only I do have one because my father sent one to me. And it was an n95 mask that had been left over from years before when they had painters who were using these n95 masks. And so he just had one leftover in the garage. So he sent it actually had to he sent one to me and one of my girlfriends now so we have them but they’re a little small, centrally fit us. But anyway, the point is, is I don’t really have a mask, and I got this spam email this morning saying we’re selling now they weren’t at 95 masks, but they were you know, whatever masks they have better than nothing. And it was like ridiculously inexpensive. You know, it was I don’t know how many, you know, 100 of them for 20 bucks or something, whatever it was. And I thought you know, if I don’t no one sent one to me, right? And so other than my dad and it’s too small for my face, or a bandana or something like now it’s uh, I mean, it’s it’s kind of a strange thing to be sending people but not the worst idea right now. It’s just say, hey, I want to make sure you’re safe. And I’ll be here’s a mask or here’s a five masks, here’s just some disposable masks be a great opportunity for realtors to provide that. Yeah,

Kristen Boyd 32:32
my last few clients I’ve made and I have a little business bag, and I leave gloves. And then I found a place that would do. I could do shipment orders. But I just pick it up, or hand sanitizer. So I go to cases of that, and I will hand one to my clients and then the mask is well, you know, just you know, showing like, you know, that’s another way of saying I care for you. Personal you know, it’s not just started date like last Saturday, Last

D.J. Paris 33:08
Saturday, I saw it on your Instagram, I think that is so such a smart and cool. And it’s also very thoughtful, it’s considerate. And again, we you know, I think we often think like all of our clients are just people who were close to in our lives, whether they’re clients or friends or family, that everyone’s staying connected. But the reality of it is a lot of people like like me, I mean, I’m in this business, and I don’t have a mask, like I need to get a mask. And and so the reality of it is is we think everyone’s connected. Everyone’s staying in touch everyone’s happy. It’s like you know, sometimes even just the act of reaching out and checking in with people makes them feel a little bit less lonely like in your case, hey, here’s some hand sanitizer here. Here’s a mask or you know whatever you’re able to provide right now is an obviously people who like yourself who have been through as equally hard if not much harder times we’re in New Orleans specifically. You know, you guys know the importance of staying connected. Yeah,

Kristen Boyd 34:08
I always felt I I’ve been someone people I gave one of my big investors from it will be quote unquote, on Valentine’s Day. So a guy him really a little small gift just to say Happy Valentine’s Day. And he was created and I was just like, what Lord

did I put a check?

tickle your fancy word that I put a check or something in there. That was so thoughtful like you thought of me and

every single thing I’m like, and you know, you only think about like you guys doing little things for people who you’re like you’re really affected their life. Some kind of way it’s even know if it’s that one cell or multiple cells here. Were a part of their life in a major way. So I got to do more, because here’s a guy who I feel like has everything. And I’m like, Oh, I’m gonna give him a little something. I don’t know what that’s gonna do for him. And it touched him way bigger than I expected it to do so. And I’ve given like I said, I’ve done things yearly for other people, but to watch a person, like, get choked up over a $20 gift. If that much, I’m like, you know, you get you really don’t know, who needed that. For that moment, I think it just needed something in that moment. And I was there to provide a forum and I’m around him, like twice a week. So it’s just, you got to be more aware of who? Who you’re around, I guess. So, it’s the smallest thing.

D.J. Paris 35:50
Yeah, I saw I saw a cartoon ones that it was kind of illustrating your exact point where it’s a father and son, and they’re walking down the street, and the son is a little boy. And he says to his father, I wish I was I was a superhero. I wish I had superpowers. And the dad goes, I actually I’m a superhero. And I do have superpowers. The sons like what, you know, you don’t you’re just my dad, he goes, watch this. And there’s a guy across the street, and he’s wearing like a goofy hat, or just like an unusual hat. And he says to the guy, he says to his son, watch this. And he says, yells over to the guy. And he goes, That hat is awesome. And it looks awesome on you, and you’re awesome for wearing it. And it was it was like a genuine thing. He wasn’t making fun of the guy in the hat. He said it and and as they walked by the sun turned around and looked at the man because they had already passed walking past him at the time, the sun turns around, and the guy is got a big smile on his face. And and then the son says, I guess you are a superhero, like, in other words, you just completely you just use your superpower to make that person feel good about themselves, or connected or whatever. And it is a superpower. Right? We all have the ability to do that. And right now, you know, more than ever, it’s important. When we’re all you know, everyone’s scared. Everyone’s struggling. We’re trying to stay positive. We’re trying to stay upbeat, but it is tough. And so now’s a good time to, you know, to spread, spread some good vibes and tell people you care about them.

Kristen Boyd 37:16
Yeah, yeah. Tell them you care. And you know, and we all are great at something. And we just keep each other informed. Like a lot of my mom’s claims are nurses and doctors and they keep us informed. We’ve done lunch, giveaways for them and stuff like that, just to show we care. But I’m also keeping them informed, like, oh, you know, interest rates are low, maybe refi, this property or this and that, where it’s just genuine on keeping everybody on their toes, all the all the way around. So you can be genuine and still get you know, they give me your advice, or just wearing gloves when you go out or wear a mask or you go out or make sure you wash your hands every time you do this and that. And you should feel comfortable giving the advice on what you’re good at. I don’t do nursing that the bank will tell you this is what’s going on in real estate. So you can jump on it. Right. Um, and that and that has worked. It has worked really well. So I love it.

D.J. Paris 38:22
Well, no, you’re so right. And if we think about like the news cycle, right now we turn on the news or we go to news websites, obviously, the current pandemic is going to going to be the majority of of the news stories, of course, because it has to be but what is often lost right now is Yeah, rates are at an all time low, or certainly as low as we’ve seen in a long, long time. What a great opportunity to purchase or or to refinance. But again, I think that in real estate, we forget that not everyone knows that most people aren’t paying any attention to that right now. They’re just paying attention to what they’re seeing or reading in the news. And, and those stories aren’t as popular right now about interest rates being so low. So what a great opportunity to very kindly and cordially and not in a pushy way, say hey, by the way, you know, here’s one thing you may want to think about right now. Just and I would love it. If any of the people that are my service professionals in my life, were to call and say, hey, you know, right now I was I was just thinking like, my accountant. Or she’s actually done that she reached out to me and said, Hey, by the way, did you apply for the paycheck protection thing? This was a few, like a month ago. She’s like, if you didn’t you need to do it right now. And I was like, I think and I already knew to do it. But I was like, Thank you for reminding me. You know,

Kristen Boyd 39:38
same thing, which I was like, I didn’t think of it and I had some questions. I mean, I know you can do that. You could do this. You could do that. I’m like, Oh, okay.

D.J. Paris 39:49
Yeah. I want to hear this story. I this is such a. This is this story is so funny. Tell us about the condo in the French court. murder with the inspector Do you mind? You shared it with us off camera? Do you mind telling us that story? That’s it’s a great one?

Kristen Boyd 40:07

it was. Yeah. So we should do an inspection, you know, talking, laughing and joking. And then all of a sudden, I got to paint the picture, a big, big

heavy set, maybe five, eight. He’s about five, eight, heavyset guy running like, who’s who’s an

Olympian? And all you know, I push I’m scary. So I’m like jumping like work? Should I run outside? Or should I went up? And he All I hear is that the behind him coming straight for him. And he’s just like, kick, kick, the kick. And we just jumped up. But instead of fear, I just got I had to bust out laughing because

who have you in your life? Who’s had me said, goofy looking

at your life? Imagine him running straight to get away from a dog. And I’m like, really? And I didn’t ask any questions. And I just, you know, my mom jumped up and her friend jumped up on the table. And I’m like, I was dying, laughing to see imagine him running, which is hilarious. The things you see in real estate though, just normal inspections. And he is just out of nowhere, just like a nominalist. I don’t think they heard a dog barking. He just came I don’t know where like the home. And I’m like, that is the home the most hilarious thing. I have another story. Which was the same? No, it wasn’t the same inspector same company, though. It was for my property. I was having inspections. And the lady was off her rocker. And now today, I can laugh about it. I was crying at the inspection. And I’m like I said, I’m a realtor, but I’m human too. And she was off her rocker. And she just about everyone was out to get her. So she said that the inspector was giving her bad vibes. So she was like throwing things at him to like, stop. And he’s like, whatever. I gotta you know, finish the inspection. So I’m almost done. And then he just started bawling. She’s he says she started boiling water. And he just didn’t know what that meant. Same situation he just ran. So he ran so fast. The pipe inspector ran so fast. The owner left me ran so fast. The co owner left me when I’m on the phone with my mom. Everyone’s running away from me, everyone. When I realized what was going on, everyone had left. It was just like

Unknown Speaker 42:53
what just happened? Like

Kristen Boyd 42:56
everyone’s just laughing. It was like, he was just like our bonds breakfast. Okay, great. And we were talking on the phone about it. But like he was bald, she was bawling more say, oh, no, I’m done for today. And everyone like it was like one by one people running out of hilarious. Little small one unit side. It was two units. But it wasn’t one side running out of nowhere. It was like all in three minutes. Everyone was in the car and left. And I’m just like, What do I do? Like what just happened? I’m the one I’m the one who will leave you because I’m scary. So I’m like something guys no questions we like out of here but it’s like my property and my money that I had to spend so I’m like wait a minute.

I hear no gunshots so why are we leaving? Boiling water? I’ve just lost. I think she was boiling more loudly. No, she’s

gonna throw it out. I don’t know what she was gonna Yeah, I was a demon. I was a devil. And I was Oh, no word. But I have seen the craziest.

D.J. Paris 44:07
For sure. And I also want and want to for everyone who’s listening who may be a real estate professional in the New Orleans area. You know, please please look at delecia Boyd, as as a firm to possibly hold your license and to work with with them. Can you talk a little bit about about your firm and and what you guys offer?

Kristen Boyd 44:27
Yeah, so we actually are. We have different people in different parts of Louisiana. And we’re now licensed in Georgia and Mississippi. Yes, I am. As of last year early last year, we became affiliated with the other states and I’m excited. And I love the fact that in our office, we are like a family. So we always discuss things. We have meetings. We do two meetings that I loved We’re in office where we will have another affiliate from a different business like insurance or title company or whoever to, you know, give us advice on like, their field or inspections, anything to give us advice on what’s what’s out there, what to know. But then we also support a local restaurant every month, we’ve been doing that for two years, two to three years now, where we also part a local restaurant, meaning we may see the owner of them. Um, I’m at the restaurant, and most of the time that they’re there, take photos, talk to us about what made them start their business. And I like to incorporate that in what we do. So I love that about us. But I really love the fact that everyone’s able to talk to someone in the company, because I’ve been a part of a big company, a big company with hundreds of people, and they just want to talk to anyone. And I didn’t really want that to people to feel that as a vibe, or over competing against each other. I wanted to feel the way it is a family, let’s talk about it. You know, I had this happen, what do you think, or this just happened to me and I realized it wasn’t right or disclose, right? Or this worked out well. Or, I had this marketing idea. Let’s join together and do that. I love the fact that we have that. So we are able to help each other grow as not just business but individuals. I’m, I’m happy to say a lot of people have drawn from the first year they joined us to where they are now. You know, and I love it. I love what we stand for and what we strive to be. And I love the fact that even the people in the company because it takes more than just seeing people. But even the people in the company make it open and available to help each other as well. So I love that some people oh yeah, we went to lunch last week, I’m like, Oh, I was invited. Already I’ll do deals together or code this thing together. We’ll refer things out. One of our agents who said was covering from COVID-19, we all prayed over her together as a company and you know, we help you know, do you need help with these listings or whatnot, or whatever it is to make it more than just a company that you are under? So that’s what I like about us?

D.J. Paris 47:43
Yeah. Yeah. And you know, I think we have a lot in common there. Because I work for a firm. It’s a family owned company, just like you guys. And we have, it’s funny, we have almost 700 agents now, which is crazy, because when I started, we only had a few. We’ve grown quite a bit. And but we it was funny, I was chatting with somebody this morning who’s thinking of coming over from a different big one of the big franchise firms, a great company, you know, and but just maybe, was thinking about making a change. And, and I said he said how many agents do you guys have? And I told him and he said, Oh my gosh, that’s so many. That’s huge. And I went, I guess so I mean, it is but we just think of ourselves as a family company. Because we think of ourselves as a small family company. We like it that way. You guys are that way even though you’re not small anymore. You have 50 plus people. And it’s like, it’s nice to be able, I think a lot of agents really connect with that family owned and small family feel I bring my dog to the office, you know, we’re sort of that way. And it sounds like you guys are a little bit I wanted to also ask you about the New Orleans motor Raceway, because you’ve been sort of affiliated with with working with that, right. Yeah, so

Kristen Boyd 48:56
balk story was from one of his. Um, yeah. So my mom and they have a funny story. And I will let her tell her one day with how they met and I love it. But her and Elaine was our I liked the fact that I can say their, you know, their friends and then yeah, but it grew. It started off with let’s talk about business. But when they started talking about their stories and everything I grew into, you know, friendship and I love that and love learning from him from different worlds. You know, and he, he will always shed light on investing and he does major investments which then gave him the racetrack and I love the fact that he he did the racetrack his money his way. I love it. He was just like, I didn’t need to get all these other people or corporations involved in it like he made me okay, let me look at real Stay tuned, we differ, you know, and I like to say like, those people are the ones who like, mentor me in going different directions, you know, not so much of a selfish direction but looking at things in different ways rather than today but in the future so and he just, I love it. Yeah, I

D.J. Paris 50:23
mean, did you would you have ever thought that you would have anything to do with a race track growing up right like that would be so far beyond

Kristen Boyd 50:30
me about it. I was like, Okay.

And then being apart and watching the the beginnings to the today with the Indy race was amazing and and did a movie with Will Smith. And I went to see like how they were shooting the movie for that. And yeah, it was it was awesome to watch the racetrack go from just a lot of stuff not even being built yet to its finished product was also just a dream. Like I just kept looking like Is this real life? Is this real life and I’m like, This is crazy to watch that kind of investment happened before my eyes so and then knowing the person who’s actually doing it and able to one on one talk to him about it and what got you started and, and everything like that, and him walking with him actually being the one to walk us around and talk about it and show us where he wants to be. And it’s his vision. Like I’ve been around so many big investors where it’s like, you know, I got the loan and I got this and I got that but it be his full vision this is how it’s gonna go. It was a humbling experience. And I took advantage of asking any and everything like I just wanted to know more and tell me walk me like, I want to know what, what got him there and what made him want to do it and it was just so real. For the last few years watching just different investments with him rather than just the racetrack she Alicia is a part of all his other investments as well condos, houses and stuff like that. So it’s just been a treat to to be a part of it. Yeah. But yeah, that was very it’s still so real.

D.J. Paris 52:25
Well, you know, look, I think that’s, that’s a great place to sort of wrap up because you know what, I want to make sure all the listeners know that if you are a real estate professional, looking to see what other firms offer delecia Boyd is is a firm for you reach out to Chrissy reach out to her mom, or anyone else on the team to find out more but also for anyone who’s looking for a real estate agent who’s you know, in your area or any of the states where you have presence. You know, whether they’re a buyer or a seller. Also of course investors you guys are focused a lot on investments which is great, but renters anything. What’s the best way someone should reach out to you?

Kristen Boyd 53:06
Oh, any and everywhere but I’m always blown away, which is my phone number is 504-400-3940 5am on Facebook, which is Chrissy Boyd, Instagram, Chrissy Bora, you’re a realtor. I’m on everything Twitter and Chrissy Boyd anywhere you need to reach me I’m answering. If it takes me a minute I might be showing the house or with the client, but I will return your phone call I promise. And I won’t stop until you are getting whatever you want investment first time house or whatever I’m not going to stop and see you achieve vandal.

D.J. Paris 53:50
Well, perfect perfectly well said. Well, Chrissy, thank you for your time. I know how busy you are. You did. You’ve been doing showings like every day this week, which is amazing. And you’ve been so busy and it for those of you who are watching this versus listening, you might have seen Christy’s daughter sort of dart around in the bag. Chris, he has the cutest the cutest daughter. She’s been up and down the stairs and running around in the back over the course of the interview, which is sad, but very cute. Very cute. So anyway,

Kristen Boyd 54:21
in the family, she’s not used to me getting the spotlight because she is in the family, or in the Leisha there, you know, I like to I like for them to be the superstar so when people call me I’m like, Oh, why? Me? I’m like look, Alicia. Awesome. You sure about that when we call for you? And I’m like

D.J. Paris 54:49
Yeah, well, you don’t need to be humble in any way anymore because you are one of National Association of REALTORS 30 under 30 that is, I mean there we have to remember like just how big of a deal that is. Chris He’s way too humble to talk about it. But it really is a big deal. We’re talking about 10s of 1000s of realtors who would love to get that award and it only went out to 30 people so congrats. But for anyone out

Kristen Boyd 55:12
there it is phenomenal. All 30

D.J. Paris 55:17
I know we’ve had several of them on the show. We love the 30 under 30 group you guys are all rising superstars and we’re excited to promote you. So on behalf of the listeners, Christy and I are on behalf of the listeners to Chrissy we say thank you for giving us this time. I know now it’s time to go back to your other superstar your daughter spent some time so thank you for giving us some some of your time today and also on behalf of Christie and myself to the listeners we say thank you for continuing to support our show. And we ask that everyone who’s listening or watching just as two quick things for us. One is think about one other real estate professional that could benefit from having listened or watched this interview with Chrissie and send it over to them, you can follow us or rather you can send them right to our website keeping it real pod.com Or just pull up a podcast app and look for keeping it real to pop right up. Also the second thing is please everyone right now follow us on Facebook go to Facebook just look for keeping it real podcast will pop up and every single day we post an article that we find online specifically for realtors to grow their business and we post all of these episodes as well there and also follow Chrissy at on Instagram at is it Christy Boyd your realtor or Chrissy your realtor chris Christie your realtor and that’s ka ri es es y your realtor will be posting those links as well Chrissy thank you so much for your time. We wish you and everyone around you continued safety and support and all of that and you’re doing everything right and we’re so excited to watch your your growth. So thank you.

Kristen Boyd 56:56
Thank you for having me.

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