Calculating Your Monthly Income Goal • Grow with Me: Business, Wealth & Health • Dr. Erin Helle

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Welcome to another episode of Grow with Me: Business, Wealth & Health with Dr. Erin Helle.

In this episode Dr. Erin discusses the 2 ways she uses to keep herself motivated. Next, Dr. Erin explains what financial freedom means to her personally. Last Dr. Erin explains how to calculate your monthly income goal.

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Dr. Erin would love to hear from you, email her at erin.m.helle@gmail.com and also check out the handout here.

This episode is brought to you by Real Geeks and Kaplan Real Estate (From now until August 31, use code 10BAP for a 10% discount on Kaplan’s Buyer Agency Professional™ (BAP™) course).

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